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    Vulcan......or Emilie.....
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    Vulcan passed the law, Emilie proposed it.
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    okay, so here's how arc 4C works. Each post you guys do should describe a period of time for your characters, chronicling either what they did for the month, the year, or any important days. It is currently the month of Bethes. The play which we'll all be attending takes place in the month of Sinnus, during one of Necros' only worldwide holiday, Peace Week, the week in which the Imperial Wars officially ended. I'll be going at the pace of one month per post. If you don't want to make any posts before or after the play, or you're satisfied and want to move onto the next month, then just post here. I'll periodically be posting here about just common information our characters will probably have learned by the time we get through with stuff. Also, most of the prejudice against our characters is gone now. The Flow has worn off and spells are going to be much harder to learn now, though. If you want, I can talk about some spells that we may have learned over the trip to Sheol.

    Here's been our itinerary for our time in Necros thus far.

    Salazia - arrive in Necros and go around with Nick in Doppelekereft
    Constanti - continue going through Doppelekreft and kill Kyriel toward the end of the month, at the very end of the month, Rena and Lundy join us and we joined Vulcan.
    Nergus - the trip through Archimede took the entire month of Nergus.
    Thoth - Acacia was killed at the beginning of Thoth and we began our break
    Marduk-Jackille - a long break occurs and we are interrupted from our break shortly after the new year begins.
    Jackille - the Sheol Inaugural Tournament is held over the first week of Jackille, during the next couple of weeks, the party returns to Doppelekereft and takes place under the trials of D'onofrio. At the end of the month, we head to Lumina.
    Aleister - the debacle in Dyaus takes place over the first few days of Aleister. The rest of the month we are heading down to Sheol and eventually kill Miguel at the end of the month.

    It is now the beginning of the month Bethes. In roughly two more months, we will have been in Necros for a whole year.
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    you know, thinking about things, if you did a lot to help out your current character, then they may be able to fight with the big boys too... I'd still prepare a second one since the death clause will start becoming active, but yeah.. if you seriously put them through lots of training this year then they can probably fight droids.. maybe.
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    okay, I don't think I made this clear. National Balances aren't being used anymore, ignore them. Same with Karma points.
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    New character up.
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    My running commentary on Damien's lesson

    they could've opened the windows first.

    Bolts, it's 1999. I don't think we were involved in Iraq at that time.

    good handling of the symptoms
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    Or just returned the books to wherever they bought them from.
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    Yeah I thought about the timeline while writing the post. I'll edit it to something more appropriate later.
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    I'd say something about giving weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan would be within the right time period... if I'm even remembering my facts correctly... terrible memory for history
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    that was during the cold war.
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    twas mid 90s I believe
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    I might be inactive for a while. Midterms are coming up and I need to study :nervous:. I'll just do what must be done after. :yes:
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    Ding Dong the Drow is dead!!
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    Name: Astrid Pipper
    Age: Unknown (looks to be around late 20s)
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: Docthorow, Doppelekereft
    Occupation: Main weapon-smith at Arthuria's. She is also an inventor in her free time.
    Abilities: Voice impersonation and photographic memory
    Personality: Astrid is the very image of fun loving and fancy free. She is often liked by most people and truly enjoys a crowd of interesting people. However, this doesn't mean that she is all play and no work, as Astrid is in possession of a very powerful mind. She is also quiet feisty, strong-willed, and highly curios.
    Astrid loves to hold conversions with people, familiar or otherwise, and handles most situations with a peppy disposition. She also likes to pepper her speech with phrases in English (no matter how incorrect). However, when faced with certain situations, a more hot-headed part of her personality comes through. She also handles stressful situations rather scientifically and carefully, but will still act quickly.

    Ambitions: Wants her weapons and items to get acclaim throughout Necros.
    Enjoys: Music, dancing, drinking, inventing, reading, collecting numerous media and the like from Earth, clothing and fashions from Earth.
    Dislikes: Drab/discolored colors, unpleasant smells, boredom
    Romances: None of note, but often dates here and there.

    Appearance: At 5'5” in height, Astrid takes great pride in her appearance. She often uses a light red lipstick and may gently powder her face. She has curly blonde hair, cut and styled short with blue eyes. Slim athletic build, yet still curvy She wears a black dress that reaches just above her knees, with black shorts underneath. The dress also has short sleeves and knee-high black boots that lace up around the front. Also wears a black bowler hat.

