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  • icbmalariaicbmalaria Let Mom sleep Full Members
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    Lundy sat across from Ramona in a quiet restaurant, the two were in the middle of a date. They had spent most of the prior month together and had became closer to each other and though they never said they were "together" they basically were. Ramona was in the middle of telling a story about her time with Emilie, "She wasn't really that bad to live with; she acts strangely different. Not saying I'd do it again though." Lundy nodded and smirked, "I still can't believe you went with her in the first place!" Ramona crossed her arms, not missing a beat, "You're right. It would have been so much better to go spend six months with a psychopathic vet in the untamed. Why didn't I do that." Lundy could only laugh, he always appreciated her sarcasm.

    'Hurry up. I want to kill the one you love.' Umbriel's words resounded in the Isra's mind. He wondered if he should tell her. He still hadn't told any of them about what the droid said. Was that fair to do? Would they want to know? He wished most of the time he didn't. "Lundy, are you ok?" Ramona noticed he was acting down, "Is it one of the prisoners again?" Lundy shook his head, deciding he should tell her, "Nah. It's something else...when I met Um-". He stopped his sentence short, receiving a telepathic message from someone he didn't know. "...I just got a message. Desoto wants us to come meet him and Judy in Gail." Ramona raised her brows, "What for?" Lundy shrugged, "I'm not sure but he wouldn't ask if it wasn't important." The two paid the tab and left the small restaurant.

    Shortly after packing up some of their belongings they reached for the train station and boarded one headed for Gail. "What were you going to tell me back in the restaurant?" Ramona asked, remembering he never finished. "It's nothing. Just that I haven't been able to get in touch with Rena at all." He lied, though he was concerned he hadn't heard from her. "She might still be Lilith." The Dryad responded. "Yeah maybe. I'll give it another shot." He tried to contact Rena again. 'Rena? You there?' The train would arrive in several hours, it'd be a long trip.
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    Due to Astrid and Arthur's coaxing, Terry found himself on a train bound for Gail. They managed to find a train-booth to sit their party, and settled in for their trip. "I just can't wait! Peace Week's the only time a girl gets ta' show-off on Gail's beaches!" The Demon reached in to her bag to find a small piece of lavender cloth. This cloth then grew to become a lavender one piece swimsuit matching frills around the hips. Astrid squealed with delight at her handiwork. "Hey Artie? What ya' wearing this time, we don't need a repeat like last time." The demon playfully prodded her friend. "Well, " began the Incubus, "I understand how much you wanted to show off your swimsuit... but this time... I opted for something, a little more bold..." Arthur retorted. He then stretched out this hand, and a yellow square leg swim suit with a blue line running down both sides. The Incubus could only smile holding out the swimsuit in front of him, revealing its short length and implying a very tight fit.

    The demon gasped. "Oooohh Artie! How scandalous!!!!" The two laughed, waking the Jackanape. Before he could get back to sleep, he jolted awake upon receiving a mental message. He motioned for this friends to com in closer, he began to whisper, "Hey guys, when we get in Gail, I need to meet with Desoto's party at the train station. Feel free to go on the beach with out me." The Jackanape return back to relaxing in his seat. He began to close his eyes again, only to jolt back consciousness to find his two companions sitting on either side of him giving toothy grins. "Now now, bunny... you can't get rid of us so easily... " remarked Arthur. "I'm sure you can't speak on this too much, but you bet ya' bottom dollar where comin' too!" Astrid whispered. The two took their respective swimsuits and placed them back in their respective methods of carry. Terry only sighed wondering both the upcoming meeting would be and nervously wondered how people he hardly knew would react to this two compatriots. After ensuring his friends were sitting back in their own seat, Terry braced himself both for the remainder of the train trip as well as whatever was to come from Desoto and company.
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    ((HOLY CRAP LONG Whisper/Malaria/Dei Combo Post D: ))

    -Sammy and Justine-

    Attracted to Gail by the controlled chaos that was Peace Week, Sammy and Justine found themselves wandering the city in curiosity. Being raised on the ocean, Justine wanted to go and dragged Sammy to the beach. It was crowded of course, which sort of annoyed the two, but they did their best to enjoy themselves anyway. They walked down the beach, idling chatting and people watching.

    Having left most of his belongings in their hotel, Sammy stretched contentedly as they walked along. "Nice waves," he commented catching sight of a surfer from the corner of his eyes. "Never done that before... looks fun." This time it was Sammy's turn to drag Justine behind him and he walked up to a group of surfers.

    The surfers greeted Sammy and Justine with friendly smiles. "You guys must be here with the Peace Week crowd. Beach isn't usually this packed!" One surfer noticed Sammy staring at his board, "You surf?” Sammy shook his head and he continued, “Wanna give it a shot?" Justine stared in disbelief at Sammy thinking, 'He wouldn't.'
    Sammy replied enthusiastically, "Heck yeah. Come on you should try too," he called over his shoulder to Justine.

