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  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    thing is, though, it's possible to not get sucked up by a tornado, provided you're far enough underground. Something that I'm sure Stealth Command could do. That's why I was saying he could just wait the tornado out.
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    The thing is, I don't know how long the tornado would last. Because it is artificially created, does that mean it lasts as long as Tornado can control it? Does it have a normal lifespan? How many times can Tornado summon a twister?

    Then, this would be more in evaluating Stealth Command in particular, but would he know when the tornado ended while he was holed up? If this wasn't a fight to the death, but rather a fight for control of an area, Tornado would have simply won by forcing Stealth Command into a retreat.

    I think a bit more information on Tornado would be helpful in determining his match-ups, particularly with Stealth Command.
    The labels on inflammable objects really should use larger print. Being arrested for arson just cause you don't see 20/20 is stupid.
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    Get on AIM, Duce.
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
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    I didn't include it in my review but my current recommendation for Psy-KO is that she get a boost in the amount she can lift with her power. I'd say up to 500 lbs (equivalent to what Crank can lift when he's fully juiced) but with some sort of negative effect for lifting that much. I'd say she could lift her current level indefinitely but the 500 lb limit at most two to three times before she's out of juice.
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    something that I thought of for the Ms. Filibuster/Psy-KO matchup. How do Psy-KO's auditory hallucinations factor in against MF's voice? The ability states that as long as people are listening, they can't act. BUt what if an auditory hallucination begins overpowering Psy-KO's thoughts? She wouldn't necessarily be listening to MF at that point, since auditory hallucinations for schizophrenics can be quite overpowering.
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    This is a good point. I was thinking that, without medication, Psy-KO would suffer from auditory hallucinations several times a day. These hallucinations are caused by over-stimulation in the parts of the brain involved with the interpretation of stimuli. The problem is that I don't know how Ms. Filibuster's power works. Do you have to be paying attention to her voice to be affected, or can you fall under her control even if you're ignoring her? My assumption is that MF's voice triggers a portion of the brain to lock down, only allowing certain actions to be prefomed. Of course, the parts devoted to auditory sensation and interpretation would have to remain active for her to continue using her power.

    In theory, I suppose a hallucination could trick the brain into not sensing MF's voice, but only for a brief moment or two. Of course, this would also be an uncommon occurence. However, I think that perhaps we should postpone this discussion until we can focus soley on Ms. Fillibuster when she fights her teammates.

    One more thing. Would it be fair if Tornado could generate an EF2 tornado, but have absolutely no control over it, have minimal control over an EF1, and complete control of an EF0?
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    Tornado could use a boost since he only has 4 fights in which he has better than a 60% chance of victory. Especially since he's supposed to be a brawler not a thinker.
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    I've posted my hero character.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    I decided I'd do the matchups for your two characters, Zalera.

    Tornado vs. Shock Front

    Physical: While Shock Front may be 6'6", I'd say Tornado has the advantage here due to training. Shock Front is a banker and I'd say probably would not be the best fighter in a straight up brawl. Despite the size difference, training does hold a huge advantage. While I assume Shock Front has some muscles from swimming, those muscles tend to be more endurance muscles than strength ones.

    Powers I'm actually not sure who to give this to. According to the source I'm using, human death from sound alone occurs at 198 decibels. So they'd both most likely just die if Shock Front used his power. Provided Shock Front isn't feeling suicidal, then it really depends on range. If it's close range, Shock Front could easily debilitate Tornado, though he'd also probably be debilitated himself. If it's long range, then Tornado has the fight in the bag, as he can simply sic tornadoes on Shock Front while Shock Front's waves disperse. Also, if Shock Front is caught in the tornado, then he will most likely not be able to generate sound, as he would not be able to move or use his voice against the winds.

    Tactics I'd give this to Tornado, since Shock Front really doesn't seem to have much in the way of combat tactics whereas, even though he has only been trained for a month or so, basic combat training can go a long way in tactics. In addition, I'd imagine that, having grown up as a farmer in Kansas, Tornado would know something about tornadoes and how they behave, giving him some extra boost in tactics for his powers.

