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    1. Miguel Lamara (Thunder rebel) vs. Zion Mendel (vampire sleeper agent of darkness)

    2. Friedrich Nuremberg (Ahab, hater of Lundy) vs. Alessandra Chopin (lazy sniper, knight of sapphire)

    3. Sera Dukas (evil scientist) vs. Damien Caldwell (evil vet, evil teacher)

    4. Rena/Lilith (young girl, berserker personality) vs. Emilie Jessabelle Wolfsbane (Vulcan employee, commander of Enforcer Squad 70)

    5. Iggy McCain (pimp, eccentric weapon user) vs. Satan (personification of wrath, cheerleader)

    6. Oceanus (ancient one, big fish) vs. Lady Luck (personification of luck, rich person)

    7. Katschei the Deathless (deathless, Russian, old) vs. Lemmy Kilmeister (Omnis of luck, funny luck)

    8. Gaernzell Menciatti (mafia leader, actually a decent guy) vs. George Ashcroft (drug addict, not a decent guy)

    A NOTE: Don't expect GORN to post soon. Apparently he's having computer troubles.

    ANOTHER NOTE: Ignore the last note.

    ANOTHER NOTE: When I say the "last" note, I mean the one that was last before I wrote the second note. So really it's the first note. Of course, if you misinterpreted the second note, you'd end up ignoring this note. . . Figure it out for yourself.

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    all right guys, a few big updates.

    first off: after the tournament, Instead of having Arc 3b follow around the parties of the original enforcer squad 70, or the humans back on Earth, it will focus on our main party of enforcer squad 70. I'll let each of you sub-GM for a bit and have us do various missions or whatever to help flesh out your characters, let them grow, etc. But before I let you have the reigns for a bit, you have to have shown me that not only do you have some ideas, but that you will be able to sub it consistently. I don't want the sub-GM to duck out in the middle of things and leave us hanging, basically just making me have to wrap it up...

    Second: I am semi-completely abandoning the karma system. From now on, if making a new character, you can post their initial karma if you feel like it, but it's really not needed. It's just become sort of vestigial and needlessly complex. Instead, different people will simply have different tolerance levels to the process. For example, George has a very high tolerance level, allowing him to splice more frequently. Most of us just have average splicing rates, maybe one of us has a very low tolerance level.

    more to be posted, big thunderstorm right now and tiredness..
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    Just saying, I think I have a cool idea for a mission.
    So close...And yet so far...
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    Just saying, I think I have a cool idea for a mission.
    Not to be rude, but, before you start planning anything for NW, finish up all the Orange Assassins' profiles, since we'll be doing your story quest real soon in MR.
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    Just saying, I think I have a cool idea for a mission.
    Not to be rude, but, before you start planning anything for NW, finish up all the Orange Assassins' profiles, since we'll be doing your story quest real soon in MR.
    Plus, if you're still participating in CSS as you say you are, you should consider posting there as well.
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    about the previous fight, a few notes to both of you.

    Suke: please update Ramona's profile. I don't find it unreasonable that she acquired a sword in the past six months, though it seemed to have come out of nowhere, as no mention has been made of it prior. (that is, unless the sword, like the shield, was an extension of her body, in which case, you didn't specify.) In addition, I'd find it understandable for Ramona to be somewhat decent with that sword (like, actual swordfighting skills)only if it were, in fact, an extension of her. Actual swordsmanship takes dedicated training for quite a while. Even George, who had been primarily doing sword training over the break, will probably be lacking in finesse due to not studying in any particular style, under no master, and against one partner. Also, a random note about chloromancy, and you're forgiven as I didn't really make this clear. When in a desert setting, as we were, the summoning of tropical or any sort of non-desert plant would be much harder. If she were summoning cacti or prickly pears, or other sort of desert plants, it'd be much easier. It just depends on the setting. Finally, summoning a giant venus fly trap. By giving it a name, you're suggesting you've done this before. I'm not against the idea, but for measures of keeping things in line, I'm going to say Ramona is specialized mainly in Flytraps. This means that yes, she can still use other plants, but the ones with real power re going to be pretty much just her flytraps. Think of it like how demons each have a move all their own.

    Blah: Upon reading your posts now, I take less trouble with them than I had on the first read-through. At first, I had missed the part where you said that Kim used Ramona's wood to help her get that jump. My big thing, as I'm sure you all remember, was that I wanted/still want to avoid the sort of strange anime think of physics. For example, as I posted in the beginning. Jumping, unless aided by something else, will probably not get you even three feet off the ground. Hell, with a chainsaw in hand, probably not even a foot and a half. That being said, now that I read that you took the wood into account, I take less issue. However, a somersault in midair with a chainsaw in hand is still not a maneuver that can be accomplished without either intensive training in doing just that or some sort of magical aid. So yeah, just refrain from the overt random flashiness. I know it's probably a part of her character, and she may go out of her way to do some of those things, but physics still apply.

    I hope I have not offended either of you.

    On another note, let me explain the ring while I'm at it. Basically, in its normal state, it is a large circular ring made of what basically equates to concrete. It is controlled by remote and is extendable should it need to be. When a fight is activated, if there is a landscape switch, the ring effectively becomes a randomized area following that landscape. If you were to reach down on a dune setting, you would not pull up the concrete, but instead a handful of sand. Think of it as being somewhat like the Pokemon Stadium stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee/Brawl. Finally, modifiers like rockfall or fire are randomized and basically just come out of small machines.. it doesn't make much sense like that, and I could go into it, making it make more sense, but I'd rather not spend that much time on something that, in the long run, is not that important.

    Finally, just a note about the desert stage... it's hot as hell out there. Especially with fire randomly jetting out. Most fights probably will not last more than a few minutes unless the fighters are doing something to actively cool themselves down, simply due to one or the other getting exhausted from heatstroke. Oh yeah, the stage can basically mimic climate too...

