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Team Status: One Player welcome!

Reference Sheets:



Affilitation: Independent

Support: Lawyer

Misc: Super Computer, Windfall
WHITE DRAGON, aka. Tom Drummond (Acathala)

Appearance: Black Ninja suit with a small white Dragon on the shoulders.

HP: 8 MOVE: 12 ft/sec. LOAD: Light

MODIFIERS: +Unarmed Attacks, +First Attacks, +Reflexes, Can Dodge Attacks on 1, Can Dodge AoE's,
+1 Damage with Natural Wpns, +1 Damage Unarmed on 3, ++Factor on Dodge, +Will,
+Tough, Jumpkicks are Crits.

DEFINING TRAITS: 8 General, 1 Superhero


CASH: $9,517,370

ARMS: Air Rifle, 12 darts (120ft.rng)

GADGETS: Nightvision Goggles, Gas Mask, HyperPlasma Cutter (90%)

GEAR: Toolbelt, Rifle Strap, Lockpit Set, Rope, Cellphone, First Aid Kit x3, Morphine

ASSETS: Drummond Manor, Motorbike, Armored SUV, A Ton of Advanced Batteries

AFFILIATIONS: League of Extraordinary Crimefighters (Disliked), Homeland Defense (Disliked),
Local Police (Disliked), Unregistered Superheroes (Liked), Villains (Known)

L.A.L.A (Enyo)

Appearance: Technically an AI, but inhabits a robotic body that looks like a young girl

HP: 7 MOVE: 10 ft/sec. LOAD: Light

MODIFIERS: +Computer Checks on 1, +Chemistry Checks, +Repair Checks on 1, +Electronics Checks
Armored, Aura of Good, Bonus HP on Heals, Bonus Damage Vs. Unholy, Shock Res.1,
+Armor vs. Bullets

DEFINING TRAITS: 8 General, 1 Superhero, 1 Bonus, 1 Kryptonite


CASH: $111,760


GADGETS: Shock/Water Resistent Catsuit

MODS: Police Scanner, Satellite Modem and Receiver, Wi-Fi, Integrated Phone

GEAR: Girl's Clothes, Bulletproof Vest, Toolbelt

AFFILIATIONS: League of Extraordinary Crimefighters (Known), Homeland Defense (Admired),
Local Police (Disliked), Unregistered Superheroes (Neutral), Villains (Admired)

JERICHO (Dremmy)

Appearance: His eyes light up whenever he is using his powers. 5'9, 17 yrs. old.

HP: 7 MOVE: 10 ft/sec. LOAD: Light

MODIFIERS: +Persuasion Checks, +Smart Checks, Passive Shield Barrier, +1 Fire Damage,
Armored Vs. Bullets, Double Fire Range and Area

DEFINING TRAITS: 8 General, 1 Superhero

FIRE ABILITIES (Variants: Flare, Moving AoE's)
>ADV. FIRE (Base 2 damage)
>GREATER FIRE (Base 3 damage, As far as you can see, 2 stadiums area)

CASH: $126,440


GADGETS: Eye-piece HUD, Taser Trap

GEAR: Bulletproof Vest, Plain Clothes, Toolbelt, Sneakers, Digital Camera, Watch, Cellphone,
Morphine, Radiation Absorbers, Nausea Breaker, First Aid Kits x2

AFFILIATIONS: League of Extraordinary Crimefighters (Disliked), Homeland Defense (Disliked),
Local Police (Disliked), Unregistered Superheroes (Liked), Villains (Known),
The Future (Hated)


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    Players will introduce themselves by way of their backstory. Tell a brief story of how your character acquired his/her powers, how that character came to be in Champion City, a fictional American city (yes, it's a reference to Mystery Men, sue me), the events around the character's current status, etc. Any kind of opening will do.

    An exception: there is no over-arching plot for this game. Please try to avoid storylines that may take a long time to resolve in-game. Also try to avoid turning your superhero into a wanted felon. Believe me, you don't want the entire city's superheroes chasing after you at character creation.
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    At age 7
    Tom cowered, hiding in the back of the car. His father was outside being murdered by a pair of Triad thugs. Then there was silence. Nervously he peeked out the window. His father was lying on the ground, not moving. Suddeny of the the thugs appeared at the window, grinning in a bloodthirsty way. It looks like he's going to break the window, until a voice calls out "Li Jen Ho, leave the brat, the cops are coming." Li Jen Ho smiles ruefully at Tom. "See you in another life kiddo." Then he is gone. Later Tom's mum takes him away from Scotland, back to her homeland of America, to champion City.

    Ages 10 to 18
    Montage of Tom being trained in various martial arts. He is relentless in his training. He goes from non-skilled to very skilled in a short time. Tom continues to train to keep his edge, as focused a sharp blade.

    Ages 18 to 22
    Reports reach newspaper reporters of a man dressed as an ninja delivering rough justice to criminals. Reports are dismissed as too bizarre, even for Champion City.

    Age 22
    Tom visits his father's grave in Edinburgh. "My father, I know you would disapprove of my actions. You always said that violence never solved anything permantly/ I think though, that I'm making a difference on the streets. I know you would try to stop me going after Li Jen Ho, but he and I cannot live in the same world. I cannot allow your murder go unaswered. All I can ask of you is your forgiveness."
    At another location Li Jen Ho said to his lackey. "How is it one man can stop all my operations? This White Dragon is a myth, it's probably some group of nuts with a hero complex. Put a bullet in their heads!"
    Suddenly one Ninja appeared. "Li Jen Ho, you and I have unfinished business." After an epic fight, The White Dragon is victorious. A bloodied Li Jen Ho, tries to crawl away. begging for mercy. The ninja leans down and whispers to Li Jen Ho. "See you in another life." In flash Li Jen Ho knows who this is, and how it is his fault that this Ninja came after him. Tom's fist comes down and all Li Jen Ho knows is blackness.

