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PS3 preventive Maintenance(should I do this?)

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Just some advice here. For quite some time now I've considered a mod where I clean out my PS3 and replace Sony's nasty old thermal paste with Arctic Silver 5 thermal glue. I have one of the old models that's prone to the yellow light of death and I've considered this mod for quite some time as it prevents this and does nothing to the operation of the machine other than make it run cooler. I'm abit chicken to do it myself so I found these guys:

please note that I've heard of people using Gophermods and they seem ok. Also my PS3 console seems to have the fan running abit high even when watching DVD movies...something that takes very little processing power.

Should I go ahead with this? Have you guys heard of Gophermods?
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  • AdamvsMaximvsAdamvsMaximvs New Member Full Members
    It looks like the mods are pretty generic. They have replacement thermal compound and thermal adhesive, PSU and fans.

    If your PS3 doesn't have the better PSU and Fan, adding them will definitely reduce the amount of heat sitting inside the unit, which will help prevent the YLOD due to the RSX chip overheating and possibly damaging the unleaded solder connection. Is it worth it in your situation; maybe.

    As for the thermal paste; just do it yourself. It's mind-numbingly easy and you can pick up AS5 at any computer parts store. The only hickup will be if you want to remove the metal heat spreader on the RSX chip itself. If that's the case you'll need some thermal adhesive as well (also from PC supply stores) as the thermal adhesive placed on the memory component of the RSX chip is what holds the metal heatspreader in place.

    I'd recommend taking yours apart, blowing any dust out of the case, and possibly cleaning a few areas with a q-tip with 90% Isopropyl alcohol to make sure there's no gunk trapping heat inside. After that apply new thermal compound to the RSX chip heatspreader (the metal plate with the label). USE ONLY A RICE GRAIN SIZED AMOUNT in the very center of the chip. Don't spread it as the actual chip on the RSX only sits in contact in the very center and takes up a small area of the heatplate. The pressure from the heasink and fan assembly as you put it back together will spread the thermal compound appropriately. In a computer CPU, there's some evidence to suggest spreading the thermal compound before attaching the cooler, it does not apply in the PS3. After that, reassemble and your temps should go down.

    PS3 Phats are very easy to take apart so it won't take much technical skill. A youtube video or two will have you up to speed in no time.

    Hopefully that helps abit.
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    I'm going to go out on a limb and say any maintenance decisions were done four years ago when the topic was made.
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