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Netherworld - OOC

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"Following the light of the sun, we left the Old World" Christopher Columbus

Greetings, and welcome to Netherworld, or more specifically, the world of Necros. Netherworld is an rpg which will take place, for the most part, in the world of Necros. A fictional planet I invented. Necros is roughly 4 times larger than Earth. Necros exists in a sort of parallel universe, which reflects our own. The world circles a multicolored Sun and the year is 494 days long. With each day being roughly 30 hours. the months of netherworld may be determined by the color of their sun and their sky, which are both the same. Necros has five continents and one subcontinent. The continents are Archimede, Lumina, Sheol, Doppelekereft, and Nod. The subcontinent is a non-natural island known as Vulcan. Now then, why are we here?

First off, time period. Netherworld begins on June 4th, 1999. On this day, the creator god of our Earth met his untimely demise. This is a relatively normal occurrence in the cosmos, however, when that god ruled over a world that was inhabited, and was a solo acting god, trouble arises. Basically, all judgments of death have to be put on hold and the recently deceased are relocated to another world in the interim. Enter Necros, Earth's reflective netherworld that has been for the most part, disconnected with Earth since the mid 1300's. The worlds have been connected, and the recently dead now find themselves in Necros. All gathered at Crowley, the capitol of Doppelekereft. The humans must now face the world around them, and find a way home.


If you are going to join this RPG, STICK WITH IT. I cannot stress this enough.

2) No godmodding.

3) obey the laws of physics in both worlds. You cannot speed past bullets or jump into the air and magically stay up for eons. Heck, you probably won't even get 3 feet off without some help.

4) Fill out the character sheet fully and cost-effectively

5) Only use stuff that was around in the time period of 1999. I will be strict about this, it's kinda my "Can't let you rub that sunblock" thing.

For the first few posts, you may want to just follow my example, they all have a basic format at the beginning.

Now then, onto the character sheet.

((P.S. you may notice there isn't much history on this world. I have several reasons for this. First off, I post the history on the webpage, the Necrotian almanac. There you can find all sorts of useful information about Necros. Be wary though, our humans will not know of any of this stuff upon entering Necros at first. They must learn it as they go.))

Character template
Name: (nothing otherworldly, we're all human.)
Age: (nothing that will be useless to our party)
Sex: (male or female will do)
nationality: (where in the world are yo from?)

occupation: (is your character a student? or have they made their way into the working world? If so, what do they do?)

abilities:(what talents does your character have? nothing otherworldly or inhuman again? something within the bounds of reality. maybe they're a contortionist, have photographic memory, play an instrument, whatever they've got, put it here)

karma: (a key thing in Necros is a person's karma rating. Every person has a karma number between -7 and 7. This number is reflected in the way the person acts, thinks, etc. a person with a positive 7 rating would be some sort of saint (for example, Buddha, mother Theresa, and Aeris) a person with -7 would be a wicked, cruel malformation and sin against mankind. (for example, Ed Gein, Kid Buu, or Katie from Hallum). A person's Karma rating may change based on their natural disposition and life experiences, but it will never exceed these numbers without help.)

personality: (what is your characters personality like, are they good tempered, cool under stress, etc.)

ambitions: (your characters hopes, dreams, etc.)

likes&dislikes: (What does your character find enjoyable, what do they dislike?)

romances: (any sweethearts they have)

appearance: (what does your character look like? What's their style, how do they wear their hair, etc.)

Background: (what's your characters history, please make it good.)

(this stuff will be filled in later in the RPG)

Race: (what race is your character currently? there are five different race classes: beastmen, elemental, demonic, angelic, metaphysical, and other) the full lists can be found here.

National Balance: (this is something you decide on toward the very beginning. A national balance acts as the source of your characters powers. Each continent of Necros is ruled over by a guardian spirit and by aligning yourself with that spirit, you will gain that nations favor in certain things, the spirit may grant you abilities, or the people of a continent may treat you better. It also effects your race splicing options. For instance, if you align yourself with Lumina, it may be hard for you to splice into a demonic race.)Nations of Necros and the balance effects may be found here.

weapons: (what does your character use in battle)

armor: (what does your character wear into combat, I assume they won't just go out fighting in their street clothes, unless their race would permit such a thing.)

class: (what class is your character)

spells: (spells will be learned in this RPG as you go. spells will be learned more rapidly and will be more effective if your race class and balance are matching: Elemental-Archimede, Beastman-Doppelekereft, Demonic-Sheol, Angelic-Lumina, Metaphysic-Nod.)

skills: (skills are also learned as your character progresses through the game, a person that splices into a unicirc would not be able to simply go back in time and stop the Earth god from ever dying right then and there)

The RPG will begin in several days. Have fun.


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    name: Alexander Drokavich

    age: 32

    sex: Male

    orientation: Straight

    nationality: Russian

    occupation: Bouncer/Fighter

    abilities: Varied Martial Arts skill, high strength, high technical skill

    karma: -2 (due to a combination of evil actions and good thoughts)

    personality: An honest and moral man by nature, but has had a life of crime thrust upon him

    ambitions: To repay all his debts to the Russian Mob and live the life he always wanted.

    likes/dislikes: Books, working with computers, music (preferably classical or soundtrack)

    romances: None

    appearance: Tall, fairly muscular. Has a bushy, dark beard and usually sports a long blue scarf that hangs out behind him. Due to usual Russian weather, he wears a think Longcoat, and instead of a hat, never goes without his trademark headphones either on his head or around his neck. Large combat boots, very little but a sleeveless shirt under his coat, and his pants are usually along the lines of Japanese Gui pants. Wears black Impact gloves while ‘working’. Dark green eyes, gruff voice, thick accent, though he speaks English fluently.

    backstory: Raised the son of poor, working class Russian parents, he was trained from a young age in the newest technology so he could ‘get ahead in the world’. He became infatuated, and learned quickly, as well as took a particular liking to music. He learned much, and eventually went off to technical college, where he was not able to pay most of his dues. He borrowed money from the Russian Mob, where he buried himself into their debt forever. When he completed his education, he went into their service as a bouncer at one of the bars they owned. He also takes part in street fights and other combat opportunities to raise money however he can. He trained diligently in the Martial Arts, where he learned several different styles and mannerisms. He still kept his love of music, though, and consistently works on his sound devices and headphones, invented and assembled by himself. He yearns for the day where he has paid off his debt and can feel free to work with computers and publish his custom operating system, as well as patent his music device.

    (for later)
    race: (what race are you currently)
    national balance: (Sheol, Lumina, Nod, Doppelekereft, Archimede)
    armor: (what does your character wear into battle) (because I assume they don't always go around in their day clothes)
    weapons: (what does your character fight using)
    class: (what would your characters class be considered)
    magic: (any magic your character gains will be put here)
    skills: (any skills your character gains will be put here)

    Don't come too close, I bite.
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    Also, some random notes. Whatever your character dies with will be brought with them to Netherworld. You need not worry about language, as you'll all be implanted with a common language chip as you are brought to Necros. There are also some inventions in our world that do not exist in Necros. For example, air travel is nonexistent in Necros, however, their boats trump anything our world has ever produced. Also, Necros is far more advanced in terms of internet, with all the major continents hooked up to a network set up by Dharma corporation that acts as a type of internet for them all. Once hooked into a terminal for this system, a person is able to dive into the internet from these terminals in a way similar to Ghost in the Shell or Lain.

    With that little note said, here's my main.

    Name: Desoto McClellan
    Age: 30 (birthday, August 7th, 1968)
    sex: male
    nationality: Born in Jacksonville, Florida. Now lives in San Juan Puerto Rico.
    occupation: writer
    abilities: stenography, high endurance, flawless quote, fluent in Spanish
    current: 29 (he's a pretty good guy, a bit apathetic, but good in thought.)
    personality: Desoto is a laid-back man who enjoys going with the flow and taking life easily. He bottles up feelings due to the conveience it creates for him and puts his bottled up emotions into the characters he writes.
    ambitions: write a master novel
    likes: Sunny weather, car rides, John Steinbeck, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Credence Clearwater Revival, spaghetti westerns, wine, beaches, Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Cowboy Bebop (yay for Spain being one of the first to dub the show), America and the American way of life
    dislikes: the cold, romance movies, F. Scott Fitzgerald, drugs, being drunk, religion interfering with politics.
    romances: Ginger Rialto (girlfriend)
    appearance: 5'9", long black hair which is usually gelled back and tied into a ponytail. Dresses fairly nice, as in, wears a suit most places, he always carries a small notebook to jot down things in. He wears contacts after having worn glasses in his youth. His skin is deep tan and his eyes are brown.
    backstory: Desoto was born in the United States. His father was American and his mother was Puerto Rican. Shortly after he was born, his father, who was in the military, died in Vietnam. Living on a rather large inheritance, Desoto and his mother lived in Florida where Desoto attended school. He tried to earn many scholarships to attend a good college and maintain the life he had known. However, an accident left his mother crippled, meaning that they would both have to move back to live with family in Puerto Rico. Having to give up his American life, Desoto lived in Puerto Rico for his college years and worked to be a writer. Desoto now works as a small-time writer and wishes to go back to what he considers his true home. Desoto considers himself a proud American and hates anyone who challenges his status as an American citizen.
    race: human- eagle-harpy
    national balance: Doppelekereft
    armor: Desoto wears a thick leather jacket with grooves in the arms so as to allow his feathers to grow. He also wears brown slacks and comfortable, casual shoes.
    weapons: a shape-conforming set of arm blades
    magic: Earth magic Mastery
    skills: flight, rage mode, eagle eye