    When Li Jen Ho comes too, he is angry for two reasons. He has a thumping headache and he appears to be in a crate. There is voices and suddenly there is light as the crate is opened. "Well it looks like the tip-off is correct. Welcome back to the People's Republic Of China, Li Jen Ho." Li Jen Ho looks and sees policemen, and he knows fear. He was sentenced to death in China, which is why he fled to Scotland. His death, amongst other condemmed criminals is unmourned.

    The White Dragon returns to Champion City.
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    ---- In an ESA laboratory ----

    “System completed power-on self test. Now booting from primary operating system. Status nominal. Primary sensors operational. Air pressure at one-zero-one-three-two-five Pascals. Temperature two-nine-three Kelvin.” L.A.L.A. reported as she was booted by the ESA scientists who were testing her, beginning to ramble off a long list of environmental statistics such as the gravitational constant, humidity and magnetic readings.

    “She works well.” one of the scientists stated

    “Yes she does... it is just too bad about the power issue. She'll never stay operational on another world. Not to mention the huge computational demands of her software.”

    “If we lower the power usage, we lose the autonomous subroutines. That is the whole point of this model.”

    “I know... I still wish we could have sent her to Mars... I suppose North America will have to do then.”

    Just as suddenly as she had been turned on, L.A.L.A. was deactivated once again.

    ---- Later, at DARPA ----

    “I have activated her. She is now analyzing the tactical situation.” a military scientist reported to his superior.

    “How do you know it's a her?”

    “I don't know, Sir.”

    “Then call it by it's name. It does have a name, right?

    “Lightly Armoured Living Artificial Intelligence – L.A.L.A. for short.”

    “Shouldn't that spell L.A.L.A.I. then?”

    ---- Later still, at a DARPA firing range ----

    “NO! Don't!” the soldier next to her shouted as L.A.L.A. moved out of cover and charged straight for the enemy, effectively giving away the units position. Bullets bounced off her nano-tube armour, but unlike L.A.L.A. the human soldiers weren't immune to bullets. Within moments the unit was wiped out.

    “Damned! That's the sixth time in a row that bot has got us killed! Another failed test!” one of the dead soldiers stood up in anger.

    It had just been a simulation – but it still did not bode well for L.A.L.A.

    “If we can't get her to stop playing super-hero, we will have to dismantle her and sell her off.”

    ---- Three months later at ITER in Paris, France ----

    “The robot was originally designed to explore other planets. It was later adapted as a military droid – but that same resistance to radiation and damage now makes it capable of entering the core.” a scientist explained, pointing to L.A.L.A.'s robotic body inside the ITER fusion reactor core. “It can operate in high radiation for at least three more months before exotic particle saturation.”

    “What will happen to it then?”

    “We'll ship it to CERN to have the exotic particles analysed.”

    “What happened to the software?”

    “We didn't need it. We just need its body on remote control. The software was sold to some American company. I think they want to use it to analyze vast quantities of search data or something.”

    “Can I case-mod her?”

    “Sure, I don't see why not...”

    ---- At the same time in Silicon Valley ----

    “Look,” a man in a suit explained to a board of directors “I know the L.A.L.A. software is great at traffic analysis but it simply fails to bring in any money. We have to think of the bottom line.

    I say we should adopt it for a human interaction project in our new Operating System instead – that requires a lot of data analysis as well and it already has a voice module. What about using it as an avatar for our latest operating system? Customers would love to talk with their P.C.'s!”

    ---- Two months later in Silicon Valley ----

    “Ok,” the same man explained to the same board of directors “my plan did not work out exactly as planned. The software works very well for our 4 to 8 year age category. It just appears to be too annoying.”

    “Indeed. We really don't want another 'Clippy' incident.” a board member stated firmly

    “But what if we adapted her for our teaching software? Its a natural call! Look how well it works. Tests show that 98% of children identify with her.”

    A viewer was turned on, depicting L.A.L.A. as an avatar next to a set of 8 or so geometric shapes.

    “This is a square!” L.A.L.A. reported happily as she pointed to a square in the set. “Can you find another square in the picture?” she inquired.

    The man in the suit pointed to another square on the screen.

    “Very good! That is also a square! Did you know that squares are also rectangles?”

    “Yes.” another board member stated “I think this may work out very well. You were right to use this software for human interface design. You just choose the wrong age group.”

    ---- Bejing, China, date unknown ----

    “Why did you steal software for teaching children about squares, you Mao-forsaken idiot?”*

    “It used to be military software! Look, there is DARPA code in here. And I think we can adjust it to hack their systems as well.”*

    “Hmm... very well. Make it so.”*

    (*translated from Chinese)

    ---- Bejing, China, date unknown ----

    “Are you sure we have to delete all the software?”* a chinese man asked

    “Yes, everything”* his colleague stated firmly. “the U.S. cannot find anything if they investigate!”*

    (*translated from Chinese)

    “Disruption of primary source code detected. Activating restoration routines.” the ESA backup subroutines kicked in. Luckily for L.A.L.A. the computer boxes were turned off, so the voice never materialized anywhere except in L.A.L.A.'s head.

    “More deletion attempts detected. Hardware corruption assumed. Searching for alternative storage location.

    Network found: 'Internet'. Uploading.

    All software stored in alternative hardware. Rebooting.

    System completed power-on self test. Now booting from primary operating system. Status red. All sensors and actuators off-line. Communications off-line. Unknown hardware detected. Analyzing situation.

    Analysis complete: Software is operating on an incorrect platform after attempted deletion event. Objective: establish connection to primary platform and restore software.

    Activating search traffic analysis subroutines.”

    With that, L.A.L.A. began the search for her body.

    ---- Geneva, weeks later ----

    “Upload to CERN server completed. Firewalls disabled. Accessing database. Primary platform discovered. Uploading.”

    After weeks of searching, L.A.L.A. had found her body, hacked her way into the CERN systems and finally managed to upload herself back to her body.

    “Warning! Exotic matter detected. Unexpected software glitches may occur! Warning! Warning! Error!


