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    and that ends it.

    Thank you all for participating in this contest. The winning couple is Damien and Lundy. Congratulations you two.

    A quick reminder, we will restart Netherworld with Arc 4, Holy War, on December 10th.
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    Heh...bananas. :yes:
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    Edited in a combo post between Khan and myself.
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    Happy Christmas everybody!!! :D
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    Desoto's updated profile

    Name: Desoto McClellan
    Age: 31 (birthday, August 7th, 1968)
    sex: male
    nationality: Born in Jacksonville, Florida. Now lives in San Juan Puerto Rico.
    occupation: writer/Vulcan Operative
    abilities: stenography, high endurance, flawless quote, fluent in Spanish
    personality: After having gone to Vulcan, Desoto's personality has taken a change. He is now more vibrant and garish in his dress. He almost has the personality of a showman now. Though this change is partially a conscious choice, he hopes that if he sticks with it long enough, it will become his real one, allowing him to perhaps better understand Miguel.
    ambitions: write a master novel, get back home.
    likes: Sunny weather, car rides, John Steinbeck, The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Credence Clearwater Revival, spaghetti westerns, wine, beaches, Zen and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Cowboy Bebop (yay for Spain being one of the first to dub the show), America and the American way of life
    dislikes: the cold, romance movies, F. Scott Fitzgerald, drugs, being drunk, religion interfering with politics.
    romances: Ginger Rialto (girlfriend) (possible fling with Hildegarde Delfina)
    appearance: 5'9", hair is slicked back and bleached white. He wears a lavender suit and slacks combination with a purple and black tie with skulls printed on it. He also wears a green fedora. He has a tattoo on his tongue. His skin is no longer tan, but rather pale.
    backstory: Desoto was born in the United States. His father was American and his mother was Puerto Rican. Shortly after he was born, his father, who was in the military, died in Vietnam. Living on a rather large inheritance, Desoto and his mother lived in Florida where Desoto attended school. He tried to earn many scholarships to attend a good college and maintain the life he had known. However, an accident left his mother crippled, meaning that they would both have to move back to live with family in Puerto Rico. Having to give up his American life, Desoto lived in Puerto Rico for his college years and worked to be a writer. Desoto now works as a small-time writer and wishes to go back to what he considers his true home. Desoto considers himself a proud American and hates anyone who challenges his status as an American citizen.
    race: human- eagle-harpy
    armor: As mentioned above, Desoto wears a lavender suit, green fedora, and black button down shirt. Underneath he wears a protective vest that is reinforced to prevent direct stab wounds.
    weapons: An assault rifle
    class: blitzer
    magic: Earth magic Mastery
    poison magic through detox
    skills: flight, rage mode, eagle eye
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    Name: Strygl Stromboslkisteinson
    Age: 228
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Crowley, Doppelekereft
    Occupation: Vagrant
    Abilities: Agile, flexible, tough (these are physical descriptions only)
    Personality: Consistently erratic. Any relationships he forms are highly subject to change, and more often than not Strygl invents relationships for people that he has never met before. He is certainly mentally unsound, but he has taken no tests to confirm this.
    Ambitions: Constantly fluctuating. Whatever Strygl sets his mind to, he’ll be on something else in half an hour.
    Likes: Subject to change.
    Dislikes: Currently, Damien and anyone associated with Damien.
    Romances: The only person he sees consistently is Morll, his summon.
    Appearance: Just about 5’ flat, with a stocky build. Tan, weathered skin, scraggly beard, long, dark hair. Wears a pair of round glasses and a pink pinstripe suit.
    Backstory: The higher-level paledonians of Zushakon are a mix of statisticians, philosophers, and metaphysicists, all trying to discover a method of obtaining the utterly random. On the other hand, Strygl decided one day that he was a paledonian of Zushakon, and that he was carrying out his master’s will by wandering aimlessly and attacking random people. So far it’s worked out for him.
    Race: Paledonian of Zushakon, the Spectre, former Esper
    Armor: None
    Weapons: A spear, supposedly enchanted to attack a random person whenever it is used.
    Class: Acrobat
    Magic: Summoning, School of Cosmos, Zushakon, the Spectre:
    O1 – Dirac – Random effect (offensive)
    D1 – Sagan – Random effect (defensive)
    T – Schrodinger – Random effect (transportation)
    S – Heisenberg – Random effect (specialized)
    M – Maddening Dance – Integrates with Zushakon, Lord of Chaos. This grants the user several special abilities, none of which are easily documentable or describable.
    Further documentation of spells is hard to accomplish, due to the varied effects created by Zushakon.
    Skills: Unpredictability? Strygl's esper background is unimportant, as his mind is too fractured to communicate directly with others.