    Name: Nick Eckleburg
    age: unknown (looks to be in his late 30's) born on Nergus 32nd.
    sex: male
    nationality: Eckleclear, Doppelekereft.
    occupation: programmer for Dharma corp. runs a small franchise called "ecklesax." Working to obtain a degree in Necrotian history to become a historian.
    abilities: persuasive speaker, criminal underworld connections
    karma: 2
    personality: Nick is an interesting fellow. He wants nothing more than to be able to go off and explore the world in an attempt to create a more complete Necrotian history. However, he has a sense of duty to his jobs which has prevented him from leaving. Nick can be very in-your-face at times and enjoys playing mental games with people, though he does so all in good fun, he says, and in an attempt to better understand people. Nick is also very casual and cool. A well-liked guy.
    ambitions: create a full history of Necros.
    likes: learning, the thought of exploring, stories of the criminal underworld, Crowley (a city)
    Dislikes: anti-intellectuals, Archimedeans.
    romances: none
    appearance: Nick has dirt blond hair and looks fairly young. He has a skin color reminiscent of a glow stick after it has been used. He dresses in a casual style and stands at 6'3". His eyes are black and snakelike.
    background: Nick was born in Eckleclear Doppelekereft, a franchise set up by his parents that produced a skin medication for vampires who had been exposed to the sunlight for too long (it makes their skin peel off). However, due to the development of day-night candles, the need for such a cream was diminished and his family went bankrupt. In order to make ends-meet, Nick's parents had to abandon him when he was a teen. He left Eckleclear and for a time, lived on the streets playing music for change. He later got into some trouble stealing for food and was brought in. However, he was saved by a man named Creviston Dharma, the founder of Dharma corporation. Dharma put many convicts to work in his new communications company for cheap labor, and as such, his company flourished. Eventually, Nick saved up enough money to open his own franchise, Ecklesax. Which he opened up as a place for young, aspiring musicians to make recordings and buy new instruments. By this time, however, Nick himself had lost his former dreams of musicianhood and turned to history. He enrolled in Venuhook (the necrotian internet) courses, and currently has a degree in archaeology and a grant to explore Necros in order to complete a more accurate history. However, various things have kept him from setting off on his journey.
    race: demon
    national balance: Sheol (the Doppelekereft balance did not have a connection to Dharma corp. during Nick's youth, and he's an agent of the company anyways)
    armor: When involved in a fight, Nick removes his workwear and wears a muscle shirt and a set of karate pants.
    weapons: Nick uses a modified sarosax as a weapon (it's basically a saxophone). The different buttons on the instrument have different effects, such as detonators of mines, attack disablers, and illusionary magic effects.
    class: weapons master
    magic: because Nick is not a very offensive fighter, he relies heavily on illusionary magic. Such spells include doppelganger, gigant, vanish, etc.
    skills: Nick is quite literally, a speed demon. He is able to temporarily redirect all blood from other parts of his body into his legs for a boost of speed that rivals that of falcon harpies. He can do this with other parts of his body to increase his punching speed, talking speed, thinking speed, etc. As a result, Nick also has to eat a lot to help keep his body in check. also, due to Nick's Sheolian balance, he has demon eyes, which allow him to know a fellow demons powers by simply looking at them. It also increases his strength during the night.

    Name: Miguel Lamara
    age: 28
    sex: male
    nationality: San Juan, Puerto Rico
    occupation: auto mechanic, car thief
    abilities: hotwiring/mechanical knowledge, sleight of hand
    karma:initial: -4
    current: -40
    personality: Miguel is free-spirit at heart. However, due to this, he is prone to blow things out of proportion and set up insane goals and try to follow through on them. He does not believe anything is set in stone, and is willing to bend or break any rules in order to achieve his goals. Miguel is popular around ladies and is rather narcissistic. He considers himself a natural born leader and is headstrong, has strong convictions, and dreams big. He does have a darker side however, as he is rather misogynistic, using women mostly for sex, and is a little pushy with his views.
    ambitions: create a world of anarchy.
    likes: cigarettes, exploring, fighting, dreaming big, women, cars
    Dislikes: people who don't listen, stuck up old jerks, women
    romances: various flings.
    appearance: Miguel is a muscular man that stands at 6'4". He has bleached hair that is spiked upward. He dresses in muscle shirts and blue jeans. He also has a tendency to wear fur coats above his other clothes. He wears sunglasses as well. Miguel is tanned and looks rugged.
    background: Miguel was born and grew up in San Juan. He lived with his parents and older brother in a poor neighborhood. Miguel's brother always told him that he could accomplish anything if he just dreamed big enough. Miguel idolized his brother, who was a political science major at a local college. His brother always talked with Miguel about ways that the President of the US could improve things for Puerto Rico. However, when Miguel learned that Puerto Ricans were not allowed to vote but were still subject to American taxes (he found this out the hard way, his family went bankrupt.) Miguel turned against America and all signs of a free world. For a time, he aided in helping Cuban informants living in Puerto Rico, however, he soon became convinced that the communist way of life was just as corrupt as the capitalist way of life. Miguel grew up with strong anarchistic ideals and no outlet for them. His brother left the family for the United States. Miguel, hating his brother, but again, having no outlet, resorted to becoming a petty criminal. Miguel never attended college, and continued to work as an auto-mechanic and a car-thief. He became friends with Desoto out of respect for Desoto's thunderbird and Desoto's ability to read his intention to steal the car and cut him off to prevent him from doing so. Miguel has seen Desoto as a sort of replacement for his brother, being smart where he is strong. He even refers to Desoto as "bro" most of the time. However, now that he has entered Necros, Miguel's plans have changed.
    race: changeling (lightning)
    national balance: Sheol
    armor: Miguel tends to fight in his muscle-shirt, not fearing anything, as he figures that if he's not strong enough to fight in simply that, he may as well die.
    weapons: Miguel rarely relies on weapons, preferring his own strength in dealing with his opponents.
    class: fighter
    magic: none
    skills: electromancy. Electric shift, tension reading (Miguel can sense fights and tension), thunder commune

    Name: Bruce Campbell
    Age: 39
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Juneau, Alaska
    occupation: flintsmith. (He makes guns)
    abilities: craft explosives, weapons knowledge, weapons crafting
    karma:initial: 2
    Current: 4
    personality: Bruce is a very calm man with a streak of violence. He is generally very nice and tends to think in terms of protecting the weak and fighting alongside the strong for his beliefs. However, his beliefs often range into the fields of vengeance. Bruce is a warm guy who likes to act as an older brother or father-figure to many.
    ambitions: Create the perfect gun
    likes: crafting weapons, cold beer, sports, pipes, cigars, outdoorsman activities
    dislikes: poetry, wine, literature, loafing around, liberals
    romances: none
    appearance: Bruce has shaggy black hair and a rugged black beard. He is very burly and a tad husky. He looks older than he really is due to his smoking. He is Caucasian, has brown eyes, and stands at 6'5".
    background: Bruce had a relatively normal life growing up. His father had always trained him in 'being a man', and as such, Bruce has become very good at survival and combat. He worked briefly in manufacturing weapons for the army but later on went into simply working as a flintsmith on his own time. He died while out hunting one day, gored by a bear.
    race: Isra
    national balance: Lumina
    armor: Bruce wears camouflage most of the time during combat.
    weapons: several guns that he had on him upon his death, as well as any weapons he crafts.
    class: gunner
    magic: none
    skills: absorption.

    Name: Doc Martin
    age: 37
    sex: male
    Nationality: Los Angeles, California
    occupation: Doctor
    abilities: diagnose illness, mend wounds, knowledge of anatomy, knowledge of contagens
    karma:initial: -1
    current: -5
    personality: Doc is a rather cruel doctor. He is completely dedicated to solving any disease he is presented with, even at the cost of the patients life. He is stubborn and has a need to prove himself right. He feels hatred toward the Necrotians for their euthanization of the sick, as it prevents him from obtaining a job.
    ambitions: Find a cure to death
    likes: sounds of people congratulating him, outwitting people, ice cream, wine
    dislikes: death, ethics restrictions, know-it-alls, the poor
    appearance: Doc is a tall african-american man standing at 6'6". He is bald and has no facial hair. His appearance is sharp and business-like. He tends to wear a suit most places. His eyes are brown and he is rather athletic. Doc generally maintains an angry demeanor.
    background: Doc grew up in a poor, urban family, and was the smartest kid in his class. He overcame poor standards of living and became a well-respected doctor. However, internally, he grew a hatred for the poor which stemmed from his experiences with classmates who did not apply themselves and ended up in poor states of living. He was shot to death by a poor patient he had treated who did not have enough money to pay for the treatment provided him.
    race: Homunculus
    national balance: Sheol
    armor: Doc fights in normal clothes
    weapons: none
    class: strategist
    magic: O-Tox, D-Detox, S-Fect
    skills: shapeshifting

