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    After a few flights of stairs Cindy found herself in the basement with Desoto remaining close behind. She eventually stumbled into one room, a metal box on the wall immediately catching her eye. The cheerleader opened up the breaker box and flipped the switches, casting the room and rest of the palace into darkness. "Great. Like now I can't see." She felt her way out of the dark room taking cautious steps. She tripped over Desoto's foot in the dark, "Ouch! Damn it Desoto." She glared at where she thought he was. 'Damn it I need a light. Oh yeah.' She took out a lighter she had almost forgotten she stored in Clyde's bag and provided a little light to help guide them back to the kill Miguel party.

    Lundy sighed and shrugged again, "I guess you could ask Desoto. He might know her last name." Lundy looked in the direction the rest of the party went. "But wherever Karen is it's not here...come on, we should go find the others." He motioned for his companions to follow and started walking towards the palace knowing it'd be a while before they reach it.
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    Terry stoked his chin, thinking of ways to help Lilith find Karen. "I am not truly sure about how this Esper business works, but couldn't you find her with the info you have so far?" claimed the Jackanape, still scanning the area. "After all, if I had to guess given what you lot have said about her, I'd reckon she'd be having thoughts of fear, regret, and confusion." he offered. "OH! And sadness, can't forget sadness!" Terry exclaimed as he began to follow after Lundy.
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    As the electricity left the Capitol Building. Miguel was left with no way to speak. He couldn't move due to Kinetics, and he could not morph into electricity due to George's Shad spell. Eventually, Desoto worked his way back up to the room where the others waited. Seeing his former friend simply standing in place, Desoto decided to end things quickly. "Watch out." he said flatly as he drew his pistol and fired two bullets into the Changeling's chest. The force of the bullets caused Miguel to fall to the ground as he began to bleed out, unable to remove the bullets due to Shad. "..." Desoto looked down with trouble toward the man and quickly turned to the others. "Leave his body here. It won't do any of us any good to mangle his corpse, Damien." the harpy glared at the vet's silhouette in the darkened room. "Let's help the others find Karen." Desoto commented as he left.

    As the group left, McKinley had found Karen. The Mermaid had taken up hiding in the basement of an art supply store in the business district of Abaddon, and was startled and frightened when the Cryptid in a HAZMAT suit approached her. "Karen Gondor.." McKinley read out to her. "You've been found guilty of.... huh... you don't have any charges here...well, I could get you on guilt by association with Miguel but...wait.."

    "McKinley, you there?" Vinson's voice called into McKinley's ear via a transceiver. "Some guys got him.."

    "what..?" McKinley asked, not being sure what Vinson was trying to tell her.

    "Those guys, the honorary agents from Earth, they lured out the Changeling and killed him.. I was holding the illusion over the capitol to sense if he had left, he hadn't. He's gone now. I spread it out over the whole city. Nada. I'm moving in for the body." Vinson called out.

    "Keep that body in good condition for me, Vinson!" McKinley shouted into the device. She turned back to the mermaid. "You're a lucky little thing. Your boss has been killed, and since you have no crimes on your record, you're free to go. Just pray that you never have to see me again." With that, the Cryptid ran out of the art shop, leaving a trembling Karen alone. Karen walked out of the shop slowly, wiping tears from her eyes, glad that apparently everything had ended. She had seen so much bad things and just wanted to go back to painting now. She sat out by the store and cried, unable to bring herself to running at the moment.

    Vinson passed by the party as he entered. "Hello there, everyone." he lackadaisically announced. "Congratulations on killing the target. As per protocol, we have to take care of the body. However, I shall see to it that you get some of the payment for the job. Congratulations again on your intrepid mercenary ambitions."
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    "That was it?" Judy thought as she moved along with the others. She casted a few Mends, healing the slight wounds from the shattered glass and attempting to get Daniel back on his feet. She was unfocused, though. "No huge fight with all his lackeys? No more casualties? How did we manage that? She stumbled on something in the dark. "We made it. Miguel's gone, we're almost out of Vulcan's grasp . . . If only Nick were here to see it . . ." Judy sighed, a mix of relief and sadness.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    Desoto slumped to the floor as Vinson went into the building to retrieve the body, heaving heavy breaths of relief. After a moment, he stood up and nodded to the others. "I'll be right back." With that, he expanded his wings and took off, flying overhead to find the younger party members (and Terry). Upon noting them, he landed. "You guys can stop looking now!" he called with relief and excitement in his voice. "It's over! We got him!"

    Karen, who overheard the harpy yelling a number of quiet streets over from her current resting place, moved to go investigate, and upon seeing the people whom she recognized, approached them meekly.

    "I-is it true? Did you guys.. kill Miguel?" She asked, not bothering to make a formal announcement of her presence.

    Desoto spun around quickly as Karen asked, not having heard her approach, "Oh..it's you, Karen. Yes it's true. We killed him. What happened to the others in your team?"

    "Those guys..." Karen began, "The mercenaries from D'onofrio... We were told they were coming a couple of days ago.. I tried to tell them that we'd all be killed, but they laughed it off. Told me to buzz off.. so I did, I went into hiding in the basement of an art store with some supplies. Most of Abaddon's been abandoned since Miguel took office, only a few people stayed and everyone kept fighting each other and stealing and.." Karen quickened her pace as she spoke, showing that she became less and less happy as she relived the memories.

    "Then on that same day we heard they were coming, Solandra left too...she didn't come back, but Henry did, I guess Solandra had taken him with her... we saw him at the edge of the crater, and he just ran over it, and fell into the pit... Miguel tried to save him, but couldn't... not long after that, the mercenaries showed up.. I know they killed Alex and Doc.. I don't know about Bruce, though... he seemed kinda on edge when I told them about the mercenaries, so I think he may've run off.. I don't know much since I was holed up int he store.." She didn't know what to say beyond that.

    "All right," Desoto proclaimed to the others. "Come with me, I want to talk about what we should do from here on out."

    Desoto brought them to the Capitol Building, where the members of D'onofrio had gathered as well.

    "Ah, you're the one Vulcan has appointed leader of this team." Everest said, turning to Desoto. Desoto was surprised to hear this information. Nick had always been the one formally 'in charge' of the team. He was somewhat vexed as to why Vulcan had chosen him as the new leader, but figured he could figure that out later.

    "I want to personally congratulate you all for a job well done in civilian disobedience." Everest nodded to the group. "While professionally, I must condemn your actions somewhat for having encroached upon our mission, it was a mission highly considered more of a publicity stunt for us, as the price that Pulsa put up isn't nearly what we normally charge for these kinda services. So as you can see, I'm kinda mixed."

    Desoto was unsure of what to make of the man's words.

    "Continue on as if I weren't here." Everest said before disappearing completely.

    Desoto blinked at the sudden disappearance of the man before turning to the others. "Well guys, I guess here's where we go our separate ways. Emilie said that she's got one more mission for us but it's at least a year away. So enjoy that time while you can. Vulcan won't come bothering us otherwise, and we can try and get our lives started up again here. I guess we're still banned from Dyaus, but I think with the approval of Lord Ashcroft and the fact that we just beat their president and Henry down, we can get some respect here in Sheol.."

    "Oh!" Everest called, popping into existence again. "That reminds me. As a thanks for doing my job for me, I'll grant you permission to come to Doppelekereft if you want. You'll be field agents of D'onofrio so you can have the same debt protections you would've had when you first showed up here in Necros. You don't need to live at the complex, you can live wherever and just put it on my tab."

    Desoto was dumbfounded by the man's strangeness. "C-can you do that!?" He asked incredulously.

    "Between Dharma, K2 and me, we're the most powerful people in Doppelekereft. We can pull some strings, I'm sure. My word goes over K2's for letting you back into the nation. She may be the most powerful combat-wise, but I've got the most political tugs there." Everest added.

    Desoto thought things over, he would actually prefer Doppelekereft over Sheol. Several of Vera's tapes had mentioned Creviston Dharma, and Desoto felt it would be a good idea to ask him about things. He was somewhat perplexed by the man's actions though, having only seen him once back in Doppelekereft when the group had ventured into the Inner Wired, and only having recently heard of him through an impersonal note left on Hildegarde's body.

    "All right, all of you lot going to Doppelekereft, come with us." Everest gestured.
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    "I guess I'll go," Ramona remarked. She had yet to take a liking to any place on Necros, so she decided it was best to stick around with familiar faces--or at least some of them. "Desoto, if you have any research-related ventures in mind, please be sure to include me. You always seem to caught up in things, and I'll admit I'm getting interested based on how you've been acting bit by bit as we travel."

    "Bye everyone," George said as he turned away. "Not sure if I'll see you all again. I'll be either with my lord or out somewhere under him or something. If you really need to find me, I'm sure things will work out. The exception is f***ing Damien--you ain't allowed to come find me. Take that as a challenge and I'll be happy to help you find out how immortal ya are."
  • icbmalariaicbmalaria Let Mom sleep Full Members
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    "I'm going with you guys," Lundy smiled slightly at Desoto and Ramona, "Though I won't be helping you two, not that I'd be much help anyways. I want to learn more about being an Isra and I think there's a place in Doppelekerft where a ton of them live." He turned to Damien who he had the most messed up relationship with in the group, "You gotta be kinda happy I'm not tagging along with you again," He laughed a little though figuring it was true. "But in all seriousness, thanks for putting up with me the first time. And thanks for teaching me all the s*** you did." He waved goodbye to George even though he had already turned away. Though George wasn't his favorite person he still hoped to see him again. 'Oh right, George. Where's Rena err Lilith gonna go this time?' He looked at his first friend on Necros, "What are you going to do?"