    That's about all I had to say.. yeah...
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    whoops wrong place ^_^' I blame swapping tabs back and forth

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    1. Karis Shantel (Harpy songstress, professor of bastlings) vs. Miguel Lamara (Thunder rebel)

    2. Lundy Rivers (young boy, woobie) vs. Myros Sage (the Canadian)

    3. Sera Dukas (evil scientist) vs. Damien Caldwell (evil vet, evil teacher)

    4. Rena/Lilith (young girl, berserker personality) vs. Emilie Jessabelle Wolfsbane (Vulcan employee, commander of Enforcer Squad 70)

    5. Iggy McCain (pimp, eccentric weapon user) vs. Frieda Ruby (leader of la resistance, romance play director)

    6. Vera Lane (nice lady, berserker chloromancer) vs. Lady Luck (personification of luck, rich person)

    7. Andettle Drakmore (tank captain, aquamancer, mercenary) vs. Katschei the Deathless (deathless, Russian, old)

    8. Gaernzell Menciatti (mafia leader, actually a decent guy) vs. George Ashcroft (drug addict, not a decent guy)
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    Members of team Thunderstrike! hoorah!

    Name: Bruce Campbell
    Age: 39
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: Juneau, Alaska
    occupation: flintsmith. (He makes guns)
    abilities: craft explosives, weapons knowledge, weapons crafting
    karma:initial: 2
    Current: 4
    personality: Bruce is a very calm man with a streak of violence. He is generally very nice and tends to think in terms of protecting the weak and fighting alongside the strong for his beliefs. However, his beliefs often range into the fields of vengeance. Bruce is a warm guy who likes to act as an older brother or father-figure to many.
    ambitions: Create the perfect gun
    likes: crafting weapons, cold beer, sports, pipes, cigars, outdoorsman activities
    dislikes: poetry, wine, literature, loafing around, liberals
    romances: none
    appearance: Bruce has shaggy black hair and a rugged black beard. He is very burly and a tad husky. He looks older than he really is due to his smoking. He is Caucasian, has brown eyes, and stands at 6'5".
    background: Bruce had a relatively normal life growing up. His father had always trained him in 'being a man', and as such, Bruce has become very good at survival and combat. He worked briefly in manufacturing weapons for the army but later on went into simply working as a flintsmith on his own time. He died while out hunting one day, gored by a bear. Bruce has since become the jack-of-all-trades on Miguel’s team, able to specialize in all fields due to his ability, he is considered Miguel’s second-in-command due to his overall usefulness in providing weapons, aid, and combat know-how.
    race: Lepoblanc
    national balance: Lumina
    armor: Bruce wears camouflage most of the time during combat.
    weapons: several guns that he had on him upon his death, as well as any weapons he crafts. His current arsenal includes an UZI, two revolvers, a pistol, and several mirror grenades
    class: gunner
    magic: mastered status magic (Ashborn), master metal magic
    skills: some electromancy, some aquamancy

    Name: Doc Martin
    age: 37
    sex: male
    Nationality: Los Angeles, California
    occupation: Doctor
    abilities: diagnose illness, mend wounds, knowledge of anatomy, knowledge of contagens
    karma:initial: -1
    current: -5
    personality: Doc is a rather cruel doctor. He is completely dedicated to solving any disease he is presented with, even at the cost of the patients life. He is stubborn and has a need to prove himself right. He feels hatred toward the Necrotians for their euthanization of the sick, as it prevents him from obtaining a job.
    ambitions: Find a cure to death
    likes: sounds of people congratulating him, outwitting people, ice cream, wine
    dislikes: death, ethics restrictions, know-it-alls, the poor
    appearance: Doc is a tall African-American man standing at 6'6". He is bald and has a layer of facial hair. His appearance is sharp and business-like. He tends to wear a suit most places. His eyes are brown and he is rather athletic. Doc generally maintains an angry demeanor.
    background: Doc grew up in a poor, urban family, and was the smartest kid in his class. He overcame poor standards of living and became a well-respected doctor. However, internally, he grew a hatred for the poor which stemmed from his experiences with classmates who did not apply themselves and ended up in poor states of living. He was shot to death by a poor patient he had treated who did not have enough money to pay for the treatment provided him.
    race: Homunculus
    national balance: Sheol
    armor: Doc fights in normal clothes
    weapons: various poisons which he coats his extremities in so as to make them into makeshift poison blades.
    class: strategist
    magic: none
    skills: advanced shape shifting, hardening, softening

    Name: Henry Topaz
    age: 40
    sex: male
    Nationality: Portland, Maine
    occupation: aerospace engineer
    abilities: knowledge of planes, how to operate/build planes, ignorance
    karma:initial: 3
    current: 3
    personality: Henry is a perfectly oblivious man who has no idea of most things going on around him. As a boy, he always had his head in the clouds, so it is only appropriate that that was where he ended up doing most of his work. He is often oblivious to people’s motives, assuming all people interested in his planes simply want to help him do his research.
    ambitions: Get married and raise a family
    likes: planes, calm music, white chocolate, lighting effects, CG in movies
    dislikes: microwaved food, loud noises, needles
    appearance: Henry stands at 5’9”, making him the shortest male on Miguel’s main fighting team. He has rather pale white skin and tends to dress warmly, often wearing a coat and a t-shirt underneath in case it gets warm. Used to possess glasses, but they have since been lost. Not very muscular, and somewhat lanky.
    background: Henry had a very average life, as a boy, he always enjoyed planes, and thought of joining the air force when he was old enough. However, due to his inability to focus, this career turned out to not be an option. He had a knack for math, and so later became an aerospace engineer instead. Henry never married, as he was oftentimes too oblivious to tell if a woman liked him or not. One day, he was going to meet a woman on his first date in a long while, however, he was hit by a car on the way there, landing him in Necros. For a time, he was under the care of Monica Pucianna, however, eventually, he ended up with Miguel and has since been with Miguel and company.
    race: Human (debatable at this point)
    national balance: none
    armor: various
    weapons: among others: the maiden of beginning, scalpel of eternity, tattoo of nothingness, eye of light, box of song, skull of pathways, note of wealth, skull of wisdom, suture of ambition, fetus of life, bone-finger of death, hourglass of darkness, soldier of the adversary, throne of the past, secret of the future, chain of present, uterus of passion, phallus of innocence, grimoire of deception, needle of rage, vial of chaos, cloak of hatred, feather of colors, manuscript of creation, key of time, apple of famine, tongue of clarity, snowflake of frost, flower of flame, silence 31, speed 32, chimes of gale, cowl of oblivion, mirror of fear, ash of faith, Beasts Resolve, scope of accuracy, paper of absence, map of the abandoned, shield of solitude, pen of the star, stone of world, arm of war, sword of peace, bloodied mirror, mark of center, phone of sacrifice, the grail of anti, castanets of penance, ball of illusion, pills of disgust, hammer of forge, file 54, grand pivot, cartridge of reality, card of truth, book of lies, shoes of labor, reflection of twins, skull of madness, treasure of salvation, star of damnation, marble of nature, dust of agony, coin of greed, aristocrat of cosmos, golden gear of the negative, knife of mind, map of the battlefield, cloak of the sky, jacket of sanity, trophy of triumph, mark of the moon, dice of chance, box of fate, feather of divinity, dagger of rails, knowledge of flesh, battery of extravagance, whetstone of extravagance, handle of purity, hourglass of corruption, trinket of dreams, stone of sorrow, eyes of clarity, forlorn remembrance, pearl of the void, chain of heart, seeker of holders, hand of obedience, pelvis of salmacis, seal of eternal genocide, key of self, scale of purpose, pillow of rest, bandage of martyrdom, book of second seed, white rose of remains, pocket watch of the tower, mentality of cognition, glass ball of the soul, dark heart of the pact,
    class: abomination
    magic: eldritch
    skills: eldritch