    Name: Creviston Dharma
    age: unknown (necrotian ages are calculated differently, due to several changes in their calendar. Causing those born before the change (e.g. Nick and Dharma) to have their age labeled as unknown.
    sex: male
    Nationality: Doppelekereft
    occupation: CEO
    abilities: extremely vast knowledge of the programming of the Inner Wired. Physically strong. Heavy political influence.
    karma:initial: -1
    current: 35
    personality: Creviston Dharma is a businessman first and foremost. He makes sure his paying customers are satisfied and do not experience trouble in obtaining service. He takes special care about this when it comes to customers and even employees that have a Doppelekereft balance. Dharma will lend his aid to any paying customer of his whether they are having issues with connecting to a page about housepets, or programming a bomb to destroy Vulcan. If they are his customers, they are equal in his eyes.
    ambitions: unknown to all but himself
    likes: late nights programming, spending time at his house, efficient customer service, spreading his product, maintaining peace in the inner wired, sports, beer
    dislikes: hackers, cheapskates, those who are not grateful for what they have.
    appearance: Dharma stands at an impressive 7 feet and 4 inches. He is dark skinned and has black hair but is in fact, not a demon nor a drow. He is actually a vampire with a rare affliction among them known as reverse porphyria. Meaning that instead of the usual pale skin, he has a much darker skin tone. Dharma is very muscular and has a rugged beard on his face. His eyes are red and piercing.
    background: Not much is known about Creviston Dharma's past. He grew up in Doppelekereft and worked briefly as a remote agent for Vulcan during the PRL incident twenty years ago. Shortly after that incident, however, he quit Vulcan and began the formation of Dharma Corp. He used his parents' wealth to get him started. He bailed out prisoners of the financial prisons across Doppelekereft in exchange for their servitude at his corporation. He taught them basic programming so that all the workers of his company would be the only ones to have such a talent. Soon, Dharma corp. grew and became one of the largest corporations. Dharma presides over it as CEO and Grand High Programmer.
    race: Vampire
    national balance: Doppelekereft
    armor: Dharma does not fight in the real world, as he has body guards to do that for him. In the wired, however, he dons a traditional vampire outfit of full black with extensions of his body similar to various animals. (bat wings, bird feathers, etc.) He normally wears his business suit when not in the inner wired.
    weapons: none. In the wired, he is able to create a large dark sickle which can destroy data.
    class: barbarian
    magic: Personal deity: Corruption: Summons his personal deity, a friend who died long ago in Dharma's past. This deity is one of the few summoning spells able to be used in the inner wired. It can instantly destroy any data on the net no matter how strong the barriers or hacking. It is Dharma's trump card and the strongest programming technique in Necros.
    skills: flight, vampiric abilities

    Name: Kyriel Baskin
    age: 36. Born on August 18th, 1963
    sex: male
    Nationality: Hungary
    occupation: priest
    abilities: complete knowledge of all holy scripture and history of the catholic church. Knowledge of Necros thanks to connections in the vatican.
    karma:initial: 2
    current: 5
    personality: Kyriel Baskin is completely devoted to his faith. He is a well-respected priest in his hometown and even the order of the cardinals has recognized his astoundingly devoted lifestyle. He is kind to anyone upon first meeting them however his opinions are quickly shaped of a person based on their way of life in relation to his religious beliefs.
    ambitions: to enter the kingdom of heaven
    likes: the bible, christian study, the faithful, mass, communion, the holy trinity
    dislikes: heathens, blasphemers, lost sheep (in the figurative sense), people who interrupt him
    appearance: Kyriel is 6'2" in height. He has hazel eyes and dark black, long hair. He dresses very plainly, not wishing to draw attention to himself. He is white with very few indications of wealth. He generally wears a standard priest garb.
    background: Kyriel was born in a small village in communist Hungary. His parents were devout catholics and did not want their son to be raised under a government which repressed faith. Kyriel's parents attempted to flee the Soviet Union but were killed as they made their way across the border. The guards who shot Kyriel's parents found the young boy, and, in a feeling of mercy, put him on the other side of the border, so as to respect the parents apparent final wish. Kyriel was found by a local priest and was raised a devout catholic. He grew into a well-respected young man and eventually went to study and become a man of the cloth in Vatican city. Once the cold war ended, Kyriel returned to his hometown to help reintroduce religion to the people. He was killed while mending the roof of his chapel via falling.
    race: ?
    national balance: Lumina
    armor: Kyriel does not tend to fight, as such, he always wears his priest robes.
    weapons: none
    class: unknown
    magic: none.
    skills: Eyes of the father, An ability Kyriel uses to predict and foresee when and how people will 'enter the kingdom of heaven'. Immaculate, an ability that Kyriel seems to be imbued with. No one has ever laid a finger on Kyriel while in Necros, all are thrown aside by some strange ability which he has dubbed as his own purity protecting him.

    Name: Monica Pucianna
    Age: unknown
    sex: female
    nationality: Doppelekereft
    occupation: cook/owner of Pucianni
    abilities: masterful cook, bullsh*t detector
    current: 0 (she likes to keep things neutral)
    personality: Monica tends to remain true neutral in most normal aspects. Her worldview is based around her being able to cook as effectively as possible. If anything interrupts her ability to cook, she will be enraged towards it, if anyone helps her... she will usually be enraged towards it, as oftentimes, people are deadweight in her chefly endeavors
    ambitions: create the worlds greatest dish
    likes: cooking, food, a fully stocked pantry, Archimedean wine, exploration into the Untamed, journaling her explorations and discovery of new food substitutes and different tribal dining customs
    dislikes: those who interfere in her cooking, those that try to help her cook, fast food, mass production, people who do not tip their waiters, food critics.
    romances: none
    appearance: Monica is 5'7" with green skin, crimson red eyes (multifaceted, like a bugs) several long, clawed arms. Her skin is naturally green. She has very little want to doll herself up for people, and is usually seen with flour or sauce splattered about her. She has two large, insect-like wings on her back. She also has suction cups at the end of her claws.
    backstory: Monica was born and raised into the culinary world. Her parents before her owned Pucianni and she inherited it after their death. However, she has been driven somewhat nuts in her endeavors due to her parents reputation as the true artisans of the food world. In an attempt to live up to their standard, she has almost gone into madness to concoct the perfect dish. She joined into an agreement with Vulcan, who would pay for travel expenses for her to venture into the Untamed to meet tribes. In exchange, she is now the parent of a group of humans, including Henry Topaz.

    race: Entolite (originally a Camonite)
    national balance: Doppelekereft
    armor: Monica's body can often act as its own armor, it may harden up to a chalice like cocoon and defend her from any oncoming attack.
    weapons: her claws serve as her main weapon.
    class: assassin
    magic: none
    skills: invisibility, total silence, temporary flight, multi-faceted vision, high speed

    Name: Vierci ci Valgarth
    Age: 329
    sex: male
    nationality: Archimede
    occupation: Vulcan enforcer
    abilities: perception of intent (sometimes wrong), heightened senses, super vigilance
    karma:natural: 1
    current: 21
    personality: Vierci is naturally paranoid of nearly everything and everyone surrounding him. He perceives ulterior motives not only in other people but in buildings, trees, and life itself. Quick to react and even quicker to freak out, Vierci tries to maintain a persona as a distant person, though his personality constantly bleds through in his obsessive spaz-moments about minute things.
    ambitions: stop a true national conspiracy.
    likes: newspapers, solving puzzles, fire, conspiracy theories (it's a love-hate thing)
    dislikes: the gullible, the oblivious masses, people who call him crazy (happens quite often) being ignored.
    romances: none
    appearance: Vierci is roughly six and a half-feet tall with flame-like hair and two moderate sized horns growing from the front of his head. He has long, pointed ears and red eyes. His skin is pale and he is skinny in figure.
    backstory: Vierci was born in Doppelekreft to a pair of Archimedean immigrants who wanted their child to have a life in a more civilized nation. Vierci grew up and was fixated on the existence of the supernatural, the holders, and the legendary bridges that had once connected planets. He later was drafted into Vulcan and has worked as an enforcer ever since.

    race: Efreet (originally an elf)
    national balance: Archimede
    armor: Vierci's body is an armor in itself in that he can morph into fire on a whim. He normally wears a suit with a vest underneath. The vest is imbued with water-fields (magic that can negate all of a certain element from touching it)
    weapons: Vierci carries a long, superheated blade with him which he can use to cut through most any metal.
    class: jack
    magic: toxomancy
    status magic: mend, vig, rev, calm, libi, mel, cure, sed, lep, mot, blis, mut, cras, san, eck, caf, han, per, recover, clesta, regene, march
    skills: heigthened senses, pyromancy, flame-morphing, aeromancy (born into him as an elf), levitation, accuracy

    Name: Emilie Jessabelle Wolfsbane
    Age: 260
    sex: female
    nationality: Archimede
    occupation: Vulcan (various)
    abilities: memorization of facts, incredible vigor
    karma:natural: 6
    current: 5555555555555555555555
    personality: Emilie is happy to a disturbing degree. She nearly always talks in exclamations and squeals. She has been tested by several doctors all of whom are unable to determine why she is so happy at all times. Oddly enough, her brain has been tested and she has been found to actually have clinical depression...
    ambitions: she lists it thusly:
    All around the world
    Overwhelming joy
    likes: puppies, kittens, happiness, giving gifts, making people sad (so that she can make them happy again), surprise visits, parties, ice cream, sugar, work
    dislikes: nothing.
    romances: none
    appearance: Emilie stands at about 5'8" with long white hair and dark tan skin. She is very normal looking in appearance otherwise, and could easily blend in with most faeries (given she was heavily sedated)
    backstory: Emilie was born on Archimede, but apart from that, very little is known about her past. According to her, she wanted to obtain a job at the age of 14, and so she ran across the ocean to Vulcan, where they promptly gave her a job as a clerk. She has maintained this job over the years but has done many other things for Vulcan as well.