    Verdict: I'd say if it's close-range then it would most likely end in a stalemate since there isn't much indicating that Shock Front is not affected by his own sound, and both would be knocked out. If the fight took place over a distance, I would say Tornado would win 70 percent of the time, provided that he does not let Shock Front have time to close the gap between them.
  • ZaleraZalera Death Seraph Full Members
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    I wasn't sure if I should make him invulnerable to his own sound or not. Is it safe to assume that I should?
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    Not necessarily, Zalera. Shock Front needs a limit on his power, whether some sort of reduction on its potency or a lack of immunity. With his current strength he can kill people really easily, and if he's fighting in a team he's going to make all of the other characters deaf. I am under the impression that Shock Front needs to be changed, but I don't know what anyone else would find acceptable. Hell, I don't know what I would find acceptable yet. However, by the time we get to focusing on your characters, we'll probably have a better idea of what is a reasonable change is. Until then, just leave it as is.

    I think we're about settled on GORN's characters. He has made changes to them, primarily Psy-KO, so take those into account if you're going to write a match-up involving one of them. Since we seem to be in agreement, and since I'm impatient, I'm going to ignore my own 24-hour time rule. We can now move on to my team members, Redwood and Mach. Envydei has volunteered to write the review of Mach (following the standard set by Duce), and I think icbmalaria said he'd work on Redwood, though I could be wrong. If you, too, want to offer yourself as a writer for one of these character analyses, that would be great, though it probably shouldn't be for your own characters. I'm not going to assign these things like homework, but the sooner they're done, the sooner we actually play a game. Once again, FIGHT!
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    Here are my opinions on Mach's match-ups. Feel free to post anything for discussion. I may have not gotten everyone's powers accurate, but again, my focus is on Mach.

    Vs. Psy-KO

    Physical: Mach wins here no question.

    Powers: Again, this really depends on whether Mach has already built up speed or not. If he has not, then Psy-KO can easily pick Mach up and do with him as she pleases. If he has, however, then I think the fight is in his hands. I don’t know whether or not Psy-KO’s abilities are automatic. I assume she has to focus on a particular thing in her range in order to control it. For this reason, I feel that Mach could win if he were already sped up due to not giving her time to focus on him.

    Tactical: In my opinion, while Mach may not exactly be combat oriented, he is potentially more sane than a schizophrenic, and more likely to be able to understand how to win a fight.

    Verdict: Mach wins unless he were caught unaware by Psy-KO

    Vs. Miss. Fortune

    Physical: While Trixie is trained in some self-defense, and is fit from her cheerleading, I would say that in a straight-up fight where the goal is not to escape, but to win, Mach would come out on top. Trixie is flexible and probably quicker, but I feel that if Mach were successful in getting a single hit, he’d win due to his greater strength. I also think that Mach, being very muscular, could take hits from Trixie much easier than she could take hits from him.

    Powers: In a fully populated city intersection, I would have to give this to Trixie. There are simply too many things that could happen that will happen when Mach gets within close range of her. However, if Mach were to catch Trixie unaware, he could easily rush in and deal with her before she has time to react. Given that this is most likely not going to be the case, though. I am going to give this to Trixie, since Mach’s power requires he be at close range.

    Tactical: While neither of them are what I’d call particularly smart, I would have to say that Trixie probably has the more diabolical mind, and therefore is more likely to come up with a plan of attack, whereas I imagine Mach would simply rush in.

    Verdict: Given that Mach relies so much on getting close to his enemy to attack them, I would say Trixie would win this given that her powers are functioning at all times and Mach cannot get close to her.

    Vs. Ms. Filibuster

    Physical: Mach has this one in the bag just fine, given that Ms. Filibuster is a normal woman with no combat experience, and is most likely toned to look like a runway model, that is, not terribly athletic.

    Powers: Here’s where I’d think Mach’s powers would work very well for him. While Ms. Filibuster’s powers could easily stop him if he weren’t already sped up, at his full 300 mph, he wouldn’t be able to hear her speaking. It really depends though, on if he has his speed. If so, he wins, if not, she wins.

    Tactical: Here’s where I will give Ms. Filibuster the definite boost. She seems much more capable of strategies than Mach, given her political mindset. If she knew the fight was coming, she would probably find a way to work around the obvious difficulty of getting him to listen.

    Verdict: If Mach has his speed going, then the fight is his in the bag, but if not, then it will not matter what he holds physically or tactically, Ms. Filibuster need only begin speaking for her to win. In a matchup where both are simply set to kill each other, Mach would simply not win.

    Vs. Bookworm

    Physical: In a strictly physical fight, Mach has a definite edge here. He is apparently quite worked out whereas Bookworm is only slightly above average in terms of physique. This is excluding Bookworms ability to read people, of course. However, Bookworm does have a gun. However, I’d say it would be hard for her to pull it from her tome, and ready it for use before Mach has already begun wailing on her.

