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Budai · Paladin


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April 25, 1981


  • Pokémon sun and moon I have sitting there waiting, and I keep thinking about it.
  • It's a great and creative game. Just don't expect anything of epic scale. A lot of people want to compare it to earthbound. It's zany enough, and has better combat, but it's not nearly that deep content wise.
  • Art is great. World is very interesting and mysterious. Gameplay is best when not over thought. Remember Oregon trail? Is like I feel asleep and had a nightmare of it. And instead of the hunting mini game you played basketball.
    in Review - Pyre Comment by Budai August 15
  • I actually really appreciate it, because until lately I thought I was one of the few that felt a lot of these things. And seems now other people are too.
  • Do western developers vs Japanese rpg developers treat side content differently? It seems the west sees side content as the main content. Which are some different games that prove or don't prove this.
  • I meant more in comparison to 3 and 4. Compared to the average jrpg it's no contest, persona 5 is leaps and bounds ahead.
  • Lord Golbez wrote: » The Heck? Beneath the Mask. Shut your face! Loved the song until they added the vocals. But one song or even three doesn't make a soundtrack for me.
  • -characters were subpar -dialog was subpar -ui was interesting but to much -I wasn't interested in the thief theme story wise or gameplay wise. -way to long -large chunks of the game were drags -music wasn't as interesting Just my opinion. …
  • Why do you feel Japanese gamers or developers love mascot characters? Even in very serious games, a mascot or animal like character will appear. which are some mascot character that you like and dislike?
  • Remember when it came out that square had considered making ff15 a musical? How amazing would that be? I feel like final fantasy is one of the few series that could actually pull that off. Does that idea interest you or repulse you?
  • Do you feel games will ever have commercials? Like before a match of multiplayer loads, it has brought to you by "some company and logo". What would have to be an offset to make this worth while? Would you rather watch a commercial or have blanant a…
  • Lord Golbez wrote: » No one cares. Pretty sure you're the only one who wants to skip the story altogether. I agree about excessive dialogue. It's not excessive in the sense that there's some threshold amount of dialogue that's too much. The …
  • I'm going to start the game later today. Been looking forward to this one.
  • Quick note- you actually can toggle the speed in ff12 by holding L1 and pressing the d pad. I'm not sure why they didn't make this feature more known. And FF4 after years is a good example of why sequels aren't always a good idea. At one point in my…
  • Well get both PS4 and 3ds. If idea factory can make a buck off the stuff they send, there's a market for dq.
  • swangtal wrote: » That's interesting. I thought you needed to change the speed in config. I never cared for black mages in FF, but I figured I'll try one with Ashe. And holy crap, how did I manage to not use black magic at all in my last playth…
  • I never had any doubt. And I don't have any doubt in the 3ds version.
  • Do you feel sometimes simpiler music can be more effective than complex music for RPGs? Do you miss unique save screens, where everything these days uses the PS4 user interface save screen itself?
  • Someone has to want to play cosmic star on pc.
  • Getting a package of three games that I never got to play, this will be a nice release for me.
  • Concerning the switch and the nes/snes minis, do you feel there is real articfical shortages of these systems? What is to be gained by limiting the sales of something vs having more sold? Is it wanting something more if you can't have it?
  • Is there a lack of color is games these days? Or do you feel RPGs and others have steadily gotten out of the brown and grey trend of last gen?
  • Why are certain games like dragon quest always developed outside of house, by some other development team? Also, I know a lot of outside graphics development has been used lately by a lot of companies. Is this a more recent trend, or have studios…
  • Slayer wrote: » I'm a fan of DQ but I think the composer should be replaced. His tunes are not to my liking. They are all very similar but it wouldn't be dragon quest without them! Dragon quest is one of those series that is good for not changi…
  • It's amazing how much pacing changes a game. For instance, I am replaying ff12 for maybe the forth time, so I have a good feel for what the game has always been. But with this new fast forward button, all of the sudden many things feel different. No…
  • Wheels wrote: » Budai wrote: » I wish I loved persona 5 as much as everyone else did. Almost all the things I disliked about it are nitpicking, but I didn't like it as much as 2, 3, or 4. After how good 3 and 4 were maybe I expected to much from…
  • Also don't get me wrong, I still like persona 5. It's just what I would call good but not great for me.
  • Horizon will probably be next for me after this run through of ff12.
  • Well it's one of those things that it probably is inferior now, but at the time I held it to high standards so I can sort of look back on my enjoyment of it then in comparison. But art is possibly my most important category, and I've always perfered…
  • I wish I loved persona 5 as much as everyone else did. Almost all the things I disliked about it are nitpicking, but I didn't like it as much as 2, 3, or 4. After how good 3 and 4 were maybe I expected to much from it.