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Netherworld - OOC



  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    I fixed it.
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    All right, from what I can tell/have heard/have read, Oushi has quit role-playing with us. So, I will be taking on the roles of Kiyoshi and Solandra from here on out.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    and on today's episode of Avata.. I mean, Netherworld... Katar.. I mean Ramona... and Sokk.... GEORGE. Argue about breakfast... only to have a fight later on and resolve their disagreement by days end. That's seriously the vibe I'm getting right now.
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    due to upcoming finals and such, I'll be putting the RPG on hold until December 11th....
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
    edited December 2009
    All right guys, the game is back on. I know that some of you guys have finals, but if you find the time in between your studies, feel free to post.

    Also, a few reminders.

    GORN - add rage-mode to Daniel's list of abilities. He has yet to use it but I'm just reminding you that you do have it and it could be useful in battle.

    Suke - update Ramona's skills and class. I don't remember whether or not she obtained any weapons in Tuca, but if she did, update that as well. A dryad's going to be a useful asset to our team so you need to try to keep up, I know you're auditioning for /shudder/ CATS, but yeah..

    Also, posted profile for Francis McClellan.
  • SukeSuke Sexy Back Full Members
    edited December 2009

    Rena complained, not Ramona, Dei....

    ...I knew this would happen....
    So close...And yet so far...
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
    edited December 2009
    /checks/ oh, yes. /fixes/ well, you both complained... just about different things..... Ramona about George, Rena about a hill... /shrug/... I've mixed up Damien and Daniel several times too...
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
    edited December 2009
    bolts, gorn, you both have until this coming midnight to post. EST.
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
    edited December 2009
    Apologies, I've been busy. Seems there's still time though so I'll churn something out.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
    edited January 2010
    Alright guys, here's some update stuff

    Lundy: no new updates, you still need to eat some things, or, you can just talk to me about things Lundy may have consumed in the week time skip we did.

    Judy: corpumancy would have grown to the point where you can probably control most bodies except for those with the strongest barriers on them.. you could only control them within eyesight, and you wouldn't be able to have the bodies cast magic or defy physics yet.

    Rena: you can sense living or magically controlled things up to 50 meters away.

    Daniel: status magic up to march

    Damien: summoning magic up to Kinetics

    In other news..... I HATE FORESTS They are very boring for me to write for. Thus, I will be cutting the Archimede arc somewhat short. We will be departing for Sheol after a few more events in Archimede. So yeah.. just hang in there, and the writing will begin to get back to its old self...
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
    edited January 2010
    okay, new updates for the rest of our travels through /shudder/ Archimede.

    Lundy: Water magic up through Welter.

    Judy: Corpumancy of a standard Faerie

    George: standard level of shapeshifting abilities, able to change color now as well.

    Rena: able to sense and hone in on particular magical or living creatures, and she'd be able to find it as long as she knows in general what she is looking for.

    Daniel: Mastery of Status magic. Master spell, Agonfield.

    Desoto: Earth Magic mastery

    Kiyoshi: wind magic up to Perna and status magic mastery, master spell, Ashborn.

    Ramona: master level fire magic.

  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
    edited January 2010
    It's time for the profile template for human characters on Earth to be put up.

    Name: (nothing otherworldly, we're all human.)
    Age: (nothing that will be useless to our party)
    Sex: (male or female will do)
    nationality: (where in the world are yo from?)

    occupation: (is your character a student? or have they made their way into the working world? If so, what do they do?)

    abilities:(what talents does your character have? nothing otherworldly or inhuman again? something within the bounds of reality. maybe they're a contortionist, have photographic memory, play an instrument, whatever they've got, put it here)

    Weapons: (What weapons is your character proficient with.. or at least semi-competent with..)

    Modifications: (What modifications has your character undergone since the day the God of Earth died, this includes injuries, grafted on weapons, or other modifications)

    Armor: (May also fit under modifications, but what does your character wear to protect themselves in this new, harsh world?)

    personality: (What is your characters personality)

    ambitions: (Your characters dreams)

    likes&dislikes: (What does your character find enjoyable, what do they dislike?)

    romances: (any sweethearts they have)

    appearance: (what does your character look like? What's their style, how do they wear their hair, Bear in mind, this is talking about your characters current appearance, not what they looked like when they were all relatively good looking)

    Background: (what's your characters history, please make it good.)
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
    edited January 2010
    Name: Ginger Rialto
    Age: 29
    Sex: female
    nationality: Puerto Rico

    occupation: Paleontologist

    abilities: none

    Weapons: A large pike, several claws, and chemicals (mace, acid, napalm)

    Modifications: Ginger has a large pike that has been jammed under the skin of her right arm. This pike can be extended or retracted at will. Her left hand possesses claws extending from her fingers. Furthermore, she has infused a garbage disposal blade into her mouth, AND A CHAINSAW! FOR A LEG!

    Armor: Ginger uses a suit of chainmail with nails sticking out from the holes as her suit of armor.

    personality: she's like rainbows and fire and ice and dreams and refrigerators and she's amazing.

    ambitions: To find dinosaurs in Antarctica

    likes&dislikes: likes: the Sun, dinosaurs, gnomes, cherries
    dislikes: milkshakes, Buddhism, Madonna, Braces

    romances: Desoto McClellan

    appearance: Ginger has short dark hair and is of a rather average appearance. She has tan skin and dark bags under her eyes.