    Powers: Bookworm’s ability to read people necessitates she has to be able to get an extended look at her target to “read” them. She has no way of stopping Mach from getting up to full speed, and when he is there, she has no way to read his movements, Mach can easily take care of Bookworm by simply running into her at this speed.

    Tactical: I am going to give this one to Bookworm, given she is very intelligent and, if Mach does get to full speed, will most likely begin looking for a way to hide herself and wait it out, before resurfacing to fight him when he is slow.

    Verdict: I think in this fight it’s the first strike that really decides it, and no one will be faster on that first strike than Mach. While Bookworm does have a gun, I simply do not think she would be able to retrieve it, load it (if it isn’t already loaded) take off the safety, and aim before Mach has already built up enough speed to become unreadable and able to win with impunity. Mach wins 85% of the time.

    Vs. Mnemonic

    Physical: Both are fit-men, but I will give this to Mach as he has done more strength training, whereas Mnemonic has focused more on endurance training his muscles. Of course, Mnemonic does have a gun on hand he can use, but I’m going to assume that Mach could beat Mnemonic to the punch and disarm him.

    Powers: I am again going to assume that Mach has not built up speed already, if he has, then he would most likely win, simply because Mnemonic would not have time to tamper with Mach’s memories before he is bowled over, and even if he did, it wouldn’t necessarily stop Mach from running into him. However, if he has not built up speed, I would say Mnemonic would win, as he can simply make Mach forget that a fight is occurring and then use his gun to end the fight.

    Tactical: Mnemonic hands down takes this category, the man is a college professor and is quite familiar with people of Mach’s age. In addition, being a social psychologist, he is able to see the changing trends in their generational temperament and mindset, and would most likely be able to formulate some form of plan to get Mach into a position where his memory manipulation would begin to take effect.

    Verdict: If Mach were already at full speed, he would win roughly 90 % of the time, if not, however, I would place his odds of winning at roughly 50/50 given that Mnemonic can only currently daze Mach in hopes that he can kill the man while stunned, or simply make him forget that a fight was occurring and walk away, which is actually the more likely option, so no one would win or lose.

    Vs. Onoma

    Physical: This category goes to Mach hands down, by virtue of exercising at all.

    Powers: This is where Mach’s speed could easily work against him. I am not quite sure of what Mach’s perception is like when he is at full speed, as either the world would appear to move in slow motion to him, or he would simply be nearly blind from running so fast. If it is the latter, Onoma could simply write out a large ‘BOOM’ on a place where Onoma is set to run over, causing a large explosion to occur, or, potentially even more crippling, a ‘SNAP’ causing him to break his legs. However, if his perception is the other way around, and he can see things in slow motion, then he would have no trouble dodging any traps Onoma could set up. The possibility does remain, though, for Onoma to still write a very powerful onomatopoeia and cripple him before he can take her out. In other words, it really depends on Mach’s perception of time while at his full speed. If he cannot perceive much, I would give the match to Onoma, as a simple ‘SNAP’ would instantly put Mach on the receiving end of her attacks. However, if he perceives things in slow motion, he has it won.

    Tactical: neither are smart by any means, however, I am going to give this one to Mach by virtue of him being older and having more life experience than Onoma, however I still say it could go either way.

    Verdict: It really depends on Mach’s perception of time. If he can’t perceive things while traveling at this speed, then the fight will most likely go to Onoma, provided Onoma reacts. However, if he sees things in slow motion, then he has it won. I am going to say this fight, for now, is even due to the potential for Onoma to end it early, but the potential for Mach to have no issue dodging her attacks.

    Vs. Dr. Iron Hide

    Physical: Dr. Iron Hide wins.

    Powers: I’m actually not sure, here. Mach does have mild invulnerability while sped up, as he is stated to be able to resist the effects of damage that would normally happen to him. This means that running into Iron Hide will not simply cause Mach to explode. However, I do wonder whether Mach is able to deliver the force that he would be able to at that speed. Provided he is able to, I would give the fight to him, as I think even Dr. Iron Hide would not be able to stand repeated blows from something moving 300 mph. However, if this is not the case, then the fight goes to Dr. Iron Hide, who can simply outwait Mach’s speed phases and act as a wall, waiting until the man slows down before delivering a physical blow.