    Name: Solandra Chalice
    Age: 20
    Sex: Female
    Nationality: France
    Occupation: Sous chef (Second-in-command chef)
    Abilities: Excellent cook.
    Karma: +1
    Personality: She Completely dedicated to her work. Solandra is more likely to start throwing punches at whoever prepared a bad meal, rather than apologize to the customer that ate it. Though, if a customer complains about one of her own creations, she'll insist that nothing is wrong with it and go into a frenzy. Though, when not in uniform, she's at least polite.
    Ambitions: Become a Gourmet Chef
    Likes: Cooking. Ambition.
    Dislikes: People insulting her cooking.
    Romances: None
    Appearance: 5'7", blonde hair tied in a French twist (, and blue eyes. Usually dresses in stripes, knee high boots, and black arm gloves.
    Background: Solandra grew up in France and learned the greatest French passion, cooking, from her uncle. Since then her devotion to the art has been almost religious, leaving passion for all other things behind. At the age of 17 she began attending professional cooking classes and was hired as a chef at a 5-Star restaurant. After two years of hard work she rose up to the rank of Sous Chef and was maintaining a 4.0 at her college. Unfortunately, she died in a bloody accident involving knives and a rat in her restaurant.
    Race: Alrue
    National Balance: Sheol
    Weapons: enchanted whip, phials of magical fire, lightning, and various mirror bombs and smoke shrouds
    Armor: Prefers to rely on her charm to keep her safe, but has outfitted herself with a thick, black mantle.
    Class: Maintenance
    Spells: mastery of status magic (Ashborn), mastery of plant magic
    Skills: Chemical influence, imbalance, catalyzer

    Name: Karen Gondor
    Age: 89
    Sex: female
    Nationality: Extranjero Ocean
    occupation: small-time artist
    abilities: painting, blending colors
    personality: Karen is a complete and total pushover, easily trampled by other people with more assertiveness than her. She is surprisingly good at things not pertaining to fighting or war, however, and, when not in the company of others, has produced brilliant writings and paintings. She is simply people-phobic.
    ambitions: create a painting so beautiful it creates world peace.
    likes: painting, writing, playing games
    dislikes: brutes, being pushed around, her own weakness
    romances: none
    appearance: Karen, like all merpeople, looks fairly normal when not in water. She bears a somewhat unskinny frame and has a large forehead. The streams that all merfolk possess, she ties around her head. Hers are green, symbolizing her state as a dolphin merkin. When in water, she changes into her more dolphin-esque form which can swim much faster.
    background: Karen lived a fairly average life, and was respected as a somewhat decent painter, but lacked publicity, and was thus not able to sell very well. As such, Vulcan drafted her to parent a group of humans. She got stuck with Miguel and company.
    race: Merfolk
    national balance: Archimede
    armor: Karen wears her normal street clothes most of the time.
    weapons: she has been given a combat knife by Miguel, but she does not use it.
    class: worthless
    magic: wind magic up to Perna
    skills: advanced aquamancy, sonar, aquatic form
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    All right all. Finals are approaching, so I'm putting Netherworld on official pause again. Do not post until further notice. Pause should be lifted in a few weeks.
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    Netherworld is back again. Uncertainty, Malaria, Whisper, one of you please post.
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    thank you. made some comments about the current fight in the actual thread.
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    Name: Vera Lance
    Age: 389 (at time of death)
    Sex: female
    nationality: Lumina

    occupation: engineer, head of research and development for the island of Nod

    abilities: programming, knowledge absorption, tactician

    personality: Vera was never a good person. She is cunning, conniving, and a sociopath. She is able to feign emotions when it suits her, but she does not like doing this when it does not benefit her, she is perfectly content to be, in her words "objectively evil", and takes great pains to destroy any persons who would give her demeanor, actions, or such an excuse.

    ambitions: the complete and total obliteration of all planes and levels of existence, as well as the total mental, financial, romantic, emotional, and physical destruction of all of 'the heroes'

    likes&dislikes: During her lifetime, Vera was quite fond of material goods. She was also a vegetarian, and had a penchant for dining on exotic plants. She also, of course, enjoyed creating weapons for use in the imperial wars between Sheol and Lumina, with her working on both sides under various aliases. One could simply say for dislikes that she disliked everything, which would be true, but it wasn't always the case. At first, her main distaste was for men, which could have been started due to any number of things to be speculated upon. However, she eventually had her vengeance and continued killing, and as she put it, she forgot why she disliked them in the first place, and in all honesty, she should not, as they formed the majority of the armies, and thus, her livelihood. But, she disliked them nonetheless, for reasons she could never quite piece together. She also disliked, in her words "new-age emotionally subjective trash", meaning, people who would attempt to give sociopaths, people like her, excuses to forgive their actions.

    romances: never had any

    appearance: Vera stood at 5 foot 6 with messy black hair that reached down just past her shoulders. She had pale skin and an oily complexion, pointed ears, and a general spindly look. Most of the time, she could be found in slacks, a sweater, and a labcoat. She also wore glasses that functioned as shades when exposed to light, as was often the case when she was at her various computer set-ups.

