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Hallum: Legacy of the Moon Slayer - Character Profiles and Series Updates

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Welcome to the world of Hallum. Legacy of the Moon Slayer (LotMS for short) is the sixth and final entry to the Hallum series. The series began nearly six years ago, on May 17, 2005. The series has expanded dramatically, and I have seen many players come and go. For returning players, let's finish this. For new players, welcome, I appreciate your interest.

Here's the background for Ch 1: The world of Hallum is in the final stretch of the 20th century of the Age of Peace. The countries of Tana, Autumne, and NIU are highly prosperous and are all part of a supranational entity called United Hallum (along with Rolandd and Allana). The country of Zotta and the Hateshiganai Empire are relatively isolated totalitarian states. Chapter 1 begins in Tana, in the ancient city of Gramtio. The 395th World Martial Arts Tournament is being held. Competitors from around the world gather to take on the ultimate challenge.

There is a LiveJournal that houses a bunch of archive material. This site be expanded upon over the next two weeks as I add new and updated maps and post a comprehensive history of Hallum (both for players and for characters--that way players will know what is common knowledge for characters and what is not).

Here are key parts of the site (note: this section will grow during the last half of May, and some of the initial hyperlinks will change as upgrades surface):

1. Hallum's Months
2. Hallum's Races: Balanced Races and Specialized Races
3. Standard Weapon, Magic, and Spirit Classes
4. Magic Disciplines
5. Spell Archive
6. Chance of Spirit Categories
7. Auctoritae Profiles
8. Maps:
-All of Hallum
9. Hallum's Elements
10. Hallum Metaphysics
11. Common Historical Knowledge in 20th Century Hallum

• Name:
• Age: Must be at least pubescent.
• Birthday: See #1 on the above list. Note: Chapter 1 begins in Soli 1, 1980.
• Gender:
• Sexuality:
• Species: See #2 on the above list. Hybrids are possible.
• Nationality: List the region and country.
• Weapon Class: See #3 on the above list. Unique weapon classes are welcomed. Omit if the character does not use weapons.
• Magic Class: See #3 on the above list. Omit if the character does not know magic.
• Spirit Class: See #3 on the above list. Note: Players must design their own class name for emotional spirits and dual spirits. Omit if the character does not have spirits.
• Job: A short list of the character's recent employment.
• Weapon(s): Omit if the character does not use weapons.
• Armor/Clothes:
• Magical Discipline(s): See #4 on the above list. Omit if the character does not know magic.
• Spell(s): Denote the level of mastery with the above disciplines. For list of spells, see #5. Omit if the character does not know magic.
• Spirit Category(ies): See #6 on the above list for an idea of likelihood of spirits. Omit if the character does not have spirits.
• Spirit(s): List and describe any unique spirits. Omit if the character does not have spirits.
• Combination(s): List and describe unique abilities formed from combing a spell and a spirit. Omit if the character does not have both magic and spirits. If a character has both but does not have combinations, then use "none."
• Skill(s): List any racial attributes first. List any idiosyncratic moves related to fight style when necessary. Include the character's stats. For stats, start with the racial base stats (if using a hybrid, find the mean of each stat; if a hybrid of a hybrid, determine the parental hybrid stats before determine offspring's hybrid stats). For each stat, apply a -2 (as weak as possible), a -1 (below average), a 0 (average), a +1 (above average), or a +2 (as strong as possible) to the base stats as logical to the character's physique, experience, and style.
• Personality:
• Romance(s):
• Ambition(s):
• Preference(s): Likes and dislikes.
• Role: Party Member, Ally, or Boss. If unsure of role initially, leave blank for now.
• Appearance:
• Background:

I will happily help out as best as I can with constructing these profiles. I will be working on the maps and nationalities next week, as well as compiling all known Hallum spells. Anytime a major update is made, I'll inform you all here.


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    • Name: Luna Satpathy (birth surname: Hateshiganai)
    • Age: 18
    • Birthday: Hikage 17, 1961
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Half-deity/half-human
    • Nationality: Ghaasmulk, Hateshiganai (ethnically half Whakmah and Lenora)
    • Weapon Class: Fighter
    • Spirit Class: Aesirmancer
    • Job: None
    • Weapon(s): Her body
    • Armor/Clothes: She wears a tight, white t-shirt and tight, black denim booty-shorts. She wears a sports bra and elbow and knee pads. Her feet are wrapped in sports tape.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Aether
    • Spirit(s): Aesirmancy
    • Combination(s): Ou Ryu (Though still rough in style, she is able to fuse her physical attacks with aesirmancy. The combined abilities yield a long-range and explosive attack style capable of crumbling anything [though she currently is only able to counter spells and spirits that are tangible])
    • Skill(s): She has pioneered her own style based on Chou Ryu: Ou Ryu. PhyStr +4, PhyStm +4, PhySpd +3, SprStr +3, SprStm +3. Combination Strength: 10.5
    • Personality: Luna is a very unhappy individual. She hates everyone intrinsically. She is stubborn and cross.
    • Romance(s): None
    • Ambition(s): To kill her father.
    • Preference(s): She doesn't like anything.
    • Role: Main Character
    • Appearance: She is 5'4". She is very muscular. Her skin is a light tannish color. Her hair is jet back and curls at the tips, but she had it almost all cut off, leaving only an inch or so on the top. She eyes are almond shaped and her eye color is brown.
    • Background: Her father is Emperor Meikyou Hateshiganai XIII. She was expected to be born a boy, due to Schambregella's prophecy from the 10th century. Instead of being Meikyou XIV, she was born a girl and named Luna by her mother, Empress Sola Hateshiganai nee Lenora. Her mother, Tannishtha Satpathy, and Marie Raiken desperately fought to help Luna escape her father's murderous grasp. In process, Sola and Tannishtha died. Marie left Luna in the care of Farida Satpathy (Tannishtha's daughter). Luna was raised to defeat her father. With Farida's guidance, Luna developed her own fighting style. She grew up isolated from society and never taught anything but how to fight. She has finally left her home with Farida, both of whom are entering the tournament to see how far Luna's Ou Ryu.

    • Name: Farida Satpathy
    • Age: 37
    • Birthday: Dracus 1, 1952
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Homosexual
    • Species: Enlil
    • Nationality: Ghaasmulk, Hateshiganai
    • Weapon Class: Master
    • Spirit Class: Rainbow Butterfly
    • Job: Master of Chou Ryu
    • Weapon(s): Purple gloves with razor nails on each finger. The nails are painted pink. Her stilettos are razor sharp as well.
    • Armor/Clothes: She wears a large jacket. The jacket goes down to her knees. The jacket is a dark purple with a random pattern of indigo lines. Underneath the open jacket, she is wearing an indigo mini-skirt and indigo tank top. Her high heel boots are also that gaudy indigo.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Wind, Raw
    • Spirit(s): Aeromancy, Butterfly Shell (creates an energy field around her), and Butterfree Rainbow (fires a rainbow beam)
    • Combination(s): Chou Ryu (combines her body's movements with aeromancy. The air carries her movements, building momentum, power, and direction over a fairly long range)
    • Skill(s): She has zephyr form and thus a weakness to earth, lightning, metal, and light elements. She has a mastery over Chou Ryu. Her major trick skill is Butterfly Boomerang (her draws her range attacks back to her). PhyStr +1, PhyStm +2, PhySpd +7, SprStr +5, SprStm +5. Combination Strength: 9
    • Personality: Farida is a cold stoic. She tends to respond to everything with bitterness. However, she has a very buried feminine side. She wears such skimpy to desperately attract people, since she badly wants a girlfriend, no matter how superfluous.
    • Romance(s): None, to her annoyance.
    • Ambition(s): To get married.
    • Preference(s): She likes masculine women. She dislikes almost everyone else.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: She is 5'2'. Her brown skin is beginning to show some age, though she is otherwise in great shape. Her brown hair is long and almost reaches her shoulders. The tips of her bangs are dyed pink. She wears pink contacts (her natural color is black). She wears pink lipstick. Her has little indigo butterfly earrings.
    • Background: She led a relatively normal life during her childhood and adolescence, with the exception of her father's death at age four. However, at age nineteen, she was forced to raise Luna as her daughter. Her mother died saving Luna, and the mother's will was for her daughter to train Luna to kill the emperor. Farida grew to resent Luna. Farida never got to find love and have her own life. She wants to complete her mother's will as soon as possible. Thus, she and Luna have entered the tournament to see if Luna is close to being ready for the task.