    Tactical: I would say this also depends. Normally, I would give it to Iron-Hide. However, I’m sure that even Mach would know from his job as a stuntman some things about running into a very hard surface. Again, this moreso depends on their powers, since Dr. Iron Hide has his power active at all times. I am tempted to call this neutral for now, since it really revolves around whether or not Mach has the capacity to hurt Iron-Hide in the first place. I am going to give it to Mach, though. For being intelligent in the areas of running into dangerous objects, and knowing how to go about doing this, whereas Iron-Hide is smart in genetics, which most likely would not help in devising any form of tactics in a city-intersection encounter.

    Verdict: Again, this depends heavily on a factor of Mach which hasn’t been explored yet. However, as Mach is currently described, I am going to assume that he does not have this power, as it hasn’t been mentioned, and thus give the fight to Iron-Hide. However, were this the case and he did have the power to inflict damage as a man travelling 300 miles per hour would, I would give the fight to him, for being one of the few people capable of damaging Dr. Iron-Hide, and presumably quite a bit.

    Vs. Zookeeper

    Physical: Mach wins.

    Powers: Here’s where Mach would win again. Zookeeper can only transform into animals of the same height as her, or smaller. None of these animals are fast enough, or powerful enough to stop Mach. Even if Mach’s punches do not carry the force of 300 a 300 mph blow, they are still at that speed, allowing for a storm of attacks to be unleashed, and giving even animals like the cheetah a severe beating. ((MUDA MUDA MUDA MUDA))

    Tactical: Again, neither is particularly smart, but I’ll give it to Mach for the life-experience and particularly the experience in getting into fights section.

    Verdict: Mach wins on all accounts.

    Vs. Mister Spectacular

    Physical: Mach wins, again, the man is quite buff among his teammates.

    Powers: Given that Mister Spectacular’s abilities DEMAND he knows he is going to fight, I am going to say that he has some weapons going in. Now, the average 9mm bullet travels at around 750 mph when it is shot. Given the innate speed bullets have, all that Mister Spectacular would really need is a way to perceive Mach, a way to either slow him down or slow down time itself. He could build a heat-seeking bullet, but unless it were one that tracked down the hottest source and not the nearest, it would do little good, as there are many things giving off heat in a city street. However, I think an invention that slows whatever crosses it down is not too ludicrous an invention to immediately necessitate worries over whether or not it will work, a simple line of tire-spikes or some equivalent would do the job. However, the matter of Mach’s perception of the world around him while sped up needs to be considered again. If he can perceive things in slow motion, then he can still win by virtue of dodging whatever Mister Spectacular can concoct with ease. Mister Spectacular is a wild-card into what he can create, though, and how long it will take to invent. I am going to give this to him, though, assuming he would have the foresight to invent something to contend with Mach’s powers in such a way that they would not be too incredulous, and thus risk breaking.

    Tactical: I’m giving this to Mister Spectacular. He was a writer of sci-fi and has experienced many things in his life which would most likely give him an edge in coming up with some plan to make his inventions work out well for him.

    Verdict: It really all depends on what Mister Spectacular is packing going in. For that reason, I’d say this fight could go either way.

    Vs. Frostbite

    Physical: Mach wins here as Frostbite doesn’t seem to have any real physical attributes that could save her.

    Powers: I’m assuming that as Mach runs, he puts on heat as well due to the intense speed. I don’t think any attempts to freeze him or even produce ice to impede his progress will be met with much difficulty as he could simply ram through the ice. For that reason I’m giving this to Mach.

    Tactical: While Mach may be able to have the upper-hand in straight combat, I am giving this to Frostbite. As an actress, she may be able to milk any sort of sympathies Mach has for her out of him with ease and put him into a position where he lets his guard down.

    Verdict: Over all, I would say Mach has this one definitely won, as ice should pose no problem to him in his sped up form, and he would be able to win in any sort of brawl as well.
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    Redwood Match-ups


    (Since Duce has already compared the two and I agree with his analysis, I won't compare the two characters. But I will repost what his analysis was for convenience. Kept everything in the format he laid out as well. Took freaking forever.)


    Let’s start with the physical aspects. Tornado is six feet tall with a farmer’s build. He has government training, which for the purposes of this evaluation I’ll say include combat training. Redwood on the other hand, is much smaller. He too, however has the basic government combat training. In a neutral-powers arena, Tornado has a slight edge. This is also putting aside the fact that Redwood’s ability is physical augmentation.