    "Eh, what the hell." Justine shrugged and grabbed a board, not really caring who it belonged to. They paddled out against the waves. One of the surfers explained to them what to do, and demonstrated for the two, making it look extremely easy as she glided back to shore. Justine raised her brows and looked at Sammy. "You first."

    Not one to say no, Sammy's face split into a grin as he waited for a wave. He stood up with a wobble barely catching his balance before the wave carried him forward. Surprising himself he did well... for a few moments. Then the wave crashed over him causing him to wipe-out and get tangled in the chord attaching his foot to the board. He hit the beach hard and proceeded to spit out a mouthful of water and untangle himself all while trying to get his hair out of his face. He laughed exuberantly and looked out to Justine before giving her a thumbs up before bellowing loudly, "YOUR TURN!"

    "I can't believe I'm doing this." Justine did her best to mimic the surfer's demonstration, pulling herself up on the board as the wave came up behind her. She kept her balance before completely wiping out, coming up for air just as a second wave crashed down, causing her to choke on the salty water. When she recovered she couldn't help but laugh too, "I didn't make it quite as far as you did! I think you've done this before!" She called out to Sammy as she pulled herself back onto the board.

    "Nope, never. Blame the fighter's reflexes and years of learning new things," Sammy shrugged and looked back at the surfer group who had gotten more than a chuckle from their display. "Hey can we keep borrowing these for a bit?" The surfers shrugged in assent finding the two to be good entertainment.

    The two continued several failed attempts at surfing much to the enjoyment of the surfers. They did improve upon their first tries though. Eventually the two tired and decided to go wind down at a sea side restaurant nearby. They went into the crowded building and luckily were able to grab two seats at the bar right away. "What's the deal for tomorrow?" Justine asked as they ordered drinks

    "We should still have some free time tomorrow and part of the day after before the client gets into town for the festivities," he shrugged. "Guess until then we can just poke around town some-more. You could see if you'd be able to set up a fortune telling booth or something for a day or two," he added off-handedly.

    "Not a bad idea," Justine smiled. The thought of reading someone's fortune made her happy. "Though I'd like to get a boat sometime and take it out. No guides, no captains, they ruin all the fun. Up for that?"

    "Sure. We can do that sometime after this week is over with. Gotta make the money after all," he laughed.

    "You're right. Gotta make the money." Justine said smiling pretending like she was annoyed. The bartender dropped off their drinks and quickly walked away to tend to a loud, drunk man on the other end of the bar. Justine took a sip and looked around. "I can always sell some voodoo dolls," she joked.

    "Those again? You remember DO what happened last time that happened right?" Sammy said looking at her like she had lost her mind.

    "I have no idea WHAT you're talking about," Justine smiled innocently, though definitely recalling the incident. "Well let's hear some ideas from you."

    Sammy fumbled about for a moment with the change of subject trying to think of something, "Well you have been making yourself jewellery lately... maybe you could sell some of that too?"

    "You think anyone would want to buy it?" Justine held up to examine the necklace she was wearing. "It's worth a shot."

    Sammy looked over as the drunk man continued to act out, "And I could try to look around for places that need backup bouncers for the week." He turned to the barkeep, "He giving you trouble mister?"

    The bartender turned around, "Well I'm a miss but yeah, this guy is giving me a hard time." The masculine bartender turned back to the drunken customer, "Hey buddy, I told you no more. Then I told you to shut up. Now I'm telling you to get out." The customer instead picked up a bottle and threw it at the bartender, though missing by a mile. The bartender turned back to Sammy, "Yeah, here's your training. Get him out and you gotta job."

    Sammy saluted the woman with a wink and walked over to the large man, "The woman kindly asked you to leave, so if you all would do us a favour and just sleep it off that would be great." He pointed at the man who was about to attack him and simply said, "Som" causing the man to collapse into sleep. He then proceeded to grab the man under the arms and drag him out of the building easily enough before returning and dusting his hands off.

    "Good job. You're hired." The bartender clapped lightly. "You start tonight. Get to work." Justine looked at Sammy speechless. "...How...How do you always get jobs so fast?" She shook her head in disbelief.

    Sammy shrugged with a playful nonchalance, "It's a skill." He shook hands with the barkeep and he and Justine wandered back out towards the beach again stepping over the sleeping drunk on their way.

    "Should we do something about him?" Justine asked, though not in a particularly concerned tone.

    "Nah," he said as they strolled along. "Hey... is that..." He gestured towards Desoto in a questioning tone.