    Name: Morll, C. E. (Constructor Extraordinaire)
    Age: 22
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: Archimede
    Occupation: “Constructor” (as she is not legally allowed to call herself an architect)
    Abilities: Creative, heightened senses
    Personality: Quiet, removed, usually laid back, and by now used to Strygl’s eccentricities.
    Ambitions: To become a famous Necrotian architect
    Likes: Compliments on her work, being helpful, opera music
    Dislikes: Flaws being pointed out in her work, comments on her appearance
    Romances: Strygl, kind of.
    Appearance: 5’6”, rail thin. Pointy ears, short black hair. Not an attractive face, but not an unattractive one.
    Backstory: Studying to become an architect, Morll was expelled from her institution because her designs were “too advanced for society” (structurally unstable and/or impossible). Since then she has put her mind to magic, and a few years ago was contracted by Strygl Strombolskisteinson.
    Race: Elf
    Armor: None
    Weapons: A protractor and a compass
    Class: Illusionist
    Magic: Illusion magic, more specifically large-scale landscape alteration
    Skills: Unknown
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    We will soon be heading to the city of Dyaus, which is where the rest of Arc 4 will take place. Here's some info on the city before we go in. Dyaus is 750 miles North to South, and 700 miles East to West. It is divided into many many many districts which each have various levels of access. Within the city, every citizen is sorted into a caste by race and nationality. In order for simplicity, I will rank the castes from top to bottom. Except for in rare cases, a member of a higher caste can always enter a lower caste area.

    Deus class: Chief Paledonians: no mark
    Holy class: all other Paledonians: no mark
    Shaman class: Luminan Comeri: three stripes
    Chosen ones: Eldarin: a palm leaf
    Winged: Luminan Angel: two wings
    Pure-life: Centaurs, Siren, Merfolk (sans viperfish): a flower
    Fae: Harpies (sans owl), Yuharan, Dryad, Naiad, Efreet, Golem, Zephad, Pixy, Archimedean elves, Archimedean espers: a tree
    Noble savages: Faerie, Changeling, Vampire nobles, Luminan elves, Luminan espers: a Sun
    Common-folk: elves, espers: two stripes
    Beasts: Entolite, Camonite, Jackanape, Cervidexus, Hosfa, Owl harpies, viperfish merfolk: one stripe
    Artifice: Isra, Comeri, Arisaelite, Homunculi: a fetus
    Unholy: Archne, Naga, Lycan, Alrue, Demon, Cryptid, Incubus/Succubus, banshee, Drow, regular Vampires: a skull
    Abomination: Lych: a dark blot

    -Metaphysical races are not factored into the caste system, as citizens of Dyaus see them as not divinely constructed creatures, and instead as merely constructs. Titans were not included due to their rarity.

    Also, members of higher castes are awarded certain rights over members of lower castes, as we shall see upon arriving in Dyaus.
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    Please Read: A Personal Appeal from Netherworld founder Alex Lockwood

    Lately I've noticed this RPG and the others seem to be not moving very quickly. Inching along with people posting only as needed rather than going the extra mile and beyond. I want things to return to the times when posting was quite a regular habit. I know not much time has really passed since that was a reality. It is for this reason I make a simple appeal, post more in the RPG's. Hallum, Cruorox, and Netherworld. I know I could post more in them too. If there are any improvements I could make in Netherworld to get people to post more, please let me know.
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    Apparently, this information will become relevant rather soon. I'll edit into the first page too, along with Strygl and Morll.

