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Hallum: Legacy of the Moon Slayer - Character Profiles and Series Updates



  • ZaleraZalera Death Seraph Full Members
    edited September 2011
    My characters for chapter 2:

    Name: Enoch Thorne
    Age: 14
    Birthday: Etria 22, 1986
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Species: Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid
    Nationality: Autumne, Wembley Province
    Weapon Class: Samurai
    Magic Class: Chaos Pupil
    Spirit Class: Howler
    Job: None
    Weapon(s): Theron Surana (katana), an uchigatana, a hachiwara and a wakizashi.
    Armor/Clothes: He wears a black, long-sleeved shirt, a gray jacket, a pair of dark-blue jeans, and a pair of black and gray sneakers. He doesn’t wear armor except for the chainmail under his shirt and the pauldron, from his dad’s armor, on his right shoulder. Three of his weapons are secured to his belt. He wears his katana and wakizashi on the left side of his hips while the uchigatana is on the right; the katana is worn above the wakizashi. He keeps his hachiwara sheathed horizontally behind him on his lower back.
    Magic Discipline: Dark
    Beckon the Abyss: Creates a large swarm of darkness
    Charon: Allows for shadow teleportation.
    Nocturnal: The caster is able to see in the artificial darkness.
    Tangible Darkness: Transform darkness into solid matter.
    Shadow Box: Allows the caster to be able to use their shadow as an extension of their own body. For instance, the user need not hit a target while they have this spell on, they need only for their shadow to touch them and the effect will still be the same.
    Spirit Categories: Fear and Phonomancy
    (None yet.)

    Berserk: He can easily go berserk but not with the same tendency as a full werewolf.
    Fear Effect: Enoch inherited this skill from his father. He gets stronger when he senses fear, indefinitely increasing his physical stats.
    Although he is immune to the effects of sunlight because of his werewolf blood, his eyes can’t stand it.
    PhyStr +1, PhyStm -.5, PhySpd +3, MagStr -.5, ManCap -.5, SprStr 0, SprStm 0
    Personality: Enoch is a bit reckless and headstrong and he hates being treated as a child. He is also hotheaded. Enoch hates going out, especially when it’s sunny. He has a sadistic nature but he only shows it during combat.
    Romance: None yet.
    Ambition: To find his dad.
    Likes: blood, meat (preferably raw), fighting, traveling
    Dislikes: vegetables and fruits
    Appearance: Enoch looks more human, like his mother. The only physical trait he got from his dad is his heterochromia. He has a red left eye, and yellow right eye. He has auburn hair with streaks of black. His skin is extremely pale. 5’6’’.
    Role: Party Member
    Background: Enoch was born on Etria 22, 1986. This was the time when his dad, Lobo Hunt, was always off to train somewhere for the tournament. Because of this, Enoch had never seen his dad in person, only in photos. When he was older, Enoch found out that his mom was disowned by her parents, though he never asked why. This is the reason why his mom’s surname is Thorne. He doesn’t have his dad’s surname since his parents were never married. At age 13, Enoch started learning magic at school but did not complete his training.

    In 2001, his dad disappeared suddenly after losing in the tournament. He hated his dad for leaving him and his mom. One day, he made up his mind to look for him and bring him back to his mom. On Siare 2001, he began his journey. He did this without his mom’s knowledge. Enoch was able to earn some money through small jobs like rescuing lost kittens or cleaning someone’s garage or something a kid can easily do. He saw a katana in a shop and wanted to buy it, but it was too expensive. Enoch stole it instead. He only found out that the katana is an inscribed weapon when he used it to defend himself against the police. Enoch was able to learn the basics of swordsmanship from a swordsman he met while traveling through a forest. After his training, his master gave him three more weapons: an uchigatana, a hachiwara and a wakizashi. It was also his master who gave him the chainmail he’s wearing under his clothes. He traveled with someone for a short time but they parted ways.

    Name: Theron Surana
    Age: Unknown
    Birthday: Unknown
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Unknown
    Species: Elf
    Nationality: Unknown
    Spirit Class: Shadow
    Spirit Category: Darkness
    Shadow Edge: The blade becomes coated with dark energy, giving it an increased ability to cut through armor.
    Shadow Blade: A wave of dark energy follows the arc made by the sword when swung and flies toward the target.
    Shadow Pulse: An orb of dark energy will form at the hilt and will rapidly expand, creating a dome made of dark energy. After expanding, it will recompress and implode. After that, the katana will remain suspended in mid-air for a few seconds before dropping to the ground. The target, however, will be nowhere to be found.
    SprStr 2, SprStm 2
    Personality: He likes to keep to himself and doesn’t talk much. Because of this, Enoch barely knows anything about him.
    Romance(s): Unknown
    Ambition(s): To protect Enoch
    Preference(s): Unknown
    Role: Inscribed weapon
    Appearance: A black katana
  • DuceDuce Now in Lemon Flavor Full Members
    edited October 2011
    Characters for Chapter 2. Please mention anything I need to change so I can get on that.

