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    Damien awoke in a room made up primarily of black marble. Zamiel sat in a chair in the corner, made of a black wood. "About time you started coming around."

    Damien shot Zamiel a cruel glare before massaging the area where the arrow had shot through his temple. "What do you want a fu**ing apology? Don't make me laugh. I had to fu**ing kill myself just to get here.....speaking of which, where the fu** am I?"

    "You're in my home in Southwest Lumina." Zamiel answered. "As for an apology, no I don't expect one. You've been robbed of many things. Your body, your summoning abilities, and your freedom. I wouldn't expect anyone who's just suffered that kind of loss to be apologetic. That being said, though, you've inconvenienced me by not at least informing me that you intended to commit suicide so that I could have prepared a body earlier. It's the beginning of Salazia now, several weeks have passed since you shot yourself. Your body is now being held in a hospital, though it's no use, your soul is located in this body I've constructed for you."

    "Well that's your own fu**ing fault. You didn't exactly give me a cell phone number to reach you on or anything. So here I fu**ing am." Damien groaned, taking in everything Zamiel had told him. A month gone, and on top of that he was now magicless? Not that he had intended to do anymore summoning, but he had at least taken comfort int he fact that he had it as a means of defense until he completed his penance. It was at this moment that a thought struck Damien's mind. If his body and soul had been separated, was he still susceptible to the side effects? "Zamiel....about that summoning bit. As it turns out, there's apparently some nasty fu**ing side effects to using it (which I would have fu**ing loved if someone had warned me about beforehand). Anyway, long story short, the reason I offed myself was to get you to help me perform penance. But, since I apparently can't use that sh** anymore, do I still need to bother with that or can I give those paledonian fu**ers the finger again?"

    "You don't need to do penance anymore." The Paledonian continued. "Your souls' debt was cleared when you killed yourself. Your body, however, will continue to suffer the side effects of Summoning Magic until it is eventually consumed by them, unless you bring the body to be cleansed by the Paledonians, of course."

    "Fu** that body......according to one of my idiot students that apparently wasn't my real body anyway," Damien hissed in his usual pleasant tone. "And double fu** the Paledonians. It amuses me that I got out of one of their punishments on a technicality yet again," the drow chuckled maliciously as he stretched out his new body. "I won't lie and say I'd love to stay and chat because let's face it.....I hate you. So instead I think I'll just be on my merry fu**ing way. Unless of course there's some bullsh** problem you need me to fix. At this point it'd be almost mathematically impossible for something not to try and kill me."

    "Nope. I'm doing fine so far, and in all honesty I'd rather be rid of you sooner rather than later too." Zamiel shrugged. "Lady Matriel is still examining your innocence regarding the case with Lord Doubleport, and she thinks she knows the real culprit now and will try persuading Xianke to re-examine the matter. You won't be brought in of course... also, there's something you should know about Mernilik. If you're ever summoned here for any reason by Lady Matriel, your mission will be to go and alert Creviston Dharma that she has been freed and Mernilik is compromised. It was Kaspar's job before yours and it's yours now. I'm sure you don't care to hear more, so you can be on your way if you want."

    "......Fu**ing knew it," Damien growled before donning his traveling coat. "....Thanks for the clothes.....I suppose I'll have to head back to Karthis for the rest of my stuff." The drow stared silently at the ceiling for awhile before shifting his attention back to Zamiel. "Don't suppose there's some special contract trick you can use to send me back?"

    "Karthis, was it? Yeah, sure. Just focus on some possession of yours you've got there, and I can send ya."

    "...Seeing as how I left everything I owned there, that shouldn't be too fu**ing difficult." Damien shut his eyes, imagining the almanac he left in his coat as clearly as he possibly could. At that moment Zamiel snapped his fingers and for an instant, Damien felt as though all weight had left him. The feeling was akin to that of free falling as he suddenly appeared in "his" room at the local Karthis hospital. The good doctor's eyes widened a bit as he looked down at his comatose body, chuckling at the irony of it. "Nurse!!" he roared, causing a frail woman to drop a tray of supplies just out of his room. "Check my body out of this fu**ing expensive room and throw it in a hole somewhere. As you can see, I don't need it anymore," Damien grumbled as he gathered his belongings and marched out the door, leaving a rather awestruck expression on most of the hospital staff's faces.
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    ((Combo with Envy))

    Judy found herself in a small house. The doors slid open in front of her revealing the figure of Kiyoshi, kneeling in front of a woman's silhouette. He was stroking her gently from behind when Judy approached. Kiyoshi turned on her approach to see her. "You are Judy, correct?" he asked.

    "Yes," Judy said, smiling. "You remember me, right?"

    "Yes." He stated as he stood up. "I've met with Nick briefly... he said that he encountered you some time ago.. so I wondered whether you would come to visit me too or not. How are the others?"

    "Good." Judy wasn't sure if her answer was entirely true. "We've been through a lot, but I think the worst is over. We're recovering."

    "That's good to hear." Have you all found a way out of Necros yet?"

    "No. Desoto was working on something, but I don't know if he still is, or if it was just a dead-end." She paused in thought. "We all split up, after Nick died. He was the only thing keeping George around, and after he left everyone started going separate ways. I haven't talked to any of them for months."

    "I see.." Kiyoshi sounded somewhat disappointed. "You've gained the ability to access the dead I see, what are you intending to do with that?"

    "Do with it? The only thing I had planned was this right here." She gestured around. "Nick meant a lot me, and you do too. I just wanted to see you again."

    "I appreciate it greatly." Kiyoshi said with a bow. Suddenly, the house began rumbling.* "How long have you been able to do this, Judy?"

    Judy looked around nervously. "About a month. Why? Am I going to have to reassemble you too?"

    "It happens occasionally." Kiyoshi started sounding worried. "A Comeri that is new can't always maintain-" his voice changed into that of Miguel. "-the area they're trying to screw around in!"

    With a loud scream that surrounded Judy, the Comeri found herself in a vast desert, with many shapeless forms standing around her.* Some thirty yards away stood Miguel, a murderously happy gleam in his eyes, which now were back to their original shade.* "I've been waiting for one of you guys to show up here! You're my ticket back to life."

    "What!?!" Judy whirled about, searching for Kiyoshi. She looked back at Miguel. "What did you do to him!?! I won't lose him again!" She instinctively stretched her hands out before her.

    "You aren't gonna be able to find him around here while I'm distracting you, babe!" Miguel laughed. "It's just like Desoto's little friends to go searching into places without having any friends there already to tell 'em how it works. Well let me clue ya in, babe. Every person here has their own chamber that acts as a representation of them. Usually it's a real place, but I've only seen this desert in dreams, ya know? Now I do know something about Comeri. They can bring the souls of the dead back to Necros, and I intend to get a ride back out with you." He licked his lips as he approached Judy. "Just try escaping, I've set it up so you aren't gonna be leaving here that easily."

    Judy stepped back, matching Miguel's feet, and tried to catch him with her corpumancy. However, to her alarm no invisible threads sprung forth to bind him. Panicking, she turned and ran, and Miguel laughed. He knew that neither of them would tire here in this plane, but he still wanted to show her what he was capable of. As she ran, Miguel called a car to his side, the car he and Desoto had driven in when they died. He charged after her in the car.

    Judy eventually came upon a large drop in the ground, before her stretched the iconic sight of the Grand Canyon, filled with humanoid shapes. Miguel arrived behind Judy. "Great, isn't it? The Grand Canyon.* Home of the Light Bridge!"

    "The Light Bridge," Judy thought. She decided as long as Miguel was giving information out, she could take it. "How do you know about that?"

    "An old friend I met." Miguel smiled. "She should be watching this whole thing, aren't ya Vera you creepy voyeur!? She told me all about this place the Light Bridge and how it's where Earth and Necros are joined. Everyone on Earth is trying to get it opened now, so they can get to Necros and die. I'm sure any family you have is here in this crowd too." Miguel indicated to the figures that surrounded them. Distracted by the mention of her family, Judy looked at the figures more closely, but they were no more tangible or clear than ever.

    "They won't respond," Miguel said, his voice now that of a woman. "The worlds of Necros and Earth still remain separate." Judy's surroundings changed again into a dark metal corridor with cubicles filling it.

    The shift in scenery and voice made Judy's attention snap back to Miguel. As she watched, the man faded from the room and out of existence, leaving in his place a scrawny woman with wiry black hair, and pasty white skin. She wore glasses and a white lab coat. A frown was transfixed upon her as though she had never smiled before as she observed Judy. "Name's Vera Lance." The woman nodded in Judy's direction. "I'm assuming since you're here you knew Miguel.. and probably were involved in killing him.."

    ". . . Yes." Judy couldn't think of anything more to say. She had heard of Vera, and her reputation. She began wondering if she could die in the afterlife.

    "You're apprehensive... I'm assuming you've heard some things about me, then..What exactly have you heard?" The woman pulled a rolling chair out of a cubicle and sent it over to the Comeri, beckoning her to sit down as she pulled one out for herself.

    "You . . . Well, you were a terrorist! You built the Slayer Droids, and then you built a few more that murdered thousands of people!" Judy did not sit down, instead stepping back once again.

    Vera looked up at the girl, not breaking her gaze. After several moments of silence, she breathed deeply and cast her gaze to the floor. "The Slayer droids were my invention, yes...I was an architect of war during the days when Lumina and Sheol lived with knives to one another's throats. I don't deny that, though I do regret my involvement. I was a person dedicated to the expansion of invention and science, and a top student in Lumina. I did not know, however, that my fellow engineers and I were all to be drafted to the same cause of creating war machines. I'm not opposed to war, mind you, nor am I opposed to creating machines that further the cause of my nation in wartime. However, I did not want my ingenuity to be stifled to simply churning out war machines. After the intervention of Vulcan ended the war, the two nations decided they would rather kill us engineers off than see us be taken to expand Vulcan's powers, and so we fled here." She gestured around. "To the island nation of Nod, where the Dream King took us in and opened the Nod Royal Research and Development Laboratories. That's not why I've hijacked your time, though. I know my sins from the war won't be out-done by my confessions to a lone Comeri, I am here to talk about the terrorist attacks, to set the record straight and to give you a warning to bring back to Necros."

    "I . . . You hijacked me? I don't know what you're doing, I don't know what I'm doing . . ." Judy quickly grew frustrated with how little it seemed she understood. "Okay. Give me your warning and whatever else. At least I can take a message."

    "Yes, hijacked you. Well, actually, in some sense I saved you. Miguel hijacked you from that Japanese man, since he could network to him and find when someone had entered his sanctuary. He hijacked you from there, and I, who met Miguel recently as I visited the Light Bridge, became able to tell when you entered Miguel's sanctuary. I saw that he was trying to attack you, so I brought you here." Vera noted.

    "We were never on good terms. . . I guess I should thank you."

    "mmm..." Vera grunted. "as for the terrorist attacks.. I never intended for those to happen. While I was in Nod, I built beings which tested the boundaries of space and time itself. Eventually, I think I went too far... I saw things that simply weren't meant to be seen by mortals like you or I.." Vera's face looked haggard at this, as though she were recalling horrible memories. "I was left in a state where it seemed reality was coming down around me.. eventually this led me to suicide..." Vera gulped as she put her head in her hands. "I realized something though... upon my death... I hadn't programmed in any sort of command for my droids for my death.. I had assumed before my.. accident.. that I would have lived long enough to plant in such commands... left with no one to order them, the droids decided to act upon a series of actions based upon my mood from the last few months of my life... this led the droids down a path which, I deeply regret, only led to death... I can't believe I was so easily reduced to a sobbing idiot by truth... some scientist I am..." She looked downcast again. "The droids went rampant and killed many... acting upon my pathetic moods... I am glad that Necros was able to subdue them, and were I easily accessible I would have helped myself in disabling them... However, most of my equipment in Nod is untouchable by anyone but myself... so no Comeri that takes in my soul can access the files to shut down those droids remotely... as I said though, I am glad that the people were able to subdue them.. However, Miguel has informed me of some of the recent turns in Necrotian technology and I am afraid that if something is not done, Pearl and the others will be released again, spurred on by the misguided will of the man known as Creviston Dharma."

    Judy had no reply for Vera's self-pity. She didn't think emotions were pathetic, but she silently agreed that the scientist's accident could have been easily avoided. She couldn't think of anything that would make someone turn to suicide so quickly, which was probably for the best. However, she could understand the consequences of the reapperance of the droids. "I met Dharma, briefly, in the Inner Wired. He's misguided? What do you think he's going to try?"

    "He is currently keeping Pearl inside of a generator that allows her to create the shared dream known as the Inner Wired... The Inner Wired he developed while I worked with him was only able to be shared by people hooked to a central unit.. When I heard from Miguel that it could now be accessed collectively by people from all across Necros, I knew that he was using Pearl as a spatial generator to create the pocket dimension that is now being used for the shared dream of the Inner Wired... Dharma wants to find a way to destroy her, an admirable endeavor, of course.. but.. the plan he's going to try... I've seen it.. Dharma occasionally visits this place to meet with the Dream King and I have overheard their conversations.. Dharma is covered in Pearl's artificial Flow, and can be sensed from here... as can the Dream King... Dharma wishes to let Pearl into the Inner Wired... into a closed-off section of it he created from within. trying this, though... Pearl does not work like Umbriel, she cannot simply be imprisoned to a single dimension closed off from all others. Even in such a closed space, Pearl can and will escape.. and then she will not be confined by whatever Dharma has put on her currently...I want you to bring the message to Dharma.. Miguel told me that there is a war being orchestrated by Vulcan.. a puppet war between Sheol and Doppelekereft that was meant to rally the Sheolian people behind Miguel... Dharma will most likely use this war as a backdrop to shut down the Inner Wired and try to transfer Pearl into it... when this war starts, I beg you to go to Dharma and tell him not to..the best we can hope for is just to leave Pearl as is and focus efforts on finding Trinity and Diana, who have yet to be caught..."

    Vera's speech was beginning to go over Judy's head. "Okay. I can find Dharma, or Desoto can. I'll tell him not to let Pearl out, and I tell him that it came from you. He'll listen to you if you were the creator, right?"

    "I assume so. Despite my failings toward the end of my life, Dharma should still understand that I know Pearl better than anyone. If he needs further convincing, you may bring my soul into your body once you feel comfortable doing so, doing that will allow me to speak directly to Dharma through you. However, when Miguel described you to me, he told me that you were a Faerie, leading me to believe you have only recently become a Comeri.. I don't know if you will be able to perform full-soul integration by the time Dharma tries executing his plan."

    "I'll try to learn how. This sounds pretty important." Judy wasn't sure she trusted Vera with her body, but she had been very helpful so far. "I'll leave the island as soon as possible, but I can practice until I get a chance to go."

    "All right.. If you need me, just search for me here.." Vera said as the area dematerialized around Judy, leaving her where she started, in an empty void, and from there she moved back into her body.
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    Sometime after the party began to go the separate ways, Terry made his way back to the weapons shop of his guardian in Docthorow, Doppelekereft. Immediately after returning, he insisted to be put to work if only to keep the negative thoughts out of his head. The Jackanape began to run deliveries where ever he was told and advertised "Athuria's" everywhere he went. After one of the local deliveries, Terry decided to blow of steam by using his gravity magic and take to the roofs and rafters of Docthorow. Terry then decided to lay out onto the roof of the building and stare at the sky.

    "Is it even possible? Can I ever plan to realize my dream?", mused the Jakanape. He then moved his hat over his face and was going to nap. Unfortunately, this is short lived, as he heard something nosily making its way up the building. Though most people would be worried and preparing to fight, Terry knew exactly what to expect. A tall Incubus soon, dressed with in a red overcoat made his way over to Terry's resting place. "There you are, bunny..." said the Incubus in deeply low tone. "I thought you were a little... off, lately... but I never expected this from you." He took a seat next to seat next to the Jackanape. "Arthur, are you forgetting that little talk we had about, personal space? With the threat of his guardian, Arthur, making his way any closer to him, Terry hopped to his feet and took a few paces from him and took a seat. "No now, silly rabbit... none of that now..." chuckled the Incubus. "I have notice you have been restless lately... I take it the Lohengrin thing isn't working out...?" The Jakanape hung his head.