    POWERS -

    Oak Form: Redwood gets bulked up and can now easily trump Tornado is the straight-physical combat department. However, due to Torado’s powers, Redwood would likely never get the chance to reach melee range. Even without an EF2-Class twister (Maybe with as little as an EF1 for complete immobilization, or EF0 for a heavy handicap), Redwood would not be able to get close enough to do any damage.

    Kudzu Form: Redwood would likely fare a little better with this form. His roots would allow him to withstand stronger winds. However, it would not be a very strong offensive class. The rate of growth would allow too much time for Tornado to power up, or simply walk away from the conflict. In addition, the vines are not very heavy and would be easily deflected by Tornado’s powerful gusts. Kudzu Form may be able to stall Tornado, but it certainly couldn’t defeat him.

    Posion Ivy Form: Tornado can deal with poison ivy much the same way he deals with Oak – by keeping his distance and blowing Redwood away. It, like Oak, demands direct contact to be effective. Tornado’s abilities make it impossible for Redwood to do anything without a surprise attack.


    Tornado is a farmer, Redwood is a nerd. Both have extensive knowledge in the area where the other does not. This may help Redwood in certain situations where he can use a well-known(through movies or video games) fighting trick to get a slight edge, but that doesn’t outweigh Tornado’s knowledge of farming and plants in general. Depending on the situation, Tornado may know more about Redwood’s forms than Redwood does. In this way, Tornado likely has the tactical edge as well.


    Redwood is dependent on getting up close and personal with his foes. Tornado’s powers are built to stop exactly that from happening. This is likely an extremely poor match-up for Redwood, by everything about Tornado does nothing but give Redwood trouble. I’d say a 90:10 in favor of Tornado.



    Physically, Dynamic and Redwood are pretty even. Dynamic has the height advantage but is lighter than Redwood by almost 10 lbs, balancing things out. Redwood, however, has had government training whereas Dynamic has not. This shifts the odds in Redwood's favor slightly. This is assuming Dynamic doesn't have a stick with him, if he did then he would probably best Redwood. I'd give the edge to Redwood.

    POWERS -

    Oak Form: Since Dynamic's powers take longer for him to kinetically charge heavier, larger objects he might have trouble with Redwood in this form. With Redwood's strength increased dramatically he could easily beat Dynamic if he got close enough. Being able to lift up to 1000 lbs, he could throw some nice heavy projectiles at Dynamic who wouldn't have much of a chance to effect the object with his power since they projectile in question would most likely be large and heavy. Since Dynamic primarily throws kinetically charged marbles they probably wouldn't effect Redwood with increased durability since he resists smalls firearms in this form. Redwood would be slowed down in this form but Dynamic would have to get close to deal damage or which is exactly what he shouldn't be doing. In this form Redwood has him beat.

    Kudzu Form: This form gives Dynamic a better chance. With Redwood immobile and without the protection of the oak form, Dynamic is free to throw explosive marbles all day. This is a trapper class, but Dynamic could kinetically charge the kudzu as it grows around him and slow it down giving himself time to get away. Redwood should avoid this form if he wants to beat Dynamic. In this form Dynamic gets the edge.

    Poison Ivy Form: This makes for an interesting fight. Dynamic should stick to throwing small kinetic projectiles if he wants to win because trying to directly affect Redwood with his powers will end up with him coming into contact with the ivy. If Redwood does come in contact with Dynamic then the rest of the fight is going to be hard for the kinetic man. Assuming Dynamic is able to stay away he should be able to wear the man down with marbles and what not though Redwood isn't immobile as in the last form meaning Dynamic better have some good aim. In this form it's nearly even but I'll give it to Dynamic.


    Redwood has had training whereas Dynamic has not. Dynamic does know a thing or two about fighting thanks to his background of stick fighting but I don't think the tactics of stick fighting would hold up to government training. Plus, Redwood being a nerd could probably outsmart the guy. Smarts go to Redwood.


    The victor of the fight depends on what form Redwood goes with. Redwood in the oak form will most likely always come out on top, the kudzu form dooms him, and the ivy form is pretty much even. Assuming Redwood makes a smart decision and goes with the oak then he'd win. 70:30 Redwood's favor

    Stealth Command


    This is no contest. Stealth Command is taller and more muscular with much more advanced training. The guy's a Green Beret. Redwood could probably put up some of a fight but it wouldn't be enough. Stealth Command wins.