    Background: Vera, as mentioned before, was born toward the end of the Imperial Wars between Sheol and Lumina. She only took a mild interest in them until she one day decided to become an engineer for the armies as a means to make a living. She started out in attempting to perfect a brand of homunculus that would work for Lumina so as to get her certificate of research from the empire, as notable scientific discovery was the only way to become accepted as a researcher during a time of truce. She failed in this endeavor though, as no homunculus purely loyal to Lumina could be constructed. Soon, the war was back on and Vera was accepted as an engineer for the Luminan military. However, during the war, she primarily operated under different aliases in her perfection of the Slayer droids that would be used by both sides and later outlawed by Vulcan. Once the war drew to its close, Vera went into the protection of the Dream King, who sought to give work to those who could not find it with the end of the war. Vera worked as the head of Division VII in the research and development division of Nod. After several years, several events happened which led to Vera indirectly becoming the head of the entire R&D department, before eventually committing suicide alongside the former chairs of the other divisions. Years later, several creations of hers ran rampant across Necros, killing millions before eventually being brought to their demise. It is unknown what her role in planning these attacks was.

    Race: elf

    National Balance: Lumina

    weapons: none

    armor: mentioned above

    class: engineer, tactician

    spells: none, though she did write the book 'Metaphysical Theory' which eventually served as a stepping stone for the founding of Metaphysical magic.

    skills: heightened senses
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    All right, this is for a prospective new player, and just a general recap of what all has gone on. Introduction: On June 4th, 1999, the God of the planet Earth met his end. Due to this, the council of the universal lords has gathered to determine who shall take over the reigns of the planet Earth. Meanwhile, on Earth, all judgments of heaven and hell are put on hold. On June 5th, death officially left the planet Earth and the human race attained a level of immortality. However, what of those who died on June 4th, the same day that the G.O.E. died?

    That is where the story comes in.

    The humans who died on June 4th have awoken in the world of Necros. A world that has existed as Earth's shadow since ancient times. They are here until a decision can be placed on who shall govern Earth and in the meantime they must survive. The humans in this predicament were all briefed on their status as visitors in the world of Necros, and that some of the inhabitants would be less than pleased about the arrival of humans.

    After a short briefing, the humans were paired off into groups of varying size. Each group was designated a Necrotian chaperone to accompany the humans and get them familiarized with their planet pro tempore. The group our story revolves around, is comprised thusly.

    Desoto McClellan: an amateur writer from Puerto Rico.
    Ramona Sparks: a child prodigy from New York.
    Damien Caldwell: a less than reputable veterinarian from the US.
    Daniel Carter: an ambitious, calculating businessman from New York.
    Alexander Drokavich: a bouncer with a unique fighting style, and a native of Russia. Judy Harris: a kind-hearted ambulance driver from Iowa.
    George Newburg: a cold, mean spirited, drug addicted 19 year old from Georgia.
    Kiyoshi Kimura: an elementary school teacher and pacifist from Japan.

    and their group parent: Nick Eckleberg: a demon specializing in speed and illusionary magic.

    The group met and had so-so impressions of one another. Desoto looked around to see that his friend, Miguel Lamara, who he had died alongside, was thoroughly enjoying this new world and seemed to relish in the thought of causing trouble here.

    After introductions, Nick approached the group and advised them to run. Outside of the building where they had all been summoned (the Dharma corp. civic center located in Crowley, Doppelekereft) there was an angry mob waiting for humans to emerge to lynch the newcomers. After some fast maneuvering, the group escaped and boarded a train, departing for Nick's place of residence, the city of Ecklesax.

    Upon arriving in the city of Ecklesax, Nick treated the party to a dinner and told them some of the basics of the world of Necros. For example, the names and identities of the five nations, as well as the one judicial island: (Doppelekereft, Archimede, Lumina, Sheol, Nod, and the island of Vulcan). He then explained what the connection was between Earth and Necros. The two worlds had once been connected, but were severed in Earth's 14th century due to political clashings between Sheol, Lumina, and the vatican. He further explained to them the existence of karma. A number that all living creatures had set upon them ranging between -7 and positive 7, with -7 being fully evil and positive 7 being saintly, as well as the existence of karmatics. Small creatures engineered and sold in Necros to alter karma and send it beyond the natural boundaries, thus allowing for a process known as race splicing. This process would allow anyone with the proper amount of Karma and the proper national balance (an alliance one forges via document with one of the Necrotian nations) to splice themselves into one of the many different races of Necros, acquiring that races abilities, and, given enough time, ingraining them into one's own genetic code.

    The party spent that night at Nick's house. The next day, the party studied through Necrotian textbooks and almanacs and learned about magic, as well as how to go about casting it. Nick had disappeared for work, but when he arrived again, he informed the humans that they would be departing from Ecklesax due to a Vulcanite assignment he had been given. He had been titled as one of the historian's for the team that was to write the next edition of the Necrotian almanac. Due to this title, he would have to travel the world and bring the humans in tow. The humans agreed fairly readily, and Nick first requested that they visit one town first.

    Arc 1: A Warrior of God
    The party arrived briefly in the town of Callista at Nick's request. He intended to bid his girlfriend, Roulette farewell before they departed on any further journeys. While in Callista, George, Desoto, and Nick entered into a fight with several Hosfa youth. Though the fight was ultimately quelled by a Golem bouncer, the party still caught the interest of a snake-man named Cyrano. Cyrano introduced himself to the party as a splicing artisan who was intrigued by the return of humans to Necros. He agreed to splice with the party for free for a short period of time and transformed George into a golem and Daniel into a Cervidexus.

    After leaving Callista, Nick asked the party where they would like to visit. Judy offered the idea of a town with peaceful people. Nick agreed and took the party to D'abo, a city where the citizens were such pacifists, that they had been overrun by gangs from other areas. After making an agreement with the mayor of D'abo, Nick and the humans fought off the gang members in exchange for allowing Nick access to the papers regarding D'abo's history. Much to Judy's dismay, this was not the type of peace that she was looking for.

    Next, Desoto offered that they visit a city where they could simply relax and have a peaceful, vacation-like time. After a series of train rides, the party arrived in Gail, a thriving metropolis and one of the largest cities in Doppelekreft. Located on a coastline, Gail was a popular vacation spot for many. Nick bid the party on their way after securing a hotel room while he went to do business. George, now addicted to the high of splicing, changed from a Golem to an Archne, and Judy became a Faerie.