    "I see... well, I have an idea..." whispered Arthur. The Incubus pretended to crawl towards Terry, only to lay out and prop himself on his shoulder. "I can train you, to be even stronger then you are now." he boasted. The Jakanape gained a puzzled expression, especially given the seriousness of Arthur's tone. "Alright, you've gotten my attention. What do you have in mind?" Terry asked, dreading his interest in his Arthur's ploy. "In due time.." remarked the Incubus, "And do get your rest... Hell will soon come for you..."
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    Salazia - (City of Remila)

    It was dark and the streets were mostly deserted as Lundy walked to the prison. He heard a moaning voice, low at first but increasing in volume as it got closer. The Isra stopped to listen, it sounded like a woman and she sounded like she was in horrible pain. It sounded like she was trying to tell him something but he couldn't make out everything she was saying.
    "...I never did anything wrong...he was going to...I couldn't let him...not to my baby..."
    "W-What are you talking about?"
    The voice answered in an agonizing shriek of pain that echoed throughout the streets. The woman finally came into view, though she was looking down at the ground with her hair concealing her face. She was a Banshee and she seemed to be floating, her movements were unreal.
    "I-I can help you...w-what's wrong?" Lundy stammered again as he ran to the woman.
    Her head shot up without warning, her face was distorted grotesquely and her eyes stared directly into his, "You've already done enough to help, Lundy. Go ahead. Kill some more. Kill some more to take what you want from them! Kill some more who did nothing to deserve this!"
    "No- I-" Lundy started to say but his voice was drown out by her horrifying screams.
    "I'M SORRY!" Lundy screamed as he suddenly sat upright in his bed. She was gone. It was just another nightmare. He wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and tried to catch his breath. He reached over for the box of recorder orbs he kept by his bed. "Damn it," he said realizing it was empty. The nightmares had started not too long after absorbing the first prisoner, he had had this particular dream before along with several other reoccurring dreams of the same prisoners. The recorder orbs loaded with calming spells always helped him remove the thoughts so he could get some sleep, but the effects only lasted a few hours and during his sleep the nightmares would come back. At least during the day he was distracted for the most part.

    He ran into Charlie as they were both arriving at the prison. They were both tired, and hardly talked while they went down the hallways, mostly just sighing and groaning from exhaustion.
    "So you're done with that last Banshee?" Charlie asked upon reaching his office, "You should be able to phaze through walls and what not whenever you want to now." Charlie motioned to the wall where his office lay on the otherside, "Go ahead. Walk through the wall." Sure enough, Lundy phazed through the wall into Charlie's office and phazed back out.
    "That's awesome!" Lundy grinned.
    "Yeah, not bad kid. But now we have a problem. What are you gonna eat now?" Charlie asked the younger Isra.
    "I'm not sure...anything that could let me fly?"
    "Angels. We've got a few of them somewhere in here." Charlie casually motioned for Lundy to follow.
    "Angels? Are you sure? Isn't it bad to absorb Angels? I mean they're good, right?"
    "They can't be that good if they ended up here." Charlie yawned, unaware that Angels were always depicted as holy, good beings on Earth.
    '...I never did anything wrong...' Lundy heard the Banshee's voice groan in his head. "Hey, Charlie. I need some more orbs..."
    "Yeah, sure. Swing back by my office before you leave. Let's go take care of the Angel business first."

    Salazia - (City of D'onofrio)

    Cindy at first didn't know whether to cry or scream or both over her newly acquired Demon powers. She could replace her limbs with inanimate objects which meant she'd sometimes take a step and her foot would go flying off in front of her. 'So not cool.' She did like that becoming a Demon gave her a nice, permanent tan. And as she got used to her powers, she came around to tolerating them more. She hadn't done much the first two months but finally got around to studying some magic. The cheerleader could tell her intended school of mental magic was going to be extremely hard to do so she settled on metal magic instead. What with being able to replace her limbs with nearly whatever she wanted, metal magic might come in handy. She even visited Desoto and Ramona one day while they were still recovering in the hospital. Normally she wouldn't entertain the thought but she was in a good mood that day.
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    Daniel's anxiety had been steadily building as he and Coenolf made their way from Sheol to Doppelekereft. As they approached Arch-Hex, he wondered what Boss would have to say.

    In the heart of Arch-Hex, near the central bank, Coenolf and Daniel approached a rather short, black building. While the buildings around it towered above it, this building was content to stay close to the ground. As they entered, Daniel and Coenolf found themselves in a rather empty room with a series of elevators lining the walls, which wouldn't seem so odd if the building were taller. The pair of enforcers made their way over to the smallest elevator on the far wall and took it to "sublevel 38," the lowest floor in the building. When the doors openned, they stepped into a dimly lit hallway with a single door at the end. As they approached the door, it seemed to open by itself, until a homunculus in a business suit appeared from behind it, ruining the illusion. The room was even dimmer than the hallway, with only a dying light bulb suspended from the ceiling to reveal the shelves jammed with books and papers lining the side walls. On the far end was another door with sliding screen at eye level, almost like a confession booth. Coenolf slid the screen open, and a bright light greeted his eyes, causing him to squint.

    "What is it, enforcer?" came an irritated, and surprisingly high pitched voice (like you made a helium balloon really mad, or something) from the bright room on the other side.

    "I've found Daniel, Boss," the banshe replied in a unusually formal tone.

    A chair creeked from the other side. "Have you now? Well, it's about time, Coenolf. I assume you took care of you're other assignment?"

    "Of course."

    "Good. Now leave us. I wish to speak with Daniel in private."

    Coenolf turned and grinned at Daniel before exitting into the hallway, where he waited for nearly an hour. Just when the boredom was starting to get to him, the homunculus opened the door and beckoned him in. The banshee raised an eyebrow in confusion when he saw that Daniel was still alive and well at this point.

    "Daniel has informed me that he was part of the group that assasinated Sheol's new president. Were you aware of this, Coenolf?"

    "No, I wasn't," he said, glaring at Daniel.

    "Well, I'd like to congratulate the rest of Daniel's group of Earthlings. I want both of you to bring them all here."

    Coenolf's grin returned. "We'll get right on it, Boss."

    "Then go."

    Once outside again, Coenolf turned to Daniel with a confused look. "So why was Boss happy that you took out Sheol's president?"

    "Arch-Hex is already providing the vast majority of the money used to rebuild Sheol. Since most of the builders are coming here, Boss is more likely to snag some new clients," Daniel replied with a hint of disgust.

    The banshee grinned again. "Ah, lucky you! Now, let's go find your friends. Don't want to keep Boss waiting."
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    ((Combo-post Dei/Whisper))

    Over the first few days in the Untamed, Everest set about making basic living arrangements for the two. He set a series of leaves and animal hides into a cave that could be used for shelter and had set about supplying wood for food when he turned to Lilith and addressed her for the first time since they arrived barring simple commands "If you are going to survive out here it is best to have a sense of direction. What is it you would like to accomplish? It can be anything, but you must have goals to survive, especially here."

    "I refuse to die," Lilith said glaring at the man, "I will not let myself be weak."

    Everest smiled down at the girl, "Well then don't die. I will be back in several days. You are on your own until then. I will tell you this: the forests which surround these mountains on the Eastern end are filled with angered Abominations, looking to kill any Elvaan they see, due to Vulcan encroaching slowly into their land. The Savannah and the forests which the mountain slopes in to are much better places to find food. If you are alive when I return, then we shall continue from there." With that, the Elf turned and left the cave, heading down the mountain and out of sight.

    Lilith watched him go and then set about trying to find something to do. Having watched him the last two days she didn’t really worry about too much. He had left her with firewood and so all she really needed to do was make sure she didn’t run out, get more water, and find something to eat.

    Grabbing a stick from the pile of wood and an old wooden bucket she began walking towards the creek nearby doing her best to be quiet. When she reached it she sat down on the ground and began sharpening the end of the stick while watching the water. When she finished she rolled up the bottom of her pants and slowly waded into the water trying not to disturb the fish. She stood quietly trying not to move waiting for a fish to come close and when it did she stabbed at it and missed. She gritted her teeth in annoyance and stopped moving again. After more tries than she cared to remember she stormed out of the water cursing and threw down her makeshift spear. It was like they kept magically getting away and it really pissed her off.

    She angrily grabbed the bucket and filled it up with water before grabbing the spear and heading back to the cave not bothering to be quiet this time. When she reached it she put the bucket and spear down before walking back out. She began looking for some of the edible plants Everest had gotten the last couple days and stored them in a large folded leaf. When she finished she gathered some more firewood and made it back to the cave before it was dark. Setting up for the fire like she had seen Everest do she pulled out the steel and flint he had left and set about lighting it. Happily she was more successful than with her fishing attempt. She began eating what she had found and sat near the edge of the cave looking up at the sky.

    When she finished she pulled out her almanac and began to look back over the magic types wondering what kind of magic she wanted to focus on. Unable to choose she instead decided to practice with what Rena had already known hoping to get a better grasp of what she could do already. After practicing the smoke spells for a while she suddenly had an idea. In curiosity she closed her eyes to see if she could still sense thing by spreading out her senses and she discovered that the ability had indeed stuck around despite her change to a demon. She sat quietly sensing the area around her and took note of many animals roaming the forest – some watching her. Lilith smirked; the next day she was going to use this ability to figure out how the fish kept getting away, and then she was going to bring some back for food.

    On the afternoon of the third day, Everest emerged out of the woods followed by an elderly man with dark skin and long white hair. "Ah, I see you're still alive then." Everest said to Lilith.

    Lilith rolled her eyes, "Who the hell is that guy?"

    "This" Everest addressed the young girl, referring to his guest "is my good friend Argonus Silvenmach. He has come here to help me understand you. Argonus is a shaman well-versed in the ways of some of the Shamans from your world. Specifically, he can read subconsciouses and minds and translate them into spoken word."

    "Riiiight," Lilith said glaring at the man, "'Earth Shamans.' Sounds like a load of bull-**** to me."

    "There there…" Everest crooned. "Argonus, if you will.." The man silently bowed and beckoned Lilith toward him.

    Lilith looked at the man in clear distaste, "And if I say I don't want him in my head?"

    "Then he will not leave, and eventually through the course of events that would transpire, he would probably end up there anyways. In the end, Lilith, if you are to survive out here in the Untamed, you will need me as a teacher, if I am to be your teacher, I must understand you. To understand you, I should have a clear view of your mind, which is what Argonnus can provide."

    Lilith laughed bitterly, "Figured as much. I can tell you this much without you even having to dig: The doctors on Earth said I'm the product of Rena trying too hard to suppress memories she didn’t like." She looked at the man and smirked, "I'm very fragmented, good luck not getting lost in there."

    Everest nodded toward Argonnus, who approached Lilith and put his hand to her head. His eyes then glowed as he entered a trance standing above Lilith. He stood like that for roughly ten minutes while Lilith sat, not feeling anything except the old man's hand on her head. Eventually, the glow disappeared and Argonnus removed his hand before turning and speaking to Everest in a language Lilith could not understand.

    Eventually, Everest turned toward Lilith. "Come with us." He said as he and Argonnus exited the cave and ascended the mountain.

    Lilith looked after the two suspiciously and then looked around the cave to make sure she hadn't left anything important before following them.

    As they reached the summit of the mountain, Everest looked over the edge down into the savannah that stretched out before them. He called loudly into the crisp night air. "Ziz! It is I, the highest mountain, who summons you to my aid! I need nothing of your strength, but I need your wings! Heed my call, Ziz!" and after his booming voice ceased, a figure emerged from a nearby mountain and flew toward them, the giant bird landed nearby the group and ducked down. Argonnus wordlessly climbed atop the bird as if it were natural. "Have you ever flown before?" Everest asked Lilith

    "Not yet," Lilith said and then followed Argonnus quickly.

    Everest smiled, since he had been convinced he was going to have to shove her on. He hopped atop Ziz and spoke once again in a language incomprehensible to Lilith. The mighty bird took off and soared through the night air at a high speed.

    Lilith was somewhat taken by surprise when she found herself enjoying being so far off the ground. It was almost like the adrenaline rush she got when she was fighting and she nearly cracked a smile. Instead she just looked over the edge and watched the ground pass.

    Everest stood atop Ziz, the wind blowing his heavy jacket back. After a short time, the bird descended and landed in a large grassy field next to a village comprised of small huts. Upon landing, Argonnus hopped off of the bird and bid Everest farewell.

    Everest returned the kindness by producing a small compass from one of his pockets and handing it to the man. He explained it to him and Argonnus nodded in thanks. Everest then turned back to Lilith. "How do you like flight?"

    "It was interesting," Lilith said thoughtfully.

    "I thought so." Everest looked down at her. "I've been treating you incorrectly. I've been treating you as a proper human. Don't take it offensively, but when Argonnus looked through your mind, he saw that you were mostly made up of memories which can barely be qualified as an Earthkin or a functioning individual. I don't mean this to be offensive; you are simply more like an animal than a human."

    Lilith looked up at the man and thought about it for a moment, "I suppose." She shrugged, "It's not something I really think about."

    "As expected." Everest laughed. "In which case, I won't seek to train you. This is the Untamed and you should get more in touch with this animal side to you. You recently spliced into a demon, are you aware of your power yet?"

    "No." She shrugged again.

    "Well Argonnus informed me. You've been given the power to manipulate the age of living things, both mentally and physically. I would say that this is one of the rarest powers I've seen, but then again I have all of my ancestors memories inside of me, so I have seen many stranger things. However, this is still a noteworthy power and one you may wish to train."

    Lilith looked at the man digesting both pieces of information he had given her and then discarded the second for the moment deciding she didn't care, "So how would I train the power? And how exactly does it work anyway?"

    "It is hard for me to word, but it will be easy for me to teach. You must focus on a living object and experience the aging process in your mind. This will be easier for you due to the nature of your being, but we need to find an activity for you to do that can excite your adrenaline while still allowing you a certain degree of mental clarity. I think that will be a good activity for us to engage in for the present. Come now, let us return to the cave." He bid Ziz off and told Lilith, "From now on, you begin to experience life."
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    Captain Nuremberg had been at sea for several months now, and he began to grow impatient. The Vulcanites had said that they would be presenting him with his permit to continue hunting the Leviathan a week prior and every day they were late was another day he could not have his prey. He had the newspapers delivered to him by autoboat and kept up with the world events. Peace Week was approaching and he was hoping that he could possibly present the Leviathan as a true testament that a new era of peace had been founded in Necros.

    His crew, however, were skeptical of this. They spoke of the unrest in Sheol and whether this new man, Compton Hestia, was really the best for the people of Sheol, or whether or not this unrest would escalate to the Great Battle of this generation. Durma Honesco made an appearance in the paper reassuring people that this was not the event that was foretold, and Nuremberg agreed with her, and went further to say that there would be no such event.

    "I mean look at it this way" he told his crew "The last Great Battle required not only the Omnimancer and his beasts, but it required Vulcan and the hands of the Dream King, Dharma, and Everest to fix. If there's going to be anything bigger than that, then we may as well resign ourselves to our fate. The beasts were needed back then, but especially now that Vulcan is engineering those bombs and flight power, they're presenting more danger than good. I will agree, Compton Hestia could be a problem, but any disaster he could cause is something that the Elvaan could handle on their own without the help of deities or Omnimancers. The beasts did more harm than good in their last attempt, and we've progressed enough to where Vulcan can compensate more effectively than the beasts. Any attack made by something like those droids, however, and we may as well resign ourselves to our fate." His voice was bitter but matter-of-fact.

    "I don't like it, but you have to learn to face facts some day." He muttered to his crewmates one morning when a message appeared across the sensors, showing that a Vulcan ship approached. He hastily rose to meet them, when a messenger came aboard the deck. "Message for Friedrich Nuremberg, Captain of The Ferryman, from Vulcan department of the Leviathan."

    "Yes, yes, get on with it." Nuremberg stated in an annoyed tone.

    "Your Vulcan grant allowing The Ferryman to study The Leviathan has been revoked, as well as any permits that allowed you to do just that. If you wish to take up this issue, please report to Vulcan immediately." By the time the Vulcanite had finished, Nuremberg had already left and started the ship up with Vulcan as his goal.

    When he arrived, he found his way to the entrance and saw the woman sitting at the desk. He had seen her before at the tournament, though she looked different this time. Looking up from her desk, Emilie smiled at the man. "Hello there, Welcome to the Judicial Island of Vulcan. My name is Emilie Wolfsbane, how may I be of service to you today?"

    "You damn Vulcanites revoked all of my rights as a hunter on the Leviathan case!" He growled

    "Do you have the form with you stating your dismissal time?" She sighed.

    "Like hell I do! I came right here after you all gave me that notice!"