    Name: Khakthatakhath Vrshx
    Age: 482
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Lumina
    Occupation: Gambler, Chief Paledonian of Zushakon, the Spectre
    Abilities: Accuracy, fast mental calculations, high levels of knowledge concerning Necrotian psychology, magics, and mathematics (specifically probability and game theory).
    Personality: Calm, collected, quiet. Generally nice, but when in competition he tends to put on an air of smug boredom.
    Likes: Analyzing, solving puzzles, winning with style.
    Dislikes: Routine, the typical, stagnation.
    Romances: Khakthatakhath has few long-term relationships. As soon as he “understands” a woman, he’s ready to move on.
    Appearance: A lean 5’7”, bald, longish hands. Wears the uniform of Zushakon, a pink pinstripe suit, plus a matching top hat.
    Backstory: Khakthatakhath was brought into existence by a casting of Maddening Dance from a lesser paledonian. Perhaps fittingly, he is credited with mapping the incentives of Zushakon the Spectre, thus allowing Mr. Vrshx to predict the unpredictable. Some even claim that he brought about his own existence simply by “playing the cards right.”
    Race: Paledonian of Zushakon, the Spectre, former Eldarin
    Armor: A light armored vest under his suit.
    Weapons: A two-handed, automatic crossbow.
    Class: Strategist
    Magic: Summoning, School of Cosmos, Zushakon, the Spectre:
    O1 – Dirac – Random effect (offensive)
    D1 – Sagan – Random effect (defensive)
    T – Schrodinger – Random effect (transportation)
    S – Heisenberg – Random effect (specialized)
    M – Maddening Dance – Integrates with Zushakon, Lord of Chaos. This grants the user several special abilities, none of which are easily documentable or describable.
    Metal magic -- Karamancy
    Plant magic -- Chloromancy
    Skills: As mentioned previously, Khakthatakhath (I’m already tired of typing his name) can predict what is generally considered unpredictable. This is not to say he can control the random – he just knows the outcomes of random actions before they happen. Additionally, because Mr. Vrshx has already comprehended Chaos incarnate, he finds any lesser attack pattern boring and obvious. With some basic knowledge about a combatant, Khakthatakhath can predict his or her every move.
    Finally, as a former Eldarin, Khakthatakhan has the ability to call upon vengeful nature spirits. This power is most effective in areas in which the landscape has been destroyed or deformed. These spirits attack through beams of energy channeled through the Eldarin, and can burn, electrify, or freeze depending on the surroundings.
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    Just an update, it seems my computer charge jack has died on me. Until I can rectify this problem, expect posts to be very infrequent
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    Name: Helena Starssenblas
    Age: 139
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: Dyaus, Lumina
    Occupation: Fashion consultant
    Abilities: Blending, dress to fit any occasion.
    Personality: Cold, confrontational, oddly flighty, silent, all are words which have been used to describe Helena. None of these are particularly wrong, and Helena does not go out of her way to object to any of the negative phrases used to describe her.
    Likes: fashion, walks at night
    Dislikes: lots of things
    Romances: none
    Appearance: Helena is a young looking woman with long black hair that she often braids into long curls around her head. Her skin is pale and her appearance is generally attractive. Her outfit changes drastically depending on her mood, what time of day it is, what the weather is like, season, etc.
    Backstory: Helena has lived in Dyaus for the entirety of her life. She was given a job as a member of various companies as a fashion consultant. That is, she is able to spot fashion trends before they occur and organize what a companies members are to wear to attract larger crowds.
    Race: Elf
    Armor: does not wear armor
    Weapons: none
    Class: fashion consultant
    Magic: none
    Skills: It is unknown what all of her skills actually entail, given that she has kept largely to herself throughout her life.

