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DemiKids: Light Version

NyxNyx Staff Girly GirlRPGamer Staff
edited March 2010 in Staff Review Blogs
Now that my affair with Lunar is over I thought I'd get in some practice on doing some more reviews for the site. Going through our records of games I noticed we didn't actually have a staff review for DemiKids. Considering it was a game I picked up sometime last year on the cheap, I thought I'd give it a whirl and do a review for the game.

Now I've only recently in the last year or so have gotten heavily into SMT. After my brutal experience with Revelations: Persona, I had decided the series was worth avoiding. How silly was I to realize that Persona was just a spin-off and that the franchise had more than one spin-off to be exact. Since 2008, I've collected almost every SMT game I could find that has come out in English, which leads me to DemiKids - SMT's answer to Pokeymans.

There are two versions of this game: Light and Dark. Oddly when I bought my copy over at A&C Games (aka, my favourite game store ever here in Toronto), I noticed there was a big difference in price between the versions. I had bought the Light version for $10 bucks, while I noticed that the Dark version was $15. I'm wondering if the price difference had to do with the fact that the Dark version was a rarity, though I've heard that the dialog greatly differs depending on which version you played. Anyone know that for sure?

Well, let's get started.

03/03/10 - 1 hour, 27 minutes

I've officially played about an hour and a half of this game, and I don't have a lot to say yet about it in terms of story. The gameplay feels a bit dull, but I like the dialog the demons have with each other during recruitment, and the little smiley or angry faces they make depending on how successful your negotiation was.

The story seems pretty silly so far. It's like "OH NOES, we found a demon book in our school library! Ahhhhh! The demons have been summoned! Oh wait, there's a portal on the roof!" Really, it's not a bad silly or anything, it's just kinda random.

I really don't like the menu interface at all. I'm noticing it's very cramped and clunky, and why don't my demons level? I keep leveling/grinding, but I'm not noticing much of an improvement unless of course the demons don't level because you need to sacrifice them to make better demons. Hmmm... I guess we'll see when I get a bit further. Right now I'm just doing a lot of grinding outside the Time Tower so I can prepare. The monster are actually challenging, which is okay. I just like grinding a bit before I start anything, and with SMT - grinding is never a bad idea.

Anywho, these are my initial thoughts. More soon.

Also, one last question to anyone who's played DemiKids, but long or short is this game?

EDIT: ALSO ALSO ALSO. I HATE that when I accidentally press B that Rand will say "Hey! Let's chat!" and me going "NO!" I suppose it's from all the years I've played games, but B was always the run button, not A! Silly, DemiKids!

03/10/10 - 5 hours

Long time no update! Sorry about that guys, but I've been busy, though in free moments I have been playing this and Ace Attorney Investigations. Let's talk more DemiKids, shall we?

I have finally made it to Hydraville and am on my way to get the Limbo Key. The plot in this game is still pretty paper thin, as there's still not enough going on to really care about the characters or their situation. I really don't like a lot of the characters.

Also I still hate this game's menu. I hate it beyond words. There is no reason to have this cumbersome of a menu where you have to click, and click and click until you find what it is you need.

I've at least recruited a few more demons, though Rand's HP is still pathetically low compared to the stuff I've recruited. I sort of dislike that because he's the guide character that he has to be in your party at all times, but it doesn't help that his HP is 68, when my two other demons I use at the same time are about over 130 each. I'm wondering why it seems a bit unbalanced.

Pretty much all I've done is a few plot points and a lot of grinding. Laksmi in this game hits pretty damn hard - so hard in fact that she's sent me back to the town to revive my demons on numerous occasions. I'm not sure if the difficultly feels moderate or unbalanced. Half the time when I think about it, I keep learning towards unbalanced because sometimes I have no trouble killing the demons off, and in other cases I get whooped pretty darn hard.

Right now I'm still unsure about how I feel in regards to this game. It's not bad, but it's not great. Hopefully, I'll finish soon. smile.gif

03/21/10 - 7 hours

Hey guys, I am still working my through this game. It's just Yakuza 3 is trying to take over my life when I have the free moment to play it.

Anyway, I'm back in my world (Rem) and looking for Time Rifts to close. I'm sort of disliking the encounter rate in this game, as it's simply way too inconsistent. Checking a faq out of curiosity, my levels are seven higher than what the faqs are recommending based on where I currently am. This is a sign, no more encounters. Gaaah.

The story is still really bad. I don't really care what's happening, and the characters are just too flat to care about.

Rand did finally evolve though. I finally figured out how to upgrade his HP/MP, though I wasn't sure WHY it wasn't obvious to be before. That being said, even though I've recruited a lot of monsters, I'm barely using a lot of the newly ones I've required. Instead I keep using the monsters I've gotten from doing the Demonology Quiz. I'm kinda weirded out that the physical attacks are a lot more powerful than any of the skills or magic abilities.

More soon. I want to finish this as soon as I can.

03/27/10 - 15 hours - Completed

Okay, sorry for the long gaps in between updates. Yakuza 3 has been a bit of a priority for me over this game, and wow, I'm glad I didn't have to be the reviewer for this game years ago. Yeesh.

DemiKids is finally completed, and it really shouldn't have had the SMT license attached to it. This is a game that didn't know if it wanted to be Pokemon or Shin Megami Tensei, and it's a game with an identity crisis. Fact is, even if it were attempting to not be either of those things, it's still not a well put together game by any means.

I think what saddens me more is that nothing stands out as above average in this game. The music's bland, the story is a joke, and the characters are very flat providing them with almost no personality to speak of. The battle system is the only think that I'd deem "ok" if it were for the fact that it's tedious, slow, and downright boring. I feel like this game brought out my inner rage-aholic towards the last few hours.

The truth is that I wanted to like this game, and it's hard to find anything remotely good about it.

Anyway, this will be the last entry in this blog. The review will likely be in the next POV column, though as you can see, I don't think I'll be writing DemiKids as sunshine and rainbows. If you still want to comment to this blog, feel free until the review is posted. Thanks for reading!


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