    "The guy from the tournament. He and his friends killed Miguel." Justine finished Sammy's sentence. She approached the harpy, "I take it from your expression you don't remember me. Then again I don't think we ever met. I know you as part of Miguel's assassination team. My name is Justine and this is Sammy."

    Sammy stuck out his hand to shake, "Pleasure."

    "Umm, hello..." Desoto racked his brain for a Justine or Sammy, wondering if he had seen their faces before and if so, where… his mind came to the tournament as he shook Sammy's hand. "Hi… umm, can I help you with anything?"

    Sammy laughed amicably, "Nah not really. We were just enjoying the city and noticed a familiar face. How's life been treating you?"

    "......." Desoto stared blankly at the question, wanting to scream in a mixture of agony, fear, anger, and hilarity. "Fine," he stated blankly. The question served to break Desoto somewhat as he nearly broke down on the street. Recovering himself, he addressed the two much more harshly. "You're Necrotian, yeah? Where from?"

    "Nowhere in particular," Sammy shrugged noticing his change in demeanour. "I've travelled most of my life."

    Desoto strained, "Traveled eh? Vulcan Enforcement Team?"

    "Psh, no. I've actually been avoiding the government most of that time. Didn’t have a job until recently," he said as an explanation. "Justine and I joined D'nofrio so that I would be considered employed, but we’d still be able to travel. Been a lot more laid back since then."

    "D'onofrio..." Desoto mumbled. "Come with me..." He spoke before turning. He took out his notepad and wrote on it, assuring that the Common-Tongue would translate the words for them. "There's something you both should hear. I can't have Vulcan knowing. Keep quiet, my associate and I are bugged…" He indicated to Judy.

    Sammy raised his eyebrows and nodded in understanding before launching into a story about their attempt to surf. Justine nodded silently as well, and added her own input to the surfing story as Sammy retold it.

    -Rena and Lundy-

    Lundy and Ramona rode silently in the train headed to Gail. The trip was long and after some time Ramona rested against his shoulder and fell asleep. Lundy, however, couldn't clear his mind enough to rest. His thoughts drifted to Rena, he wondered if she was headed to Gail. He closed his eyes in concentration, 'Rena? Are you there?'

    Rena was jarred out of the silence by the phrase. Voice... that voice... NO... not again... NO! She shook herself, ‘GO away, leave me alone leave me alone leave me alone alone go leave help away go alone leave Lundy away make it stop you make it come back go away....’ she continued to mutter desperately.

    Lundy sat dumbstruck for a moment, not only had she responded back, but it made no sense, 'What? Rena, I don't understand. What's going on? Where are you?'

    ‘No, no nonononononONONONOOONOOONOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rena clawed at her face, "Not aga-‘ Her thoughts were cut off as the memories came again and she let out a blood curdling shriek. The memories over-flowed through the connection as Rena tried to force someone else to feel the pain, Lundy being the unlucky recipient.

    -Lundy through Rena’s Eyes-

    ‘Where am I? Who is that?’
    Hiding in a cabinet. There’s someone out there. Why do I feel so afraid?
    “You can’t have her. Just because he trained her doesn’t mean…”
    She is struck. Can’t breathe. Can’t move. I can’t do anything.
    “You can’t stop me hag. Ricky needs replacement and you’re in our debt up to your eyeballs from helping her out anyway. Taking her off your hands would be like a blessing from God.”
    “NO! Please there must be some other way, not poor little Rena, she’s just a child.”
    She is beaten to the ground. I want to help. I can’t move. I feel sick. Trapped.
    “This is your last chance old woman, I’ve been warning you for weeks now. Either pay up or tell me where the f***ing girl is. If you don’t this bullet is going through your head. Understand?”
    “I don’t have the money and I refuse to give her to you.” The old woman said shakily, “Forgive me for not being a better protector than this.”
    “Who the hell you asking about forgiveness old b****? God? He isn’t here now. I am. This was just your last opportunity repay us and live. The repayment isn’t optional, the living is,” he grabs a chunk of her hair and shakes her. “Did I manage to get through to you this time you f***ing *****?” She is sobbing now and he throws her to the floor, “After all, we don’t need a worthless old woman’s help to find her anyway.”
    She gasps, “No.”
    A sound echoes loudly and it takes a moment for comprehension to set in. Gunshot.
    Blood and brains are splattered across the room. I don’t want to look. Who- What- I don’t- HELP. Questions. So many questions… I… I…
    He continues in a conversational tone, “Don’t worry about little Rena, we’ll raise her right. She’ll probably even be better than her Uncle when we’re done with her. If she isn’t,” he shrugged, “well we can just sell her off then.” The murderer casually leaves. Rena? What does he want with you? Who is he? Why? How could anyone…Realize. Head hurts. Head f***ing hurts! The blood disperses across the floor, leaving a lake of red trapping me in the cabinet. Scream. Can’t. Move. Can’t. It starts again? Not again…please.

