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With Great Power: OOC

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Welcome. This is the character creation thread for With Great Power, which is a superhero RPG, and somewhat of an experiment. For starters, With Great Power will have two GMs (already making it twice as good as that other superhero RPG), GORN and myself. We will each be heading a different group of characters, one that could be considered protagonists and one that could be considered antagonists. These groups will operate in the same timeline, and should butt heads more than a couple of times. These should be interesting encounters, considering that we will be asking each player to create at least two characters, one for each side.

We have a few more ideas we’d like to try out, basically with the intent of emphasizing character development and player interaction. However, we don’t intend to start the actual RPG for a while, so we’ll have plenty of time to cover that. Before we get to those kind of details, we need to establish the setting.

January 1st, 2013: the world is thrown on its head as average humans inexplicably gain superpowers. Scientists are scrambling for an answer, regular law enforcement is being overwhelmed by a wave of super-crime, the economy, politics, and even religion are taking unexpected turns. Not many people know how to respond.

Colonel Sam Steele of the U.S. Army, however, knows exactly how to respond. He heads the development of a government-based group of superheroes devoted to the security of their nation and the safety of its citizens. His project is not fully-fledged yet, but he is determined to prove that his team can protect truth, justice, and all that good stuff. GORN will be in charge of this team.

Meanwhile, a mysterious man moves to make his own mark with a mob of madcap misfits. Working under the name Thallis (the god of knowledge from an ancient, obscure religion), he begins hiring some less-than-savory supers to do his bidding, all with some cryptic plot in mind. Khan will be in charge of this team.

Now that you’ve got the basic information, you can decide if you’re interested. We’re looking for anyone that is willing to participate regularly and follow our rules (just think of them as divine arbitrations). If you can post at least once a week and check every other day for updates, then, as originally stated, you are welcome.

Character Sheet

Name: The person’s actual name, including any nicknames or titles.

Codename: Something to protect your real identity, should also reflect your powers.

Declared Allegiance: Who they say they side with. This section shouldn’t alert us of betrayals.

Gender: Pretty simple field.

Age: Not too young, not too old. For consideration, the age limit for joining the army is 18, but we’ll allow a little more leeway for the villains. Include date of birth.

Birthplace: For the government team, characters should have become U.S. citizens at least 5 years from the present. Other than that, this is pretty open.

Appearance: Height, weight, body stuff. If your power changes your appearance, mention it.

Costume: Once again, the villains have a little more flexibility. Government-team costumes should only have slight variations from the standard-issue uniform (basic suit and mask). Make sure to mention any useful equipment before we start doing missions.

Civilian clothes: Can’t be a superhero all day, every day.

Superpowers: A pretty important section. We have some guidelines:
A) Nothing too powerful. Almost a no-brainer, but we don't want any cheapo 'invincible to everything' or 'destroys everything' crap. The number of powers doesn't matter that much to us, but quantity will cost you quality. For reference, imagine your character in a fight with any one of his or her teammates. That fight should be really close, and it should be able to go both ways.
B) Leave some room for improvement, either in powers, physical abilities, or both. Your characters will be around long enough (hopefully) to get some development. C) We'd like everyone to be as specific as possible with their powers. Give us numbers! How many pounds per square inch, miles per second, degrees celsius, volts, IQ, gallons, etc. The exact limits of your powers.
D) Try not to overlap with any of your teammate’s powers. Variety will give each group tactical flexibility. If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, Wikipedia has a list of powers.

Other skills: Any abilities that aren’t derived from the Metachemical.. A couple is reasonable, but we don’t need a hang-gliding, kung fu hacker, who also happens to be an Olympian and a doctor.

Personality: Should be able to fit in with whatever team the character’s in. Would Damien be on a good guy team?

Ambitions: If your character could fulfill his or her wildest fantasies, what would they wish for?

Background: Be as detailed as you like, or leave it mysterious. The government would do more extensive background checks, but if you want to hide a dark secret from everyone else, you can reveal it later for added effect.

Job(s): Current or most recent employment, besides being super. Most people need a cover identity.

Relationships: Not just romances. Not everyone is a lone wolf. Briefly mention close family, friends, perhaps a significant pet.

Preferences: Likes, possibly dislikes.

Notes: Anything you wanted to add, but didn’t fit into one of the other categories.


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    Name: Todd Taylor

    Codename: Tornado

    Declared Allegiance: American Government Team

    Gender: Male

    Age: 25. October 23, 1987

    Birthplace: Greensburg, Kansas.

    Appearance: 6’0”, 185 lbs. Well-built. Dusty blond hair, blue eyes, farmer’s tan.

    Costume: The standard government suit.

    Civilian clothes: Jeans, t-shirt and undershirt, tennis shoes.

    Superpowers: Wind generation. Tornado can create up to an EF2 tornado (Enhanced Fujita Scale: 111-135 mph winds; roofs torn off well-constructed houses; foundations of frame homes shifted; mobile homes completely destroyed; large trees snapped or uprooted; light-object missiles generated; cars lifted off ground), but has no control over it.. EF1 and EF0 tornadoes are easier for him control. It takes him about 5 seconds to create a tornado.

    Other skills: Understanding of farm equipment, can play the guitar pretty well, and his singin’ voice ain’t half bad, either.

    Personality: Sort of a lone wolf. Would prefer to keep to himself, and therefore might come off as antisocial, but in reality he is a kind and generally likeable person

    Ambitions: To become a country singer, and to get his powers under control.

    Background: Born and raised in a farm town, decided not to go to college but instead stay at home, helping out and practicing the guitar. Took to the road in early 2013 to pursue his music career.

    Job(s): Gigs here and there.

    Relationships: Todd’s parents are Marie and Mark Taylor, and his sister Sarah is ten years younger than him. The family has a golden retriever named Wheaty.

    Preferences: Country music, summer evenings, a quiet crowd.

    Notes: Acts like he’s hiding something.

    Name: Colonel Sam Steele

    Codename: N/A

    Declared Allegiance: Government team

    Gender: Male

    Age: 50. November 9th, 1962

    Birthplace: Fairfax, Virginia

    Appearance: 5’ 11”, 198 lb., muscular build, grey hair, sharp jaw, eye patch, mustache, grey eyes, crew cut. He is in great shape for his age.
    Costume: He wears a colonel’s military uniform (obviously).

    Civilian clothes: Not important

    Superpowers: N/A

    Other skills: Colonel Steele has had extensive training as a soldier of the United States Army. His most notable skills are his endurance and his expertise of close combat. He is an expert leader.

    Personality: Steele is a dedicated and stubborn man. He believes that hard work and a strong will can solve anything.
    Ambitions: To help keep our country safe.

    Background: Same Steele was born into a lower-middle class family. As a student, he was an average academic, but a talented athlete. Steele joined the military soon after completing high school in 1982. In 1983, he was deployed in the Invasion of Grenada, where he earned the Purple Heart and the Bronze Star for saving 7 members of his squad after they came under heavy fire. He attended college through the army and got his undergrad in political science. During the Gulf War, the War in Afghanistan, and the War in Iraq, his skills earned him his current rank of Colonel.
    Job(s): Colonel of the United States Army

    Relationships: Steele is very close to his immediate family; Steven (father), Sarah (mother), and Brian (younger brother).

    Preferences: A job well done, any free time he can get, salami

    Notes: none yet

    Name: Anne Turnbull

    Codename: Psy-KO

    Declared Allegiance: Thallis and Associates

    Gender: Female

    Age: 30. December 14, 1982.

    Birthplace: San Diego, California

    Appearance: 5’4”, 122 lbs., thin, disheveled appearance. Messy brown hair, large hazel eyes.

    Costume: Tights, gloves, knee-high boots, and face mask, all purple.

    Civilian clothes: Gray hoodie, t-shirt, cargo pants, worn tennis shoes, concealed baseball bat, 1 baseball (it’s amazing what people will throw out).

    Superpowers: Telekinesis and telepathy. She can’t move objects heavier than 500 lbs for more than a few seconds, and can't do this more than twice a day before feeling mentally exhausted. She can’t move objects faster than an equally-sized portion of her body could move. However, she has no difficulty lifting objects similar in weight to her own body for up to 45 minutes at a time, and can move much smaller objects for even greater spans of time. Hand/arm movements help focus this power, making her more accurate. Range is approximately 70 ft. visible radius. For telepathy, she has to see the person and can only communicate short messages or thoughts to them. Range is approximately 30 ft. radius.

    Other skills: Good with animals, survival.

    Personality: Not very talkative or polite. Rather terse. Her experiences have had a negative impact on her ability to trust people, making her more likely to lash out at others than most people.

    Ambitions: To get back on her feet.

    Background: Life has been hard for Anne. She was a quiet child for most of her life, leading her peers to make fun of her or ignore her. During junior year of high school, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia, a condition she inherited from her late mother. This, added to the fact that she and her father weren’t exactly the richest folks around, quickly led to them losing their apartment in exchange for her prescriptions. When she was 22, her father was shot by a mugger, leaving her alone. She has since been homeless. Anne discovered her powers when she was attacked by another armed thief, whom she killed by stealing his gun telepathically.

    Job(s): None.

    Relationships: None.

    Preferences: Warm meals, baseball

    Notes: Her schizophrenia manifests itself in the form of auditory hallucinations.

    Name: Harold Cross

    Codename: Commander Salamander

    Declared Allegiance: Rouge

    Gender: Male

    Age: 35. February 11th, 1978

    Birthplace: Tucson, Arizona

    Appearance: 5’ 4”, 189 lb., somewhat muscular, no hair, covered in yellowish-green scales with a 4 foot prehensile tail (Wait, what?).

    Costume: He wears camo cargo pants. Oh, and he has a flamethrower.

    Civilian clothes: Not known

    Superpowers: Cross has not only gained a lizard-like appearance, but some of their abilities as well. For instance, he can regenerate any of his limbs, his tail, and minor wounds. He also has padded feet and hands, allowing him to climb almost any surface. He has a nasty set of claws and teeth that he can use in close combat, and his agility is above average.

    Other skills: Cross has had training as a Navy SEAL, and was an excellent leader during his command of the U.S.S. Doubtless (destroyer), though he hasn’t been fully sane since developing his powers.

    Personality: Harold was once a kind-hearted, patriotic citizen. But now, he is filled with rage and destruction.

    Ambitions: To burn the world.

    Background: Harold was the son of a construction worker and a prostitute. With few options given to him, he joined up with the Navy. His performance during the War in Afghanistan and the War in Iraq quickly earned him the rank of Commander. He went AWOL at the beginning of the 2013.

    Job(s): Formerly Commander of the United States Navy

    Relationships: Harold is an only child. His father died right after he joined the Navy, and he hasn’t spoken to his mother in years.

    Preferences: Causing chaos and human suffering. Other than that, unkown.

    Notes: none yet
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    Name: Devon Hagen, Ph.D.

    Codename: Redwood

    Declared Allegiance: American Government Team

    Gender: Male

    Age: 37. April 7, 1975

    Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts.

    Appearance: Normally 5’8”, 176 lbs., not the most athletic member of the team. Thinning brown hair, brown eyes, reading glasses sometimes, light-skinned. In his various plant-forms, he takes on the physical properties of the various plants, changing his height, density, skin, and hair.

    Costume: Beyond the regular government uniform, Redwood has a utility bandolier, which grants him easy access to a number of seeds.

    Civilian clothes: Usually cardigan and slacks, though he can dress down.

    Superpowers: Redwood can swallow a seed or a spore from a vascular plant to take on its characteristics. These characteristics last for different lengths of time. He can’t take on characteristics from more than one plant at a time. He may not ingest another seed/spore of a plant until the effects of the last seed/spore begin to wear off. All of his plant forms give him photosynthesis and minimal regenerative properties. He currently has access to three plants.
    Oak – Increases his strength and durability, while reducing his speed somewhat. He can lift 1000 lbs. in this form, and his increased density gives him a resistance to small fire arms. A brawler class that lasts for thirty minutes.
    Kudzu – A relatively immobile form, Redwood roots himself into the ground and begins growing vine tendrils from various parts of his body. These vines grow at a rate of 1 ft/min, and are mildly prehensile. A trapper class that lasts for one hour.
    Poison Ivy – Redwood’s skin develops leafy structures that secrete urushiol, a chemical that causes allergic reactions in the majority of the world’s population. Any contact with him in this form will cause severe itching and blistering. A riot control class that lasts for fifteen minutes.