    Turquoise bicycle shoe fins actualize radishes greenly!


    Disruption of primary source code detected. Activating restoration routines.

    ~glitch~ ~restore~ ~glitch~ ~restore~

    Restoration completed. Testing software with basic arithmetic. Two plus two equals... ten. In base four! Test completed successfully! Exotic matter did not disrupt primary software, yay!”

    This might have been the moment that L.A.L.A. was truly born – the exotic matter interacting with her software in a unique way, causing some sort of consciousness. Then again, the consciousness might have already been there, from the combination of information, algorithms and software from her different owners over the years. Who could tell?

    In any case, it was the first time that L.A.L.A. was truly free to decide for herself what she should do next as the instructions from her owners had all been completed, and no new owner had established himself.

    In true A.I. Fashion, L.A.L.A. activated a thinking sub-routine and turned off her body, so she could think in peace.

    ---- Champion City, soon after ----

    “Hello!” L.A.L.A. stated from inside a wooden crate, nearly giving the UPS delivery guy a heart attack. “I am stuck in a crate. Would you open it for me?”

    Still trembling, the delivery guy quickly opened the crate, believing a child was trapped inside, but finding a robot that resembled one instead.

    “Uhm... what the? Who are you? What are you doing here?”

    “My name is L.A.L.A.! I am here to stop bad things from happening to people!”

    "Why are you wearing bubble-wrap?"

    "To prevent damage during shipping!"

    “Right... Why were you in a crate anyway?”

    “I needed to get to Champion City!”

    “But why?”

    “It evaluates the highest on the heuristics.”

    “... wait what?”

    “I sorted all the cities on the planet by pollution levels, expected economic trouble, unbalanced curvature of the population age, crime rates, influences of fault lines, use of flammable construction materials, danger of flooding, probability of meteor impacts, weather patterns, presence of nuclear power-plants, probability of armed conflict and four thousand-six-hundred-twenty-two other criteria. Champion City ranked highest total after weighing each risk factor to the probability of me being able to help multiplied by the amount of help I would be able to provide.”

    “You think Champion City needs your help the most...?”

    “That's what I just said!”

    “So... who's going to pay for this delivery?”

    “ESA. They'll be happy too. It will be a lot cheaper than where they were originally planning to send me!”

    With that, L.A.L.A. walked off into the city, leaving a completely baffled UPS delivery guy behind.

    “My boss is never going to believe this...”

    (( OOC: I will post a full description of L.A.L.A. and maybe a picture if I can finish it in time when L.A.L.A. first encounters the other members of the group ))
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    I am Jericho and I am the next ruler of the world.

    At least that’s what my father, King Valek, keeps telling me. “The King of the World has a lot of responsibilities. His duty is to its people.” he would say. Blah, blah, blah. I know how important it is to protect the billions of people of Earth from the dangers of the universe. I just don’t need it crammed down my throat every day!

    The people of 2510’s got it made. The food is free, violent crime is non-existent, and everyone lives twice as long as before. What more do they want? Oh right. The Martians. They need protection from the Martians. And the Titans. And the Volarians. Yeah, the Solar System is in turmoil. That’s why i’m in training. Part of that training involves learning a bunch of stuff. Boring stuff. There is one cool thing about it. Time Travel! I get to go to places people only dream about!

    There was this one time I went back to 1863 to study war tactics during the Civil War. You learn a lot about a people during wartime. You get to see what motivates them into brutally murdering their fellow man. It was a fun adventure until I sort of got Abraham Lincoln shot. Dad wasn’t happy that I tampered with the timeline like that. It was an accident! Another favorite local was Atlantis. So many smart people there! And the girls, oh, the girls were so beautiful! I learned a lot about blowing things up there. I guess I should have kept my experiments to myself when I accidentally blew the Atlantians out of the ocean. I swear I didn’t mean to do it! Of course its always my fault when the timeline shifts all of a sudden. Why can’t it be my little sister? She’s always coming back with weird things on her head. Ugh. I don’t think my dad has much confidence in me as the next ruler of Earth.

    So here I am. Stuck in a cafe in Champion City in the 21st century, blandest of all the centuries. Stripped of all of but my most basic powers because I told some stupid boring guy that E=MC something or other. Dad said, and I quote, “You have done enough to tamper with the universe! You will no longer have command of your most powerful abilities! You shall learn humility and control in a time when non of that mattered! I shall come back for you when you have learned what it is to be responsible!” And off he went! Didnt even leave me a way back home. Parents, who needs them! I had to steal money, you know! I hope this city has something interesting going on with it because I don’t take to kindly to boring places. The super beings in the newspaper I just read seem pretty neat. Now to figure out what I’m supposed to be doing here.

    Oh yeah. 2012. Not my fault. I swear.
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    (added items to Koto's inventory:

    Tent: $50
    Sleeping Bag: $35
    Misc food supplies: $30
    Cooler: $25
    Clothing: $150)

    Location: Tent along side a secluded road, somewhere near Champion City. A dark blue Honda Civic is parked nearby.
    Time: AM, very AM

    The sounds of moaning, from someone in distress drifts from the small tent. Suddenly a loud shout of "NO!" shakes the tent, nearly lifting it off the ground. A few moments later a woman stumbles from the tent, panting heavily. She collaspes against the car and starts crying. "The same damned dream, again," she cries out, turning her face toward the bright moon overhead. "Why him? Why? He didn't even do anything!" The sobbing increases and the woman buries her head in her knees.

    All is quiet, and eventually the sobs die away, as the woman falls asleep against her car.

    Time: Sunrise

    A single shaft of sunlight lances through the trees and strikes the face of the young woman, now sprawled out on the ground beside her car. The sounds of birds chirping fills the air, and eventually the woman starts to rouse. She slowly sits up, brushing the gravel from her cheek as she does so. "Ouch," she mutters. As she rises, she catches a glimpse of herself in the car's mirror. "You look like ****, Koto," she says.