    Name: Jenna Grayson

    Age: 21

    Birthday: Whakmi 30, 1981

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Species: Human

    Nationality: Tana

    Weapon Class: Weapon Master

    Magic Class: Yahweh Pupil

    Spirit Class: Metalmancy

    Job: Mercenary

    Weapon(s): Two large metal poles used for Metalmancy.

    Armor/Clothes: When fighting, wears a combat vest over a full outfit of urban camo. When not, she wears a blue blouse and skin-tight blue jeans with a silver-colored fashion belt.

    Magical Discipline(s): Augment, Secondary Elements

    Spell(s): Mastered Augment, has small amount of experience in Secondary Elements.

    Spirit Category(ies): Metal

    Spirit(s): Metalmancy

    Combination(s): Still in development.

    Skill(s): PhyStr:+1 PhyStam:+2 PhySpd:+2 MagStr:+2 MagCap:+1 SpirStr:+2 SpirCap:+2

    Personality: Jenna is an outgoing woman with a healthy sense of humor. She is passionate in battle and in life, especially concerning her younger brother of whom she is fiercely protective.

    Romance(s): None, but she does enjoy dating and flirting.

    Ambition(s): To make enough money to let her brother set up a more peaceful life away from mercenary work.

    Likes: Dancing, partying, nice men, enjoying the little things, trying to set her brother up with girls.
    Dislikes: Anyone who tries to hurt her brother, people who take things too seriously, people who refuse to be held responsible for their actions.

    Role: Party Member

    Appearance: Jenna stands at about 5’7 and has long blonde hair and blue-green eyes. When fighting, her hair is tied up and kept out of the way, but when she is relaxing it is let down and falls to around the middle of her back. She has a dynamic and well-defined figure, not heavy with muscle, but also not skinny nor frail. Her features are soft and she has a slightly high forehead.

    Background: Jenna and Sean’s parents were killed in a house fire when she was only seven years old and her brother four. She took on the responsibility well and started finding odd-jobs that she could do for money to support her and her brother. Eventually, she noticed that mercenary could pay better, so she learned how to fight by using spirits and learning magic. While she enjoys the dynamic life of a mercenary, she knows her brother does not. Her goal is to ultimately make enough money to get her brother set up in a nice town with a good wife where he can live his life happily while she continues her ways as a sword-for-hire.

    Name: Sean Grayson

    Age: 17

    Birthday: Hikage 4, 1985

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Heterosexual

    Species: Human

    Nationality: Tana

    Weapon Class: Priest

    Magic Class: Divinus Pupil

    Spirit Class: Pyromancer

    Job: Unemployed, part-time mercenary.

    Weapon(s): Bo-Staff

    Armor/Clothes: Sean wears a white t-shirt under a red parka. He also wears blue jeans and black sneakers.

    Magical Discipline(s): Healing

    Spell(s): Mastered Healing

    Spirit Category(ies): Pyro

    Spirit(s): Pyromancy

    Combination(s): None at the moment.

    Skill(s): PhysStr: -1, PhysStm: +1, PhysSpd: +2, MagStr: +1, MagCap:+1, SpirStr: +0, SprCap: +1

    Personality: Sean is a kind, altruistic, and quiet teenager. He doesn’t like to fight or see people hurt, but he is very protective of his older sister, Jenna, who’s raised him most of his life.

    Romance(s): None, much to his sister’s annoyance.

    Ambition(s): To convince his sister to give up her dangerous life of violence and get a safer job.

    Likes: Books, the quiet, helping people.
    Dislikes: Cruel people, fighting, large groups.

    Role: Party Member

    Appearance: Sean is wiry and somewhat small standing at about 5’9. He has short blond hair and blue-green eyes. He isn’t a very imposing figure, but he is built lightly and for speed. His features are still young, and despite being 17, haven’t fully filled out yet, giving him a baby-face appearance.