    • Name: Pinyana Raiken IX
    • Age: 23
    • Birthday: Dio 26, 1957
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Half-nymph/half-human?
    • Nationality: Tanan
    • Weapon Class: Knight
    • Magic Class: Runic Mage
    • Spirit Class: Electroling
    • Job: Graduate student; reigning world champion
    • Weapon(s): Raiken III (a long, slender blade shaped like a bolt of lightning. The blade has the ability to transform into light photons that then linearly extend forward. The transformation is instantaneous. The blade's metal is a special alloy developed by her that is hyper-conductive.)
    • Armor/Clothes: Mouse Trap (a full body suite of medieval-esque armor painted yellow with brown stripes on the back. The metal is a special alloy developed by her that is hyper-conductive.)
    • Magical Discipline(s): Alchemy and Inscription
    • Spell(s): She has mastered both disciplines. For alchemy, she specializes in material alchemy.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Electric
    • Spirit(s): Lightning Speed (able to move as fast as lightning when she sprints) and Circuit (she constantly has an electrical charge running through her. The change's output can be adjusted by her)
    • Skill(s): She has very minute foresight. Her fighting style is quick and effective. She converts Raiken III into light, instantly closing the gap. Since the tip of the sword is making contact, her Circuit spirit electrocutes the opponent. PhyStr +1, PhyStm +.75, PhySpd +1.75, MagStr + 2.5, ManCap +2.5, SprStr +3.5, SprStm +3.5
    • Personality: She has a bubbly personality. She is really friendly. She likes to be helpful, and she is quite generous. In battle, she is serious, but she holds no qualms outside of combat.
    • Romance(s): Rakurai Raiken, her husband
    • Ambition(s): She has no lofty goals in life beyond just to live it.
    • Preference(s): She loves history, particularly about the Rockwell Sagas. From this love, she developed an interest in ancient weaponry. Using her family's assets, she studied alchemy and inscription and made her own archaic weaponry custom suited to her spirits. She was a cheerleader throughout high school and college. She dislikes politics.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: She is 5'5". Her light blond hair is cut in a peppy bob-cut. She has light green eyes. Her cheeks are rosy. Her hobby as World Champion has forced her to maintain a fit form, though she still tries to focus on her feminine form. Outside of battle, she dresses in a white, frilly mini-skirt, a yellow and orange spiral tie-dye blouse, orange colored sneakers, and a red hair band.
    • Background: She has had an extremely wonderful life. She grew up knowing anything was possible, but Marie was careful not to spoil the child. As a teenager, Pinyana decided to dive into the family's roots. She learned how to make her own weapons, inventing new materials and designs before she was seventeen. She spent a year learning basic swordmanship from her mother and then entered the World Championship Tournament. To her surprise, she won the tournament due to her highly effective weapon and armor. She went to college (she was already use to being a celebrity, so the tournament barely changed her life) in Rockwell University. She is currently a grad student and married. She wants to start a family after she gets her second degree.

    • Name: Marie Raiken nee Simon
    • Age: 57
    • Birthday: Tania 5, 1922
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Nymph
    • Nationality: Tanan
    • Weapon Class: Fencer
    • Magic Class: Chaos Pupil
    • Spirit Class: Nightwalker
    • Job: C.E.O. of Raiken Corp.; former World Champion, three times
    • Weapon(s): A rapier
    • Armor/Clothes: She wears a casual business suit, even into battle. The suit is a medium-light blue with light blue vertical pinstripes. The pants are fashioned after bell bottoms. She wears thick, softwood sandals. She normally wears a pair of thick sunglasses, but she wears a blindfold for battle.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Dark
    • Spell(s): She has mastered the discipline.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Dark, Fear
    • Spirit(s): Dark Form (become darkness) and Nightmare Glare (constantly active; when she makes direct eye contact with someone, the person will suddenly have a severe panic attack as the individual is haunted by all its fears)
    • Combination(s): The Void (combines Nightmare Glare with Beckon the Abyss to create the perfect environment for drawing out fears and intensifying the reaction)
    • Skill(s): She has foresight, though it is not as strong as most nymphs. PhyStr -3, PhyStm -3, PhySpd 0, MagStr +3, ManCap +3, SprStr +4, SprStm +4. Combination Strength: 10.5
    • Personality: She acts business-like or tries to. She tends to be nonchalant. She is aggressive and cut-throat when necessary in work and battle, but she is normally a pretty chill woman who likes to hold on to her youthfulness.
    • Romance(s): Her late husband, Gifune Raiken
    • Ambition(s): She wants to complete Sola's and Tannishtha's final request and bring down Meikyou.
    • Preference(s): She likes fine wine and a light novel. She is notorious for her love affair with company-paid vacation time in Braisen. She only has one noteworthy hatred: cheaply processed food.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: She is 5'3". She has dark blond hair that shows no signs of gray, because she dyes it. She has a few winkles, but her steadfast, Mona Lisa smile has helped her face keep its beauty. Her eyes are hazel, not that anyone but her can tell. She has struggled to maintain her younger physique due to work.
    • Background: She was the first of the extinct races to be revived. She was named after a Tanan nymph who wrote spent her last five minutes alive writing a poem about the hope of tomorrow before the soldiers killed her as part of the Tanan Purge. Marie grew up as a celebrity and fell in love with the elderly C.E.O. of Raiken Corp. Despite their age gape, they hit it off and wed. Gifune died of old age when Pinyana was very, very young. During her youth, Marie competed in the World Championship three times, winning each time. Her biggest victory was in 1955, when she beat Meikyou, then still a prince. She retired from fighting to focus on running her late husband's company. She has recently come out of retirement.

    • Name: Rakurai Raiken nee Kaden
    • Age: 24
    • Birthday: Whakmi 6, 1955
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Bisexual
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Tanan
    • Weapon Class: Wrestler
    • Spirit Class: Electroling
    • Job: Unemployed
    • Weapon(s): His arms
    • Armor/Clothes: He wears an open, brown vest made of some indiscernible material he found in the woods. He wears a multi-color beaded necklace with a silver peace-sign emblem coin at the front and center. He wears tight yellow denim jeans. He also wears some homemade sandals that are overdo for a replacement.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Electric
    • Spirit(s): Magnetism (he can turn his entire body into a high-power magnet. He can decide his polarity, allowing him to repel and retract metal as he pleases) and Circuit (like his wife, his body is constantly caring an abnormal charge that he can amplify for upon contact)
    • Skill(s): He is an amateur fighter. Really, his basic wrestling moves come down to him giving bear hugs--electric bear hugs. PhyStr +2, PhyStm +1, PhySpd 0, SprStr +2, SprStm +2. Rest min.
    • Personality: He is a very laid back guy and friendly to all. He hates violence and is always promoting peace and love. He got caught up in his teen years with the sex and drug craze, but he has been winding down since he's begun to settle down.
    • Romance(s): Pinyana Raiken, his wife; has a sordid past with Eycopefield.
    • Ambition(s): To bring about world peace.
    • Preference(s): He loves his friends; he calls them brothers and sisters. He has spent the last three years getting over some nasty drug addictions, but he still has the sex. He dislikes fighting, but he knows the sport is important to his new family. He likes to work out. He thinks everyone should at least try to master their Gratu-given bodies. He dislikes his wife's family's business and his father's politics, but he knows it's selfish to b**** about it all the time.
    • Role: Ally
    • Appearance: He stands tall at 6'6". He's a muscular dude with long, black hair. He use to have dreadlocks, but he now washes his hair regularly and just ties it into a ponytail. He use to have a rich brown tan, but it has diminished since his teen years. He has almond shaped, brown eyes.
    • Background: He is the son of a politician. He was sent to all the nice schools as a child, but he grew rebellious as a teen boy. At age fourteen, he dropped out of private school and hit the road, joining a band of free-life hippies. Rakurai got into a lot of odd things along the way, but he made it through. In his final protest a few years ago, he met a student on the college campus, Pinyana. He got to know her and started to date her. He originally did not realize just whom he was dating, but he decided not to freak out about her celebrity status since she did not mind his bum status. The opposites attracted, and she helped him leave behind his old lifestyle. They got married two years ago. Rakurai wants to have a bunch of children, but Pinyana wants to wait a little while longer--she wants to at least be half-way through her graduate program before she starts having children. Rakurai entered the current tournament without telling his wife; he wants to surprise her and show to her how much she means to him.

    • Alias: Eycopefield (Read it like "I cop-a-feel'd")
    • Age: 25
    • Birthday: Akuma 16, 1955
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Bisexual (implied pansexual for the lulz)
    • Species: 1/4 Muse, 3/4 Human
    • Nationality: Tanan
    • Weapon Class: Monk
    • Spirit Class: Chronoling
    • Job: Unlicensed superhero
    • Weapon(s): Spiked leather boots and spiked knee caps.
    • Armor/Clothes: He wears black leather pants with an open crotch (has on black denim pants on as well). He wears a black leather vest that is zipped up. He wear black leather gloves. His is always seen with a pair of large, biker sun glasses. The back of his jacket has his alias printed on it in white box lettering.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Time
    • Spirit(s): Clock-stop (able to stop time in a three hundred yard radius for a minute; takes two minutes to recharge) and Slow Motion (in the same radius, he is able to half the speed of everyone around him)
    • Skill(s): He is a master user of morph, which explains how he evades arrest. He has a genetic mutation that prevents him from absorbing mana. He noticeably refuses to use his hands for combat, and he will do whatever it takes to protect his face. PhyStr +1, PhyStm +2, PhySpd +2.25, SprStr +.75, SprStm +.75
    • Personality: He is a flamboyant lunatic with a stupid laugh. He is very loud and vocal about his outlandish actions. He may have another side to him, but few know of its existence.
    • Romance(s): Everyone
    • Ambition(s): To molest the world over
    • Preference(s): He likes nice rears. He loves his rack. He wants to pinch those cute cheeks. He likes that bulge between your legs. Speaking of which, he wants you to show a little more leg. Guys, lose those shirts, and girls ditch the bras. He likes short hair, long hair, and--hell--no hair. He is not too picky, to say the least. He doesn't like bananas or melons, ironically.
    • Role: Ally
    • Appearance: As the world's most offensive superhero, he appears to be 5'10" with a fairly muscular build, at least above average. Few ever see his orange eyes. His hair is short, green, and gelled back. He has a thin beard and mustache framing his otherwise nondescript face. He does not have much of a tan, just enough to keep him from looking pale.
    • Background: His origins are a mystery; only Rakurai seems to know whom Eycopefield really is. He has become infamous in recent years for attempting to rescue people from common criminals. However, he tends to molest his damsels in the process, regardless of their gender or age (well, OK, even he has standards: he doesn't hit anything that looks younger than sixteen, the legal age; of course this means he has molested a few minors that looked a year or two older). His license was immediately revoked, and he has technically been a criminal for the past two years. His secret identity is a mystery, since his Eycopefield look is fake.