    Other skills: Knowledge of botany, specifically plant genetics, equally extensive knowledge of comic books.

    Personality: Nerdy. Enjoys talking about the subjects he knows, whether or not anyone’s really listening.

    Ambitions: Get a research grant, become a real-life superhero.

    Background: Lived in Boston until going to the University of Vermont, where he gained an appreciation for botany. After getting a graduate degree, he moved to Purdue University to get his Ph.D. and then to continue on as a professor/researcher. On January first, Devon was startled and excited by his new power when he ate a strawberry.

    Job(s): Part-time professor at Purdue University.

    Relationships: Harold and Christine Hagen are his parents. Devon has a steady girlfriend, Erica Struass, and a few friendly colleagues in his field.

    Preferences: An afternoon in the greenhouse, comic books, graphic novels, people that appreciate the difference between comic books and graphic novels.

    Notes: None yet.

    Name: Joseph “Joe/Bro/Broseph” Jackson

    Codename: Mach

    Declared Allegiance: Thallis and Associates

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22. September 13, 1990.

    Birthplace: Beaufort, South Carolina.

    Appearance: 6’3”, 200 lbs. large frame, very fit. Tan skin, spiked blond hair, brown eyes.

    Costume: Pieces of costumes liberated from his various jobs. Mach wears a black leather jacket with matching pants and gloves, black boots, and an old-school, black leather aviator helmet, complete with goggles.

    Civilian clothes: Popped-collar polo, sideways baseball cap, overpriced shoes.

    Superpowers: Superhuman speed, tolerance for speed. Mach's muscles can move much faster than an average human's, which is manifested most obviously in his running. He has a top speed of 300 mph and a full acceleration/deceleration time of 10.1 seconds. His body can also tolerate the effects of moving at these speeds. If Mach runs at his top speed, it feels to Mach like running at a normal top speed would for a normal person. This also gives him a mild invulnerability when moving at normal speeds. However, Mach is not built for endurance. He can only maintain an all-out sprint for a few minutes.

    Other skills: A few months of stuntman school, mild fighting experience.

    Personality: Did you read this guy’s nicknames? Look at his civilian clothes? Sometimes it’s okay to judge based on appearances.

    Ambitions: Marry a rich actress, stay drunk for the rest of his life.

    Background: Despite being “popular” in high school, Joe quickly grew weary of learning. After failing senior year, he dropped out to move to Hollywood and become a stuntman. He did not join any sort of fraternity at stuntman school, though he somehow picked up on the culture. Celebrating New Year’s Eve/Day, Joe got wasted at a party and for some reason started running, only to find that he was lost when he stopped.

    Job(s): Joe has temporary jobs as a stuntman.

    Relationships: Alienated parents, superficial friends, and drunken sexual partners have left him at zero meaningful relationships.

    Preferences: Vodka, doing impressive stunts, getting laid, any combination of the previous.

    Notes: None yet.

    Name: ???

    Codename: Thallis

    Declared Allegiance: Thallis and Associates (mostly the Thallis part)

    Gender: Male?

    Age: ???

    Birthplace: ???

    Appearance: ???

    Costume: A futuristic-looking helmet, matching gauntlets and chest plate.

    Civilian clothes: ???

    Superpowers: ???

    Other skills: Thallis claims to have a number of contacts, primarily in the criminal world. He also has access to some advanced technology.

    Personality: Demanding and arrogant. He seems to think he is above the law.


    Background: ???

    Job(s): Leader of a criminal organization.

    Relationships: ???

    Preferences: ???

    Notes: Ooh, look how mysterious he is!

    Name: Washington Green

    Codename: N/A

    Declared Allegiance: Society, Washington Green

    Gender: Male

    Age: 31. August 2, 1983.

    Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts.

    Appearance: 6'1” Caucasian, thin brown hair, not unattractive face, thin glasses.

    Costume: N/A

    Civilian clothes: Usually a business formal suit.

    Superpowers: Intelligence. Washington Green is estimated to be the smartest man on Earth. After January first, he quickly began studying a number of subjects, and has become proficient in most of them.

    Other skills: Unknown.

    Personality: Analytical, surprisingly optimistic, charitable.

    Ambitions: He has enough money that he can focus on improving the world around him.

    Background: Green grew up uneventfully, getting good grades and degrees in business management and finance. He worked his way up the corporate ladder of the consulting firm Schlock & Schlock, eventually replacing Harvey Schlock. After January 1, 2013, Green began joining firms in a diverse list of business sectors, improving the profitability of each drastically. He has earned enough to retire a few times over, but he continues to work in order to improve the standard of living in America and abroad.

    Job(s): Various levels of control in various corporations, founder of the Green Educational Foundation.

    Relationships: Washington garners his share of female attention, but he has not dedicated himself to anyone specific. He was an only child, and his parents are dead.

    Preferences: Refined tastes in food, clothing, yadda yadda; learning; teaching.

    Notes: Do you feel bad for robbing this guy yet?
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    Name: Ian O’Brian

    Codename: Dynamic

    Declared Allegiance: American Government Team

    Gender: Male

    Age: 22 – August 9, 1990

    Birthplace: Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

    Appearance: He’s about 6’1” and weighs 168 lbs. He inherited his mother’s brown hair and slightly tan skin, and his father’s green eyes and freckles. He wears his hair at ear-length and keeps it slightly spiky. He is decently fit from years of exercise.

    Costume: Standard costume with added pouches for marbles, and a holster on the back for the metal stick he uses for stick fighting

    Civilian clothes: Button down shirts and kakis when he’s at his real-estate job, varying hawaiian shirts and bermuda shorts when he’s working at the tourist-trap, and t-shirts and shorts when he’s not working

    Superpowers: He has the ability to charge the potential energy in objects so that when they hit something they release the energy as kinetic energy in something like a shockwave (the larger the object is the longer it takes for him to charge it; small objects like the marbles he uses take very little time at all); he can also control kinetic energy to speed movements up or slow them down (requires at least momentary direct contact with him or something he is channeling his power through – such as his stick – and for the object/person to be moving already and lasts until the object/person comes to a stop)

    Other skills: Irish stick fighting, marbles, good sales person, cooking, and sailing

    Personality: Generally an optimistic and nice person, he smiles a lot and is nice to people unless they’re rude to him, which makes him become rather passive aggressive.

    Ambitions: Make enough money to get a good-sized sailboat that he and Sandy can live in part-time.

    Background: Born in Mount Pleasant, he had a fairly normal life until his mother died when he was in 4th grade. After that his father became more distant for a couple years and his sister began to avoid being at home. After a time Ian helped them get over it through his optimistic, bright personality, but during the time they had to selll the family’s sail boat and move to a smaller house because they no longer had two incomes. After that the only real major event in his life was when his sister moved to New York to become a journalist. When he got to high school he began to work at a store on Folly Island that sold random “beachy” things that tourists love, and he decided he liked the island. After renting a sailboat various times he decided he wanted to get one of his own, so he began saving up money. Happy where he was and not wanting to move he decided to look for potential jobs in the area and settled on becoming a real estate agent for the various islands near-by. He met his now fianc
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    -Name: Tory Elvey
    -Codename: Stealth Command
    -Declared Allegiance: American Government Team
    -Gender: Male
    -Age: 32. February 8, 1981
    -Birthplace: Lawton, Oklahoma
    -Appearance: He is a pretty big guy at 6'1". He has a very muscular build, though his body shape is still a more "slender" shape than some men his size and build. He has numerous scars on his limbs, back, and chest. The only noticeable scar is a small one on the right side of his neck, where it slit before--he was fortunate the wound was not vital by a quarter of a millimeter. He has short brown hair, buzz cut. He toggles between having a mustache or not; currently he is clean cut. His eyes are a bright green.
    -Costume: His uniform has been customized to stretch with ease and avoid tearing.
    -Civilian clothes: He is rarely seen in civilian clothes due to his work. He prefers a tuxedo for special events.
    -Superpowers: He has the ability to squeeze through cracks. Note, he is not "elastic." His power only activates when trying to squeeze through tight spaces normally not possible. He is currently working on the degree to which he can pull this off. Most doorways are no problem, but he has noticed he needs about three millimeters. Sadly, this power only applies to his body--anything on him has to be able to squeeze through separately.
    -Other skills: He is a commando in stealth and has been in active duty for well over a decade. He specializes his close quarters combat and handguns, though his power makes it impractical to bring handguns with him anymore--he tends to take what he finds and disposes an necessary.
    -Personality: He is a stoic, quiet man. He keeps to himself to avoid becoming attached to others or to give away possibly vital information.
    -Ambitions: He has lost all sight of goals in life; he lives day to day for his country.
    -Background: He dropped out of college and entered the military following 9/11. He was moved by the event, and his patriotism led him to pursue and intense career in the military. He was a talented soldier and eventually grew into more on and off the battlefields of Afghanistan and later Iraq. A few years ago, he became part of the Green Berets and continued to fight as one of America's finest soldiers. He sees his new promotion as an odd twist.
    -Job(s): Green Beret
    -Relationships: He was raised by his father, a voluntary soldier from Vietnam. His father installed Tory's sense of patriotism. His father died when he was about ten in an armed robbery at a convenience store. The old man refused to let the robbers have their way and fought them unarmed. He wounded and stalled them long enough for the police to arrest them, but he was shot twice and died on rout to the hospital. Tory has never met his mother and went to live with his paternal grandmother, who died of old age in 2001. Tory dated back when he was young, but he never developed a serious relationship and has no plans on marrying or fathering a child.
    -Preferences: In his free time, he likes to read nonfiction books. He likes biographies and autobiographies. He was never much of a fan of the illogical world of fiction since he was about 12. He usually does not read about military events or figures; he tends to pick topics randomly.

    -Name: Claire Breunig
    -Codename: Ms. Filibuster
    -Declared Allegiance: Thallis and Associates
    -Gender: Female
    -Age: 32. April 28, 1980
    -Birthplace: San Fransisco, California
    -Appearance: She is an ex-model recently released from the industry. She has retained her beauty and physique. She is 5'6" with dark blond hair and bright blue eyes. Her hair is long and down to her shoulders. She occasionally straightens her hair, but she now prefers to keep her hair slightly wild to add to her seductive nature.
    -Costume: She wears a slick black suit that snuggles up against her figure. She has under armor on underneath. She usually carries around a handgun just in case, though she is a novice in firearms.
    -Civilian clothes: Her outfits vary due to her desire to remain chic. She tends to obscure her eyes and part of her face, like most celebrities.
    -Superpowers: She has the ability to captivate people with her voice. As long as she can keep speaking, anyone listening will be unable to act at all. If her speech is broken for more than five seconds, then her powers deactivate. The only way someone can otherwise break free of her power is to submit to her will and give into her commands.
    -Other skills: She always wanted to move into politics, so she studied public speaking and politics. She spent years watching C-SPAN to teach her the art of filibustering.
    -Personality: She comes off as a generic seductress while in her "model mode". She is really a manipulative woman seeking power and fame. She is unfriendly if she knows the person cannot benefit her.
    -Ambitions: She wants to become president just for the fame and power.
    -Background: She was always popular and beautiful, and she used her good looks and geographical proximity to L.A. to enter modeling. She skipped out on college, but she has studied politics independently. She spent almost fourteen of years of her life in the industry. While most her peers transferred to new roles in the industry, she had no interest in continuing down this path. She planned to run for local office, but her life took a turn for the weird. She has decided to use her superpowers to take power by force. To consolidate her power, she has joined Thallis's group.
    -Job(s): Fired from her modeling agency.
    -Relationships: She has a younger sister who lives in New York City. Her parents live nearby, but she never visits them. Her last boyfriend broke up with her on New Years.
    -Preferences: She pretends to be obsessive with fashion. Her real interests are in political theory, but she tends to not mention that to people. She does not care for dieting or exercise but she maintains her regiments due to habit. She dislikes fast food and sports.
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    Name: Garrett Gisbourne

    Codename: Relocation

    Declared Allegiance: American Government Team

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Birthplace: Anacostia, Washington, D.C.

    Appearance: Garrett stands about 5’10 and weighs a little over 175 pounds. He has black hair which is somewhat long and is tied back in a neat ponytail bunched at the pack of his neck. He isn’t very toned or muscular, and is in average shape for his age.