    Background: Ginger grew up a rather average life in San Juan Puerto Rico, she met Desoto when she was 23 and the two have been going out since. Now that Desoto has died, she keeps an eye over his body in the new, deathless world. She has no family of her own, despite a distant relation to a family called the Kennedy's.
  • TheUncertaintyTheUncertainty Double Rainbow Full Members
    edited January 2010
    Name: Fyodor
    Age: 23
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Doppelekereft
    Occupation: Sailor
    Abilities: Generally quick-thinking, with basic knowledge of various skills.
    Karma: -1
    Personality: Cool-tempered, incredibly opportunistic, though not specifically loyal to any one cause, or profession. He can easily make simple choices with logic and decisiveness, however can’t ever make a decisive life choice.
    Ambitions: To enjoy himself.
    Likes: Change, Music, Food.
    Dislikes: Putting in effort, Being confined, being forced to do something, being bored.
    Romances: None
    Appearance: Fairly tall, with long black hair pulled back into a single braid. A grayish-blue skin tone and sunken in eyes, which exist entirely as a pupil. Wide hands with long, webbed fingers that end with more of a point. While somewhat skinny in shape, fairly defined muscle. Sharp teeth. Generally wears a long-sleeve, brown shirt, and black pant.
    Background: During the younger years of his childhood, Fyodor lived with his family staying almost exclusively underwater. During his later childhood, he resided in a quaint, seaside fishing village. Upon coming of age, he promptly left, to find his purpose. As he left, he attempted a variety of different occupations, all of which he gave up on promptly after a short period of time.

    Race: Shark Merfolk (Blue)
    National Balance: Doppelekereft
    Weapons: A three-foot, wooden staff, studded down four sides with shark’s teeth.
    Armor: Cured leather armor.
    Class: Mage
    [Sand Magic] Aren, Suna, and Psam
    [Summoning/ Elhorg] Freedom and Imprisonment
    Skills: Shark Form, Rough Skin
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
    edited January 2010
    Name: Silas Callahan
    Age: 48
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Phoenix, Arizona

    Occupation: Retired bodybuilder, personal trainer

    Abilities: Silas’ body has been honed over the course of most of his life. He’s ripped, he’s fast, and he has good hand-eye coordination. He’s also practiced a wide range of sports (this includes a slight amount of martial arts training).

    Weapons: Sledgehammer, set of kitchen knives

    Modifications: Silas’ lower jaw, tongue, throat (he is now mute), sternum, and lower internal organs (essentially all but the brain) have been removed. His insides have been replaced with stuffing so that he doesn’t just fold over. He is also drained of blood. These changes make him much lighter (and drier), which reduces his strength somewhat but exponentially increases his speed and agility.

    Armor: A tight undershirt (to hold everything in), a black bandana over his ‘mouth’, a grey hoodie, and grey sweatpants (nothing heavy).

    Personality: Firstly, Silas is determined. His competitive edge has transformed into an obsession with completing the task at hand, whatever it is and whatever the costs. In addition, his body is important to him, especially now that he is surrounded by self-mutilation. He would never have willingly carved himself up, and he’s rather bitter about the fact that someone else did.

    Ambitions: To hunt down those who ruined his perfect body, beat them into submission, bind them with their own intestines, and burn them (he’s had time to work out the specifics).

    Likes: Accomplishing
    Dislikes: Failure, stagnation, being underestimated, not being able to breathe

    Romances: Once divorced

    Appearance: 6’3”, 150 lbs. but looks heavier. Body of . . . a bodybuilder. Short, light blond hair, sharp blue eyes, starting to develop wrinkles. Missing his lower jaw.

    Background: As a young man, Silas won a few bodybuilding titles. Eventually he grew too old to continue competing in the big leagues, but he continued his exercise regime and began passing his knowledge on to others. When the world learned that death was temporarily unavailable, he moved farther away from civilization to a lone house in the desert. It didn’t help. He was overpowered by a violent faction and tortured, forced to watch as they removed his guts. He was left in the middle of the desert, forced to crawl back to his home and fix himself as much as possible.
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
    edited January 2010
    Name: Lee Walden
    Age: 32
    Sex: Male
    nationality: Australia

    occupation: Zoo Keeper

    abilities: Lee worked in the crocodile pit at his local zoo, as such he has gained uncanny reflexes and an iron nerve, though some might question his intelligence.

    Weapons: Yard Trimmers, Crocodile Teeth, Crocodile tail, Mace.

    Modifications: Directly infused in Lee’s right forearm is an oversized set of yard trimmers that may be opened and closed at will. Infused all along his body arm the teeth of the many crocs he once took care of, often serving to keep anyone from so much as attempting to grab hold of him. His left hand is nowhere to be found as it has now been completely replaced by a large 20 lb. iron mace. Lastly, his spinal cord has now been connected to a Crocodile’s former tale, giving him a powerful fifth limb that will send anyone it connects with flying. Perhaps the most disturbing of his augmentations though is the absence of flesh, instead being replaced by the deformed scales of crocodiles.
    Armor: Crocodile scales infused directly into his skin.

    personality: Since the dawn of the deathless earth, Lee has become much more cynical. He welcomes a legitimate threat of death but refuses to go through the process of allowing himself to be eaten. Rather he maintains a stark criticism of everything around him.

    ambitions: Die

    likes&dislikes: Lee enjoys the thought of achieving death and hates the fact that despite many attempts he cannot achieve it.

    romances: His now dead wife whom he refers to often as “lucky bit**.”

    appearance: Lee, for all intents and purposes doesn’t look human anymore. His flesh is rough and scaly and his eyes have adopted a deadened brown gaze. He has no hair to speak of and looks instead more like something out of a very low budget horror movie.