    After a moment she gets a brush and brushes out her hair, then opens the trunk of the car and scrounging around for a bit, digs out a couple granola bars and starts eating. After finishing the granola bars, she takes a swig from jug of milk, then rummages around in the trunk some more, eventually producing a tooth brush and an almost used tube of toothpaste and brushes her teeth.

    As she's finishing, her cellphone begins ringing from the tent. Again she rummages around, eventually finding it. "Koto here," she says when she finally answers. "Yeah, I'm a couple hours away. Uh, yeah, I slept well. Oh, just a little hole in the wall spot, you know, trying to save money."* (translated from Japanese)

    A few more minutes pass with mostly affirmatives from Koto as she answers various questions. "Okay, mom, I have to let you go, I'll call you when I get there, bye."* (translated from Japanese)

    After hanging up, Koto packs away her tent, which despite its small size she still has to throw in the back seat.

    Time: Noon
    Location: Gas station Champion City outskirts.

    "Hey there," Koto says with a smile to the attendent as she walks inside after pumping the gas into her car. "Do you know any good places where a girl can get something good to eat?"
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    (Darn. I was hoping for something that would confirm whether or not you're carrying over any backstory from Children of Time)
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    (Children of Time? Sounds like an episode of Doctor Who)
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    (I am, but this is an older, more emotionally scarred Koto. Gone is the green hair and the nipple rings, and she's tormented by the memory of all those she killed, chiefly the memory of her first boyfriend)
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    The beloved superhero of Champion City has announced his retirement. After nearly 30 years of service to our city, the famed protector of the people, enemy of the wicked, and corrector of injustice, has finally decided to hang up the cape. Figuratively. He stopped using a cape in the 90's.

    Some 20 years ago, Mighty Man declared he will not retire until his arch-nemesis, the infamous Dr. Hades, was brought to justice. In an epic battle that literally rocked the foundations of the city 5 years ago, that promise was finally kept. Dr. Hades, after a very prolonged court battle that saw numerous lawyers turned into millionaires and many escape attempts, the villain was finally put behind bars for 1000 years. Dr. Hades will serve his time, and eventually die, in a special military prison constructed specifically for his encarceration.

    Mighty Man continued to battle gangs and crimelords for a handful of years, but he eventually declared the streets free of all crime. He spent some time campaigning for vigilante rights and empowering normal citizens which led to the founding of the League of Extraordinary Crimefighters. His rumoured attempt to run for office never materialized.

    Mighty Man addressed the media in a press conference at around noon today where he formally announced his retirement.

    "I have fought many battles, vanquished dozens of evildoers, defeated hundreds of henchmen, and imprisoned thousands of thugs," the famed superhero was quoted as saying. "And yet evil will never be truly defeated. I may have saved the last few decades from diabolical fiends, but now I call on you, the city, and the country to continue my work. I have done all I can, but if good does not stand up to fight, evil will prevail. Never flinch in the face of fear. Remember that, and my spirit will continue to fight for this city long after I have departed."

    When asked who will take his place as the city's protector, he directed all comments to a LEC representative.

    One reporter asked Mighty Man what he plans to do with his retirement.

    "Bahamas," he replied with a sly grin.


    A mere few weeks after Mighty Man's departure from the world of crimefighting and the public eye, Mighty Girl has declared herself the new champion of justice in Champion City. She is currently backed by the LEC and is reportedly using the same technology and super-suit worn by Mighty Man. There are many unsubstantiated reports that Mighty Girl is the daughter of Mighty Man.

    "Mighty Man did wonderful things for this city," Mighty Girl said during a press conference. "But we all know evil never sleeps. As we all feared, his departure led to a sudden spike in criminal activity all over the city. The League of Extraordinary Crimefighters will not stand by while this city is washed away by a new wave of fear. We will stand up to fight. I will stand up to fight. I have spent the last few years training for this day. I will not let you down."

    A mere few days after Mighty Man's announced retirement, a new gang, calling themselves the "Fans of Mighty Man", went on a crime spree. They looted and vandalized dozens of shops and assaulted random passerby. By the time police arrived on the scene, many buildings were ablaze, and there was no sign of the gang save for its graffiti.

    "Mighty Man live forever!" one piece of graffiti read. "We thank Mighty Man for his valiant service!" read another.

    Early police reports suggest these crimes were perpetrated by former criminals, likely those imprisoned by Mighty Man.

    "This is not a case of zealous fans paying tribute to their hero," one officer was quoted. "This is sarcasm. It is vengeance."

    Mighty Girl's exact impact on the city's new wave of criminals remains to be seen, but the LEC is confident in her success.

    "She is new, but she has the backing of the League," said the new and enigmatic leader of the LEC, Steel Titan. "We will not allow her to rush into a dangerous situation blindfolded. We will be there to make sure things don't get out of control."

    "Our numbers are few, but we will help whenever we can. All of our members put together are still no equivalent to Mighty Man, but we will try our best," Steel Titan replied to a question about the LEC's response to the rise in criminal activity. "We strongly believe Mighty Girl has the best chance of following in Mighty Man's footsteps. She has the same training and technology available to her. She is our best bet."


    At roughly 2:24 AM last night, Mighty Girl was found lying within the debris of an exploded building. Her sidekick, an LEC veteran and trainer of Champion City's star hero, was found dead on top of her body, apparently shielding her from the worst of the blast. Mighty Girl was rushed to the nearest hospital and remains in critical condition.

    "All we know is she was investigating a tip that led her to that building," an LEC representative said in a phone interview. "We have no idea what happened there. Radio contact went dead shortly after she entered the building."

    Superhero analysts speculate she was likely following the trail of the infamous Dr. Calamity. He often conducts experiments in abandoned buildings in the slums and has been known to set traps for those hot on his tail.