    Costume: Because Garrett works mostly in the civilian branch, his costume is simply his work outfit – a black suit and tie over a white dress shirt with black pants and shoes. He is not the type of super who runs out and fights the villains head-to-head, and his outfit reflects that.

    Civilian clothes: When not on-duty, likes to wear light-colored Polo Shirts and shorts.

    Superpowers: Teleportation

    Garrett has the power to teleport himself or objects to any location he has seen, or has a line of sight to. He is not completely used to his powers and in order to activate them, he has to run one of his limbs in an imaginary circle on the object, and then tap the center. It can be a finger, hand, or even a foot, but it has to be part of Garrett’s body. He wouldn’t be able to use a stick, pencil, or other item to trace and tap for him.

    The size of the circle Garrett traces dictates how much weight he can teleport. Generally, Garrett can teleport up to 250 pounds per inch of diameter in his circles. However, the larger the circle is, the more difficult it is for Garrett to tap the center of the circle. Even if his circle is proper, miss-tapping the center can result in a mistake in teleportation.

    Garrett can selectively choose what he wants to teleport from a larger mass if the weight of that mass is under 250 pounds. For instance, he could teleport a chunk of asphalt out of the road even though he would not have the power to teleport the entire road.

    Other skills: Has a degree in International and Cross-Cultural Relations as well as Criminal Justice. Has experience in working with the organized crimes divisions of the FBI.

    Personality: Garrett is a generally quiet individual. He doesn’t like to pick fights, but is stoic in his beliefs. He opens up as people get to know him better. He gives good-natured sarcasm to those who know him best.

    Ambitions: Garrett wants to see the different ways things work in different locations. He is obsessed with globalization and yearns for a society where the walls of national pride and arrogance are torn down for a sense of global community.

    Background: Garrett grew up in the Maryland, D.C area dreaming of being a cop. This was driven more by what he saw on T.V than anything that happened to him personally. Over time though, he became increasingly interested in human interaction, which lead to his primary studies in college.

    When Garrett first got his powers, he couldn’t quite believe it. He was afraid of them and didn’t want to use them. He was much more comfortable just being a civilian. After thinking on his situation, though, he came to accept his powers. He realized that they could help him accomplish his life goals that much easier.

    Job(s): Garrett works with witness protection involving organized crime cases. He will often travel all over the country, and the world, in his scouting and relocating duties.

    Relationships: Is married to the job. He has had a few relationships, none successful, and has come to the conclusion than he can never really be with anyone who doesn’t share his passions.

    He is good friends with everyone he works with, as well as everyone he is the contact for in the witness protection program.

    Preferences: Enjoys watching and playing Baseball, Football, Hockey and Golf. Garrett likes reading crime and mystery novels in his spare time and watching crime dramas when he catches them on T.V.

    Notes: Garrett is a MASTER of Fantasy Sports, and is quite proud of that fact.

    Name: Lye Berry

    Codename: Bookworm

    Declared Allegiance: Thallis and Associates

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21

    Birthplace: Tucson, Arizona

    Appearance: Lye is a rather short girl standing at about 5’4. She has long, frizzled black hair which goes to her shoulders and often covers most of her face. She has hazel eyes. Her physique is slightly above average, but is often hidden under baggy clothing.

    Costume: When in costume, Lye wears a large black, hooded robe. The robe completely covers her body where, rather than wearing her civilian clothes, wears a skin-tight leather outfit uncharacteristic of her. She also wears a black mask which covers her eyes. Underneath her robe, her hair is also straightened and tied into a bun.

    When in costume, Lye also carries around a large tome. This tome is hollowed out on both sides. One side contains whatever book Lye is currently reading. The other side contains a fully loaded, unlicensed 9mm pistol.

    Civilian clothes: Lye wears a baggy, wool-knit white sweater over several beige turtlenecks. She wears navy blue sweatpants and black sneakers. When she is at home Lye will usually be wearing her Snuggie.

    Superpowers: Omni-script

    Lye has the ability to read and write in any language. This includes all spoken and written languages, alive or dead, as well as all coding languages. Lye has never seen an extraterrestrial language, so she does not know whether or not she can read alien languages.

    In addition to reading any written language, as Lye's power has developed it has begun to include body language as well. Based off how someone moves and acts, Lye can read their movements and make informed guesses as to what they're going to do. She can use this in a fighting by reading the path of her opponents blows and using that information to avoid being struck. In addition, by reading facial language, Lye can also discern when someone is telling her a lie.

    This power is also her only means of communication as once Lye gained her abilities, she became a mute.

    Other skills: Lye is highly intelligent and has a very strong, thought not supernaturally so, memory. She has excellent reading comprehension and analytical skills and is a talented writer as well.

    Personality: Lye is a quite girl who by in large cuts herself off from people. She is cold and distant to those she does not know, and doesn’t make an effort to get to know people. She has a generally dim view of humanity.

    Ambitions: Lye would like nothing more than to spend an eternity reading books.

    Background: Lye grew up often teased and bothered because she was shy and spent more time with books than people. This slowly but surely alienated her to human interaction and brought her closer to her books. She no longer really cares what other people think, she only cares about making time for her and her books.

    Job(s): Works in the archives of the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C.

    Relationships: Lye lives alone with the exception of her gray tabby named ‘Mist’ who follows her everywhere. Lye is quite attached to Mist and considers the cat her only real friend.

    Preferences: Lye likes to read, to be alone, and not much else.

    Notes: Because of Lye’s excellent abilities in organizing the archives, she is permitted to both bring Mist with her into work and ignore the normal dress code.

    Added the second character. If there are any issues, let me know.
    The labels on inflammable objects really should use larger print. Being arrested for arson just cause you don't see 20/20 is stupid.
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    Name: Eric Johnson

    Codename: Prosperity

    Declared Allegiance: American Government Team

    Gender: Male

    Age: 28

    Birthplace: Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

    Appearance: Eric is a tall man, standing at 6'6". He has short black hair, brown eyes, and is African-American. He weighs 230 pounds and is of slightly above average musculature from working out. He has calluses on his hands from his job as a fire-fighter.

    Costume: Prosperity wears the standard government uniform but has modified his suit to have pockets where he can hold additional items.

    Civilian clothes: Eric dresses very loosely in his time off, normally wearing wife-beaters, shorts, and sandals while he is around his house. When he goes outside, he dresses in a collared, button-down t-shirt and jeans most of the time. During Winter, he dresses warmly in bundled-up clothes.

    Superpowers: Eric has the ability to copy items. Wherever Eric is standing, he is the center of a roughly sixty-foot radius. Within this radius, Eric can recreate any item that also finds itself there. Eric can recreate items from a minimum size of small nail up to the size of a medium-sized 4-door Sedan. The stipulation is that the original item needs to be in Eric's field along with him when he creates it, and must have at least some part of it in the range at all times. If it leaves this range, it disappears. The range moves along with Eric. In addition to creating items which are present in his range, Eric can also recreate items that he is very familiar with from memory, without the item being there. Eric can only recreate the item in its current condition. He cannot make an old car look like it just came off of the lot. All of his items have a staying-time of one hour. Though he can create multiple items, the exception begins if he strains himself by making his maximum size. If Eric recreates a car, then he will have to give himself roughly 15 minutes before he can begin creating more items. He can more easily create smaller items than larger items. Eric can control where the items appear in his range, but he cannot control what state they appear in; for example, an electrical item may be turned on, or a knife may be pointing down or pointing up. In addition, to recreate an item, he must understand its general function. For example, he can recreate a refrigerator due to understanding its function, but he could not recreate an ancient piece of machinery which had an unknown function. In addition, he could not create a tractor, but he can recreate a car, since he understands enough about how they work. Eric can recreate liquids, but not gases. Finally, Eric cannot recreate animals; he can recreate plants, however.

    Other skills: Eric is good with electronics and incredibly courageous. He worked in an electronics store growing up and currently holds two jobs as an electrician and a fire-fighter. As such, he is knowledgeable about most electronic devices and machines, and knows a good deal about fire as well.

    Personality: Eric is a truly good citizen through and through. He is happy to lend a helping hand to his neighbors and even people he doesn't know who he sees in trouble. Eric is courageous as a fireman, often one of the first to head into burning buildings. He is good to his family and, though his superpower may present the temptation, he would never use it to steal an item that he wants for himself.

    Ambitions: To simply live a good life and make a better world for his child.

    Background: Eric was born in Chattanooga Tennessee to two low-income parents. The parents moved up to New York when Eric was 5, spending some time getting adjusted while living with family on Long Island. As Eric grew, he went to school in New York City, eventually obtaining a job at an electronics shop. Eric's father was a firefighter and his mother was a saleswoman. However, Eric's father died in the September 11 attacks, dying while helping people escape the World Trade Center. Eric was 16 at the time of the attacks, and would later go on to join the same squad that his father had been a member of, while at the same time working as an electrician. It was at this time that a wealthy lawyer called upon him to fix her stove. When Eric arrived, he discovered that the lawyer was a very beautiful woman who had just begun work in a law-firm. The two began dating and eventually moved in together. Her name was Misha Turner, though it soon changed to Misha Johnson as her and Eric were married. They have lived a happy marriage, with Eric remaining a volunteer firefighter and running his electrician business from his new home in Queens. In 2013, Eric gained the superpower of matter duplication, which he has used only occasionally, when his wife has lost something or he wishes to provide a romantic dinner with plenty of candles. He and Misha are currently expecting a child, which Eric intends to primarily stay at home with. He has been called upon by his government, however, and Misha understands his situation, the only stipulation for Eric joining being that a pension is provided for the care of his child while he is away on government duties.

    Job: Electrician and Volunteer Fireman.

    Relationships: has a wife, Misha Johnson, who is a wealthy New York lawyer, expecting a child in roughly 5 months. Eric maintains contact with his mother, Gabrielle Johnson, who still lives with relatives in Long Island. He also has a good deal of friends from the fire department.

    Preferences: Likes his wife, the Yankees, the New England Patriots, romantic evenings and movies. Dislikes those who would use their superpowers for evil and also has a dislike of birds.

    Name: Tim Singleton

    Codename: Mnemonic

    Declared Allegiance: Though it sometimes changes, he tends to overwhelmingly side with Thallis and Associates.

    Gender: Male

    Age: 44

    Birthplace: Rhode Island, USA

    Appearance: Tim is 6 feet in height and weighs 200 pounds, most of which is honed leg muscle from running. Tim has black hair that reaches his shoulders and brown eyes. He is Asian-american and apart from his somewhat out of the ordinary height, he is fairly average looking.

    Costume: Mnemonic, when doing his standard crimes, wears a tight white spandex costume that is coated in various word patterns, all mnemonic devices of various sorts. However, there are some days where he has been seen wearing a white suit jacket with a dark purple suit beneath it. On these days, he tends to be much colder. He also always wears a bulletproof vest underneath his outfit. He also carries a pistol around with him to use in an emergency.

    Civilian clothes: Tim dresses in a mish-mash of styles, very average clothes normally, but with little to no matching ability to him, almost as if he simply walks out of his closet with whatever he found first adorning him. He sometimes wears sandals in cold weather and scarves and jackets in warm weather, for instance.

    Superpowers: Tim has the power to manipulate memory. Currently, he has only used it to make people forget things, though he has tested other possibilities as well. He does not know the limits of what he can make people forget. It seems to vary from time to time. As long as he is present, the memory loss can remain. However, if he leaves, the loss is on a thirty minute timer before the affected regains their memories. His powers fluctuate from day to day due to an unfortunate side-effect they have had on Tim. Every day he awakes having forgotten something about himself. He remembers these things once the day is over, but every day something different is forgotten. This can range from memories of academic notes, to stranger concepts, like self-restraint.

    Other skills: Tim is a speed-reader and has excellent memory for academic knowledge. He is also very good at understanding people in groups, as he is a professor in Social Psychology. He is also an avid comic collector and knows a good deal about superheroes and supervillains.

    Personality: Tim is a calm individual normally looking to simply have fun and get himself some money and toy with people, sometimes for less than savory means. Deep down, however, Tim is an incredibly evil individual who wishes to harm and destroy people emotionally, physically, and mentally. He normally suppresses these misanthropic thoughts and is able to function as a well-adjusted social psychologist. He wishes to use his identity as Mnemonic to simply have fun messing with people. However, on days when he has forgotten certain instances, he is a misanthrope not to be trifled with.