    Background: Lee had a wife who, perhaps lucky for her, died the same day as the rest of the party. Little does Lee know though that his wife didn’t so much as make it past the first day in Necros though that’s not something he’d particularly care about anymore. After his wife’s death, Lee’s previously jolly nature deferred into the bitter cynical one he now maintains. He visited his job only one time after the deathless age began, and during that time proceeded to tear apart the crocodiles he’d cared for the last 8 years of his life. After doing so he began the fusing process and never looked back.
  • icbmalariaicbmalaria Let Mom sleep Full Members
    edited January 2010
    Name: Sunny
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: American

    Occupation: Starbuck's employee

    Abilities: Can emotionally express herself through poems. Though they might not be good poems.

    Weapons: Vampire fangs, Her spiked Nightmare Before Christmas purse, and her Nail Bunny plush doll that doubles as a huggable stuffed animal and a gun.

    Modifications: She has retractable metal wings designed to resemble a bat's fused on her back. She also had her heart removed because she saw no need for it.

    Personality: Your typical fail goff. She complains and complains and has no reason to.

    Ambitions: Get attention

    Likes: Vampires, the color black, Good Charlotte (especially Joel Madden), The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, dark poetry, not smiling, Edward Gorey, Nightmare Before Christmas, bichon frises

    Dislikes: sunshine, her name, anything popular, any store NOT Hot Topic, preps, happiness, you

    Romance: Lestat de Lioncourt

    Appearance: She has long ebony black hair with purple streaks and red tips that reaches her mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell her she looks like Amy Lee (if you don't know who Amy Lee is then that's fine). Her teeth are straight and white and very pale skin. She wears a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. She also has on black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow

    Background: Sunny's father died on that day when people could still die. She hated him like she does everyone even herself. So she didn't miss him. If she knew God had died she might have even smiled. She comes from a middle class family in the suburbs. She has no reason to be a miserable b***h.
  • GORNGORN Member Full Members
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    Name: Adopted Name – Orhan Rhodes : Birth Name – Orhan Karabekir

    Age: 22

    Sex: Male

    nationality: Born in the Dinar district of the Afyonkarahisar (also known as Afyon) province of Turky : Raised in Raleigh, North Carolina

    occupation: Undergraduate at North Carolina State University at Raleigh, employee at the Krispy Kreme shop

    abilities: Guitarist and violinist, a pretty good photographer and composer, a decent artist, a fast reader

    Weapons: A make-shift spear (made out of a lacrosse stick and part of an iron fence) and a Swiss army knife

    Modifications: None

    Armor: Police body armor (long story on how he got it)

    personality: Once a happy and religious man, Orhan is now a tortured soul, comforted only by the sound of his instruments and the hope that death may yet return to this world. Every waking day he struggles not to be consumed by the madness of the world, telling himself that this is merely a test and not the final judgment. In his attempt to distance himself from the madness of the world, he has distanced himself from everyone, becoming a recluse and thus succumbing to an entirely different insanity.

    ambitions: To find the answers to his questions, to be given a sign from the heavens, to know the truth behind the madness.

    likes&dislikes: Likes – Pondering philosophical and religious questions, most guitar and violin music, some piano music (but not much), grapes : Dislikes – unanswered questions, riddles, senseless violence, math

    romances: Sylvia Monroe

    appearance: Curly black hair, beard and mustache, 5’ 11’’, 147 lb., slightly less than average build, dark brown eyes, ragged (this includes the various items of clothing he has, which include shirts, long and short pants, underwear, socks, two pairs of shoes, a jacket, and a head band)

    Background: Orhan was put up for adoption before he was even one year old. Luckily, he got adopted by an American couple living in North Carolina. For the next 21 years, he lived a happy life, hoping that someday he would get a chance to meet his birth parents. He even fell in love while attending NC State as a Philosophy and Music double major. But on June 2nd, 1999, tragedy struck. Sylvia got killed in a car accident on her way home. Stricken with grief, he secluded himself in one of the garrisons, taking care not to damage his body in the hope that after proving himself he would be reunited with his lost love.