    "I'm sorry sir, but you're going to have to wait until we deliver a new revocation notice to you due to you not accepting the previous one. In addition, you'll have to wait for a receipt to arrive stating the terms of your fine for evading a Vulcan revocation notice."

    "Who's in charge of the Leviathan hunt now, then!?" Nuremberg yelled.

    "The charge has been shifted to a certain Kyriel Baskin. If you want to pursue this issue, I suggest you find him." Emilie stated calmly.

    Nuremberg glared at the woman and then left,

    Emilie had had an interesting few days, amidst the normal sorting of papers, she had met Judy briefly at the beginning of the month, but found out that she had gotten into trouble with Doppelekereft's law enforcement. This didn't make sense to Emilie, as Judy only indicated she wanted to find Desoto. She decided she would look into it further as time went on and in the meantime use the bugs to keep an eye on Judy. She had been watching the bugs intently for some time and found that only one set, George's, had gone missing. Emilie frowned at this whenever she saw the blank spot of screen where his audio readings came from, wondering where he was and if he was doing okay. Desoto's oftentimes went fuzzy too, though she attributed that to his new job in the Inner Wired. Eventually, Emilie got another interesting visitor, Daria Charmagga.

    "Hello Wolfsbane" the Decamist sounded businesslike as ever "I need a status report on the new legislative ordinance regarding the treatment of the refugees from Sheol toward Archimede. Also, I need you to sort this bill regarding the upkeep of the dungeons of Mernilik."

    "Right away, ma'am." Emilie printed out a sheet of paper which stated that the treatment of refugees had been delegated to Henry Topaz. Emilie then took the paper Daria handed her and sent it down one of the three conveyor-belts that led into the bowels of the island.

    Daria stared at the paper, "Henry Topaz... who's he?"

    "Not sure" Emilie shrugged. "The boys down in Operations are the ones who establish who's in charge of what."

    "Ah." Daria stated as she left.

    As Daria's bill passed through the conveyor belt, it entered a labyrinth of whirring machines; pulling, filing, stamping, writing, re-distributing, and moving any paper that came near them. A machine grabbed the bill and scanned it, it was to be distributed under processes, but a strange spark in the machine made it malfunction and distribute this under "Refreshments Laws".

    The paper went on until eventually it was determined to have a person's name somewhere on it, this person, who had nothing to do with Refreshments Laws, was deemed an Un-person, and so the paper was sorted into "Prisoners and Informants". It then went to a stack of papers for Kyriel Baskin, the newly appointed head of Torture and Inquisitions, to sign. Kyriel Baskin had been spending several years in one of Vulcan's prison cells, along with a man named Caillois, who had fashioned himself a superb hacker before his imprisonment. Both men inhabited the same hall of the prison, in cells across from one another.

    The Department of Organic Information ran in a way different from many of the other departments. The workers there were one of two things, either they were droids of different sorts, or they were prisoners themselves.

    Kyriel's imprisonment had not been a happy one, upon reaching Vulcan and being processed, he was put into the cell he inhabited to this day. The cell had been built by a droid and for a droid, so it did not have such things as a toilet or waste-bucket in it, or a bed for that matter. The only thing in it was a chair, which Kyriel came to hate over time. Upon his first days, Kyriel noticed that other prisoners had dug holes in the floors of their cells through which they would relieve themselves. Kyriel tried this and found that he simply dug through the ceiling into the cell below him, and thus when he relieved himself, he was simply filling that persons cell. Kyriel was on the top floor, so in that way he was lucky. However, the nights on the top floor were hard, as the guards did not close the windows at the top all of the time and thus rain often got in, and every night was cold. Some prisoners that could shapeshift in some way were given special cells that could not be escaped from, and one day, when Kyriel tried to stick his hand through the hole he dug in the floor, it was shocked by an unseen force. It was not until his first sentence had been determined that his hell truly began.

    It was determined that due to being tried for hate crimes, Kyriel would have his eyes removed. When this happened, there was no anesthetic given, instead, it was done with a drill, and the eyes were not removed, but left useless inside of his head. Several weeks later, a person came by his cell and gave him a form to sign, he was told that it was a petition signed by supporters of his to return his sight to him and possibly release him from prison. He signed the form and told that it may take some time to process. Several days later, his torture began. Some researchers from another department showed up and began to tell him that he would be made to undergo certain experiments and that cooperation would lead to an earlier release date.

    Over a year later, Kyriel was no closer to a release date, and was looking less and less like himself. He was still bereft of both eyes, and his face around the eyes was black with infection, which had not killed him yet, though he wished it would. His tongue and esophagus had been covered in splinters after he had been made to eat crucifixes, he had held one up to defend himself from the guards, and they assumed it meant he wanted them as a treat. He was force-fed them and though he woke up some time later, he was told that he would not be able to eat food normally again. Instead he would have to have it fed to him intravenously, a process which he had to sign a form to have done every time he wished to eat, and then came processing. Processing, which could take anywhere between several hours to several months to even longer. Kyriel had undergone many more horrors, and yet he remained alive. His body now useless due to a series of experiments wondering if a Faerie could reattach their limbs once they had been sawed off. The test results were inconclusive.

    Only one part of Kyriel's body had been untouched by the experiments, his right hand, which he needed to sign forms. He could not read the forms he signed, but he began to sign them without questioning, after a form he was told would allow for free practice of faith was actually a form to put a probe inside of his brain which both eliminated the need for sleep in Kyriel (by also making it impossible to achieve) as well as delivering a random electric shock through his body of various intensities. He could not connect this shock to any action but he knew through trial and error, that signing forms would make it stop for a time. Kyriel Baskin later signed a form which put him in charge of the very department he was kept in. He was never told this, however, though he did enjoy certain privileges, most notably the one to requisition a form to have tests stopped upon his person. Whenever he requisitioned this form, however, he got another form which he would always sign, that called for the cancellation of this request, and so the tests would continue.

    Caillois fared somewhat better, though not by much. He spent most of his days trying to escape into the Inner Wired, which, as a result of the experiments conducted upon him, he became convinced was possible. He would go on for hours to Kyriel about what wonders he was looking upon that day, completely oblivious to Kyriel's situation. Upon it being discovered that Kyriel did not like the man, they were both brought into an experiment where they were sewn together for a time, to test the effects of being in close contact with someone you did not like while having no way to stop it. The process was, of course, painful, though nonlethal. Though after several weeks like this, it was determined to be inhumane and so they were allowed the opportunity to pry themselves apart, which they took.

    Kyriel received the form from Daria this day and signed it immediately, putting himself, and, through an error in legal-proceedings, Caillois, in charge of the upkeep of the dungeons of Mernilik.

    In Mernilik, things were not going well. The Paledonians saw less and less of each other, though they did not know that. They ventured from their rooms less and less, because every time they left and began to descend the long staircase, they would experience horrible vertigo and nearly fall to their deaths. They were constantly assaulted by visions of both suffering and triumph, and though they all knew the cause, no one wanted to confront the issue, being too proud or unsure that the one in whom they confided was not simply a product of a vision, or the genuine article.

    Pulsa made his way down toward the dungeon on the twentieth of Constanti to confront the one causing the visions, October Pendergast.

    "Why hello there, Grandaddy Pulsa!" The droid giggled from behind its cell. "Not that often I get to see you down here, did you come to ask for a dream? Did you come to have a good time? Did you come to free me? Did you co-"

    "Enough." Pulsa was firm in his speech, and October stifled a laugh as she silenced herself. "What is it you want, Pendergast? You've had your way with us for months now in utter silence, just grinning or giggling when questioned. Why?"

    "Because I want to destroy you." October calmly echoed in Pulsa's own voice. "I want to see the people of Dyaus run and take their leaders apart limb from limb, I want them to have their way with the palace of Mernilik and with all of the Paledonians in it, I want ecstasy to reign over this city, so that when I kill them all I can take their mouths from their bodies and fashion their smiling lips into a hall where I am always welcome."

    As October spoke to Pulsa, the images of what she described came vividly to his head. He awoke from the vision to see the droid smiling at him, her features obscured in the darkness of her cell. "We've sent for Charysadol, she'll be back soon."

    "You haven't sent for Charysadol!" October giggled. "You've not sent for her once, you only think you have!" October smiled. "In fact, you've written a few things to Vulcan calling for her to have her access to Mernilik revoked. I made sure of that!" October grinned widely.

    Pulsa's face expressed a resigned horror, that he may very well be trapped in here with a beast.

    Pulsa turned behind him to find Kleibauter, who only saw that Pulsa was trying to release October, and that he was doing everything in his power to resist Kleibauter's calm suggestions to stop. Failing this, Kleibauter did what he had to do, and struck down Pulsa with his axe.

    Kleibauter awoke to only find himself standing in the hall, with his axe in his hand and Pulsa dead before him. October cackled from behind her door, and Kleibauter, completely bereaved, ran his axe through his own head.

    October calmed down and wiped the image of the bodies from the ground, their smell, presence, and all perception of them would go unnoticed as they joined the corpses of several other Paledonians now gathered around October's door.

    ---September--The Grand Canyon, Arizona---

    Ginger sat across from Mrs. McLellan, they had been among the first to make an emigration to the Grand Canyon, though many others followed. The first months had been rough, with many clambering to the death-spot. Things had begun to slow down, however, and Ginger even began to feel happy again. She knew that Desoto was alive on the other end, and knew that some day she would see him again. After her mission with those other people, they were given first access to either wait by the area or use it to die. They were told it led to another world and that the world authorities were working on a way to open the portal to migrate to this new world. Ginger had only rarely seen any of the people she had journeyed with and mainly sat around exploring the Grand Canyon and pondering her existence. Several times she jumped and broke her bones, sometimes she would fall to the bottom of the river, but she would always wake up at the end, revived somehow, and she began to wonder about the presence of a deity, and whether or not a god had returned to Earth.
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    ((Another combo with Dei))

    As the month of Constanti began, the boat that approached the island emerged through the misty sea, much bigger this month than normal. As the boat drew near, many of the Comeri stood up and approached it. Among them was Judy, though she approached with more desperation than the others. She had spent the month sitting on Vera's warning, unable to get it to the person that needed it most. Judy was so focused on her passage back that she didn't bother wondering why the boat was so much larger.

    The Comeri, along with Judy, boarded the boat and began talking easily with one another. One of them, seeing that Judy looked tense, explained to her that they took breaks during the months of Constanti, Thoth, and Sinnus, as the gods' presence was particularly weak during these times, making interaction with the spirit world more difficult.

    "Where will this boat take us? I need to get to . . ." Judy paused. She realized she had no idea where Desoto was. After a moment, she decided she knew someone who would. ". . . I need to get to Vulcan." She hated the very notion of dealing with Emilie, but the threat of mass-murder outweighed her choice of company.

    "The boat will follow a river taking us into the underground of Dyaus toward Mernilik. Unfortunately, we have to make a yearly check-in with the Chief Paledonians so that they can make sure we aren't dealing in any 'subversive' practices.." the Comeri scoffed, "The very idea.. my allegiance is to the gods and the dead, not to some cheap political ideology like those bastards in Mernilik."

    "Mm." Judy gulped at the mention of the Paledonians, and the city from which she had been banned. She could only lay low and hope she would go unnoticed.

    The boat continued on for the duration of the day and as night fell over the ship, they pulled into a cave which continued on for many miles before coming to a stone dock which led to a large stairway leading upward. Along the sides of the dock stood several of the Chief Paledonians including Kleibauter, Einra, Pulsa, and Nyche. Behind them stood Daria Charmagga. Stepping forward Kleibauter spoke. His face was lit by a torch on the wall, it was nearly unrecognizable. It looked as if he had not gotten a night of sleep in some time, as the other Paledonians were illuminated by the flickering flames, it could be seen that they all looked as if they had been unable to sleep in a long time. All seemed on edge, the only one who looked unaffected, Daria Charmagga, stood toward the back of the small crowd. Approaching the boat, Kleibauter let out a yell. "Well!? Spit it out! Any visitations from Iod!? Any 'chance' rendezvous with political dissidents!?"

    "Your holiness," one of the Comeri spoke. "We have had no such encounters."

    Kleibauter sneered, "Do you pledge your allegiance to the welfare of Archimede?"

    The Comeri spoke and said "We do."

    Einra stepped forward, her hair disheveled and her face miserable "Do you swear allegiance to the welfare of Doppelekereft?"

    "We do."

    "Do you swear your allegiance to the welfare of Sheol?" Nyche asked, even he looked as if he had been beaten, though he still maintained the eerie grin he always possessed.

    "We do."

    "Do you swear your allegiance to the welfare of Lumina, Nod, and Necros as a whole?" Grand Chief Pulsa inquired.

    "Of course, your high Holiness. Our allegiance is to the Gods and to this greatest of planets." The Comeri bowed before Pulsa.

    As Pulsa nodded and stepped back, Kleibauter moved forward and, brandishing his axe, smashed the weapon down upon the head of the Comeri who had been speaking. "Traitorous scum!" He screamed. "Your words are poison to the gods! How dare you claim allegiance to us and yet you accept Earth filth into your mix!" He pointed his finger murderously toward Judy, who stood stunned by the sudden change in demeanor. She had been standing further back in the group, but she had still managed to get flecked with blood as her mentor's head was split.

    "Heh. The look on your face." Khakthatakhath smirked from his position off to the side. As with the other Paledonians he looked worn, his normally smart suit quite disheveled. "Oh, did you not see that coming? You should've, considering your record. The mortality rate on people you know is unfortunately high." He fiddled with the hem of his sleeve, and his crossbow hung lazily in the air above him.

    Pulsa moved toward the boat, his face looking worn, though not nearly as angry as Kleibauter or Nyche. "Oh yes, you were one of the Earthkin involved in Doubleport's murder.. What was your name again?"

    "J-Judy. But we didn't kill him!" Judy looked around at her fellow comeri frantically, not knowing how they'd react.

    Pulsa sighed heavily at Judy's words. The other comeri looked around with a mixture of fear and anger. Pulsa began to speak again. "Shortly after you left Dyaus with your friends, you were involved in the group that killed Miguel Lamara.. considering this, the opinion of most of us Paledonians is more favorable toward you now.. However, it can't be ignored now that you've at the very least been suspect of several political assassinations. So tell me, what led you to joining a group of radical Comeri?"

    "I just wanted to be able to see my friends that had died. I didn't want to be a faerie any more, and I was told that Comeri could communicate with the dead. I knew I couldn't come back to Dyaus, so I went farther north. Please, this has nothing to do with my allegiance, and I never spoke with any of these Comeri about my past. I don't want anyone else to die.”

    Pulsa blinked his eyes slowly as if sleepy before waking himself up and moving away. Kleibauter glared at Judy and brandished his still bloody axe in one hand. "Lord Pulsa, I suggest we take her in for interrogation and violation of her ban from Dyaus."

    "Kleibauter," Pulsa began slowly. "we have already made an exception allowing a Vulcanite into Mernilik for the time being. Are you willing to compromise our present state further on the mere possibility that this woman may be know something?"

    "I know you had that vision recently, Pulsa!" Kleibauter was on the verge of screaming outright. "That a woman who we both despise would return soon and that were she left alone she would bring ruin to Dyaus."

    "You cannot trust these things, Kleibauter.." Pulsa calmly spoke. "Just because Charysadol has left, we cannot fall to these visions.."

    Kleibauter looked horrified as Pulsa spoke. He turned toward the Comeri and swung his axe several more times, cleaving through several other Comeri. "Forget what you've heard!" he screamed. Einra suddenly appeared behind Kleibauter and grabbed him from behind, Nyche accompanying her and pulling him away.

    "Lord Pulsa, if I may."

    Daria stated, approaching the boat. The sheer awful state of the Paledonians around her made her calm and unmarked face look more pronounced. "Judy Harris is still legally the property of Vulcan, so I believe it is best if her jurisdiction is left to me, in which case..." The Decamist turned toward Judy. "What do you wish to do Judy Harris?" She said with a smile.

    "Heh. That excuse again." Khakthatakhath scratched his arm.

    "Daria," Judy said. "I need to talk to Emilie. She knows where Desoto is, and I need to get him some information to him." She paused. "A woman who we both despise? Could it be . . ." She looked at Daria, but she was really paying attention to the Paledonians. "It's a message from Vera. Vera Lance."