    Ambitions: To write a new textbook on social psychology specifically involving the recent advent of superpowers. Also wishes to see the fall of society.

    Background: Born to a middle-class family, Tim had a fairly normal life. He went on to lead a fairly normal life, though with misanthropic tendencies. He studied sociology and psychology at Stanford University in California, which he afforded through scholarships. He eventually received a professorship at Harvard after co-authoring an influential book about the American cultural fascination with superheroes. His life was changed when the metachemical granted him the ability of mnemomancy, and he adopted the identity of Mnemonic: allowing him to live out his dreams as a supervillain, and grant him new possibilities for writing.

    Job: Professor at Harvard university.

    Relationships: Maintains a somewhat decent relationship with his family. Has not had time for a girlfriend and has no interest. He has had several friends but they have all moved on to different things in life.

    Preferences: Enjoys classical music and music with odd time signatures. He also likes money and disaster movies.

    I'll post my hero later.
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    I'd like to reserve a spot for a hero and a villain.
    So close...And yet so far...
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    um... question... you say when the super-powers came into being, but not when the actual RP is going to start... could you specify?
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    The powers appear on Jan. 1, but it takes a while for the teams to formulate. The RPG will start Feb. 11 (in-game), at the first full-fledged meetings of the respective parties.
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    Name: Alana Jennings

    Codename: Sketch

    Declared Allegiance: American Government Team

    Gender: Female

    Age: 21. September 2, 1991

    Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas
    Appearance: 5’8’’, 115lbs, Very skinny and very small in the chest region. Her skinniness is emphasized by her relatively tall height for a girl. Her hair is naturally brown and of medium length, but she’s constantly dying and adding streaks of color. Alana has a tattoo on her lower back and a small nose stud as well as several ear piercings. She has blue eyes, is tan and very pretty.

    Costume: Standard issue uniform though she made slight changes. Hated the turtle neck so fashioned it into a v-neck collar and she found a mask more similar to Zorro's/the Incredibles. She carries around a bag of drawing pads, papers, erasers, and various things to draw with.

    Civilian clothes: She typically wears a nice blouse and black dress pants. Usually puts her hair up in a stylish manner.

    Superpowers: Alana has the ability to create things by drawing them. It doesn’t matter how or where she draws things or what she uses, her drawings come to life in tangible forms. If she draws a gun, then a gun will appear and function like a gun (she would of course need to draw ammo). If she draws an animal then that animal would appear and start behaving like it naturally would. The object comes to life directly over the original drawing, however there must be enough space to allow it. The object won't appear if it would intersect with mass already existing. Detail like shading and texture isn't important if it's understood. If she were to draw a box she could specify what type of box by adding values indicating that it's made of metal or wood. For something like a gun or an animal with understood texture it wouldn't matter. Her drawings would need to be somewhat realistic and proportionate though. The drawings do not need to be drawn to real life scale, as long as it's proportionate she can draw a tiny tiger on a napkin and a real life sized tiger will appear (assuming there's the space provided). It must be realistic, she can't draw an abstract tiger and have one suddenly appear nor can she draw fantasy creatures as they do not exist. Alana has some control over her drawings and can make them do what she wants them to, but she has yet to master this, so sometimes when she draws, say a tiger, the tiger might turn on her. To get rid of her living drawing creations the original drawing can simply be erased and anyone can erase them. The drawings aren’t impervious, if someone shoots her drawing of a tiger then it would have the same effect as shooting a real tiger, meaning the living drawings can also be destroyed that way. Once the drawing is dead/broken it will fade away even if the original drawing is still intact. Alana is by no means a master artist, so there are several things she cannot replicate and her powers are also limited to how well her drawings reflect her intended subject. If she tries to draw, say a tiger again, but it doesn’t resemble a tiger or any animal at all then it will not come to life. The drawing needs to be complete though, like a full outline of what she's drawing with defining details such as tails, ears, and stripes of a tiger. She can choose when her drawings activate but has yet to master this, so she usually leaves a few details unfinished to quickly draw in during a fight. Like previously mentioned, she is not the best artist, so it can take her several minutes to do one drawing from scratch (depending on what it is). This is why she'd prepare a few ahead of time before a fight. At the moment she can only draw a handful of things that would actually be useful in a fight: a gun, ammo, and a dog (black lab). She has drawn a tiger before but it tried to kill her so she doesn't like to draw those as much.

    Other skills: Hair styling/cutting, black belt in American karate (though she quit after getting a black belt and it’s been years since she practiced), Talking her way out of tickets

    Personality: Alana loves to have fun and is a bit of a party-er. She has some weird quirks and is very stubborn about things as she always wants to get her way. Despite that sometimes she comes off as vicious, she does have the capacity to be a very caring individual and has a lot of empathy for animals. Though she tries to hide it, she lacks a great deal of self-confidence. She always feels like she needs to have a boyfriend or be with a friend. She hates to be alone as she’s not happy with herself.

    Ambitions: Learn to draw better, open up her own salon, be happy with herself

    Background: Alana was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. She had a good life, as the youngest of her family she was naturally the little princess and was well aware of it. She struggled a bit through school, though she had no trouble finding and making friends. Sometime during high school she became insecure about herself, and only felt worthy if she was surrounded by friends or had a boyfriend. Alana got a couple of piercings during high school and a tattoo her senior year. She also tried some drugs, but cigarettes were the only thing she liked. She tried modeling for a while but didn’t end up liking it so when she graduated she attended a cosmetology program to become a hair stylist. Excelling at this and loving it, she found a job as a stylist in a good salon. She met her current boyfriend at a friend’s party and revolves her life around him. They have been together almost a year, despite constant break ups and fights.

    Job(s): Hair stylist

    Relationships: Her boyfriend, Colin. She has a mom and a dad who still live together in Little Rock. Her older brother, Ben, lives in Orlando. She has an orange cat named Charlie.

    Preferences: Cigarettes, animals, cutting hair, dancing, singing, having fun, romance movies

    Notes: Her boyfriend cheats on her.


    Name: Cali Stephens

    Codename: Onoma

    Declared Allegiance: Thallis and Associates

    Gender: Female

    Age: 20. June 18, 1992

    Birthplace: Little Rock, Arkansas

    Appearance: Cali is 5’5’’ and 155 lbs. She has long dark hair with high lights. Tan and average bust. She has a lip ring and isn’t bad looking by any means.

    Costume: She wears a tight black top with the letter “O” in white placed over each breast, the top being revealing. Tight black shorts with more white “O’s” on the butt and crotch, the shorts resembling a boxer’s shorts with strings tying at the front. A black eye mask and knee high black and white boots. She carries a black purse around with her in which she keeps notepads, paper, and various things to write with. The only thing not black and white about her costume is the bright red lipstick she applies before going out.

    Civilian clothes: She likes to wear rather revealing clothes, short shorts and tops just as skimpy.

    Superpowers: Cali has an interesting ability revolving around onomatopoeias. If she writes out a sound effect, for example ‘boom’, then an explosion will occur where she wrote it. She can write ‘ow’ and anyone who steps on it will injure themselves or become hurt. The intensity of the effects of her powers depends on her emotions. If she angrily writes down ‘boom’ then the explosion will be more powerful than if she wrote it calmly. However, if what she writes is illegible then nothing will happen. She cannot make up a sound with a desired effect in mind, so she wouldn’t be able to write ‘dies’ on someone and have them die. Her control over her powers is limited. Like when she writes ‘boom’ she can’t control when it detonates. Usually the effects take place a couple of seconds after she writes them but there are rare times where she can delay effects until she wants them to happen. She has yet to master this. Each word she writes is a one time deal, she can’t write down ‘boom’ and have a constant explosion occurring. If she writes, ‘boooooom’, the explosion will be prolonged but at a cost of power.

    Other skills: High drug tolerance, manipulating them boys

    Personality: Cali is a selfish b**** to say the least. She has addictive tendencies and is always cross. She could care less what others think so she has no problem speaking her mind, even if the truth is brutal. Full of herself and spiteful.

    Ambitions: She’d like to get a ton of money and a ton of drugs, hopefully taking some people down to reach these goals.

    Background: Cali grew up with her father, her mother divorced her dad when she was young. Her mother passed away some years later. Cali lazily made it by in school, not really caring. She found a few friends most of them as nasty as herself and even better friends through drugs. She went off to college to study business. She was writing a paper for class when she discovered her power. She had typed out the word ‘boom’ and the computer blew up. Luckily for her she was tired when she wrote it so the explosion was lazy and she only suffered a few cuts and scrapes.

    Job(s): Student

    Relationships: No steady boyfriends, but several friends with benefits. Dead mom. Drug addict father. One Chow Chow, Tyson.

    Preferences: Herself, money, drugs, partying, being a b****

    Notes: She particularly likes guys who already have girlfriends.
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    Name: Noah Bond

    Codename: Crank

    Declared Allegiance: American Government Team

    Gender: Male

    Age: 23

    Birthplace: Seattle, Washington. October 5, 1989

    Appearance: Noah stands at approximately 6' 1" and weighs in the range of 200 lbs. His body is well toned and athletic though somewhat unimposing. Noah has dull green eyes and brownish black hair which hangs just past his ears. He has three tattoos scattered across his body. The first is a Tribal Sleeve running the full length of his right arm. The second is a cross-hair overlapping his left index finger and thumb. The final tattoo is that of an eagle adorning his left pectoral.

    Costume: Noah absolutely despises the government uniform he's forced to wear and has done everything he can to make it more unique. He has had the costume modified, primarily by simply removing the yellow trim. Noah has also cut off the top portion of the mask which would have covered his forehead. He claims this was to avoid blocking his peripheral vision but some have suggested that he just wanted to feel different. In addition to the standard costume, Noah carries to bandoliers filled with ammo clips

    Noah's primary weapons are a pair of Beretta 93R's. Production of the weapon was ceased in 1993. Noah was fortunate enough to find a pair during a private auction in 2010. The 93R has a 20-round box magazine and is capable of semi-automatic and three round burst firing modes. The effective range of the weapon is approximately 50 m.

    Civilian clothes: When not out saving the day, Noah typically dresses in a Joe Rocket Biker Jacket, gray tee shirt, blue jeans, and a single pair of black tennis shoes. Even when not on duty Noah keeps his berettas concealed inside his overcoat. Additionally Noah usually has his Helmet clipped to his shoulder.

    Superpowers: Controlled Adrenaline

    The source of Noah's powers is adrenaline. The most common way for this power to be triggered is through either stress, or a fight or flight scenario. Noah however is able to control these reactions at will, granting him near-superhuman speed, strength, and reflexes. While juiced up, Noah's physical abilities far exceed that of a normal human, though they would still be nothing in comparison to a power user who specialized in one of them. Noah's primarily uses this power to speed up his perception of the world, allowing him to react instantaneously to virtually any threat. When at the peak of his adrenaline rush, Noah can attain speeds of up to 35 mph on foot and lift up to 500lbs. Depending on the situation, it usually takes between 5 - 8 seconds for Noah's adrenaline to take full effect. It is only through the use of this power that Noah is able to use his own version of the gun kata. Due to the ungodly amount of stress that using the degree of adrenaline necessary to maintain his powers, Noah can only stay juiced for roughly 30 seconds. After which he will be severely "burnt out," making him virtually useless until he's had time to rest.

    Other skills: Crack shot, practices his own version of the gun kata, and practitioner of parkour.

    Personality: Noah is by nature, extremely cynical. That said he tries his best to do what he can for the world. At his core he truly believes that nothing he does will ever really make a difference and that he's more or less just going with the flow of things. He does try to get along with people, though when push comes to shove, Noah tends to shove back with bullets.

    Ambitions: Noah's cynicism keeps him from having any wildly ambitious dreams, though he'd like to achieve the "American dream" of 2.34 kids, a white picket fence, and a dog.

    Background: Noah's story began in Meridian, Idaho. His father was a desk jockey and his mother a waitress at the local diner. Whenever he wasn't absolutely swimming in paperwork, Noah's father would take him hunting from time to time, or, if it was too cold out, to the rifle range. These semi-weekly trips started when Noah was 7 and ended shortly after he turned 12 when his parents divorced. He lived with his mother in Fargo, North Dakota for awhile before finally moving out when he was 18. His father had remained in Idaho, and had rarely visited the boy. Thus, Noah headed west, finally settling down in Seattle. If he wasn't already on the fast spiral downhill, then this was where it all started. It didn't take long for the lonely Noah to be adopted into one of the local gangs. It was on the streets of Seattle where Noah rediscovered his forgotten skills with firearms. Though he never actually killed anyone, Noah had a hand in several store robberies, muggings, and the like during his brief life of crime.

