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Did anyone meet Miyamoto?

EddEdd MemberFull Members
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Was anyone else at the Virgin, Oxford Street, London Shigeru Miyamoto game signing on friday (21st)?
If so, what did you get signed and when did you get there?

I got there at 1pm on thursday, and was third in the queue (after my 2 friends) so I got a free signed copy of Link to the past along with my Mario Bros cart signed! yay!
Shaking the guys hand was a great experience, tho sleeping rough on the streets of London in february had its ups and downs to say the least.....
fun times.......
Link to the past GBA looks really good, the 4 player looks promising, but need to have a massive play sesh with my mates now...


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    why this was posted in Console RPG is beyond me..
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