    • Name: Adele Thanos
    • Age: 27
    • Birthday: Soli 5, 1952
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Half-dwarf/half-dragon
    • Nationality: Duitisc, NIU
    • Weapon Class: Berserker
    • Spirit Class: Unstoppable
    • Job: Chef in a five-star hotel restaurant
    • Weapon(s): Her fists
    • Armor/Clothes: She wears tan stretch pants and a large white t-shirt with a red and blue rings pattern.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Raw, Anger
    • Spirit(s): Aura Coat (projects a spiritual aura that acts as a defensive coating), Spiral Fist (she rapidly spins the aura around her fists to change her fists into massive drills), and Pissed Off (when she is called fat in ear-shot, she converts all body fat into raw spiritus. Depending on how much excess body fat she's carrying around, she can double her stats--nearly comes to tripling them).
    • Skill(s): When Pissed Off is activated, she has two devastating moves available to her, one which leads directly into the other: Comet Punch (she throws a single enemy into the air [depending on its weight, they may go as far up as the the upper reaches of the troposphere]. Adele jumps up, chasing after them at the speed of a supersonic jet. After over passing her target, she continues onward and then comes down upon the target. She delivers a titanic punch capable of leaving a large crack on the moon) and Meteor Impact (the [likely dead] target falls to the ground. The impact alone is enough to form a small indent upon the ground. Adele then comes crashing down, landing feet first upon whatever remains of the target. The resulting impact leaves a crater that's several yards deep). PhyStr +6, PhyStm +6, PhySpd -2.5, SprStr +2.5, SprStm +2.5. Rest min.
    • Personality: She is a sweet young man full of hospitality. However, be forewarned, she has a competitive mean-streak. She is also hyper-sensitive about her weight.
    • Romance(s): James Thanos, her husband
    • Ambition(s): To open her own restaurant and become a celebrity chef
    • Preference(s): She loves cooking. She enjoys eating food and find new, exotic recipes. However, she realizes that her eating habits have resulted in her obesity. She hates health dieting, and she cannot get into fat-burning exorcise, just weight-lifting. She entered competitive fighting as a way to lose weight, but she instead just put on muscle mass while maintaining most of her fat. She hates anyone that points out her obesity.
    • Role: Ally
    • Appearance: She is a short woman, only 4'0". However, she is nearly that wide around her waist. The dumpling-shaped woman has a light olive skin, blue eyes, and long, wavy dark-blond hair.
    • Background: Her mother was a member of the prestigious Thanos family, the most powerful Dragon family. However, her mother was a rebel and left Etreo to see the modernizing world. She ended up settling down in Duitisc and married a wealthy power plant owner. Adele grew up eating the local cuisine, as well as some of her mother's favorite dishes from Herpetopolis and Whakmah and the cuisines of Blackgate, Spagne, and Bod. This rich environment of varied flavors turned Adele into a food lover. Her parents spoiled her appetite, never learning when to tell her taught to stop eating. Adele's passion grew, and she began to train as a chef. She was excepted into the finest culinary school in Tana, which her parents were happy to pay for. Adele met James at a catering event, and the two hooked up. They wedded about four years ago. Both are dedicated to their jobs, so they aren't sure about having a child yet. She has entered the tournament as publicity for her work as a chef.

    • Name: James Thanos nee Toller
    • Age: 29
    • Birthday: Hikage 5, 1950
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Tanan
    • Weapon Class: Gunner
    • Magic Class: Augmenter
    • Spirit Class: Duality
    • Job: Police officer
    • Weapon(s): Uses standard handguns.
    • Armor/Clothes: He wears a dark blue uniform with a black belt and black shoes. He displays his badge on his left breast pocket. He has basic body armor under his uniform.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Augment
    • Spell(s): He has a mastery of the discipline. He focuses on sight, accuracy, and spiritual augments.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Fire and Ice
    • Spirit(s): Heated Shot (imbues fire spiritus into his bullets. Allows for the bullet to burn through some metal. Causes internal burn wounds), Laser Gun (fires a focused heat laser from a normal handgun), Cool Shot (imbues ice spiritus into his bullets. The bullet is now more fragile, but the bullet causes ice crystals to begin forming internally, and the ice spreads rapidly), and Frozen Club (forms a police baton from thick ice)
    • Combination(s): None
    • Skill(s): PhyStr +1, PhyStm +2, PhySpd +2, MagStr +1, ManCap +1, SprStr +2, SprStm +2
    • Personality: He is a serious upholder of justice. He is dogged in pursuing criminals, and he has a great field record in arrests of armed suspects. He has a soft spot for a warm meal.
    • Romance(s): Adele Thanos, his wife
    • Ambition(s): To become police chief; maybe make it into the special forces
    • Preference(s): He likes his job. He hates that police have been vilified in recent years, but he knows his job is not about the public appreciation but protecting the law-abiding citizens. He loves foreign cuisine, which is how his wife won his heart.
    • Role: Ally
    • Appearance: He is 6'0". He is very thin with only an above-average muscular physique. ...He is quite different from his wife in body shape. He has his brown hair buzz-cut. His eyes are a dark green. He tends to have a serious look on his face--it was to make him authoritative but now it's stuck like that.
    • Background: He grew up in the city of Sevth. His uncle was a police officer, and the young boy idolized his uncle. After coming back from high school in Autumne, he entered the Tanan police force. After a few years on the force, he met Adele and fell in love. The two married a little while ago, but they have yet to have a kid. He entered the tournament to secure a promotion.

    • Name: Nina Godfried
    • Age: 55
    • Birthday: Akuma 37, 1925
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Asexual
    • Species: Werewolf
    • Nationality: Tanan
    • Weapon Class: Assassin
    • Magic Class: Labyrinth Sage
    • Spirit Class: Astraling
    • Job: Assassin
    • Weapon(s): She has two gloves with three feet of razor thin trip wires between the parallel tips of the gloves' fingers.
    • Armor/Clothes: She wears a black suit with a white tie tucked into the overcoat. Her shoes, however, are athletic shoes, not business shoes.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Barrier, Time, and Space
    • Spell(s): She has mastered all three disciplines.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Space
    • Spirit(s): Spatial Slice (she selectively leaves behind spatial-memory, usually of her wires. Thus, in a few seconds, she can converted a small room into a death trap of razor thin wires)
    • Combination(s): None
    • Skill(s): She has to take pills prior to battle to avoid blood-lust. She does not use combinations, but she is fond of combos. She uses barriers to trap enemies, and she uses time magic to make her impressive speed even greater. She has silent spell casting. PhyStr +1, PhyStm +2, PhySpd +5, MagStr +1, ManCap +1, SprStr +2, SprStm +2. Combination Strength: 4.5
    • Personality: She is a detached woman in all regards but one. She holds terrible grudges. She becomes obsessive in exacting revenge, regardless of how her grudge effects her job.
    • Romance(s): None, but the foe yay between her and Marie is always growing
    • Ambition(s): To kill Marie
    • Preference(s): She has no interesting in this world but money; she doesn't do anything in particular with the money though. She hates Marie with every fiber in her being.
    • Role: Rival
    • Appearance: She is a middle-aged woman with silk, short, silver hair. She has whiskers and a silver tail. One eye is golden, the other is black. Her skin is a rich paleness, like the full moon. She stands at 5'7".
    • Background: She is the most wanted assassin in the world, mostly due to how public she is. She entered the World Tournament in 1955 to assassinate Prince Meikyou Hateshiganai. The tournament was rigged by her client to make sure she would fight Meikyou in the finals. However, Nina faced Marie in the semi-finals and lost. Nina's plan failed, and she blamed Marie. Since then, Nina has tried to kill Marie at least once a year, usually around Marie's birthday. Marie stopped considering Nina a threat years ago, but Nina refuses to give up. When she heard Marie was coming out of retirement, Nina returned to the ring, hoping to finally have a change to accomplish her perverse goal.
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    • Name: Enrica Gardello (Ehn-ree-ca) (gar-deh-yo)
    • Age: 20
    • Birthday: Dracus 5, 1959
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Merman
    • Nationality: Braisen, Allana
    • Weapon Class: Priest
    • Magic Class: Divinus Mage
    • Spirit Class: Aquamancer
    • Job: Member of the Order of Wolves, formerly and Allanan merchant.
    • Weapon(s): Reinforced staff.
    • Armor/Clothes: In order to mask her race’s feeble body structure, Enrica dresses conservatively and with protection in mind. The woman often dresses in a sturdy leather overcoat. Sewn onto the back of this coat is the traditional Order of Wolves insignia which consists of a single wolf head surrounded by six swords. Underneath she wears a slightly oversized blue blouse, coupled with pair of sturdy denim jeans.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Light, Healing
    • Spell(s):
    Divinus(Creates a blast of indigo and white lightning from the user), Blind(Causes a brilliant flash of light, blinding those who look at it), Shine(Increases the reflection of light around her, making it painful to look at her directly), Radiate(Fires a beam of light energy), Eximius Nova (A master spell which creates an explosive blast of light energy around the user), Counterseal(Emits a beam of light from the casters palm which eliminates any and all magic based attacks.)