    race: Naiad
    national balance: Doppelekereft
    armor: Emilie tends to wear very casual clothes. Should she ever get into a fight, she is able to morph into liquid on a whim, and thus, has found no need for armor.
    weapons: none
    class: hydromancer
    magic: none
    skills: hydromancy

    Name: Acacia Drakmore
    Age: 1500 at least
    Sex: male
    nationality: Lumina (resides in Abaddon, Sheol)
    occupation: aristocrat
    abilities: vast knowledge of political world, chessmaster strategies
    karma: -5
    personality: Acacia is first and foremost a strategist and a sadist. He is paranoid enough to have a surveillance network set up across the entirety of Necros. He is normally very regal in terms of behavior and is sometimes referred to as the “emperor” of Sheol. He has no actual political power, it is simply his old-fashioned ways that earn him the nickname. He enjoys war and hunting, and these aspects of his personality appear in the merciless way he will both physically and mentally destroy his adversaries.
    ambitions: Acacia wishes for one thing: Eternal life so that he might re-write the history of war.
    likes&dislikes: likes: manipulation, spying, causing strife, reading historical accounts, keeping up with politics.
    Dislikes: pacifists, unifiers (a movement that wishes to destroy Vulcan and have the nations unify in peace on their own terms)
    romances: various during his life. None in his death.
    appearance: Due to the long amount of time he has spent as a Lych, Acacia has no remaining body left. He is skeletal in appearance with a black shawl usually adorning his body and head. He looks like most any normal skeleton under this shawl. His eyes and mouth glow with a black flame.
    Background: Acacia was born during the imperial age of Necros’ history. He was a Luminan by birth but, after learning about Sheol’s way of fighting, which relied more heavily on strategy and science than on magic and direct attack, he took up arms to join the Sheolians in combat. He became an accomplished general and won many victories for Sheol. He never retired, and saw it fit to bring his genius to the world even past his death. To do this, he became a lych. He has amassed power over the years and lives the life of an aristocrat in Sheol. Though his power is not political, he is still influential. Due to this, Vulcan has seen it as fit to eliminate the man.

    (this stuff will be filled in later in the RPG)

    Race: Lych
    National Balance: Sheol
    weapons: Acacia carries a sword with him at all times not for fighting, but for decoration. He is known to wield several advanced versions of Sheolian House Defense.
    armor: Normally, Acacia wears a black robe that covers his skeletal body. In combat, he uses various types of armor all intended to completely defend him from enemies. His most recent armor that he uses is an advanced version of A medieval suit of armor. It is reflective and contains pain absorption abilities crafted in by mechanics of the Dream King. It is made of a reflective material imbued with magic, allowing it to reflect any force that would damage the wearer. Including magic, physical, and ability based attacks. It is padded on the inside for maximum protection to the wearer. In addition, it can absorb spells cast upon it and hold them in until the wearer presses a button on the piece of the armor in which the spell (or spells) is contained. This allows the armor to collect any amount of one spell in each part of its plating and fire it back in collection at the users whim.
    For a detailed picture of the armor, see:

    class: strategist/trap-master
    spells: Master of: Illusionary Magic, Status Magic (Agonfield), Darkness, Poison, Ice, Fire, Water
    skills: necromancy, access to the void, creation of non-cryptid servants

    Name: Friedrich Nuremberg

    Age: 329

    sex: male

    nationality: Dis, Sheol

    occupation: Fisherman

    abilities: immense strength, able to pilot The Ferryman

    karma: -3

    personality: Nuremberg is completely dedicated to the piloting of his ship and the hunting of the great sea beast, Leviathan. His crew supports the captain from time to time, however, in general, they are the ones that do most of the fishing on the ship to keep funding their expeditions. Nuremberg will do anything to try to achieve his goal of catching the Leviathan.

    ambitions: catch the Leviathan.

    likes: not gonna put much here...

    dislikes: same...

    romances: none

    appearance: 7'7" feet tall. Dresses in a dark black frock coat most of the time. Has multiple scars across his face and a sizable black beard. His hair is fairly messy and he is bulky in terms of size.


    race: demon
    national balance: Sheol
    armor: said earlier.
    weapons: several large harpoons.
    class: Hunter
    magic: aquamancy
    skills: heightened senses, able to breathe under water, extreme strength

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    Name: Judy Harris
    Age: 27
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: American (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
    Occupation: Emergency Medical Technician
    Abilities: Medical knowledge, ambulance driving, works well under pressure
    Karma: 6 (She saves lives, after all)
    Personality: While she’s serious on the job, Judy is usually good-natured and bubbly. She talks to every person she meets and makes friends out of most of them.
    Ambitions: To start a charity for sick children.
    Likes: Helping people, meeting people, people
    Dislikes: Jerks, silence
    Romances: Paul Morris, boyfriend
    Appearance: The Progressive Car Insurance commercial lady
    Backstory: Judy has lived her entire life in Iowa, and overall it has been a happy life. She was popular throughout high school and college, and once she graduated, she only moved a few hours away from her loving and supporting parents. She has always cared for others just as much as herself.
    Race: Faerie
    National Balance: Lumina
    Armor: A heavy robe with leather shin guards, bracers, and cuirass.
    Class: Manipulator
    Magic: Neuromancy
    Slov: briefly calm the enemies, making them lose focus for a brief moment (kinda like nodding off for a second)
    Cauc: alter perception of size and depth.
    Niok: make a person fall down (or back) in the direction which she points (at whatever speed that person was going at)
    Ubthu: Make a person basically lose their tread. They will fall but the spell will be broken upon getting back up. (unless of course, it's cast again)
    Celran: Make a person trapped at whatever speed they were traveling at when spell was cast upon them. Spell will end upon them coming to a forced stop.
    Status Magic
    Mend: cures basic wounds (does not give psychological wellness).
    Vig: doubles muscular strength for up to one minute.
    Skills: Corpumancy (standard faerie level)

    Name: Grodmann
    Age: 173
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Nod
    Occupation: Vulcan enforcer
    Abilities: Grodmann has raised pessimism to an art form and is an expert whittler.
    Karma (natural, current): 1800367473
    Personality: Seeing as Grodmann is an embodiment of depression, his mood is the opposite of the general mood around him. If everyone else is happy, he is sure to be depressed, even to the point of sickness. On the other hand, he can be sent into states of mania if the people around him feel sad, hopeless, or pained.
    Ambitions: To continue his job, as it keeps him in contact with quite a bit of depression.
    Likes: Dislikes
    Dislikes: Likes
    Romances: None
    Appearance: Hexagunners in general are almost human-looking, except for single spikes protruding from the backs of their hands and a scanner where their eyes would be. Grodmann’s synthetic skin is pale and thin, giving it a slight gray-blue tint from his metal body underneath. He has short, silver hair and a matching goatee. He dresses modestly and stands 6’2”.
    Background: Grodmann was constructed in Nod, commissioned by Vulcan, and trained for one month. Most of his skills were built-in, so he started working right after that, and he has worked ever since.
    Race: Hexagunner
    National Balance: Nod
    Weapons: Halberd (it makes whittling more of a challenge)
    Armor: Black, 3-inch-thick plate mail.
    Class: Knight
    Spells: As a kryomancer and umbramancer, Grodmann has transcended the need for spells.
    Skills: As a hexagunner, Grodmann has the ability to change his body into any metal, and is also able to absorb metals into his body. Hexagunners are also skilled with any weapon they use, and can use just about anything as a weapon. Finally, his abilities are somewhat affected by the mood around him.

    Name: Strygl Strombolskisteinson
    Age: 228
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Crowley, Doppelekereft
    Occupation: Vagrant
    Abilities: Agile, flexible, tough (these are physical descriptions only)
    Personality: Consistently erratic. Any relationships he forms are highly subject to change, and more often than not Strygl invents relationships for people that he has never met before. He is certainly mentally unsound, but he has taken no tests to confirm this.
    Ambitions: Constantly fluctuating. Whatever Strygl sets his mind to, he’ll be on something else in half an hour.
    Likes: Subject to change.
    Dislikes: Currently, Damien and anyone associated with Damien.
    Romances: The only person he sees consistently is Morll, his summon.
    Appearance: Just about 5’ flat, with a stocky build. Tan, weathered skin, scraggly beard, long, dark hair. Wears a pair of round glasses and a pink pinstripe suit.
    Backstory: The higher-level paledonians of Zushakon are a mix of statisticians, philosophers, and metaphysicists, all trying to discover a method of obtaining the utterly random. On the other hand, Strygl decided one day that he was a paledonian of Zushakon, and that he was carrying out his master’s will by wandering aimlessly and attacking random people. So far it’s worked out for him.
    Race: Paledonian of Zushakon, the Spectre, former Esper
    Armor: None
    Weapons: A spear, supposedly enchanted to attack a random person whenever it is used.
    Class: Acrobat
    Magic: Summoning, School of Cosmos, Zushakon, the Spectre:
    O1 – Dirac – Random effect (offensive)
    D1 – Sagan – Random effect (defensive)
    T – Schrodinger – Random effect (transportation)
    S – Heisenberg – Random effect (specialized)
    M – Maddening Dance – Integrates with Zushakon, Lord of Chaos. This grants the user several special abilities, none of which are easily documentable or describable.
    Further documentation of spells is hard to accomplish, due to the varied effects created by Zushakon.
    Skills: Unpredictability? Strygl's esper background is unimportant, as his mind is too fractured to communicate directly with others.

