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maryadavies · She Shoots For The Stars


Somewhere east of Atlanta, GA
Last Active
June 16, 1973
Somewhere east of Atlanta, GA
She Shoots For The Stars
don't ask :)
RPGs, handicrafts
Just a girl who likes to play RPGs.


  • Kk. I'll try to do the CCleaner thing again later on. Oh and one more thing that might of made a difference; I run both Ublock Origin and Noscript; I don't think Noscript is causing any problems (I allowed the site and everything..). Yes, I'm aware …
  • Okay, let me spell out what happened. 1. Browser (I use Firefox) started really misbehaving due to antivirus getting messed up by the Win 10 April Creator's Update (but I didn't know that at first; turned out uninstalling Avira fixed it. I change…
  • Okay, I found a bug >< I recently cleaned my cache and stuff (/swat Windows 10 April Creator's Update! It killed my antivirus, so I had to swap). Came directly to the forums, tried to log back in and it wouldn't let me. (I got a oops! crash…
  • Ever Oasis (3DS) -- Wow. I still have the after the main story stuff to do, but that was quite a story; and yes, bittersweet ending. :( man.
  • Okay, this one is a minor doozy. Magic Knights Rayearth (PC via higan) -- Yes this is the SNES version. It's about the second or third time I've beaten this unreleased in the US game (I found it first when I was in college). Was doing this with a t…
  • Secret of Mana (PS4) I'd been wanting my own copy of SoM for a while now that didn't have gamebreaker bugs. (the iOS version had a really AWFUL bug; it could glitch randomly and then kiss your save buh-bye; the only remedy was to reinstall, whic…
  • I've had mine crash at least once. Anyway..I'm to the Upper Land right now. I can say, if you didn't like Secret of Mana before, this remake won't change your mind. But I'm happy with it, other than the crashes..I hope they fix that, for other th…
  • Me, it's been mostly .hack//Infection and FFXIV lately. I hope to return that .hack game to Shadowcat by the end of next week; it's taken me longer than I wanted b/c of the holidays and things got nuts. Have been enjoying .hack quite a bit though.
  • Okay this may seem oddish, but since Discord is gamer-related (it started as a voice chat service for gamers after all), maybe we should start adding that too in light of the fact that AIM is dead. I'll start with that: my Discord name is Elizara…
  • Well, the mods know this but I can finally say this. WE HAVE POWER. I wasn't able to say anything since I don't have a easy way to get on this site on my phone, but I was without power for over 24 hours, and it is FREEZING down here. But I'm aliv…
  • Yeah it is ACP. Oh and today, I can finally say I'm at least satisfied. I got Noscript back; it took him a bits but the developer got it out. (it's one man developing that extension, btw.) There's some stuff missing but he'll get that out asap; he w…
  • Okay, browser grousing! Firefox 57 is out, and it broke some of my fav extensions, including Noscript :neutral: . Also a Add To Search Bar extension that I really loved. Luckily there will be a version of Noscript by the end of the week, I'll …
  • The new intro is nice.. Me, this is a planned buy. I have a policy that if I play a game erm, by not so legal means, I'll buy it soon as there's a way to do it. I tech own this with iOS but having a copy where I don't have to get a new Ipod Touch…
  • Hehe. Well, if you haven't played this one, I'd highly recommend it. It's a fun ride. I was telling 'Cat that he ought to do a few PC upgrades so he can play it, now that it has a PC version ^^. Was urging him to get a PS4 before, it's THAT good.…
  • If you're still on AIM, prepare to be sad. It's shutting down soon for goods. The goodbye site. I'll check but maybe we should put up a thread about discord names, or add them to the gamertag thread if Clix is willing. I know IMs aren't shown in …
  • Hehehe ACP. Anyway ain't the first time it's bit me. You go on the wrong side of it, and you get scratched. I just find it really funny b/c I was expecting a monster of a storm, and all I get is rose bush scratched. xD
  • We're safe right now Raina. Worst injury so far has been to my left arm. Darn you wild rosebush...Got me while I was dragging stuff the wind might fling to the garage. Don't worry about that either, just got a bunch of scratches on that arm.
  • Thanks Strawberry. After I get home from church today, I'm sure not going out until Wednesday unless I have to cook dinner on the porch. I'll suggest to my middle brother that he picks up the fixings for hoagies just in case too; if the winds get re…
  • So okay. Seems like Atlanta will be hit by the remnants of Hurricane Irma. I think we're pretty well prepared; we got propane, a camp stove and we got food too. We'd have to be careful with the chest freezer but I think we'd be okay if the power …
  • OOOH. I'm going to make sure I got enough PSN gift cards for that for sure. Maybe even preorder. I'd had SoM when I got a Ipod Touch, and loved it..this'll let me play it again!
  • Welcome again Leo, and welcome back Zel! Pull up a chair and be welcome ^^
  • I just started Persona 5 today. Woa.. The plan after that is to start trimming down the backlog. Got way too many games sitting there.
  • I think I mentioned my name in the gamertag thread but never here. Elizara Paksenarrion, decent healer, up and coming summoner, and a decent miner. ^^
  • Yes it is. Oh as for me; I got all jobs to level 70, working on mastering smn rotation so I can play that better. Well, the ones I had high were smn, whm, and sch. So not too huge a feat. I'm going to consider carefully after I do some crafting i…