    At the mention of Vera's name, Pulsa's eyes widened. Kleibauter, Einra, and Nyche had not heard due to their attempts at restraining Kleibauter. Daria looked stony-faced at the name. "Very well, then. I think it best you leave at once." With that, Daria walked some space behind the Comeri's boat and reached her hand out, a large boat appeared from thin air, its design much more advanced than that of the boat Judy currently stood on. "You will take this boat to Vulcan. It is among the fastest models in the world, and will get you there hastily. Helmsman!" Daria yelled to the captain of the previous boat. "You will bring Ms. Harris to Vulcan, this is a matter of international security and failure to comply will result in imprisonment here in Mernilik."

    The helmsman, who had looked reluctant at first, changed his visage at the mention of being kept in Mernilik while the Paledonians looked like this. "At once, ma'am." He said before boarding the other boat. Pulsa stared intently at Judy, not saying a word. Not waiting for another chance, Judy quickly nodded and changed boats. At once, the helmsman was off, leaving the boat with many wounded and several dead Comeri behind. As they exited out of the cave and eventually went into the open ocean, the helmsman changed his course eastward, not turning to look at Judy even once for the duration of the trip.

    As the Sun began to rise, a large island came into view with many bridges surrounding it, connecting it to much smaller islands. In the center of the largest island stood an enormous tower that penetrated the clouds themselves and grew upwards out of sight. They reached a docking point and Judy was let off and onto a moving walkway which brought her into a large chamber. A small desk sat before her, with a large stylized V emblazoned behind it on the wall reading, in Necrotian "Through Vigilance Comes Peace" beneath it. Beneath the large V were three dark door-frames which led in different directions out of the chamber.

    Behind the desk sat Emilie, who in the past months had dyed her hair a shocking apple-red, which she styled into a long set of braided dreadlocks. Her skin was far more fair now, and she seemed taller, but she still maintained her usual wide and unnatural smile. "Hiiiii there Juuuuu:indecisiveness:uuudddyyyyy." Emilie spoke plainly. "Daria told me you'd be coming. what's going on?"

    "I need you to find Desoto for me. I need to speak with him." Judy didn't trust Emilie enough to tell her any more.

    "Miss him, eh?" Emilie smiled with a wink.

    ". . . Yes."

    Emilie giggled. "Can't say that I blame you. I wouldn't mind ruffling his feathers myself, eh:gorilla:? eh:gorilla:? An old trip down to the bird bath might do ya some good, if you know what I mean.... yeah, I'd have sex with him." Her face looked absolutely manic as she continued on her strange litany. Seeing that Judy did not want to play along, however, she became a smidgeon more businesslike. "He's been living in Crowley over the past few months along with your other comrade Ramona. They were put into a hospital after a letter bomb arrived at Desoto's apartment and nearly killed them:cat:, but thankfully they're both fine now. He should still be in Crowley." Emilie's face was calm as she observed Judy.

    "Thanks." Judy turned and left Emilie at her desk, getting back on the boat. "Can you take me to Crowley?" she asked the helmsman.

    "Mm.." The Helmsman was simply wishing to leave Vulcan as fast as possible. He did not mind that Judy's request would take the entire day to accomplish and so he set off.

    Toward the end of the day, he announced that they would be approaching Crowley soon, but as the boat approached the shore, they found a blockade awaiting them of various boats, all of which had officers of various branches of Doppelekereft's military aboard them brandishing rifles and bows aimed toward Judy's boat.

    "You will stop approaching now and submit to our authority!" one of the people on the boats yelled over a loudspeaker toward the boat Judy was on.

    Judy didn't understand what was going on. She turned to her faithful pilot. "What do they want?"

    "Hell if I know." The pilot was scared. One of the boats approached and a man aboard it stepped off and handcuffed Judy. "You are to be brought in for questioning, Judy Harris. We have a reliable source that says you are currently planning to assassinate Creviston Dharma. You will be brought to Remila for a period of holding and questioning.* Do you accept these terms or will you resist?" The guards had guns pointed at her.

    "I accept." Judy still had no idea what they were talking about, and being arrested would do nothing to aid her in getting to Desoto, but she couldn't warn anyone if she was dead. She figured she might be able to get her message to Dharma more directly this way as well.

    Judy was taken aboard the boat and brought to Remila, where she was directly brought into a questioning room. She was confronted with a formidable looking Isra who began interrogating her. "Judy Harris, yesterday on Constanti 2nd, you departed from an island north of Lumina, home to a radical group of Comeri with strange political views to Dyaus, to go to Dyaus?”

    "I don't know about the politics, but other than that, yes, you are correct."

    "Upon reaching Dyaus, you shortly departed once again for Vulcan on a boat provided by Daria Charmagga, correct?"

    "Yes. What does this have to do with Dharma?"

    The interrogator glared at her. "You will not ask questions. After arriving at Vulcan, you departed once again, this time for Crowley, correct?"


    "We have a reliable source here in Remila with the ability to see the future. She has told us all of these details which you have just confirmed, and she said that your trip to Crowley was done with the intent of killing Creviston Dharma. This source has never been wrong in predicting the events of this world. For this reason, we have brought you here."

    "What? I don't want to kill Dharma! I want to warn him! A lot of people's lives are in danger!"

    "You are behaving irrationally, Ms. Harris. Your recent fast-lane trip around the world seems to be evidence supporting this. I think it best if we hold you here for some time to further evaluate your mental state and look into these accusations of you assassinating Dharma."

    "I've been traveling quickly for the exact reason I just mentioned! People could die if I don't get to Dharma!"

    "And what is this massive threat that you say is facing the people of our world?"

    Judy recounted her conversation with Vera, including the details about Dharma's work that she normally should not have known.

    "You will be detained for the time for further examination, including possible counts of corporate espionage, conspiracy, slander, and possible assassination. Ms. Harris, not even the most skilled comeri have ever been able to reach Vera Lance in the afterlife. We will examine our questioner as well regarding these possibilities about her creator..." the questioner paused. "Oh yes, the person who informed us of your arrival is a droid of Vera's with a full mastery of time named Umbriel Sempra. If what you say is true, it is possible that Umbriel saw you coming and wishes to stop you from reaching Creviston Dharma. However, we cannot be too careful. Rest assured, we will relay your message to Creviston Dharma in your stead while you are here. You will not be treated as a prisoner, but you will not be allowed to leave Remila for the time being. Your mail will be monitored and you will be made to undergo questioning every now and again."

    "Do I get a phone call?"

    "You may use the phone that you will find in your domicile as much as you wish within guidelines..." Without further waiting, two guards flanked Judy and left the main prison building into a surrounding city, where Judy was brought to a small house not unlike Vera's house in Dyaus, where she was put in and the door was closed and locked behind her.

    Judy moved over to the phone, grabbing a nearby book of numbers and flipping through it. Desoto wasn't in it, but Judy remembered hearing that Desoto had been in the hospital, so she started calling through the list.
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    After researching various files in Vulcan for a little over two months, Charysadol had finally found about all she could get. Emily's incompetency had forestalled her research a few times, but the paledonian had prevailed, in time. "Now to go and convince the others of the haunting reality... The big picture is still missing, but it's become pretty obvious that Vera Lance's droids are the root of most the current issues. How we were ever convinced to trust to monstrosities in any capacity is beyond me... It'll be difficult to make a move against Vulcan, though... Sheol's dismantled at this point. With support from some of the top businessmen in Doppelekereft, it should be possible to stage a coup d'etat and reorganize Vulcan." With this resolution in her heart, the Chief Paledonian chartered a ride back to Menelik through the private paledonian channel.

    After the long voyage back, Charysadol was relieved to be home. She sighed, "My work is only beginning." She disembarked the moment the boat arrived at the river entrance of Mernilik. Immediately, she felt something was wrong. She was used to some sort of home coming anytime she left; it was pretty standard for affair for the Chief Paledonians. However, the private harbor was empty. "...Flow Rider." She conjured up the board of Vivre, a skateboard-like devise capable of traveling through the flow that connects all living things. She didn't have time to wait around; she needed to find the others. Something had happened, she was certain. Unfortunately, before she could do anything, she found herself in the middle of a street in Dyaus. The sudden warp disjointed her, though she was still standing, barely. "What...?" After regaining her wits, she realized she had been basically booted out of Mernilik. "...She's free." Charysadol, like most of her peers, never conceived the possibility that October would run free under the Paledonians' watch. She hoped at least a few other Chief Paledonians had survived. "...Matriel. She probably escaped. Board of Vivre, find among the flow the Chief Paledonian of Glaaki, the Endgame." She let go of the board and jumped up in, vanishing into thin air. She zipped through the flow, barreling far across the world to Matriel. Finally, she left the flow and appeared before the Chief Paledonian of Glaaki. "Matriel, I'm glad to see you." She looked around and immediately commented, "...Nod, right?"
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    The spindly woman was surprised to see Charysadol appear, but quickly regained her composure "Yes.. it is the only place considered safe. I do not know whether the chief's are here or not. Oliver, Fiona, Khakthatakhath and the two of us remain the lone surviving Chiefs, and I am not sure where the others are."

    Matriel sat alone in a barren white room made of unknown material. The two were located in the palace of the Dream King, Nod. Nod was a large series of buildings stretching over the entirety of the continent. Charysadol found herself in the Visitor's Quarters, a series of buildings meant for guests. The appearance of these rooms shifted themselves in appearance to suit the current occupant. This room, currently inhabited by Matriel, was blank and white, and the floor, though marble-like in appearance, was very soft to the touch. daylight shone in through the windows which looked out upon a bright sea, despite the area actually being cloaked in night.

    "The King foresaw your coming. He awaits you now." Matriel beckoned to the door, which hung open and now led directly into the grand hall which both women had been in before.
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    ((Three-person combo, yeah!))

    Lundy ran across the city to the prison, trying to get out of the rain as soon as he could. Charlie was sitting under an awning outside smoking when he got there.
    "Hey, kid. You doing all right?" He reached for his pack of cigarettes to offer Lundy one but the younger Isra shook his head no.

    "I'm good, I guess. You?"

    "Here's somethin' you might find interesting. We just got a human in. Keepin' her in Block D."

    "What for?"

    "Not sure. Didn't read the file yet."

    "Well I'm gonna go inside for now. I want to go see."

    "Sure, you know where it is."

    Lundy stepped inside, escaping the the mixed scent of smoke and rain. He arrived shortly after in Block D of the prison, the area where people where held temporarily for various things, but usually nothing too serious. His face probably portrayed one of extreme confusion and concern when he saw the human prisoner was Judy.

    "Judy?! What are you doing here?!"

    "Lundy?" Judy stared back at him from inside her cell. "I could ask you the same thing!"

    "I more or less work here. I have been for a few months" Lundy flashed an ID card. "Why are you in here? What happened?"

    "You work in a prison? How . . . Nevermind. I need to get a message to Desoto, or Creviston Dharma. It's the reason I came here in the first place, and it's the reason I'm in here now. Whoever's in charge here, they're listening to a droid named Umbriel, who's feeding them lies. She's told them I'm here to assassinate Dharma."

    "....What? All right, I have way too many questions to think right now. What's the message?"

    "It's a warning. Over the past couple months, I've been taking journeys to the spirit world, to talk to the people we've lost. But I got pulled into a conversation with Vera Lance. She gave me some information about her droids, and explained that Dharma plans to use one of them to power a new Wired. He can not be allowed to do that, because the droid could break out and cause a lot of destruction. Many lives are at risk!"

    “Vera?! You actually talked to her? I'm confused. Why is Umbriel trying to stop you...but now that I think of it, It seems weird to me that Vera's even trying to stop this from happening...it doesn't sound like the Vera I've heard about. Something about this doesn't seem right."

    Judy thought back to her chat with Vera. "When I talked to her, she said the droids weren't following her commands. She saw something . . . disturbing. She didn't say what it was, but it drove her to suicide. But she didn't give the droids specific orders before her death, so they copied her final thoughts, the disturbed ones. And those thoughts drove them to mass-murder. Vera didn't want that to happen, and now she's trying to stop it from happening again."

    "This is crazy...I don't even know what to say except that if it is going to happen again then we have to stop it. I'll get you out of here. I'll be right back, I'll go get Charlie." Lundy ran to leave the block, forcibly shoving the door open, nearly hitting Charlie who was about to enter from the other side.

    "Whoa, kid."

    "Charlie! That's my friend, Judy! I've told you about her before. She's trying to warn Desoto and Dharma about a droid in the Inner Wired that will kill everyone and Vera told her to do it because she's been going to the spirit world and Umbriel told someone..was it you? Did Umbriel tell you Judy was going to assassinate Dharma? She's lying, Umbriel I mean. She's trying to stop Judy! We need to get her out of here."

    "...That's a lot of info to throw at someone all at once. But, yeah. Umbriel did tell me she was going to kill Dharma. I didn't realize they would have already captured her this fast."

    "Umbriel is lying. We need to get Judy out."

    "Look, kid. I do believe you even though it sounds crazy, but I can't just let her out just like that. She's considered a dangerous threat right now. I have to pass it by my superiors for permission to release her. And it might take days for things to process through."

    "Charlie, if you wait too long then there could be another mass-murder like before."

    The warren remained quiet for a moment. "I'm putting a lot at risk by doing this. I won't even bother explaining..." Charlie fished a key from his pocket and unlocked the cell. He held the door open like a gentleman indicating for Judy to come through. "Come on out Miss."

    "Thank you, Charlie." Judy stepped through the cell door. She turned to Lundy. "I don't think we can go directly to Dharma. He'll have more security for sure, and they'd just throw me back in jail, and maybe you too for good measure. Before I came here, I went to Vulcan. Emilie told me Desoto was living in Crowley, and Ramona too. Do you know where they are? I haven't been able to find either of them through the phone, and they might be in the hospital. Something about a bomb being mailed to them. . ."

    "A bomb? Damn... Damien's right. Someone's always trying to kill us...Anyways, we should probably go now. Crowley is south of here and I think the fastest way to get there is by train."

    "Yeah probably." Charlie commented. "Might as well leave now. The next train usually departs soon."

    The warren led the two out of the complex through a back exit. It was still raining, though even harder now. "I imagine you know how to get to the station, kid. Miss, it was nice meeting you. I'll catch you's later. Good luck."

    Upon getting Judy out of her holding, she was joined by Lundy once again, and they decided to venture forth to find Desoto. Leaving Remila, the two boarded a train headed for Crowley, and arrived the following morning, whereupon they consulted a directory and found the lodgings of the Harpy.

    Soon, the two arrived at his apartment and knocked on the door. Desoto answered, looking more disheveled than he normally did due to a particularly hard job the night prior. "Judy? Lundy? What're you guys doing in Crowley?"

    Judy explained, for the third time in the week, and Lundy contributed his side. After hearing their stories, Desoto sat in a chair in his apartment looking distressed. "I'll contact Dharma about this.." he said solemnly before hooking himself into the Inner Wired. He spent several minutes in an unconscious state before reawakening. "He said that the allegations Vera made were only partially true. He said he had considered using Pearl as a new source of energy from time to time but had always decided against it.. I told him about how Vera claimed innocence and he seems wary to believe her. He did say that he would go consult some people about this, but he advised we keep within contact of one another for the time being. He also said he would try to contact all of us, all the remaining humans here on Necros, during Peace Week in Sinnus. He said make sure to come to wherever the main events are being held this year."

    "I'm not surprised he's hesitant to believe her. It all seems odd but if he wants to see us then I'm okay with that. But I have one question, what is Peace Week?"

    "Oh right. Peace Week is a week-long celebration in the month of Sinnus to celebrate the ending of the Imperial Wars and the creation of Vulcan. Every year it has a host city which holds a major celebration and has various big figures come to visit it for the celebrations. Dharma tends to show up each year, and it's one of the few times he's able to get out of the city of Crowley and not be heavily noticed when speaking to everyday people. We're not sure where it's going to be this year but I'll let you all know when I know." He found out where each of them were staying and told them he would send them small communication devices that he could get through employee benefits with Dharma Corp.

    Judy spent most of the remainder of Constanti in Crowley, planning a trip back to Lumina so that she could be reunited with the comeri she had joined. She wanted to make sure that most of them were still alive, but she knew they'd be in Dyaus for a while longer. She knew how welcome she was in the city of the Paledonians, so she could only wait. After jumping continents in a the course of a few days, the long stationary period seemed interminable to a nerve-wracked Judy. She had the chance to catch up with Desoto, Ramona, and Lundy, but she was worried about too many things to enjoy their company. It was just like old times.
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    Charysadol perked up at the mention of the Dream King. "Excellent, I was hoping to speak to him as soon as possible. Again, I'm glad you've survived as well." Charysadol entered through the door to the grand hall. As she walked through the hallway, she though, "We need to gather the other three... With the others dead, the next generation will soon appear. ...Vulcan can't be trusted with that task, but we are not in the position to stop them. I can only hope the King has an idea on how to stop October's coup."