    Cindy had no clue what she was going to do except knowing she wanted to splice. She groaned obnoxiously, "You know what, like I guess I'll just go with you guys too. But I'm so not into research. Too lame. So I'm like going to do my own thing."
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    Damien stood by silently as George departed. To be honest, he was a bit down trodden to see the man leaving them. Next to Nick, George was the one Damien tolerated the most, at least when the first arrived on Necros. The good doctor ignored George's death threat, tossing it into that special place in his mind where all the other death threats he'd received since arriving on this planet went. "....." he wanted to speak, but what to say? He couldn't let George leave without so much as a word. "......Aaaaaaaaaaah, fu**," the drow finally growled, teleporting in front of George in the process. Damien glared at the vampire for some time before pulling a cigarette from his coat pocket and handing it to George. "Take care of yourself you fu**ing druggy." Before giving the man a chance to answer, Damien teleported back to the rest of the group. "There is no fu**ing way I'm staying in this fu**ing country with all these fu**ing psychotic fu**ers and their fu**ng bullsh** game shows. Especially not now that they've fu**ing discovered guns!" Damien spoke in his usual 'charming' manner as he more or less made it known that he'd be going with the rest of the group to Doppelekereft. His attention shifted to his former pupil as the boy thanked him. Pausing for a moment as if trying to come up with something clever to say, Damien simply sighed, scratched his head, and thought very seriously about punching Lundy again for old times sake. Finally deciding against this course of action though, Damien moved to speak. "Shut the hell up you fu**ing runt." Upgrading Lundy from brat to runt was the closest thing Damien could get to a compliment.
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    Terry could only chuckle quietly when observing Damien's "pleasant" demeanor. Then, the Jackanape suddenly stopped. "What do I do? The party's splintering..." he mused. Granted, it seems that most of the party will be traveling Desoto, but he realized that the current circumstances would render his dreams impossible. "I'll never be able to convince boss-lady about those shows at his rate..." Terry thought, massaging his temples with a intense frown. However, he soon perked up.

    "I would love to accompany the lot of ya' to Doppelekerft, however I must stop in on my guardian, while there. Research is a thing I would love to do, especially what govern's the arts and and entertainment in Necros, but I am sure my guardian needs a helping hand with things. So, I will part ways with you when we arrive." Terry remarked. "I will, however, be only a ring away if ever you may need me!" He said, spinning his hat on his index finger.

    "In fact, you could even, even me-" he couldn't finish as his peppy disposition turned into one of terror. "You could meet him... but, I can't guarantee you will like what you see. Artie is quite, eccentric. Terry began laughing uncomfortably. "He is a good person though, I bet my ears on it! Or at least the ones on my hat.."
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    Lilith was only half listening as Everest talked. She was busy realizing that the group was about to fall apart and she was going to be alone in a world that she only knew fragments about. While she knew the freedom would be nice for a while, she wasn't as mindless as she had been when she first came into existence and she knew quite well that she needed to stick with someone until she had a better understanding of everything. 'It's weird enough,' she thought, 'getting used to being conscious all the time. Being in a different world makes this a lot harder.'

    Lundy snapped her out of her reverie for a moment when he spoke to her, and his concern made her twitch in surprise before her mood darkened. 'He's just worried about Rena,' she thought bitterly. She paused momentarily wondering if she should be worried about Rena. 'We are part of each other,' she thought idly and then shook her sharply head to clear it. 'F*** her, she's just too weak. If she can't deal with things it's her own d*** fault.'

    She noticed Lundy was still looking at her and realized she needed to respond, "Oh right, forgot about you for a second." She tried to keep her voice as polite as she was able, "I don't really have a f***ing clue what anything here is like so I'm going with you guys..." She paused realizing she had been to harsh as soon as it came out of her mouth, 'D*** it I suck at this.' "Um... that is... if you'll have me..." she steeled herself and shut her eyes, "p-please," she finished spitting out the word like it was dirty. She clenched her hands tightly waiting for their response, her nails nearly breaking her skin. 'F*** I need something to stab,' she thought wistfully.
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    "All right then. That's everyone of note." Everest remarked somewhat emphatically. "You can all decide on where you're going off to in particular later. For now, let's get out of here before those guys from Vulcan show up to try and clean this mess up."

    With that, Everest and all of the party members going to Doppelekereft departed Abaddon and headed for the shore, where the mercenaries had a ship waiting. Upon boarding the ship, Desoto took to a map of Doppelekereft hanging on the wall. He intently looked at the city of Crowley, knowing that his next step to getting home lay in wait there, in the memories of Creviston Dharma.

    Desoto turned to the others and cheerfully sat down, beginning to converse on where they intended to go more fully.
    (End of Arc 4b)
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    (Arc 4c: Stuff Happens)


    Desoto had arrived at the upper cover-city of D'onofrio, a small town built above the underground labyrinth where mercenaries came to receive R&R while not training or on missions, before heading south-west toward the thriving metropolis of Crowley. He had remembered what Everest had said about money being no issue, but still, the man did not want to overspend on the mercenaries account. Upon reaching Crowley, Desoto acquired a cheap apartment and set about applying to the Dharma corporation. The application took several days, during which time, Desoto learned as much as he could about the Inner Wired, so as to be a more likely candidate for the job. During his days in waiting to hear from the company, he went around town and tried to socialize with people. He hung out at cafe's primarily and met several people throughout his days, most of whom were rough equivalents of his age in physical appearance. Not that he wanted to know their real ages, as he felt it was best to just think of them as if they were friends from back on Earth. At the end of the month, Desoto had not heard back from Dharma corporation, though he did continue to ask periodically if anything had changed. On Bethes 27th, while hanging out with his friends, Desoto went on a light-hearted date with an elf-girl named Piama Tartan.
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    Daniel did not return to Doppelekereft. Instead, he stayed in Sheol and helped the residents of Gehenna recover from Miguel’s rule. Most would have seen this as an act of kindness or as an attempt to repair relationships between Earthlings and Sheolians. Only a few knew why Daniel really stayed in Sheol.
    Towards the end of the month, a ship landed on the coast of Sheol. Soon after docking, a banshee in business attire made his way to dry ground with the captain. “I am so glad to be here!” he exclaimed.
    The captain, a short viperfish merfolk, looked at him and said “You mean to return to your birth-place?”
    The banshee laughed. “No, you slimy fool!” He then frowned. “I’m glad I’m here because I absolutely hated the boat ride.”
    The captain shrugged. “Well, when do you want me to come back?”
    “Oh, I don’t think I’ll need you for a while,” the banshee said with a grin. “I want to take my time.” With that, he headed inland toward Gehenna. The captain shrugged again, returned to his ship, and set sail for Doppelekereft, leaving the banshee in the business suit to pursue his mission.
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    Judy made her way back to Vassalla, to take up residence with her adopted race once again. Almost as soon as she arrived at the colony, Matron Raisegha, her now trusted mentor, revealed to her a final piece of faerie lore, something of a skeleton-in-the-closet. Judy was so horrified by her discovery that she not only rejected the potential benefits of this secret, but her entire culture as well. She fled Vassalla, and as soon as possible called upon Cyrano to beg for a new splice.

    After listening to the woman and considering her options, the naga instead directed Judy to Nuremberg. Upon finding him, the Captain informed her of the whereabouts of one of the few remaining monestaries of Comeri. The angelic race's ascetic lifestyle did not sound completely foreign to Judy, and the thought of communicating with the spirits of her deceased friends intrigued her. For the rest of the month, Judy waited in a small village on the northern coast of Lumina, waiting for regularly-scheduled supply boat to be sent up to the island.
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    Only a few days after the success of the Miguel assassination, the Chief Paledonian Charysadol arrived in the Sheolian capital. She was surprised at how quickly the Earthlings had moved. "And now they have departed for the four corners..." she remarked when he heard of their disbandment. She took this opportunity to stay in Sheol and hunt down the Earthlings that had remained on this continent. She arrived in Gehanna and first met Daniel.

    "Excuse me," she said with a sweet smile as she approached the busy relief worker. "Could you spare me a few moments?" She did not say this at all in a threatening manner, but she figured the Earthling would remember her as a Chief Paledonian and comply. "I would like the whole story... Everyone you Earthlings have done here in Necros. Remember, I'm good at detecting lies."

    While Desoto became acclimated to Necrotian life, Ramona moved in to a small apartment nearby his. She did not really know what to do for a living, and she did not want to parrot Desoto. Nevertheless, she decided to help him out with his current goal. She worked with him in using the Inner Wire. Soon, she became hooked and started to use it to research more and more information about Necros. She decided to study as much as she could so she could finally be out of the dark about the workings of this still foreign land. While Desoto immersed himself with the society, Ramona dived into the world's history.
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    After arriving in Doppelkereft, Damien poked around in Crowley for awhile before finally leaving the group to make his own way for awhile. The feeling of finally being rid of the party put Damien in an unusually good mood. Suddenly birds seemed less annoying, dogs seemed less stupid, and the act of killing kittens seemed less necessary. ".......Fu** I'm getting soft......," the drow hissed to himself. After getting directions out of Crowley, Damien settled down in the nearby city of Karthis. The good doctor stopped off in a local cafe to rest from his trip when fate reared its ugly head again, though this time in favor of Damien. A pamphlet for a local University caught his attention. As luck would have it, a new semester was starting soon, but that wasn't what interested Damien. A quick glance through the ad revealed that this University offered and Earth studies degree, and who better to teach such a degree than an earthling. Thus, on that logic, Damien once again went back to college.

    After arriving Damien found it was surprisingly easy to get a teaching job. Though when it all boiled down to it there simply wasn't a better individual for the job (though that's not to say there wasn't a better mannered one). The drow's first class would be in the following month. That was when the young minds of Necros would be forever shaped by the twisted theories of Damien. "Oh, this is going to be fu**ing wonderful!!"
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    Daniel indeed remembered Charysadol, and figured that even if she was still mad at the group, she didn't have anything against him personally. So, he told the Chief Paledonian of the epic adventures of the party thus far. Ar he began to wrap up, an elvish figure in a business suit approached them with a wide grin. "Ah, Daniel! Just the man I was looking for!"