    Vita (Heals major injuries and revives the recently dead), Viscus (Regenerates the heart and nervous system), Pulmo(Mends the cardiovascular system with exception to the heart), Artus (Repairs damaged and lost limbs), Regal Stance (Heals broken and shattered bones), Remedy (Heals burns, poison, etc…), Tergum (Heals serious burns and wounds), Aid (Instantly heals minor wounds from a great distance).

    • Spirit Category(ies): Aquamancy
    • Combination(s):
    Divinus Torrent – Channels the explosive energy of the Divinus spell into a globe of water, allowing Enrica to control the spells direction more easily as well as keep it cast until it connects with the target.

    Divinus Storm – Enrica uses her aquamancy to create a controlled rainstorm before firing a Divinus spell into the clouds. The resulting mixture causes a Divinus charged rain around the battlefield.

    Heaven’s Tears – Enrica fires a Vita spell into the clouds, using her spiritus to generate a storm at the same time. The resulting rain contains mini-vita spells which can then be used to heal those Enrica designates over a wide area.

    Aqua Seal – Enrica fires a counterseal into a large globe of water, causing the spell to radiate outwards in all directions.

    • Skill(s):
    Aqua Form: When in water, Enrica’s body obtains fish like qualities, boosting her physical abilities. Enrica’s form is that of a Marlin. Granting her +2 in speed and +1 in strength.

    As a member of the Order of Wolves, Enrica has been trained in the fraternity’s style of combat, if one could call it a style. Emulating the great sword master Kenju Zamura, the fraternity bases its fighting style on speed and quick reflexes. The style is a strange one, varying on the weapon being used, but most have fought members of the fraternity have attributed the experience to that of fighting a wild animal.

    Phys. Strength: -2 (-1 in Aqua Form) Phys. Stamina 0 Phys. Speed +3 (+5 in Aqua Form) Mag. Strength: 0 Mana Capacity: 0 Spirit Strength: +6 Spirit Stamina: +6 Combination Strength: 9

    • Personality: Enrica is quite business savvy and quick witted. She often puts up a tough front but is actually quite sensitive when it comes to her weak merman body. Aside from this one particular hot button, Enrica is level headed and never really quick to anger.
    • Romance(s): She has something of a crush on the great swordsman, Kenju, but no physical relationships to speak of.
    • Ambition(s): Like many fraternity members, Enrica hopes to one day end the Zamura family’s curse. Her other fraternity based ambition is simply to rise in rank and earn the right to wield one of the group’s 6 inscribed weapons, a faerie infused spear. Aside from this she hopes to one day become a successful businesswoman like her parents in Allana.
    • Preference(s): Enrica likes to haggle to the point where it’s almost an sport for her. She also enjoys studying magic as well as practicing with her spirit. She dislikes hot-headed people and alcoholics, though she makes an exception for her idol, Kenju.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: By earthen standards, Enrica appears Italian. She stands at 5’ 8”, weighing in around 135 lbs. She has a fairly lithe build and, to all you perverts out there, a B-cup. Her head is adorned with a mess of golden brown curly hair, hanging down to her shoulders. Her eyes are a matching hazel color, though her hair is usually swishing in front of them too much to tell.
    • Background: Enrica led a fairly well off life in her younger years. The daughter of a pair of Braisen merchants who regularly traded with Tana, Enrica absorbed much of the land’s culture from an early age. By age 8 she had practically memorized the Rockwell epics, almost always carrying a copy of the text wherever she went. She was most attracted to the tales of the great sword master Kenju Zamura and the off and on romance he had with Morgan Mistrude. To this day she cries whenever reading the story of Morgan’s death, though she would never admit it. This fascination sparked an adorably childish desire in Enrica to make her own mark on history. Thus she began studying magic, despite her race’s slight disposition in the field. She compensated for this natural disadvantage by almost constantly practicing with her spiritus.

    By the time she was 15, Enrica had become quite adept in the school of Divinus, though she was still only a pupil at her core. It was at this time when, by sheer chance, a few of the members of the Order of Wolves stumbled in to her family’s store. Upon learning more about their organization, Enrica got it in her head that she was hell bent and determined to join. But first, she would finish her Divinus studies. By age 18 Enrica had finished her studies and set off for Tana, once again determined to make her mark on the world.

    After passing her initiation, which was no small feat in its own right, Enrica has spent the last two years of her life studying at the Order. Most of her free time is spent studying with the fraternity’s martial arts trainers. At first, the training was a huge strain on her body, however the has since grown accustomed to it, despite her merman disposition. In an effort to gauge her skills, Enrica has decided to enter the 395th World Martial Arts Tournament, though she doesn’t earnestly expect to win.
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    • Name: Adrastos Polemece
    • Age: 48
    • Birthday: Siare 22, 1953
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Dragon
    • Nationality: Whakmah, Etreo.
    • Weapon Class: Commando
    • Magic Class: Chaos Pupil
    • Spirit Class: Retaliator
    • Job: Former prisoner
    • Weapon(s): Fists, bandolier of Raiken Hand-Deployed Detonators (magical grenades)
    • Armor/Clothes: Set of insulated, up-to-date armor, essentially a rust-red EOD suit with more style points. Very thick, protective, and restrictive. His wings are the only thing left exposed.
    • Magical Discipline: Destruction
    • Spell(s): Counterslay – Projects a small laser that consumes an offensive spell. The beam continues on a linear path, possibly hitting the offensive spell's caster.
    Enchantra - A simple spell commonly used for strengthening weapons by coating them in a glowing purple aura; cuts through spirits.
    Collection - Allows the caster to absorb any damage done by another into oneself, fixing the damage done.
    Release - Instantly releases all stored damage gathered via Collection.
    • Spirit Category: Anger
    • Spirit(s): Revenge Aura – Adrastos surrounds his body with his Anger spirit to initiate this technique. While Revenge Aura is active, all injuries that Adrastos sustains result in an automatic blast of energy in the general direction that the initial attack came from. If the attack is physical in nature, Adrastos releases the energy as a physical shockwave. If the attack is magical, the energy is released as heat. If the attack is spiritual, the energy is released as light. Combination attacks release combinations of energies, proportional to the strength of each portion of the attack.
    • Combination(s): Counterslay Perfect - By casting Counterslay as Revenge Aura is reacting to a spell, spirit, or combination, Adrastos can transfer the energy of the original attack into a deadly laser.
    Collection Perfect - As Adrastos absorbs the damage from an attack, he stores the effects of Revenge Aura as well, releasing all of it simultaneously with Release.
    • Skill(s): As a dragon, Adrastos has wings, though his armor makes flight difficult and clumsy. In a fight, Adrastos likes to have as many proverbial guns blazing as possible. Charging in (albeit slowly) is his one strategy. However, he is aware of his racial weakness to magic, so he sometimes conserves mana in order to use counters.
    PhyStr +7, PhyStm +7, PhySpd -3, MagStr -3, ManCap -3, SprStr +3, SprStm +2.
    • Personality: As his spirit class would suggest, Adrastos is often angry and arrogant. He is set off by relatively insignificant offenses, and more serious things make him completely lose it. When not in combat, Adrastos bottles his rage up, but he will vent this feeling whenever he gets the slightest chance.
    • Romance(s): An abusive, on-off train wreck with one or two women that he refers to as “Babe.”
    • Ambition(s): To obtain the respect he believes he deserves.
    • Preference(s): He has an extensive collection of pet peeves, among which is the phrase “pet peeve.” However, breaking things seems to soothe Adrastos. He also tolerates other dragons more readily than other races.
    • Role: Party member
    • Appearance: 7’10”. Very muscular, including his reptilian wings. Bald with small, dark eyes. The scales along his joints are a dark red, a fitting match for his tanned skin. Tattoos in various places on his body which he claims are powerful ancient runes.
    • Background: As a teenager, Adrastos went on a rampage, resulting in multiple counts of vandalism, assault, and manslaughter. He was incarcerated for a large percentage of his life. Over this period of time he has had nothing better to do than to work out and learn a single chaos spell, resulting in magical abilities above draconian averages but below everyone else’s. For over a decade, Adrastos brooded, letting his hatred consume him. Nevertheless, he was released on good behavior recently, just in time for the tournament. Using family money, Adrastos bought some gear and signed up.
    After assisting in the Meikyou assassination, Adrastos stayed away from his homeland, initially moving to Tana. However, he still managed to get in trouble, and spent seven more years in prison. Again, the lack of distractions benefited his studies, and he managed to learn a little more of the chaos discipline, while keeping his body from deteriorating as well. Getting out of jail, Adrastos quickly moved to the lawless Helsing to avoid being incarcerated again. He continued to travel to Tana for the World Championship Tournament, placing respectably over the years but never winning. Fighting being his only developed skill, he has maintained a suitable living by participating in lesser tournaments across Allana.