    Upon entering the large door at the end of the hall, Charysadol found herself in the throne room of the Dream King, a large room that was made of old stones, which all had green moss growing upon them, giving the room a much more organic feel than other parts of the mechanized and hypermodern castle. Standing in the middle of the room was a full-bodied hologram of Creviston Dharma, who nodded at Charysadol as she entered. The Dream King sat upon a large stone chair with runes engraved upon it. He was a tall man, about ten feet in height, and his chair was proportioned for him. His skin was ghostly white and his eyes closed. His head had what could be construed as hair, though was actually black fire. He wore long black robes which adjusted their shape constantly. "Charysadol," He spoke, his voice soft but firm. "I've had Creviston join us today, as he has informed us of news regaeding our topics. What news has Dyaus?"

    "Vera's Daughters appear to have become bold once more. October has made Mernilik a blood bath, or so I would imagine. I did not stay long enough to find out. But five have survived, myself included. October nows runs Mernilik, a troubling fact. I suspect Vulcan fell into their hands a while back, though that's just a hunch. They could ligitimately be incompetent, but I'm more inclined to believe the daughters have a hand in it. Exalted, what course of action to you propose in order to wrestle power away from Mernilik and into our hands? We can't very well tell the world, let alone Vulcan, what has actually happened."

    "I see..Creviston, what on your part?"

    "Exalted, I have received word from an Earthkin named Desoto McClellan regarding info he has unearthed about Vera Lance. Most of this is information we all know, still though, it's surprising that he's managed to uncover as much as he has. He recently contacted me stating that a friend of his was imprisoned on the words of Umbriel Sempra. In addition, this comrade of his, Judy Harris, has contacted Vera Lance in the afterlife. She has claimed innocence for the actions of her daughters." Dharma's hologram said.

    "Vera Lance is as insincere in the afterlife as she was sincere in her life. Do not trust anything she has to say. Charysadol, you are correct in wanting to protect Dyaus. Vulcan has contacted me about the placement of this year's Peace Week and Dyaus has been named as the primary city of festivities. This is not a coincidence, I'd imagine. In addition, Vulcan has taken the newborn Chief Paledonians into their own custody for protection. Charysadol, you have always been an active one. What were your plans in leaving Dyaus and what are your plans now?" the Dream King spoke.

    Charysadol took in this new information, and she reflected for a moment. "...I'll be playing politics with Vulcan. First things first, I need to find a way to move Peace Week away from Dyaus. How to convince the Vulcan to move it...? Here's an idea: I'll make a public announcement that an issue with the cimeri have arisen. I'll make a public announcement that Dyaus is in no dire harm, but a high influx of people could crash the caste system and lead the city into chaos. If we can convince the public of this possibility, Vulcan will have little choice but to move the festivities. Exalted, will such a scheme work?"

    "Vulcan will be consulting the Paledonians for permission regarding the use of Dyaus for Peace Week. However, the votes of an entire school should be more than enough. Go and find Fiona and convince her and Matriel to join this cause. Also, I would like you, Charysadol, to formally meet the Earthkin who Creviston speaks of. I have followed them over their time here in Necros and have seen that they may be much more important than can be comprehended currently. Creviston has arranged to meet them on Peace Week. Creviston, would you be willing to speak with Matthias about moving Peace Week to Gail? We cannot meet openly with the Earthkin in Crowley and very few other cities are acceptable for Peace Week celebrations."

    "I understand, Exalted. I shall inform Matthias at once and request the opening of Gail for Peace Week." Dharma bowed.

    "Thank you Creviston, you may leave now, there is still business I wish to discuss with Dyaus." The Dream King nodded toward Dharma, who disappeared, nodding before Charysadol.

    "As for the Paledonians brought before Vulcan, I cannot think of a way to get them within our grasp again. I fear that they are going to be used for a devious course of action as is. Charysadol, I wish to assign to you a task. Would you hear the request of Nod?"

    "Yes, Exalted. I too would like to find a way to retrieve them. I would not put it past Vulcan at this point to 'yield' and give us fake children, which we would not be able to confirm until a their adolescence.... Sir, what if we could use the public as well? The common folks do not know the extent of Paledonian powers. I could bluff and say, as Chief Paledonian of Ithaqua, that I can sense a unique lifeforce from the Paledonians and tell they sent us fakes; explain to the public that Vulcan must have made a small mistake in processessing and ask for Vulcan's further support in resolving the issue."

    "I agree, however, I ask that you put your attentions elsewhere for the time being. I want you instead to alert both Omnimancer and Emperor to the events you have found. Emperor is currently in the Untamed with an Earthkin girl. Omnimancer is in her lodgings within D'onofrio. However, I request you do not begin until next month. Vulcan has been tracking our movements, and you, Charysadol, have gone around the world and, upon re-arriving in Dyaus, suddenly traversed here to Nod. Too many movements will give Vulcan more reason to track us down and tighten their own security. For that reason, I implore you wait until the month is out, and use this time to contact Fiona through more traditional means, inform Matriel on what she can do for us."

    With a new game plan, Charysadol explained the situation to Matriel, so the Chief Paledonian of Glaaki could contact Fiona and call her to Nod. In the meantime, Charysadol stayed put in Nod to avoid drawing further attention to her erratic actions. Dharma should be able to fairly easily move Peace Week to Gail, though Charysadol and Matriel would be ready to substantiate the need to move the celebration out of Dyaus if Vulcan relented.
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    For the rest of the month, Lundy spent a lot of time traversing back and forth between Remila and Crowley. He'd spend a week or two in one city and do the same in the other. While in Remila he continued working in the prison under Charlie as well as training and studying. Absorbing Angels went by much faster than Banshees did, and by the end of the month he had grown a pair of wings on his back though he was still fairly clumsy at flying. Unfortunately, as a result of absorbing more prisoners he started having more nightmares too. He then took a break from absorbing for a while since he didn't know what he wanted next. At one point Charlie suggested telepathy from Espers, making him think of Rena. He tried to contact her telepathically several times but couldn't get a hold of her or her alter ego, Lilith. Maybe he didn't fully understand how telepathy worked. But not being able to reach her worried him, not knowing where she was or if she was back to her normal self again or if she was still alive for that matter.

    During the time he was in Crowley he stayed with either Desoto or Ramona, getting the chance to catch up with both of them as well as Judy. Though like Judy, he too found it hard to completely enjoy their company, mainly because half the time he looked at them he pictured them all huddled together in a metal room waiting to die. While he did mention to them he had met Umbriel and talked to her, he decided for now not to tell them their foreseen deaths. Something like that is sometimes better off not being known.

    Cindy on the other hand had a relatively relaxing month. She went shopping, out on dates, and loafed around. The cheerleader did continue studying metal magic but at a pretty slow pace. Despite being in Crowley as well, she did not go see Desoto and the others that much. They were too depressing and boring since all they talked about were droids or some woman with a "V" name or prisons or visiting dead people.
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    --Continuing Constanti---((combo post with malaria))

    You lied to me about that woman." Charlie said as he approached the glass of the observation cell. He stared calmly down at Umbriel, "This whole thing with Vera. What's going on? What are you trying to do?"

    Umbriel, who had her face fixed on Charlie's exact position, spoke out loud. "Ooooops, maybe my timing was a bit off. I was just telling these fine Comeri the answer that you were supposed to hear, Charlie... Just give it a few seconds, I'm sure it'll resurface...." She paused "Nope, nothing coming up pertinent to that. How've you been Charlie?" Her voice shifted to that of Charlie's wife "You never come to see me anymore. How's your daughter doing?"

    “I've been better." Charlie said coldly, ignoring her voice change the best he could. "And Ava's doing fine, thanks for asking."

    "Aww, that's nice. Do you know what she'd like for Peace Week, Charlie? She'd like the new boat set that Angaea released. It's a nice little set with lots of nice toy boats of all the different nationalities. She's going to be really happy if you get her that." Umbriel winked at Charlie. "You don't seem interested, what is it you want? Maybe I can dig deeper and find out."

    "You know I'm not interested." Charlie answered, "Don't play games. You know why I'm here. Just tell me."

    "Well, I just wanted to see what would happen." Umbriel smiled as she drew on the window of her cell. "Maybe I felt like lying, I am a prisoner after all, I should start acting like one... then again, I didn't lie." She beamed up toward Charlie. "I'm getting out of here Charlie. I'm getting out and there's nothing you can do to stop me."

    Charlie smirked, "There you go lyin' again. You're not going anywhere and you know it. Why don't you just tell me why you had that woman thrown in prison. I know damn well it’s not because you wanted to see what would happen. You already knew what would happen."

    "Do you want to know the truth, Charlie?" Her voice shifted again to that of Charlie's daughter "Do you want to know the truth, daddy?"

    "...Stop doing that." Charlie's voice shook angrily, "Use your own voice."

    As soon as Charlie spoke, Umbriel spoke back to him in his own voice, matching his words and movements perfectly. She chuckled to herself. "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie.. You've forgotten something.. I can only mimic voices of people that I've heard. So how is it I have little Ava's voice?"

    He was stunned. It had never occurred to him before. "...I..but..." Charlie stuttered, realizing exactly what this meant. "...There's no way. There's no f***ing way!" He glared down at the droid. The voice matched his daughter's perfectly. "What are you going to do!?"

    “I'm going to kill you Charlie. I'm going to kill you and a lot of other people. I'm going to spare your daughter. I'm going to raise her like a mother, and I'm going to see her through her life. I'll be there when she dates guys, I'll be there when she graduates, and when she gets married, I'll show up wearing your skin as a costume. Then I'll kill her too. At this moment, you have kept me here exactly 946,080,235 seconds as of now. I've experienced those seconds as though each were a year, and for each of those seconds I want to inflict an eternity of misery onto you and everyone in Necros. I'm going to escape, Charlie. I'm going to destroy everything you know, so you should make this Peace Week count." Her face, which had grown angrier, regrew its usual smile. "Or maybe I'm lying, like with Judy."

    "...I think you're lying. I know you're lying." He said slowly, his voice becoming angry. It occurred to him that she could have just looked ahead in time, trying out thousands of voices until she got one that matched his daughter. While it sounds extremely hard to do, with all the time Umbriel had especially her perception of it, would be able to find a match in no time. "I have no doubt that's what you'd do if you did get out though. Humor me, how do you get out?"

    “I don't think I should tell you, Charlie. It's kind of hard to explain. My sister could do it, but I could show you if you wanted me to." She glared at Charlie. "Do you want me out?"

    Why the hell would I want you out? You killed my wife. You just told me you want to kill me and my daughter. I want you dead but nothing's worked yet so until then I'm keeping you here."

    "You should put more focus into your family, Charlie. That distance is going to make Ava want a parent figure."

    "I didn't come here to ask for advice. I want to know what's going to happen. No more lies, you've had your fun. This thing with Vera, the droid in the inner wire, Dharma. Tell me, why you tried to stop her...especially when you knew it wouldn't work."

    “Charlie... I'm done now... This conversation isn't going anywhere, and I want to tell Lundy something.. It's been nice Charlie.. I hope you have a good Peace Week."

    With that, Umbriel closed her eyes and began to speak quickly. Beside Charlie, a Comeri let out a strange noise and suddenly began to look fresh and young once again, as if he were being de-aged. At once, the cell in which Umbriel had stood eroded eroded away. She then began to step outward into the void, rocks forming at her feet as she moved upwards toward the observation deck, rocks which had once been the foundation Remila was built on, only now resurfacing due to Umbriel's powers. Umbriel walked through the glass as if nothing were there and then stood before Charlie. Her hair still long and her face no longer happy. "Tell me where Lundy is, Charlie."

    “S***!" was the only thing Charlie screamed as the cell disintegrated before his eyes. He tried to shout for help but choked. He turned to look for the Comeri on break but unfortunately they were not in the room. Charlie turned back to Umbriel, attempting to keep her in place with his karamancy. "What do you want with him?"

    “The boy is interested in his future romantic aspects." Umbriel giggled. "I wanted to tell him about that before I left... you and the boy get a special treat, Charlie. You're the only ones that I really enjoyed talking to. So you'll get to run away for now." The metal around her began to retreat back into the walls. "I advise you enjoy this Peace Week...Don't worry, most of what I said about Ava was a lie. I'm going to meet her but nothing more than that, really. Don't try alerting any one. I'm going to make sure you aren't taken seriously, and besides, I want this Peace Week to go off without a hitch, it'll be fun." She began walking off into the main prison, her arm wrapped around Charlie's shoulder. "Besides, I never did get to really see Necros. I think I'll find my sisters and we'll go journeying. Now then, let's find Lundy.." With that, Umbriel and Charlie suddenly appeared in front of Lundy. Behind them they left a trail of afterimages, showing that they had skipped that portion in time. Behind Umbriel, the entire prison began to take on a Sepia color. "Hello Lundy." She addressed the Isra calmly. "I broke out."

    "AHHHHHH!" Lundy shouted in surprise, falling backwards in his chair and flinging his glass of water behind him, spilling some on himself before it shattered into the wall. "W-What are you doing here!?" He stared unbelieving at the out of nowhere appearance of Umbriel and Charlie. Lundy was in his apartment, he had just returned from Crowley.

    "I just wanted to tell you a few brief things about your romance before I left." Umbriel said lazily.

    Lundy picked himself off the floor, "I actually wanted to ask you about that..."

    “Go on."

    “Who is she?...where do I meet her? When do I meet her?”

    “It's your little friend Ramona, Lundy. It's not like you're going to live long enough to get with her, break up, and then find someone else." Umbriel spoke with a mocking tone. "That all?"


    "Ramona Sparks, yes."

    "Wait, what do you mean I'm not going to live long enough?...Is your sister coming for us soon?"

    “Now that would be telling.. I'm going to advise you both run away now. Don't come back to Remila.. It'll be for the best."

    With that, Umbriel disappeared, and a sepia filter began to work its way into Lundy's apartment.

    Lundy stared at the sepia wave that began to consume the room. "Charlie, what is that?"

    "We have to get out of here now!" Charlie yelled, grabbed Lundy's arm and pulled him away from the filter. They ran out of the kitchen and into Lundy's room. Charlie forced the entire window out of the building flying away from the complex with his karamancy. The Isras jumped from the window, Lundy threw off his jacket and attempted to fly him and Charlie down to the ground but Lundy had still not perfected flight and Charlie was too heavy. He could only keep them up for a brief period of time, enough to lower them closer to the ground before falling the rest of the way. The landing was rough and Lundy was sure something was broken, but Charlie immediately got to his feet and dragged Lundy up quickly after. The filter had enveloped the entire building by this point and was spreading across the ground. "We have to get out of the city!" Charlie shouted.

    "Then why are we going this way?!" Lundy yelled back.

    "Ava's still here!"

    They soon arrived at Ava's daycare, Charlie ran in and grabbed his daughter. He felt a horrible sting of guilt as he left the building, leaving other children behind him.
    "Daddy, what's the matter? Why are we running?"

    "You see that color that's right behind us, coming at us? We have to run away from it. It's like a game, we lose if it touches us."

    "Oh. Then run faster daddy!" Ava held onto her father tighter, excited to play this new game.

    They arrived at the train station luckily just as a train was departing. 'It seems like she planned this out.'
    Still running, Lundy jumped onto the train in an open carriage. Charlie handed Ava to him and jumped aboard soon after. The sepia filter had nearly consumed the entire city and drifted over the tracks, but the train built up enough speed and escaped, headed to Crowley.

    Looking back on Remila, it looked as though nothing had changed. There was no Sepia tone to the city, but upon entering, several things might have happened to a person. Remila had been put into a Temporal Anomaly Field. One of Umbriel's stranger powers, it set up a certain area to obey a command. If anything new entered the city of Remila, it would walk a certain number of steps before being frozen in time. However, anything or anyone that was still in the city would play out the last year in exactly the manner it had occurred. Even those who weren't there would be spoken to as though they were. Dead bodies would reanimate, and to the few Umbriel wrote out of the TAF's first rule, including the Chief Paledonians, the Dream King, her sisters, Everest and K2, it would appear as though everyone behaved on autopilot within the city, and the new, stationary additions had simply not come into existence yet.