    Name: Morll, C. E. (Constructor Extraordinaire)
    Age: 22
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: Sheol
    Occupation: “Constructor” (as she is not legally allowed to call herself an architect)
    Abilities: Creative, heightened senses
    Personality: Quiet, removed, usually laid back, and by now used to Strygl’s eccentricities.
    Ambitions: To become a famous Necrotian architect
    Likes: Compliments on her work, being helpful, opera music
    Dislikes: Flaws being pointed out in her work, comments on her appearance
    Romances: Strygl, kind of.
    Appearance: 5’6”, rail thin. Pointy ears, short black hair. Not an attractive face, but not an unattractive one.
    Backstory: Studying to become an architect, Morll was expelled from her institution because her designs were “too advanced for society” (structurally unstable and/or impossible). Since then she has put her mind to magic, and a few years ago was contracted by Strygl Strombolskisteinson.
    Race: Drow
    Armor: None
    Weapons: A protractor and a compass
    Class: Illusionist
    Magic: Unknown
    Skills: As a drow, she has been granted the power of illusions. All of her creations are comparable to M. C. Escher's work.

    Name: Khakthatakhath Vrshx
    Age: 482
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Lumina
    Occupation: Gambler, Chief Paledonian of Zushakon, the Spectre
    Abilities: Accuracy, fast mental calculations, high levels of knowledge concerning Necrotian psychology, magics, and mathematics (specifically probability and game theory).
    Personality: Calm, collected, quiet. Generally nice, but when in competition he tends to put on an air of smug boredom.
    Likes: Analyzing, solving puzzles, winning with style.
    Dislikes: Routine, the typical, stagnation.
    Romances: Khakthatakhath has few long-term relationships. As soon as he “understands” a woman, he’s ready to move on.
    Appearance: A lean 5’7”, bald, longish hands. Wears the uniform of Zushakon, a pink pinstripe suit, plus a matching top hat.
    Backstory: Khakthatakhath was brought into existence by a casting of Maddening Dance from a lesser paledonian. Perhaps fittingly, he is credited with mapping the incentives of Zushakon the Spectre, thus allowing Mr. Vrshx to predict the unpredictable. Some even claim that he brought about his own existence simply by “playing the cards right.”
    Race: Paledonian of Zushakon, the Spectre, former Eldarin
    Armor: A light armored vest under his suit.
    Weapons: A two-handed, automatic crossbow.
    Class: Strategist
    Magic: Summoning, School of Cosmos, Zushakon, the Spectre:
    O1 – Dirac – Random effect (offensive)
    D1 – Sagan – Random effect (defensive)
    T – Schrodinger – Random effect (transportation)
    S – Heisenberg – Random effect (specialized)
    M – Maddening Dance – Integrates with Zushakon, Lord of Chaos. This grants the user several special abilities, none of which are easily documentable or describable.
    Metal magic -- Karamancy
    Plant magic -- Chloromancy
    Further documentation of spells is hard to accomplish, due to the varied effects created by Zushakon.
    Skills: As mentioned previously, Khakthatakhath (I’m already tired of typing his name) can predict what is generally considered unpredictable. This is not to say he can control the random – he just knows the outcomes of random actions before they happen. Additionally, because Mr. Vrshx has already comprehended Chaos incarnate, he finds any lesser attack pattern boring and obvious. With some basic knowledge about a combatant, Khakthatakhath can predict his or her every move.
    Finally, as a former Eldarin, Khakthatakhan has the ability to call upon vengeful nature spirits. This power is most effective in areas in which the landscape has been destroyed or deformed. These spirits attack through beams of energy channeled through the Eldarin, and can burn, electrify, or freeze depending on the surroundings.
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    Name: George Ashcroft
    Age: 20
    Sex: Male

    nationality: American (Atlanta, Georgia)

    occupation: College student, barely

    abilities: Quick-wit sarcasm, skilled with pointy objects, good runner

    karma: -5

    personality: He's a total punk. He doesn't give a **** about his life beyond wallowing in his failure and drowning himself in sex, drugs, and rock. When forced to socialize with people, he acts like everyone's just as much a lost cause as himself. Beliefs? Ambitions? He doesn't have those things, and he will find a way to mock anyone's personal convictions. Making everyone miserable gives him a high, and he enjoys the rare opportunities he can drain the life of others. When forced to be around authorities, he acts more apathetic, knowing better to not play games. No matter how much he kills himself with his lifestyle, he'll generally try to avoid getting "busted."

    ambitions: Enjoy life in Necros

    likes&dislikes: If it can get him high, he'll like it. He hates himself, his life, and everything else. He enjoys anything that can remind him of his misery, and he lusts for meaningless sex just so he can forget the rest of the **** in his life.

    romances: Ha.

    appearance: 5'6", athletic build. His hair is black. He used to dye his air, but he stopped a year ago. However, he still goes out of his way to look disgusting with his hair over gelled and spiked in a punk-like way. He's pierced both nostrils and his tongue. Dark circles hug his eyes due to years of deficient sleep. He wears whatever depressing, baggy, holey clothes he can afford, and he wears a tacky belt that's never actually used for any functional purpose.

    Background: God, where did things go wrong? Where his parents strict? Was he bullied? Perhaps he was spoiled? Hell no. George has no excuses for the way his life was. As a teenager, George just did what he wanted with no real reason attached. However, soon, the boy found reasons as he became a man. He enjoyed this lifestyle, if such a morbid existence could be dubbed life. George got through high school with ease, even if he was high half the time. He went to the classes and looked astute enough to get decent grades. After graduation, his parents pushed him into going to college. He gladly excepted the offer, since it meant he could now do what he wanted while his parents covered the bill.

    Not surprisingly, his actions bit him in the ***. Due to his passable performance in high school, George had qualified for HOPE, Georgia's scholarship program. However, to keep the money, all scholars must maintain a 3.0. Ha, like George could bother himself with college work. Come time for the end of the first semester, George lost the scholarship, and his parents intervened. They finally discovered George's "secret life" and took control of their adult son's life. They actually moved to be near the college and force their son to move in. They monitored their boy through the rest of his freshmen year, trying to keep him clean. Desperate for something to get high on, George joined the college's long distance running team. Cold mornings half naked, running til he puked or passed out... George became addicted to the abusive activity. George completed his sophomore year and met his parents' standards. They considered him "saved" and let him return to his devices. George moved out, settled into a ****y apartment, and returned to his meaningless life. After a month of just "child's play," George finally pulled up enough money to get heroin, a drug he missed over the last two and a half years. Unfortunately, George celebrated too hard, and his actions finally caught up with him. Of course, he had no idea he overdosed at the most inopportune time.
    Race: Vampire, Archne

    National Balance: Sheol

    weapons: Sword

    armor: His body

    class: Knight

    spells: First spell of Dark Magic--Shad

    skills: Advance eye-sight, webs, and perfect grip. Able to grow extra arms and defy gravity when enraged.

    Name: Criostoir (Crios for short) Airgead-Geata
    Age: 143 (about 27 years old physically)
    Sex: Male
    nationality: Lumina

    occupation: Vulcan enforcer

    abilities: Incredible sense of right and wrong, swordsmanship, and a specialty in over-the-top monologues about justice.

    karma: 108

    personality: Crios is extremely optimistic and obstinate when it comes to the way the world really is. He is quick to judge people and act decisively on his judgments, even if they aren't always right. He is very rule-oriented, but his methods of persecution are very colorful.

    ambitions: He dreams of becoming the knight of a fair lady.

    likes&dislikes: He loves large crowds, though he rarely agrees with lewd behavior in parties. He enjoys his work great, and he likes to read about history, particularly of the more outrageous events in wars that come off as legendary. He dislikes breaking the rules, which has caused some conflicts due to his natural curiosity to read illegal Earthian fiction. He very much so hates corrupt leaders. He surprisingly does not hate demons despite his archaic beliefs.

    romances: Off in search of his sweet Dulcinea

    appearance: He is about 5'7" with red eyes and light, light blond hair. His skin is very light but tanner than more Lepoblancs. Similarly, he is also in a better physical shape, but his physique is still only that of college, athletic human; he could never dare compete with the many physically strong races. However, his legs are very muscular and allow for great long-distance speed.

    Background: Crios always faced discrimination like most Lepoblancs. To coup with this hardship, he developed a childish notion of justice. He considered the discrimination as a blessing as it meant he could tell who was evil and who was good. Throughout his life, he fought against genetics to improve his physique so he could fashion himself as a classical swordsman. The friends he has made over the century provided him with great memories that he cherishes and immortalizes in his fighting style.