    As the scene replayed, Lundy tried to focus on Rena again. ‘Rena! Talk to me! Please answer me!’

    ‘NO!’ She cried out, her mental voice sounding hoarse, ‘NO! YOU BRING IT BACK I DON'T WANT TO REMEMBER. Go away why won't you LEAVE?! So much pain, make it stop make it stop help make it stop stop it go away!’ In the background the memory continued on, warping and turning more nightmarish as it continued to repeat and just before the giant CRACK echoed through her psyche once again she slammed Lundy out of her mind. Within seconds she was drifting again in the warm blackness, eyes blank and staring.

    "RENA WAIT!" Lundy yelled desperately in a futile attempt to reason with her. He was suddenly back in the train. He realized he had said this out loud, as passengers were staring at him and he had woken Ramona. "What?" Ramona gave him a weird look. Lundy said nothing, he couldn't look at her. He didn't even know how to explain what happened. He stared out the window, unmoving. He felt exhausted, emotionally and physically, he couldn't cry he felt so completely helpless. 'Rena...I'm sorry.'

    A few hours later the train arrived at its destination. The two soon after met up with Desoto and Judy.
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    Desoto led his new party to the train station, and saw quite a crowd gathered before him. He saw a computer/projector terminal and directed the others toward it where he sat down and began typing, projecting the words onto the overhead as they all sat in a vacant office of the train station.

    'Thanks for showing up everyone. I've called you all here today to discuss something I believe is happening right now in Necros. Vera Lance has returned in some form or fashion and her droids are working to wreak havoc again in the world of Necros. I've discovered plenty of things over these past months to help confirm this. Creviston Dharma also believes me, and I think some of us humans have encountered strange things over the last few months to help confirm it even more. I recently ventured to Archimede and came to the Life-Bridge. Two of the droids were there, Trinity and Umbriel. They're planning something and I think Vulcan is complacent in all of this. Judy, I remember you mentioned before that you were arrested for a time. Can you recount who you ran into along your journey?'

    Desoto waited for the Comeri to type out her message, wondering if anyone had any questions so far.
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    Judy finished reading, nodding silently. She reached for the keyboard.

    'I actually talked to Vera. During one of my first explorations of the Spirit World, she pulled me into her own space. Apparently that isn't a very common occurrence, but it really happened. It was strange. I though she was going to try to kill me, but she was trying to warn me about her own droids coming back. If I remember correctly, they were programmed based on her general mental state in the last few days of her life. She committed suicide, and without knowing much about the science, I'd think robots operating under that kind of impulse would be pretty dangerous. Personally, I trust her. Why would she warn people if she was really still plotting to kill them? Plus, when I went to warn Dharma, I got arrested at the command of one of the droids, who they had been using to predict crimes. Since I didn't end up murdering Dharma, it means the droid was lying for the first time ever, which makes me think Vera is leading me in the right direction.'

    Judy stepped back from the screen. She looked back to Desoto, to see if he'd ask about anything else.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    'I don't know what the actual spirit of Vera said to you, and I don't think it matters for what my hypothesis is. I don't think Umbriel saw you at all, or rather she saw you in prison based on an action her sisters had taken. I remember you mentioned that you went to Mernilik at one point with the other Comeri. Were there any people from Vulcan there?'

    Desoto looked urgent, he needed to know this to try to connect the dots he had laid in his mind.
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    Judy gave a soft "Oh!" before moving back in.

    'I had forgotten. We had to go through Dyaus, and I almost got held up by the Paledonians. There was something definitely off with them, like they weren't getting any sleep.' She paused for a second. 'Charysadol? One of them mentioned she was gone, and that was bad for some reason. I don't remember any more about that. But I definitely remember Daria Charmagga being there. I don't think I'd be here if she hadn't saved me, but I have no idea why she was there to begin with.'
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    'Daria's a Vulcan official that's taken up residence in Dyaus. More importantly though, she's a Decamist. My suspicion is that Vera Lance did not just create five droids, but invented ten, one of each of her metaphysical droid races.'

    Desoto wrote up a list on the board.

    'Umbriel Sempra - Unicirc
    Diana Therese - Duopusher
    Trinity Pendergast - Triburner
    ??? - Quatrafier
    Pearl Lance - Pentahopper
    ??? - Hexagunner
    ??? - Hectagater
    October Pendergast - Octobender
    ??? - Nonamover
    Daria Charmagga - Decamist'

    'I have a few suspicions about who those remaining spots might be. I think the Hectagater may have been a person I knew named Hildegarde Delfina. She's dead now, killed by Dharma, possibly she completed her objective and died on her own. I'm not sure. However, if she was in fact a Hectagater of Vera Lances', then her goals that she mentioned to me -- wanting to extend a portal to Earth, match up with the goals that Umbriel and Trinity told me when I encountered them in Archimede.'
    Desoto's eyes were manic.