    Daniel turned and, upon recognizing the figure, seemed to shrink slightly. "Oh, Coenolf. How unexpected."
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    Lundy didn't stay long in D'nofrio. He bid his friends farewell, and headed north to the city of Remila where a society of Isras resided. After arriving in Remila, he found a small apartment and made it his home for the time being. The city of Remila was strange to him, it wasn't like his hometown. Everywhere he went there were tons of pharmacies, liquor stores, strip joints, and bars. After a few days he found out about a place called the Sophie building, apparently it was a good place for an Isra to go. The building was only a few stories high but instead was very long and winding, almost maze-like in appearance. He felt uneasy about the huge gates surrounding the place and the security guards. Lundy was about to turn to leave when he heard a voice ask, "Hey kid. You a human?" Lundy looked to see a man, a fellow Isra, staring at him with a strange expression. "Uh, yeah. I'm a human." Lundy responded slowly. "Get outta here, no f***in' way! You's got your choice of anything and you pick a Isra!" The man laughed and scratched at his neck stubble. He took out a cigarette and handed one to Lundy, "So what are you doin here at my building?"
    Lundy raised his brows, "Your building?"
    "Yeah, that's what I said. My building."
    "I'm not really sure. I wanted to learn about my powers more I guess."
    "Oh yeah? Well today you's lucky day! Just follow me."
    Lundy squinted his eyes at the man, not sure if he could trust him. The man waved for him, "Hey! Come on kid. You's can bring the cig inside, no one cares. It's my building, remember?" Lundy took a drag and couldn't keep himself from coughing. He finally followed the man into the building he claimed was his.

    Cindy remembered she basically had a blank check thanks to her original group leader having to cover for her. She went shopping and bought new clothes and a ton of crap she didn't really need. The cheerleader moved into a house nearby Desoto and Ramona, but she didn't bother to help them research or whatever they were doing. 'Totally lame.' She did take it upon herself to learn some magic however. No one in the group knew mental magic so she decided on that. It took her a couple of days, she almost decided to splice to a banshee and learn acoustic magic, putting her years as a cheerleader to good use, but in the end decided she wanted to be a demon.
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    Toward the beginning of the month, Desoto heard back from Dharma Corp. They said that they had an opening for him as an Inner Wired security officer. The job was essentially a mercenary job, Desoto thought, the only difference being that instead of fighting off targets in the real world, he'd be fighting them off as an avatar in the Inner Wired, something which he was told was not too much unlike real fighting. The only difference being that while real fighting did improve physical muscle a good deal, the fighting on the Inner Wired served to give one a heightened reaction time through the training it gave to ones mind.

    On orientation day, Desoto went in and was presented with a video regarding the history of Dharma Corp.

    "At the young age of 29, Creviston Dharma had already made a name for himself as a medical engineer on the battlefields of the Imperial War. The young Dharma, a gifted chemist, was working on a compound that could allow those who had been mangled but not killed by the Slayer droids, that would allow them to exist in a dream world for the rest of their lives, rather than sit in bed in a vegetative state of constant pain. At the end of the war, Dharma had not perfected the compound, but found opportunity once more as the Dream King began to notable scientists from the war to come continue research in the kingdom of Nod. Dharma spent many years under the tutelage of the Dream King, furthering his development of the Dream Compound. Seeing a new path that he could take, and a plot of land available in Doppelekereft, Dharma set out from Nod and began to set up the foundations of the state of Crowley.

    " Originally, Crowley's workers were debtors and nonworkers who Dharma bailed out of prison. The type of business that would be done in this city did not require any sort of traditional skills. Dharma made sure to get prisoners who had no connections to families or anything, as he informed them that the city of Crowley would not be investing in traditional communication means such as Talk-phones or Spectroscreens, instead, Dharma set about tearing down all of the old communications lines to use as raw materials in the initial founding of a network that would block out all forms of communications that attempted to pass through Crowley. The intent being that if someone wanted to communicate to a city on the other side of Crowley, they would have to communicate in a way that would give Crowley funds. Meanwhile, Dharma began synthesizing more Dream Compound, and began applying a new method to it, Dharma found that if he had multiple people hooked to a single IV of the Dream Compound, they would find themselves in a shared fictional world. Dharma began to apply this business model to his customers, and Crowley became the land of dreams. However, that took a turn recently, with an event that shook all Necrotians.

    The video's soundtrack became more ominous and several screens appeared which made Desoto blanche. The images showed piles upon piles of dead bodies, fields littered with them. No victors standing anywhere, what followed were five pictures of five women's faces. Beneath them were names which Desoto could only presume belonged to the respective faces. Beneath a smiling woman with wavy, thick, platinum blond hair was the name 'Umbriel Sempra', The next woman, much more sullen looking, and appeared to have short black hair was named 'Diana Therese'. Third was a woman with red hair that was tied into a ponytail behind the ecstatic face of the portrait, 'October Pendergast'. The fourth picture was very fuzzy, as Desoto saw, and he could not make out any of the features of the person, but the name was 'Trinity Pendergast'. Finally was a picture that, like Trinity's, didn't give Desoto much to go on for an appearance. The picture just showed an empty silhouette with a white question mark over it; the name beneath the picture read 'Pearl Lance'.

    The video flashed back to the standard stock footage of Dharma corp., Crowley, and other key figures as they were mentioned.

    "The terrorist attacks committed by the droids of Vera Lance shook the world, and with it came a temporary boost of business to Crowley. Creviston Dharma left at the time to seek the council of his former master, the Dream King. During this period of absence, a heavy influx of customers came in seeking to escape the harsh realities of the terrorist attacks and see their loved ones before sending them off. The company was lead by Dharma's close friend Matthias Gail, whose brilliant marketing of Crowley as a place of solace drew in customers like never before. When Dharma returned, he had been reinspired and sought about reconstructing Crowley from the ground up. Using a new energy source that had been discovered in the wake of the attacks, Dharma was able to create a wider dreamscape that served effectively as a new innovation in the story of the Dream Compound. With this new innovation, Dharma was able to create a collective dream for everyone who hooked into a machine, regardless of whether or not they were hooked into the same one. This new dream could be accessed from anywhere in the world from terminals set up by the new company at Crowley, Dharma Corporate Associates.

    "It's been two decades since this innovation, and Dharma Corp. is now the largest company in Doppelekereft."

    Creviston Dharma walked on screen, Desoto remembered the man's burly figure from the time he had met him once before.

    "Here at Dharma Corp., we keep our strategies simple. Give the customers access, make their time in the Inner Wired good, and keep our secrets safe. We still maintain some of our older strategies. Our communication blockage has led to us acquiring several neighboring city-companies and expanding significantly. You, as new recruits of the Inner Wired Security Army, are our frontline for protection, making sure that our policies are not violated, and that every customer has a safe, and fun time in the Inner Wired."

    The video ended and Desoto felt somewhat dazed. He listened to the rest of the orientation and was trained somewhat in using the Inner Wired. He was then given a small pack which he could use to access the Inner Wired from his apartment. Desoto had other things on his mind, however. He had now learned what the connection between Pearl, Vera, and the terrorist attacks he had heard Nick refer to before was.

    The weeks passed by uneventfully as Desoto began his new job and Piama came over to visit daily, bringing in Desoto's mail when she came to visit. Among his normal mail, one day, was a package, which was unmarked. Desoto wondered about the package, but did not open it until Piama left, deferring her interest by saying it was probably a dead cat, Damien's idea of a care package. This made Piama lose interest fairly quickly.

    When Desoto opened it, he found what he had hoped he would not find. A tape, similar to the ones that he had found before. He only briefly popped it into a tape-player, and his suspicions were confirmed as Vera's now-familiar voice began to speak. He stopped the tape and quickly made for Ramona's apartment. He knew that the girl wanted to know of any further things he found out about in his research, and he was sure that whatever was on this tape was sure to be something of interest to the both of them. He knocked on her apartment door that night to share the tape with her, waiting for her to answer in the warm night.
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    Ramona greeted the slightly flustered man. "...Just what went on between you and your girlfriend? Actually, nevermind," she said, slightly disgusted seeing Desoto kind of on edge. She had watched Piama leave earlier than usual, and Desoto's sudden visit lead to Ramona assuming something entirely different. "What's in the box?"

    After finding learning about the Earthling's journey from Daniel, Charysadol decided it was best to go to Vulcan next. She was most interested in Emilie. Charysadol had never heard of this woman, but she was apparently gaining the same degree of prevalence as her charges. Unfortunately, Charysadol ran into an unforeseen in-pass. Emilie was not merely the doorman of Vulcan; she now had control over access to the archive. Immediately, Charysadol knew from here on it would be a silent battle between the two woman, one searching for the truth and the other obscuring it through a level of incompetency unparalleled in bureaucracy. Her first question was to ask Emilie, "Who assigned you to Vulcan Enforcement Team 70?"
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    "most recently it was Vulcan Enforcement Commissioner Gibraltar Hearn, your worship!" Emilie answered Charysadol. "We followed all standard procedures of assignment, your worship." Emilie had taken to drinking over the last month, not having the party to pick on anymore. This only served to give her hangovers when she came into work, which only slightly mellowed her normally ecstatic demeanor. "If you're going to look for forms on me, I can have those for you right now. I'm allowed to keep all of my forms in my desk, your worship!" She pulled out a large filebook to present to Charysadol.

    "Unfortunately, you can't take the original forms with you, but you're welcome to make as many copies as need be. If you want the fILES ON MY ASSIGNMENT TO VET 70, They're in there as well.. However, I shoulD let you know that I was assigned to VET 70 some time ago. That was about ten years ago, when Daria Charmagga was still doing work with the VET's. She assigned me to the original team 70!!!! They went missing on a mission though, and were presumed dead, replaced by those humans!!!!" Emilie squealed with some of her old delight seeping through. "I was re-assigned by Gibraltar and they took over the charge of the old VET 70!!"