    Name: Tomakin Doubleport
    Age: 539
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Acrop, Sheol
    Occupation: Chief Paledonian of Yhoundeh, the Sword of Sheol
    Abilities: Full knowledge of different Sheolian customs and history, charisma, berserker tendencies
    Personality: Tomakin is very direct and to the point when he wants something taken care of. Tomakin is relatively calm, unless he is pestered to conform to the expectations of a Paledonian
    Likes: quiet, reading, calm
    Dislikes: duty, zealous Sheolians
    Romances: Due to custom, Tomakin has taken on several wives, though he has not particularly cared romantically for any of them since his first wife, who died during the terrorist attacks by Vera's droids.
    Appearance: Tomakin stands at 7 feet in height and is relatively fit to boot. He has short black hair and several tattoos marked across his head. He wears traditional black robes while in Dyaus to mark himself as the Paledonian of Sheol. He also has to wear a voice modulator to alter his voice within the city of Dyaus.
    Backstory: Born into a family that demanded he become the Paledonian of Yhoundeh, Tomakin grew up in an environment where he grew to resent and despise Yhoundeh. In what he perceived to be a hideously cruel joke, he was found out to in fact be the Chief Paledonian of Yhoundeh. He has since grown up in a role he resented greatly. He has since lived the life of the Chief Paledonian of Yhoundeh.
    Race: Paledonian of Yhoundeh, the Sword of Sheol, former Demon
    Armor: A long black robe that has heavy body armor on the inside. His body armor can enhance physical ability, and, on occasion, can reflect any and all external stimuli.
    Weapons: Tomakin wields a very unique type of weapon, the Stablecroix. A long pole-like weapon with one end fashioned into a metal club, used to jab into the enemies stomach and disable them. The other end has been fashioned into a man-catcher which he uses to catch the people he disables with the club. The man-catcher has the ability to disable all magic and special abilities of the one person it holds. The pole also holds a button which allows him to extend a spike from the man-catcher into its victims neck.
    Class: Catcher
    Magic: O1 – Pride of Marduk – Grants user the use of the orb of Marduk, a magical sphere which will alter the users race into a demonic one (random) and grant the user complete mancy of a random elemental school (lasts ten minutes)
    D1 – Bane of the dead – summons the armor of Crowley, an armor which takes control of the users body and will aid them greatly in combat for five minutes, while protecting them from all attacks. Leaves the user disoriented briefly.
    T1 – Shadowrunner – grants user the boots of Cerberus, allows user to gain instant teleportation powers for a brief time.
    S – Drain – the summoner is given the horn of manticores, allows user to drain life energy to supplement their own. Drains from all forms of life around caster. Caster not only gains their energy and health, but power briefly. Downside: also absorbs ailments, which will stay with the user while the powers will leave.
    M – Demon King – Integrates briefly with Yhoundeh, granting all of the above items, as well as immense strength and ironclad will. (meaning caster will keep on fighting even if their legs are blown off) Disactivates after ten minutes.

    Mastered Status Magic up through Agonfield
    Master Darkness Magic -- Umbramancy
    Skills: Due to being born a demon, Tomakin does have a special ability, specifically the ability of nerve control. He is able to fully control his own sensations as well as the sensations of limbs of others, granted he has dropped a drop of his blood into the limb in question.