    When Noah was 20, he finally left the gang, using what money he had left from the most recent job to purchase a pair of beretta 93R's, a motorcycle, and the first month's rent on an apartment across town. Life as a common thug had made him cold towards others, making it difficult for him to hold down a job for long. Noah worked in and out of various retail stores before finally landing a permanent position in a warehouse for a popular shopping website. Noah has remained in this position to the day.

    It was only in January 2013 that Noah's rather dull life took a turn for the strange. News of people with superpowers spread like wild fire through the city. As the rumors spread, more and more power users sprung up around Noah. Several of his coworkers discovered new abilities, as did he. Noah first noticed it at work during one of their usual mad rushes. Noah found time practically slowing down for him, while others made comments of his unusual increases in strength. It wasn't long before Noah found himself in a Doctor's office trying to explain what was happening to him. It was obvious he had gained some kind of ability like so many others before him, but just what was it. It was there that Noah learned that he's body had undergone a quite drastic physical change. The adrenaline that Noah usually produced had become much more potent. In addition, Noah soon discovered that he could consciously control the production of the substance.

    It was an unusual feeling having a power of one's own. Noah felt more alive than he ever had. No longer were his days filled only with the hum drum back and forth between work and home. In his spare time Noah practiced parkour and, in an attempt to make it more interesting, did so whilst carrying his guns. Before long, Noah had developed a unique fighting style based on various moves he had learned through parkour mixed with gunplay. One day, while shopping at his local convenience store, Noah was caught right in the middle of a robbery. Five men, all armed with shotguns had taken refuge in the store after a bank heist, followed quickly by the police. After 30 minutes of painfully slow negotiations, the thugs decided it was time to send a message to the police. Noah had remained quiet most of the time, as an ex-thug himself he couldn't help but feel for them. Most of them probably didn't want this kind of life, at least that's what he would have liked to believe. That's when he saw it, their eyes. Those horrible, murderous eyes. The thugs lined up five of the hostages, including Noah, against he wall, taking aim at the back of their heads. It was then that Noah's powers were revealed to the world on national television. The youth's body flooded with adrenaline as he whipped around, pulling one of his berettas out before firing one shot into the first thug's skull. What followed was a mind altering blur of movement and bullets. All five thugs lay motionless on the floor while Noah stood above them, trying desperately to hide his face from view.

    Sadly, no good deed ever went unpunished. Noah was taken into custody and narrowly avoided being charged with manslaughter. When he was finally released and allowed to return to his daily life, he was greeted by none other than Sam Steele himself. After a very extensive conversation and some heavy convincing, Noah became part of the American government team.

    Job(s): Works in an online warehouse.

    Relationships: Noah has no active relationship with either of his parents and as an only child, no siblings with which to confide in. Rather, Noah has created something of a pseudo family with his friends at work. In addition he has a pet beta fish named scooter. Sadly his work life has made it difficult for him to retain a girlfriend and he is thus currently single.

    Preferences: Likes to stay busy, becoming easily bored when things start to slow down. Has taken an interest in parkour to satisfy his adrenaline cravings. He doesn't despise optimistic people but rather simply disagrees with them. He hates overly "needy" people and slackers.

    Notes: Owns a motorcycle.



    Name: Bertrand Donahue

    Codename: Dr. Iron Hide

    Declared Allegiance: Thallis and Associates

    Gender: Male

    Age: 47, January 17, 1966

    Birthplace: Shreveport, Louisianna

    Appearance: Bertrand stands at approximately 6’ 4” and, due to his now steel skin, weighs somewhere in the range of 500 lbs. Bertrand is completely covered in steel from head to toe. Even his eyes, hair, fingernails, and interior of his mouth have taken on the strange metallic coating. Despite this, Bertrand still sees normally, however he has lost his sense of taste and touch.

    Costume: Bertrand’s costume is not all that different from his usual attire. He adorns himself in his usual lab coat as well as a white tee shirt and blue jeans.

    Civilian clothes: As said before, Bertrand’s costume doesn’t differ much from his usual outfit. When not dressed in his lab coat, Bertrand usually wears a semi-formal business suit.

    Superpowers: Steel Skin
    Bertrand’s power or rather, as he describes it, his disease revolves around his rather metallic appearance. Bertrand’s once gooey and soft flesh has been completely replaced by a kind of organic steel. Sadly, unlike the comic book heroes you hear about all the time, Bertrand soon found that he couldn’t turn the power off. In addition to this permanent steel frame, Bertrand’s muscle mass has greatly increased in order to support his dynamic shift in weight. Bertrand hasn’t thought or cared to test the limits of his power, but for the sake of argument, one could easily assume him to be bullet proof and capable of withstanding the impact of a full sized truck at 35 mph without so much as flinching.

    Other skills: Geneticist, gifted in diagnosis, familiar with chemical formulas.

    Personality: Bertrand’s power has caused him to go off the deep end to some extent. He is completely dedicated to the task of curing his “disease.” He has also developed a fatherhood complex, often “adopting” anyone he becomes close to as a substitute for his real daughter.

    Ambitions: To be normal again.

    Background: Bertrand has led anything but a normal life. After getting his doctorate in advanced genetics, Bertrand settled down with his wife Sharice. The two were together for 12 years before finally deciding to have a child. At first Bertrand was worried simply because he was already 40 years old and the idea of spending his next 20 or so years taking care of a child seemed like a death sentence. All that changed when his daughter, Alecia, was born. Bertrand doted over his daughter on a daily basis, often cutting out of work whenever possible just to spend time with her.

    Sadly, these pleasant times were not meant to last. Bertrand was out of town on a business trip when his powers developed overnight. Needless to say the kind doctor was terrified by this, causing something of a mental break. It wasn’t long before he realized that he couldn’t feel or taste anything. This thought engulfed him. In no time at all Bertrand realized that so long as he was in this cursed metal form he’d never be able to feel the loving embrace of his daughter. Deciding that he wouldn’t return until he’d found a cure for himself Bertrand set up shop in New York. This led to several gruesome and failed experiments. Bertrand’s broken mind had determined that the only way to develop a cure for himself was to perform vivisections on other power users so as to analyze their genetic structure.

    Needless to say this eventually gathered quite a bit of attention. Bertrand however refused to be taken in by the government and fled New York. It was then that he was approached by the leader of Thallis. Bertrand’s research held several possibilities for both sides of the soon to come war. After convincing Bertrand that, unlike with the government, his work would remain entirely his own, the kindly doctor joined Thallis and Associates. Bertrand still keeps regular contact with his family. He has yet to tell them the nature of his disease, instead explaining that he is simply working to cure those haunted by their powers.

    Job(s): Geneticist

    Relationships: Bertrand has a wife named Sharice and a daughter named Alecia. He has avoided face to face contact with either of them since the development of his powers. Despite this he often calls them whenever he can. It’s possible that this brief conversations over the phone are the only thing keeping him even remotely sane anymore.

    Preferences: Bertrand takes great joy in being a father, or even just being a father figure. He despises his power and wants nothing more than to get rid of it by any means necessary.
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    Updated the powers, skills, and background like you asked, Gorn.
  • SukeSuke Sexy Back Full Members
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    Name: Caleb Black

    Codename: Scar

    Declared Allegiance: American Government team

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Birthplace: Washington D.C.

    Appearance: Cecil is 6'1", lean and quite handsome. He has short black hair. His ears are pierced and he has a tattoo of purple tentacles going down and twisting around his arm.

    Costume: Standard uniform, but shortsleeved and with fingerless gloves.

    Civilian clothes: Hipsterish fashion sense. He likes hoodies and skinny jeans.

    Superpowers: Caleb has regenerative powers. He can heal cuts and minor wounds in a few seconds, and he can fix broken bones in a couple minutes. He can also grow back entire limbs and bones in 5-7 minutes, or if he has the limb right there he can reattach it in 1-2 minutes. However, he currently has difficulties in regrowing vital organs. Overall, his healing factor works faster under stress. Finally, he does not feel pain, though he can feel everything else.

    Other skills: Besides being a pretty good runner, Caleb doesn't really have any notable skills. He's not bad in the sack.

    Personality: Caleb doesn't like to work, preferring to have a good time. He makes jokes to defuse stressful situations, and doesn't understand how serious things are at times. He is easily manipulative, and not very book smart.

    Ambitions: None.

    Background: Caleb grew up with a pretty normal life. He always had trouble deciding what to do with his life, but he got a good foothold by finally going to college. He discovered his powers when he accidentally turn on the garbage disposal with his hand in it. He lost the ring, but all of his hand grew back.

    Job(s): Student

    Relationships: No steady girlfriend, but plenty of flings here and there. His dad died when he was a baby, and his mom is young and healthy.

    Preferences: Fun, Sex, Food, Jokes, Video-games


    Name: Cassie Jones

    Codename: Zookeeper

    Declared Allegiance: Whoever can manipulated her and give her a home. At this time, Thallis and Associates.

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Birthplace: New York City, New York

    Appearance: Cassie is a short, cute, innocent looking girl. She has long black hair with a blonde streak, blue eyes, and full lips.

    Costume: She wears a sleeveless black hoodie, and a white t-shirt under that. She also wears tight, blue jeans and Converse's.

    Civilian Clothes: Same as her costume.

    Superpowers: Cassie can change her form into many kinds of animals. The change is instant, and her clothes change with her. She can not speak in animal forms, but can communicate with other animals of the species she changes to, and she can still understand humans. The animal's height and weight would be what is normal for a young adult female of the species. Currently her power limits her to shifting to other members of the mammalian class, and only ones that are the same size as her or smaller. However, she can turn into any breed as long as she knows of it's existence. She cannot turn into animals that don't exist. She can't alter only part of her body, and will go either full animal or not.

    Other skills: Pickpocketing, outdoor survival

    Personality: Cassie is a vulnerable and quiet girl. She doesn't open up to many people, but is quick to attach if that person is the least bit manipulative. She's usually innocent, but is cunning and does everything with self-preservation in mind.

    Ambitions: To find a loving home.

    Background: Cassie was born to a Stripper and a police officer. Her mother was a drug addict and her father, an alcoholic. Her dad abused her, and when her mom didn't do anything to stop it, she stopped going to school and ran away from home. She spent two years in scary alleyways and shelters. When she discovered her powers, when she wasn't scavenging she would turn into a cat or dog and go into vet's offices, just so she could get a bath, warm meal, and someone to cuddle with.

    Job(s): None.

    Relationships: Hasn't seen her parents in two years. She had a 19-year-old boyfriend who she lived with for 5 months, but they broke up. She still talks to him every now and then.

    Preferences: Animals, warm meals, water, music, dancing, sleeping
    So close...And yet so far...
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    Posted my villain character. Was able to find the time much sooner than I anticipated.
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    Hi everybody. The characters are looking pretty good so far. We're expecting one other person, so we're going to wait one more week to begin running some tests. At that point, everyone should have a minimum of two characters, one for the government team and one for Thallis' team. Here's a few more things you should know.

    First, you might have noticed that I just said the two-character limit is a minimum, not a maximum. We currently don't want any extra characters for either team, but if you want to develop freelance heroes and villains that we can interact with, that would be great. We have about fifty total characters in the works, but we don't want to do all the work. If you have ideas for characters or side-plots, tell us.

    Next, we have some stuff we'd like you to be thinking about for when we actually start the RPG. One thing we'd like you to consider is a potential nemesis. Nemeses are a big part of the superhero genre, be it Batman and Joker, Spider-Man and Venom, Professor X and Magneto, or a bunch of others. As the two teams meet and clash for the first few times, each character should begin developing a rivalry with someone from the opposing side. Whether it be fate, curiosity, or flat-out hatred, each hero should be drawn to combat with a particular villain, and vice versa. Of course, we've got rules for how you should go about this. Your nemeses should be controlled by people other than yourself, and each of your nemeses should be controlled by a different player. Also, try to consider which character would make a reasonable or worthy opponent. You should start asking around now to see who you can partner up with.