    Wait. Did I spell that right?
  • SukeSuke Sexy Back Full Members
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    Name: Lailah Lindaine
    Age: 23
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: Manhattan, New York City, New York
    Occupation: Runs an orphanage, but works as a photographer
    Abilities: Was a gymnast in high school and is very flexible. Is good with technology, and can take things apart and put it back together. She's also a big eater, and a great photographer. Her most prominent trait is her knowledge of cities, mixed with her amazing abilities with parkour. She can scale walls and jump over rooftops quite easily, and uses her surrounds to get around often.
    Weapons: Claws, fangs, robotic legs, and a pink mechanical tongue that can grow very long and switch from normal saliva to a poisonous excretion. A strange modification in her eyes, that acts like a camera and can release a blinding flash.
    Modifications: Lailah's first change was giving her two robotic legs, which are strong and fast. She has a mechanical pink tongue that is normally the size of a human tongue, but she can stretch it to over 30 feet. She has no gag reflex and has camera like eyes that can take pictures and release a blinding flash.
    Armor: None.
    Personality: Lailah has been made slightly eccentric by the death of Earth's god, but tries to find any reason to remain even a little optimistic in this horrible world. She doesn't like the government most of the time, and loves the people. She likes to express through art and is happiest when outside and on the rooftops.
    Ambitions: To take as many photos and memories of the new world as possible to show future generations, in case things get better.
    Likes: Parkour, music, art, the people, good food, children
    Dislikes: Being indoors, sleeping, swimming
    Romances: Shane Quixote
    Appearance: 5'8" with long brown hair. Skinny body, and bright green eyes. Pale skin. Wears a striped black and white hoddie, and purple skinny jeans, and she wears shoes that are made to add friction.
    History: Lailah used parkour as an outlet and to find freedom. Her niece died on the day people could still die.

    So close...And yet so far...
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    All characters registered for Earth approved. Earth will begin tomorrow.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
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    Name: Donald Stones
    Age: 39
    Sex: Male
    nationality: United States (no particular region/state affiliation)

    occupation: Police officer

    abilities: Skilled in deduction and filing mundane paper work. Has basic skills with fire arms.

    Weapons: Specializes with handguns. Has been trained to use a rifle.

    Modifications: None

    Armor: Got his hand on some SWAT team body armor, with the exception of the shield.

    personality: He has always suffered from anxiety due to his poor health and risky profession. He chose to become a cop due so he could be a bit of a hero--someone society can count on when they need help. He loves to help people in their daily lives, but he tends to get pretty worked up when trying to deal with serious matters like stopping armed criminals. He doesn't have much of an imagination and can get pretty critical of zanniness or various nonsensical plots; he never cared for television or fictional novels.

    ambitions: He wanted to retire with his wife at age 60 and live in a small cottage in Maine.

    likes&dislikes: As mentioned, he dislikes fictional material since he dislikes suspending his beliefs of reality. However, he does not believe fiction is a bad thing, it's just not for him. He dislikes criminals for various reasons, though subconsciously it's because they make his job harder. He likes cigarettes, though he knows that will lead to more health complications in time. He has tried cutting back to just two on weekdays and three on weekends. He likes jigsaw puzzles and has a sizable collection stated from when he was eight.

    romances: His wife, Milly Stones

    appearance: He looks the same as he did before the current apocalypse began. His hair is fairly receded and wispy, though he doesn't have to worry about baldness (his father and uncle had similar hair). He is very slim and his face has a lot of stress marks. He is about 5'6".

    Background: He was a military brat and moved nearly every year until he entered high school. As such, he doesn't have any one state or US region he considers "home," but he does like Maine to most for its scenery and seafood. He was stationed in Charleston, West Virginia. His life was largely mundane, but a car accident during a police chase on June 1st, 1999, left him in a coma. He only awoke a month ago, though he fainted immediately afterward upon witnessing what had happened to the world while he was in a coma. He is George's maternal uncle, though he never liked the boy or got to know the brat. He learned that the government had protected him as he is the only one related to George that's still in one piece (his parents were unable to protect themselves in the initial chaos). Donald has spent the month adjusting to this new world, though he has refused to get modifications.
  • LordBlahLordBlah Member Full Members
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    My new character, introduced during the Tournament. Just let me know if I flubbed up anything.

    Name: Jack Stone

    Age: 22

    Sex: Male

    nationality: English (Great Britain)

    occupation: Gunsmith

    abilities: Gun cleaning/repair, general mechanical knowledge, explosives, aiming, steady hands

    karma: 32 (modified)

    personality: Tends to sneer on those ‘lesser’ than him, womanizer, likes to fight, laugh, drink, and have a good time .Still, he loves his friends, and is a pretty simple guy with simple needs all around.

    ambitions: To find a nice house on the beach. Warm sun, beautiful women, and all the martinis he can drink.

    likes: booze, old zombie movies, womanizing, cool coats, his guns.

    dislikes: Seriousness, yelling, hurrying, bossy people.

    romances: No serious relationships, many passing.

    appearance: Medium length black hair, narrow eyes, and a five o’ clock shadow. Medium build. Wears most t-shirts and jeans, though sometimes goes with semi-formal attire.

    Background: Grew up in the heart of London, he followed in his Father’s footsteps of becoming a gunsmith at the local shop. When that became ‘boring’, he moved out to the countryside for a more peaceful environment and started his own shop. Not too much eventful has happened in his life.

    Since arriving on Necros, he has joined a team of survivors, much like the main party, and had his own adventures and exploits. He recently split off from the group in order to seek his fortune at the tournament.

    Race: Jackanape

    National Balance: Doppelkereft

    weapons: Double Crossbows, explosive powder, assortment of ‘specialty’ arrows, two combat knives.

    armor: Long gunner coat. Leather, not too much protection, but plenty of room for armaments.

    class: Ranger

    spells: ~none~

    1. Rapid Shot: Shoots off several arrows in a short span of time(about .76 seconds). Requires reloading afterwards.
    2. Arrow Nexus: Bounces around an opponent at lightning speeds, firing off arrows at the target from all angles.
    3. Super Jump: Jumps as hard as he can, hiding himself in the sun’s glare or in the darkness of night. Coming down at super-sonic speeds, he attempts to slice or stab the opponent with his knives. Shooting is ineffective, due to he is traveling faster than arrows.
    Don't come too close, I bite.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    supplementary reading: YEAH!

