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March 5, 1976


  • Hey guys. I've been meaning to post this for a while but it seems like everytime I set down to do it something comes up before I can get to it. Anyhow, I'm just writing to say good bye. I know it's not fair to you guys but I can't keep the game g…
  • "There were 12 when I went to sleep," the man whispers. "I didn't count them when I woke up."
  • (No, no hurricane, just the bridge I cross every day to go to work is closed for emergency repairs, that haven't started yet and might take anywhere from 4-9 months, depending on who you ask. So my commute has been greatly extended, I'm getting up …
  • (sorry for the delay, with the bridge out my days are extremely screwed up.)
  • Sarajahn listens intently, and realizing the person is approaching the left hand door. He moves quickly to that door, and cracks it open. Faint light, from a trimmed lantern spills out. That's when he can clearly hear someone say, "I gotta go tak…
  • Sarajahn leads the party around the guard house, which is apparently empty, and to the barracks (the 50x70 building to the right on the map). He pauses at the door, and hearing no sounds of movement from within gently tests the door. It opens with…
  • (I apologize for the delay, here is the map:
  • Sarajahn vanishes once again, and then heads for the gate. He finds it barred with a small board, although it looks like a larger, heavier board could be put in the slot. Sarajahn quickly slides the bar from the gate, and then pushes the gate open…
  • The party approaches the fort, staying under the cover of the trees. Lia casts her spell on Sarajahn, and he takes to the air, quickly crossing the remaining distance to the fort. He finds the first guard asleep at his post, and easily dispatches …
  • (Is Sarajahn okay with going it alone?)
  • (Short plot recap: The party supports Lavania, and has had a couple run ins with the brotherhood scouts. Also, the party has rebuffed attempts from the brotherhood to retrieve and turnover artifacts to them, instead of the proper authorities. The …
  • James nods toward Sarajahn. "It's the middle of the night, so I doubt many of them are awake other than guards. If we send two over the top, perhaps we can take out the tower guards before they have the chance to sound an alarm. Gandt, Lucilla, t…
  • *looks around for dice* found them! 15, 12, 13, 15, 13, 18
  • Sarajahn loops around the camp, staying well back from the walls, hiding in the darkness provided by the trees. He spies a small gate in the western wall, but no other entrances. Satisfied, he returns to the group and reports. "It sounds like t…
  • Sarajahn can see 4 boats. Only one of them has sails, and its a small vessel. The pier is in view of the towers. (Lucilla cannot see the military outpost from where the party landed) (Yes, the EXP was for the snake)