    Emilie smiled at Chaysadol as she waited for the Paledonian to either continue further questions, read the files, or copy them and leave.

    Desoto gave Ramona an odd look when she asked about Piama. He did not know what she was insinuating, and quickly shoved it from his mind, producing the tape he had been sent. "This came in the mail from an anonymous sender. I've already tested it, it is something of Vera's. Thought I'd bring it over to show you."

    The harpy did not wait for an answer and instead put the tape in to a player. Vera's voice started up once more.

    "That's all done and in order now.. I'm leaving some other things on the other side of this tape.. My last will as it were.. I just hope Pearl and the others can do the job well.. I'm not worried about Pearl, but Umbriel seems less than excited about the plan. Well, there isn't much I can do now... I've given all of the authority I had away... it's completely out of my hands now what happens to your pitiful little game.."

    An odd, deep noise sounded over the tape, one that was entirely alien to anything Desoto had heard. Vera seemed to respond to it. "Oh please, there isn't much you can do at this point to sway me... Just turn the tape around if you want to hear what I think.."

    The sound stopped and Desoto did in fact turn the tape around before putting it back in the player. Something happened that Desoto had not seen happen on the tape-players he had used before. A small screen rose out of the back end and showed an image of a woman in a laboratory. Her hair was dark black and hung down in straight, greasy strings. She wore an amazingly irritated look and wore glasses that didn't seem to fit her too well. Her skin was pale and unwashed, and she held a skinny, pale hand with overgrown, dirty nails to her face. She glared at Ramona and Desoto and began speaking, it became evident to Desoto that this was in fact Vera Lance.

    "If you're watching this tape, or reading these words. I hate you." She stated with a malicious tone that Desoto was disturbed to note was also very calm, as if she knew exactly who she was talking to. "I've lived by your rules for too long.. I've done things in my life that I'm sure made you giggle and made you delight at just how splendidly you had written me. I'm sick of being a puppet only made to cater to your amusement, and even though I know these videos are going to be unearthed when you feel it right to move this little story of your along, I'll seek some solace in the fact that the real me is going to have disappeared. I love knowledge, I suppose it's part of who I am. I'm disgusted by myself, the fact that none of that love of knowledge is really me. It's all written into me, how I'm supposed to be. I even considered whether me finding out what I did was written in... I don't care at this point... my goal isn't some lofty thing like 'ascending the planes of reality'" she said, making quotation marks with her hands. Desoto found this gesture odd and then noticed something as he watched her speak, she wasn't speaking Necrotian, it became clear to him. Most Necrotians he had seen speak had their words not match their lip movements. Vera's matched perfectly.. it dawned on him that she was speaking English.

    "What I'm gonna do." Vera chuckled as she continued. "Is make sure that I make this little ordeal miserable for you and your little friends. Write me as a villain will ya? I'll show you a villain!"

    With that, Vera walked into the background of the video, a laboratory, with several other scientists and a small droid. Vera began talking to the droid, the message she spoke was one that Desoto had found in Acacia's mansion on the first tape from Vera he had uncovered.

    "Fara 38th… time unimportant… time is a construct of organics to organize the progression of their lives… and to mark their time of death… I have not recorded specifics of the plan for obvious reasons… they will be made clear to the people of this world when the time is right… what I intend to do.. how it will be accomplished… my back up plans… my lifework… all will be known at the right time… I stand here now. Delivering this message to a small droid to deliver to my number one customer during the times of the imperial wars, Acacia Drakmore. He won’t be able to listen to this, however… the tape is only set to be possible to activate when his spirit leaves this world… I stand alongside the division chairs of the Nod Royal Department of Research and Development. With these words, I take leave of this world… alongside these scientists… alongside Necros… alongside everything…"

    With that, Vera and the others stood still as a series of walls appeared around them, and a ceiling closed them into a newly formed room. Desoto watched as a silver gas filled the room the scientists had entered. After a full thirty seconds, the video ended, and a small counter appeared in the corner of the screen. A small counter had appeared in the opposite corner at the beginning of the video, giving a time count of how long the video had gone on. This counter, however, was set in the opposite corner and was set with only five seconds left before hitting zero a minute before the video tracker reached an end.

    "Run....run run run!' Desoto screamed as he dragged Ramona outside of the room. As he ran down the hall with the Dryad, his worst fears came true as a loud explosion echoed harshly in his ears and reduced Ramona's room, and some of the hall surrounding it to cinders. Desoto was badly burnt by an ember as he crashed to the floor alongside Ramona.
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    "You know, it really is a good thing that I found you," Coenolf told Daniel as he led him along towards Abbadon.

    "Oh? Why's that?" Daniel asked.

    "Well, you see, my work's been piling up on me recently, what with you running off to parts unkown. The reason I came here was that there's someone who thought they'd be safe from our little organization if they ran off to Sheol," Coenolf paused to laugh a little. "But they're about to find out that they aren't safe, once we find them."

    Daniel opened his mouth to reply, but Coenolf cut him off. "And don't say that you won't help me, Daniel. As it stands, you're in big trouble. But I can get you out of it if you help me on this little errand. What do you say, hm?"

    Daniel sighed and nodded.

    "Excellent! Let's get to it."

    (More to come)
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    Judy sat cross-legged on the ground, part of a circle of people. She had made it to the smallest island of the Salyashin region, in the northern wastes of Lumina, where the Comeri had accepted her into their fold. A purple-eyed monk bent down to whisper in her ear.

    "Lumina has long been in tune with the gods, but the politics of the Paledonians have left cities void of spiritual influence. Only here, where there are no crowds, no skyscrapers, can the untuned mind reach the spirits of the deceased. Sense it, grasp it, focus it . . ."

    Judy breathed deeply, her exhalation coming out as a fog. The region would have been entirely arctic if not for strong geothermal activity below, warming the ground she sat on. She closed her eyes and breathed out again.

    When she opened them, the air was hotter than the earth. She was now alone in a desert. The ground around her was barren, flat, and cracked, extending in all directions with no sign of change for miles. With only a vague sense of purpose, Judy stood up and walked.

    In what could have been minutes or hours, she finally saw something through the rippling heat. It was a head, as dry as anything else, laying in the dirt. Judy stood over it, turning it to face her, then jumping back with a gasp. It was Henry Topaz's trophy, the head of Nick Eckleburg. It stared at the faerie with shriveled eyes, and it spoke through parched lips. "Body . . . B-body . . ."

    Judy looked about. A ways off, she could make out another lump on the horizon. Picking up the head, which continued to gasp, she started to walk again. She soon reached the next objective, which was Nick's arms and torso, slowly dragging itself away from her. Catching up to it, she placed the head on top of the shoulders, and with a wet slurping sound it was reattached. The head seemed much less dehydrated now, and weeds began to grow up from the cracks in the soil. Nick spoke again. "My legs . . . My legs . . ."

    The body was too heavy for Judy to carry, so she left it to crawl along as before. She walked in one direction for perhaps miles before finding Nick's right leg, and after sticking it back into the body she walked the other way, retrieving his left. She returned with the limb and shoved it into the socket.

    Nick blinked a couple times, completely rejuvenated. He turned and sat up, looking up at Judy. He was about to say something, but the world suddenly faded around the faerie, leaving her lost in darkness.

    "No!" Judy awoke from her trance, her spirit once again in Lumina. She had felt so close, had been ready to hear him, and to respond. But her first vision had not been enough. Glancing about at the Comeri, still silent and motionless in the circle, Judy closed her eyes and began breathing again.
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    A single bell rang through the halls of Karthis University, signalling its students that their next class was about to begin. For 20 unlucky students, this meant the first of many days of listening to Damien rant in Earth Studies 101. "Alright you little fu**s, let's get started. I'm Dr. Caldwell and I have a few simple rules. Rule 1) No trying to kill me. 2) No food or drink," as Damien said this he pulled a bottle of tea from his desk and took a sip before replacing it once more. "3) I want all of you to take those text books you all spent about three hundred bucks on and just throw them right out that window there. Go on, do it, don't even bother to open it, just throw them." At this point the students each stared blankly at one another before shifting their unified dumbfounded gaze back towards their teacher. "I SAID THROW THEM MOTHERFU**ERS!!" the drow roared, causing his students to immediately pick up their text books and hurl them out the window, sending shards of glass raining down on the ground below. "Good. Rule 4) I like profanity, so fu** you. 5) No stupid questions," the good doctor finally concluded as he made his way over to the chalk board.

    "Alright then. We'll be starting off with what can loosely be defined as modern day earth, or at least what it was before I left. Basically you've got a bunch of broke motherfu**ers in every government of every country. Now, these fu**ing a**holes want nothing more than to get whatever dime they can either out of their people or other countries." As Damien spoke, one of his students raised his hand in an attempt to ask a question of the good doctor. Damien glared at the student before finally responding, "What."

    "What's a country?"

    "......." Damien's teeth grinded like a skate boarder on a new park rail. Without so much as a word the drow teleported in front of the student and swiftly struck him across the jaw with his fist before teleporting back to the front of the class. "Countries, to be very blunt, a large patches of land separated either by water or some invisible line in the dirt and all ran by governments. Now then, going back to my lecture, these fu**ing government leaders are broke. So, naturally they do what any rich bastard does when he needs more money, bombs the fu** out of a poorer country."

    "So, now we've got these guys bombing the fu** out of these guys," as Damien spoke he was busy drawing a rough portrait of the globe depicting the United States and Vietnam. "Now, here's where things start getting fu**ing hilarious! The poor people in the country that is now bombing the fu** out of this even poorer country start to riot about the war. Crazy hippy bull sh** if you ask me. So, what do the politicians do? THEY USE RELIGION!! Oh what a glorious fu**ing joke that was. So now, in addition to the current war, there's now a religious war going on in this country because people are so fu**ing intolerant it's just silly. Anyway, people start getting killed by crazy religious zealots, yada, yada, yada, history repeats itself," once again another student raised their hand, though this one seemed to shield her jaw as she did.