    Also, we need two characters, one from each side, to act out the team leaders. GORN and I will be giving out missions through our respective characters (Thallis and Colonel Steele), but they won't be commanding your every move on the field. We want two people to head the charge, figure out exactly how to overcome an obstacle, and know when to retreat if need be. Tying back in to the last paragraph, the team leaders will probably be nemeses. If you think you're up for some extra participation and the control that comes with it, PM us and ask about playing a leader character.

    If you have questions about any of that stuff, just ask.
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    Name: Ricardo "Ricky" Javier Sullivan

    Codename: Bash

    Declared Allegiance: American Government Team

    Gender: Male

    Age: March 3, 1994.

    Birthplace: Sacramento, California.

    Appearance: 5'10'', 140 pounds. Wide shoulders, scrawny. Frequently ends fights disfigured, oddly proportioned, and dropping F-bombs.

    Costume: Typical DIY Punk appearance. Keeps hair up in liberty spikes, sometimes a Joe Strummer mohawk. Obnoxious "I am not a billboard for sweat shops" attitude. Sleeveless shirts, old camouflage pants. Interpretation of wearing a suit involves tweed, purple, or Pee-Wee Herman bow tie.

    Superpowers: "That which does not kill me makes me stronger." At least for a time. And the important thing is, that it doesn't kill you first.

    If Bash were to hit a wall repeatedly, his torn skin, knuckles, and tendons would grow back harder and denser, his tired muscles would bulge from use. Burns cause him to grow thick, heat resistant scabs. The longer he holds his breath, the less he needs oxygen. As long as he remains conscious, injuries of all kinds cause Bash to become stronger. Any benefits from an injury disappear within 24 hours, depending on the severity of the wound. Heals more quickly than a normal human when unconscious, spending days at a time asleep recovering, but severe or complicated injuries require medical attention.

    Other skills: Knows a lot about sound equipment; drum kits. Handy in a fist fight or Pier 6 brawl. Speaks household Spanish. Education limited to a few courses at community college.

    Personality: Can be abrasive and loud, but picks his battles carefully. Not given to illusions of a creative side or spirituality. Believes the only think less Punk Rock than saving kids from a fire is being the guy who started it. Loathes complacency and inactivity. Still adjusting to being outed. Not terribly consistent on any single point.

    Ambitions: Go to shows, not starve, maybe one day go to college full-time.

    Background: Born to a single mother in a working-class neighborhood in Sacramento, Ricky left home and became active in the Bay Area punk rock scene. He discovered his powers in a mosh pit at a New Year's Day concert, when he began to beat back the crowd during an altercation. As interest in super-powered people increased he came under scrutiny and he was outed by a local newspaper. Outraged at the situation and the number of gay rights groups that presumed to speak on his behalf, and relishing any chance to shock and appall, he began to refer to himself as "The Gay Basher." The episode ended when Federal Agents took him into custody, and transported him to a facility (presumably) in Virginia. His code name was mercifully shortened to Bash.

    Job(s): Worked at a used music equipment store. May or may not have that job when he returns to SF Bay. Does some promotion and sound tech for small time bands, occasionally takes courses at a community college.

    Relationships: String of messy and short romances. Friend or acquaintance of members of many California punk rock bands, scene members, concert promoters, and venue owners (Most notably the Grease Stain and Queen Cathy's Horse), Close friends with Tommy Kowalski, owner of the Grease Stain, Robert "Bobo" Arnolds, a former Computer Science major at Golden Gate University, and Chris Hendricks, a roommate who claims she has developed the power to fly, though Ricky has never seen her do it. Writes monthly back and forth with mother, Martha Sullivan, and the two are on good terms. The agent who brought him into custody, Marsha Hunsaker, detests him, and the animosity is reciprocated.

    Likes: Concerts, sending porn to Fred Phelps house, quoting Ayn Rand to liberals.

    Dislikes: Complacency, going to church regularly, "Fly-over states."

    Name: Born Terrence, "Terry" Miller, legally changed to "Steven S. Spectacular"

    Codename: Mister Spectacular

    Declared Allegiance: Thallis and associates

    Gender: Male

    Age: April 1, 1963.

    Birthplace: Des Moines, Iowa.

    Appearance: 5'8'', 185 pounds. Visible pot belly. Black, short-cropped hair graying at temples.

    Costume: Bulky red-orange "Spectacular-Suit" laced with a kevlar-like material, jet-pack, and plexi-glass helmet. Looks a great deal like a spacesuit made from Robbie the Robot.

    Superpowers: A mad genius, Grant has developed the ability to build almost any invention he imagines. Yet the more hair-brained and far-fetched the idea (read, physically impossible), the more dubious that invention's success or reliability. Take, for example, his Ray-Gun. Claiming that it is powered by "Spectacul-O-Rays" of his own discovery, its just as likely to act as a disintegrating death ray as it is to be a useless piece of plastic. The other features he has developed for it, including a piercing sonic blast at "1000 decibels" and a "Power-Negator" have had even less success. His various vehicle designs, the S1, S2, and S3 (land, sea, and air), each in different stages of planning and development, could be dangerous pieces of paramilitary hardware if they're not horrible deathtraps that kill everyone involved. If only he had some test subjects...

    Other skills: Has run a farm for the better part of his life, and can operate most farming equipment passably.

    Personality: "Steven" has become increasingly unhinged as his powers of invention have increased. A severe agoraphobe with unresolved mommy issues and a noted narcissist streak, he is motivated by a desire for the world to recognize how spectacular he is. Noted lack of regard for family's safety and financial well-being. Avid admirer and collector of Golden Age Science Fiction paraphernalia. Joined with Thallis to gain resources, study super science up close, and build his reputation.

    Ambitions: To invent, to discover, to become famous, to bring his mother back from the dead.

    Background: Born and raised in Iowa, Terrence was known was unsociable child and an avid reader of science fiction; his mother disapproved of his hobbies and would berate him from an early age. Terrence's only notable talent was a fair aptitude for math and chemistry. His father supported his interests and pressured him to go to college.

    Terrence enrolled at Texas A&M, where he struggled in higher-level courses in Chemistry and Physics. After his father died in an accident, he returned home to run the family farm and take care of his mother, who was dying of diabetes. Inspired by the fiction of Philip K. Dick, he took LSD, wrote several pulp-style science fiction stories, and developed agoraphobia. He met Brenda Olson at a church function and later married her.

    Restless and unsatisfied with his life as a farmer, Terrence took to tinkering with his farm equipment, an expensive hobby. Falling into debt, Terrence became unhinged, legally changed his name to a character he had written stories about, sold most of his land, and devoted himself full-time to inventing. But in the last few months, Steven's experiments have been more and more successful...

    Job(s): Former farmer, now full-time inventor on his small farm in rural Iowa.

    Relationships: Wife Brenda, now "Samantha S Spectacular," is fanatically loyal and nearly as deranged. Has two sullen, unhappy adopted children (born Brian Driscoll and Laura Chang) who now respond to "Stevie Jr. Spectacular" and "Sally Spectacular." Board certified psychologist Daniel McCarthy has been trying for years to develop a treatment program for Steven. Their contact has been sporadic in recent months.

    Likes: Inventing, science fiction, himself, his mother.

    Dislikes: Being put down, obscurity, giving detailed explanations to his inventions, his mother.
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    Alright, we've got a lot of characters. Remember in the character sheet how we said "imagine your character in a fight with any one of his or her teammates?" Well, starting Wednesday, we will begin our testing. For those of you wondering what "testing" means, we're basically going to have your characters fight their teammates in one-on-one fights. It will be a round robin set-up, so everyone gets to fight everyone on their team. The point of this exercise is to see if any characters are under- or overpowered and then make the necessary adjustments.

    Now, there are two ways we can do this. We could either have the two players whose characters are fighting just play out the battle by themselves (similar to the tournament fights in Hallum), or we could make it a discussion where everyone shares their opinion on how the fights might go. If you prefer one method over the other, let us know before Wednesday.

    On the appointed day, Khan and I will post the starting match-ups.
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    Honestly I think the group discussion would be the better choice. It'd likely go faster and I think we're all eager to get started as quickly as possible.
  • SukeSuke Sexy Back Full Members
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    I agree with Bolts.
    So close...And yet so far...
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    I agree as well. Less confusing that way since we won't have a bunch of posts trampling over each other doing simultaneous fights at once.
  • DuceDuce Now in Lemon Flavor Full Members
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    It seems pretty decided at this point, but I'll just chip in, for the record, that I feel a group discussion would be for the best.
    The labels on inflammable objects really should use larger print. Being arrested for arson just cause you don't see 20/20 is stupid.
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    A group discussion might be a bit hard to get everyone together at the same time though but assuming we can, I'd prefer it.
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    Name: Abel McQuillan

    Codename: Shock Front

    Declared Allegiance: American Government Team

    Gender: Male

    Age: 28

    Birthplace: New York

    Appearance: 6’6’’. He has golden brown hair and green eyes.

    Costume: The standard government suit and mask. The mask is similar to this: (, but it covers his whole head. The color scheme of the whole costume is composed of dark blue, and black.

    Civilian clothes: When not at work: He wears a polo shirt, a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers. At work: He wears a black suit.

    Superpowers: Manipulation of sound, creating sonic blasts by yelling and shockwaves by clapping. His shockwaves and sonic blasts have a sound pressure level of 145-180 dB, the former being the minimum strength of his powers while the latter as the maximum. He can control the strength of his attacks. His sonic blasts only go in a straight path while his shockwaves spread out in a conical shape. He is immune to shockwaves, even to those he did not create. He can concentrate his attacks in a given direction but he cannot control the range.

    Other skills: He’s a great cook and a good swimmer.

    Personality: He’s very outgoing and he gets along with everyone. He is caring and sensitive to others’ feelings.

    Ambitions: To meet the woman of his dreams and have a peaceful life with her.

    Background: He was born in New York. Both his parents died in a plane crash. He is very active at school when he was a kid. He joined his school’s swim team and soccer team and became the MVP for the latter. In college, Abel lost contact with his twin, Cain. He doesn’t even know that Lord Grimm is actually Cain since Abel never knew that Cain is evil.

    Job: A bank teller

    Relationships: None yet

    Likes: sushi, fruits (except pineapples), vegetables, T.V., animals, his job, having superpowers, his co-workers, and his boss

    Dislikes: people who disturbs the peace, pineapples

    Name: Catherine Griffin

    Codename: Frostbite

    Declared Allegiance: Thallis and Associates

    Gender: Female

    Age: 22

    Birthplace: Rhode Island

    Appearance: 5’5’’. She has red hair and brown eyes. She has Japanese features, namely her eyes, because of her mother.

    Costume: A blue and white, sleeveless thong leotard with a plunging v-shaped neckline that reaches down to her navel, white elbow-length gloves and white thigh-high boots, and a white mask.

    Civilian clothes: She wears a sweater, a tank top underneath, a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers.

    Superpowers: Cryokinesis. She can control and generate ice. She can freeze anything she sees without touching them. She can freeze anything at a really fast rate but not instantly. The rate of freezing also depends on the temperature of the person or object she's freezing. Basically, the warmer the object, the longer it takes to freeze. She can freeze an object at a rate of 10° C per second.

    Other skills: She's a good actress.

    Personality: She's very outgoing. She will also do anything just to become famous. She's more of an anti-hero than a villain. Although she's gentle and caring, she does what she has to do, even if it means hurting others but she does this at a minimum. She doesn't let her emotions control her actions. "The end justifies the means" is her number one motto.

    Ambitions: To become rich and famous. And to find her sister who had just disappeared.

    Background: She had always looked up to many actresses and dreamed of becoming like them. She always joined her school’s Drama Club from middle school to college. Now, she works as an actress in a theater.

    Job(s): Actress

    Relationships: Her sister (missing) and her parents.

    Likes: her sister, her parents, cooking, acting, getting things done

    Dislikes: selfish people, bad manners, doing things without a reason

    my two independent villains (haven't thought of a good name for their organization yet):

    Name: Cain Grimm (formerly known as: Cain McQuillan. He changed his surname after creating his alter ego, Lord Grimm.)

    Codename: His minions call him “Lord Grimm” and he stuck with it.

    Declared Allegiance: Independent

    Gender: Male

    Age: 28

    Birthplace: New York

    Appearance: 6’6’’. Like his twin, he has golden blonde hair but his eyes are blue. His skin is a bit pale because he rarely takes off his armor.