    Eventually, Desoto, while on the beach, ran into his old friend Miguel. Miguel, as it turned out, was visiting Gail with his teammates in search of people he wished to join him. He offered a position in his team to Desoto, who refused, due to his mounting distrust of his old friend upon observing his friends more violent nature.

    Meanwhile, Judy and Ramona ran into Solandra Chalice, another member of Miguel’s current party. Solandra had spliced into an alrue, and displayed her powers before Judy and Ramona by having two male beach-goers fight over her. However, unbeknownst to Solandra, Gail was a city of peace not by choice, but by a strict military enforcement of secret police. Solandra, after causing this incident on the beach, was immediately captured by an entire squadron of secret police and brought away to prison.

    That evening, the party met up in their hotel room, and were briefly interrupted by the arrival of Miguel’s party. Which consisted of:
    Miguel Lamara: Desoto’s friend, and now a changeling of the element of thunder.
    Doc Martin: A sadistic doctor and a homunculus.
    Bruce Campbell: A large man (now an Isra) with the only gun in Necros.
    Alex Evans: A young werewolf with a large libido
    the currently imprisoned Solandra Chalice

    And the group parent: Karen Gondor, a timid mermaid with barely any skills of her own.

    After a brief meeting, Miguel and his company left and went about a mission to free Solandra and place the blame on Nick’s company of humans. Their plan went off without a hitch, as, due to the full moon, Alex was rather powered up that night and able to cause a large enough distraction to divert the police force away from Miguel and his cohorts.

    Desoto and the others awoke to chaos in the streets and their names being plastered as the cause of the chaos. The night before, Bruce Campbell had found some of Desoto’s person effects and, using his abilities in conjunction with Doc’s was able to create the illusion that Desoto was in fact one of the major perpetrators of the jailbreak.

    Desoto and company made their way to the train station where a skirmish occurred with Miguel and his crew, weakened from a night of outrunning and fighting police. Desoto and the others won and departed for the city of Crowley.

    Nick was left feeling rather depressed upon the return to Crowley. He entertained Ramona’s wish to explore the Inner Wired, Necros’ network that was analogous to the internet. The party entered the inner wired and were shortly attacked by a high-level hacker who had a vendetta against humans in Necros. Nick was booted out and the humans were left to fend for themselves. However, as the humans survived the challenges thrown at them by the hacker long enough for Nick to retrieve help from Creviston Dharma, the head CEO of Dharma corp. The CEO quickly put the hacker in his place.

    This incident put Nick over the line. Desperate, he sought to return to a place he was familiar with. The party rented a set of crawlers, a type of Necrotian vehicle, and set off for Dudley, formerly known as Eckleclear, Nick’s hometown.

    Upon arriving in Eckleclear, some of the party went to a nearby church. There, they met a priest who advertised that in the next day, he would be opening a spiritual portal to Earth, allowing the humans to see any loved ones they had left behind and what state they were in.

    Also at the church, the humans met Kyriel Baskin, a large, European man who believed firmly that God was still alive, and claimed that he, through divine will, was chosen to bring humans from the now defunct and sin-filled Earth and onto Necros to inhabit the untamed.
    The next day, the humans partook in the viewing and saw that Earth without death had become a hellish world where torture and mutilation had become commonplace to survive. After this, the humans resolve strengthened, they would find a way back to Earth and help their loved ones who they had left.

    That night, Kyriel called together all of the humans who were staying in Dudley and told them of his plan to lead a holy crusade against Sheol to make room for humans. He reasoned that he had been divinely influenced and predicted a girls suicide which took place moments later, as well as conjured an angel to his side. Baffled, the party left and the next day, left Dudley in pursuit of the psychotic priest.

    Along the road, the humans fought several of Kyriel’s demented followers, and after a day of travel, the party arrived in Crowley. They sought to prove that Kyriel was not in fact divine, for if he truly had divine influence, then he was immune to Necrotian law, and could start a holy crusade and gather troops as he pleased. The humans discovered however, that the biographical information on Kyriel had been stolen by Miguel, and so, the party set about finding the person who Miguel was targeting to join his party next, Henry Topaz, an aerospace engineer in the care of Monica Pucianna.

    The party departed for Pucianna and found that Monica was more than willing to hand over the naïve Henry to Nick and the others. Miguel, who had been attacking Monica over the past few nights in pursuit of Henry, met with the party and exchanged the file on Kyriel for the engineer. In the file, Desoto found a detailed description of Miguel’s anarchistic goals and how he sought to use both Bruce’s guns and Henry’s planes to revolutionize warfare in Necros.

    The files proved the humans correct, Kyriel was not divine, instead, he had spliced into a very advanced faerie, and manipulated the eyes of others through corpumancy into believing the angels they had seen. The party sent in this new evidence to Vulcan and trained for the next week to prepare on their own to perhaps put a stop ot the madman.
    After the week passed, the party gathered, and, aided by a fleet of Vulcan ships, managed to obliterate Kyriel’s forces.

    Arc 1B: Necrotians:
    Elsewhere, running in a parallel timeline, a team of Enforcers from Vulcan had been assigned to retrieve an ancient artifact from an island in the Holder Archipelago. A series of islands surrounding Archimede. The enforcer team, composed of:
    Vierci Valgarth: A business-oriented Efreet
    Crios Geata: something of a knight-templar for Vulcan.
    Grodmann: A Hexagunner of pessimism
    Gaius Iurex: a megalomaniac Yuharan
    Vel: A graceful Quatrafier
    Vladimir Redmond: A falcon Harpy with a very 'to the point' mindset.
    Cam Funistranseo: A young Hosfa.

    The party found the item, held by a tortured guardian, known as 'The Holder of Death'. The being trapped them in a Moebius loop of time and space. Eventually, however, they were freed and retrieved the item with the aide of a human they had brought along, Carlos Kennedy (no Necrotian can lay hands on the items without going insane.) However, upon the return to their ship, the Enforcers learned that several months had gone by and that they had been presumed dead and replaced by the main party. Enraged to be replaced by humans, and now being hunted by Vulcan for knowing of this operation without being a member of Vulcan, the Enforcers escaped and have not been seen or heard from since.

