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MS Paint Adventures

Cador_2004Cador_2004 MEGMAN LEGENDS 3!Full Members
edited October 2010 in Entertainment
I'm not sure how many people here know of it, so I thought I'd make a topic about it here.

MS Paint Adventures is a webcomic done by artist Andrew Hussie, who manages to pull off some pretty interesting things with it. Originally the comic was similar to a text based game, where the player would input commands on a "==>" thing. In fact, until towards the end of his third comic, Problem Sleuth, you could actually input commands through a chat box to influence the comic. He's currently on his fourth comic set which goes by the name of Homestuck. It starts with a simple boy on his thirteenth birthday, and escalates to, well, something like this. Please note that some of the pages may be a bit CPU intensive... And the plot may be confusing as all hell. But it's still definitely worth looking at.

Also, you may want to make sure you have time for an archive binge before you start reading this stuff.
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