    Marduk 23rd…. year unimportant…. Time is a construct of organics to organize the progression of their lives… Unfortunately, I am subject to the rules of these Necrotians for the time being. … Rambling aside, the work on constructing a more perfect machine race is going well. The naming process of these beings, the droids, comes from the 10 divisions of the researchers who work on Nod. If Division one produces a new product, it will take on the prefix of Uni- into its name. The same pattern applies to the other divisions and their products. The current product produced by my division (Division VII, abbr. D7) is worthless. A mere construct put together by those money-grubbing buffoons in Upper management. Vulcan…. That detestable government… Ever since they were inducted, we engineers have become mere contributors of frivolity. In the times of the Imperial wars, engineers were a respected trade that provided the weapons to Sheol and Lumina for their fights. We had our lives on the line, for if the other nation’s engineers created a war-winning weapon, then we too would be killed with whatever nation we aided. There is nothing that can spur on science like the threat of genocide… Now, with this new peace-promoting government, we engineers have been reduced to creating household and “Labor-droids” as they’ve been dubbed. I gag as I think of my creations being put to use filing those worthless bureaucrats’ papers. We Engineers, who used to produce the Slayers of the Imperial war… Now, we are congratulated if we find a new way to make eating breakfast convenient. Pathetic… This is not scientific discovery… It’s mere vanity… I hope with this new invention, this new D7 droid, I may spur on some response from the worthless engineers who are now employed with me under the Dream King. Very few of these Engineers have any potential… New, young faces. Most of my colleagues were taken by Vulcan and put to death upon the end of the wars. Great scientists… but when dealing in war weapons, an engineer needs to be less proud as to not announce their triumphs until they are sure of their victories.

    The new scientists I am surrounded by seem to have little to no interest beyond working to obtain payment. In this new government, they complain that they must work harder as taxes have been increased to all Necrotians to help pay reparations to Sheol and Lumina. These so-called scientists merely work on the bare minimum in order to pay for those who sap the life out of us all… families. It is to the detriment of any scientist to engage in some form of procreation or to engage in any other activity beyond prolonging and assuring their own well-being. Only one of the new faces… a member of Division V has shown any potential. A certain Creviston Dharma. The boy has actual endeavors beyond what his work entails. Rather, he sees the job as a means for him to more easily attain his own scientific goals. A true scientist… In that respect, he must be gotten rid of… I have begun formulating ways for war-engineers such as myself to rise to our true calling again. For this, I cannot have a shining face of youthful, new, peace-loving scientists around. Dharma must be gotten rid of.

    But I prattle. Those messages can wait for another day. I have almost completed the prototype of the new DVII droid. The –Gater. With the new outlaw on the Slayers, this new droid will be the newest in bringing back pride to the engineers of Necros. It’s designed as a multi-purpose droid. Able to perform any over-all objective programmed into it. It should satisfy those useless bureaucrats… Hopefully, it’ll do more though.

    Marduk 31st …. Excellent news. The new DVII model droid has just been accepted by Vulcan and a grant has been given to me to continue with perfecting the prototype of the droid, now named the Hectagater. I’ve also received a response to a recent inquiry I sent to a former colleague who managed to dodge the hand of Vulcan. A general of the former Sheolian army and a master of transcriptic technique, Acacia Drakmore. He has given me details about processes to inscribe a lifeless object with the thoughts and souls of another. Though in Acacia’s experience, the soul has been dead… I later approached young Dharma on the subject. Dharma has quite the irksome mind. Too idealistic. Not enough refinement. In speaking with him, he lacked any sort of tactfulness and he seemed to jump topics at the slightest stimuli. However, eventually I was able to milk the information out of him. It was indeed possible to transcribe an entire personality into code for a machine. He said he had helped to pioneer the process and that he anticipated it to be used in a new invention of his in a sort of technological revolution. Unfortunately, the young entrepreneur is naïve, and has no understanding of the way of this world. I’ve already applied the process to the prototype of the Hectagater, using a randomized personality code I ran through Dharma’s system. The process was a success, and the droid gained the ability to not only perform its pre-programmed goal, but gained the capacity to think, to emote, to reason. Of course, I exaggerate slightly. Due to this being a random code, the thoughts were much more erratic than I had anticipated. Though I am sure this can be worked out as I begin to learn the algorithms of this process. Several long nights are ahead, I can feel. However, I will not be deterred.

    Marduk 33rd… A visit from The Dream King this evening. As I sat in my office and continued to work out the code for this personality transcriptor, His Highness graced me with his irritatingly magnificent presence. He congratulated me on my learning to adjust from engineering Slayers to creating the Hectagater for Vulcan. Oh, my contempt for that man knows no end. He knows that my intentions are nothing but ill-will toward Vulcan, my co-workers, and the people I am sworn to serve… and he knows that I am aware of him knowing… And yet, he continues to insult me by acting as though I were another one of his pathetic “children.” He acts genuinely surprised when I tell him quite bluntly that I intend to run Dharma out of this continent. Even though I’ve expressed similar sentiments to him time and again. Eventually, the Dream King left my company and I continued my work.