    Background: Sean lost his parents when he was only four years old to a house fire caused by burglars, and as a result doesn’t remember much about them. His sister, Jenna, raised him in their stead. Because Jenna was somewhat of a doting sister, and always took it upon herself to provide for herself and her brother, Sean never developed much self-sufficiency or confidence. He learned magic and developed his spirits because he wanted to help his sister in her mercenary work. He developed his magic more than his spirits due to the offensive nature of Pyromancy. Sean never had the stomach to take jobs, some of which might involve killing, on his own. He learned how to use his bo-staff at the insistence of his sister who thought that a man should know how to defend himself.
    The labels on inflammable objects really should use larger print. Being arrested for arson just cause you don't see 20/20 is stupid.
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
    edited October 2011
    Hooray now we'll have two polearm wielding pyromancers in Ch 2.

    Flying back tomorrow night. See all of you on Monday.
  • DuceDuce Now in Lemon Flavor Full Members
    edited October 2011
    There was a different staff user I missed? Where?
    The labels on inflammable objects really should use larger print. Being arrested for arson just cause you don't see 20/20 is stupid.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited October 2011
    Well, Enrica is a staff user... But pyromancer...?
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
    edited October 2011
    Oh, I decided to go ahead and bring Amir in now since he'll be 16 in Ch 2.
  • ShethSheth Member Full Members
    edited October 2011
    • Name: Jeanette (Jeane) Grant
    • Age: 39
    • Birthday: Tania 14, 1962
    • Gender: Female
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Aestii
    • Weapon Class: None/Unique - Use of preconstructed spell devices make her fairly capable in a fight regardless.
    • Magic Class: Runic Sage (Spell alchemist)
    • Spirit Class: Psychomancer, Chronomancer
    • Job: Museum Manager/Curator
    • Weapon(s): Personal make of spell containment devices, which hold previously casted spells for easy release.
    • Armor/Clothes: somewhat mild-business like casual. A diverse mix.
    • Magical Discipline(s): Metaphysical Alchemy
    • Spell(s): Mana forms: Animus, Tractus, Runic Barriers, Augment
    • Spirit Category(ies): Mind, Time
    • Spirit(s): Psycomancy, Glimpse through time(Allows minor sight-like vision of the past and present, made clear by research)
    • Skill(s): The main strength in her combat is use of preconstructed spells through alchemy, even those cast by others. Her psychomancy allows her to invade the minds of others as a distraction tool (though it distracts her from other tasks as well,) induce minor illusion and misconception, and, at strongest use, put both herself and a target in a near coma-like state. In a subdued target, it can be used for partial mind-reading.
    STATS: PhyStr -.25, PhyStm 0, PhySpd +.5, MagStr + 1.25, ManCap +.75, SprStr +1.25, SprStm +.75
    • Personality: Highly intelligent, Jeane knows full well she's both smart and a brilliantly talented alchemist. While she doesn't let herself come across as conceited, she can't quite be humble, either. She's a hard worker and gets along well with others in a team. While she's no longer the experiment maniac she was when she's younger, she's still somewhat married to her work. She'll obsess over research often, and it can be difficult to reach her when she's in a book or writing notes. She's very caring to people she knows the best, and doesn't think twice about lending a favor. She also won't think twice about calling on a favor she's genuinely owed.
    • Ambition(s): ???: She's recently found something interesting, but doesn't know who to tell or what to do about it. While her highest interest is her work, she does still care for the people of Zotta, when political pressures threaten to put Zotta's innocents in trouble.
    • Preference(s):
    -Younger men (while she's aged wonderfully, she can be sensitive about her age, especially since her brief spotlight at a former world tournament gave her some fame.
    -Focus: A trait Jeane excels in herself, she respects people with clear goals and a persistence to work at them. Similarly, she can get irritated when people she knows seem lazy.
    -Sour foods
    • Role: Ally(Support)
    • Appearance: Medium height and of a fairly average, but slim figure; above average curves. Her skin is fairly pale white, but still holds a healthy glow. Wears waist-length blonde hair straight, most usually tied behind her neck and waist. Of a slightly less than fit build, she appears more as soft and feminine than well-toned, and isn't very strong. Her face is sleek, marked by bright blue eyes. She's aged quite remarkably, and appears more in her early 30s than knocking on 40. She's not oblivious to her aging, and has only started feeling a tug to address tiny signs of aging.
    • Background: While not of a highly wealthy family, she was fairly well-off, and her skill in academics and alchemy were recognized fairly early. After her stunt in the world tournament, she dropped out of competitive fighting. Using the publicity, she earned favors with the Raikens, getting her into college. She occasionally helped their R&D with her own designs on and off for a few years while she established herself in her new field- history. She still tinkers on various things on occasion, in her spare time, but mostly gave up her talents in inventing. She's worked and now manages a museum on the outskirts of Mercer in Autumne.