    Arc 2: First mission:
    The party, who had been taking a short rest on Lumina after destroying Kyriel's fleet, were interrupted by the arrival of several representatives from Vulcan, as well as two children, Rena Jackson and Lundy Rivers, who quickly joined the party. Among them, Emilie Wolfsbane, a naiad who suggested the party become Enforcers to help them gain more credence in Necros. The party accepted, and were assigned the number of an Enforcer team that had just disappeared on a mission. They were then told by the naiad that their first mission would be an assassination of a Lych named Acacia Drakmore, a high ranking noble in the continent of Sheol. To get there, they would have to travel south through Archimede, where they would be met up with a ship to take them to Sheol. The party accepted, and Emilie left. Nick warned them afterward, however, that this would be very hard, as Acacia was a very powerful Lych, who probably heard their conversation, as he had minions across the globe.

    That night, as the party slept, a deformed mass entered their bunker at the local hostel and revealed itself to be the spirit of Kiyoshi's unborn son, put into a hideous, nearly dead body by Acacia. The creature guided Kiyoshi out to an alleyway, where it told him that if he did not act as a saboteur toward the main party, then Acacia would take the souls of his loved ones and damn them to hell after a lengthy torture process. Kiyoshi accepted the terms, and the next day, the mission began.

    Briefly before the party went to Archimede, Nick and Desoto brought the party some new weapons and armor, and aided Rena and Lundy in splicing, as they had not done so yet. (note: recently, I changed the splicing mechanic, Karma is no longer a factor in splicing, people simply have different levels of endurance to the process, allowing some to splice more frequently than others.) Rena became an Esper and Lundy became an Isra.

    The party arrived on Archimede and were met shortly after they arrived by a local elf tribe. Using her newfound telepathy, Rena was able to translate the ancient tongue and tell the party that the elves had warned them to not intentionally harm any of the local plants, and that doing so would not result well for the party. The party continued on their journey and, eventually, Kiyoshi was told to guide them to the top of the Kuiper falls, which he was able to do. There, they were attacked by two of Acacia's minions, a firebomber who they could not see, and a large beast. The beast was handled relatively easily, but the bomber was able to knock Desoto unconscious and severely burn Lundy, Rena, and Nick. Rena and Lundy getting the worst of it, as Rena, who had quite a collection of knives, had them melted onto her flesh now. The party was able to wait the bomber out, however, and make their way to some ruins, where they healed and rested.

    The ruins, as it turns out, were home to a tribe of Naiads. The naiads let the party stay as long as they promised to leave as soon as they were able, as they wanted nothing to do with either Vulcan or Emilie Wolfsbane, who, as it turns out, was a former member of their tribe. The party rested further and awoke to find the tribe had vanished, leaving everything they owned behind, as if they had simply disappeared in the middle of their daily activities. Upon inspection, Nick found a set of three-toed footprints leading out of the village. Upon seeing these, Nick told the party to run as fast as they could away. He joined them, and after they had run away, he explained that it may have been a being he called 'Trinity', Trinity, he explained, was one of six incredibly powerful droids who went on a global killing spree 24 years prior. They were thought to have been destroyed, but, as the case was largely covered up by Vulcan, very little was actually known as to whether or not they still existed.

    During another fight against Acacia's minions, Alexander had a fit of rage and attempted to destroy one of the ancient trees, this caused the anger of the elves, who arrived shortly and killed Alexander.

    The party trekked further through Archimede, fighting Acacia's minions all the while. The final major stopping point on Archimede was at the epicenter of the continent. It was here that the sky-bridge, the bridge that once connected the two planets, Earth and Necros, once existed. Now, the area was simply a grassy crater where, as Nick put it, the energies of Earth still existed. As such, death could not occur there.

    The party eventually reached the southern end of the continent where they were met by their next ride, Friedrich Nuremberg, the captain of a hunting ship known as 'The Ferryman.' Nuremberg's main purpose, he stated, was the hunting of the Leviathan, one of three great beasts that inhabited Necros. The Leviathan was large enough to have its own separate name, Mount Jörmungandr, when it came to a rest. After a failed attempt at luring the beast using the party as bait, Nuremberg deposited them at Sheol, along with a new party member they gained onboard, Fyodor, the merkin.

    Desoto had found out earlier that their fight would be harder, as Emilie was waiting for them with Acacia and had given Acacia their bio-files, meaning that the Lych now knew all of their fighting styles for definite. He had also announced to the people of the Sheolian capitol, Abaddon, that a group of Earthlings was headed their way, and to be ready to hunt. Using a powerful illusion by Nick, the party was able to enter Abaddon and find their way to Acacia's house undetected, at the cost of leaving Nick behind.

    Once inside, the party made their way to the basement, where they found the Lych and engaged him in combat. While Acacia was not powerful physically, he had a vast array of spells, including filtering in a poison to the room that would slowly kill the party. His main defense, however, was a suit of armor he wore that could absorb and reflect any offensive move thrown against it. However, the party managed to cut off the armors power supply and Daniel landed the finishing blow on the Lych, crushing his head with his hammer. Most of the party lay unconscious, and Kiyoshi had been impaled and killed during the fight, but they had completed their mission. Agents from Vulcan arrived shortly afterward and healed the party and let them rest.

    After the party awoke, Emilie and another Vulcan agent, Messina, explained to the party that they had earned one year's leave to separate and do what they desired. Nick went back to his home in Doppelekereft, Desoto, Ramona, and Emilie all went to Vulcan; George and Rena decided to stay in Sheol to train, Lundy and Damien departed to 'The Untamed', the unexplored parts of Doppelekreft, to aid in a Vulcan colonization project, Judy went to Lumina to learn the ways of the Faerie, Daniel departed for Doppelekereft, and Fyodor went to the sea. However, before he left, Desoto went back down to the basement briefly and found a strange tape recording, that he pocketed. He was also confronted by Miguel, who told him that in six months there would be a large tournament, and to be ready so that they could fight.

    Arc 2b: Earth

    On Earth, a motley crew of people related to those who had died on June 4th was gathered inside the Vatican and told that they would be put on a mission, as they had nothing else to do. It was believed that the Hopi tribe knew of a place that used to be a portal between Earth and another world, and it was these people's job to find this portal, so as to help bring death back to Earth. The party departed and made their way to Arizona in the US, only to be confronted and briefly battle a strange robotic creation.