    Umbriel meanwhile, had been true to her word, and suddenly appeared in Archimede, some time prior, beside her sister Trinity, who stood over the party as they slept in a village that had once been populated by Naiads. Umbriel grabbed her sisters hand, and shook her head.

    Trinity looked at Umbriel and nodded silently, leaving the house and exiting the village. The two disappeared shortly after that.

    ((will post Nergus soon))
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    Desoto continued using the Inner Wired throughout the early part of the month, he tried contacting Dharma but found that the man had stopped responding. He noticed he was beginning to grow fatter from his constant inactivity, and his skin was growing pale, so he decided a vacation was in order. He would trace the group's steps from the beginning of their time in Necros and see if there was anything they had missed, and get himself back into shape in the process.

    He boarded a train heading for Ecklesax and upon arriving noticed a marked change in the place. While Ecklesax had not been a very clean city beforehand, it was very cozy with a mellow red lighting permeating the buildings. Now however, the city was completely cleaned, its buildings a hyper-polished black material, reminiscent of marble, and the lights casting a harsh purple glow over everything. The streets were now nearly devoid of the people that had once inhabited the city: street musicians and various groups of young people conversing and heading to restaurants. Now the city was filled with long black cars heading to and fro as they went about their business. Desoto was surprised by the change, and walked to the restaurant that they had first eaten at, the large metallic bean still stood where it had. Evidently it did not clash with the new feel of the city enough to be taken out.

    Desoto sat and thought about the conversation they had had with Nick here. It had been a long time, and Desoto could only recall fragments from his memory. That Demons were not evil and Earth had been shut away because of that. He decided to wander to Nick's apartment to see if any books still remained under the floorboards, and see who was living there.

    Upon arrival, Desoto met Roulette at the door. He looked at her somewhat inquisitively before stating "I remember you! You're that girl from Carista, Nick's girlfriend Roulette!"

    The woman stared at Desoto blankly. "I'm sorry, I don't remember you."

    "Oh, well.. I guess that's understandable. I was one of the humans Nick was charged with overseeing."

    "Ah..." She looked at Desoto searchingly for a moment. "What's your name?"

    "Desoto McClellan."

    "...Would you like to come in?" She beckoned toward the door.

    "Umm, sure.." Desoto felt slightly uncomfortable by how odd the woman seemed. He walked into the familiar apartment to find that oddly enough, it had not changed its decoratings in the slightest from the time Nick had inhabited it. It had, however, become very dusty and dirty. Flies buzzed over dishes that had not been done in some time, and Roulette did not turn to look at Desoto, but instead walked toward Nick's bedroom silently.

    Desoto wandered the apartment, he checked the room he and the men of the group had stayed in when they first arrived, remembering that at that time they still had Alexander and Kiyoshi with them. His mind briefly flashed to the scenes in Archimede and Sheol where the two had met their end. Retracing his steps exactly, Desoto found the television and turned it on. The screen was covered in dust and the reporter onscreen was talking about the goings-on in Sheol. He flipped through the channels, all of them newscasting or documentaries of some sort or another, and he remembered that Nick had said at one point that fiction had been banned. That fiction was smuggled in from Earth in the form of books. The Harpy reflected on this as he searched the channels, wondering how groups like Lohengrin functioned if all fiction was banned. He did come across a channel that simply had a number on it. Twelve. He wondered what that meant, and then the screen flashed to a phrase. "REMAINING EARTHKIN". Eleven left. Desoto counted, and found that this meant that outside of their group, only one human remained alive in Necros. Desoto frowned and turned the TV off, upon turning around he was met by Roulette, standing in a light nightgown.

    "Oh, sorry I-"

    "Would you want to have intercourse with me?"


    "Sex. Do you want to have sex with me?" Roulette asked in a completely deadpan voice.

    "..Why are you asking that!?" Desoto asked incredulously, surprised by the completely nonchalant way she went about this and the fact that they were in Nick's old place of living.

    "Because I want to breed." Roulette looked at Desoto. "Do you not have sex with women?"

    "No, it's just that-"

    "Are you in a faithful relationship?"

    "Yes, I have a girlfriend back on Earth!" Desoto's mind flashed to Ginger, but he found that he couldn't quite remember her voice, when he thought of it, he heard Hildegarde, and when he imagined how she felt, he felt Piama in his mind. Desoto felt sick at this.

    ".. I see." Roulette calmly turned around and sat on the couch.

    "... Why are you doing this? Aren't you sad about Nick?" Desoto wanted to change the topic and not think about his own infidelities.

    "Nick... Nick is dead." Roulette said simply.

    "But you don't seem sad about it."

    "Nick and I weren't married, and he left me."

    "He didn't leave you, he just had to go on his job. He said he'd be back-"

    "I was married to another man, and Nick began an affair with me, knowing this." Roulette calmly stated.


    "At the time that Nick and I began seeing each other, I was known as Roulette Gainsheart. My husband only found out about Nick and myself when a camera after the Sheolian Inaugural Tournament showed Nick hugging and kissing me when he returned to Ecklesax. I am now Roulette Verlim, my 'maiden name'. Nick and I have no connection beyond that. He confided in me, yes, but I was one of several women that he had relations with. The fact that he died saddens me only insomuch as the death of a friend does, only as much as his death saddens you. I don't see you wearing black, so I will not either. He left me his house of his own accord, and said I could stay here when I liked."

    Desoto's was saddened as he learned more about Nick. "I still won't sleep with you.."

    "That is all right. In all honesty, my only interest in acquiring human genes was in an experimental vein. I don't see much point in it beyond that."

    Desoto stared strangely at the woman, thinking her words very peculiar and unnatural. He excused himself and went up to the room he had used previously. He lay in bed and thought about things, he did not expect Nick to have been a saint, but he did not expect him to be the kind of man that would seduce a man's wife. He thought about himself, and decided he was no better for that reason, he had had sexual relationships with two women since he entered Necros while Ginger was still alive back home... alive, dead.. he didn't know. He didn't know how to feel about this, and wanted to forget about it. He hadn't had to grow up in this world and didn't want to start now.

    Desoto woke up the next morning to find the apartment deserted, Roulette had left no note of any sort and Desoto left shortly afterward, leaving Ecklesax and heading toward the town of D'abo, which had been demolished at some point. Only ruined buildings remained and, seeing no point in being there, Desoto left to Gail. He saw no point in venturing to Carista, as the only person who had once been exclusively there, Roulette, had moved on.

    Once in Gail, Desoto heard that Dharma had come to visit, alongside one of the Chief Paledonians, Charysadol, to discuss moving Peace Week to Gail. Desoto considered going to investigate, but decided not to linger in the resort city for much longer. Instead, he headed toward Dudley.

    Dudley had changed very little, the town at the outskirts of the opening fields of the Untamed. He ventured to the nearby church, its dome still well-kept. He went inside and found the same old priest, Danzel Armiados.

    "Welcome, Earthkin." Danzel smiled at Desoto. "Oh, I remember you. You and your friends visited my temple some time ago. How are you?"

    "Not good... hey, could I look through that... cloud thing of yours?" Desoto asked.

    "Ah, you wish to see your loved ones again." Danzel smiled. "Very well." He silently conjured the misty cloud and beckoned Desoto forward.

    Desoto went in and muttered Ginger Rialto. Suddenly, he found himself in a large desert, looking over the Grand Canyon. Beside him sat his mother and Ginger. They were surrounded by other people.

    "What the-?" Desoto asked himself.

    "Come on" Ginger called to Desoto's mother and began walking along the side of the canyon with her. "Are you sure you want to do this?"

    "Please, dear. I've been around long enough. I want to see my husband and son." Desoto's mother smiled as she approached the cliffside, a bridge led out over the canyon. The two walked on it and when they got to the edge, Ginger helped Desoto's mother by pushing her off.

    Desoto's mother fell toward the bottom of the canyon, where she would meet her death.

    Ginger stood resolute. "... I'll join you all one day."

    "Hey.. priest." Desoto asked Danzel.

    "Yes, child?"

    "Can we communicate in any way with the people on the other side?"

    "Try inhabiting them.."

    ".." Desoto thought hard and moved into Ginger. He was quickly forced from her, though, leaving her to look around for the source of the strange feeling that came over her.

    "You bastard, Desoto.." Ginger smiled. "You thought I'd get annoyed about that kinda thing right now? We've got bigger things.. just find me when we both end up in the same place, okay? *******." Ginger chuckled, wondering if she had imagined the feeling, and ventured back to go about her business.

    Desoto left the cloud. "Thank you.." the Harpy smiled.

    "I see you are better. I am glad, I have been called upon by Vulcan several times to see over the prisoner, Kyriel Baskin.." Danzel shuddered.

    "...Kyriel?" Desoto inquired.

    "Yes, I'm sure you remember him. He's kept in Vulcan currently, in a prison."

    "Ah" Desoto said. He was not willing to forgive Kyriel for what he had put them through, but he was still upset that the remaining human was simply Kyriel.

    Desoto left Dudley and ventured northward, he had seen how many things had changed and felt rejuvenated. He was a Necrotian and he would meet up with Ginger some time in the afterlife, he knew it. For now though, he wanted to continue on this search for Vera Lance. The goal of Earth couldn't be used to bait him anymore. Vera was planning something dangerous, and Desoto would stop it before it came, after a quick stop in Lumina, Desoto ventured toward Archimede, to retrace himself further.

    As Nergus started, Charysadol left to go alert Everest of the situation, upon finding him in the Untamed, the Paledonian began explaining the situation.

    "Vera Lance is making a move again, and more than likely this will lead to K2's Great Battle. We do not know when, but soon. Also, we have a suspicion that they will try to remove you as well... I was ordered by the Dream King to inform you of this. I hope you will return to D'onofrio soon."

    Everest nodded and bid Charysadol farewell before returning to Lilith.

    Dharma managed to successfully meet with Matthias Gail, Charysadol joining the both of them. They persuaded the man to let Peace Week occur in Gail.

    "To me my children rise, to me they make their prayers. Come unto me, Children of death." Matriel recited inside of the Dream King's palace.

    Around her, a group of around twenty dark beings appeared. "Find the remaining Chief Paledonians of this generation, and bring them here to Iod. You needn't speak with them, just leave them the message that I summon them, and we are at a silent war with Vulcan. Come to Nod."

    The figures all bowed and disappeared before Matriel, leaving her alone.
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    For the past month Everest and Lilith had been traveling throughout the untamed together as he helped her train her physical, magic, and racial abilities. Not long after riding Ziz, Lilith had decided she wanted to learn wind magic because she liked the fact that one spell allowed the user to fly and so that was what she focused on in magic.

    As her racial ability training progressed, it turned out to be lucky for Lilith that Rena had always worn baggy clothes, because when she finally was able to age herself properly the clothes weren’t too small. After practicing for a while and multiple hair-cuts (her hair grew every time she aged herself) she mostly had the process down and decided to settle on staying at a physical age that might have been late teens or early twenties at least for the time being. She cut her hair to somewhere a bit above halfway down her back and Everest taught her to braid it so it would stay out of the way. This was convenient because even if she aged herself one way or the other her hair would still be mostly under control if she was fighting when she did it. They then set about working on getting her now weak musculature (from the aging process) into shape and helping her get used to her new centre of gravity and height.

    -Sometime during Nergus-

    Everest returned from meeting Charysadol to find Lilith, who was re-braiding her hair while she waited, "We're going to do a final test. After that we're going to be returning to the fringes of the Untamed. You can come back out here if you want but we have to stay close to society… some things have come up. You ready?"

    Lilith finished re-braiding her hair then stood up and stretched for a moment before responding, "'Course I am."

    Everest nodded to himself. "We'll be meeting K2 once we get there. There are two things that could happen out there for you, you'll either be one of many things helping us fight, or you'll have to hide in order to survive. This isn't a test to improve your strength, this is something that K2 and I need to do and you can potentially help us in some fashion." With that, he began walking off. "We leave now. It'll take about two weeks to get where we need to be."

    Lilith shrugged and pulled on her coat, "Then let's get going old man."

    The two journeyed over large grassy plains for the next two weeks nearly nonstop. They only rested in short bursts, with Everest not sleeping and carrying Lilith on his back when she had to. Eventually, they came to a large river at the end of their two weeks and saw that at the horizon rested K2 and Ziz. Everest and Lilith made their way over to her and greeted the Omnimancer. "I see that you have trained yourself girl." The woman said sternly to Lilith as they arrived.

    "That IS what I went with him for," Lilith said in annoyance.

    "Where is it?" Everest asked the Omnimancer, who simply gestured toward the vista behind her. They stood at the edge of a huge cliff, the river pouring over into a waterfall. The land beneath them stretched out far past the eye's limits. Roaming beneath them in the huge landscape was a giant bull-like creature that towered over everything in the area. It bent over to the enormous river to drink some water before raising itself and walking toward the cliffside where the three stood.

    Lilith took a look at it and raised an eyebrow, "That's a big f***ing pig."

    "Behemoth, my grandfather's partner," K2 softly spoke. "Thus far it has not accepted me, we've come here now to try to change that." The Omnimancer moved toward Ziz, climbing atop it. "Come." She motioned toward the other two. Everest climbed atop and hoisted Lilith aboard the bird as well. Once they were aboard, the bird flew and entered a dive over the cliff toward Behemoth.

    "So did you even come up with a plan?!" Lilith bellowed as the wind whipped harshly against them.

    "Of course, foolish Earthkin!" K2 shouted back to Lilith. "Watch us at work!"

    As Ziz dove down toward Behemoth, the bull-looked up and noticed the bird. Upon seeing its comrade, Behemoth let out an immense roar which physically shook Ziz, the roar would have deafened all on-board the bird had it not been for K2 focusing her hands toward the beast, using Acoustimancy to block the sound. Ziz straightened out just above Behemoth's back and skimmed just over the beast’s gargantuan body. K2 released firebombs along it as they went, angering the beast and causing it to turn around to follow them. Many animals beneath the giant were crushed as it moved and let out another bellow toward Ziz, which K2 again blocked. "Serpent Lord! Come unto me!" The Omnimancer shouted and a bright green light consumed her body, she re-awoke with her eyes now yellow and serpentine, her gaze fixed decidedly on Behemoth. "Constrictions!" K2 shouted in a doubled-voice, combining her own voice with that of Yig, Eternal Wall of Archimede. Immediately, large stone tendrils rose from the ground and began to wrap around Behemoth, displacing large amounts of Earth and forming new mountains as they did so. Eventually, after some struggling, the beast fell and Ziz circled around toward it again. This time, Everest approached the edge and spoke over toward Behemoth.

    “خودتان را آرام، کرگدن.من اینجا هستم تا اعلام کند که آن زمان در حال آمدن است ، و دورگا تا به خودش ثابت است.شما در اینجا ممکن است در این سرزمین صبر کنید اما آن را ضروری است شما اجازه می دهد دورگا وفاداری خود را.نبرد بر ما." Everest spoke in a loud, yet calm voice, which echoed plainly over the landscape.

    Behemoth roared, this time less strong, the noise was like an earthquake, untraceable and all-surrounding. It struggled some more before K2 jumped off of Ziz, and landed on Behemoth's back, removing the earthen shackles she had conjured. Behemoth, freed, rose its head and let out a large howl toward the sky, Ziz had begun to fly away with Everest and Lilith on its back.

    "Sorry you weren't able to do much there." Everest turned to face the girl.

    "That's a load of bull-****," Lilith said in annoyance, "If you had wanted me to come just to sit on my *** then you should have ****ing told me that before-hand."

    "In all honesty, the fact that you didn't die is impressive enough. You managed to stay on Ziz while we travelled over the speed of sound. You also didn't collapse from the initial sonic boom. The ability to stay calm in these types of fights is proof that you've been trained well beyond many of your kin. Simply living in the Untamed gives unnatural powers well beyond normal limitations to people and even more-so to those like yourself, who are more beast than Elvaan or Earthkin. I am now convinced that if you wished to do so, you could continue living in the Untamed without me. K2 and I will be returning to D'onofrio next month, and you may go back with us then, or you may stay out here. I leave that choice up to you. I am not your parent, and you are effectively mature now."

    Lilith leaned over the edge to look at the Untamed and thought for a moment, "I still have quite a bit before that water-***** makes us all come back, I think I'll stay for a while longer." She paused, "Problem is I don't know how I'm going to know when to head back."