    Marduk 34th,… early morning/late night….. I have done it…

    Marduk 34th… later… I’ve made the final additions to the prototype of the Hectagater, and submitted it to Vulcan for further review. I can only hope… and plan…

    Marduk 37th… After three days of waiting, I have received the notice from Vulcan. The Hectagater has been accepted as the next machine of Nod to be mass-produced. The letter commended me for not only creating such a versatile robot, but installing into it a personality, a life… They do not seem to take issue with my playing a god, instead they commend me for bringing into this world a new life that would not be tainted by sins of its parents, and that would begin life as a new race that’s history would begin as a further symbol of the “progress” that Vulcan has brought to Necros. A grant was given to me so that I might begin work on mass-production of the Hectagaters. In addition, the story was published in the Vulcanite’s papers to be distributed across Necros.

    Dharma confronted me on this, of course. I had not given any mention to having used his program for the constructing of the Hectagater’s personality. The child is hot-headed and stupid. His only claim to me is that I “did not play fair”. I inform him that this is not some game and that if he wanted his childish rules to be followed, he should leave the profession of science. I seem to have affected the youth deeply. I offered him a proposition. If he could become the head of Division V within the next year, I would personally help him to retire from the island of Nod to go start a business in Doppelekereft.

    Sinnus 15th … Dharma has taken a liking to me as an advisor for his endeavors. I must say, I am somewhat glad that I have gotten Dharma as a pupil as opposed to one of the other scientists produced from Nod. The DI favorite to win “engineer of the month” is a certain Miyoka Nylus. A worthless young engineer whose main contribution has been a pharmaceutical produced for the sole purpose of increasing the size of male genitalia. This isn’t science, it’s perverse vanity. But I will refrain from going on about that, as my voice is getting hoarse…. Dharma is going about his newest inventions under my tutelage. The current terminals we have for processing information are mere machines able to type words, calculate equations, and do basic tasks. Dharma is aiming to pioneer a new field in the industry, though he has not given me details yet, fearing I’ll steal them. I cannot say I blame him for his concern.

    Bennidice 21st… I can’t believe it. In such a short time, Dharma’s managed to become the head of Division V with nearly no opposition. Even after these few long years of work on this continent, I’ve only just recently been promoted to the position of Division VII chair. However, that is beside the point. Dharma has come to me, holding me to my end of the bargain we had made. I am a woman of my word… Using some of my past payments, I helped Dharma pay for his travel expenses and opening expenses for the business he intends to start in Doppelekereft. Creative name, Dharma corp…. heh. However, this is good. Now that I’ve removed the shining new face of science from this company and moved him into business instead, company policy dictates that I become the new chair of Division V, as well as Division VII. The Dream King approached me with this news after he heard that Dharma would be leaving, and he expressed concern that the extended workload might be a shock to me. I laughed, saying it was merely an extension to my home…. I wonder if there’s something wrong with me… I’ve never gone out and bought a home… I sleep at my desk…. I change in the company washrooms… I change the world… I’m an Engineer…

    Bennidice 28th. I’ve become chair of Division V. Dharma has moved out, and I have begun work on the Division V droid. I’ve also gone about firing the incompetent workers of the Division and replacing them with workers of my own making (Hectagaters). The production of the –hopper should be easy and should appear before Vulcan within the next few months.
    Meanwhile, in my latest shipment of Hectagaters to Vulcan, I have delivered a surprise droid. This little machine has a different code written into her than your standard filing Hectagater. I have also installed in her a camera, to make sure all goes well.

    Bennidice 37th… All is well… Divisions V and VII are now inhabited by only a few scientists and Hectagaters…. Meanwhile, my plan on Vulcan has worked splendidly… It’s amazing who might get killed by simply placing false charges and warrants in the right places… and how much this government (as they know it) relies on the systems set up by their leaders…. And how much it requires those leaders to be alive…. Vulcan is crumbling.,…. And I’m happy….
    Tia 2nd… A funeral service was held today for Chairman Aldebaran Strauss, the (now-former) Chairman of Vulcan. Not a terribly sad affair, very solemn and formal.

    Tia 2nd, later… I must admit, there are benefits to working on Nod. Due to his oath, the Dream King cannot inform Vulcan of this point of interest of the Hectagater’s programming. If Vulcan were a small resistance, then the Dream King would be able to aide them as he saw fit. However, now that Vulcan is the Necrotian government, my exploit will remain unannounced….
    Tia 29th…. A busy busy busy month on the continent of Nod…. The other Divisions have had pressure put on them by Vulcan to keep up with my Divisions V and VII. However, the chairs of these divisions have received help from an anonymous benefactor... This benefactor seeks to compete with my Hectagater and my new DV droid, the Pentahopper. A droid specializing in spatial distortion and manipulation. I’m posing it to Vulcan as the new means of travel. Spatial folding, that is. However, this droid has so much potential to be weaponized. The ideas being sent around to the other divisions are as follows.
    I- A droid manipulating time
    II- Force
    III- Temperature
    IV- Sound
    V- (owned by me)
    VI- Emotion
    VII- (owned by me)
    VIII- Mental facets
    IX- Motion
    X- Objects