    'I looked into Vera Lance's files over time. She seems to have been heavily involved in the mechanization of Vulcan. I think it's safe to say after what I've heard that Vera's droids are in control of Vulcan from behind the scenes, and that Daria Charmagga is their face.'
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    Damien stood by in the back of the group like he usually did. Why did everything always come to this? Seemed like every week some brand new threat came along bent on killing at least one of them. "Cripes it's like a bad fu**ing tv drama," he groaned to himself as Desoto and Judy carried on their conversation. Everything they said sounded completely ridiculous to him. Droids built by some dead woman taking over the planet? How much more ridiculous could this planet get? After a few more minutes of grinding his teeth, Damien made his way up to the keyboard, pushing Desoto and Judy out of the way in the process.

    Stop. Stop. Stop. Just fu**ing stop. What the fu** does any of this have to do with us? Droids? Vera? Who gives a fu**!? What the hell are we supposed to do about it? And don't you dare say some bullsh** like 'We're going to put a stop to them and their evil ways.' No, fu** you. For once in your LITERALLY god-forsaken life use that peanut sized head of yours and think! What good is any of this crap doing us!? You may want to keep playing hero like we've been doing ever since we got to this sh**hole but I think you're fu**ing retarded.

    Let's think for a moment. If these droids are even close to as strong as you say they are: what fu**ing good are we? Sure we can go alert some higher authorities or some sh** like that but what can we actually do!? I say we let the Necrotians handle their own da** problems for a change instead of acting like some group of alien superheroes.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    Desoto stared intently at Damien as he typed out his questions and censored his own curse words. He had been hoping this objection wouldn't come up, and he quickly concocted an excuse that would not end up divulging the entirety of the reasons they had to fight.

    ' It's not a matter of stopping evil. It's a matter of survival. If these droids get back up to full power, they intend to kill every one and everything. Not just here, not just on Earth, but on every single world and plane that exists. You're right, we're not powerful enough to combat people like Umbriel, but we do have powerful allies. There is one thing we can do personally, Damien. We try to establish as many connections with Necrotians as possible and get them ready. They managed to subdue the droids last time. I think if they had some pre-emptive warning, we could stop them. Second of all is this, we surround ourselves with other people. I have a theory and in all likelihood the droids are after us directly, Damien. They want to destroy all life, but you and me.. and the rest of the members of VET 70, they want to make us suffer personally. I found this out in one of the tapes...Vera spoke directly to Ramona and I on the tape, and it turned out to be a bomb as well. The woman has it in for us, and if my theory is correct, then everything that's been trying to kill us here can be linked back to her. She ordered Acacia's execution through her own ties to Vulcan, she orchestrated the Inaugural Tournament and Miguel's presidency, and now she's planning to bring back her droids to kill us. All from beyond the grave. She was able to do this because she effectively gained a degree of omniscience before she died, and this led to her killing herself after she set this whole chain of events into motion.'
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
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    'I don't believe it. You actually thought something out for a fu**ing change.' Damien paused in mid-typing as if trying to calculate where to proceed from here. 'Fine. I'm in. But if we're going to do this we're going to take some fu**ing precautions. I'm fine with expanding our connections. Hell I even agree with you that that's our best possible course of action. But if we do that, then that target on all of our backs is going to get a whole lot fu**ing bigger. Therefore, I say we vanish. I mean completely off the radar. No phones, no current identification, nothing. Also, we've got to do something about this fu**ing pixie dust.' Damien was still oblivious to the fact that none of them had even been pixie dusted to begin with. 'I'm going to make one last call to Zamiel. With any luck he'll be able to set us up with new IDs. Also,...' he paused again. 'We should all consider splicing again. The more about us we change the less we're likely to be tracked.'
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    Desoto was personally fine with splicing, though he did not feel everyone had to.

    ' There's a problem. We do have several forms of identification which still follow us. Our bio-files which Emilie has, and the bugs in each of us... except you, I think, Damien... also.. none of us are pixie-dusted. I think Emilie was pulling your leg.'
    Desoto turned to the other Necrotians in the room who had not been members of VET 70.

    ' None of what we're saying really applies to you all. I agree with Damien that it might be best for us to go into hiding. I just want you all to be prepared and to alert as many people as possible.. keep it secret though, word can't get out to Vulcan that this is a common belief going around. Damien, as for our files; I'm thinking I could barter with Emilie for them. We might also be able to get one of Cyrano's connections to remove the bugs.'
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
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    A very familiar vein popped up from the side of Damien's skull though at this point it was hardly noticeable as his skin had practically molded into that form permanently. "You mean to tell me I could have skipped coming here altogether....." he thought to himself before moving to type once more.