    Background: Astrid grew up in a boring everyday life in Doppelekereft. Though her life was relatively good, she could never shake the feeling that she needed to do something, anything, to give her life a much needed spark. She then met Arthur, her soon to be best friend in confidant, and decided to make their mark on the world together. After numerous misadventures, odd-jobs, and wanderings they eventually decided to make a living using their natural abilities and create a weapons shop in Docthorow, Doppelekereft.
    Race: Demon
    Class: White Mage/Green Mage

    Skills: Astrid has a demon ability by the name of “forge”. This allows her to alter any object by growing, shrinking, strengthening, and weakening it on a molecular level. This ability also allows to change objects into other things, but still cannot alter their original function. For instance, if she decides to make a teapot into a cannon, she can only have the resulting cannon fire liquids. She can also make objects from the material around her, and can even make objects out of thin air but will have no control over how long the object lasts, even if the object will come out as planned, or even where they land.

    Weapons: Astrid doesn't really wield weapons in battle, but when called with often use a large hammer that she often upgrades to have different effects. Her clothing and bag also have numerous items that she uses for attacks.
    Armor: In battle Astrid normally wears long khaki colored pants, long sleeved light blue tunic, and gloves. The tunic is tied around her with a leather belt that holds numerous things in small pockets, but shrunken down or incomplete.

    Spells:Status Magic, Water Mastery, Acoustic Magic, Ice Mastery

    Name: Arthur Radits
    Age: 412 (appears late 20s/ early 30s)
    Sex: Male (most of the time)
    Occupation: Owner of Athuria's and secondary weapon-smith.
    Abilities: Above average strength, high endurance, acrobatics, aware of many ways of instilling fear and intimidation in others, adept in close quarters combat.

    Personality: Though Arthur gives off an affable persona, he is almost anything but. Most things and people in the world are considered entertainment or something he can either posses or manipulate, only exceptions being Astrid and Terry(but only sometimes, in his case). He is prone to streaks of sadism and is a very vain person. However, he isn't confrontational (mostly), but reactionary to anything that peaks his interests. Arthur also has an uneasy manner of speech that normally makes people uncomfortable.

    Ambitions: To bring success to his weapons shop and live out life to his satisfactions, no matter what.

    Enjoys: Books, fighting, creating weapons, dating, training, expensive things, pretty things

    Dislikes: Cheapness, having no money

    Romances: None of note, but dates often

    Appearance: At 6'3”, Arthur is quite tall with a medium build with grey eyes. With his splicing into Incubus, he would have blonde hair naturally, but has dyed it red.He styles his hair wildly and keeps it just over his shoulders. Often having an eye for the finer things in life, he wears formal clothing most of the time. He is normally seen with a white button up shirt with a grey vest with burgundy accent and formal dark slacks with the same accent with black shoes. Arthur will often wear a red coat open over his clothes. He also wears black leather gloves on all of his hands.

    Background: Arthur grew up in a very cozy life in the beginning, however, disagreement lead Arthur to leave his parents during his teen years. Sometime after his estrangement to his family, he soon crossed paths with Astrid Pipper, and quickly became best friends. After some time, they decided to travel across the continent to find their fortune. After many mishaps and issues, mostly caused by Arthur, they decided to use their natural abilities as demons and create a weapons shop in Docthorow, Doppelekereft.
    Race: Demon, spliced into Incubus
    Class: Weaponsmaster

    Skills: Arthur has a demon ability dubbed “armory”. This give Arthur the access of a pocket dimension he can horde an endless number of weapons and objects. The catch is that the armory comes empty and must be filled with objects found in the world. Weapons and objects are added only buy not being in the immediate possession of a creature and can just “drop” in. The armory also allow Arthur to call out the any of the contents of the armory in his eyesight or immediately behind him. This objects can be called in either in midair, partly in the demension, or on surfaces in Arthur’s eyesight.

    Weapons: Arthur is skilled in a great number of weapons. He has several weapons that he dubs as his favorites and gives them names. He favors swords and spears, crossbows, and variants of brass knuckles. but loves strange and exotic weapons as well. Will often wield multiple weapons at once through the use of his extra arms.
    Armor: Wears armor nearly identical to his street clothing, the difference being that fortified material created by Astrid are used to make them.
    Spells: Grajivomancy, Wind Mastery, Earth Mastery, Smoke Mastery
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    looking forward to seeing those two new characters.

    Also, finished my Salazia post.
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    Name: Roulette Verlim (formerly Roulette Gainsheart)

    Age: 342

    Sex: Female

    Nationality: Carista, Doppelekereft

    Occupation: Current Chairman of Ecklesax

    Abilities: Roulette is a very talented person with a wide multitude of abilities she can do with impunity.

    Personality: Though normally a caring individual, Roulette has changed in recent months to become a hyper-efficient and cut-throat business leader in Doppelekereft, she is willing to betray any tie and step on any toes to accomplish her aims.

    ambitions: Control Necros

    Likes: Most foods made before her birth, and Sheol
    Dislikes: Arch-Hex, Vulcan, new things

    Romances: Sleeps with various people

    Appearance: Roulette appears rather young, her hair is black and her skin is pale. She is a rather attractive person and has a penchant for old fashioned dress.

