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Moving Advice Requested

flamethrowerflamethrower MemberFull Members
edited May 2010 in General Help & Advice
I have heard on the news (probably because it makes a good story) of moving companies picking up someone's belongings and basically ransoming it for thousands of dollars.

I am not transporting anything valuable this time. I have had something stolen from me in a move in the past (a PSP system, it's small and easy to steal - though the value of a PSP system is not huge, it's easy to replace). How do you tell from an independent source the reputation of a moving company?


  • StormofSwordsStormofSwords Crazed Bullet Miser Full Members
    edited May 2010
    I really don't know...If you lived in my area(Around Murfreesboro, TN)I'd recommend finding a street wise red neck, preferably one who works in house-to-house maintenance,(Like my former employer)and ask him. My best guess what he'd say, just based off prior experience? "Just hire yourself a damn trailer and do it yourself."

    Ah, yes. He always did have a way with words...If you're not doing it yourself, which I assume you're not, because you're most likely not 6'2 tall and 220 pounds of furious red neck muscle, I'd suggest just keeping your small, valuable items with you and only letting the packers have items that are easier to prove missing, like huge pieces of furniture or big TV's. I really doubt that most moving companies make a habit of lifting large, valuable items like it says on the News...Word of mouth would destroy them. A PSP, maybe, because it's so easy to get away with, but not much more.

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  • TGBarighmTGBarighm Member Full Members
    edited May 2010
    There are moving companies out there that allow you to buy insurance to protect your goods. Even if you don't buy the insurance, any moving company that offers it obviously cares more about your stuff than a few guys with a truck.

    But yeah, just keep the more valuable, easy to swipe stuff to yourself.
  • Confessor RahlConfessor Rahl Member Full Members
    edited May 2010
    Just hire a huge U-Haul, suck it up, and move yourself. I have only heard bad mojo about moving companies. Moving sucks, but we all do it. That's my bit of advice.
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  • RainaRaina Member Full Members
    edited May 2010
    I've done the uhaul stuff and it can be a pain in the rear, even more so with crossing into a new state. It is doable. Another thing you can try is Angieslist.com There are a lot of customer reviews about moving companies and it's all about local, so you just put in your zipcode and it will take you from there. We used them before for a contracting job and they are a godsend.
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