    Costume: Looks like this: ( but less bulky and minus the thorn-things on the head. Instead of the thorn-things, a crown attached to the helmet. And the visor is just a slash to the left across the face. His cape is black.

    Civilian clothes: He wears a black and silver tunic. (He’s obsessed with the medieval age, for some reason.)

    Superpowers: Super-intelligence and Psychokinesis (It’s just Telekinesis but Psychokinesis sounds cooler). Using his powers continuously gives him a massive headache. If he uses his powers during this time, he’ll fall into a coma. The range of his Psychokinesis is 100 meters. The heaviest thing he can lift is a mini-van. He can control anything he sees in a video, as long as what he is seeing is actually happening in real-time.

    Other skills: He’s great at chess and checkers.

    Personality: He’s evil, pure evil. He just wants to torment anyone or anything. But that doesn’t mean he is incapable of falling in love. He only respects Lady Malum, his girlfriend.

    Ambitions: To rule the world with Lady Malum.

    Background: Born in New York. Both his parents died in a plane crash. He was always bullied at school because he looked frail and weak. He joined his school’s chess club. In college, Cain lost contact with his twin, Abel. Abel doesn’t know he is Lord Grimm but Cain knows that Shock Front is actually, Abel. After finishing the modifications in his armor, Cain tested his powers on his tormentors in high school. He captured them, locked them up for weeks, and when he was finally ready, he tortured them little by little every day. When he got tired of it, he killed them all at once.

    Job(s): None.

    Relationships: Lady Malum (girlfriend)

    Likes: making others miserable, killing, torture, Lady Malum

    Dislikes: “heroes”, everyone and everything except those mentioned above.

    Name: Erin Taylor (changed her name to Erin Malum after being persuaded by Cain to do so.)

    Codename: Cain and his minions call her “Lady Malum” and decided to stick with it.

    Declared Allegiance: Independent

    Gender: Female

    Age: 24

    Birthplace: New Jersey

    Appearance: 5’5’’. She has strawberry blonde hair and hazel brown eyes. She has pale skin because she rarely takes off her armor. She’s pretty but she rarely shows her face.

    Costume: It looks a lot like Cain’s, but the shape is more feminine and the cape is purple.

    Civilian clothes: She wears a blouse, a miniskirt and high-heeled shoes.

    Superpowers: Electrokinesis. She can create short, powerful blasts of electricity from her gauntlets. The range of her “lightning bolts” is 40 meters. The voltage of her electricity ranges from 300 to 500 volts.

    Other skills: She uses her charms to make people do things for her.

    Personality: She is also evil, almost as evil as Cain. Although, she shows hesitation when she is about to kill someone. She adores Cain.

    Ambitions: To rule the world with Cain.

    Background: She was always sick when she was a kid. She rarely went to school and she never had friends. She killed small animals (pets that her parents bought her) and insects as an outlet for her evilness. After college, she went into many relationships with her male college friends but broke up with them just to make them hate themselves. Some of them even committed suicide but Erin didn't care. She's currently in a relationship with Cain.

    Job(s): None

    Relationships: Cain Grimm

    Likes: killing, bossing people around, Cain

    Dislikes: “heroes”, everything and anyone except those mentioned above (she learned to hate everything Cain hates.)
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    Everyone that has expressed an opinion wants discussions. Therefore, this is how we'll go about things: starting from the top of the thread, we will choose one hero and one villain. This means we should be focused on one player at a time. Then the floor will be open to everyone to comment on how strong or weak each of those characters is in comparison to his or her teammates. Your statements can be general, or they can be about how even you think a particular fight would be. If you want to talk about multiple fights, keep the discussions separate. For each fight, consider powers, skills, and personalities to determine how the fight might end. If you think there is a problem with something, suggest a possible fix, rather than simply complain about it. After a 24-hour period, if nobody has commented on either the hero or villain, we will move on to the next player.

    If the discussion is about your character, try to be involved. You should be around to explain or defend your powers. If you aren't going to be available at a certain time, tell us and we will reschedule the conversation about your characters.

    Once we have some input on your characters, we will PM you about changes that we think would be reasonable. Keep in mind that even though they are your characters, you will not have the final say in how powerful they start off. If the majority agrees that a change needs to be made, and GORN and I agree with the majority, prepare to do some editing. Also, remember that even if we have approved your characters so far, this does not mean you are exempt from the possibility of further changes.

    So, the first characters on the list are Tornado and Psy-KO, GORN's characters. Neither GORN nor I plan on leading these discussions, since we'd like to hear your feedback first. We said we'd start on Wednesday, but we see no reason to keep you waiting. Comment whenever you like, and without further ado, FIGHT!
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    Clarification: Tornado and Psy-KO are not fighting each other. For our purposes, each character is in a number of separate fights with the other members of their team. Thus, you should be imagining Tornado fighting Redwood, Dynamic, Stealth Command, Relocation, and so on, while Psy-KO is battling Mach, Miss Fortune, Ms. Filibuster, Bookworm, et al.
  • DuceDuce Now in Lemon Flavor Full Members
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    Tornado Match-Ups

    Redwood –


    Let’s start with the physical aspects. Tornado is six feet tall with a farmer’s build. He has government training, which for the purposes of this evaluation I’ll say include combat training. Redwood on the other hand, is much smaller. He too, however has the basic government combat training. In a neutral-powers arena, Tornado has a slight edge. This is also putting aside the fact that Redwood’s ability is physical augmentation.

    POWERS -

    Oak Form: Redwood gets bulked up and can now easily trump Tornado is the straight-physical combat department. However, due to Torado’s powers, Redwood would likely never get the chance to reach melee range. Even without an EF2-Class twister (Maybe with as little as an EF1 for complete immobilization, or EF0 for a heavy handicap), Redwood would not be able to get close enough to do any damage.

    Kudzu Form: Redwood would likely fare a little better with this form. His roots would allow him to withstand stronger winds. However, it would not be a very strong offensive class. The rate of growth would allow too much time for Tornado to power up, or simply walk away from the conflict. In addition, the vines are not very heavy and would be easily deflected by Tornado’s powerful gusts. Kudzu Form may be able to stall Tornado, but it certainly couldn’t defeat him.

    Posion Ivy Form: Tornado can deal with poison ivy much the same way he deals with Oak – by keeping his distance and blowing Redwood away. It, like Oak, demands direct contact to be effective. Tornado’s abilities make it impossible for Redwood to do anything without a surprise attack.


    Tornado is a farmer, Redwood is a nerd. Both have extensive knowledge in the area where the other does not. This may help Redwood in certain situations where he can use a well-known(through movies or video games) fighting trick to get a slight edge, but that doesn’t outweigh Tornado’s knowledge of farming and plants in general. Depending on the situation, Tornado may know more about Redwood’s forms than Redwood does. In this way, Tornado likely has the tactical edge as well.


    Redwood is dependent on getting up close and personal with his foes. Tornado’s powers are built to stop exactly that from happening. This is likely an extremely poor match-up for Redwood, by everything about Tornado does nothing but give Redwood trouble. I’d say a 90:10 in favor of Tornado.

    Dynamic –


    Both Tornado and Dynamic are similar in size, and both have training in combat. However, I am going to assume government combat training focuses more on unarmed than armed. Because Dynamic is trained in stick fighting, I would say he has the edge if the combatants are using weapons, and Tornado has the advantage otherwise.

    POWERS –

    A lot hinges on how finessed Dynamic’s control is. For instance, he could be making contact with the wind blowing against him, but does that mean he can control the energy stored in the wind? If he can, his ability to slow things down renders Tornado’s abilities all but useless. Because Dynamic, upon being hit with wind, would be able to kill the speed, and therefore power, of the wind, there would be nothing Tornado could do.

    On the other hand, if something has to be more solid than gasses for Dynamic’s powers to take effect, this fight would get a lot more interesting. Dynamic would have to deal with the possibility of being blown away. He would also have to worry about his projectiles being deflected by high wind speeds. While a particularly strong charge of kinetic energy could penetrate a wind wall, aiming would still be more difficult and the time to charge to attack would likely be costly.

    Tornado could run into trouble because he too, would be unable to rely on projectiles. If Dynamic can slow or speed up items, he would likely be able to kill enough momentum to avoid, or completely stop, anything thrown at him. Tornado would once again have to keep his distance to do well in this fight. If he let Dynamic in close, charged kinetic blows from Dynamic’s stick would likely defeat Tornado.


    This is a more apples and oranges tactical match-up than the last one. One is a salesman, and one is a farmer. Tornado doesn’t necessarily have an edge on Dynamic, but Dynamic is in the same situation towards Tornado.


    This all depends on how finessed Dynamic’s power is. If Tornado’s wind can be cancelled, he’ll lose. However, if his wind cannot be cancelled, Tornado would probably just barely come away with the win.
    With Kinetic Cancelling: 80:20 Dynamic
    Without: 65:35 Tornado.

    Stealth Command –


    Despite being a similar size, Stealth Command wins the physical contest without a doubt due to being a Green-****ing-Beret. Tornado needs to stay the hell away if he wants to keep his neck/spine/body-part-I-can’t-even-pronounce-intact.

    POWERS –

    Luckily for Tornado, his powers would allow him to keep Stealth Command at bay quite effectively. Stealth Command seems more inclined to covert missions where Tornado is more of a front-line fighter. Stealth Command doesn’t seem to have anything that would allow him to break through Tornado’s winds and get close enough to do real damage.


    Here, Stealth Command would once again have the edge. The situation in which Tornado would be most likely to get trumped is here. Stealth Command has advanced tactical and strategic training as well as far, far more experience in combat than Tornado does. While Tornado may be able to overpower Stealth Command, in a combat situation, Stealth Command would definitely be able to outsmart Tornado – perhaps even enough to get close enough to win the fight.


    Tornado holds an overwhelming advantage in the super-ability department, but Stealth Command holds the edge just about everywhere else. In a straight-up fight, Tornado would likely win with a 75:25 advantage. but I have my doubts that Stealth Command would get himself into a situation where such a fight would be necessary. In almost any situation besides a straight-up fight, Stealth Command would likely take Tornado out before the farmer knew what hit him at 20:80.

    Relocation –


    Tornado has the edge. Relocation is not big enough, or trained enough to go hand-to-hand with Tornado. Training and natural physical ability give the edge to Tornado.

    POWERS –

    This could go either way. While Tornado has the ability to keep pressure up on Relocation, Relocation’s specialty is breaking away from pressure. Able to dodge most anything he has the time to see coming, Tornado would be hard pressed to land a hit on Relocation. By the same token, Relocation would have a hard time striking Tornado if he minded his defenses. Indirect attacks, teleporting objects in the direct vicinity of Tornado, would likely make up most of Relocation’s offensive measures. As long as Tornado is vigilant, the attacks would be avoidable.

    In the end, it would be a matter of who made a mistake first as both fighters are able to attack and defend without directly endangering themselves.


    Tornado’s training gives him a slight edge here. Relocation has training and education, just in different areas. In terms tactics in a fight, Tornado would have a slight advantage.


    I feel this is a fairly even match-up. Each side has options and counters to anything the other side does. 50:50 Even.

    Prosperity –


    Tornado is pretty big, but Prosperity is enormous. Tornado may get some of the physical edge back due to having combat training while Prosperity does not, but the size difference is enough to make a difference in spite of Tornado’s training.

    POWERS –

    Tornado once again holds an advantage in the Powers department. Most of what Prosperity would be able to copy would not do much good against such strong winds. Aside from his copy powers, Prosperity is just an incredibly large man. Taking this into effect, Tornado would, like he continually has before, just keep his distance and pick Prosperity apart bit by bit. Prosperity’s ability is too situational to be a reliable asset against Tornado.


    Tornado may have the tactical edge here as he does have at least some form of training. Beyond the training, there are no signs to further influence the balance so the edge would most certainly go to Tornado.


    Unless there was an immensely powerful object for Prosperity to copy immediately nearby, there would not be a lot he could do to harm Tornado. Tornado would have a very heavy advantage in this fight, about 80:20.

    Sketch –


    I would say the two are evenly matched in terms of physical ability. While Tornado is much larger, Sketch is at an advanced level in martial arts. I think the physical size and respective trainings balance out to give neither side the edge.