    'Fine, you go fu** Emilie for our forms. Also, don't be stupid. Even if they weren't with VET 70 they're getting a name change, period. How long do you think it would take Vulcan to notice we're gone and start looking for people we know? Not very fu**ing long.' Damien stopped typing for a moment before observing the group more closely. 'Someone get that fu**ing brat Lilith or Rena or whatever her fu**ing name is today here. I don't care what happens to her but let's face it, you fu**ers do and I'll be da**ed if I'm going to get dragged into some hostage situation for you people.'
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    ' Fat chance of that happening.' Desoto responded to Damien. 'Lilith's apparently refused all contact, and we can't just waltz into the Untamed. Everest and K2 are the only people who can normally go there and neither of them are here in Gail. The best chance we have of getting her out is one of those Crawlers Emilie used to get us for the tournament, and I'd rather not involve her in this plan. That being said though, I do not intend to obtain our files that way. I'm suggesting we go and infiltrate Vulcan. I remember when I worked for them I noticed something unusual, the actual Official Island is mostly populated by filing droids. Here's my full idea: we find a tree and get Cyrano to find us someone who can get the bugs out today. Next, we find a boat and either borrow or take it and head to Vulcan. We're still members of a VET, so we can get in without full authorization needed. We infiltrate the islands and find our files' burn them and then escape to change our names... hell, we could even do that there since that's where it'd legally done anyways. If there's anyone there to stop us... we either convert them or kill them. What do you all think?'

    Desoto was anxious, he had changed a good deal and was now ready to charge headlong into this kind of plan. He had begun to learn that all of their plans ended up being screwed over by the appearance of some greater being, so he decided this time that he would just charge in at least in part anticipating opposition.
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    'Assuming your plan works, and Vulcan conveniently happens to not have backup files of us and we somehow successfully evade their radar, who do you suggest we recruit to stop the droids? The Paledonians? They're some of the few that could stand up to Vera's droids and from what I remember they aren't too fond of us. Do you think they can be reasoned with? We should probably alert the Dream King of all this. Also, perhaps we can find the combatants from the tournament as well as Everest and the others from D'nofrio.'

    Ramona typed quickly, attempting to recall people they've encountered to mind. She looked expectantly at the others for feedback.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    ' All of those are good choices. I personally give my vote to D'onofrio over the Paledonians, but if they come to us, then we won't turn them away, I'd say. Zamiel might be a good place to start on the path to gaining their favor. I don't think it'd be wise to suggest Everest change his name, since he's something of an important political figure. I've already curried some favor with Creviston Dharma, and I'd say he'd be a useful financial ally. There's Nuremberg and the crew of The Ferryman... also, there's the old VET 70 who we ran into when we went down to Sheol last time. As for the backup files, those don't really matter that much because the only files that have the ability to continue tracking us are the Originals. We need to destroy those; if we do that, it doesn't matter how many backup files Vulcan has.'

    Desoto was enjoying the enthusiasm the group was showing, it was a nice change of pace from their usual malaise and cynicism.
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    'I think we should get all the help we can. Let's get Nuremberg and D'onofrio, especially since Everest would know how to find Rena. Or Lilith I mean. Maybe we can get Terry to talk to the Paledonians since he wasn't with us at the time. Or even these guys here.' Lundy indicated to Sammy and Justine. He continued typing. 'I'll try to get Charlie to help, he's an Isra I met a while back. Anyone else know anyone? And when are we going to do all this?'

    Lundy stepped back from the prompter to let Desoto or someone else respond.
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    'Now.' The Harpy stood ready to go. "Are you all going to come or not?" He asked aloud.
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    'The rabbit that hasn't been dissected yet would have too hard of a time convincing the Paledonians to meet with him. Leave them to me. The chiefs may hate my guts almost as much as I hate theirs but Zamiel is my contractor. If they'll listen to anyone it's him.' Damien left the message typed up on the screen for a moment before deleting it from view. "You're not fu**ing waiting for me," he groaned in his usual tone. "Brat without an identity crisis," he said referencing Lundy, "Remind me to call Zamiel later. I need to take care of some business in Lumina once this bullsh** reunion is over and he's the quickest way for me to get there."
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    "Yeah, let's go." Lundy responded to Desoto. Ramona nodded, prepared to leave.
    "We're ready." Justine answered for both herself and Sammy.
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    Desoto left the train station to find that nothing had really changed since they had entered. He walked with constant vigilance paid to his surroundings, just in case someone from Vulcan would appear to stop them. Eventually, the group reached the beach, where Desoto walked to a palm tree. "Cyrano, come out.." He said as he tapped lightly on the tree. Within a minute, the Naga emerged, looking exhausted.