    Arc 3: The Tournament
    After a brief explanation of what everyone was doing during their break, Emilie received news at the 6 month point that her squad of Enforcers were to participate in the Inaugural tournament for the new president of Sheol, as the old one, President Misagga, mysteriously died on the same day Acacia did. After gathering up the party, they were brought to a mobile stadium being utilized by Vulcan for the purpose of this tournament. They are currently participating in the tournament, where teams are competing for the chance to win an item known as a 'Certificate of Reason', which would allow any person to be a free man for the rest of their days, unbounded by any countries, or Vulcans laws.

    Currently, the fight is between Team Thunderstrike, consisting of Miguel and his company, and !!!RODGORT, a team of three Necrotians who entered the tournament on a whim.

    (and that's the story so far.)
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    Name: Clyde Lancier
    Age: 15
    Sex: Male
    Nationality: French
    Occupation: Student
    Abilities: Can use a spear pretty well in combat.
    Personality: Usually a shy and quiet person. Rarely talks to anyone.
    Ambitions: No current ambitions yet.
    Likes: Horror stories, spicy food, pistachios, ice cream, reading novels and eating sweets (usually candy).
    Dislikes: Anything that is noisy.
    Romances: No one in particular.
    Appearance: He has brown hair and blue eyes. He is about 5 feet and 6 inches tall. He has a small scar the upper part of his right eyebrow denoting which part of his head hit the rock when he died. He wears a black, short-sleeved jacket and a white, long-sleeved shirt underneath. He wears a pair of blue jeans and a pair of black sneakers. He also wears a satchel slung across his body where he keeps his things.
    Background: An aloof, quiet, uncaring boy in life. His father was a blacksmith creating tools for carpenters and farmers. Back when his father was younger, he made weapons for different travelers and sometimes hunters. Clyde saw his dad’s works in their basement and asked his father to teach him how to use them. He favored the spear the most and would spend most of his time practicing in how to use it properly. One day, while practicing beside a river, he accidentally tripped and fell in the water. The river’s current was powerful and he was carried to a high waterfall. He hit his head on some rocks and fainted then drowned. His body was never found. During his earlier time in Necros, he traveled with a few people. But when he and his group were practicing some spells, his spell Sik, became uncontrollable due to lack of practice. His whole group was killed. Since then, he traveled alone to prevent the accident from happening again.

    Race: Demonic - Alrue
    National Balance: Sheol
    Weapons: A spear and a dagger.
    Armor: A dark-blue armor. It is made from a very strong alloy. Magic is the only thing that it cannot protect its wearer from.
    Class: Warrior
    Hie – creates an ice coating over a weapon which can spread cold to whatever it touches.
    Stal – creates a stalagmite of ice to impale an enemy
    Gloce – can freeze a person or object to store it for an indefinite amount of time.
    Chi - sends an ice trail from the caster, can trap/freeze opponents. The speed of the ice increases with experience.
    Sik - a shower of ice needles that can pierce any type of armor. Number of projectiles, range and power increases with experience.
    Healing Serum - secretes a chemical that is similar to potions to heal injuries.
    Corrosion - secretes an acid-like chemical to burn through objects.
    Seduction Pheromone - a chemical that attracts the opposite sex.
    Protection Pheromone - a chemical that forces all living creatures in an area to protect the user.
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    Name: Carmina Orff
    Age: 254
    sex: female
    nationality: Sopranino, Doppelekereft
    occupation: singer
    abilities: perfect pitch, perfect song memory
    personality: Carmina is a somewhat cruel woman who enjoys teasing her fans and admirers with not just her beauty but her voice as well. She usually speaks normally, despite her fans asking her to speak to them entirely in recitative. She enjoys a good fight, though hates to lose.
    ambitions: continue living out the good life
    likes: celebrity status, fighting, blood on her hands, her teammates, homemade drinks, fast food
    dislikes: losing, sweets, people who illegally download her music, her rival Karmen Bizet
    romances: none
    appearance: 4’8” normally, though her height changes. She has blond hair done in a very intricate style, and blue eyes. She is noted for being a demon who appears rather exotic, with tan skin, and a slender form, as well as a slight slant in her eyes.
    backstory: Carmina was born into a family of opera singers and grew up learning the trade. Eventually, she made it big, as one of the star Sopranos of the musical world. But she had another interest which led her into an activity often considered at ends with her career, tournament fighting. She and four other opera singers with a similar mindset banded together to form Lohengrin, a self-proclaimed “musical bloodbath extravaganza”. Carmina is the soprano of the group, and something of a frontman type. While she normally practices her operatic career, when a tournament is approaching, Lohengrin gathers in preparation, as they are a fan-favorite of tournament fighting and often are a favorite to win.

    race: Demon (spliced pixie)
    national balance: Archimede
    armor: Carmina is notable among her teammates as the only one that does not wear armor (disregarding Fafner) , her reasoning being that she is so beautiful, the Gods would not allow her to be hit. True to her word, she has not endured a single scratch to her person in all of her fights, though this may also be in part due to her abilities and teammates.
    weapons: A set of nails and several small sacks filled to the brim with broken glass which she throws.
    class: Pain
    magic: none
    skills: cloning, hivemind (among clones), expansion, shrinking

    Name: Brünhilde Wagner
    Age: 482
    sex: female
    nationality: Nimid, Lumina
    occupation: Opera singer, member of Lohengrin
    abilities: strength, perfect pitch, enduring voice
    personality: Brünhilde is a forceful individual who does not deal with pleasantries. She is dedicated to her opera and does not make time to address her fans. Not that she has many. She is a vengeful person and something of a berserker who will stop at nothing to see her detractors and opponents blood smeared across a wall as they beg for her to stop.
    ambitions: none
    likes: horses, opera, writers, books
    dislikes: television, boiled food
    romances: none
    appearance: 5’8”, a slender woman with long, flowing black hair that reaches halfway down her legs. Harsh features and a detachable jaw.
    backstory: Much like Carmina, Brünhilde was a well-known opera singer with a love for combat that came to fruition with her joining Lohengrin. Unlike Carmina, however, Brünhilde was not always considered beautiful. Through some strange fault, she became good looking much later in life, causing her to suddenly gain fans when her looks improved. This alienated the singer and caused her to hate her so-called “fans.” She will often challenge them to fights and especially enjoys hurting fans of Lohengrin itself.

    race: banshee
    national balance: Sheol
    armor: Brünhilde wears very old plate armor which, while antiquated, serves as great physical protection for her body while she charges her voice.
    weapons: A ten foot vorpal spear and the horns on her magical helmet
    class: Singer
    magic: acoustimancy
    skills: amplified sound, detachable jaw, snake bones.

