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Greyhawk: The Temple of Elemental Evil

Joseph WithamJoseph Witham MemberFull Members
edited January 2003 in Latest Updates
For once the Greyhawk campaign setting gets a go as a computer module. What haven't we seen yet? Let's see, we've had over a dozen games in the Forgotten Realms, one in Planescape, a couple in Dragonlance, two in Ravenloft... it's about time the original campaign setting for the D&D universe gets its own computer game.


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    edited January 2003
    I am looking forward to this game for the turn-based combat. I'm tired of playing real-time games that hack the 3rd ed. rules to make thier combat engine work. I want a real 3rd edition combat simulator.

    However, it needs to be implemented better than Pools of Radience was. That was not a good translation either. I'm concerned about having a 3D engine without a grid system during combat, b/c the grid is really needed to be able to see threat zones, plan spell effects, etc.

    So, I'm looking forward to detailed info being out soon. Anyone know of an official web site for this game yet?
  • NinaNina Member Full Members
    edited January 2003
    Whoa! dude! I think i may contimplate buying this one! I know a few people who are gonna go apepoo about it! w00t! right on! just some questions, who, where, when!
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