    "Oh man, feelssssss good to be out of that ccccccccccccccity." Cyrano uttered his usual hissing voice. "Oh yessssss, Desssoto McClellan, what can I do for you?"

    "I want to find a surgeon who is good at removing implants, can you recommend anyone?" Desoto rang his question.

    "Of courssssse. Mssss. Tribalda Vectorschatz, an old friend of mine from Tuca is well-versssssed in the removal of common-tonguessss and other robotic implementsssss. Issss that all?" The Naga inquired, sitting down beside the tree as if to relax.

    "Yeah. What's wrong with you?" Desoto wondered.

    "I'm not sure. Dyaussss reccccently hassss been a placcce where it'ssss hard to get to sssssleep. Nightmaresssss every night for everyone. The Paledoniansssss are denying that there isssss a problem. It'sssss really getting out of hand.. everyone lookssssss exhaussssted and haggard. I think I'll sssstay here in Gail for ssssssome time off." Cyrano muttered quietly as he began to nod off there under the tree.

    Desoto looked to the others. "All right guys, let's go. Next up we need a boat. Harbor. Now." He walked in even more of a hurry. If Emilie were listening in it would become apparent soon that they were attempting to flee.
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    As Daniel followed Desoto, a figure snuck up behind him and whispered "Trying to ditch me, eh?"

    Daniel jumped and turned around to see Coenolf grinning. He took a few seconds to recover before asking the banshee, "I assume you got a bite?"

    "Sure did!" Coenolf smiled. "Now, let's get going. You seem like you're in a hurry."
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    Running through the streets of Gail, Desoto navigated his way toward the boats in the cities wharfs. Making his way to a boat emblazoned with the Vulcan 'V', Desoto motioned to the others to board. "No better way than to go in on one of their own boats, I guess... We go to Tuca first, and then to the main place, whadda you say?" He asked everyone who had followed him to this point.
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    Terry raised his hand to speak, but the words just wouldn't come. With news such as they were likely a select few humans left, the Jackanape found himself blindsided by all the goings-on. Though he was prepared to provide all he could to the party, Jackanape just found himself on a kind of auto-pilot, acting on instinct and ambitions. Astrid, seeing her friend at a loss for words stepped forward, brandishing a large chalkboard and chalk from her bag.

    Please don't use our names, for now. With us natives in tow, provided everything goes well, do you expect us to escape as well with you as well? Also, I just wanted to say, speaking for Arthur and myself, I don't want to think those droids have returned. However, this is such a daring event you have our support! Going back to the boats, sure. They shouldn't expect anything from their own boats over a unknown one, right? Thing is, is there going to be one of those procedural thingies we have to worry about? You know, checkpoints, guards, the whole nine-iron?"

    As Astrid finished writing, Terry sighed at her misplaced colloquialisms, but it gave him a much needed smile.
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    Damien immediately seized the chalk board from the demonic woman, erasing her message before beginning his own. 'Maybe you weren't paying attention earlier because you were too busy knitting or some bullsh** but yes you're coming with us. That's non-negotiable. When Vulcan can't find us because our records are missing, the first thing they're going to look for is our acquaintances. That means you. Like it or not, you're getting your identities changed along with the rest of us. Speaking of acquaintances, do you have a way of contacting Carmina, rabbit?' He glanced up at Terry waiting for some visual response so as to avoid waiting for him to write out a message. 'We need to utilize her as soon as possible and then remove her from Vulcan's records.'
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    After Damien's ritualistic interruption, Terry found his mood soured once again. Seeing the state of their new-found writing instrument, Terry decided to improvise a reply. He pulled out a small pouch, and held it to his ear like a phone.

    "Hello? Oh, Omen! Its great to he-... ok... well yeah.... ouch, your screaming is giving me a migraine." said Terry, hoping the party would take his hints. "Why yes, I can contact that alluring gypsy you fancy. Unfortunately, she hasn't been returning my calls as of late. Its almost as if she doesn't... well, I won't say that. I know she is fine, and hopefully just as piqued in you as you are in her." chuckled Terry, marveling at his improv.

    "Oh, and one more thing! In regards to Caster and Pollux, and the others like them, we need them desperately. I assure you, Pollux knew the stakes of our engagement from the beginning. Afterall, they have been doing this for much longer then you or I. Simply reiterating for those who didn't, we know how your OCD flairs up this time of year. .... Wow wow, please slow down, you'll give yourself an ulcer. But, please think of what a inconvience this causes for them. Peaceweek does take a toll on us all." the Jakanape paused, satisfied that he got he and his acquaintances squared away.