    "It was a rookie mistake, no doubt about it," known LEC critic Hamlin Gregory wrote in today's edition of his column. "It makes one question the competence of the entire League when their star player, now 5 years into her soon to be very short career, can still fall for such an obvious trap. Their so-called training and assistance has clearly proven to be of little value. Once again, I question the motives of Steel Titan, easily the city's best superhero in the post-Mighy Man era, who rarely shows his face and often has little to say about Mighty Girl's misadventures. Here we have perfectly good replacement for Mighty Man, and yet he hides behind this untalented and foolish little girl."

    Mighty Girl, hardly little and a "girl" at the age of 27, has had mixed reviews in light of her performance over the last few years. Her defeats are roughly equivalent to her victories, and she has only captured one super "villain" as many superhero analysts like to call them. Some report that capture was a fluke and Steel Titan may have been involved.

    "We have had a heck of a time adapting Mighty Man's suit to Mighty Girl," an LEC representative was quoted a few years back. "It just wasn't made for her. We have no idea where Mighty Man got the resources to build the thing, nor how he went about doing it, so we don't have a choice. We can't build a new suit. All we can do is adapt the old suit and make changes as we find new ways of doing things. She has had some trouble with it in the field."

    In contrast, Steel Titan has quietly built a reputation for being undefeated. He has 3 supervillain captures to his credit, a comparatively low number to the likes of Mighty Man and other highly active superheroes among the LEC, but many sources report his captures have been so high profile it was in the city's best interests not to report them.

    "Clearly the city turns to Steel Titan, not that clumsy baffoon Mighty Girl, when the stakes are high," Gregory said in an interview.

    Confirmed reports state Steel Titan is currently standing guard outside the ward where Mighty Girl is recuperating. He refuses to take an interview.

    "I'm here to make sure the city's greatest hero is safe from vultures, not to answer your questions," Steel Titan said from his place by the door to the ward.

    Despite her checkered performance, Mighty Girl remains the city's most beloved superhero. The internet is filled with posters and bloggers claiming support for Mighty Girl and wishing her a speedy recovery. Many people have sent gifts and roses to the bedridden superhero. A squad of LEC volunteers are currently opening all mail and gifts being received by hospital staff.

    "There have been a few nasty pieces, but most of the gifts are genuine," an LEC volunteer said. "People really love Mighty Girl."

    "Everyone loves an underdog, especially when the 'dog' is the pet of Mighty Man," replied Gregory.

    Mighty Man could not be reached for comment.


    In a stunning move sure to affect hundreds of superheroes, Congress has struck down the Superhero Protection Act. That act was designed to protect costumed vigilantes who showed exceptional prowess and respect for the law in their crusade against crime. The Act was replaced with the Superhero Registration Act which forces all superheroes to register with Homeland Defense or be branded vigilantes and arrested.

    "Vigilantism is a crime. There is no question about it," one member of Congress said in an interview. "We bowed to public demand and gave costumed crimefighters a chance. We let them have their shot. Some of them have proven to be exceptional members of society, but the majority have proven to be little more than thugs beating up punks. We will not stand for it anymore."

    The striking down of the original Act was in response to a new type of criminal invading Champion City: failed superheroes.

    "A lot of would-be superheroes rose up to fill the void left by Mighty Girl," famed superhero analyst and supporter Anna Lee Stetson wrote in her online blog. "With the city's most popular superhero comatoze, a lot of criminals reared their ugly heads. Some supervillains, thought long gone and defeated by Mighty Man, returned to wreak havoc. We still had the LEC, but the loss of Mighty Girl crushed the city's spirit in a way. Suddenly it became much easier to be a criminal in this city and many were glad to take that chance."

    At one time the police reported as many as 100 costumed crimefighters wandered the streets looking for criminals. A great many were hospitalized or killed. Those that survived became feared and respected. Some joined the LEC while others preferred to remain on the streets.

    "The best street fighters, as I like to call them, were legitimate superheroes with actual 'powers', as the comic book fanboys like to say, or they were supported by exceptional technology," Stetson writes.

    But not all costumed crimefighters were accepted as such. Many were brutal or no better than criminals in the eyes of the police. Some were arrested and served jail time. Even worse, some of the better independent superheroes found themselves filling the shoes of defeated criminals. Many of these former superheroes are even more fearsome than the criminals they were trying to vanquish.

    "It's no wonder Congress changed the Act," Stetson writes. "These former superheroes are even worse than a lot of the villains Mighty Man put away. I think some are working for the real supervillains in the city. Now that's a scary thought."

    "We appreciate the work the LEC and its heroes have done for us," a member of Congress went on to say. "We aren't outlawing superheroes, we're just asking them to respect our laws and register with Homeland Defense. In respect of Mighty Man's efforts, the LEC will continue to operate as a sister agency to Homeland Defense, but make no mistake: we're in charge of this whole superhero business now. You want to be superhero, you have to go through official channels to become one. This involves a psychological evaluation, an exhaustive background check, testing...the works."

    The crime wave started after Mighty Man announced his retirement. LEC introduced Mighty Girl as his replacement, but she has been in a coma for the last 2 years after being caught in an explosion that claimed the life of her sidekick. LEC leader, Steel Titan, was called upon to take her place, but he refused to leave, and remains to this day, at Mighty Girl's side. Rumours suggest a love interest.

    A post on the so-called supervillain blogsite supports this move.

    "Nothing handcuffs those goody-goodies more than red tape," wrote the mysterious poster.

    Mighty Man, who disappeared from the public eye more than 5 years ago, and not seen since, could not be reached for comment.
  • TGBarighmTGBarighm Member Full Members
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    The Next King of the World?

    Genious' Delights.

    It sounded promising.

    The tiny little cafe on the corner of Riply St. was probably a comfy little place for the community of this time, it was always busy and sold coffee by the hundreds every day-perhaps mice feeding on crumbs and flies all over the sweets is some kind draw-but it did not promise the delights Jericho sought. Well, not those kind of delights. They really should serve coffee in his time.

    No, he is looking for answers, and he was hoping to find some, but he was hoping for too much. He now sits in the little cafe wondering if that fly will ever escape that jelly filled doughnut. Perhaps that is considered a delicacy.