    Background: Little is known about Roulette, she never knew her parents, was born in Carista, and grew up as a waitress there when she met Nick Eckleburg. She dated Nick briefly before he left, at which point she began an affair with a man in order to have a child. She did have a daughter named Syracuse who she left in an orphanage. She inherited Ecklesax upon Nick's death and now runs it in a much more militant way, she is currently using it as a meeting place for high-class rebels in the Sheolian Revolution.

    Race: Elf

    Weapons: None

    Armor: Simply wears her normal day-clothes

    Class: none

    Spells: Mastered Status magic (Agonfield)

    Skills: (In addition to Overmind, unknown)

    Name: Roulette

    Age: Unknown

    Sex: Unknown

    Nationality: Archimede

    Occupation: The Enemy

    Abilities: Many, many many things

    Personality: Roulette is a conniving individual who sees the people of Necros as slaves meant to be crafted into a staircase which will help it ascend to a position of King over Kings and Emperor above Emperors. Nothing is sacred to Roulette, who only wishes its goal to be completed, and will destroy not only as many as necessary in its realization, but as many as possible.

    Ambitions: It's kind of stated right there.
    Likes: Itself, misery, pain
    Dislikes: Everest, The Dream King, Lumina, Sheol, humans, most things people like

    Romances: none, it just uses people to breed

    Appearance: unknown

    Background: In ancient times, Thirteen Elf Siblings ruled over Archimede, with their land divided evenly and all of them governing fairly over their fellow Elves. One of the siblings, however, Salazia, saw benefit in investigating a strange race of beings in the surrounding archipelago. He ventured out with his sister Bethes, and when the two returned, they had been transformed. Salazia was now a being which knew its entire lifespan, and would not age until its death, the first Vampire. His sister had become the first Angel. Salazia had gained much more power than his sister due to the transformations, and boasted that he would give anyone who became one of his kindred a share of his power. This upset the power balance in Archimede, and arbiters were sent for, these arbiters arrived in the forms of humans, who occasionally interacted peacefully with the Elves, now known as the Elvaan due to the introduction of multiple sub-races spawning from Salazia and Bethes.

    The humans were largely ineffective at dissuading Salazia and Bethes from their missions though. Salazia's body had been cursed to become a being that needed to spread itself as an instinct. Bethes saw this not as a sign of her brother's torment, but as a sign of war, and so converted people into angels with the power she had also gained from the Archipelago, magic.

    One day, an ambassador from Bethes' kingdom, Bath, a human who had learned magic, came to talk with Salazia, and was seduced. Their child was named Roulette.

    Eventually, Bethes and Salazia left Archimede with their followers to found new nations. The remaining Elven siblings died shortly afterward, and a war was started over who would lead Archimede. At first it was thought that the original Siblings' children should lead, but not all of them had had kids, and even among those siblings, there were fights. Roulette had attempted to gain the throne, but was discredited entirely due to being born of a human.

    Eventually, as Roulette's siblings died, the war drew to a close, and by the time that Roulette was the only remaining direct descendant of the Elven Siblings, a leader had been decided by the people, the Empress Ceres. Roulette, hearing this, became so enraged that the child dedicated their life to ending the Empress and ruling Necros. Roulette also discovered that it possessed a very strange ability. This ability has allowed Roulette to survive until the present time, where Roulette still plans to exact revenge on Empress Ceres and all those who have benefited from her.

    Race: Human/Angel/Elf/Vampire hybrid

    Weapons: Roulette knows how to use a variety of weapons

    Armor: Roulette just tends to wear whatever it normally does.

    Magic: Mancy of all elements, Illusimancy, Mastered Status Magic (Agonfield and Ashborn)

    Skills: Overmind - Roulette possesses the ability of Overmind,this means that whenever Roulette has a child, that child will also be considered a "Roulette". They are all connected to the original. Roulette can shift its presence to inhabit any of the bodies it has spawned. Continuing this trend, any of its children can in turn spawn more Roulette's, all of which can be accessed at any time by the original. All Roulette's look the same at birth and, left to their own devices, will grow up to look identical, save their sex organs. However, most Roulette's have sought out cosmetic aid for this reason. All Roulette's born are incomplete genetically, as they are technically born of the original Roulette and someone else. For this reason, they oftentimes eat organ's of the parent who is a Roulette in order to gain characteristics other than the continuing trait of Overmind. In addition to Overmind, all Roulette's can gain abilities based on race and learn magic, and should the original Roulette choose a new body to inhabit, it will carry over all of its magic into the new one, and when that one changes it will have more. Roulette has done this to the point that it has mastered all but the Metaphysical magics and summoning, as it sees that nothing should be above it, not even the Gods. Roulette
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    Name: Lilith
    Age: Mentally: N/A; Physically: between 18-22 at the moment
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: N/A
    Occupation: N/A
    Abilities: Knife fighting, knife throwing, picking pockets, moving quietly, parkour/free-running with a more animal-like element to it, can use a spear, tracking, fast reflexes, learns quickly, survival training, skinning/gutting animals, stitching (though nothing elaborate), creating traps and weapons from the surroundings, has become incredibly durable during her time spent in the deep Untamed (you’re more likely to injure yourself trying to punch her; depending on who’s wielding the weapon as well as the weapon type, it may not even hurt her).