    "Well, I must get to contacting her. ... Yes, I will be sure to let you her know you said hello. Good day to you." remarked the Jackanape, putting away his phone. He then prepared to contact Carmina Orff, wondering if he will actually reach her.
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    A breeze blew past Desoto as he stopped at the boat. Judy leaned over the railing, looking down at the stragglers. "Tuca sounds great, fearless leader. How do you get this thing started up? I don't want to waste any time." As Desoto had outlined his plan, Judy had quickly agreed on all accounts. She had been considering possible contacts, and none of her ideas satisfied her completely. She wasn't sure if the comeri would respond to the threat of the droids, and she was positive the paledonians wouldn't be helping for her sake. She decided her best option was to send a message to Matron Raisegha: Judy wasn't very comfortable with the thought, but the fate of the world was a big enough deal that she could swallow her pride and talk to her excommunicated tutor.
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    Terry's call did not work, and Carmina did not answer the phone on the other end. The Pixy was taking a long bath and would not let anything interrupt her.

    Desoto was already aboard the ship and pulling it out of the harbor when everyone got aboard. In a matter of fifteen minutes, he had pulled out of the Gail wharf and began heading Northeast toward Lumina, and Tuca in particular. He wanted to make sure people were quiet during the several hour boat ride, so he shut himself away while he waited for the boat to come closer to the port town.

    Emilie, who had made her way into the streets and was sitting outside of a theater in a sleeping bag. The theater was a small place that was mostly neglected by other members of the city, but still Emilie and her friends Artemis Vandort, Gemini dia Elf, and Megumi Hemaskas all sat in anticipation at the door.


    "I can't believe Graye-sama didn't show up!!!!" Megumi cried.

    "I CaN't BelIE:satellite:ve YOu dwpoep;le decided to follow meeeee!!!! :panda:" Emilie exacerbated.

    "HOMELESS CRACK ROCK JUNKIE APPLES!!!" Elf dkjsbf'stubs'dg.

    It was the premiere of their friend Kamille's first big play to be performed in a public theater, and though it was a shady theater, it was still an accomplishment in their eyes. Even though Jessabelle could not be there to celebrate with them, Megumi had constructed a paper-bag puppet which Elf wore on her head to represent their fallen friend. It just so happened though, that Artemis looked at the abysmal puppet and began to sob.

    "JESSABELLE!!!!" She bawled. "EVERY TIME I SEE YOUR FACE I CRY!!! WHY'D YOU HAVE TO GO!?!?!" She annoyed the passers-by.

    Megumi sobbed silently and slammed her head against the wall of the building in frustraion.

    Emilie had a seizure on the ground before briefly waking up and punching Artemis, only to jump through the glass window of the abandoned building next door and walk out while humming "Rock the Casbah" and punching a likeness of Samuel Gompers.

    Elf simply ate the bag and died.

    They all cried and it was the best Halloween ever.
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    "Oh, more boating. Yay," Coenolf said with little enthusiasm. "Where are we going, anyway?"

    "To Tuca," replied Daniel. "We're getting a doctor's appointment," he said.

    The banshee squinted at Daniel for a little bit before it suddenly dawned on him what his partner meant. "Oh! Well, let's not waist any time. By the way, I'll let you guys relax a bit before we do introductions."
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    The boat departed and within hours the party arrived in Tuca. Desoto looked with a slight sense of horror on the place as it reminded him of when they first agreed to become members of VET 70. Back then both Alexander and Kiyoshi were alive, and so was Nick. George was still with them and they had just met the now much different Rena and Lundy. Judy had changed greatly as well as Daniel, and Desoto himself had changed greatly, he surmised as he stepped off of the boat and made his way into town. He entered the same restaurant that over a year ago he stood in and had the locals cleared out by Vulcan officials. He did not receive any glaring disapproval this time and as he marched up to the barmaid he felt himself smile.

    "I'm looking for Tribalda Vectorschatz." He proclaimed confidently.

    "Over there." The bartender pointed to the hospital that could be seen from the windows of the restaurant. Desoto recognized it as the hospital he had been taken to after falling unconscious in the fight with Kyriel. He entered and asked for the surgeon once again from the clerk, and was shortly redirected to her. Upon stating his business and ushering in his comrades, the doctor took a quick look at them and began a routine set of questions to establish the specifications of their bugs. She learned that the only complication was that two people who had bugs in them were not present: George and Rena. Vectorschatz assured them it would not be a problem and asked that they all prepare for surgery.

    The process was fairly simple and the bug was removed in just over four hours. It was night now in Tuca, and Desoto looked to the doctor groggily before standing up on weak legs. "Anyone have business... in Lumina before we move on?" He addressed the group as a whole.

    ((100 pages! WOOO!!!))
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