    Race: Lepoblanc

    National Balance: Lumina

    weapons: He uses a two-handed broadsword.

    armor: He primarily wears the standard uniform suite, but he almost always wears out-dated military armor from well over a thousand years ago: a golden cuirass (breastplate), gorget (neck), culets (lower back), rerebraces (forearms), gauntlets (arms and hands), poleyins (thighs), and greaves (calfs)

    class: Knight

    spells: Lumimancer

    skills: He has the ability to mimic the abilities of some of his friends. Through his past interactions, Crois has learned master level water magic, basic kinesomancy, and basic time magic.

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    By the way, the calendar of Necros is as follows.


    All months last 38 days. A day is 30 hours long. During certain months, different nations have more power than others. These are listed above as well. Basically, more power means that a person with a national balance befitting that nation gets more power during that month. Some months have none of this.
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    Name: Last: Kimura First: Kiyoshi
    Age: 32
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Tokyo, Japan

    Occupation: Second grade teacher.

    Abilities: Above average stamina and strength (#1 swimmer in his high school team). Very friendly and hard to corrupt (Due to Buddhism). Fluent in Japanese, Decent in English.

    Karma: +7

    Personality: Kiyoshi insists people do the moral thing, while still trying to perfect his own path to the Pure Land. He is very charitable, optimistic, and can be a bit excitable.

    Ambitions: Be reborn into the Pure Land and achieve enlightenment. (Long term)
    Live happily and peacefully with his family. (Shorter term)

    Likes: Buddhism, his wife, children.
    Dislikes: Tries to stay away from material objects, drugs, and sex.

    Romances: Kimura, Fumiko (Wife)

    Appearance: 5'9" and 159lbs. Kiyoshi bears the typical staples of a Japanese working man, a suit and a tie. Kiyoshi's suit is white, as are his pants and shirt. His tie is light blue and his shoes and socks are brown. Like any Asian his hair is black and he keeps in short and spikes it so it stays on top of his head, leaning sightly to his right. Other accessories include: a watch, a pair of reading glasses, and a Buddhist prayer rosary (o-juzu) made up of 108 beads. His teeth are just fine.

    Background: At the age of 20, Kiyoshi was mugged on his way home from college. After the traumatizing experience, one of Kiyoshi's professors, a Buddhist, was very supportive of Kiyoshi, and inspired Kiyoshi to become a Buddhist himself. After that moment, Kiyoshi was determined to work off all the negative karma he had accumulated from his careless youth, and begin walking the path to the Pure Land.

    At 32, Kiyoshi was known as a saint to his neighbors, and he and his wife, Kimura Fumiko, were extremely happy together, and expecting a child. One day at work, Kiyoshi received a call that Fumiko had gone into labor, and Kiyoshi rushed over to the hospital. Unfortunately, in his haste, Kiyoshi failed to stop at a red light, and that's the end of that.

    Race: Human

    National Balance: Nod

    Weapons: A pair of iron fans.


    Class: Healer

    Mend – cures basic wounds (does not give psychologic wellness)
    Vig – doubles muscular strength for up to one minute.
    Rev – gives psychologic wellness (does not heal wounds)
    calm – calms the infuriated or sad
    Libi – infuriates the opponent
    Mel – saddens an opponent
    Cure – heals wounds both mentally and psychologically
    Sed – sends a muscle into atrophy for ten minutes
    Lep – nulls pain for ten minutes (good and bad thing)
    Mote – causes the paralyzed to regain motion
    Blis – blinds an enemy temporarily
    Mut – causes a target to become mute and therefore, unable to cast spells temporarily
    Cras – causes a target to become deaf temporarily.
    Som – causes target to fall asleep
    Eck – wakes target from any sleep
    Caf – speeds up target for ten minutes
    Han – slows down target for ten minutes
    Per – paralyzes a target
    Recover – causes a fainted target to recover
    Clesta – recovers any and all status abnormalities

    S - brist – manipulates a small breeze.
    O - not – creates a small twister which is manipulated by the user. The twister can be no larger than the caster and can extend no further than 40 yards.
    O2 - zeph – creates a strong pulse of wind to shoot opponents.
    S2 - aquil – creates small objects out of air to manipulate and use. These objects may not cut, but may be used to pick up and fire other objects/debris. (objects may be no larger than the caster)

    Skills: Proficient in fan fighting (tessenjutsu)

    Name: Solandra Chalice
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: France

    Occupation: Sous chef (Second-in-command chef)

    Abilities: Excellent cook.

    Karma: +1

    Personality: She Completely dedicated to her work. Solandra is more likely to start throwing punches at whoever prepared a bad meal, rather than apologize to the customer that ate it. Though, if a customer complains about one of her own creations, she'll insist that nothing is wrong with it and go into a frenzy. Though, when not in uniform, she's at least polite.

    Ambitions: Become a Gourmet Chef

    Likes: Cooking. Ambition.

    Dislikes: People insulting her cooking.

    Romances: None

    Appearance: 5'7", blonde hair tied in a French twist (, and blue eyes. Usually dresses in stripes, knee high boots, and black arm gloves.

    Background: Solandra grew up in France and learned the greatest French passion, cooking, from her uncle. Since then her devotion to the art has been almost religious, leaving passion for all other things behind. At the age of 17 she began attending professional cooking classes and was hired as a chef at a 5-Star restaurant. After two years of hard work she rose up to the rank of Sous Chef and was maintaining a 4.0 at her college. Unfortunately, she died in a bloody accident involving knives and a rat in her restaurant.

    Race: Alrue

    National Balance: Sheol

    Weapons: Whip, 2 vials each of muscle relaxant and alchemical fire, and 2 smoke bombs.

    Armor: Prefers to rely on her charm to keep her safe, but has outfitted herself with a thick, black mantle.

    Class: Maitenence

    Spells: Status magic up to "Cure"

    Skills: Highly knowledgeable in alchemy.

    Name: Gaius Iurex
    Age: 312
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Archimede

    Occupation: Vulcan Enforcer

    Abilities: Diplomatic; very good liar

    Karma: Original -4
    Current: -4 (Gaius likes being a Yuharan, but has some karmatics in case he must splice.)

    Personality: Gaius has a heart as cold as his race would suggest. He doesn't make many friends and those he does act friendly towards are merely pawns. All he truly cares about is taking over the world.

    Ambitions: Rule the world

    Likes: Bitter foods; when things go just as planned.
    Dislikes: Fire; when things go wrong.

    Romances: He feigns love with several high ranking members of the Vulcan government.

    Appearance: Gaius looks rather typical for a Yuharan. He stands 6'6", bears the usual white hair that falls to center of the back and has pale skin, and, as all Yuharans do, lacks any sort of pupil in his frost colored eyes.. He dresses in the typical work uniform, a black, formal business suit.

    Background: Gaius was a relatively normal Yuharan until his late 100s. During that time he became rather bored with everything he had, and as he searched and searched for someway to entertain himself, he slowly began to realize there was something dark inside of his heart. The desire for power grew and grew until Gaius was sure of this: he would take Vulcan by force, and become the new King of the World. However, Gaius was necessarily a political person, so he instead found work as a Vulcan Enforcer, something he was actually good at. He figured being this close to the government would allow some of the politics to rub off on him, and once he had a smattering of diplomacy under his belt, he was ready to began the next phase of his grand scheme.
    Race: Yuhara
    National balance: Archimede
    Aarmor: Ice
    Weapons: A pair of spiked gloves, just like claws.
    Class: Interrogator


    Kryomancy (Ice)

    Light Magic:
    S - Lum – a lighting spell that casts a small ball of light to illuminate an area.
    S2 - Ierre- if any moderately usable reflective surface is available in 100 meters, the caster can see the image reflected by it from as far as 100 meters away.
    S3 - Pika – sucks away all present darkness (only usable indoors)
    T - Tona – (only usable during the day) allows user to teleport to anywhere there is visible light. (within 100 meters). This spell can only be used once per encounter. (though usage amount grows by one per encounter)
    M - Sol – allows user to bypass any attack for 2 minutes (only usable once per encounter)

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    Name: Daniel Alexander Carter III
    Age: 24
    Sex: male
    nationality: New York City, New York (but he mainly lives in London, England at this point)
    occupation: Businessman
    abilities: persuasive, speaks French and German (along with English), mathematics, poker
    karma: -3
    personality: Mr. Carter is an ambitious man. He does everything with the intent of getting something. While doing business, he can be charming and polite, but otherwise he’s a jerk.
    ambitions: get more money
    likes & dislikes: likes money, Texas hold’em, seeing the big picture, neatness, and fancy things.
    dislikes commoners, public transportation, screaming children, greasy foods, and the competition
    romances: none
    appearance: This guy.
    Background: Born to a British businessman and an American model, Mr. Carter was spoiled in his childhood. After graduating from college with a business major and a math minor, he began working for his father’s company. After both his parents died in a car crash, Mr. Carter took over his father’s company and began expanding. Today, his company is prominent in the UK, the east coast of the US, and in other parts of Europe. Not content with his huge salary alone, he put his math minor to use at the casinos.
    Race: Cervidexus
    National Balance: Doppelekereft
    weapons: battle hammer
    spells: Mastery of status magic (master spell: Agonfield)

