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October 23, 1991
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  • None of his game's have been perfect but he's basically the only person there who can get a massive projects done in a timely manner. Kind of. I'm hoping they give him a blank slate to work with, he's been riding other franchises for quite some time.
  • I know it's generally not fair to judge a book by its cover, but it doesn't seem like anything of value was lost. Though I guess the US is still getting it.
  • Lord Golbez wrote: » That's great that they decided to replace a cool, original title with another generic nonsense title. Basically. They seemed to be embracing the furry similarities for a while but maybe they got sick of it? But No Truce…
  • I do wish these were combined into one game, Persona 4: Dancing All Night had low song number and it hurt my desire to replay after the third remix of "Maze of Life". The story mode not being a truncated dungeon would be really nice, too. That said,…
  • I'm hoping DONTNOD delivers, they are one for two in my book but this game looks fascinating to me in a way that Remember Me and Life is Strange did not.
  • watcher wrote: » And am I the only one that likes the NieR games, but can't stand the Drakengard games? Hardly, at this point most people only like Automata anyways. Drakengard was always an odd duck that I appreciate for all its non-gaming…
  • Lord Golbez wrote: » I'm a little surprised Danganronpa V3 got best Non-RPG. Not that it was bad, but I do think it was the worst of the series. Largely because of the last chapter, but that's still significant. My vote for Mario Odyssey …
  • Including some glaring omissions, like Gabranth and a distinct lack of women, my only current issue with the game is a lack of new people. Noctis, Ramza, Ace, and Y'Shtola are the only new characters and they come at the cost of several others, whic…
  • I don't blame them with how stacked this year has been, but I was looking forward to this. Definitely need more horror-themed RPGs.
  • Yeah, instantly backed this. D4 was some goofy fun and Deadly Premonition is a low-budget masterpiece.
  • Lord Golbez wrote: » Meh. Not particularly happy with this. I didn't bother with those spinoffs for P4 and I won't for P5. I'm just not very into dancing games and Etrian-style dungeon crawling does not appeal to me either. I wish they would b…
  • Wheels wrote: » Thanks for your thoughts Scion! My pleasure. gaijinmonogatari wrote: » The answer to that would be "out of the dark world." There was a warp back to Hyrule in that area. Might be worth a featurette for you to revisi…
  • Nope, got stuck in the dark world and lost interest. I remember being a bunny and not knowing where to go next.
  • Wheels wrote: » Macstorm wrote: » Wheels wrote: » Utterly baffled by the lack of Breath of the Wild *looks for write-ups from Apps* 0 Results Found I already said all I wanted to say about the game in the review, was looki…
  • I've tried MH on the PSP, Wii, and 3DS and failed to enjoy it. This looks to at least address some of my concerns with that series, at least as much as I want to give it another shot. Mainly it looks nice not feeling like it's still being limited by…
  • I don't think there is a game I want to succeed more in this second half of the year and simultaneous do not trust the outcome of. Please let this game be good.
  • Yeah, I basically already caved internally. I'll take Mario XCOM, even if it comes with the stench of Rabbids.
  • TheAnimeMan wrote: » Sounds interesting but will it be good? Assassin's Creed is good about every four or five years, so it may be due. Not sure I get turning it into an RPG beyond Ubisoft just throwing as much as they can into the game reg…
  • It could have been anything other than Rabbids and I might be interested. They're going to have to show me something good to get me on that train.
  • I'm as bothered by the reduced cast as well, especially given how it is 3 v 3 now, but part of me is a little too excited about this finally hitting consoles that I almost don't care. So I guess I'm part of the problem.
  • Color me intrigued still, though I would like to see more of the game's environments. So far not a huge fan of the monster design but if the combat can hold up than it shouldn't be too much of an issue.
  • I'll admit its a decent amount of wishful thinking, but with From Soft probably moving to full time Kadokawa development, Bandai Namco definitely wants something to slot in to the Souls-esque experience. But, given the developer, it will probably be…
  • Well, the character models don't seem to match their environments too much, but if the game is as Souls-like as hinted at I"ll give it a chance.