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Looking for some advice for my old HD

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I'm planning to buy a new laptop in the coming weeks so I'm also getting an HD enclosure for my old laptop's HD, saves me the need to transfer files and stuff. Thing is I'm a bit of a lazy bastard, and I don't feel like reinstalling and transferring all of my files to the new laptop's HD, especially those programs where I can no longer find the installations discs and transferring save files. My old laptop is running XP so naturally I'm gonna want W7.

I'm naturally going to have issues with wanting to run programs out of my old laptop, especially those that will not absolutely run when not recognized in the registry, and I'm lazy to manually register them individually. So I was wondering if anyone knows of a program or method that would either:

1. Allow the new OS to run the programs out of the old enclosed HD and recognize them as installed programs without registry issues, and without having to boot up the OS on the old HD just to run the programs installed natively on it.

2. Allow me to transfer and basically "install" said programs from my old HD to the new HD, without using a fresh reinstall from the source discs many of which I no longer have.


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    Hmm. I'm not sure. You may have to register most(if not all)of them manually, however you may not need the discs. Some programs should give you a code to put in to the program(once you copy it to your new PC)to make it run there. Or if you like you can just pirate the programs you already own so that you don't need the discs. But really, expect to have to do some work here. Switching PC's is no walk in the park, and expect at least a few files to be corrupt and unusable after the transfer. It sucks, but this is why I like to stick with computers for years at a time and sink money into fixing them before transferring, because the move is always a *****.
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