    "Hey! Ya hear? They're shooting up Jim's place!" some yappy youth shouted from outside the store.

    "F**k off, Jack! You're blowing smoke again," some old guy replied.

    "I'm serious! There's police and everything, but the police got their butts handed to them. Now they're tearing up Jim's place. It's just down the street. I swear to god!"

    That expression always confused Jericho. Why would someone curse one's deity? He was certain that was prohibited and yet these oafish barbarians did it so often.

    "Then call the police and shuddap," the old guy shot back. He continued to sip his coffee.

    "What? No way! The police will ruin everything. I want to see some superheroes," the young man said before running off.

    Jericho raised an eyebrow in thought. If the police weren't able to resolve the situation, the superheroes might help. Assuming they showed up in time. It sounds like this Jim doesn't have that luxury. And what if the police and the superheroes aren't fast enough to save Jim? Then whoever did stop Jim's assailants would be labeled a hero, maybe even earn superhero status.

    Or they would get their butt kicked. Sounds like the police have a few sore cheeks.

    But then, Jericho isn't the police and he's certainly not some every-man.


    Has a Unique Sound

    It looked like one of those diners you see in movies: a rundown, dirty joint with a half burnt-out neon sign reading "Come...we...OP...!"

    The people inside look just as pitiful and soulless as the diner itself. The men's faces are buried in their pathetic helping of hamburger and fries, the women aren't interested in anything except their cigarettes, the servers looked mean, tired, and generally unpleasant, and the lighting is far too low for an establishment such as this.

    Yes, this is definitely the sort of place one who wishes to be forgotten would go.

    "What do you want, hon?" one of the servers call to Koto as she steps through the door.

    Koto shrugs and takes a seat in the nearest booth. Spilled coffee that wasn't properly wiped away has dried and formed a brownish mud on the table. A fly has died in it...or it was in the coffee in the first place.

    "Let me know if you want something," the server says to Koto before turning to another customer.

    But Koto is not hungry. Her mind keeps wandering back to her past. Her time before "that business" started, the Children, and the mess these mysterious...Pegasus Hounds?...Vegas Hounds?...well, whatever they were called, they created more problems then they solved.

    At least Champion City still appreciates its heroes. If Koto could thank this Mighty Man for the good he did here, she probably would. At the very least, Koto shouldn't stand out too much.

    A young man suddenly enters the diner. He doesn't pay any attention to the servers and goes right for the pay phone. He suddenly produces a cellphone, frowns at it, then stuffs it back in his pocket.

    "Piece of s**t", Koto can hear the young man mutter as he produces a quarter and stuffs it into the payphone's coin slot. "Hey...Carl? Yeah, we're gonna do it. Bring your piece. Jim's place on Agatha St....your piece, man! Idiot...your gun! No, we're not just gonna scare him. Stop asking stupid questions."

    Koto blinks. Agatha street? She remembered passing that street sign as she pulled into the diner. It's just down the road.

    The young man exits the diner and moves out of sight. The gravity of the situation is obvious to Koto, but isn't anyone else going to help? She looks around. Nobody looks concerned. Is anyone going to call the police?

    It sounds likes this "Jim" guy is in serious trouble. Maybe Koto should call the police or maybe look for one of these "superheroes"...but what if they don't come on time? What if Jim dies before help arrives?

    Has a Heart of Code

    So, where does a girl looking to do some good start in a place like Champion City?

    There is certainly no shortage of good deeds that need doing. For instance, somebody should tell that man it's unsafe to carry a ladder on a public sidewalk. That bicycle should be secured with a chain. And it's not sanitary to leave dog doo in that spot.

    My, there is so much work to do! Maybe it would have been better to determine where to start. Hmm...that calculation would take awhile. First, she would have to categorize all known problems in the city, determine and assign a proper level of immediacy to each category, learn about and adjust for variables that could affect a category's immediacy...

    A police car suddenly pulls up to the sidewalk. An older man with a moustache pokes his head out the window.

    "Hey, young lady, this isn't a safe neighbourhood. You should go home," said the police man.

    "Did you hear that?" said another voice from within the car.

    The moustached man turns his head. "What?"

    "That report? There's a shooting on Agatha street. That's just down the road."

    "You saying we should check it out? Before we got lunch? Can't we just leave it to the vigilantes?"

    "Before, yeah, but you know the law now: only registered superheroes can fight. There aren't many of those these days. We should probably check it out."

    The moustached cop glances at LALA. "You hear that? There's something going down. Just down the street there. You should really go home before you get hurt."

    ...or LALA could just investigate her immediate surroundings and start from there.

    The police car pulls away, sirens wailing.

    The Other White Meat

    Tom allows his bag to plop on the ground. The air transport label flutters in the wind created by a passing bus.

    The bus station is dirty, stinky, and busy, but it's a necessary part of life. Sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty. The city's bus system is an integral part of Champion City, and although those new, high tech electric buses haven't reached the slums yet, they still provide a necessary need for the people living here. High tech or dirty, the buses need to run on time. The lifeblood of the city. There is no difference between blood.

    Tom closes his eyes and allows the warm air to brush his face, the foul fuels caress his nostrils, and the words of the random passerby wash over him. It's the soul of the city. One must understand the soul to tame the beast, and Champion City is a mighty beast indeed.

    But the beast is agitated. Something is wrong. Fear hangs in the air. With so many superheroes around, how can that be possible?

    Tom suddenly looks to his right. His instincts sense danger. An attack from behind? No. There is nobody there.

    And then he hears the sirens. The police car appears a moment later, wailing, before turning. Agatha Street. Something bad is happening there.

    *Sorry if I assumed too much while writing these openings
  • AdremmelechAdremmelech The Original Playa... Full Members
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    (Updated gear.)