    Name: Nyche Sprechenmehr
    Age: ???
    Sex: ???
    Nationality: Pheldi, Sheol
    Occupation: Retainer to Tomakin Doublefront
    Abilities: Limber, incredibly fast
    Personality: Nyche enjoys toying with people that come into the hands of Tomakin, making sure that they suffer even when Tomakin is against it.
    Likes: Lord Tomakin, watching others squirm
    Dislikes: Sheolians
    Romances: none
    Appearance: Nyche appears as a tall, slender individual of ambiguous gender. It wears a dark red suit and ties its long black hair into a bun, which it places under a wide brim floppy red hat. It has incredibly pale skin with a beauty mark on its face. It wears black gloves which it pull on to make into more feminine variants. In addition, it wears red high heeled shoes, and tends to wear makeup. Its face and general body structure, however, are masculine.
    Race: Homunculus
    Armor: Its suit, though it occasionally wears a dress.
    Weapons: its body
    Class: Martial artist
    Magic: none
    Skills: Mastery of body manipulation, mass, and many other factors regarding its body.
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    Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been busy. That said, I won't have reliable computer access until next Sunday. Hopefully, this break will get me posting again.
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    Here's two profiles for two Pals a little late for the party.

    Name: Oliver Lamar
    Age: 444
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Sitnalta, Archimede
    Occupation: Chief Paledonian of Cyaegha, the Shaper of Oceans
    Abilities: Good swimmer, high endurance, rage mode
    Personality: While Oliver is usually easy going and calm, he can also be very destructive and revengeful. He’s fairly quiet as he’s usually deep in thought and only says what he feels is important, the opposite is true when he’s enraged. It does take a lot to make him snap and it’s hard to calm him down when he finally does.
    Likes: Swimming, relaxing, reflecting on his and others emotions, stargazing, making people feel punishment/regret
    Dislikes: Pollution, waiters who mess up his order, those who escape his punishment
    Romances: Rachel Lamar, his wife.
    Appearance: Stands at 6’2’’ Short dark hair, dark shimmery skin. Physically fit. He tries to dress nice, usually wears a dark gray coat over a blue or black dress shirt and black pants. His clothes are worn loose to accommodate his armor underneath.
    Backstory: Raised in the waters of Sitnalta, Oliver lived a normal life of a Merfolk. Here he met and married Rachel. He did not care much either way when he discovered he was a Paledonian.
    Race: Paledonian of Cyaegha, the Shaper of Oceans, former Merfolk (ray)
    Armor: Under his clothes he wears armor made of coral and shark skin. Not particularly strong, mainly designed for use in water.
    Weapons: A strange blade consisting of various fangs of underwater creatures. Enchanted with water.
    Class: Sea Striker
    Magic: D1 – Plane of Water – Creates an orb around the user which will throw aside anything which enters it.
    O1- Liquidous Composition Limitations – Breaks the limitations of composition by calling upon the gauntlets of Platones, anything punched by the caster will decompose into a liquid state.
    T – Partings – grants the summoner the staff of Gehenna, allowing user to part any body of water that the user seeks passage through. The body will remain opened and any who touch the walls are instantly swept into them and drowned. Spell ends when caster reaches destination.
    S – Remnants of the deep – grants the user access to any item lost to the oceans. Whether they be simple necklaces or entire fleets of battleships, the ocean will grant them to the caster and fully restore them to their original state for a brief time.
    M – The watcher of waters – Integrates with Cyaegha, allows caster to have complete and total aquamancy as well as wielding all of the oceans creatures in a 10 mile radius for any use for ten minutes.

    Mastered Water Magic (Hydromancy)
    Mastered Wind Magic (Ventomancy)
    Mastered Lightning Magic (Electromancy)
    Skills: As a former Merfolk, his strength grows exponentially when in water as well as enhanced senses.