    ((Please contact me about Mercer. It may be an agricultural region, but I'd assume that in the era we're currently in, a capitol city is a capitol city, and should expect both a big city and a minor suburban skimmings around the edge. Is that a fair assumption?))
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
    edited October 2011
    I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-*head desk*

  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited October 2011
    On a matter not terribly important to things, which chapter 1 character do you all consider to be the best to wear the moniker "main character?" Originally, I intended Luna to be the MC, but she got terribly out of focus in my opinion. Do you all agree? If so, who would you propose better fits as the main character of Ch 1?
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
    edited October 2011
    Tough to say really. Everyone has shared pretty equal screentime/relevance to everything. Vendetta is the first character to pop into my brain when I think about it though.

    Going to post tonight after my stats quiz.
  • icbmalariaicbmalaria Let Mom sleep Full Members
    edited October 2011
    I considered Luna the main, but besides her I'd say Enrica, Janet, or Vendetta
  • DuceDuce Now in Lemon Flavor Full Members
    edited October 2011
    Honestly, I consider it an ensemble cast. No one really overshadowed anyone else. If there HAD to be people labeled as main characters, I'd say they'd be the tournament winners.
    The labels on inflammable objects really should use larger print. Being arrested for arson just cause you don't see 20/20 is stupid.
  • SukeSuke Sexy Back Full Members
    edited October 2011
    I mostly agree with malaria, but if I have to pick someone, Luna. Not just because she just feels like the main, aesthetically it fits, because of her name.
    So close...And yet so far...
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited October 2011
    And yet Luna is not the Moon Slayer. That's someone else.
  • SukeSuke Sexy Back Full Members
    edited October 2011
    Yes, well, her name is still Luna.
    So close...And yet so far...
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
    edited October 2011
    Hannah was nice enough to relocate the dress image for Enrica.


    Note: Just the dress, not the chick.
  • CaffeineCrazedCaffeineCrazed Nope Full Members
    edited October 2011
    I just realized I never posted Eraclease's updated profile.

    • Name: Eraclease Raem
    • Age: 46
    • Birthday: Gramti 19th 1955
    • Gender: Male
    • Sexuality: Heterosexual
    • Species: Human
    • Nationality: Rockwell, Tana
    • Weapon Class: Mercenary
    • Spirit Class: Eternal Rain
    • Job: Assassin
    • Weapons: A katar, 12 throwing knives, 2 canisters of water and the dagger, Swordbreaker.
    • Armor/Clothes: Bulletproof vest under a black trench coat; lightweight, black pants; and gray shoes.
    • Spirit Categories: Water and Time
    • Spirits: Aquamancy, Stop (stops all time within a mile; can keep it up for about 15 seconds without having to recharge, for all lengths after that he has to recharge for twice as much time, can only do it three times in succession) and Slow (slows all time within a mile to half of its original)
    • Skills: He is stealthy. He is skilled with most small, bladed weapons.
    PhyStr +1 PhyStm 0 PhySpd +1 SprStr +2 SprStm +2
    • Personality: He is light hearted and always calm. He doesn’t trust many, but it’s just as hard to lose his trust as it is to gain it.
    • Romance: Married
    • Ambition: To die with a smile on his face.
    • Preferences: He likes fighting and sharp weapons. He dislikes people he doesn’t trust and small talk.
    • Role: Party member
    • Appearance: He is 5’11”. He is skinny and slightly muscular. His skin is pale. He has short, light red hair with streaks of white going through it. His irises are clear like glass. He has a scar going from his left cheek bone to the right side of his upper lip. He also has a scar going through his right eyebrow and another going across four of the fingers on his left hand.
    • Background: After his pathetic display during the overthrowing of Meikyou, he left in shame for The N.I.U. 13 years later, he took an apprentice. The two did well, making more than enough money for the two. They travelled often between the continents, going wherever they could make money. In 1996, he married a woman he had fallen in love with in his travels. In 1998, with the birth of his son, they created a base of operations in Eraclease’s hometown of Rockwell. At this point, they changed professions to mercenary. He has lived this (more) peaceful life for 4 years and has been itching to go into battle once again.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited October 2011
    OK, I'll add more clarity here for the opening of Ch 2.

