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Member moderators

JeffreyJeffrey MemberFull Members
edited October 2008 in Forum Rules & Announcements
Our volunteer moderation staff does an excellent job of ensuring that our forums remain a good environment.

However, their jobs can be made easier with the assistance of our regular board members. Here are some important notes for all members to consider.

- If a moderator makes a ruling, that ruling is pretty much final. You should not publicly question the ruling. You should not appeal the ruling with other moderators, as there is no moderator hierarchy. You SHOULD appeal the ruling with the Administrator (that would be me, currently) if you think there's been a mistake or error. Any public debate over a moderator's ruling is subject to deletion and further warnings, upon the discretion of the moderators.

- We have a fine team of member moderators; what we do NOT need are moderating members. It is not your duty (or privilege, as the case may be) to call out other members on their behavior. This includes comments such as "So and so got away with posting such and such, why shouldn't I?" Those comments are unhelpful and, frankly, pathetic. This does NOT include using the Report function, which is encouraged for any post which you deem to be in violation of the board's rules. Members who use the Report function are helping our moderation staff in locating problems and dealing with them quickly and efficiently.

- The moderators are people too, with individual personalities and various approaches to their moderating duties. It would be in your best interest to get to know the moderators and their individual styles of moderation. While we try to have a uniform level of moderation, certain things annoy certain moderators more than others; don't do those things.

Any questions can be posted in this insanely awesome thread. I won't answer sarcastic questions, or if I do, I will answer them sarcastically and with great vengeance.
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