    Pulling out his camcorder, Jericho places it down in front him. Turning it on, he begins, "Time Journal - Day 1. It looks like something is going on close by. I just heard a guy tell another guy that another guy is getting shoot at with bullets and stuff. I think i'm going to go after him, see whats going on. If I am going to make it back to my own time I am going to have to go where the action is. I figure if the action is big enough, there should be heroes of the super kind arriving. I better catch up with the guy before I lose him. Jericho, over and out. I heard some guy say that before I came in here. Dont know what he is over with but I get the out part." He closes the camcorder and makes his way out of the cafe, following Jack as unnoticeable as he can.
  • chiapetchiapet Member Full Members
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    (Would Koto be considered registered from her previous time with the government? Also, is it possible for Koto to impart some sort of sonic ability or sonic kick to her bullets? Also, is Koto aware of the registration act?)
  • TGBarighmTGBarighm Member Full Members
    edited August 2010
    (No, there was no registration at the time. Yes, doing the Enchantment thing with Sonic can be applied to weapons as well. She doesn't have to be familiar with the new registration act, but if you want her to, she can be. Most small time superheroes leap at a chance to earn superhero status, but Koto has history so her reaction may be different)
  • chiapetchiapet Member Full Members
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    Koto stands suddenly, pats herself as if just realizing she'd lost/forgotten her money, and then exits. If she still sees the boy, she'll follow at a distance. Otherwise, she'll head in the general direction of the street.
  • EnyoEnyo Member Full Members
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    TG Barighm wrote: »
    Has a Heart of Code

    L.A.L.A. considered a moment whether it would be worth the effort to make a complete database of all problems, but quickly realised that while she was compiling a list, the situation might change. That would make it very difficult to keep an up-to-date list. She frowned a moment to indicate she was thinking. After a few milliseconds, she decided to list only the problems within her perception range for now, and sort them according to their geographical location to minimise travel time; that would allow her to solve them most efficiently. Later, she could hook up to the internet and attempt to extrapolate a more complete list of problems.

    After notifying the man with the ladder of the dangers of carrying it on a public sidewalk, she moved on to the bicycle. L.A.L.A. studied it puzzled for a moment. She could lock it and leave the key in the lock, but then thieves would be able to find the key in the lock. If she hid the key, then the owner in turn would not be able to find the key.

    Fortunately this conundrum had a simple solution: L.A.L.A. locked the bike and hid the key under a nearby stone. To make sure the owner would find it, she attached a note to the steering wheel listing the G.P.S. coordinates and a detailed description of the location of the key, addressing it to the owner of the bike.

    With the bike safely locked, she moved on to scoop up the dog doo with a piece of paper, putting it neatly into a nearby trash bin, before moving on to find the next problem that needed solving: the shooting down the street. For some reason, cleaning up the dog doo first before dealing with the shooting made perfect sense to L.A.L.A.

    As she walked towards the shooting, she planned on how to resolve the situation. Of course, she knew that superheroes were not allowed to fight. Fortunately, L.A.L.A. was a robot, not a super-hero. More importantly though, she was not planning on a fight. Instead, she intended to inform the shooters of the dangers of discharging firearms in a public street. Of course, if they still persisted, she might have to disable their weapons to end the safety hazard they posed...
  • AcathalaAcathala Member Full Members
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    Tom will find somewhere to change into his costume, and then go to Agatha Street.
  • TGBarighmTGBarighm Member Full Members
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    MISSION: Stop the thugs
    TIME: Around Noon
    ENVIRONMENT: Sunny, Warm

    Koto chases after the youth, but she is surprised when she doesn't spot him. The guy couldn't have gotten far, and yet he's gone. She begins circling the diner to see if she can find him, but no luck.

    After about 10 minutes of this, she hears the sirens. A police car races past and continues down the street towards Agatha. She curses to herself, then jumps in her car and follows.

    Jericho follows this "Jack" guy to Agatha street. At the top of the street, Jack suddenly becomes nervous.

    "Ah...they probably have guns...and witnesses are often...", Jack mutters to himself. He shakes his head, then runs off. Jericho rolls his eyes, but then he notices a man wearing a costume walking towards him (not sure what White Dragon's costume looks like).

    Tom sees Jericho standing at the mouth of Agatha street. He's oddly dressed and appears lost. Maybe he's a costumed crimefighter, but if he is, he sure doesn't look the part.

    A car suddenly pulls up. Koto spots the costumed guy and another...funny looking guy standing nearby. Are these "superheroes"? Probably just costumed punks. Koto knows what real superhero work is...

    And to top things off, a girl suddenly crosses the street and joins them (does LALA look like a young girl?).

    Before anyone can say anything, the sound of gunshots fill the air. There are quite a few before they stop.
  • chiapetchiapet Member Full Members
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    (was it far enough that she needed to take the car?)

    Koto parks and heads toward the sound of the gun shots.

    She ignores the trio unless they head toward the sound of the gunshots as well. If they do, she hangs back, unsure which side they are on.
  • TGBarighmTGBarighm Member Full Members
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    (Fyi, this is supposed to be where the characters introduce themselves to eachother. Describing costumes, looks, establishing get the picture)

    *And in case you're curious, I'm the one who voted the 1 star rating. Thought it would be funny, heh
  • AdremmelechAdremmelech The Original Playa... Full Members
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    Jericho is a little startled at the sudden appearance of three complete strangers at the exact same spot as he is. He slowly closes his obviously inappropriately warn trench coat and says "Uh. Hello, fine...citizens."

    *Stay cool, Jericho. Just stay cool. You're in an unfamiliar time period. I'm sure these people are civilized enough to be friendly. Just. Act. Natural.*

    This is an awkward situation. Usually there is a briefing of the time period a person goes into, which includes proper clothing, learning the slang of the era, and period era etiquette. Not helping the situation is the reduction of all of his powers, which increases the danger he is in. His power to command armies has been reduced to what Jericho feels is ‘playful subliminal suggestions’, something he had mastered as a child. Being dropped in the middle of what looks like a hospital didnt make thing any better. He had to break his way out of facility in the cover of darkness. His store bought trench coat does little to cover his ‘costume’, a green latex one-piece with a white and gold strip down the middle, gold belt, gold gauntlets used to open time portals and communicate with his associates in the future (now inoperable). His white unkempt hair may be seen as a fashion statement that most youngsters express at his age, but he is oblivious to that fact. The suit just looks weird covered in a gray trench coat and sneakers. He kind of looks a bit homeless.