    The IC is contacting those who have performed well in past tournaments (as seen with Roaring Lion and Vendetta), are able-bodied military or world leaders, and randomly through a lottery. If your character is not a tourney fighter or a leader of some sorts, they would have been chosen through a lottery. BTW, they can only contact those in Tana and Gratu. Etrean-based characters will be MIA. Due to the constant civil wars, there are no teleporters set up between Etreo and the rest of the world except in Govidund and Vulmir. Luna is not joining not because they can't get her to Zotta in time but for reasons that will be explained later. If you are using a character that primarily lives in Etreo, contact me so we can work something out.
  • SukeSuke Sexy Back Full Members
    edited October 2011
    Just so everyone knows, Rolandd is a lot like America in terms of political leanings (but with more emphasis placed on education and the environment), but it looks like Japan. Also, it's about 68 % Female.
    So close...And yet so far...
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited October 2011
    How is it 68% female...? That's... not likely without a gender favoritism, which no Gratian society has.
  • InsaneWhisperInsaneWhisper Better dig your heels in Full Members
    edited October 2011
    That's not likely without infanticide... Which most frown on.
  • ShethSheth Member Full Members
    edited October 2011
    No, it's possible, just illogical. You'd have to set up a system where laws discouraged having more male children, such as "no more children after your first son, or pay crazy-*** taxes." But, that doesn't make any sense unless you were trying to increase the population, and even then, it doesn't help unless your society supports polygamy or approves of promiscuity. More justifiable is a limitation on female children, because that's a direct way of keeping population down in society that does not support polyandry or approve of promiscuity.

    -Not that I necessarily object, I just don't know if it's an easy scenario to set with willing suspension of disbelief.
    If you've some idea, shoot for it. Whatever. But your barrier of entry is clix's willing suspension of disbelief.
  • DuceDuce Now in Lemon Flavor Full Members
    edited October 2011
    I was honestly more interested in how it was approximately a precise percentage. Their census bureau must be full of assholes.
    The labels on inflammable objects really should use larger print. Being arrested for arson just cause you don't see 20/20 is stupid.
  • SukeSuke Sexy Back Full Members
    edited October 2011
    Okay, fine. Nevermind then.
    So close...And yet so far...
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited October 2011

    Need to point out time zones now!!

    I made this mistake myself, so sorry for taking so long to sort things out. The attack on Blackgate City took place at 5:00 PM in Gratu. The other side of the world also has magic, hence it was ~5:00 AM in W. Etreo. E. Etreo, thus, would have been at ~11 AM. Tana, finally would have been at ~11 PM. Hope this helps!
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
    edited October 2011
    Okay, it seems like there's some confusion over what is going on, so I'll explain it as best I can.

    We are currently divided into four teams to assault Zutahalla, we are taking various pathways to go through Zotta.

    Here are the team divisions. Leaders in bold.

    Team A (mission objective: destroy supersoldier program. Head for Zutahalla afterwards) Kanden, Enoch, Aisling, Amir, Adrastos, Roaring Lion

    Team B: (mission objective: head straight for Zutahalla.) Alexia, Trin, Cameron, Sean, Jenna

    Team C: (mission objective: head straight for Zutahalla.) Enrica, Eraclease, Guy, Thomas, Asante

    Team D: (mission objective: destroy weapons program. Head for Zutahalla afterwards) Jeane, James, Adele

    Now then, here are the loose pathways we're taking as I recall them.


    The reason D is so big is because I only know they're starting somewhere in that area. We are starting at our letters and ending up in the capitol at the end where we'll fight Letna.
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
    edited November 2011
    Just so everyone knows I'll be departing on a cruise to the Bahamas Thursday morning and won't be back until some time Monday night. Time to get fat on free buffets.
  • ClixClix Former Listmaster Full Members
    edited November 2011
    I am retiring, effective immediately.

    I am terribly sorry for having jerked you all around for months, if not a year or two. My skills have plateaued if not declined, and I can no longer stomach posting. Each post has become a chore for me, hence my erratic behavior and tardiness. I especially apologize to Khan/GORN and Dei for having largely abandoned their projects while attempting to keep my own afloat. I can no longer even do that much. In all honesty, I should have done this the moment Moonset Requiem finished, before I got any further involved with Hallum, Netherworld, or WGP. I am similarly resigning from RPGamer's staff. Thus, if you all want to make the move to Snapfu, go for it. I won't be joining you all.

    I still enjoy talking about story and mechanic developments. I will always lend an ear for those ideas and give feedback. I just cannot post anymore. I've been a burden for a while now, and I do not wish to continue such a troubling role. All my characters have blurred into the same thing to me--dull. Maybe they have always been that way and I've just been blind. Maybe I've just played too many characters over the last seven years. Regardless, it's finally come to an end. I will be happy to post an outline later of LotMS's plot.

    Thank you all for having played with me, be it for just a few months or for five years.
  • SukeSuke Sexy Back Full Members
    edited November 2011

    ...um. okay.
    So close...And yet so far...
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