    Personality: She’s a total b****. The only thing that keeps her temper mostly in check (and thus not attacking people) is her self-preservation instincts. She despises weak people and is wary of the strong.

    Ambitions: Staying alive

    Likes & dislikes: She likes fighting, killing, and other things that spike her adrenaline including flying. She dislikes having to deal with people peacefully (especially when they piss her off) and interacting with people in stable societies in general – it sets her on edge.

    Romances: None

    Appearance: She is about 5’7” and has the same skin colour as all demons, though she is covered in scars. Her blond hair is a bit above halfway down her back and she keeps it braided. Living in the Untamed has left her with little to no fat and she has a lithe build. Her eyes retained their grey colour and slitted pupils from when she was an esper, and her ears remain pointed. She continues to go barefoot and still wears the same clothes she used to (the jacket has survived well but the rest of it is fairly worn and torn up (will probably find some more soon). She uses a strip of torn cloth to bind her breasts down and finds them to be a general inconvenience. The tattoo she received along with the party changed from the two lines to a skull when she spliced. It is still on the top of her foot.

    Background: As the second personality of Rena Jackson, she doesn’t have much that would count as a background. She has random hands-full of memories that Rena didn’t want as well as any memories from when she was in control. Over time she had become more self-aware as Rena suppressed more. Now Rena has lost control leaving Lilith as the more stable personality and thus the dominant one at the moment.

    Race: Demon

    Weapons: Knives and other hand-to-hand weapons, throwing knives, and the two enchanted knives (one wind, one fire) along with anything she can take advantage of from the environment

    Armor: Her normal clothes

    Class: Feral; Beast Master

    Spells: Mastered Smoke, Wind, and Lightning Magic

    Skills: Physical and mental age manipulation: cannot change age too much in succession without causing damage, cannot manipulate age of anyone/thing that is already over 800 years old; Telepathy: can sense living or magically controlled things up to 500 feet away, able to sense and hone in on particular magical or living creatures (able to find it as long as she knows in general what she is looking for), she can communicate the same message to up to 10 people at the same time so long as she knows their names/faces


    Name: Bones
    Species: Rosauge Os-Ithe Ptak
    Gender: Female
    Physical Description: She is a large bird with a wing-span the length of half a football field and a height of one-forth a football field. Like other juveniles of her species her feathers are still dark (very dark on the head and back). Her irises are gold and her scleras are red while the skin around her eyes is of a blue tint. Her tail feathers are wedge shaped, and her beak is curved and grey with a small black tuft of feathers under it like a beard. She has strong legs and massive flight muscles that enable her to take off with a jumping start from the ground.

    Skills: Her average soaring speed is 150 mph. Her size, weight, and speed combined are enough to kill most things when attacking from the air. Her beak is used to rip the bones out of carcases so she can consume them for the marrow. Her stomach acid is about pH 1 and large bones will be digested in about 24 hours.

    ((Based largely on the Juvenile Bearded Vulture and Haast’s Eagle))

    Name: Fat-A**
    Species: Ratel
    Gender: Male
    Physical Description: He is about 16 ft from his paws to his shoulder and 60 ft from nose to the end of his tail. The lower half of his fur is black and the fur on his back is a grey-white. He has very loose skin which allows him to turn and twist freely within it. The skin around his neck is especially thick. His has a short muzzle and small eyes and his ears are basically just ridges on his skin. His legs are short and sturdy and his front claws are quite long while his back are shorter.

    Skills: The species is good at digging holes quickly, quite intelligent for animals (capable of using ‘tools’), and are fearless and tough animals that will savagely attack enemies when escape is impossible. They are tireless in combat and can wear out much larger animals in physical confrontations.

    ((Based largely on the Honey Badger who doesn’t give a sh**.
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    Name: Damien Caldwell
    Age: 34
    Sex: Male
    nationality: American

    occupation: Veterinarian/College Professor

    abilities: Being an overtly cynical douche. Also teaching.

    personality: Damien has become the embodiment of negativity. There a few things that bring him any degree of amusement aside from the occasional abuse of a student. Despite this, Damien still has his moments of humanity though they remain far and few between.

    ambitions: Survive

    likes&dislikes: Damien finds more enjoyment in teaching than he'd ever like to admit. Of course one would never have guessed this if they were to ever witness him teach.