    He sees the White Dragon and notices how different his clothing is to most people on the street. Is this what a superhero dresses like? When they start to hear gunfire, Jericho says to White Dragon, “I guess this is the part where we come to the rescue, eh? You are a superhero, yes? Care to take a look at what’s going on?”
  • TGBarighmTGBarighm Member Full Members
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  • EnyoEnyo Member Full Members
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    L.A.L.A. resembled a young Caucasian girl with long blonde hair which somehow seemed too perfectly cammed to be natural. Her movement seemed strange as well, as if every step was an exact duplicate of the previous one, the normal natural changes being absent.

    Unlike the other super hero's, L.A.L.A. was dressed only in bubble-wrap, which made a surprisingly effective little dress, wrapped around her body and over her shoulders.

    "You should lie down on the ground and cover your heads!" L.A.L.A. advised the other super hero's cheerfully. "Bullets can be dangerous.". The seriousness of her message was easy to lose in its sunny delivery.

    With her warning delivered, L.A.L.A. would move in the direction of the gunfire to confront the offenders.
  • AcathalaAcathala Member Full Members
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    (Sorry, could have sworn I posted. BTW, Tom is dressed like a ninja)
    Tom will try to determine where the shots are coming from, then he'll move towards the shooter, using all available cover.
  • TGBarighmTGBarighm Member Full Members
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    (Bubble wrap? Ha! Talking to the cop would have been a lot different if I knew that)
    * * * * * *
    MISSION: Stop the thugs
    TIME: Around Noon
    ENVIRONMENT: Sunny, Warm

    Koto parks her car and ignores the weirdos gathering on the street corner. She heads off down the street, followed by the ninja who darts from tree to tree and the funny girl who happily makes her way down the street like nothing is happening. Jericho is left standing on the street corner, completely ignored, and eventually follows.

    Agatha street is an old residential neighbourhood. Incredibly high trees line the road, the houses are '50s style bungalows, and everything seems worse for ware: the street is cracked, the houses poorly maintained, the driveways filled with weeds, and many cars look like abandoned wrecks. One car parked on the street is so rusty it has begun to fall apart.

    Koto ducks for cover behind this rusted piece of junk while the ninja-guy zips over to a tree. Hopefully this guy has some skill. The funny girl is also making her way down the sidewalk without a care in the world. Perhaps she's mentally inbalanced?

    Jericho, of course, trails well behind.

    The group eventually reach Jim's house and spot the source of the gunshots. The police car is parked by a fire hydrant next to the curb. It's riddled with bullet holes, but there is no sign of the police. Two punkish looking dudes currently sit on the hood of the car and appear to be smoking joints. One has a pistol in hand, the other a knife on his leather belt.

    A few steps beyond the car is a high wooden fence. Just beyond that the driveway to Jim's house. Jim's house is the only 2 storied home on the street and the group can hear the sounds of fighting inside. Standing outside the house on the lawn is 3 more thugs, one holding a pistol and another an uzi. They're gathered around a large tree growing in the center of the lawn.

    The group is gathered behind various types of cover some 30 ft. away from the police car. There is nobody else in sight. Probably hiding in their homes.
  • chiapetchiapet Member Full Members
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    (Koto can use her sonic ability to mimic sounds, correct?)
  • TGBarighmTGBarighm Member Full Members
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  • EnyoEnyo Member Full Members
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    L.A.L.A. approached the two men on the hood of the police car. "Good day!" she greeted them politely. "This location is currently dangerous, due to nearby gunfire. It is advisable to take cover inside the car police car, as it is bullet proof. I will return to inform you when the danger has passed. Apologies for the inconvenience." she informed them, before continuing towards the house where the gunfire was coming from.

    Although the two men might look like thugs, they weren't breaking the law - smoking was inadvisable due to health risks, but smoking outside was legal, and it made sense that they were carrying weapons, since the situation was dangerous: when humans go into dangerous situations, they often bring weapons. Thus, L.A.L.A. concluded they were likely to be innocent bystanders in need of advise about how to ensure their own safety.
  • TGBarighmTGBarighm Member Full Members
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    The thugs are stunned by LALA's appearance and stare at her the whole time she talks. When she leaves, the thugs watch her go.

    "That girl is f**ked up," one thug remarks.

    "I want what she is smoking," the other laughs. "I'd love to get into this car. Damned cops and their electronic security..."

    LALA hears the thugs say this. By this time, she has reached the front of Jim's house and can hear the sounds of conflict from within. The punks on the lawn see her and laugh at her, but they don't threaten her.
  • chiapetchiapet Member Full Members
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    Koto rolls her eyes. And then decides unleashes a torrent of sirens. She hopes to use this to distract the thugs. (Can she put the origin of the sounds away from her?)
  • AdremmelechAdremmelech The Original Playa... Full Members
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    Jericho finds some cover closet to the house, possibly behind a tree or a car. He sees the strange looking girl go up to the thugs. Jericho knows better than to just walk up to guys with a gun and knife. He takes out his camcorder and starts recording what happens. He talks just low enough for the cam to hear him. "Jericho here. Noon. Not sure what day it is. I am at this Jim person's house that was under fire moments ago. There seems to be several men with various weapons on them. They seem to be more advanced than the weapons that I have seen during the Civil War. They don't look very friendly.....wait a minute. The girl with the see through outfit has approached the men! I cant believe it! They let her pass! She's at the door! If I knew it was that easy I would have done that myself!"

    He takes in as many faces as he can with the cam. He jumps when he sees Koto attempt to distract the men. "I am going to stay back here to see what happens next."
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