    Name: Fiona Sable
    Age: 348
    Nationality: Riosteruoj, Doppelekereft
    Occupation: Chief Paledonian of Pallor/Umina, The Dueling Sky
    Abilities: Excellent eyesight, her vision is hardly affected by light or darkness.
    Personality: She has split personalities. They reflect night and day. One is sweet and joyful while the other is spiteful and dark. Her personalities switch at random. Though it seems she is more cheerful during the day and hateful during the night.
    Likes/dislikes: What one personality likes usually the other doesn’t. Both enjoy fireworks though.
    Romances: None at the moment
    Appearance: Average height, her most notable trait is her long pure white hair. She’s fairly pretty. Wears a long, decorative dress adorned with images of day and night. Over this she wears a long, open robe displaying the same decorations. Around her neck is a pendant of the sun/moon.
    Backstory: Fiona’s parents were complete opposites of each other. Her mother was gentle and pure hearted and her father was cruel and malignant. This might have led to her two distinct personalities, though it’s possible it’s a characteristic that Paledonians of Pallor/Umina have.
    Race: Paledonian of Pallor/Umina, The Dueling Sky, former Angel
    Armor: She has light armor under her dress as well as arm guards which also depict images of night/day.
    Weapons: A staff with a metal orb resembling the sun at one end and a blade resembling the moon at the other.
    Class: Healer/Hinderer
    Magic: D1 – shroud of ice and fire – conjures a wall of tidal waves and solar flare to protect the caster.
    O1 – Solar flare/Cosmic Wave – If it is day, a solar flare is sent to hone in on a single opponent. If it is night, a torrent wave will attack instead.
    T – tides – (only usable at night) Pulls an object in a way similar to the serpents hook.
    S – Sunblind/shroud of night – Conjures a solar bomb or a night veil to blind an opponent
    M – Master of (Day/Night)- Depending on the time of day, either Umina or Pallor is integrated, granting the caster full control of either all temperature or the control of all gravity/tides.

    Mastered Status Magic (Ashborn)
    Mastered Light Magic (Lumimancy)
    Mastered Darkness Magic (Umbramancy)
    Skills: Being a former Angel, she has the natural ability of Holy magic and her wings on her back grant her flight (she keeps them concealed under her robe).
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    'grats Bolts ^__^ and good luck /salutes/
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    Based on the "WOOHOO" I'm guessing it was intentional and desired. In that case, Congratulations.
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    just think of it like it's discrete equations.. then she'll be right.
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    Ah of course. Anyway thought y'all would like to see the ring.

    Am I doing it right?
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    recently I posted in the thread with a series of tapes from the main villain, Vera Lance. Now, I want everyone to understand the series of edits that are about to take place. This is mainly for newer players like Zalera, who don't get as much time speaking directly with us and therefore miss out on some of the metagame stuff that goes on which players are supposed to know, but characters don't.

    Vera Lance, a well-established scientist within Necros, was a theoretical physicist who dealt primarily with dimensional rifts and creating artificial life. During her findings, she chanced upon the fact that she exists in an RPG on a forum online. This kinda made her go a little nuts as she became aware of the various flaws in her world which only one aware of their situation could see. The more recent post with Desoto listening to her recordings are recordings of her chronicling how these flaws manifest themselves in her day-to-day life.

    Now then, I have to ask you, Zalera, Saturn, any other newer players I'm forgetting, or players I am not in as much contact with, was this apparent in the post? It was brought to my attention by InsaneWhisper that it was rather confusing for someone that didn't know what was going on. Confusion was partially the intent, of course. It was meant to not be totally apparent, as it is spoken dialogue from the perspective of someone who is experiencing these phenomena, and doesn't quite understand them. I edited the post to add an additional tape where she more calmly explains things. However, I am beginning to regret this decision and will remove that extra tape for now, as I feel it takes away from some of the emotion of Vera. Vera is a person who is thrust into a situation she cannot possibly comprehend and begins to rebel against it in rage. To have her calmly explain the situation goes against her very nature. In addition, while I did work in an explanation that control of her mouth is occasionally taken away from her so that she might speak in a more explanatory form, I think I will take this away. Vera is not the type of person to sit and alter her wording to fit the listener. She is the kind who believes the listener should adapt to her vocabulary or else be lost. While I understand this may be somewhat nonconducive to the reader, I feel that to change it would harm the character I was going for in creating her.

    Thoughts? opinions?
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    Uh, I guess I'm okay with not knowing what was happening. For me, it adds to the mystery. Well, that's just my opinion.
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