    POWERS -

    Oak Form: The brawler class helps Redwood greatly. He'd have to catch Stealth Command before he slips away into a crack though. There's not much Stealth Command can do to Redwood in his oak form. Perhaps he could squeeze into the cracks of the bark on his skin (assuming his skin becomes treelike, if it doesn't then ignore this) but even if he accomplished this there's not much else he can do. He could wait it out until Redwood returns to normal but getting close would require him to get close meaning Redwood would get the chance to deliver a crushing blow. In this form Redwood has it in the bag.

    Kudzu Form: Like Dynamic's matchup, this doesn't give Redwood much of a chance. Stealth Command's specialty is slipping away and given the chance he could hide away in a crack and travel along it, popping up somewhere else without Redwood keeping up and take him out. Redwood being pretty much unable to move would be hard pressed to keep Stealth Command down. In this form Stealth Command wins.

    Poison Ivy Form: Once again this is close. Stealth Command can't touch Redwood but Redwood would have to stop Stealth Command from sneaking away. However, Redwood could probably make the ivy chase after him through some cracks. In the end it's a close call but because Stealth Command shouldn't touch him, but he'd have to to win. Stealth Command's background of being a Green Beret leads me to believe he has enough discipline to suffer through the effects of the ivy and take out Redwood. I'd say Stealth Command would win but just barely.


    As stated above, Stealth Command is a Green Beret. He knows how to fight and adapt to his surroundings. Redwood's training and background wouldn't be enough to outsmart him, though he'd still give Stealth Command a bit of a challenge. Stealth Command is the victor.


    When all is said and done, this is a close fight. Again, Redwood better avoid the kudzu form if he wants to win. The oak form being his most reliable route to victory. Stealth Command could cause him trouble in any form though, so he'd have to be careful. These guys are pretty evenly matched. 50:50 Draw



    Neither of these guys are particularly athletic. Relocation is slightly taller but they're both very close in weight. Relocation is part of the witness protection program so I don't think he would be trained as physically well as a real cop (correct me if I'm wrong). Redwood's government training would tilt the fight in his favor. I'd say Redwood.

    POWERS -

    Oak Form: This would turn into a game of cat and mouse. Redwood would have difficulty catching Relocation since the only thing Relocation could do is teleport away seeing how he wouldn't be able to harm Redwood much in this form. If Redwood managed to catch him it'd be over. Relocation can teleport objects up to 250 lbs though with great difficulty but in this form I believe Redwood would be above that limit and anything he could teleport at him wouldn’t do much (unless he can teleport an object to drop on his head from an extreme height). It depends on who has more endurance in their powers. I'd say a tie.

    Kudzu Form: Similar to Stealth Command's powers in that it's primarily used for escape, Relocation would be extremely hard to catch and trap for Redwood. And since Redwood is practically stuck in one spot he becomes an easy target for the teleporter. Relocation could even just draw a circle around some nearby object and teleport it above the man, turning it into a deadly projectile. In this form Relocation's got it.

    Poison Ivy Form: This form almost always seems to be a tie. Relocation could just pop around place to place to avoid the ivy seeing how he'd not want to risk coming into contact with Redwood. Once again this one depends on who has more endurance but since this form isn't as bulky and doesn't seem to require as much energy as the oak form, I think Redwood could outlast him and take him out. With the ivy Redwood beats him.


    Now this is interesting. Redwood has had the government training but Relocation has had more experience in criminal justice thanks to the witness protection program. While this is technically not the same as combat strategies there is still a big amount of thinking strategizing that goes on how to keep someone safe and protect him or her. This leads me to believe Relocation does have some smarts and could come up with a good strategy. Redwood is smart himself and has had the training. Tie.


    These guys are a pretty even match despite Relocation not being a heavily offensive fighter. They’re almost evenly matched in physical combat, even in tactics, and tied when taking all of Redwood’s forms into consideration at the same time. Still I’d go with Redwood. 55:45 Redwood’s favor.



    Prosperity has some definite height on Redwood as well as weight. He's muscular from working out which is something Redwood doesn't bother with. Redwood has some combat training, but Prosperity is stronger overall and being a firefighter is tough leading me to believe he could best Redwood in a fight. I'd give it to Prosperity.

    POWERS -

    Oak Form: This seems to be Redwood's most reliable form so far. With the extra strength and durability he could beat down Prosperity easily if given the chance. Prosperity would have to get creative with his copies if he wants to do much to the guy. He could copy a chainsaw but Redwood most likely wouldn't give him the opportunity to use it. And any big object Prosperity copies will cost him his power for a while making it harder for cloner. I'd give it to Redwood.