    "Why would people kill each other over something like religion?"

    Surprisingly enough, Damien didn't immediately go off on the poor girl. The key word there being 'immediately.' The drow calmly set his chalk down and turned to face his class before drawing in a long breath. "Because our dead god failed to clarify just how the whole 'coming into existance' thing worked out exactly.....I can only assume because he was either too lazy or had one sick sense of humor." Damien seemed to trail off in his speech for a moment as something unrelated to his lesson or his class caught his attention. At first it felt like an emptiness inside himself. Was he just depressed? No, this was more than that. Damien couldn't feel anything. Not anger, happiness (as if he ever felt that), sadness, touch, smell, desire, nothing. '....What the hell?" Just as soon as this sensation had come it was gone again, returning Damien to his usual foul mood in an instant.

    Before the drow had time to react however, he simply vanished from the room, appearing in what could only be described as a vast white emptiness. "Oh now what the fu** is going on here?" he hissed as he glanced around. What lay before him was the void, the pit in which all lost souls resided. ".....Wait a second," Damien pulled out his almanac and flipped through it, eventually arriving at the section which quite vividly described the void, much to Damien's own horror. Soon enough though the good doctor reappeared in his class room, leaving his students mildly perplexed, though the majority of them seemed to have just assumed that their teacher had simply teleported away for a minute.

    ".....That's it for class today.......Go home and kill your pets or something," Damien stated with a wide eyed expression plastered on his face. He hadn't been so confused since he first came to Necros. What the hell had just happened to him? He could have simply chalked it up as another part of Necros trying to kill him off but that would have been far too simple and boring. Regardless though, Damien needed information. Perhaps one of the other teachers would be able to provide some insight.
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    For about a month, the two men wandered from city to city in search of Coenolf's client. When they first arrived in Abbadon, he was nowhere to be found. Lukily, some nice folks pointed them in the right direction. The chase ended in Abbadon, after they had made several circles.

    "Listen, Einrier. I gave you plenty of time to pay, and you returned the favor by running back to Sheol. Right now, I don't care if you can pay off the rest of your debt," the bashee said to the cornered demon. He leaned closer. "Right now, I just feeling like killing you."

    As he raised his arm, Daniel grabbed it. Coenolf turned and said, "You're not acting very smart, Daniel."

    "Killing him won't get you anywhere, Wodric," said Daniel. "Let's just take him back to Boss and see what he thinks.

    The banshee's arm slackened as he sighed. "You're right, of course." He extended his hand to the demon. "Get up."

    As Coenolf pulled his client up he whispered, "Splatter," before punching him in the face. The intense blow sent shards of bone into the demon's heart, killing him.

    Daniel spun Coenolf around and was about to yell at him, when the banshee raised his finger. "I alreay know what Boss thinks."
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    ((A nice, short envydei / icbmalaria combo post, sort of.))

    Corine - (City of Remila)

    It was about midway through the month as Lundy made his way to the Sophie building. The morning air was crisp as the Isra crossed the few blocks to the complex. The Sophie building was a large, well-known prison. The building was operated mainly by Isras who were given liberty to absorb prisoners as a form of execution. An Isra named Charlie was in charge, he was the man Lundy had met a month prior. For some reason, Charlie had taken a liking to Lundy, satisfied that out of every race one would want, Lundy picked an Isra. Like Lepoblancs, Isras were not a highly regarded race, though they earned a little more respect than their cousin Lepoblancs, mostly out of fear.

    Isras came here to gain the powers of other races, prisoners were given to the highest bidders or those with powerful connections. Lundy himself had begun absorbing a race, Banshees. He was nearly done digesting his first one but he would need to consume two more to gain any powers. He didn’t need to worry about competing to absorb prisoners since Charlie had more or less taken Lundy in as his apprentice.

    It had become part of his schedule to go to the Sophie building nearly every day all day. He had a few duties but nothing too big at the moment. Besides prison operations, Charlie made arrangements to teach Lundy whatever he needed, whether that’d be how to master newly gained powers, learn a new school of magic, physical combat, or even Necroatian history.

    Lundy spent most of the day reading about the fall out between Earth and Necros as well as studying wind magic. Charlie had talked Lundy out of pursuing lightning magic, wind seemed better suited for him anyways. His concentration was broken as Charlie opened the door and placed a small box of recorder orbs on the table. “Almost forgot. Just let me know when you need more,” He left and immediately the door opened again, “I’m hungry. You hungry, kid? Take a break. Come on.” Lundy marked his place in his book before following the warren.

    As they walked through the twisting prison halls, Lundy stopped at a corridor where a single door waited at the end. He had been curious for a while what lay on the other side, it was the only place in the complex he hadn’t gone to. “Hey Charlie. I was wondering what’s in there. You’ve shown me everywhere in this place but there.”
    Charlie suddenly stopped, his usual cool demeanor replaced with a serious expression.
    “…Yeah. I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that, kid. Figured you’d ask eventually. I’ll show you,” He led the younger Isra down the hall, hesitant at first then with more confidence. “Look, kid. This is very important. We have a prisoner down here, she is extremely dangerous and powerful...I can’t stress this enough. It’s a miracle we were able to catch her and hold her here. It’s not something a lot of people know about and we try to keep it that way. We keep her underground on her own floor...It’s been a long time but we haven’t found a way to kill her yet.” Charlie punched in a combination on the door before swiping a security card through a reader. They trekked down a few flight of stairs before reaching a door at the end of a long, narrow hallway. The door led into an observation room overlooking a large cell. A few Comeri looked up at their presence but didn’t say anything. Lundy didn’t see a way down into the actual cell but figured a door must be nearby. “The Comeri are the ones responsible for keeping her trapped down here. Without them, she’d escape.”
    “Who is she?”

    “About time you brought someone new here,” came a voice from the cell below. The voice was even and sonorous, a woman emerged toward the window on the front and looked directly at Lundy and Charlie. She wore nothing at all, a security measure taken to make sure she had no items at her disposal at all. The woman smiled at Lundy, a kind smile spread across her entire face. “You’re a little young to be down here, aren’t you?” She crooned to Lundy.

    Charlie stopped him before he could respond. “She can’t hear us and she can’t see us.”
    “Wait, then how does she know we’re here?”
    “She’s one of Vera Lance’s droids. Maybe the most powerful of them. She controls time. She can see things no one else can. She’s known for a long time that you’d be here right now at this very moment. And she knows when you’re going to die.”

    “You’ve taken all of the fun surprises away, Charlie.” Umbriel called to Charlie, lightly. “I suppose there’s still my name left that you haven’t spoiled, Umbriel Sempra.” She addressed Lundy, quickly she smiled up at the boy again and asked “Would you like to know what the last thing you’ll hear before you die is? I try telling these other guards but they’re no fun. Even when I alter my voice to match theirs…” She turned to Charlie and her voice changed to that of another woman. She groaned slightly and gave a face of deep confusion. “Wh-what are you? What are you-” She then stomped heavily on the floor several times, making odd cracking noises as she did so. From the impact her feet left it was quite evident that they were made of a rather hard metal. “Her head split under my feet, Charlie. In another year you would’ve had a kid with her if I hadn’t killed her.” She paused. “But I did.” Her smile grew across her face again as she beamed up at the two of them. “Kid, if you want I can tell you how you’ll die now…and if you want I can tell you who to find, so you can enjoy as much of your time with that person before your time is up.”

    The color drained from Charlie’s face as he listened to the sounds of his wife’s death. Tears streamed down the man’s face as he screamed back at Umbriel, “Sh-shut up with that…I’ve told you to stop doing that. Stop f***ing doing that! I swear I’ll find a way to kill you!” It was evident this wasn’t the first time the droid had done this. It was chilling to listen to. Charlie calmed momentarily, regaining some confidence, “Yeah, you’re stuck here in my prison, Umbriel. I have all the time in the world to kill you and you know it.” Charlie laughed angrily before stepping outside and forgetting Lundy was with him. Lundy stared down at the droid. He remembered Charlie saying Umbriel couldn’t hear them. He thought for a moment to himself before saying, “...tell me.”

    Umbriel smiled after Charlie as he left, her head turned to follow him all the way as he stormed off. As he left, she turned back to Lundy, still smiling. A look of satisfaction came back over her face as he responded to her inquiry. “You’re going to die alongside with your friends, if you call them that. That bookworm and the vet and that former nurse and that screwed up little-girl. You’re going to die around them in a cold and dark metal room, you’re going to be killed by my sister…and even I can’t describe exactly what that’ll feel like.” She added with a slight shrug. “I can tell you that you’d better want to be fast about making some progeny. You don’t have much time left…” She smiled. “And I want to be able to hurry and kill the person you love…Our conversation is done now, since Charlie’s going to show up in a moment, realizing he forgot you.” With that, Umbriel stopped talking, eyes fixed unblinkingly on Lundy, smile unbroken. Her mouth was making very strange, very fast movements. “She’s marking time…” Said one of the Comeri guards who was on break next to Lundy. “She does that all the time…only breaks to occasionally taunt us. Doesn’t sleep, doesn’t ever break eye contact with any of us…You’d be best to stay away from her kid…They give us vacations just to recuperate from being down here with her…” The Comeri’s face was grim. He would have told Lundy that some of her predictions had turned out to be incorrect, but in his experience, they occurred unfailingly.

    Sure enough, Charlie walked back into the room, “Sorry kid, I forgot you were in here.” He didn’t acknowledge Umbriel as he left with Lundy. He could tell she had said something to the young Isra.