    Name: Vel
    Age: 283
    Sex: Female
    nationality: Nod
    occupation: Vulcan Enforcer
    abilities: Graceful, somewhat of an artist
    karma: 0
    personality: Not very talkative, perfectionist
    ambitions: Perfection
    likes & dislikes:
    Likes – perfection, things of beauty, order
    Dislikes – Error, laziness, malfunctions
    romances: none
    appearance: Looks pretty much like a 5’7”, brown haired, hazel eyed, slightly tanned, human woman dressed in business attire.
    Background: Ever since her creation, Vel has strived to attain that which is unattainable: perfection. Her desire for order and perfection led to her career at Vulcan as an enforcer, allowing her to move the world towards perfection.
    Race: Quatrafier
    National Balance: Nod
    weapons: none
    armor: none
    class: Aquamage (hydromancy + summoning)
    spells: Summoning and hydromancy
    Summoning (Cyaegha, the Shaper of Oceans) – Plane of water, Liquidous composition limitations, Partings, Remnants of the deep, The watcher of waters
    Hydromancy – Quench, Hydros, Welter, Desert, Drown, Tsu, Tsu2, Whirl
    skills: As a Quatrafier, Vel can manipulate sound in a multitude of ways. She prefers to use this ability by silencing the immediate area around her, allowing her to move without being heard by her opponents. She will usually use sound manipulation as a last resort, relying mainly on her spells. Due to her almost perfect human appearance, opponents might not suspect her to be a quatrafier.

    Name: Coenolf Wodric
    Age: 491
    Sex: Male
    nationality: Sheol
    occupation: Enforcer for the “Boss Man.” He makes sure everyone working for the Boss Man does their job and that clients pay up.
    abilities: Coenolf has a good ear, even for a banshee. He is also a well-practiced boxer and can be very persuasive.
    personality: Coenolf enjoys humor, but is also pretty much completely amoral. He enjoys torturing victims very much.
    ambitions: To control the Boss Man’s organization
    likes and dislikes: Likes a good joke, and doing his job. Dislikes when people act all serious, and boats.
    romances: A few, short-lived romances.
    appearance: Looks like a normal 5’ 1” blonde-haired, blue-eyed elf, until he goes all unhinged jaw or spectral form on somebody. He wears a plain business suit most of the time. On certain occasions, he’ll don a black hooded cloak.
    Background: Coenolf was born in Sheol, but moved with his parents to Doppelekereft when he was roughly 20. When his family began having money problems, Coenolf was taken by the Boss Man in order to pay off his parent’s debt. Coenolf continued to work for the Boss Man after he had worked off all of the debt simply because it was a fun job for him.
    Race: Banshee
    weapons: pair of brass knuckles, 6 recorder orbs.
    armor: none
    class: spell-bruiser
    spells: Master of gravity magic (Ballist, Buoyank, Lev, Crush, Cringe, and Splatter), master of darkness magic, and an accomplished acoustimancer.
    skills: All skills available to a banshee.
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    good to have you join us GORN. All characters so far are approved of. I'll open up the RPG proper when one more player posts their character. The first posts will all be us telling how our characters meet their deaths on June 4th, 1999. After enough people have posted their deaths, I'll transport us all to Necros.
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    Name: Damien Caldwell
    Age: 32
    Sex: Male
    nationality: American

    occupation: Veterinarian

    abilities: He’s very good at diagnosing sicknesses in animals, and even better at helping the said sickness kill them.

    karma: -16

    personality: Since arriving in Necros, Damien has lost his calm demeanor, though the sadism remains. He is quick to anger, though in all honesty he lacks the physical or magical power to really do anything about it.

    ambitions: Make money

    likes&dislikes: Damien enjoys killing small defenseless things such as birds, cats, and puppies and hates helping people.

    Since the six month break: Damien has grown more tolerant of Lundy, though he still refers to him as "Brat." His feelings towards the rest of the party have remained as bitter as always.

    romances: None

    appearance: Damien has foregone his veterinary scrubs and adopted a more adventurous look. He now regularly dresses in a a large brown leather overcoat, white button down shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of sturdy boots. Damien himself is roughly 5’ 9”, weighing only 157 lbs or so. His face is oddly sharp looking, with his chin jutting forth at an odd angle. Damien has incredibly stringy black hair and blue eyes.

    Background: Since he was little, Damien has hated animals with a fiery passion. Thankfully he kept this hate hidden through most of his life and when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, proclaimed that he would be a veterinarian one day. Nowadays Damien owns his own clinic, which now has one of the worst success rates in the country. Many a pet has died on the operating table due to “uncontrollable circumstances.” Often times Damien has given out Placebos instead of actual medication to his patients pets, only to relish in the sob stories his patrons tell him a week later about how poor Mr. Waffles just didn’t get up one day.


    Race: Drow
    National Balance: Doppelekreft
    weapons: Small Crossbow
    armor: none
    class: Support

    Q'yth-az, the Judge

    Cubism: Creates an impenetrable shell anywhere with the user's field of vision.

    Dismission: Reduces an enemy to a simpler state of mind, similar to that of being sent into a coma.

    Reduction: Allows for travel across a parrallel plane of existence in which no obstacles exist.

    Kinetics: Stops all motion within Damien's immediate vicinity.

    Final Judgement - Integrates with Q'yth-az the Judge allowing the caster to stop anything at whim as well as alter anyones karma value at will. User also gains the ability to change their race at will.

    Hastur, the all-father

    Sesam: Allows the user to create a bridge capable of joining any two points together.

    Army of gentry: Conjurs an army of neverborn to fight for the caster.

    Barrier: Creates a barrier.

    All: Allows the user to use any spell from any discipline they desire.

    skills: Enhanced vision and hearing. Teleportation within field of vision.

    Split Teleportation: Allows Damien to teleport any part of his body at will.


    Name: Vladimir “Vlad” Redmond
    Age: 27
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Lumina

    Occupation: Vulcan Enforcer

    Abilities: Being a Falcon Harpy by birth, Vladimir is gifted with the ability of flight as well as superhuman speed. In a straight dive he can reach speeds of up to 142 mph ((Top speed for a regular falcon is 242, so I took 100 mph off for size differences)). Vladimir is also a spliced changeling of wind, granting him limited aeromancy. Vladimir counters this limitation by using his natural gift of flight to increase its effects. This unfortunately makes Vladimir more susceptible to fire, meaning too long in the heat will quite literally turn him in to fried chicken.

    Karma: +4

    Personality: Vlad is a very “to the point” individual and someone who takes his work very seriously. He is very quick to point out when someone is slacking off and will generally avoid associating himself with anyone without a “worker’s mindset.”

    Ambitions: To retire.

    likes&dislikes: Vlad enjoys sweet foods and anything that induces an adrenaline rush. He hates spicy foods and anything related to fire.

    Romances: None

    Appearance: Like all Harpies, Vlad’s eyes reflect his kingdom. As a member of the falcon kingdom, Vlad’s eyes are a shimmering blue. His skin is fairly light, possessing only the vaguest of tans. Most noticeable are the large, bluish-black wings on his back. He stands at 6’ even, weighing in at only 150 lbs.

    Background: Vlad was born as a Falcon harpy in Lumina where he spent most of his childhood. During this time he took heavy interest in the mysterious Vulcan nation. Enough to, when he turned 18, set sail there. Upon arrival he worked about becoming an Enforcer and eventually realized this goal by the time he was 19. During this age he took the chance to take advantage of one of the perks of being a nationalized Vulcan by splicing in to a Changeling. Perhaps it was due to his harpy ancestry but despite the supposed “randomness” of the splicing, Vlad became a Changeling of Wind. Ever since then he has diligently served the Nation of Vulcan as a proud member of its Enforcers.

    Race: Harpy/Changeling
    National Balance: Lumina
    Weapons: Iron Gauntlets with fingers resembling sharp talons.

    Armor: Due to his wings, fitting Vlad with a set of armor is a difficult task. Hence his chest is usually only lightly protected by a sturdy leather breast-plate. His shoulders are similarly clad while his forearms and hands are protected by a pair of iron gauntlets. His leggings consist of an extremely light-weight chain mail.

    Class: Support

    Spells: None

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    you sick bastard. I love me my house pets.

    All characters approved, I also threw in another character on my profile who'll be joining us. Oh yeah, you all are welcome to create more characters, though I would suggest you don't make anything too overpowered that it would break the game. However, if you wish to have a rival or something of the sort, feel free to create one. Just add them onto the post with your other profiles so that all profiles are in one convenient location. And with that, I'll start the RPG.
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    I pinned your Game Thread, incase you can't find it wink.gif
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    It sure won't be easy setting you trouble-makers on the path to enlightenment.
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    Name: Ramona Madison Sparks
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: Caucasian American (New York City, New York)
    Occupation: City Council Member, Mayor's Advisor
    Abilities: Above genius-level intelligence, skilled in mixed martial arts, persuasion and interrogation
    Karma: 0
    Personality: Manipulative little girl that will stare into your soul and get into your brain. She fakes most of her emotions, but is generally apathetic. Easily annoyed, smart, sarcastic, and sometimes malicious.
    Ambitions: To shape the world into what she knows is best for it.
    Preferences: Loves her father, reading, walking, intelligent company and Adults. Hates being treated like a child, stupid people and pedophiles.
    Romances: She's had crushes, but they turned out to be to dumb for her.
    Appearance: An adorable little girl standing at 5'2". She has long, partly curcly, brown hair and beautiful blue eyes. She has slightly tanned skin with pink, rosy lips. No dimples. She hates them. She's only 14 so she doesn't have much, but its there. She wears alot of cute dresses but it also fond of skirts.
    Background: Showed signs of incredible intelligence at an early age, she spent her days studying and reading, instead of playing. She absolutely loves it. She loved her father very much. The two would often compete in games, tests, and riddles to test each's intelligence. They realized they were evenly matched. When her father died in a mugging, she changed. She became depressed and eventually apathetic. She made her genius know to the people and became and was given a seat on the city council of New York City. She eventually wants to become president and vows to change the world into what she thinks is best for it.