    Kudzu Form: This could be close. With Redwood grounded, Prosperity has the ability to copy an object to appear 60 feet above Redwood to come crashing down. Prosperity would have to keep on the move though which makes me think it'd be harder for him to copy and aim where the clones appear. If Redwood could trap Prosperity he could potentially obstruct the man's vision preventing him from seeing where he's copying things as well as Redwood himself. This all depends on who outsmarts who. Tie.

    Poison Ivy Form: Prosperity could clone a weapon to keep Redwood at bay but then the two would be hesitant to get too close to each other, unless of course the weapon was a gun then Prosperity would have the edge. Though I'm not sure that even if Redwood was able to come into contact with Prosperity if it would secure the win. Poison ivy sucks but burns are worse which Prosperity has no doubt dealt with. I think Prosperity could fight through the effects of the ivy if he had to. I'd give it to Prosperity.


    At first I was going to give this to Redwood since he's had the government crash course but I thought about it and I'd have to say Prosperity. He's a firefighter so he's used to working under pressure, his reflexes and reaction times are probably above average. I realize Prosperity training doesn't fall under combat but the fact is that he can think quickly and arrive at solutions on the move, so these skills would most likely transfer pretty easily over to battle allowing him to adapt to any plan Redwood throws his way. I'm going with Prosperity.


    Redwood's brawler form is his best chance at victory. Prosperity will give him trouble in all other forms and could beat him in a physical fight and probably counter any tactic Redwood goes with. The fight would still be close but overall I'd give it to Prosperity. 65:35 Prosperity's favor.



    These two are the same height but Redwood has 61 lbs on the girl. However, Sketch is highly trained in martial arts and though despite her not practicing it within the last two years, she'd still be able to hold her own pretty well. Since Redwood does have a weight advantage she'd have to land some powerful blows which would be hard because she's not the physically strongest around. Sketch has a chance to win if she could wear him down while avoiding any strong blows. Redwood would probably be slower than her but his combat training would allow him to fight back well enough. I'd say it could go either way. Tie.

    POWERS -

    Oak Form: Sketch, like the others above her, has to keep her distance or Redwood could send her flying with a tree punch. Redwood could shrug off any drawings Sketch would use against him. The gun (small handgun) wouldn't harm him too much and her dog drawing couldn't do much other than mark its territory. Even her "last resort" tiger drawing wouldn't be reliable. Sketch would need to be very creative to best Redwood which unfortunately at the moment she isn't, she has yet to learn to draw a flamethrower. Of course, she might not be given the chance to draw anything if Redwood is tossing cars at her. Redwood's got this.

    Kudzu Form: In his more immobile form, Sketch stands more of a chance but would need to be wary. Her powers rely on her drawing so it'd be over for her if Redwood snared her with his kudzu. Her gun drawing would be more reliable since he could pin down the dog drawing. This one depends whether or not Redwood can stop Sketch early on before finishing a drawing. If given the chance Sketch could finish drawing a gun and keep her distance and fire at the relatively immobile plant man. Tie.

    Poison Ivy Form: If Redwood could prevent Sketch from drawing he'd most likely win. If she tried to rely on hand to hand combat while Redwood stays in this form she'd lose. And since Redwood isn't grounded as in the kudzu form he could keep the pressure on, stopping her from drawing anything. If Sketch could draw a dog she could use the dog to attack Redwood who would be able to fight back but without the protection of the oak form is going to be hurt. This could buy Sketch time to draw a gun. However, Sketch would need to draw fast and under pressure from a poison ivy man would make her anxious and prone to messing up a drawing. I'd give it to Redwood.


    Sketch is a hair dresser. She is not a master tactician. Redwood has at least had some training. I'll keep this short. Redwood's advantage.


    Sketch should surrender if she does up against Redwood in Oak Form, at least in his other forms she stands a better chance though in their match ups she has no advantageous situation. I'd say 80:20. Redwood's favor.



    Crank is taller, more muscular and athletic than normal Redwood. Redwood's combat training probably wouldn't be enough to match Crank's criminal past and physical abilities. Can't say for sure but if up to me I'd say Crank. Crank's advantage.

    POWERS -

    Oak Form: Crank's powers revolve around adrenaline, boosting his speed, senses, and strength. Redwood would not be able to keep up with Crank's power going. However, even with Crank's adrenaline he's still only half the strength as Oak Redwood. Redwood can lift a whooping 1000lbs and due to him being capable of this feat leads me to believe he weighs more than Crank's limit. Crank could still run in and deliver some powerful blows but they'd have to be well timed and placed because if his power runs out and leaves him wide open in front of Redwood, Redwood could take him out with one shot. Tie.