    Name: Kaspar Weber
    Age: 367
    sex: male
    nationality: Kaleido, Doppelekereft
    occupation: Opera singer, member of Lohengrin, hunter
    abilities: perfect vision, tracking skills, perfect pitch
    personality: Kaspar is considered the everyman of Lohengrin, he interacts with people of the different towns he travels to regularly, often going on hunts with the locals. Furthermore, he is not afraid of displaying his voice in public for free, often singing morning songs to wake whatever town he may currently reside in. A nice man with good public relation skills.
    ambitions: live a happy life
    likes: fighting, hunting, singing, life, touring, meeting new people, local foods
    dislikes: stubbornness, overly serious people, Zamiel
    romances: a wife, Johanna Weber
    appearance: 6’3”, tall with short, well cut brown hair. Lightly tanned skin and a good complexion. Not terribly skinny or buff, Dresses casually but practically, often skipping on style for durability or function. Has retractable white wings that come out when excited.
    backstory: Much about Kaspar’s childhood is unknown, as it is rather unremarkable when put in context next to his teammates. He simply became an opera singer due to his love and skill for singing. He eventually became a member of Lohengrin simply due to his love for good sport and competitive fighting. He has an interesting mentor-student relationship with the another member of Lohengrin, Zamiel.

    race: angel
    national balance: Nod
    armor: Kaspar wears heavy clothing that is fire-proof and electrically insulating. It can also protect him from colds, but is not altogether magic-proof. He has many pockets which seem to hold all sorts of things. Kaspar uses these as a means to take out ammunition to use in combat.
    weapons: His hands and ammunition he uses
    class: Hunter/Sniper
    magic: Restoration magic (a type of magic unique to angels that acts as an all-purpose healing magic. It has yet to be learned by anyone apart from angels and lepoblancs who copy them).
    Skills: Bulls-eye (able to conjure a target on foe’s) Shot (launches anything as a projectile that will ultimately find the bulls-eye it seeks), flight

    Name: Zamiel Luciphelius Chamblee
    Age: ??
    sex: male
    nationality: Astarote, Sheol
    occupation: Opera singer, member of Lohengrin
    abilities: high strength, perfect pitch, very fast
    Personality: Zamiel is an enigmatic man. He is secretive, and always has an air of knowing he is going to win. He is the member of Lohengrin least-liked by the public. Little else is known about the man.
    ambitions: unknown
    likes: meat, cartography, history, fighting (more specifically, winning)
    dislikes: harvesting the planet
    romances: none
    appearance: Zamiel stands at 7 feet exactly, has long black hair, and dark black eyes. Zamiel’s skin is fair and his face is sharp and lacking in facial hair. He is slender, and wears a business suit most times. When fighting, he wears a strange leather straight jacket like outfit that unbinds the more he fights.
    backstory: Unlike even Kaspar, Zamiel’s background is a total mystery to all but him. He is a member of the Chamblee clan of vampires. However, any segment of his life beyond this is unknown
    race: Paledonian of Glaaki, the endgame/Vampire
    national balance: Sheol
    armor: A strange black straight jacket that acts as power restraint. When Zamiel begins fighting the straight jacket periodically sheds itself slightly. He has never fully exited, as he has never been in a fight that long.
    weapons: A large battle axe, various items
    class: reaper
    magic: Mastery of School of Cycles summoning, though, due to contractual obligations, only allowed to use Glaaki’s, though they are much more powerful.
    skills: unknown, the most famous Paledonian of Glaaki, the endgame.

    Name: Fafner
    Age: 2504
    sex: male
    nationality: Archimede
    occupation: Opera singer, member of Lohengrin
    abilities: booming voice, knowledge of history
    personality: Fafner is a gentle giant. He honestly wishes all of nature’s beings well. This does not stop him, however, from participating in fights. He is not cruel, unlike some of his teammates however, and takes every precaution to leave his opponents alive and well.
    ambitions: to see the world grow and prosper
    likes: people, travelling, seeing his friends grow and live their lives
    dislikes: killers, war, senseless needless violence
    romances: none
    appearance: 200 feet tall. Stony skin and large body structure.
    backstory: Fafner is one of the few Archimedean ancients that has ventured from Archimede and joined modern Necros. He joined Lohengrin after meeting Carmina and the other members during his jobs with the opera, as being one of the few titans available to be used in an opera.

    race: Titan
    national balance: none
    armor: his body
    weapons: none
    class: titan
    magic: none
    skills: he’s a titan fighting among normal people, need I say more?
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    just an update, here's how the tournament looks currently.

    Semifinals, third match

    Beta Squadron: Judy Harris, Karen Gondor, Daniel Carter, Jack Stone, Fyodor, Rena Jackson


    Lohengrin: Carmina Orff, Br
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    thanks, I was having difficulty keeping track
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    Just remembered something! A couple of days ago was Netherworlds first birthday! Happy one year everyone!
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    All right, I'm going to put a deadline on this fight. Saturday night.
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    Here's what the teams look like for the final fight so far.

    Alpha Squadron:
    George Ashcroft, Nick Eckleburg, Kaspar Weber, Miguel Lamara, Lundy Rivers

    Bruce Campbell, Doc Martin, Henry Topaz, Jenny Rockyhara, Desoto McClellan, Solandra Chalice, Ramona Sparks

    Beta Squadron:
    Fyodor, Rena Jackson, Karen Gondor, Jack Stone, Judy Harris, Daniel Carter

    Currently, Beta Squadron still has a trade available to them should they wish to make one.
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    so we're stopping the RPG again to wait for Khan and GORN to get back. In the future, please let me know in advance in the future when you will be going away before it happens if you can (this applies to everyone).
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    Here is basic positioning as of my last post. Image is not drawn to scale.

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    all right, so here's a factor to know in this room. I am going to require you all to give me a number between one and ten that is your characters normal ability to focus on a single object in a normal situation. For example, a character that is always perfectly focused on everything will have a ten. Someone that is always lost will be a one. This will be used in this room in the form of dice rolls to determine if actions go through or if your character is too distracted in the room. Five is a totally average person, below that is below normal, above that is above normal levels of focus.

    Nick is a 5.
    Vinson (the man who controls this room) is a 7.
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    4/10 for George.
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