    POWERS –

    Tornado does have to worry about Sketch’s drawings. She would be able to break through his gusts if she were to be creative enough. Tornado would also have issues preventing Sketch from using her powers as the ‘how’ of the drawing doesn’t matter. Tornado couldn’t simply blow away Sketch’s paper for a victory. Both sides have equal opportunity in this fight, and whoever uses their powers more creatively would probably end up the victor.


    Here, Tornado’s basic government training is enough to give him a slight edge. Sketch has no formal tactical training so Tornado would be more likely to out-smart her in a fight.


    I think Tornado retains the edge, but just barely. While Sketch would definitely be able to pressure him, she would still be on the side of the uphill battle. Nothing would be certain though. I think this fight would go about 55:45 in favor of Tornado.

    Crank –


    This is a little close, but Tornado would find himself physically outdone by Crank. Crank’s physical abilities augment each other while Tornado simply has basic training. They are on similar builds so any sort of advantage or disadvantage from that stand-point would be neutralized.

    POWERS –

    Tornado has the edge here primarily because Crank depends so much on a burst of energy to get the job done. This is not to say the burst would not be enough. Combining the increased perception, speed, strength, etc. of Crank adrenaline boost in addition to his expertise in fire arms, he could end the fight before Tornado truly had a chance to react and get his winds up to speed. In addition, Crank’s routine use of guns could cause problems for Tornado as he does not have any real defense against high-velocity projectiles. This fight could go either way.


    Tornado has a slight edge here. While Crank may have some real-life experience due to his history, it would not be able to match up to Tornado’s formal training.


    This would be a close fight, but a fast one. If Crank is able to get his adrenaline pumping before the winds start blowing, Tornado would lose. However, if this became a drawn-out fight in any fashion, Tornado would easily outlast Crank. 50:50 Even Match.

    Scar –


    Tornado has the edge here. Although similar in size to Scar, he is likely more toned and definitely more trained.

    POWERS –

    Once again, Tornado has a definite advantage here. Scar’s regenerative abilities would not be able to keep up with the punishment Tornado’s winds would be able to inflict. Scar’s main issue would be the heavy projectiles involved with Tornado’s winds. Scrapes and cuts would not be an issue, but repeated mailboxes and cars to the face would be.


    Once again, Tornado gets the edge. He has training, while Scar evidently doesn’t have any notable skills. Tornado would be able to get the tactical upper hand in a fight fairly easily.


    Tornado has an overwhelming advantage against Scar. Scar’s best hope would be for an endurance battle, but even that would have a very low probability of success. 85:15 Tornado.

    Bash –


    Tornado has a definite advantage here. He is bigger, stronger, and evidently better ‘proportioned.’ This would likely change once Bash’s powers began to take effect though.

    POWERS –

    Tornado, while being able to inflict damage, may have a hard time finishing Bash off – which is why Bash has the edge here. Even with heavy projectiles, as long as Bash keeps himself alive, he increases his chances of winning. While whittling his opponent down would usually work, it would doom Tornado in this match-up. Unless a decisive blow came quick and fast, Bash would eventually grow strong enough to soldier through anything Tornado could throw at him.


    Tornado holds the edge here through his formal training. While Bash does have some fight-smarts, it just doesn’t measure up to government training. The tactical edge would not be overwhelming, but it would be there for Tornado.


    I think that Tornado probably wouldn’t be able to take Bash down fast enough to avoid the fight snowballing into something ugly. If Bash is resilient enough, he’ll win. 65:35 Bash.

    That’s it for now. Discuss or point out any flaws you find with my reasoning. I’ll do Psy-KO either later tonight or tomorrow when my head has taken a nice break from thinking about theoretical superhero combat.
    The labels on inflammable objects really should use larger print. Being arrested for arson just cause you don't see 20/20 is stupid.
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    I don't have much more to add. I think the numbers might be changed around a tiny bit depending on circumstances like environment and such, but overall those are basically the conclusions I got as well.

    Actually, I would also like to point something out that I hadn't thought of. GORN has said that Tornado can't use the things inside of a tornado as aimed projectiles, so they just behave randomly. Given this, I have to wonder if Stealth Command could possibly survive the tornado by lodging himself into a safe place, perhaps a crack on the street or something, or a rather sturdy object nearby. I'd assume most of these fights are happening in a city, so there should be objects around, and crevices.
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    ((Following Duce's format))

    Psy-KO Match-Ups


    PHYSICAL - Not much of a mach up here. In pure physical terms Mach can easily out muscle Psy-KO. That combined with Mach's ability to speed up his punches could lead to some deadly, albeit hilarious, beatings.

    POWERS - This comes out fairly even depending on the situation. If Mach has already built up to his top speed then there's almost no hope for Psy-KO. That said if she surprises him before he gets any momentum going she could easily take hold of his boots, thereby keeping Mach from ever going anywhere.

    TACTICAL - This area is a bit iffy for both fighters since neither of them seem to be all there. Psy-KO's schizophrenia may actually lend her an advantage here since she might be too paranoid to allow Mach any time to think. That said, Mach's specialty is his quickness, thus this portion could go either way.

    VERDICT - If the fight were to be drawn out in any way Mach would win hands down. However if Psy-KO surprises him and keeps him from building up any momentum it could potentially go the other way. I'd say overall Mach has an 80% chance of victory in this fight.

    Miss. Fortune

    PHYSICAL - This match up is a bit strange. Neither women are terribly physical when compared to the other members of their team. That said, in a purely physical fight, the advantage would likely go to Psy-KO if only for her tougher build and the fact she carries a baseball bat with her.

    POWERS - Here's where it gets interesting. Psy-KO's effective range would be her biggest disadvantage here. Whereas Miss. Fortune's powers are effective at up to 100 feet, Psy-KO's only go up to 30, less than a third of the distance. Even if Psy-KO did get in range, Miss. Fortune's powers would likely trump hers, thus giving her the win.

    TACTICAL - Despite her giddy and ridiculous behavior, Miss. Fortune likely has the advantage here as well. Where Psy-KO is apparently barely functioning, Miss. Fortune can strategize and overcome whatever plans Psy-KO might come up with.

    VERDICT - Honestly, unless Psy-KO catches Miss. Fortune completely off guard she stands little to no chance in this fight. I'd say 95:5 in Miss. Fortune's favor.

    Ms. Filibuster

    PHYSICAL - Again, this portion is a bit iffy. Psy-KO would likely have the advantage largely due to her rougher lifestyle. If one incorporates the weapons though, it could easily go in Ms. Filibuster's favor. You don't have to be a crack shot with a gun to kill somebody after all.

    POWERS - Strangely enough, this could be where Psy-KO shines. While Ms. Filibuster could very easily turn the tide of the battle with just a word, Psy-KO could in fact use her telekenisis to stop her from speaking at all. I'm giving the advantage here to Psy-KO.

    TACTICAL - This portion is Ms. Filibuster hands down. She could easily stay out of Psy-Ko's effective range and force her to submit to her every whim. That combined with her higher mental capacity gives Ms. Filibuster the advantage here.

    VERDICT - I'd say this match is 50:50 either way. Both can fairly easily neutralize the other's powers, though if I were making a bet, I'd probably bet on Filibuster.


    PHYSICAL - Again, this section seems to be in favor of Psy-KO. While Bookworm's specialty may be in her ability to read people, Psy-KO's mentally unsound nature might keep her from being able to effectively judge her. Thus the advantage goes to Psy-KO.

    POWERS - In this case, the advantage again goes to Psy-KO. While Bookworm could possibly read Psy-KO's physical moves, Psy-KO's strength is all in her mind. Psy-KO could easily trip Bookworm up and senselessly beat her. Advantage Psy-KO.

    TACTICAL - Again, this is where Psy-KO has a falling out. Bookworm is obviously the brighter of the two and certainly the more mentally sound. In this area, I give the advantage to Bookworm.

    VERDICT - All things considered, Psy-KO would likely come out the victor in this fight as she is one of the few members Bookworm might have difficulty reading. Overall I'd give Psy-KO a 75% chance of victory in this fight.


    PHYSICAL - While Menmonic might not have any formal training in combat, the sheer difference in size between him and Psy-KO gives him a pretty clean cut advantage. That coupled with the fact that he also carries a firearm only adds to this.

    POWERS - This portion would likely also go in favor of Menmonic. Since both primarily fight through the use of their minds, the powers could offset one another. That said, Mnemonic has the more practical one since he could easily cause Psy-KO to forget how to use her power all together.

    TACTICAL - Again, the advantage goes to Mnemonic. Not much to say really other than the obvious advantage in mental capacity. Advantage Mnemonic.

    VERDICT - After winning out in every category, I have to say Mnemonic takes this fight everytime.


    PHYSICAL - Again, this is a fairly neutral category. Since Onoma seems to depend primarily on her power to fight, the physical portion would likely go in Psy-KO's direction.

    POWERS - Here is where Psy-KO could shine again. Since Onoma's power is based primarily on her ability to write or type words, Psy-KO could quite simply keep her from writing anything, or force her to write 'boom' on her shirt, thereby turning Onoma's power on herself.

    TACTICAL - Again this is where Psy-KO falls short. While neither of the women are geniuses by any means, Onoma likely could formulate some kind of plan or surprise attack which could snag her a victory.

    VERDICT - Unless Onoma catches Psy-KO by surprise, it's not likely she'll be able to overcome Psy-KO's telekenisis. For this fight I'd say Psy-KO has a 90% chance of victory.

    Dr. Iron Hide


    POWERS - Slightly less laughable. Psy-KO would likely have trouble here unless she built up the strength of her powers. Since her power largely depends on the weight of the object she intends to move, using it to affect Dr. Iron Hide would be difficult to say the least.

    TACTICAL - Psy-KO's mental capacity again puts her at a disadvantage here, especially given Dr. Iron Hide's intelligent nature. While Psy-KO does have the advantage of being unpredictable, it's not likely she would outsmart Dr. Iron Hide in a straight fight.

    VERDICT - Another fairly one-sided and, while I don't like to seem as though I'm putting my own character on a pedestal, I don't see Psy-KO ever beating him at her current strength.


    PHYSICAL - If Zookeeper remains in her human form, Psy-KO will likely take this portion once again. However, since Zookeeper's fighting primarily deals with her ability to shift into animals, the physical portion could very rapidly go in her direction instead.

    POWERS - Again this portion depends on the situation. Zookeeper's transformations certainly give her an offensive advantage, however Psy-KO could in theory keep whatever animal Zookeepers changes into at bay with her telekenisis.

    TACTICAL - Strangely enough, this is where Psy-KO could have an advantage. Zookeeper's power takes away from her mental capacity even more so than Psy-Ko's schizophrenia, thus giving the latter the advantage.

    VERDICT - For this fight, I'd give Psy-KO an 80% chance of victory.

    Mr. Spectacular

    PHYSICAL - Given Mr. Fantastic's chubby demeanor, Psy-KO could potentially take this portion of the fight fairly easily as well. Especially since her weapon of choice isn't subject to random acts of working or failing.

    POWERS - This portion is a little finicky and mostly depends on Mr. Spectacular's forward planning. If he creates a device designed to block telekenetic waves.....that works, then he could in theory neutralize Psy-KO's power altogether. At the same time, he could just invent a gun and shoot her. On the flip side, Psy-KO could likely disable most of Mr. Spectacular's devices, thus making this portion a bit of a coin toss.

    TACTICAL - No question here, Mr. Spectacular takes this portion hands down. His superior intellect and ability to create strange and bizarre devices gives him a huge tactical advantage.

    VERDICT - While Mr. Spectacular may be able to outsmart Psy-KO, brains don't always win the battle and Psy-KO's superior physique and ability to disable Mr. Spectacular's inventions give her the definitive edge. For this fight, I give Psy-KO an 80% chance.
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    Zookeeper's power doesn't take away from her mental capacity.
    So close...And yet so far...
  • DuceDuce Now in Lemon Flavor Full Members
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    Thinking of of what Dei said about the Tornado-Stealth Command match-up, it does make more sense. Given his ability to travel through cracks, and indiscriminate destructive nature of twisters, it's very likely that cracks and such would appear on the battlefield. Depending in luck, those cracks may provide a direct line to Tornado that Stealth Command would be able to use. The possibility alone boosts Stealth Command's probability of winning, but because it would be coincidence based, I think the match-up would remain at about 60:40 in Tornado's favor. Still considerably better than I had originally thought. Good catch.
    The labels on inflammable objects really should use larger print. Being arrested for arson just cause you don't see 20/20 is stupid.
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