    Over the Break: Damien has committed himself to magic, studying more diligently than ever before. He has completely mastered lightning almost to the point of making it a mancy and has worked his way through half of fire.

    romances: None

    appearance: Damien has foregone his veterinary scrubs and adopted a more adventurous look. He now regularly dresses in a a large brown leather overcoat, white button down shirt, blue jeans, and a pair of sturdy boots. Damien himself is roughly 5’ 9”, weighing only 157 lbs or so. His face is oddly sharp looking, with his chin jutting forth at an odd angle. Damien has incredibly stringy black hair and yellow eyes.

    Background: After giving up his "original" body for his new virtually indestructible one, Damien has continued his life as a college professor, much to the surprise and terror of his students. In addition, Damien re-devoted himself to magical studies, effectively mastering lightning and gradually working his way through the arts of fire as well. He has avoided keeping any kind of contact with the others, though even he remains surprised that some "new and wonderous bullsh**" hasn't cut his break short.

    Race: Drow
    National Balance: Doppelekreft
    weapons: Small Crossbow
    armor: none
    class: Mage


    O - spra – creates a small jolt of electricity which can cause a small shock
    O2 - bolt – sends out a large electrical tesla to deliver a shock to an enemy or short circuit a machine that is aimed at.
    O4 - lightning – creates a large electrical energy capable of shocking opponents, and short circuiting any machinery in the area.
    O3 - claus – creates an electrical field which short circuits all machinery within it.
    D - pola – creates a force field of electrical energy which repels anyone who touches it.
    S - jolt – can rejuvenate the organs of a body, sending an electrical surge to “give them life”.

    M - Zeus – creates a large electrical storm, capable of frying circuits, and forming teslas in between opponents.


    O1 - Pyrine – creates a small ball of flame at a given area that can be controlled for a couple of minutes
    O2 - Pyrista – creates a small fire which can be set to catch a certain area ablaze
    S - Embros – creates a medium sized streak of fire which can be manipulated as the caster desires
    O3 - Blaze – can set a room aflame
    O4 - Flare- creates a large shot of fire

    skills: Enhanced vision and hearing. Teleportation within field of vision. Regeneration.

    Split Teleportation: Allows Damien to teleport any part of his body at will.
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    Name: Judy Harris
    Age: 29
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: American (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)
    Occupation: Formerly an emergency medical technician, currently an ascetic
    Abilities: Medical knowledge, ambulance driving, works well under pressure
    Personality: Judy is no longer the good-natured and bubbly person she was on Earth. She usually has a very somber demeanor, but her nerves are worn enough that she will snap at people.
    Ambitions: To see nothing else bad happen to people she cares about.
    Likes: Isolation, calm.
    Dislikes: Essentially all of the authority figures she has met in Necros, violence.
    Romances: None currently
    Appearance: Judy is thinner and paler than before. She also has purple irises. The tattoo she received in Dyaus has changed from a sun to a set of three stripes.
    Backstory: Judy has lived her entire life in Iowa, and overall it has been a happy life. She was popular throughout high school and college, and once she graduated, she only moved a few hours away from her loving and supporting parents. She has always cared for others just as much as herself.
    Judy's time in Necros has been very rough on her. If you're reading this, you likely know some of the details of that already. She has felt most relaxed searching the spirit world (aside from her run-in with Miguel and Vera), and she has found a couple people that she is similar enough to that she can invoke their spirits.
    Race: Faerie/Comeri
    National Balance: Lumina
    Armor: A heavy robe with leather shin guards, bracers, and cuirass.
    Weapons: None
    Class: Manipulator
    Magic: Mind Magic
    Slov: briefly calm the enemies, making them lose focus for a brief moment (kinda like nodding off for a second)
    Cauc: alter perception of size and depth.
    Movement Magic
    Niok: make a person fall down (or back) in the direction which she points (at whatever speed that person was going at)
    Ubthu: Make a person basically lose their tread. They will fall but the spell will be broken upon getting back up. (unless of course, it's cast again)
    Celran: Make a person trapped at whatever speed they were traveling at when spell was cast upon them. Spell will end upon them coming to a forced stop.
    Status Magic
    Mend: cures basic wounds (does not give psychological wellness).
    Vig: doubles muscular strength for up to one minute.
    Skills: Corpumancy (not much control, can only control bodies in very jerky movements) and summoning (as a comeri, Judy can invoke the spirits of dead people; the more like her in personality they are, the easier it is for her to invoke their powers)

    (Dead People)

    Name: Iryana Nisrine
    Sex: Female
    Age: Was 14
    Race: Zephad
    Skills: Could communicate with and become wind.
    Abilities: Knowledge of geography, decent navigator
    Personality: Iryana used to be very happy, but she became seriously depressed when she lost her parents. She has improved somewhat after being reunited with them, but she doesn't like being away from them.
    Backstory: Iryana's family lived with a nomadic group of fishers that traveled along the coasts of Archimede. One night the group was attacked by a band of merfolk pirates. Iryana lived, but many of the fishers, including both of her parents, died. Stricken with grief, Iryana flew off into a storm one night and was never seen alive again.