    “…Lundy, whatever she told you, you should forget.”
    “I don’t think I can.”
    “She’s not always right.”
    “She knew who my friends are...”
    “I can give you something that will make you forget.”
    Lundy didn’t respond immediately, “She wants to kill the one I love…but I’m not sure who she is…”
    “I shouldn’t have taken you down there. I don’t know why I did…look weren’t we supposed to go get something to eat? Come on.”
    “I’m not hungry.”

    They eventually reached the main hallways where Charlie broke the silence, “I don’t want you going back in there again. I myself don’t like to if I don’t have to.” Lundy nodded silently, his face expressionless. Charlie changed the subject, “Anyways, you should almost be done absorbing that Banshee. We have another one ready when you are. Just, um, go home for now and continue on wind magic. Or go out and get in trouble tonight or something.” Lundy forced a small smile and headed home, Umbriel’s words calling out in his head the entire way and they stayed with him through his dreams.
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    ((Combo-post w/ Dei))

    Not ready to leave the only people she knew anything about at all, Lilith ended up following Desoto, Ramona, and Damien to Crowley. Though Damien left rather quickly Lilith decided to stick around and try to learn more about the world she had awoken to find herself in.

    The month she spent in Crowley was a continuous fight with herself to not go stir-crazy and attack people out of frustration. The sheer stability of the place was enough to get under her skin and set her teeth on edge. Within the second week she had developed a slight twitch from having to interact with so many people on a daily basis, and worse, put up with them no matter how much they annoyed her. No matter what she did to distract herself – study spells, research Necros, or just wander the city – it continued to get worse. Finally she gave in and bought some Revtabs to calm her nerves – something she had considered weak and below her. They helped, she admitted grudgingly every time she took them hating it all the while.

    By the end of the month she had had enough of dealing with Crowley and returned to D’onofrio as if the devil was on her heals.

    Upon arriving in the mercenary complex, Everest came across the girl and, surprised by her return, asked why she had come back.

    Lilith twitched slightly, a reminder of her time having to put up with Crowley's citizens, "I couldn't stay there. Those people," she spat, "were driving me nuts."

    "Well what made you think D'onofrio'd be any different than Crowley?" The mercenary asked Lilith.

    Lilith let out a long somewhat irritated sigh, "Because those civilians like to ignore things they don't want to see and it pisses me off. I figure since you're mercenaries you can't really ignore it.

    Everest stared at the girl for a moment, confused by her lack of eloquence before merely brushing it off as lack of proper schooling. "I can assure you, your assumptions about them are largely incorrect. However, if you wish to have a life closer to fighting, I suppose we could arrange that. Come with me," he said, heading off through the tunnels that comprised the D'onofrio base.

    "Whatever," Lilith rolled her eyes and followed him.

    Eventually, after many turns through the tunnels, the two came to a large office, the interior of which contrasted greatly with the cold metal that made up the rest of the building. Everest's office looked like a Captain's cabin of a very old galleon. Various maps and pictures adorned the walls and papers were settled around the long wooden desk where Everest took a seat. "If you're going to stay here, you're going to have to do work for us. There are two options I'm going to give you; You can stay here in D'onofrio and K2 will assign you to a team of your fellow mercenaries, or you can come with me to the Untamed. I'll train you out there and I can guarantee you'll be much stronger. You seem like a loner so I don't know if the team aspect would suit you as well, that's partially why I offer you that second choice. The other reason is because I want to know what the mettle of you Earth folk is like."

    Lilith gritted her teeth at the thought of going into the woods. She had several fragments of memory from Rena's last trip in Archimede and from what she knew of them they sucked. So while his last comment that had probably been meant to provoke her did annoy her, and she DID want to get stronger, she was still uncertain about what to do.

    "Look Everest," She said, "I'll be blunt. The amount I know about being in woods amounts to a handful of minutes. It would be stupid for me to go out there right now. Give me some time to think about this and maybe look at some information about it and I'll decide then. Otherwise I'm going with the other mercenaries."

    "Very well, ff you have any questions about the Untamed just ask me. I know more about them than any books or people living. However, I'll only give you a day to decide. If you haven't agreed to go, I'll just assume you want to join a team and I'll have K2 make the arrangements," Everest responded.

    "Fine. Now where the hell can I get some food?"

    "Go to the mess hall." He took out a small device and handed it to Lilith. "This'll point you there. We change the positioning of the tunnels every hour in case of potential attackers. This compass will lead you to the mess hall and, if you turn it around, leads you to the barracks. I will wait until tomorrow for a potential response." Everest said before bidding Lilith out of the room.

    Lilith took the device and began walking before an idea struck her and she turned around, "Say, you wouldn't happen to have a way to splice here would you?"

    Everest looked up with interest. "We do keep a splicing artisan on staff. Just go around and ask for Brasstown, someone will point you on where to find him."

    "Cool," Lilith answered and began walking again a smirk working its way across her face.
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    ((combo with dei))

    "What the fu** do you mean I'm dying!!?" Damien roared, his voice carrying out of the teacher's lounge into the hallway, causing a few students who had become familiar with the ill tempered drow to quicken their pace. Occupying the teacher's lounge with Damien was a male demon in his late 30's with a corn cob pipe in his mouth. The demon only smiled and took a few puffs from his pipe, thus furthering Damien's rage. "Answer me, Eddie!!"

    Eddie chuckled and removed the pipe from his mouth. Unlike most of the teaching staff, he quite enjoyed Damien's rants, finding them comical at best and at least mildly amusing at worst. "You mean you didn't know? Oh well, guess that's to be expected when your only source of knowledge about this planet is the almanac." Damien gritted his teeth at this remark, kicking himself for having relied so much on what was apparently a horribly out of date book. "It's pretty simple really. Summoning magic, while obviously very powerful, is easily the most dangerous. Everyone that has ever used it, with the exception of the paledonians, has suffered some kind of side effect. You count yourself lucky actually, some of them are pretty horrible."

    "Get to the point, Eddie. How the fu** do I fix this."

    Eddie again smiled before moving to speak again. "Oh, that's easy. You have to do penance," the demon's smile grew wider as he knew full well of Damien's experience with the chief paledonians. "Basically, you have to get the chief paledonian of whichever god you've gone and pissed off by using their magic to forgive you."

    "Are you fu**ing kidding me...?"


    Damien stood silent for a moment, staring blankly at Eddie as though trying to determine just how he should react. "......Fine. No problem."

    Eddie choked a bit on his pipe when Damien said this, having expected the drow to go into one of his usual violent rampages. "What do you mean ' no problem?' You told me all the paledonians hate you! How the hell do you expect to get them to even see you, much less help you."

    At this, Damien had an uncharacteristic smile. "You ever heard of a paledonian by the name of Zamiel?"

    "....The pilgrim?"

    "That's the one......I'm his contract."

    Eddie's eyes widened, followed closely by his grin. "Oh, is that a fact? Yes, that could help get you in. But, just because one pilgrim puts up with you doesn't mean the chiefs will have anything to do with you th-" before Eddie could finish his comment, another bell rang throughout the halls, signalling the teachers and students that a new class was about to begin. Damien waved goodbye to what could loosely be described as his 'friend' before heading off to his own classroom. As always, Damien's students were planted firmly in their seats, not daring to move a muscle or even look their teacher in the eye for fear of some kind of retribution.

    "Good evening, fu**ers," Damien stated in a strangely pleasant tone, causing each of his students to don a perplexed look on their faces. One student finally dared to raise their hand before being cut of rather quickly by the good doctor. "The reason I'm in such a pleasant mood is because I've finally snapped and lost all FU**ING REASON FOR PUTTING UP WITH YOU FU**S!!" As if in a switch had been flipped in his brain, Damien was back to his usual foul personality, giving his students a strange sense of relief. "Today's lesson, the relationship between Earth and Necros......which is pretty fu**ing stupid if you ask me. Why the hell am I teaching this? You bastards knew about Earth long before I'd even heard of this sh** hole you call a planet. So, why don't we try something a little different. Why don't one of YOU, see if you can fu**ing educate ME!!?" Damien glared at each of his students, as if trying to pick the one he knew would give the worst answer. "Oh, and as usual if I find your answer unacceptable there will be severe consequences. So don't get fu**ing cheeky."

    One of Damien's students, an older man that wore a T-shirt and baseball cap, covering gray hair, raised his hand. The man began in a grizzled voice. "Well, since you don't know. Guess I'll teach ya. "Dr." Caldwell."

    The man cleared his throat before leaning back in his seat and beginning his own lecture, in a deep, pleasing voice he began setting up the story of how Earth and Necros were created.

    "Various universes before this one have existed, and all have failed, due mainly to the gods inability to incorporate themselves fully into the lives of their citizens. That is to say, due to the gods not choosing to walk among the people. Now this is a topic only religious metaphysicists know extensively, but every world has a double... some have speculated that this has to relate to the overgod Laozi, who on Earth, is known as a high spirit in the Chinese philosophy of Taoism. Indeed, most metaphysicists believe that it was Laozi who came upon the concepts of yin and yang, as you would know them, doctor. When it came to the creation of this world, therefore. It was chosen that it would have a twin, as was the custom at the time. Earth. Now, these worlds while separated via dimensions and timeplanes, were created at the same time; a very special connection.

    "Originally the worlds were connected via an area that later came to be known as the Light Bridge. However, the Light Bridge served as much more than a connection between these worlds. When in its initial use, the light bridge was able to imbue upon its travelers the necessary abilities to survive in the dual-world. That is to say, humans were initially able to live for hundreds of years here in Necros. Necrotians were able to age much faster and grow at much faster rates on Earth. The Light Bridge has also served as a major area of support in both worlds, allowing magic to present itself. In Earth, magic did exist for some time. However, in Necros it still presents itself as the source of what we have deemed 'The Flow'.