    "I'm sure if it's Vulcan out to find you, you'll know." Everest calmly stated as Ziz landed. "I'll be heading back now, D'onofrio needs me. I'm sure you can fend for yourself." With that said, Ziz once again took off, this time leaving Lilith alone in the Untamed and taking Everest back toward civilization.

    Lilith didn’t remember too much about Vulcan, but she knew by now that Everest had a tendency to be right about things, so after he was out of sight she shrugged and wandered off on her own into the Untamed far more at home there than she had ever been in the city. At least staying out here would make it harder for the water-***** to hunt her down in the long-run.


    Drifting. Shifting shapes contort around me. So dark it’s overbearing but somehow I can still see. I see nothing. Everything. I scream but all that comes out is a whimper. Where am I? Who? Everything here is wrong. Am I real? It’s all broken. He? She? I think it starts with an R, but it’s lost to me before I can get it off the tip of my tongue. Tongue? Do I even have one? I can’t talk. Can barely think. The not-dark darkness is crushing me. Wrapped around me so tight it’s hard to breathe.

    Rena? Can you hear me?

    Familiar? It makes me shudder and I pull into myself before I can remember.

    Too late.

    Lundy’s voice? A head on a trophy-stand staring blankly. Claustrophobic room. No escape. Trapped and doomed.

    In a cabinet now? Peeking through the crack. Frozen in fear.

    “You can’t have her. Just because he trained her doesn’t mean…”
    She is smacked. Breath caught in my throat. WHY?!
    “You can’t stop me hag. Ricky needs replacement and you’re in our debt up to your eyeballs from helping her out anyway. Taking her off your hands would be like a blessing from God.”
    “NO! Please there must be some other way, not poor little Rena, she’s just a child.”
    She is kicked to the ground. I squeeze my eyes shut, but they open again on their own in sick human curiosity. Like watching a train-wreck.
    “This is your last chance old woman, I’ve been warning you for weeks now. Either pay up or tell me where the f***ing girl is. If you don’t this bullet is going through your head. Understand?”
    “I don’t have the money and I refuse to give her to you.” The old woman said shakily, “Forgive me for not being a better protector than this.”
    “Who the hell you asking about forgiveness old b****? God? He isn’t here now. I am. This was just your last opportunity repay us and live. The repayment isn’t optional, the living is,” he grabs a chunk of her hair and shakes her. “Did I manage to get through to you this time you f***ing *****?” She is sobbing now and he throws her to the floor, “After all, we don’t need a worthless old woman’s help to find her anyway.”
    She gasps, “No.”
    A sound echoes loudly and it takes a moment for comprehension to set in. Gunshot.
    The image is burned into my memory once more. The splatter of blood and brains across the floor and the man crouching down beside the limp body.
    He continues in a conversational tone, “Don’t worry about little Rena, we’ll raise her right. She’ll probably even be better than her Uncle when we’re done with her. If she isn’t,” he shrugged, “well we can just sell her off then.” The monster stands up and strolls away and I sit silently screaming in that small cabinet as the crimson blood oozes its way towards my hiding spot leaving me no way to escape.

    “You can’t have her. Just because he trained her doesn’t mean…”
    She is smacked. Breath caught in my throat. WHY?!

    “You can’t have her. Just because he trained her doesn’t mean…”
    She is smacked. Breath caught in my throat. WHY?!

    Again and again. It repeats. Warping. Swirling around me like an old moldy blanket. It’s always there. Makes it hard to breathe. Why did she do that? I scream and scream and still it repeats and I can feel myself bending. Why did he get away with it. Hyperventilating on false air, the strain is becoming unbearable. He should die, then… then what? I don’t know. Falling. Tumbling. It repeats. Kill him. Which way was up? Pieces of brain crawling up my legs. It repeats. Kill them all. Make it STOP! Repeat. Repeat. Repeatrepeatkillrepeat. I can’t take anymore. Agony. Make it go away. I don’t want this. I don’t want to remember. Too much pain.


    Quiet. What is this place? Have I always been here?

    Drifting. Shifting shapes contort around me. So dark it’s overbearing but somehow I can still see. I see nothing. Everything. I scream but all that comes out is a whimper. Where am I? Who? Everything here is wrong. Am I real? It’s all broken. He? She? I think it starts with an R, but it’s lost to me before I can get it off the tip of my tongue. Tongue? Do I even have one? I can’t talk. Can barely think. The not-dark darkness is crushing me. Wrapped around me so tight it’s hard to breathe.
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    ((because I want to keep posts going and most plot points involving multiple people we can either summarize later or work on and say they happened at a later point..))


    Desoto arrived in Archimede late one night and ventured out from the shore into the immense forest that stood before him. He had been trying to approximate where the group had landed on their last venture to Archimede, and guessed that this spot was close enough.

    He wandered through the forests day and night, never encountering any other signs of intelligent life, the Elves must have been keeping their distance, he did not mind given that he was here to examine himself and the adventure he and his friends had been on.

    After roughly a week of not seeing even an abomination larger than a dog, Desoto began to wonder if there was something he was missing. Something he had not observed. He wandered in other directions after a time, and though he came to clearings, all of them were devoid of of life. Houses remained as though they had simply been abandoned, and foodstuffs were left unattended sometimes still in their pots cooking outdoors.

    Desoto wandered through Archimede and lost track of time. At one point he found himself at the Kuiper falls, which split the continent down the middle. Looking out over their vista, he did not feel the same sense of wonder, but horror. He had wandered Archimede for so long and had seen no living thing bigger than a dog.

    Eventually, Desoto stumbled upon the village of Naiads that the group had once stayed at during their journey through the forested continent, the village Emilie had come from. Desoto resolved to stop here and look around, remembering that they had left rather hastily, and that it was the first village he had seen where the residents all suddenly vanished. He looked around and saw that the metalworks of the village, unlike everything else, remained pristine and well-kept, as if they had been freshly forged and cleaned. Desoto took this as a sign that someone else visited this place and so he set up camp, hoping to meet this person.

    Desoto fell asleep easily that night, but woke up midway through to find himself wracked with a feeling to run away. He looked around to see that there was a type of light shining, the entire area was cast in a dark red hue and the sky above him swirled with harsh black, violet, and orange clouds. His body screamed at him to move but he ignored it, looking around to see all of the metalworks had disappeared. Lightning blazed across the sky, illuminating the scene and allowing Desoto a glimpse of silhouette's hanging from the nearby tree branches. They were humanoid in appearance. Desoto moved toward the tree and flew into the branches.

    Upon reaching the area he had seen the silhouette, Desoto moved around and felt something hard which he could not see. Upon feeling more, he discovered that he was confronted with something invisible in the air before him. Desoto moved his hands around the object and found that its shape was Elvaan in nature. Lightning flashed and he saw that it was in fact a corpse hanging in front of him, surrounded on all sides by other corpses, all of which were impaled witht he various metals of the village.

    Desoto screamed at this sight. He jumped from the tree and flew away, quickly landing on the ground and running, lest the lightning strike him in the air. An irrational fear, but Desoto was not thinking rationally at the moment, he was being driven by something he could not comprehend, his feet guided him as if he had always known the way, and eventually he found it.

    He stood at the edge of the Life Bridge's center, the center of all of Necros. The place where none could die, as it mirrored Earth's state. Desoto looked into the deep crater and noticed two people. He slowly stepped into it and a strange sense overwhelmed him. Desoto looked over his shoulder to see silhouette's of all sizes surrounding the crater. He continued deeper into the crater when he finally recognized the shapes in its center. One of them was Umbriel Sempra, who he recognized from the training video he watched upon being hired with Dharma Corp. The other he did could only guess at.

    She was a large being, with long hair that covered both her face and even her arms. She was sitting in the center, but even still she was roughly six feet in height. She possessed four arms, and her feet were tridactylic. She wore robes made from material Desoto had never seen before, its color changed constantly as he moved. This person sat perfectly still, her eyes following Desoto as he strafed around them, Umbriel did likewise.

    "You--you're Umbriel... Umbriel Sempra." Desoto stuttered, afraid.

    "You're Desoto McClellan." Umbriel replied. "This is Trinity Pendergast." She motioned to the tall woman. "You've found us in the middle of our fun Desoto."

    "What do you mean?" Desoto gulped, he did not question how she knew his name, he was more worried about what they were doing.

    "We mean that you being here inconveniences us.."

    "What are you doing? What are those!?" He pointed toward the silhouettes.

    "Sacrifices." Umbriel stated simply. "The Light Bridge needs sacrifices to open, but it's much more temperamental than the other locations. It needs constant reminders of our servitude, that's why I am here. I supply and resupply the same sacrifices day in and day out by reviving and then killing these people. Their souls are chipped away every day as I sacrifice them, hoping that it will be the day when this portal opens again."

    "You-..you're saying that the portal needs sacrifices to open?"

    "It needs several things Desoto McClellan. It needs five people in five points in Necros. Here, the crater of Yhoundeh, Mernilik, a spot in Doppelekereft, and the Dream King's palace. Once these five parameters are met, a steady supply of sacrifices is needed. For that purpose, I've been using the people of Archimede, every day they stand there, parts of their body melted and frozen and deformed by Trinity, preventing the from moving. Everyday, we kill them, then if we find it is not the day of reckoning, I simply revive them and I have the process repeated. As I stated before, this chips away at their souls, to the point that many of them could be considered new species at this point."

    "Why do you want to open the portal?" Desoto asked.

    "It's in our programming to do this. It's just one step closer to Vera's goals. For those we need you, Desoto."

    ".. I won't help you!"

    "...then leave and never come back."

    "... you're letting me go?"

    "Our goal isn't to kill you yet. We're to leave you alive."

    "You're programming says to leave ME 'Desoto McClellan' alive?"

    "It says that we will know who to harm and who to not. You are on our safelist for now. Leave."

    Desoto suddenly felt a strong pain in his stomach, he looked down to see a hole in his gut and he immediately passed out.

    When Desoto woke up, he was in a hospital in Crowley. He looked at the calendar and saw that Thoth had just ended.
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    After a few months of training, we find Terry back at Athuria's, the upstart weapons and items shop ran by Arthur and his best friend, Astrid Pipper. Terry was lying passed out behind the cashier's desk. Soon, the shop door burst open, violently ringing the bell atop it. This prompted Terry to jolt up to a standing position, but began to relax his arm and head on the counter top as if he had always been standing there. “No need ta' get up on my account, Terr” said a woman waltzing through door cradling a sizable box. “Astrid!” yelled Terry with his arms raised. Unfortunately, forgetting his earlier fatigue, this prompted the Jackanape to fall over sideways, arms still transfixed above his head. “My my... looks like 'ol Artty's really running a numba' on ya.” chuckled the demon. She brought her legs together and brought herself to a squatting position, resting her hand on her knees to get a better look at ailing friend. “So, what's it today?”

    Terry managed the strength to roll over on his back, but not bring down his arms. “Today was something he called The Snake Dance. The Jackanape sighed with defeat, but soon grew to anger. “Its were he had me hang, from my ankles, upside down over a campfire!” Terry managed to sit-up from his new-found rage, but made the mistake of doing so too quickly, only causing him to slump forwards between his knees. “ARTHUR!” bellowed Terry. “Its high time you gave me an explanation for this foolishness!” Terry managed to scream with his face never leaving the floor. “Oh my... is my bunny-boy a little put-off..?” remarked a familiar voice. However, it was higher then usual.

    Out came Arthur from upstairs, making his way to the his friends. However, Arthur opted for a more feminine look today. He was in his succubus form, with a formfitting red sequin dress, red heels, and a red afro that was so buoyant, it would cause clouds envy. Arthur knelled down to Terry. “Oh, poor baby... tell mama where it hurts...” Right as the Succubus reach to stroke the Jackanape's hair, Terry jolted from his position back to behind the cashiers desk with a loud thud. He peaked his head up just above it, with a look of sheer shock. “I.. wha... huh... but...” the Jackanape babbled. He then began to get his composure. “Baring the things obviously wrong with this scenario, how... the afro?” Arthur let a husky yet feminine chuckle. “Oh bunny... I have been doing this loooonng before I spliced into Incubus/Succubus. I have had several of your lifetimes to perfect this craft, but having the ability to go back an forth really does have its benefits... especially tonight...” a smile creept onto the Succubus' face.

    While Arthur was talking, Astrid made her way around her friend constantly giving “him” a look over. She eventually ceased with a shriek as she through her arms around Arthur. “Oh, you look absolutely GORGEOUS!” she exclaimed “Is this for, you know who?” Arthur returned “his” friend's embrace. “The very same... tonight Olanto is giving far more then he ever bargained for...” said Arthur as the two “girls” began to giggle. “Olanto?” Terry mused never leaving his nearly found haven. “Who's that?” Astrid turned her attention to Terry. “Jeez-Louise!” she exclaimed in English. “You have been here fa' how long, and still don' know the CEO of Docthorow and his Aide?!” Terry responded with only a blank expression. The Demon sighed. “Olanto is the Aide to the CEO of Docthorow, Bannakaffalatta. He's kinda like tha' mayor of a city for us.” remaked Astrid. “We have a very ongoing business relationship with him, but someone among us decided to mix business and pleasure.” the Demon cut her eyes towards the Succubus. “Upset that got to him first...?” replied Arthur. “Wait, Bannakaffalatta?” smirkedTerry. “Oh nevermind, its not as if I haven't heard or seen stranger things.”

    “Well, its time I made my way... Stay golden everyone...” said Arthur as “he” sashayed out the door. Terry took this time to step out behind his cover and made his way towards Astrid's box. “Oh yeah, almost forgot.” remembered the Demon. She opened the box to reveal several weapons all to familiar with Terry, all of which being guns. “A former associate of Artie's sent these up from Sheol, but we'll worry about these later.” said Astrid, as she pushed the box against the wall, and it shrinking to a third of its size. “So, wanna go drinkin'?” The Jacakanpe stretched his arms cheering in approval, forgetting of difficultly in bringing his arms down again. Astrid just laughed as she pushed her friend out the door.
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    Judy stood before a golem. He was sitting cross-legged on the ground, but he was still taller than the comeri. He sat with arms folded, his head hunched forward, his eyes closed. She had only gotten one word out of him, seemingly a lifetime ago. He had given his name when asked, but it was the only question he would answer. "Bron."

    The place that Bron's spirit was most comfortable struck Judy as peculiar. It was completely isolated. There were no people, plants, rocks, animals, buildings, walls, or weather to speak of. Judy was sure there was a floor to this place, but she couldn't really identify any of its characteristics. It was just Bron, sitting and doing nothing else. Judy's first feelings toward the place were negative, though wasn't exactly much for her to dislike.

    However, the longer she stayed, the more she began to understand Bron's choice. Nothing may have been worse than some things, but it was also better than a lot of things. Finally sitting before the stone man, Judy reflected on everything that had happened to her since her death in Earth. The feelings of loss, the feelings of hate, the pain of continuing. Had she had a choice, she would have chosen the empty space around her instead of struggling on. Stasis . . . better to let the world pass by than to risk suffering. Better to abstain than to lose the vote. Bron did not speak, but Judy's thoughts seemed to be coming from him. Perhaps this was what truly tuning in with another's spirit felt like. She had tried before with people she had known in life, and none of them had really fit. But did it really matter any more? Why grind yourself down by trying to reach for something you might not even get?

    Judy snapped back to Lumina. She couldn't embrace the golem's philosophy entirely: she had already made the mistake of interacting with her surroundings, meeting people that she now cared about. But she at least agreed with some less extreme version, and Judy felt like that was enough for her to be connected to this spirit.

    Suddenly, Judy realized that she was incredibly hungry. She soon learned that she had been in a trance for almost a full day. The length surprised her, as it had felt to her like a mere moment had passed.
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    ((Malaria/Whisper Combo Post :watermelon: ))

    Sammy and Justine Status Update

    Once the tournament ended, Justine, Sammy, and Gunther left in search of something else to do. After avoiding the government for lack of employment like Sammy was used to, Justine eventually began complaining about not being able to take their time while visiting places. This left them in a pickle because Sammy didn't know of any easy way to fix it, since he didn't want to be tied down to one spot. The problem was fixed, however, one night while waiting for their drinks in a pub where they overheard a group talking about the mercenary group known as D'nofrio.

    Justine exchanged looks of interest with Sammy and Gunther. They approached the group and spent the rest of the night talking with them to learn about the organization. At the end of the evening the group directed them to the mercenary headquarters – it seemed to help that they had participated in the tournament. Upon arriving at D'nofrio they were met by Plymouth who began the test for the group. Unfortunately in the process of the test poor Gunther was killed ((sorry Uncertainty)) leaving only Sammy and Justine to pass the facility's gruelling ordeal.