    Name: Bron Saxum
    Sex: Male
    Age: Was 672
    Race: Golem
    Skills: Could communicate with and meld with the earth, had a body made of rocks.
    Personality: Bron was stoic even by golem standards. He preferred to be an observer rather than a participant, and he was very detached from people, as he tried not to affect them in any way.
    Backstory: Bron tried to leave the world alone, and the world left him alone. He lived his entire life hardly moving from a single spot in Sheol. He died of old age.
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    Name: Lundy Rivers
    Age: 18
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: American (Nome, Alaska)

    Occupation: Student, Prison operations assistant/apprentice (well was until recently)

    Abilities: Basic survival skills, some prison management knowledge

    Personality: He's lost a bit of his old self, probably due from absorbing people, Nick's death, Umbriel's prediction, and just getting older. He's quieter and more mature, though there's times where his quirks still shine through. Constantly struggling with their foreseen death and the ambivalent guilt of absorption, Lundy's always having nightmares and in effect has made him a bit of an insomniac. He cares a lot for his friends.

    Ambitions: Try to enjoy what's left

    Likes: Distractions, a good night's sleep, his newly absorbed abilities

    Dislikes: His ambivalent guilty conscious, fear of losing his friends

    Romances: Ramona Sparks

    Appearance: 5'10'' thin but athletic. Now an adult by Earth standards, he looks more grown up than he did 2 years ago. He has wings on his back from absorbing angels and his skin is paler. He appears exhausted, with dark circles under his eyes from lack of rest. His hair is still brown and unkempt. Lundy usually wears a jacket that conceals his wings, a t-shirt and jeans.

    Background: Lived a normal, boring life in a small town in Alaska. He always dreamed of adventure and he finally got it.

    Race: Isra

    National Balance: Lumina

    Weapons: Ax

    Armor: None

    Class: Mage

    Magic: Aquamancy
    Kyromancy (ice)
    Mastered Wind
    Mastered Status (Agonfield)

    Skills: absorption, fusion, regeneration, spectral powers, flight

    Name: Ramona Sparks
    Age: 17
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: American (New York City, New York)

    Occupation: Student, ex City Council Member

    Abilities: Intelligent, charismatic

    Personality: Smart and sarcastic. Ramona acts mature for her age but has learned to loosen up and have fun from time to time. She’s gotten over being apathetic and no longer fakes her emotions. She has become a bit attached to the group.

    Ambitions: Help others, particularly her friends

    Likes: Reading, walking, having fun

    Dislikes: Explosive messages, malicious people

    Romances: Lundy Rivers

    Appearance: 5'6" and thin. Her brown hair is long and slightly curly. Blue eyes. She usually wears casual clothes, jeans and tank tops.

    Background: Never had much of a childhood, she grew up too fast becoming part of the city council in NYC.

    Race: Dryad

    National Balance: Archemede

    Class: Support

    Magic: Pyromancy
    Mastered Status (Ashborn)

    Skills: Plant manipulation and can turn into trees

    Name: Justine Suissa
    Age: 429
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: Halcyon, Lumina

    Occupation: Fortune Teller

    Abilities: cold reading, crafting voodoo dolls, “foreseeing” the future, making jewelry

    Personality: While she used to have some control issues, she has lightened up and become more easy going. No longer a manipulative woman, she's learned to accept things for what they are and make the most of everything.

    Ambitions: Be recognized as a great psychic, continue working with Sammy

    Likes: Fortune telling, voodoo, making jewelry, horror stories, singing, violins, romance movies

    Dislikes: People who mock her fortune telling, sad endings

    Romances: Sammy Martin

    Appearance: She is a thin, frail woman. Her short black hair extends almost to her shoulders. Her skin is pale and her eyes are dark. Usually wears a plain, flowing dress with an assortment of colorful handmade jewelry. Though slightly aged in her appearance, she is still fairly pretty.

    Background: Justine was born in a small town in Lumina and from an early age showed interest in foreseeing the future. She met Sammy and Gunter and the three entered the tournament together. They lost and sometime later Gunter was killed. Justine continued working with Sammy and the two have been traveling together since.

    Race: Siren

    Weapons: Voodoo dolls and a crossbow given to her by Arthur- it shoots special arrows with tips that crush upon impact, releasing toxins.

    Armor: None. She’s physically and defensively pretty weak.

    Spells: Tempomancy
    Mastered Status (Agonfield)

    Skills: As a Siren she can control people with her voice.

    Name: Charlie Clay
    Age: 346
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Remila, Doppelekereft

    Occupation: Warren of the Sophie Prison (well was).

    Abilities: Charismatic, prison operations/management

    Personality: Laidback, cool, and confident. He's more intelligent than he seems. He does a good job at running his prison (or did).