    "Now then, as I'm sure you may have learned by now, the light bridges connection to Earth was cut in the initial days of the Imperial Wars due to pressure from one of your worlds popes. However, there have still been ways to connect to your world. There had to be, after all, as the Light Bridge connected into A rather desolate area in a canyon that, while populated nearby by some, was far away from any major cities or nations. Many of these connections were later cut, but only one way. These small portals could be used to enter Necros, but would not lead to Earth.

    "Many Necrotians used these smaller portals to obtain books from Earth, using gravity and movement magic through the portals. Nothing more substantial ever existed between our worlds during this time. However, recently, with the death of your god, some of the control on Earth's side of the portals has weakened, and if the portals were discovered, humans could theoretically cross over to Necros, provided they could fit through them of course, as none of them were that large. Still, it's a start, and you, Dr. Caldwell, owe your current life to us. The Comeri managed to bring in your souls through the small portals connecting our worlds which we placed into painstakingly reconstructed bodies.

    "To date, that is the current extent to which our worlds are connected. However, something odd has been showing up as of late. The people of Earth are almost never beside portals anymore. They've been regrouping and have shown up en masse around the portals that are located near the original Light Bridge."

    "One final thing I think it is prudent to know, Dr. Caldwell. While it is true that Necrotians cannot enter the world of Earth, it should be noted that artificial intelligences can still exit through the portals to your world. That is, droids and artificial bodies… such as yourself, Dr. Caldwell."

    With that, the old man stopped talking and looked at Damien, waiting for a response.

    While some of the students seemed rather impressed with their older colleague’s in depth and surprisingly accurate answer, a few of the more cautious ones kept their eyes on their “beloved” teacher, waiting to see his reaction before determining their own responses. The good doctor was propped up against his desk, having started reading through some old notes in his almanac in the middle of the older student’s answer. After a few moments of silence Damien shifted his yellow eyes back up to the students. “Oh, you’re finished? I lost interest in listening to that bullsh** story once you started bringing Taoism into it.” The good doctor closed his almanac, sliding it into his coat pocket before taking a seat at his desk. “That’s enough bullsh** for one day. Class dismissed.” If there was one perk to having Damien as a teacher, it would have been that his general disdain for all of his students kept class time to a minimum on most occasions.

    Soon after the students dispersed into the hall, Eddie entered, taking a seat in the front row of Damien’s class. “So…..thought about how you’re going to do it yet?” he said with the same toothy grin as always.

    Damien simply glared at the man as he filed a few papers in his desk. “Well, getting there will be easy enough…..figuratively speaking. I’m more worried about how I’ll convince them to allow me to do penance once I get there.”

    “Thought you had it in with your pal, Zamiel.”

    “Only because of the contract…..if not for that I’d try to avoid him along with every other fu**er on this rock.” Eddie chuckled at this comment, knowing full well that he was among the ‘fu**ers’ Damien mentioned. “Well….no sense dragging it out. Go get the janitor. I at least want to see the look on his face when he sees the mess he has to clean up.”

    Eddie raised an eyebrow at this. Damien hadn’t told him all the details of his plan but regardless he couldn’t for the life of him figure out what the janitor would be needed for. Regardless though, the demon made his way out into the hall, soon returning with one of the members of the cleaning crew in tow. When the two men entered, Damien was still sitting at his desk, though he was now dressed in his usual traveling clothes. “For what it’s worth, Eddie. You were a bit more tolerable than most of the a**holes I’ve dealt with on this planet……You’re still a useless piece of sh** though,” all the while the spoke, Damien had crossbow aimed directly at his own temple. “Goodbye, Eddie.”

    “Damien wai-!!”

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    ((Whisper/Dei combo-post agains))

    Lilith found the mess hall easily enough and wandered in. Despite the room's ability to accommodate many people it, the number actually present was small. She got some food and asked someone where Brasstown was. After being pointed to the table where he was sitting she walked over and sat down across from him. "Hi," she said bluntly then took a bite of her food.

    Brasstown, a bald Hosfa made from brass, looked at the girl and, after taking a quick glance at her, clicked his tongue. "You'll be wanting a splicing then, eh earthkin?"

    Lilith nodded then swallowed the food she was chewing before speaking, "Yeah, I was thinking demon sounded interesting." She shrugged and took another bite and began speaking with her mouthful, "Though if you'd wait til I'm done eating that would be better."

    "All right." The Hosfa began as he stood up. "Wait here, I'll be back with my supplies and we can begin then." He took his leave of the girl to let her finish her meal, and after ten minutes, returned with a small briefcase. "Demon, right?"

    "Yep," she nodded.

    "All right then." With that, Brasstown removed a syring filled with clear liquid and approached Lilith from behind. "This may hurt a bit," he did not wait long before pushed the needle into the top of her spinal cord and letting the chemical do its work.

    Lilith grimaced trying to keep herself from tensing up when the needle went in and within moments she began to feel dizzy and lightheaded. She leaned forward and rested her forehead on the cool table trying not to vomit. "Ugh," she groaned waiting for the sensation to pass. After she passed the feeling of floating and began returning to some form of normalcy she sat up carefully and turned to Brasstown, "I read that the demons' skills are random, is there some way I can find out what mine is, or do I just wait?"

    "You generally just come across it in some form some day. You may start having dreams that relate to your power slightly." The Hosfa told Lilith as he packed his supplies away. "Is that everything?"

    "Yep, think so," Lilith nodded and then carefully got to her feet. She paused, "Actually, do you know where Everest is? I need to talk to him and the device he gave me only points here and to the barracks."

    "Oh, need to see Everest, huh? All right, follow me." He pulled out a compass similar to the one Lilith owned, except that the glass concealed a red liquid beneath its surface. "We give it our own blood, that way they can only work for the true owner of them. Come with me.." He led her out of the mess hall and through many twists and turns until finally they came to a door which opened to reveal the familiar office that Lilith had been in earlier.

    Lilith walked in, "Hey Everest." She flopped down in the chair across from the desk and inspected the odd shade her skin had taken in curiosity, "So about the Untamed, what's it like out there?"

    "The Untamed is probably the last unexplored place in Necros. It's enormous, as I'm sure you know. It's at once one of the most dangerous places, and also one of the most wonderful places, and I don't just mean that in some survivalist thrill-seeker sense of the word. It begins just past some of the frontier villages and extends out to the coastline on the western side of Doppelekereft, which is only inhabited by a few harbors. The Untamed has savannahs, mountains, plains, deserts, seas, and all manner of geographic features in it. There are also various tribes that live within it, and all manner of beasts."

    "What's it like having to survive in there?" Lilith questioned, "Like I said, I've got no real experience with woods. Most of the time I just found myself in cities."

    "Camping wouldn't help you much, anyways. I won't pretend that it's not a cakewalk for city kids. That said, I will remind you that there are things about life in the Untamed that will unlock great powers in anyone. K2 and I both train out there." He smiled at the young girls' frown. "Of course, if you'd rather stay here with K2, I understand. She's expressed an interest in punishing the humans who've returned here on my say-so. Maybe that would be for the best, I had seen you walk into my office and I saw potential, but if something as measly as lacking indoor plumbing would cripple you, I don't think you're really cut out for the kind of powers the Untamed will grant you."

    Lilith's annoyed frown at Everest's comment about K2 instantly solidified into a scowl as he finished and she glared at the man. "First of all I can't do jack sh*t about the decisions that the b**** Rena makes, so there's no way in f***ing hell I'm going to put up with K2 doing something to me because of HER. As for you, don't act so d*** smug before I've even made a f***ing decision." She paused and took a deep breath trying to calm down, 'Don't piss him off, he can kill you he can kill you he can kill you,' she repeated in her mind until she had calmed some. She reviewed her options and realized that if she wanted to stay and not deal with K2 there wasn't much of a choice. She looked back up at Everest, still glaring, "Fine I'll go with you." Her next thought was, 'I'm probably going to regret this.' She sighed in mental frustration.

    "All right then." Everest stated calmly. "Meet me in this office tonight at zero-hundred hours." He took out a compass that would lead her back and gave it to the young Demon. "By my count, you have ten hours before you're due back here. You may do with this time what you will."

    Ten hours later, Lilith returned to Everest's office, after spending her hours eating and briefly gaining some sleep. Standing in the office this time was the dark haired tall woman who ran D'onofrio in Everest's absences, K2. "Are you sure you want this miserable infant to accompany you, Everest?" she asked as Lilith entered.

    "I don't see why not, K2." Everest said through a smile. "Now then, if you will."

    K2 did not say another word. She closed her eyes and suddenly, the two found themselves transported under an immensely starry night sky amidst several caves formed into the sides of vast, rocky mountains. "The Untamed!" Everest announced triumphantly, his voice echoing across the unseen expanse before them. "Thank you K2, I'm sure you can find your way back."

    K2, who stood some distance further up the mountain, did not respond, but was greeted by Ziz, who she mounted and began to fly away on in silence.

    "Now then, let's begin." Everest laughed, turning back to Lilith.
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    Desoto spent the first few days of the month in a hospital bed, recovering from the explosion that had been intended to kill whoever received the videotape from Vera. The injuries to Ramona and him had not been fatal, but were rather major, requiring a weeks stay in the hospital. Soon, police were visiting the Harpy to inquire the origins of the parcel. Desoto thought back and realized that the package had no return address. After a short investigation, Desoto asked the police if they had found anything regarding the assailant, but all that he was told was that it was classified. Disappointed, Desoto decided to keep his distance from Ramona and correspond only via message when he found out anything rather than go over to her new apartment. Piama questioned him relentlessly, but Desoto did not divulge anything, leading to a break-up between the two.

    Upon returning to his apartment, Desoto found several pieces of news awaiting him. Various messages from Dharma Corp. requesting pieces of news regarding his absence. Desoto wondered whether or not he had been fired when he came across one message that interested him. Upon carelessly opening it he glanced down at the signature and saw that it came from none other than Creviston Dharma himself. Glancing back up, he saw that the message was in code.