    My job now is simply to wait for the other divisions to complete these planted projects…. A boring task… but a necessary one. Well, I suppose I may use this space to ramble briefly. Through my interactions with Vulcan, I have learned how the trials of my fellow engineers were conducted, and found that many of them are still alive today. If an engineer constructed weapons to be used by their own country, then they were usually given a lighter sentence than those like me, who made our weapons for whatever side offered the highest price. Hyprocrites. Many of these nationalist engineers, with their ability to use more resources, produced weapons that cost many more lives than did any of my droids of the Imperial Wars era. Yet they treated this on some circumstantial basis… pathetic.. they took lives and sought chaos, they are evil… in an objective sense. It was ordained by our Gods that the taking of innocent Necrotian lives, in whatever circuitous manner, was meriting of an afterlife in Hell. Murder is justifiable, if the intent is reciprocated on both ends. However, these people, who have taken innocent lives through their droids, are let off due to the court system believing that a strong sense of nationalism is a reasonable cause to drop laws? It’s laughable. In this world, this world that is directly interacted with by the Gods, there is an objective good, and an objective evil. They are apparently taking ideas from our former sister-world, Earth. On that world, good and evil is not determined by Gods, not anymore at least, but by their resident species, human. A truly weak race, one that bears no sense of personal responsibility for their actions and will always seek to find loopholes within their own rules. I recently found out that along my family line, there is a human ancestor, and I am somewhat perturbed. Obviously a rape, as the human in my line is a male. I will seek to reaffirm to this world that there is indeed an objective good and an objective evil… as they seem to be forgetting this.

    Fara 3rd …. Vulcan’s developing quite well. Their island is expanding, and they are becoming an even more faceless bureaucracy. One that will last long into the years, until a catalyst of proportions greater than this world, something of the level of the Omnimancer himself, reemerges.

    Fara 7th… An exhilarating night tonight! After normal office hours, I sought to eat, as is my habit, in the nearby cafeteria. Most of this section of the building is vacated at this hour, as people return to their families and I am the only full-time resident. However, on this evening, I received an interesting visitor, Carolina Fazuckerly, the current chair of the 4th division. She offered to sit down and eat alongside me for a while. She mentioned how development of their new droid, the Quatrafier, was going along well and the product would be submitted to Vulcan soon enough for review. If accepted, it would make their careers, however, if anything went awry, then they would have to do years and years of research. At this point, I knew where she was going. I did not exactly hide the fact that I was in fact the benefactor of ideas for the other divisions. I provided formulas, coding advice, suggestions for components of the droids, everything, all in writing. It wouldn’t take a genius to figure out where the letters were being sent from. However, being discrete was not my intent, rather, being overly discrete was not my intent. Eventually, Carolina brought it up outright and stated that she and the other division heads knew of my ploy and were suspecting that I had encoded the droids with some device that would, upon being tested by Vulcan, reveal that I was the one behind these droids, and not any of these freeloaders. I had actually not uploaded any such programming into the droids. Without waiting for much of a response from me, Carolina unleashed a fire spell, intended to scare me into cooperation rather than actually harm me. She demanded my cooperation. I am not a combative woman. I know no spells, and have very few physical capabilities. The one that I am good at, however, I made extensive use of this night, running.

    I ran away from Carolina. She gave chase, as did the other division chairs who had been hoping Carolina could acquire my cooperation. Dodging and hiding from spells, I ran. Several near hits, singes on my shoulders, and a small fragment of my ear lobe torn off, as well as an unfortunate injury to the neck due to an Earth spell fired by Division VIII chair. I ran to the Division V offices. Once inside, I followed the pathway to my secret. My precious prototype, named for the jewel that is formed over years upon years upon years, and only shows her true beauty after these years and years of planning, Pearl. Upon activating Pearl, I was safe, I had won.

    Fara 9th… The other divisions released their prototypes to be evaluated by Vulcan today. They should pass… The other captains have become much more… docile in the past two days.. I sense my end approaching. Construction on Pearl’s sisters has begun. I’ve begun the final transcriptions of my own personal psyche into a droid of my own.

    Fara 15th… The droids were accepted by Vulcan. Upon receiving their acceptance letters, the heads of the Divisions began to fire their various employees, reasoning that they were above the need of employees by this point, that they had gone to my level and such people were only a hindrance.

    Fara 20th… The Dream King approached me today. After a bout of small talk, he began to explain the case of one particular employee from Division 1, A Mrs. Rowena Concerti. Mrs. Concerti, he explained, had her family fall upon hard times, with her husband having lost use of his primary motor skills after an encounter with a Slayers droid during the Imperial Wars’ ending days. Mrs. Concerti had taken up work here on Nod. However, with the recent firings done by the other Division chairs, Mrs. Concerti is out of a job. However, she pleaded her case to The Dream King, who took sympathy with her, and sought to contest the decision of her Divisions chair. The Dream King, finding that the Division 1 chair was rather… mechanical in her repeating refusal to accept this girl, decided to investigate and found that the other chairs were the same. He thus came to me and explained that he would be docking 5 minalles of each of the Chairs daily pay to help out Mrs. Concerti… After The Dream King left, I laughed. Apparently, even those blessed with immortality and all-knowing wisdom are subject to the crime that is pity. Circumstance be damned. These Gods have forsaken the world of Necros, and are not perfect, as I have observed in The Dream King. These gods, all gods.