    • Name: Guy Blanc
    • Age: 26 (at the start of Chapter 2)
    • Birthday: Whakmi 30, 1976
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Nymph
    • Nationality: Rockwell, Tana
    • Magic Class: Confuto mage
    • Spirit Class: Metalling
    • Job: Raw materials purification and processing (factory job).
    • Armor/Clothes: Slacks, collared shirt, tie, wrist watch.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Illusion and Secondary Elements
    • Spell(s): Mastered both magics.
    • Spirit Category(ies): Metal
    • Spirit(s): Metal Extraction (separates metallic elements from various materials on touch) and Metal Manipulation (moves and shapes metals).
    • Combination(s): Hidden Sword (forms a sharp metal shape, turns it invisible, then sends it flying at someone), Hidden Shield (forms a large plate of metal, turns it invisible, uses it to block things), Conduction (sends a lightning spell through a wire-like metal structure), Murgh (on touch, Guy extracts the iron from a victim, then uses a magnetic spell to manipulate the resulting concentrations of metal, sending them flying back through the body at deadly velocities).
    • Skill(s): As a nymph he has foresight. PhyStr -4, PhyStm -4, PhySpd 0, MagStr +2, ManCap +3, SprStr +3, SprStm +3
    • Personality: Self-interested and manipulative. He has no problem with using his illusions on others to obtain what he wants. He has also experimented with using them on himself to fulfill various fantasies, but he understands them too well to become trapped in his own fake realities. He has an annoying laugh.
    • Romance(s): None
    • Ambition(s): None
    • Preference(s): Likes relaxing, drinking, the idea of sex (hasn't experienced the real deal), the idea of being physically threatening (again, not something he knows first-hand). Hates his dull job, and being able to see into the future and know that he will still be doing his dull job.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: Guy is a 5'5”, sickly-thin young man. He is also albino – his skin is pale in the extreme, his messy hair is white, and his eyes are red.
    • Background: Spent most of his childhood inside. He wanted to learn how to cast illusions from an early age, to avoid being mocked by other children for his appearance. His major accomplishment is getting a job for the steady cash, and hasn't gone any farther in life since.
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    Eh well here's my first character - may be subject to change before start-up

    • Name: Janet Abendroth
    • Age: 34
    • Birthday: Dio 24, 1946.
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Asexual
    • Species: Muse
    • Nationality: Wolfbane, Allana
    • Weapon Class: Assassin (though due to lack of weapons in this chapter she is for all intents and purposes a gunner)
    • Magic Class: Nex Sage
    • Spirit Class: Electromancer
    • Weapon(s): Whatever she needs to get the job done; weapons she knows best are snipe-rifles for long range, short-barrelled shot-gun and semi-automatic pistol for mid-range, and combat knives for melee; she always carries a scope with her along with a few things she uses for Thanamancy (these are the main things she takes to the tournament)
    • Armor/Clothes: Just think SWAT team for the tournament; usually wears what the situation calls for
    • Magical Discipline(s): Thanamancy, Secondary Elements, Space
    • Spell(s): Mastered all three disciplines
    • Spirit Category(ies): Electrical
    • Spirit(s): Electromancy
    • Combination(s): Improvises (If I start noticing a trend in attack combos I use I’ll add it)
    • Skill(s): Able to morph; trained in some martial arts
    Phys Str: +1 Phys Stm: +2 Speed: +2 Mag Str: +6 Mana Capacity: +6 Spiritual Str: -5 Spiritual Stm: -5. Combination Strength: 7.5
    • Personality: She is very quiet, only speaking when she feels she should. She actually likes people well enough; she’s just too quiet for most people to realize it. When around others she habitually observes the surroundings and the conversations of those around her.
    • Romance(s): None
    • Ambition(s): None
    • Preference(s): Likes being in the presence of people and dislikes being alone for long periods of time.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: She’s a muse, it varies; In the tournament she is blonde and has a simple short hairstyle and hazel eyes. She’s about 5’ 6’’ and athletic.
    • Background: She was born into a family of assassins who trained her since she was a child. She began learning Thanamancy when she was younger as a way to keep herself occupied (playmate sort of thing), her family approved since it would be useful in the future.
    As she grew older she began helping with the family business and she has gone on various missions over the years. Now she has decided to go into the tournament because she’s lonely from her years in hiding.

    (Future home of bisexual playboy Dragon/Vampire in the second part... prepare yourselves)

    (Future home of eccentric male Enlil Scientist who dances as a fighting style in the final parts)
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    • Name: Anastasia Corona
    • Age: 20
    • Birthday: Zamzi 21st, 1960
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Claims to be from somewhere in Gratu thought she never says where exactly.
    • Weapon Class: N/A at this time.
    • Magic Class: Divinus Pupil
    • Job: Nurse
    • Weapon(s): A scythe. It looks old, but it's still in pretty good condition. She keeps the blade covered when not in use.
    • Armor/Clothes: Ana is usually seen wearing a white and red full-skirted polka-dot dress that wouldn't have been out-of-place about 30 years back. When working though, she will don a traditional white nurse's uniform.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Healing
    • Spell(s): Ana has mastered the healing discipline of Divinus magic.
    • Skill(s): PhyStr +1, PhyStm +2, PhySpd +2, MagStr +2, ManCap +2. Rest min.
    • Personality: Ana is quiet and reserved most of the time, but is charismatic when the situation calls for it (enough so that the many questions about her past can go unanswered).
    • Romance(s): She's been in a number of relationships over the years, but all of them have fizzled out.
    • Ambition(s): To regain back something that was lost.
    • Preference(s): While Ana does enjoy being around others and helping them, she prefers her own solitude. She also has a penchant for knitting and sewing. She doesn't really hate anything.
    • Role:
    • Appearance: She is fit and has lightly wavy dark auburn hair. She is about 5'1". Her skin is lightly tanned while her hair is very long but not overly long. Her eyes are a very dark green.
    • Background: Anastasia was born somewhere in Gratu and came to Tana about a year ago. She took on the nursing gig at the tournament for the perks. Not much else is known about her right now.

    ((Reservation for a certain someone and related characters in chapter 2 and on.))
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    reserved in the hizzay, and yay for saturn coming back