    GuIH-Njqq RDbX-eZTA
    ieoW-nEAq EIrl-MWvV
    MITj-hfMz yzqE-psQx
    khyx-APqx ZVym-Drum
    ANVg-AVSO cmFU-HbdL
    AtoI-JSDz umGs-PaPj
    MHuy-uLUr bRBv-eFzz
    aUEF-RwGk tjqk-ZwYh
    EbbD-umzX xqSD-eyEZ
    HvOG-MqTu esQB-kXUs

    Desoto recognized this as a one-time pad. He had written about them in some of his mystery novels and wondered whether such things would translate into Necrotian and back. He also wondered whether there would be any hint as to the number the two were to use to decipher the message. He looked through the notices from Dharma corp. and noticed a recurring number in the letters. Applying this number, he found that the letter was indeed a message to Desoto. Dharma had asked to meet him on the fourteenth of Salazia alone in the subway station where the party had fought a Naga-Banshee on their first night in Necros. It all seemed so long ago and Desoto spent some of the next week retracing the path that they had taken that night to escape a mob of killers to the subway they had departed to Ecklesax from. Desoto was disappointed to find that Ecklesax's name had been changed to Chiasmus since Nick's death.

    On the night of the fourteenth, Desoto departed for the subway and found a man sitting in a corner, holding a newspaper in front of him. Desoto approached the man and sat down, recognizing him as Creviston Dharma from the time they had briefly met in the Inner Wired.

    "I've wired the trains to avoid this station for the time being." Dharma began as the Harpy sat down next to him. "Let's get down to business, you've received an explosive tape from Vera Lance."

    "Well I don't think it was from her." Desoto started, he was wary of the man who had been responsible for Hildegarde's death, but went on for now, so as to find out more. "Your name's been mentioned in some of her files, what is your connection to her?"

    Dharma did not look up from his newspaper, which held a headline stating that rebel factions had broken out against the Vulcan provisional government led by a a charismatic man known as Compton Hestia. He started simply enough "First of all, you're wrong. Those parcels are more than likely coming directly from Vera herself. She may not be the one handing them through the post, but it's her will that's sent them to you. As for my connection, we were simply colleagues orking under the Dream King after the Imperial Wars. I left shortly before she and the other chairpeople of the different divisions of the R&D department all committed suicide. Vera's mind stll lives on, however, and she's been reaping her hatred on Necros ever since her death."

    "How does Vera know about me, though? How does she know to send things to people who have been tracking down her diaries and such?" Desoto asked. "For that matter, what does she have against me?"

    "She most likely does not know about you in particular. She is merely making guesswork as to her target. She was surprisingly accurate in predicting who would end up in what position, however--what signs would denote certain people to her. As for what she has against you, I can only offer this anecdote. Vera began experimenting with artificial life some time after our collaboration. She offered me secrets of spatial disruption and dimensional physics and I, in exchange, gave her my opinion on the possibility of connecting minds together through various artificial means. I believe that is how she has continued to exist in this world even past her death. She is a subconscious data-point in the artificial intelligences of her droids, who are all linked together. Coming back to why she has targeted you in particular, some time after Vera built her most notable droid, Pearl, she slipped into a state which I have never witnessed in any other person nor have I ever read about. She heard a voice which she said was that of her creator. She began to make predictions about the future which would all come to pass. However, all of these predictions pertained to her, so I am reluctant to give say they are credible premonitions. That being said, though, her behavior was still strange. She moved about like a woman who was on a mission that no one else could find out about. She took trips to her home in Lumina and made more frequent contacts with the Lych Acacia Drakmore. Some time after this drastic change in character, I left the Dream King to begin my company.

    "On the day I left, Vera saw me off the island, alongside Pearl. She said to me that I would hear from her again when I least suspected it, and that that would mark the last year of my life. Suffice it to say by that point we were not what you might call friends with each other anymore."

    Dharma looked around abruptly as he heard a noise, he looked around down the tunnels of the subway and turned quickly to Desoto. "We're done tonight. This is my contact address on the Inner Wired. We will discuss our next meeting time there."

    With that, Dharma disappeared as quickly as he had ended their conversation, leaving a bewildered Desoto to wander back to his apartment.

    As Desoto reached his apartment he found he had received a message from Dharma. Checking it, the email said "I'm sorry, it was foolish to meet in a public place. Too many possible eavesdroppers. Let us continue now."

    Suddenly, Desoto was inside the Inner Wired once again, alongside Dharma. Unlike the Inner Wired Desoto was now familiar with, this place was barren, devoid of any and all users who normally perused the place. Only Dharma and Desoto stood in this vast dark space.

    "So what you were saying..." Desoto began "Is that Vera went insane and gained some degree of foresight.."

    "That seems to be a part of it..." Dharma responded. "She could have used her droid Umbriel to look into the future and see events that would unfold past her death..though this doesn't answer something. We still don't know why Vera went insane, she often talked about how useful it would be if one could see the future, and she did not fear her own death in the slightest, so seeing events yet to come was certainly not going to do it. She created a droid that could tamper with minds and perception known as October, but she installed a block on the droid that prevented her or any of the others from ever using their powers in any way on her without her express permission. For that reason, I believe she saw something either via Umbriel or Pearl that was simply too much for her mind to handle. If it was via Pearl, then let us take it as a lesson to not go explore where we are not meant to see. If it was something seen via Umbriel, then let us hope we are prepared for whatever caused her insanity."

    "...I've still got one question.." Desoto asked. "The diaries... how did she know that I had found them? Assuming she knew that someone was going to collect one and begin collecting more, how did she know that it would be the same person, and more importantly, that persons' identity and address?"

    "That's a fairly simple answer.." Dharma stated once again. "Vera installed a fragment of her own mind into each droid she made... and every droid ever created has that small portion encoded into it... for this reason, all of the droids are connected in a way that allows them to share information, though most of them are only unconsciously aware of it.. Most likely you discovered those diaries while in presence of a droid, and they knew how to find you.. think, were there any droids present at those times?"

    "Well.." Desoto thought "There were plenty of droids at Vulcan.. and... Daria Charmagga.. she's a member of Vulcan, was there when we fled Dyaus.. I think Helena might have been a droid too... But.." He thought to the first time he encountered one. "There weren't any droids in Acacia's basement when I found the first cassette there... the only other person around was Miguel... that's Miguel Lamara, the former president of Sheol.."

    "Miguel Lamara.." Dharma began. "Yes, he was an Elemental, correct?"

    Desoto nodded.

    "Did it ever strike you as odd that he was so adept with his powers while you or your other friends from Earth have taken so long to understand them?"

    "Well, I guess.. but we've gotten stronger through fighting, and I'm sure Miguel's done plenty of that."

    "It could also be because he already knew about Necros."

    "What?" Desoto asked incredulously.

    "I have reason to believe the man you know as Miguel Lamara was one of several droids Vera sent to Earth before she died..these droids, unlike their siblings, are better described as artificial lifes.. They are able to age and will die naturally, unlike the proper droids who are created with a certain appearance and are biologically immortal. It was noted by Vulcan slightly prior to Vera's death, there was a time when she took a boat to Archimede accompanied by several babies who did not have any registration with Vulcan, people who were never registered as droids or even as elves, artificial humans created by Vera for the sole purpose of going to Earth, and finding certain people."

    "Wait wait wait wait wait." Desoto nearly shouted, holding his hands up. "You expect me to believe this? I've never heard of anything like this so far in Necros. All right, let's suppose that Vera could make artificial humans, I'll buy that there are enough records to know what they look like and she may have run into some in Sheol...How would they be able to get into Earth? I've heard how the portals work.. they can only be used to bring inorganic matter in from Earth. Finally, even if Miguel were an artificial person, and there was some way for him to have gotten to Earth, how does that explain how he found me? me in particular? Even if Vera did know who was going to die on that day, how was Miguel supposed to have known that I was also going to be the person who found the cassette?" Desoto felt that these questions would stump Dharma, but was anxious to hear if there was something he had overlooked or not known about.

    "I can only tell you for the first front, that yes, Vera was capable of creating artificial humans, and did so. As for the second statement, regarding portals between our worlds. There is one stipulation to that rule. Inorganic objects which are not Necrotian in origin can still pass through the portals. It has been observed when we have sent objects back to Earth that were recovered from the portals. There is the problem, though, you may wonder, over why Miguel, who was made here in Necros does not count as Necrotian and was able to pass through the Light Bridge, which is the only portal that exists in Archimede, where these children were last seen. I do not know why Miguel would not count as Necrotian, Vera's droids also briefly demonstrated the same ability, to pass through portals as if the rule had never existed for them... Tell me, has Miguel ever been to the Grand Canyon?" Dharma asked.

    "No..." Desoto answered. "Miguel'd never left Puerto Rico. He hated nature, anyways."

    "Did he ever make mentions to the Grand Canyon? Any dreams of rivers or deserts?"

    Suddenly, Miguel's cryptic words regarding his recurring dreams came back to Desoto. "He did say he had dreams about being swept through the Colorado river and left out in the desert..."

    "I would guess that these were visions from Miguel's childhood, when he was first deposited onto Earth..."

    "Okay, that still doesn't answer how he knew to follow me.." Desoto stated, "Or how he knew I'd collect the cassette from Acacia's mansion.."

    "Yes, I'm wondering about that too.." Dharma stated. "However, I think that while this information is important, we can still assume that even if Vera did not know you had collected her first cassette, she was still able to see you collecting others, and thus knew about you and knew where to send that bomb. I urge you to be careful, Desoto McClellan, and should you receive any more packages containing messages from Vera, bring them to my attention, you can contact me here at any time.. I bid you adieu... oh, and please don't mention any of this to your friends, I want to keep my involvement in these affairs known to only a select few.."

    Without waiting for a response, Dharma vanished and left Desoto in his apartment, more bewildered than before. Desoto spent the rest of the month looking for possible solutions to the boundless questions that formed in his mind.
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