    Ambitions: Find a way to kill Umbriel

    Likes: Being an Isra, Earth, his prison, old movies

    Dislikes: Death sentence protestors, being looked down upon by higher regarded races

    Romances: Sophie Clay (deceased).

    Appearance: Above average height, medium build, and a cool demeanor. Short, wavy dark hair and a constant five o'clock shadow. Dresses casually, unless there's an occasion/event that calls for formal attire.

    Backstory: Born an Isra in Remila. Lived a life of poverty in the city for his early years. Charlie worked his way up until he became the warren of the Remila prison. He met and married his wife, Sophie in Remila and together they had a daughter, Ava. When Ava was two years old, Sophie was killed by Vera’s droid, Umbriel. Sometime after, Umbriel was captured by a group of Comeris inside the city and the prison was relocated to be built around her. With the move of the prison, Charlie changed its name to the Sophie prison. He searches for a means to kill Umbriel.

    Race: Isra

    National Balance: Lumina

    Weapons: None

    Armor: None

    Class: Copier

    Magic: Karamancy (Metal)
    Toximancy (Poison)
    Ventomancy (Wind)

    Skills: Absorption, Regeneration, Fusion, Power Echo, Mirror

    Name: Cindy Kingsford
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: American (some podunk suburb in Ohio)

    Occupation: Highschool student

    Abilities: Cheerleading, can hold her liquor well, sweet talking most guys into doing what she wants

    Personality: Cindy is, quite frankly, a stereotypical queen bee. If you're not hot, not willing to do something for her, not rich, she doesn't want anything to do with you. Unless you get on her nerves. Then she and her minions "terrorize" you.

    Ambitions: None other than to eventually find a rich guy to marry and settle down with.

    Romances: like duh, though maybe none too romantic...

    Appearance: Cindy has platinum blonde hair she keeps in a ponytail. Due to splicing to a demon, her skin is now a deep tan which she loves. Has a semi-atheletic build from cheerleading. Will usually put on some make-up and wear something slutty and barely allowed per the school dresscode everyday except on practice days and game days where she'll wear her cheerleading uniform (and sweats if it's cold) instead.

    Background: Cindy comes from an upper middle class family that has always given her everything she wants and never gotten too involved in her private life (except that one time the police busted her *** for underage drinking; so not cool). In addition, she has always been the "popular girl" throughout elementary, middle, and high school.

    Race: Demon

    National Balance: Sheol

    Weapons: Metal objects that become her limbs

    Armor: as if

    Class: fighter...(?)

    Spells: Mastered Metal

    Skills: Cindy's newly acquired Demonic power is limb detachment and replacement. She can remove her hand/arms/legs/whatever and replace them with inanimate objects.
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    Well, I ended up trying to make Lilith with my mad skillz and came up with two different versions. Because I can't decide which one I like better here they are in all of their glory. :D

    Lilith2.png Lilith3.png

    Yes the second one has no eyebrows... whoops.
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    Since Clix has unfortunately lost interest in writing for characters, I'll be playing Ramona until the end. She's now had three different writers...
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
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    icbmalaria wrote: »
    Since Clix has unfortunately lost interest in writing for characters, I'll be playing Ramona until the end. She's now had three different writers...

    That's fine. It's not like her characterization was every stable under Suke either.
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    Here are some maps of the floors of Vulcan we'll be dealing with, starting from where we are currently, going upwards to the record floors, and followed by the basement. Though the maps sometimes don't show the stairways, every floor we encounter will have them, though they aren't in the places they are marked on the map.






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    So here are some details about Slayer Droids.

    Name: (Varies from droid to droid)
    Serial Identification: Slayer Droid
    Appearance: Metal behemoths, Slayer Droids usually arrive at roughly 20 feet in height, and are vaguely centaurian in physique. They have large pincer-like feet which are equipped with various blades extending in most directions outward, making attacks on the legs with any sort of physical entity a long-shot for fear of destruction of that item. They are equipped with large blade-like arm appendages and come equipped with a laser-guided magic cannon in the headpiece, similar to cannons used by the Gail Police Force.

    Spells: While incapable of casting magic themselves, Slayer Droids come equipped with a wide arsenal of Recorder Orbs. In addition to having access to upwards of 80 orbs at any given time, Slayer Droids are able to rewrite said orbs, allowing for them to cast any spell. The only limitation to this is of course, capacity. Once the Slayer Droid has run out of its orbs, it is unable to continue using magic until it is reloaded. However, using their own scanners this limitation is somewhat mitigated. Slayer Droids, able to identify what spell is about to be fired at them, can rewrite Recorder orbs to absorb that particular spell as it is fired, allowing for their orbs to be refilled, and no damage taken.

    Scanning Systems: Slayer Droids come equipped with a race-scanning mechanic that analyses data from databanks of past encounters with said race, allowing for the droid to identify methods which have worked in the past and plan accordingly.