    • Name: Vendetta Vandort
    • Age: 30
    • Birthday: Siare 12, 1949
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Larki, Allana, Gratu
    • Weapon Class: Gunner
    Magic Class: Runic Mage
    • Spirit Class: Photoling
    • Job: Private Investigator
    • Weapon(s): Though he prefers to refrain from using weapons, he carries two pistols, one of them a simple standard-issue pistol. The other is an antiquated gun-engraveling that calls itself Dai Catarina. This gun is able to shoot out bullet-forms of auctoritae which can explode into their full form just before impact with a target to be used in various ways, or can maintain bullet form to pierce a target with varying effects. In addition, Vendetta can connect himself intravenously to Dai Catarina to allow the two of them to share mana as needed.
    • Armor/Clothes: Vendetta wears a black double-breasted suit most of the time. In addition, he wears a black long-sleeved button-down shirt and a red tie. Beneath this suit he wears a bulletproof vest, which he accompanies with a bulletproof set of pants underneath a set of black slacks. Finally, Vendetta, when not on the job, wears sunglasses and a fedora.
    Magic disciplines : Draconian and Primary Elements
    Death Cloud (Surrounds the caster in a corrosive shield which destroys both organic and inorganic material which has not been touched by Inoculate)
    -Desecrate (A spell which requires pinpoint accuracy but has a nice payoff. The caster fires a laser which, if it hits an open wound or into an opponents orifice, will cause a poison to work its way through the body which will render the opponent completely immobile and blocked off from their ability to cast spells, use spirits, or move for roughly 30 seconds. The cost is heavy if accuracy is not perfect, however. Should the caster not hit into the targets interior, then they will be locked from moving themselves for 15 seconds, perfectly incapable of using magic, spirits, or moving)
    -Foul (Traps an opponent’s naturally toxic substances (such as urine or feces) within their body)
    -Inoculate (Grants the caster and whatever he chooses immunity to toxic magic for about an hour)
    -Intoxicate (Increases the amount of alcohol in a victims body to the point of making them behave drunkenly)
    -Iron Dust (creates a cloud of iron shrapnel)
    -Malign Intervention (A spell that douses an object in a strong paralytic toxin. If the object pierces a target and the poison gets into the bloodstream, it will stay there and not do anything until the initial caster releases their hold on the poisons effects, causing the target to instantaneously be paralyzed)
    -Midas (A direct contact spell which allows the caster to turn non-metal objects into a glimmering metal. This metal can only be destroyed by pouring natural water over it, causing it to rust away. The metal is heavy and immobile. Unlike Stonewater, the metal which Midas produces is not simply a coating, but transforms the very core of the object into metal)
    -Skewer (summons a long row of metal spikes to erupt from the ground)
    -Silent Death (creates an invisible, flammable gas)
    -Stonewater (Conjures a liquid-like metal which is incredibly heavy and fires said metal at a target. Upon striking the target, the metal clings tightly and freezes the target as it rapidly cools on their body and eventually forms a sort of natural cuff around the area in which the target has been hit)
    -Titan's Shield (creates a shield of steel in front of the caster)
    -Treacherous Intent (Creates a poisonous liquid that is, to the basic senses, indistinguishable from water. The intensity of the poison depends on the mana strength of the caster)
    -Desiina Vita (A master spell that instantly causes the target to begin rapidly losing their mana and spiritus, which exits their body in the form of clear liquid. Can take anywhere from 10 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the target’s amount of spiritus/mana as well as how directly in contact they are with the toxin)
    -Loricatus Arma (A master spell which draws in all metal objects to the casters body, coating them in an armor of metal which can have its parts projected at high speeds in any direction)
    -Venaliter (a master spell that combines metal and toxic mana into a singular attack)

    -Amnis: (controls small bodies of moving water)

    • Spirit Category(es): Light
    • Spirit(s): Spectrovision: This ability allows Vendetta to adjust his sight to see anywhere along the electromagnetic spectrum. Currently, he can only see through one field at a time, switching between the different forms of vision as though they were lenses. In addition to the parts of the electromagnetic spectrum, Vendetta has two lenses which allow him to see both mana and spiritus, though both appear as colorless energies. This allows Vendetta to, among other things, see through any material, and observe when people are gathering mana before their spell is cast. In addition, Vendetta can attain pinpoint accuracy when firing his gun.
    • Skill(s): When plugged into Dai Catarina, Vendetta gains a +6 in Mana Capacity. PhyStr 0, PhyStm +1, PhySpd +2, MagStr: +2, MaCap: +1, (+8 when hooked to Dai Catarina) SprStr +2, SprStm +2.
    • Personality: Vendetta sees himself as a very normal person. He has a certain degree of intensity to him, but normally carries himself with a calm poise. Vendetta is usually reserved and has a certain air of maturity to him. He is not above somewhat lighthearted activities, however.
    • Romance(s): married to his job
    • Ambition(s): Vendetta hopes to continue on as a servant of those in need to aid those who need help.
    • Preference(s): Vendetta prefers simplicities in life. The feel of nice clothes and a comforting morning wake-up with a nice breakfast. He enjoys detective novels as well as science-fiction television shows: Cosmodian Journey being his favorite. Vendetta enjoys finding diners late at night to eat at in the busy city. He dislikes heat and the sun, preferring night on the whole. He also dislikes those that treat him or his family with disrespect.
    • Role: Party member
    • Appearance: Vendetta is 6 feet tall and relatively pale. His hair is dark brown, to the point of being considered black and kept short, as Vendetta feels it suits him better than long hair. Vendetta is a lanky fellow, slender and underweight for his height. His skin is rough and he often has to shave his beard, leaving him with a near constant five-o-clock shadow on his good days, and the beginnings of a black beard on the days he does not shave.
    • Background: Vendetta was born, as all children are, in Tana. He was given his unique light spirit at birth and given to his parents, a pair of police from Larki. The two raised Vendetta well and taught him about the justice system, which Vendetta eventually grew to adore and wished to become a part of. Vendetta’s family, however, was not on the wealthy side. They had fallen on hard times before due to his father’s occasional alcoholism and his mother’s tendency to gamble. For this reason, Vendetta was not able to attend a university, and instead made his way into the justice system directly through the police force. He volunteered as a teenager and eventually became a deputy. After years of witnessing various cases which the police abandoned interest in when the jurisdiction left their hands, Vendetta became enamored with trying to solve said cases on his own, eventually leading him to become a private investigator. He has no formal training, but has had a high success rate among his clientele. On one mission into Autumne, Vendetta found himself chasing a criminal who had taken refuge in an abandoned series of buildings in Cairo. Through his chase, Vendetta came across the cursed weapon, Katie Rosalina, who, due to her deteriorating mental state, had come to refer to herself as Dai Catarina and led Vendetta to believe she was an inscribed weapon. Vendetta caught the criminal and brought Dai Catarina with him. He now keeps the gun as a weapon and partner on his missions.

    • Name: Katherine Rosalina (Katie) (Dai Catarina)
    • Title: Dai Cataraina, or, as Vendetta refers to her, dicat
    • Age: 240 (mentally 258)
    • Birthday: Tania 16, 1721
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Asexual
    • Species: Muse
    • Nationality: Augusta, Autumne
    • Magic class: Conjurer
    • Magic Discipline(s): Conjuration
    Spells: Katie can fire condensed auctoritae as bullets at her enemies. She can do this in a number of ways. Either by keeping the auctoritae in a bullet form, in which their element is maintained and left in the wound, or by firing the bullets which explode just before impact, releasing them in full explosive power upon her targets.
    • Skill(s): MagStr +6, ManCap +6
    • Personality: Katie is a megalomaniacal psychopath who wishes nothing more than death and pain upon all that is innocent and good in the world. After over two centuries sitting alone in a vault within Rosalina Trading Company, Katie has grown even more insane than she was as a mortal being, she now believes fully that she is a goddess of destruction and that she has watched the world on high from her chamber, a pit of absolute chaos and total darkness.
    • Romance(s): none
    • Ambition(s): To rule Hallum in an era of destruction unforgettable to all.
    • Preference(s): She does enjoy opera.
    • Role: Inscribed Weapon
    • Appearance: A medium-sized handgun with inscriptions of the Auctoritae imprinted on her surface.
    • Background: Katie Rosalina, a deranged summoner from Autumne, was, during her lifetime, a member of the Queen's Armada and a rather mean individual. She eventually committed suicide during the battle between Autumne and the alliance of Allana and Zotta, causing a large mana-explosion in her death. Due to her being previously cursed with the Sin curse of Wrath, she was reborn as a gun. Eventually, she was carried away by Dai Faust and put away in a vault within the (now former) headquarters of Rosalina Trading Company. She has spent over two-hundred years in isolation which has caused her mind to deteriorate rapidly, leaving her even more delusional, believing she is a goddess of destruction. She was eventually found by Vendetta Vandort and has re-emerged into society as Vendetta's second gun.
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    • Name: Jeanette (Jeane) Grant
    • Age: 17
    • Birthday: Tania 14, 1962
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Aestii
    • Weapon Class: None/Unique - Use of preconstructed spell devices make her fairly capable in a fight regardless.
    • Magic Class: Runic Mage (Spell alchemist)
    • Spirit Class: Psychomancer, Chronomancer
    • Job: Recent graduate, soon to be in research/higher education
    • Weapon(s): Personal make of spell containment devices, which hold previously casted spells for easy release.
    • Armor/Clothes: somewhat mild-business like casual. A diverse mix.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Metaphysical Alchemy
    • Spell(s): Mana forms: Animus, Tractus, Runic Barriers
    • Spirit Category(ies): Mind, Time
    • Spirit(s): Psycomancy, Glimpse through time(Allows minor sight-like vision of the past and present, made clear by research)
    • Skill(s): The main strength in her combat is use of preconstructed spells through alchemy, even those cast by others. Her psychomancy allows her to invade the minds of others as a distraction tool (though it distracts her from other tasks as well,) induce minor illusion and misconception, and, at strongest use, put both herself and a target in a near coma-like state. In a subdued target, it can be used for partial mind-reading.
    STATS: PhyStr -.25, PhyStm 0, PhySpd +.5, MagStr + 1.25, ManCap +.75, SprStr +1.25, SprStm +.75
    • Personality: Highly intelligent, Jeane knows full well she's both smart and a brilliantly talented alchemist. While she doesn't let herself come across as conceited, she can't quite be humble, either. She's a hard worker and gets along well with others in a team. Her greatest joy in life is experimenting and probing different things for a greater understanding; her curiosity extends well beyond her studies, and into most aspects of her life.
    • Ambition(s): To invent as a private researcher, and also, to study history.
    • Preference(s):
    • Role: Ally
    • Appearance: Medium height and of a fairly average, but slim figure; slightly above average curves. Her skin is fairly pale white, but still holds a healthy glow. Wears waist-length blonde hair straight, sometimes tied. Of a slightly less than fit build, she appears more as soft and feminine than well-toned, and isn't very strong. Her face is sleek, marked by bright blue eyes.
    • Background: While not of a highly wealthy family, she was fairly well-off, and her skill in academics and alchemy were recognized fairly early. By the time she started high school, she had been considering the possibility of planning to graduate early, but chose not to, in favor of both enjoying the opportunity at hand, and letting opportunities for her after high school broaden with time.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
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    OK. I've updated the first post with links to all three maps. Now it should be easier to figure out nationalities.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited May 2011
    In 2005, I started a new RP series called Love of a Lunar Maiden. The RP only lasted for a little while. The return of Bokuden's Birth of a Dead War pretty much killed LoaLM. Later on, someone asked whatever happened to LoaLM. Thus, I decided to come up with an ending... where I killed almost everyone. Somehow, that act made the RP mean a bit more to me. From then on, I started crafting the Hallum-verse, year by year.