    Once they had completed the tests they became members and received their code names: Rakaposhi for Sammy, and Nunatak for Justine. From then on they began completing missions for the organization, which left them plenty of time to travel between jobs. Not having to constantly avoid the government was also a plus that Sammy was pleased with.

    As time progressed, the two became stronger, travelling across the continents, mastering new magics, and learning new things.

    ((Just me now))

    Lilith: As time passes

    Month/Day: Unknown


    For the past several days Lilith had been observing a giant bird that had recently hatched some eggs up in its nest high on a rocky ledge. Day after day it went hunting for food whenever it could, bringing back bones of animals to its nest. The problem for the bird was another creature that Lilith never got a good look at. Whatever it was kept trying to steal the baby birds from the nest. Her sensing led her to realize that whatever the animal was it could teleport in a way similar to Damien. The fighting between the two animals interested her and she observed them as best she could whenever they clashed. Within a few fights she could tell that the mother bird was having a very hard time and that made Lilith wonder what happened to its mate. One day when the mother didn’t come back. Lilith made her way up to the nest to look at the babies. She sat up on the edge of the nest and stared at the two ugly babies as they stared back. The bigger one hopped forward and tried to attack her, but she just dodged it in curiosity.

    “Brave little b****d aren’t you?” she commented as it continued to try to reach her. Finally she let it bite her showing it that it couldn’t even break her skin before kicking it in the head to stun it. It tottered backwards and she lowered herself into a crouch glaring at it with a growl to show dominance. It scampered back to its sibling and they cowered together. Lilith snorted and then stood back up and spread her senses out trying to find the mother or the attacker. Being higher up she was able to sense where the attacker was and could tell it was injured. The mother was absent entirely.

    “Looks like you’re all alone,” she chuckled some and turned to the babies. “Which of you wants to live?” she asked rhetorically and then shoved the two apart the one that had attacked her earlier snapping at her. “Looks like we have a winner,” she said and shoved the other out of the nest.

    She looked back at the other smirking, “Bet you wouldn’t even remember that later if I wasn’t about to age you.” It squeaked in fright as she came closer and she cackled, “That’s right, new mommy’s scary.” She pulled out a make-shift rope from her jacket that she had made at some point and tied it loosely around its beak as she aged it up physically and mentally until the rope was tight and kept it from trying to bite her. “Now,” she said and touched it on the head before sending it a mental image of its mother flying, “You are going to take us down there.” She pointed to the ground and she hopped on its back. It instantly tried to buck her off and she tightened her grip with one hand and smacked it with the other and sent it a mental image of its mother and the predator fighting sending a sense of danger with it. The bird jumped up and its flight instincts kicked in and they headed towards the ground as it fled from an imaginary terror. They made it to the ground quickly since it was unable to carry Lilith far. She hopped off of it and used the rope to tie it to a tree sending it a feeling of relative safety. She then glared at it, “Stay here.” It tried to move and she growled at it until it was still, “Stay here.” She repeated herself again and it seemed to take the hint and sat down. “Stay here,” she repeated one last time and then she quickly went into the woods to find something it could eat. She took off her jacket and skinned it before beginning the messy job of tearing bones out of the carcass. She carried it all back towards the young bird and laid the bones in front of it in a pile before scratching it under the chin. “Good. You did good today.” She thought a moment and then quickly chose an easy name, “Good job. Bones.” She then set about setting up a place to sleep for the next while and cooked the meat from the animal.

    Time passed and she trained Bones. She quickly discovered that Bones was a girl, and over time she aged her to the point of being a juvenile.


    One day while skinning a dead animal Lilith was attacked by a ratel. Its attitude brought a smile to her face as it obviously didn’t give a sh** about her attacking it while it tried to get to the meat. She tried to convey the most basic feeling of needing to wait to it and was pleased when it seemed smart enough to understand it. She finished skinning it and ripped out the bones before taking some meat for herself. She finished just as the ratel was getting impatient and tossed the rest of the meat to it which it finished in one bite. She turned to head back to camp and was somewhat surprised as it followed her.

    “Look stupid, I don’t have any more food I can give you, go get your own,” she said in irritation showing her hands. It slunk away. When she had given Bones the bones and had eaten her own food the ratel reappeared with another dead animal and sat down near the camp to eat it. Lilith raised an eyebrow, “You sure are a fat-a**, aren’t you?”

    The ratel continued to hang around and the name Fat-a** stuck. Their personalities clashed in a way that somehow worked out and the most trouble they ever got into was mini-fights.

    Lilith would spend all of her time up to being summoned by Emilie in the deep Untamed. In addition to training with the two animals she now found herself with, she would continue learning wind and then lightning magic as well as strengthening her physical state, fighting capacity, and her demonic ability.
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    The month of Marduk moved, merely mentioning the messages Desoto marked a meeting memo in his mind regarding the momentous month of Sinnus yet to come, and the celebration of Peace Week therein. We now join our "hero" as he has been released from the hospital and the month of Sinnus is upon us, and with it, Peace Week.

    Desoto boarded the train from Crowley to Gail on the first day of the festivities. Living in Crowley had come with an advantage of noticing the influx of people as the beginning of the month of Marduk drew to a close. It was now Sinnus 1st, and for the next 8 days, Peace Week would be held in the city of Gail. Desoto found it hard to fit onto the train, as it was very crowded, with many people staying in cities as far away as D'abo and Arch-Hex due to the fact that Gail had run out of space.

    Upon arriving in Gail, Desoto found the resort city to be quite familiar to his last visit. It was crowded and happy, but unlike his last time, the Gail police force had trouble maintaining peace, as there were fights occurring in the streets from time to time that were not instantly quelled with extreme prejudice.

    Desoto wandered the streets for several hours, looking at the various events. There was to be a fighting tournament, though Desoto resolved to not compete in it, as the last one had taken up so much effort. There were plays being held throughout the day, and there were speeches to be given by various important figures. Desoto primarily wanted to spend his time finding the other members of VET 70, however, and he resolved to figure out how to find them.

    His salvation came while the Harpy was out for a swim, though he would have preferred it to not be as painful, as Emilie arrived with a greeting of fusing with the ocean water, knocking Desoto into the air, and then drawing him into a watery embrace, which left the harpy coughing up water as he recovered. A part of him was simply thankful that this time his bodies normal hydration was spared.

    "Hiedyey doa there desoto mclellanellanellan :bee:!!! I thought I'd nev:rugby:er see you again and I got all SaD!!!.... DeSoTO, DO YOU NOT LOVE ME ANYMORE[TABLE]
    [TD]I'm starting[/TD]
    [TD]To Think[/TD]
    [TD]A band[/TD]
    [TD]To think[/TD]
    [TD]You don't[/TD]
    [TD]A pet[/TD]
    [TD]Ice cream[/TD]

    Desoto was horrified at the noise Emilie had just produced, it sounded like many words flowing out of her simultaneously. He responded by simply asking his question. "Emilie, how about a short reunion, for Peace Week?" He asked earnestly. "Could you contact the others?"

    "Sure!" Emilie yelled before shutting her eyes.

    "HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Emilie's voice loudly announced into the minds of every member of VET 70 who had received Emilie's radio bugs.


    "...Thank you..." Desoto forced a smile to the woman.
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    Lilith cringed as the horrible voice of the water b**** roared through her head causing Fat-a** to look at her oddly. They had been hunting, but due to her loss of concentration they would probably have to start over. She heard the creature run away and she growled in frustration before responding to Emilie, I'm in the middle of the f***ing Untamed, and we don't have to come back for a while. Leave me the f*** alone, and by all means kill the god-d*** beach and every f***er on it. Just stay the hell out of my head. Anticipating a possible response she turned to Fat-a** without explanation, "Let's go. You lead," she said simply using two of the several phrases the bright creature was able to understand and if the creature could shrug it probably would have. Fat-a** took off and she followed prepared to do her best to ignore the naiad should she continue trying to contact her.
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    Judy had been standing at the railing of a ship. The Comeri had again paused their studies, so she had been planning on visiting Desoto and Lundy again. When Emilie's voice sprang into her brain, she nearly fell overboard. Recovering, Judy began to respond to Emilie, drawing some attention from the other passengers as she wasn't talking to anybody nearby. "Emilie, tell Desoto that I'm already almost there. The celebration is being held in Gail, yes? Give me a more specific location, and I'll be there within the day.
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    Whilst the others were having their lives ruined by Emilie, Damien sat quietly in his office at the university grading papers. Most of his students were barely passing with a few exceptions which only served to further annoy the drow. Had he known that his shiny new body had actually prevented him from receiving a message from Emilie, the good doctor might have literally jumped for joy (along with perhaps passing a few more students).
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    Upon not hearing any cursing from Damien, Emilie remembered what had happened to his body, and so decided to call him at the college he taught at. She had memorized his number while staring at his picture on a screen and licking it.

    "What the fu** do you want?" Damien asked, immediately picking up his phone.

    "Listen carefully, Damien Caldwell." A deep voice spoke over the phone. "Currently coursing through this new body of yours are three-thousand pixies, each looking to tear apart the very fibers which keep it together. You will not die due to your body but you will live in immense pain if you do not come to the Sotaras beach in Gail immediately. There I will meet you and deliver unto you anything you desire in exchange for one simple request. If you do not come, then your life will be more pain than it is right now."
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    The paper Damien had been grading was doing rather well until the phone call. Almost immediately Damien began failing every remaining paper in the stack out of pure rage. "Fu**ing sh** piss mother fu**ing bit** fu** sh** fu**!!!" he roared out, his voice echoing through the halls of the university. "That bit** can disguise her fu**ing voice all she wants and I'd still know it's her!!! Fu**ing Emilie!!! When I get my hands on her I'm going to smash that tumor ridden flesh ball she calls a brain against a fu**ing rock!!" The good doctor stomped off towards the closet, retrieving from it his traveling cloak, crossbow, ammunition, medical instruments, and various spell textbooks. "Gonna kill her, gonna kill her, gonna kill her, gonna kill her," he continued mumbling as he dressed before heading off into the hallway. "I hope you got all that you little pixie fu**s because as soon as this is over I'm going to make sure to kill every last one of your species. If it takes me a thousand years you will rue the day you fu**ed with Dr. Damien Caldwell!!"
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    "Good, he's coming!" Emilie pirouetted. She then remembered Judy's statement. "We're on the Sotaras beach, Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuudeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." She smiled and turned to Desoto.

    "I thought you said that we weren't Pixiedusted.."

    "You aren't. None of you are." Emilie smiled.
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    "Sotaras Beach, got it. Goodbye." About halfway through Emilie saying her name, Judy closed her eyes and began to channel a spirit. She called on Iryana, a young zephad she had met in her meditations. The girl was unwilling to leave her world entirely, and Judy was unwilling to let her, but her abilities were transferred to the realm of the living. Judy took a quick look at the coastline, and an instant later her body evaporated. The people that had previously been staring at her jumped slightly, then looked around at each other.

    In the wind high above the boat, Judy felt the radio transmissions from Emilie continue to pass through her for a few more seconds, though she couldn't hear them. She couldn't see or smell anything, either, but she somehow had a sense of where she was going. She felt the vibrations of sound strengthen as she neared the crowded beach. She moved over the sand, the temperature rising slightly, and she veered, heading parallel to the shore. She was unfamiliar with most of Gail, so she would have to stop a couple times for directions before reaching Sotaras.

    About an hour later, a gust of wind blew over Emilie and Desoto. Judy's body was extracted from the air, and she stepped lightly onto the sand. "Desoto! It's good to see you're still alive." Smiling at the harpy, she moved in for a hug or a handshake. ". . . And Emilie. You're still here."
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    Desoto gave Judy a curt hug before parting and looking at the Naiad who was still lost in her own head. "Hey, Emilie!... Damien's probably going to be coming in from the West side of the city.. Why don't you go and greet him?" The harpy wanted time alone with his comrade.

    "GOodoodosdubofod idea Desotototototototototototo!!!" Emilie's face wrenched itself into a huge grin as she collapsed into water and disappeared into the vapor in the air.

    Desoto waited for a moment to make sure he did not feel any extra moisture lingering around before taking up a stick and writing in the sand so that Judy could read. "I need to talk with all of you about some stuff I found. We can't have Emilie following us or hearing."

    Desoto then began to try to mentally contact Lilith. He did not know if she would be able to hear or not but he thought aloud. He did not know that she would not be able to mentally receive his messages, as the splicing had severely limited her receiving range. Upon not receiving a response Desoto looked up to find Roulette in his line of sight. "Roulette!" He asked, knowing that the woman was rather well-connected. "Roulette!" Desoto heaved as he caught up to her.

    Roulette had stopped at the first calling of her name. She looked down at Desoto with a look of some disdain and puzzlement. "Desoto McLellan. You are here at Peace Week. How did your journey to retrace your steps fare?"

    "...Enlightening.." Desoto heaved, realizing that the month in the hospital had served to nearly negate any good his hike through Archimede had done to his body. "Listen, do you know any well-trained Espers?"

    "Yes, I know several here at Peace Week." Roulette replied.

    "Could I use one of them to send some messages? I've heard that master Espers can send messages without knowing the person." Desoto asked of the woman.

    "You may, Desoto McLellan, though I may one day ask something of you and your group." Roulette answered as her eyes seemed to take on a slightly hazy tint.

    "So long as it's not sex okay.." Desoto answered, realizing that if Judy had caught up this may have seemed like a very odd conversation.

    "Duly noted, McLellan." Roulette said as a person emerged next to them, an Esper by the look of his hair and ears.

    "You called, Roulette?" the Esper asked.

    "Yes, Roulette." Roulette responded to the Esper, also named Roulette. "This Earthkin here would have you use your powers to contact people."

    "Who would you have me contact, then?" the Esper Roulette asked Desoto.

    "umm.. Damien Caldwell, he's a Drow teacher. Lundy Rivers, an Isra. A Cervidexus named Daniel Carter.." Desoto searched his mind for anyone else, George had said no more and Desoto respected that. Lilith was too far away and everyone else that Desoto thought of was purely Necrotian. "Terry Donoghue.. he's a Jackanape." Desoto finished his list at first and then one more name popped into his head, though she was Necrotian he figured she knew enough to be helpful. "Karen Gondor! She's a Merkin!"

    "Duly noted, and what would you have me tell them?" The Esper asked.

    Desoto got out a piece of paper and wrote on it.

    "Tell them to meet Judy and I at the North Train Station heading out of Gail, the place where we fought Miguel when we last visited the city. Tell them to meet us there and not be followed, and to stay quiet about the meeting to avoid anyone listening in. Clarify to Karen and Terry that this is Desoto McLellan, the Harpy that they both met in Sheol when Miguel was assassinated."

    The Esper named Roulette immediately set about delivering this message and after thirty seconds nodded to Desoto, who turned to Judy and motioned for them to head north, thanking the two Roulette's as they left.
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    Two men, a banshee and a cervidexus, made their way through the streets of Gail, looking for a place to eat.

    "Ah! Isn't this weather perfect?" Coenolf said, asking no one in particular.

    Daniel gave the banshee an odd look. Coenolf noticed and turned. "What?"

    "You're acting a little odd. . . More so than usual, I mean," Daniel replied.

    "Eh? How so?"

    "You're really chipper today."

    "Chipper. . . No, I'd say I'm excited," proclaimed Coenolf. "I'm suprised you're not. Aren't you happy that we get to see you're firends?" he grinned.

    "Given the current circumstance, I can't say I am," Daniel replied as he narrowed his eyes.

    "Oh, please. I'm sure Boss won't put them in too much danger," he said as his grin widened a bit. "Now let's get some food. Can't work on an empty stomach."

    Daniel suddenly reeled, making Coenolf pause. "Not hungry?"

    "They're at the beach," Daniel said. "My messanger just happened to be quite loud."

    After a few minutes of making their way to the beach, Daniel stopped again. Coenolf looked at him with lazy eyes. "North Train Station heading out," Daniel said.

    Coenolf groanned. "Can we at least get something to eat?"

    "I thought you wanted to meet the group."

    The banshee glared at Daniel. "I'm eating. You can go on ahead, but don't think I won't catch up," he said, pointing his finger harshly at the cervidexus.

    "Fine by me," Daniel said as they parted.
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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