    Fara 23rd: Hahahahha… Hahahahaha… HAHAHAHHAA… KYAHAhA!!! Oh that’s rich! Purely and simply rich!!!! Through my tinkering around with Pearl and her sisters, I have discovered something of great interest. A portal into the realm of the gods themselves. I was there as an observer, a choragus. Neither seen nor heard. I overheard them speak. Within the next few decades, the god of Necros’ sister world, Earth, shall die. In part due to disruptions caused in space-time stemming from Earth’s sister world Necros, and the evolving schools of metaphysical magic. Evidently, a God, unlike a mortal, cannot be revived from death. Once a god has died, another being must take up their mantle. This will happen to Earth within the coming decades. I listened longer, and found that, with the death of this sovereign, Earth’s humans who die on the day coinciding with his death will be given artificial bodies on Necros to live in while a replacement for the god of Earth is determined.

    Fara 31st… My plans are almost fully in motion… 15 droids… 5 for surveillance.. nicknamed the Catabots.. some will go to Earth.. to help along the plan… 9 droids of the different divisions of Nod, to help carry out the goals with their powers… 1 droid, the seventh, imbued with a recreation of my mind, my memories, my thoughts.. to keep the plan on track should it be derailed.. insurance… and 9 sets of rope.

    Fara 38th… time unimportant… time is a construct of organics to organize the progression of their lives… and to mark their time of death… I have not recorded specifics of the plan for obvious reasons… they will be made clear to the people of this world when the time is right… what I intend to do.. how it will be accomplished… my back up plans… my lifework… all will be known at the right time… I stand here now. Delivering this message to a small droid to deliver to my number one customer during the times of the imperial wars, Acacia Drakmore. He won’t be able to listen to this, however… the tape is only set to be possible to activate when his spirit leaves this world… I stand alongside the division chairs of the Nod Royal Department of Research and Development. With these words, I take leave of this world… alongside these scientists… alongside Necros… alongside everything…

    /end tape/

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    Name: Irene Thomson
    Age: 22
    Sex: female
    Nationality: United States; originally North Carolina

    Occupation: most recently a mechanic for a travelling carnival

    Abilities: fixing things, not always in the usual way; welding; improvising to fix things; making things work better/more efficiently, though she cannot create things from scratch without a visual model or blue print

    Weapons: two modified blowtorches (think bigger flame uses less fuel) attached to forearms, and a home-made flame-thrower (she used a large water gun for a model)

    Modifications: she got her teeth filed to points and then encased them in metal, and she embedded metal spikes in her knuckles; the front left side of her skull (top of eye socket and above) is covered in metal, and her left eye has been replaced by a cybernetic one

    Armour: originally she was going to make chain-mail, but she decided to improvise with razor blades, and she uses a leather jacket with it’s sleeves cut off (to make room for the blowtorches) to protect herself from her own razor-mail; she also made herself spiked shin-guards (padded underneath) and mounted retractable blades in her shoes

    Personality: she’s a pretty laid back person most of the time, but can be fiercely protective of friends; she prefers to not fight, but will if attacked.

    Ambitions: to travel the world

    Likes: fixing things and travelling
    Dislikes: rude people

    Romances: None currently

    Appearance: She has short black hair, her right eye is brown and her left eye is robotic (black sclera and red pupil). As stated above she has metal covering the front left side of her skull. She wears a bandana on her head (hot metal isn’t pleasant), a grey t-shirt underneath her makeshift armour, blue jeans, and her modified shoes.

    Background: She grew up in a mountainous area in North Carolina where she learned how to fix things from her father from a young age. When she reached high school she began working at the local car shop, and began tinkering with improving them. The boss didn’t really care too much because it made the customers happy so he let her continue. As high school continued she began working on all sorts of vehicles and also moved on to appliances and other machines. She messed up quite a bit back then, but luckily for her most people were patient. Then she ended up botching a job for someone who got very angry and ended up closing her down. She stayed in high school to get her diploma, but as soon as it was over she left and began travelling around getting whatever work she could that included fixing things. Unfortunately not many places are willing to hire/keep workers who don’t follow the manual because it can cause problems for them in the long run, so she usually didn’t have much money. Finally she landed a job with a travelling carnival as its mechanic (though she did cover for other carnies too when need be) and had been travelling around with them when people stopped being able to die. Rather unfortunately she and many of the workers were not aware of the fact that this had come to pass yet when she was forced to deal with a small group of teens trying to steal money from her game stand. She chased a couple of them into an alley between some stands (after alerting some other workers who also gave chase). Thinking she had them pinned she tried to reason with them when one of them (who had already heard the news about not being able to die and had no qualms about injuring her because of it) pulled a thick metal rod from inside his jacket and proceeded to strike her head with his full strength multiple times. As she was losing consciousness she heard some of the other workers yelling as they ran up. The teens got away because the workers were more worried about making sure she was okay. They sent her to a hospital that was already overworked when she got there, and since she couldn’t die they just decided to mould some metal to cover the crushed part of her skull. Now blind in one eye she decided it would be best to leave everyone and travel on her own in hopes of not drawing attention to herself. Eventually she discovered that robotic parts were being made and decided to replace her blind eye because it was nearly impossible for her to fix things without proper depth perception. Once she could see again she set about making her weapons and armour along with modifying herself. She continued to travel around never really staying in one place for very long other than to get supplies. She isn’t aware of it, but her father died on the last day anyone could die.

    Et cetera: Motorcycle (she modified it to use less gas and go faster in addition to the more recent addition when she mounting spikes on it), and various tools of trade that she kept stored in a backpack in the storage compartment of the motorcycle

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