    The seventh year of Hallum has begun.

  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    YAY!!!!! a whole decade!
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
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    Edited Enrica into my post.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
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    I have compiled almost all spells into one page on the site. I'll put it in my signature, so it'll be easy to look up spells. ONLY add spells to your profiles if you want them added to the canon list.
  • ZaleraZalera Death Seraph Full Members
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    Name: Lobo Hunt
    Age: 22
    Birthday: Soli 14, 1958
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Werewolf
    Nationality: Autumne, Wembley Province
    Weapon Class: Berserker/Fighter
    Magic Class: Tractus Mage
    Spirit Class: Phonomancer & Chronomancer
    Job: Odd job worker
    Weapons: Claws and Fangs. His claws are reinforced by metal claws attached to the tips of his fingers.
    Armor/Clothes: A heavy armor that protects Lobo from any type of attack. However, the armor can only resist a certain amount of damage.
    Magic Discipline: Tractus
    Spells: Mastered
    Chrono: Master spell that enables the caster to move as fast as the speed of light.
    Fast Blow: Slows time for a target and increases time for the caster just before a physical attack is about to be initiated, allowing the caster to perform a long drawn-out combo--which would normally take minutes--but now take only a few seconds; in the blink of an eye, the long combos can land, and they are too fast for the target to see.
    Final Strike: A master spell that, by slowing down time while increasing the caster's time, the caster can deliver one final blow.
    Tractus: Able to stop time in a radius dependent on the user's magical strength.
    Momentum: Multiplies the momentum of an already moving object in order to greatly increase its speed and impact force, or in reverse, does the opposite.
    Duplicate: Creates a spatial copy of any given object or person. If the object cloned is hit, the copy will disappear.
    Pondus: Master spell that enables the control of space within a radius determined by the caster's magical strength.
    Spirit Categories: Phonomancy & Fear
    Spirit: Horror(Distorting and corrupting everything a target sees depending on what the target fears [external fear] the most, it’s purely psychological unlike Haunt.)
    Sound Barrier: Combining Tractus and Phonomancy, Lobo contains a large amount of sound acting as a barrier to trap an enemy.
    Shock Pulse: Creates a devastating wave of sound, destroying anything or anyone in its path; uses Chrono to make the sound waves travel at the speed of light.
    Magnitude: Phonomancy and Chrono used together to create a powerful tremor in a certain area.
    Haunt: Using Pondus and Horror, Lobo makes the target’s greatest fear (external fear) a reality. The image depends entirely on what the target fears the most. If the image is attacked, it disappears.
    Feral Instincts: Heightens the senses to track down fleeing or hiding opponent(s).
    Fear Effect: Lobo gets stronger when sensing an opponent’s fear, indefinitely increasing his physical stats. Usually activates after using Horror or Haunt.
    Animalistic Frenzy: Uses immense strength to ravage opponent(s).
    PhyStr +1, PhyStm +2, PhySpd +3, MagStr +1, ManCap +1, SprStr +2, SprStm +2 Combination Strength: 4.5
    Personality: Aloof and quiet, he rarely talks to anyone unless needed. He prefers to be alone, though sometimes he tends to socialize every now and then. Traveling alone made him independent and not reliant to others. Of course this doesn’t mean he wouldn’t accept offered help. When aggravated or threatened, he will not hesitate to kill. Lobo basically hates small spaces because of his size and because he’s claustrophobic. Lobo is good with children and is quite fond of them. He prefers to use physical attacks rather than using spells. He only casts magic either to make his attacks deadlier or as a last resort.
    Romance: No one yet.
    Ambition: Nothing in particular.
    Likes: Silence, sleeping, eating, being alone (most of the time).
    Dislikes: Noise, crowds and small spaces.
    Appearance: Larger than an average Werewolf. He has dark purple fur (dyed). His fur’s shade of purple is so dark that it may seem black at first glance. Lobo has large teeth that can probably rip through steel. He has complete heterochromia; the color of his irises doesn’t match. The iris in his left eye is yellow and blue in his right. His claws are long and have a black tint. His ears are long and pointy. His tail is fluffy and goes halfway up his back.
    Role: Party Member
    Background: Although Lobo likes the peace and quiet of his home, living alone away from his kind; he eventually grew tired of living a boring life. So, he sets out to travel the world. He’s usually broke and to compensate, Lobo does odd jobs given to him by various clients. These odd jobs often involve killing someone or something. He was on his way back home when he overheard strangers talking about an upcoming tournament and decided to enter just for the sake of entering.
  • CaffeineCrazedCaffeineCrazed Nope Full Members
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    • Name: Eraclease T. Raem
    • Age: 24
    • Birthday: Gramti 19th 1955
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Rockwell, Tana
    • Weapon Class: Assassin
    • Spirit Class: Eternal Rain
    • Job: Assassin
    • Weapons: Katar, throwing knives, two canisters of water and a dagger with two, spaced, opposite-facing blades, nicknamed Swordbreaker.
    • Armor/Clothes: Bulletproof vest under a black, hooded, zip-up sweatshirt, lightweight black pants and gray shoes. He also wears a gray scarf.
    • Spirit Categories: Water and Time
    • Spirits: Aquamancy, Stop (stops all time within a mile; can keep it up for about 10 seconds without having to recharge, for all lengths after that he has to recharge for twice as much time) and Slow (slows all time within a mile to half of its original)
    • Skills: He is stealthy. He is skilled with most small, bladed weapons.
    PhyStr 0 PhyStm +1 PhySpd +2 SprStr +2 SprStm +2
    • Personality: He is light hearted and always calm. He doesn’t trust many, but it’s just as hard to lose his trust as it is to gain it.
    • Romance: None
    • Ambition: To die doing what he loves and with a smile on his face.
    • Preferences: He likes killing and sharp weapons. He dislikes people he doesn’t trust and people that ask about his scar.
    • Role: Party member
    • Appearance: He is 5’11”. He has a light build with little visible muscle. His skin is extremely pale. He has short, dark red hair with streaks of white going through it. His irises are clear like glass. He has a scar going from his left cheek bone to the right side of his upper lip, he covers this with his scarf but the higher part of it can still be seen.
    • Background: He had a normal childhood, well, as normal a childhood as you can have in a family of thieves. His early life was spent pick pocketing and smuggling illegal items. After a while, he became sick of that life, stealing Swordbreaker and abandoning his family. He needed money, and theft and killing was all he knew, so he became an assassin. He ended up in the assassination business because he would make more money off the jobs, and with his ties to the underground, he had no trouble finding jobs. He has come to the tournament in hopes of finding a possible hit, and he doesn’t mind watching the fighting either.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
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    95% good. The only issue is spiritual stats. As a human, Erac can only get a max of +2 in his spirit stats, so the +4 and +3 aren't really possible. Stop may be a tiny bit broken, but I'll wait to see it in action before I start over reacting.
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
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    If you're going to forgo magic altogether then you could just make him a phoenix. Their base spirit strength is +5. The only real downside is their -1 physical stamina but you can build on that.
  • CaffeineCrazedCaffeineCrazed Nope Full Members
    edited May 2011
    There, lowered his spirits, but gave him some physical stamina to compensate. That was just an error on my part, sorry. Also, he can't just spam stop, what I meant was he can use it for under 15 seconds, then use other spirits. If he used it for more or spammed it, his time spirits would be basically unusable until he recharged and his water spirits would be seriously weakened.
  • InsaneWhisperInsaneWhisper Better dig your heels in Full Members
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    um... eyes that change colour... he's human I doubt that's even possible. Clix could you verify?
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
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    It is possible for them to appear as a different color (mine sometimes appear green instead of their usual blue) but as far as actually changing then no I don't think humans can do that.