    Race: Dryad

    National Balance: Archemede



    Spells: Fire magic up to Rockechra

    Name: Alexander Marone
    Age: 17
    Sex: Male
    nationality: American (Washington D.C)
    occupation: College freshman

    abilities: An advocate mathematician and card player. His favorite game is 21. Alex as been counting cards for years. He can do a lot of math in his head. He's always a pretty good artist.

    Initial Karma: 2
    Current Karma: 25

    personality: Loud and Hyper. A regular teenage boy. Doesn't have too many opinions and just wants to do his thing. Very flirty, but not an obnoxious womanizer. He knows how to treat a girl. Pretty calm most of the time and good with his hands. He's actually a very smart boy, graduating from high school a year early, but doesn't flaunt his brains around.

    ambitions: None really.

    likes&dislikes: Likes math and card games, gambling, flirting, the water and sleeping. Doesn't have too many dislikes.
    romances: None too important. Mostly a lot of flings.

    appearance: Has short black hair that covers his right eye. Greenish-blue eyes and stand at 5'11". He isn't that muscular but, not that skinny either. His skin is a bit tan, but not that much. People say he has really pretty eyes.

    Background: (A really normal kid. Just a smart guy that got his way through high school. Had a lot of friends and was really missed when he died, after getting into a car crash on a bridge.

    Race: Was bitten by a Lycanthrope girl, after sleeping with her.

    National Balance: Archemede.
    weapons: None
    armor: None
    class: (what class is your character)


    skills: His sense of smell has been increasing rapidly, as well as his hearing....

    Name: Richard "Dick" Rogers
    Age: 85
    Sex: Male
    nationality: American (Madison, Wisconsin)

    occupation: Retired, Previously a veteran in both World War 1 and the Vietnam War.

    abilities: Incredibly wise in his old age. Has very talented eyesight and hearing, better than most young people's, because he pays more attention to things than the average man. Fast reader, and can pick out important facts in text and speech. Good at haggling and gambling. Knows many war tactics as well as cartography. An excellent sword fighter.

    karma: Originally 5, now it's 40

    personality: Dick is a very complex man. He is an incredibly wise old man, who has experienced quite a bit in his 85 years. He has been a part of two very devastating wars, and while many of his loved ones thought of him as being a bit more senile than he lets off, he is a very intelligent and well rounded man. He can often be a bit cynical and mysterious, and is good at finding reasons to justify his actions. He can be loud and exaggerating as well as quiet and calculating. He can also be a bit of a pervert, and in the past as been a bit lecherous and greedy, but over the years, those habits have died down significantly. He is quick to judge, but not for the enemy. While he doesn't have a fear of the unknown, at least not anymore, he does judge them. But overall, he can be a very kind man, and usually knows what's best for everyone, and will let young people have their chances to shine, because he has had many. He likes to lull enemies in false senses of security, because it's easy for him. He loves a good laugh and a good prank. Overall he knows what it means to be a real man.

    ambitions: Not really any ambitions for himself, because he is very happy with the way he has lived his life. But he wants young people to think more.

    likes&dislikes: Has many likes, such as fine wine and a good book, as well as stories and the unknown. He likes young people. He doesn't like enemies and people who let their beliefs cloud manner and common sense.

    romances: Had been married for 60 years.

    appearance: Is fairly short at 5'5". Has white hair and a square, strong jaw. His arms and legs are actually pretty well built.

    Background: Born into a fairly wealthy family, Dick was raised to believe that the war was what was best, but his reason for entering it were different than what is father wanted for him. He had originally intended to only serve for a limited time, before going to college, but those planes very came to fruition as he became one of the most well known servers in the second World War, and was asked to fight in the second, a decision that he more than often, regrets. In between the two wars, he met the love of his life, Ross. They got married and had two children before he served in Vietnam. His name is forever remember of The Wall. He suffered a terrible end with his grandson while being driven to the store.

    Race: Human

    National Balance: Archemede

    weapons: A very clean and shining blade, with an eagle embroidery on the hilt.

    armor: N/A

    class: A Summoner and Swordsman

    Cubism – Constructs an impenetrable cube which will defend the caster from any incoming stimuli.
    Dismission – Reduces an opponent to a simpler state, one in which no violence may occur.
    Reduction – Allows the user to travel through a plane in which no cities exist, allowing for easy passing of obstacles.
    Kinetics – stops all motion except for the caster.

    skills: Thousand Yard Stare: An immobilizing stare that can put most weak individuals in a trance.

    Name: Cam Funistranseo
    Age: 25
    Sex: Female
    nationality: Archimede

    occupation: Vulcan Enforcer

    abilities: Cam is a very intelligent person, and is skilled in many crafts and trades, such as making weapons. She is very good at speed reading. She has a natural sense of radar, and great sense of smell. She is an excellent speaker and hacker.

    karma: 0
    personality: Cam is a very curious person, who likes to get to know people, but at the same time, likes to keep to herself. She likes to play and sleep, but also dance and have fun. She is an intelligent person who isn't quick to judge and loves to play tricks on people. She spends quite a bit of time on a computer.

    ambitions: Become a high ranking official for the Dharma Corp.
    Likes: Sleeping, Napping, Climbing, Hacking, and she loves to cuddle.
    Dislikes: Dogs

    romances: Nothing important.

    appearance: Cam has retained the full effects of Anthropomorphism. She looks almost completely feline. Her only feature that sets her apart from a normal cat, is her intelligent and the heterochromia of her eyes, one blue, one red. . She is very cute and small, resembling a brown tabby, with some blond fur here and there. She has little white paws and feet. She appears to have black marks around her eyes, that looks like eyeliner with beautiful designs, but it is just part of her fur.

    Background: Being a Hosfa by birth, Cam naturally had a love of technology and hacking. She was quickly employed by Vulcan, just after being infected by Anthropomorphism at the age of 15. The effects of the disease rapidly got worse and worse, Cam ultimately become about 95% cat. She still retained her incredible intelligence with computers, so she was accepted by Vulcan anyway.

    (this stuff will be filled in later in the RPG)

    Race: Hosfa/Cat(Anthropomorphism)

    National Balance: Archimede

    weapons: Is equipped with a special mini computer, capable of linking to any Network, basically like Wifi. With it, she is able to obtain vast knowledge, as well as the direct ability to transport her mind into the Internet from anywhere. She can create a weapon in the Internet, thanks to incredible hacking skill, and pull it into the real world, but it takes quite some time. She can also use the computer to hack into any electrical device with ease. She can also use it to send blasts of electrical energy at enemies, and suck away and store electricity from technology.

    armor: Has a small, cute suit of robotic armor with many weapons that she uses occasionally.
    Always wears special gloves that she loves, and goggles over her eyes.
    class: Undefinable

    spells: Electromancy

    Fire -O1 - Pyrine – creates a small ball of flame at a given area that can be controlled for a couple of minutes
    O2 - Pyrista – creates a small fire which can be set to catch a certain area ablaze
    S - Embros – creates a medium sized streak of fire which can be manipulated as the caster desires
    O3 - Blaze – can set a room aflame
    O4 - Flare- creates a large shot of fire
    D1 - Phoenix – creates a wall of flame
    D2 - Phoenix2- creates a wall of flame that is able to be controlled and manipulated for a period of time
    T - rockecha- user creates flames from a certain part of their body and is able to use them as rocket propulsion

    skills: Will be added a little later....

    So close...And yet so far...
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    Aww, am I gonna have to change her name because of Miguel's girlfriend?
    So close...And yet so far...
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    no. Since they're in completely different countries...though please do change her age... a 10 year old city council member is just ridiculous..heck, 15 would be acceptable.. 10 is just weird though

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    Not much difference.

    There is a nine year old who's graduated college and gone on to get a Phd.

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    Normal people aren't like that though, Sukey.
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    Do you have to call me that?
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    please have characters and their deaths done today.
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    News flash: I already hate George.
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    But he's so likable.
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    I don't like him.
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    Well, I love him. He reminds me of myself as a young lad.
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    By the way, for those of you who care, my AIM username is mstrsamuraik. I'm just putting this out there so I don't have to comunicate via posts.
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    by the way, anyone whoooo wants tooooo be an owl harpy has toooooo talk like this.
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    I just realized how contradicting it would be for me to be a falcon harpy with a guy who hates animals.

    -Of course my guys already a walking contradiction so who gives a da**.
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    Maybe he'll come to love animals. Character development can be fun!
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    I'm not aloud to turn into a good guy. Dei's orders.
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