    Resilience: Slayer Droids are immune to most environmental hazards. In addition, they are incredibly resilient from concussive damage, hard to pierce or puncture, and leave very little of their inner-workings exposed.

    Self-Destruction: All Slayer Droids come with a built in self-destruction core which will either be activated when the droid is rendered completely immobile, or at the command of whoever is overseeing the droids activation. The blast created is large and destructive, creating both concussive and heat damage for a radius of roughly 500 feet in any given direction.

    Flow-Reading/Scanners: Perhaps their most deadly feature and what has allowed Slayer Droids their reputation of learning murderers are their scanners which can see through any form of magical or racial camoflauge, detect heat, and allow them to detect gathering of Flow. This allows the droids to perceive a spell being cast before it is actually cast. They cannot know the kind of spell at first, as each individuals' flow looks different when about to cast a particular spell, but once they have seen a particular spell once, they will be able to predict it with certainty a second time and all subsequent times.
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    That would be a brilliant plan, Khan.

    If Damien could still use summoning magic.....
  • icbmalariaicbmalaria Let Mom sleep Full Members
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    What's sad is Cindy mastered metal...
  • SuccessorMSuccessorM Can't you hear the drums? Full Members
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    Actually, Terry has mastered metal. I just haven't updated his profile due to procrastination :D!!!
    However, now we just have to touch the thing. We have to first get our characters to realize the Slayer Droids abilities.
    For instance, once we realize its Recorder Orb cannon, I can get Arthur and Astrid to disable it, like by corking it!
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    Here is my looong overdue updated profile for Terry. I am also going to add the magic spells to Arthur's and Astrid's profiles some pages back.

    Name: Terrance “Terry” Donoghue
    Age: 26
    Sex: Male
    nationality: London, England

    occupation: Aspiring Comedian, Acting/Theater Student Graduate (despite current circumstances)

    abilities: Conversationalist (able to talk himself and others out of sticky situations), contortionist, a excellent judge of character and intent, very hard to fool without a large amount of coaxing, sewing, clothing alternation, beginner knowledge of TaiChi (used for acting exercises and was the alternative to ballet lessons).

    personality: Has a very inviting and approachable demeanor. Often cracks jokes despite the state of the situation. When face by adversity, normally responds with laughter and snarky comments, but on the inside, a frantic and calculating mind is working out all scenarios for him to come out on top. Loves attention, as it often brings out the best in him. “Life's only fun with an audience, right?” Has a very quick and sharp tongue. Though he knows when to shut-up, he will always make his opinion known if it can improve the state of a situation, or just to screw with someone.

    Due to training with Arthur, Terry is more frantic in demeanor. This occasionally leads to paranoia and instances of "flight or fight" for him. Luckily, he has managed to hold on to a positive demeanor despite

    ambitions: Wants to bring laughter, entertainment, and art boons to the world of Necros. He also wants to survive his current circumstances and use his experiences to enhance his material.

    Enjoys: The arts, new experiences, food, music, dancing, telling jokes, reading, and writing.

    Dislikes: Standing still, silence, boredom

    romances: None

    appearance: 5'6” with dark hair, dark skin, and brown eyes. Though his clothing on earth was pretty commonplace for a penny-pinching college student, after arriving into Necros and splicing into Jacknape, his fashion sense took a small change in order for him to enjoy his new “role”. When not expecting battle, he wears purposefully worn suits of faded colors black and brown. Disappointed after not receiving rabbit ears after splicing, he wears a worn top hat with rigid rabbit ears on either side while inside. He also is hairier the most humans, but noticeably softer. However, this increase in hair did not translate to his face, but has him able to grow a beard really quickly, but he prefers to keep it at stubble.

    Background: After the party first operated, he went back to live with this guardian and the weapons shop, Athuria's. There, he received further training, but in developing his racial abilities as a Jackanape. He is now much faster, stronger, and very alert to things in his surroundings in addition to improved hearing. However, due to his guardian's training, Terry has changed slightly.

    Race: Beastman - Jackanape

    weapons: Light Grieves, with hidden daggers or knives for quick kills. Now with his mastery of metal, he will create blades and spears when needed with the metal materials around him or with the metal powder he has collected.

    armor: When in battle he wears a light jacket with numerous hidden pockets and secret compartments. Durable slacks. Also leather gloves for the occasional attacks using his hands.

    class: Rouge/Thief

    spells: Gravitational Magic, Movement Magic, and Metal Mastery


    Ib. Buoyank
    IIa. Crush
    IIIb. Lat

    Ib. Ikon
    IIIa. Celran

    S. Alloy
    S2. Mag
    D. Leper
    S3. Gambit
    M. Doolb ruoy ni nori hcum oot

    skills: Improved hearing, strong leg muscles, quick thinking, and well faster then average
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