  • CaffeineCrazedCaffeineCrazed Nope Full Members
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    One, they don't change, some colors appear to be there at different angles. That was partially my fault for forgetting a few words.. Two, humans can't do magic either yet they can in the RP, I'm pretty sure logic isn't the most important thing.
  • InsaneWhisperInsaneWhisper Better dig your heels in Full Members
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    I was talking about Hallum humans, not Earth humans. There is logic in Hallum, it's just different than Earth logic.
  • CaffeineCrazedCaffeineCrazed Nope Full Members
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    That was my point, it has different logic. It really doesn't matter that much, if you really care so much about it, don't worry.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
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    Some shades of hazel eyes look different from different angels. Only muses and ocular spirits allow for the person to actually change their eye color.
  • CaffeineCrazedCaffeineCrazed Nope Full Members
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    There, since a simple trick of light was causing this much trouble, I removed it.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
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    BTW, clarification on the new master time spell, Chrono. Here is what Chrono does, in full:

    1. It allows the caster to move at the speed of light.
    2. It prevents the caster from being hurt by the obvious complications of moving at that intense speed.
    3. It does NOT increase the caster's senses or perception of time-space.
    4. It does NOT protect the caster from injury upon contact with other physical objects.

    Thus, the spell is practically suicidal. However, with the augment spell Morpheus, the spell is manageable upon oneself.
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    Am I to assume I still have a place here? I know I've been absent for a while now.
    So close...And yet so far...
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    • Name: Riley Skylex
    • Age: 19
    • Birthday: Etria 21, 1959
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Very much Heterosexual
    • Species: Elf
    • Nationality: Rolandd, Grate
    • Weapon Class: Bard
    • Magic Class: Runic Mage
    • Job: A multi-billion dollar paid superstar. A household name, traveling the world singing and playing music.
    • Weapon(s): Riley has several magically enhanced musical instruments that he uses to fight with, while he sings. Including:
    * Ginger: In the first days of Rolandd there is said to have lived an elf girl who loved to watch fire and be around it, and she would hum her favorite songs whenever she touched it to distract from the pain. After doing it so many times, it is said that her eyes glowed with fire and she no longer felt the pain of the heat. This 4003 Rickenbacker Fireglo Bass is imbued with the elements of Fire and Light.
    * The Beached Orphans: There are tales of a forgotten cruise ship that sunk and the only survivors were 88 children of different ages, lost at sea. It is said that they would sing songs to raise their spirits and the ocean herself would sing with her, and that is what makes the waves move. This piano is imbued with the element of Water.
    * Dalilah: There is an old wives' tale of a girl with long flowing hair that would sit on mountains and whistle till the wind stopped, all because of a bet. But she was so determined to win, that when the wind didn't stop blowing, she died. This flute is imbued with the element of Wind.
    * Kit and Caboodle: An old fable tells of a mischievous old ogre that lived underground and would bang on his drums to make earthquakes whenever he was angry or even happy. This drumset is imbued with the element of Earth.
    * The Twins: There is a legend of two young twins born long ago, a boy and a girl, who would go out everyday and annoy the town with their music making. Many years later with turn tables were invented and their mysterious sound making properties were discovered, it is said these two twins had their soul put into a pair of very well-made turntables on a little synthesizer. These turntables are imbued with the element of Time.
    • Armor/Clothes: As a celebrity, is is top surprise that Riley maintains a fashion sense that is ahead of his time. He has his own distinct style, but his main outfit of choice is a red zip-up sweat with a stylish white shirt and black tie underneath, with his signature black skinny jeans and purple Converse to finish it off.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Bardic, Space, Entropic
    • Spell(s): Riley uses all of his spells through music and song.
    -Addled Impasse (A forceful song that makes everyone where hears it have no desire to fight)
    -Amplify (amplifies sounds)
    -Aria of Suffering (allows user to mimic another’s voice and other sounds)
    -Ballad of Disgust (causes people to enter a rage-like state where they will attack anyone and anything)
    -Betwixt and Between: Turns the user into a being made of pure sound as long as the song plays. It this form he can travel at the speed of sound and anywhere sounds are happening. This form makes him unable to be hit by physical attacks, but makes him extremely weak to the elements that Sound is weak to, and other elements.
    -Bolero of Souls (absorbs any sound in large radius dependent on the caster's magical strength and fires it in a certain direction. Useful for tracking and leading people on to think someone is nearby)
    -Capture (captures a sound and plays it later)
    -Dance of the Dagger (A fast paced song which induces feelings of extreme pain, similar to that of being stabbed by hundreds of daggers, on its listeners)
    -Dance To The Death (A song that locks Riley and a single target in combat with each other forever, until one of them is dead)
    -Deafen (deafens an opponent)
    -Elven Lullaby (A slow tempo song which causes its listeners to fall into a deep trance like sleep)
    -Fantasia Alla Marcia (A euphoric song that makes the target get lost in their senses and see illusions, often from their own memories and subconscious.)
    -Minuet of Tranquility (Slightly faster paced than the elven lullaby, this song generates an overall feeling of wellness in those who listen to it. While the spell itself cannot heal injuries, it can numb the pain for the time being)
    -Piercing Whistle (creates an obscenely loud high pitched whistle, capable of bringing most foes to their knees quickly)
    -Pines of the Heart (The most sensual, seductive song of all time. Those who hear it can't help but feel amorous and can become in love with a person, object, or animal.)
    -Prelude of Fear (awakens a deep, inescapable and crippling fear in all that hear it)
    -Rhapsody in Bliss (causes opponent to become so captivated in music that they become unaware of pain inflicted upon them or any other stimuli for a time dependent on the caster's magical strength)
    -Song of Empty Melodies (Puts a lasting impression on the target, making them hear things that aren't really there)
    -Soundless Prison (Removes all sound and vibration around a target, and seemingly traps them in an invisible prison.
    -Toccata of Tears (makes one remember their worst physical, mental, and emotional pains all at once and amplifies them ten-fold)
    -Vim And Vigor (Can make people inspired, determined, and willing to fight for the user)
    -Vox Vocis de Gratu (A master spell which emits a strong shockwave from the caster’s mouth. The shockwave itself is capable of tearing hole’s through some walls, pending the materials used to build them)
    He also has minimal Space magic, mostly for cloning himself and using his instruments out of thin air whenever he wants.
    • Skill(s): Super-hearing. Possibly the greatest musical ability of the current generation. PhyStr +2, PhyStm +2, PhySpd +2, MagStr + 0, ManCap +2.
    • Personality: Riley is is quite honest and friendly. He maintains his rock-star mannerisms at almost all times, and his a flair for showmanship and charisma. While he strives for absolute perfection in his concerts (he is easily angered if he hears even the smallest mistake), he is very open minded when it comes to other people. He is cool and confident, and he likes to taunt and tease his opponents. He can be very relaxed and laid back, which can be a problem at times, as he will not see the gravity of the situation. He is also quick to forget names and faces, but he is actually an intellectual and creative genius. He loves his fans, especially the female ones.
    • Romance(s): Many girlfriends and flings of course, but the loves of his life besides music are a mystery.
    • Ambition(s): To never be forgotten and to make people feel emotional with his music forever.
    • Preference(s): Riley loves music above all other things. He's made it his life. He also has a love of people, the human body, mind and spirit, foreign food, being in the spotlight, his fans, making people happy, and echos. He dislikes people who are absolutely rude, and people who write off things before trying them, and he has a fear of death.
    • Role: Party Member
    • Appearance: He is 6'1". His platinum blond hair is long and has a long, twisted and spiked tail in the front. His skin is slightly tanned and he maintains a skinny, but firm build. He is very good-looking, but his looks aren't pushy.
    • Background: From an early age, Riley had an ear and talent for music. His parents, a concert pianist and a roadie, prided themselves on raising a son who loved music as much as they did. As a child, he would play whenever asked, and a lot of the time when he wasn't asked, but no one ever seemed to mind. This talent and determination is what landed him with the moment that changed his life forever. It could have ended early. Another pretty boy making music. But he enhanced his stuff with a few very special one of a kind instruments. This and his interesting, dangerous lifestyle as a wanderer catapulted him into the position of Legend, and at such a young age. It is almost literally impossible to find someone who hasn't heard of him, or heard on of his songs. He is loved my millions, and continues to make them feel something with his notes everyday. He continues to try and find ways to make himself even more famous, and that's where the Tournament comes in.
    So close...And yet so far...
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
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    Human skills can't go above +2, Suke.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited May 2011
    Sorry, but Suke, you aren't allowed to have a party member due to past complications with your activity. The rule is applied to Lunar and LordBlah should they try to sign up as well. Your character can only be used for the tournament if you still wish to play.

    Here are issues that need to be resolved:

    1. Magic Class should be Runic Mage.
    2. It's impossible to invent spells. All spells have always existed; you also cannot rename them, because then they would not work at all. So, you need to ditch all those pop-song spells and use preexisting Bardic spells made by Bolts and Dei. You can add to them if there are spells that aren't there. Keep in mind that bardic magic is based on the element of sound when making new spells, and the names can't be modern song titles.
    3. As Bolts pointed out, you cannot have stats above +2 because Riley is human. Also, his hearing would be within the limits of a human and could not hold a candle to an elf's.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited May 2011
    OK. Suke, I've updated the bardic spell list thanks to your input. Please not that I have removed spells that are more emotion-based than sound-based. If you would like, you could give Riley entropy magic and retool some of the axed bardic spells as new entropy spells.
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