    Kudzu Form: Similar to the last one in that if Crank runs out of juice he's doomed, though he has better odds since Kudzu Redwood is rooted in place and lacking power and defense. Assuming Crank could close the gap and use his enhanced senses to avoid being tripped up he could take out Redwood. Crank's advantage.

    Poison Ivy Form: Crank would not enjoy being covered by poison ivy but it wouldn't stop him from fighting. Adrenaline allows the body to ignore any pain which is would render the effects of the ivy useless while his power is in play. Of course once this runs out, he'll be itchy and miserable. I think Crank could take out Redwood before the ivy has time to affect him. Crank's got this.


    Crank has had a criminal background but tactics of thievery won't lend him much of a hand in a fight. I can't imagine the gang he was in as an intelligent, tactical group either. With his powers he can react to things much faster but I'll still give the edge to Redwood. Redwood's tactical.


    Since Crank has come out on top more times than Redwood and they tie once, I see Crank walking away victorious, though covered with poison ivy and/or beat up pretty badly himself. 85:15 Crank's favor.



    Though Scar has a height advantage, short people can still kick ***. Scar has not had any experience with martial arts/combat/whatever. Redwood beats him.

    POWERS -

    Oak Form: Redwood's amazingly reliable form doesn't let him down. Scar's regenerative ability just means he has to take punishment longer before ultimately losing. Scar can't really fight back and should stay away. Redwood has him.

    Kudzu Form: Redwood's trapping form can't prevent the self healer from regenerating but it can stop him from trying anything. Unfortunately for Scar his powers don't necessarily lend him any advantage in this situation. Redwood has him again.

    Poison Ivy Form: Redwood's control form is more devastating than the last but not nearly as bad as his first form. Scar's powers revolve around regenerating cuts and wounds and broken bones- physical damage only it seems. This leads me to believe he's still be affected by diseases and things that cause allergic reactions such as poison ivy. With this, Redwood wins yet again.


    Since Scar has had no training or background experience that would make him a good tactician, Redwood gets an edge from his government course. Redwood wins...again.


    Scar doesn't seem to be an offensive fighter and would be hard pressed to do much of anything to Redwood without the aid of a gun or other outside weapon. Even then this wouldn't guarantee any victory for the self-healer. I won't say this is a complete shut out because there's so many possibilities and circumstances that could end with Scar standing that I can't completely analyze. 95:5 Redwood's favor.



    Bash is scrawny but can take a punch, well as long as his powers are in effect. Redwood would just be strengthening Bash up until he's invulnerable turning the tide to the scrawny kid's favor. However if their powers were deactivated somehow then Redwood would win. I figure this is unlikely so I give it to Bash. Bash you got it.

    POWERS -

    Oak Form: Even though Bash's powers fortify himself, the sheer strength of Oak Redwood would probably prove too much especially if the kids needs to stay conscious to build resistance. Maybe Bash could go sit in a corner and punch himself until he's strong enough to take down Redwood. Still, have to say Redwood. Go Redwood!

    Kudzu Form: This is a strange mash up of powers. I guess Bash could bash himself and try to beat the unmoving Redwood, but Redwood could always just trap the kid and keep him in place. And since he wouldn't be harming him this way, Bash wouldn't build up strength. Though if Redwood doesn't harm him but keeps him trapped then what? I'm not sure. Tie, why not.

    Poison Ivy Form: Bash would build up tolerance to the ivy and soon be unaffected by it. Any damage Bash takes during this time will only make him stronger, and losing the strength of the Oak form, Redwood would be sealing his own fate. Bash takes the cake. Good for you, Bash!


    Bash, you have no training. Redwood does. Good luck Bash because tactics are in Redwood's favor.


    These two dudes are pretty even. Possibly the closest match up yet. Physically, Bash has an edge and tactically, Redwood has him beat. With all three forms taken into consideration it's a tie. 50:50 even.

    Shock Front


    All I know about Shock Front's physique is that he's 6'6''. The guy's a bank teller so I don't imagine him being too strong or athletic. He's a swimmer though so he'd have endurance but not strength. It'd be a close fight, but I'll go with Redwood.

    POWERS -

    Oak Form: Hmm. I'm not sure what sonic sound waves do to a 400+ lb tree man. However, this is a defensive form I'd imagine it'd offer some protection from Shock Front's power screams. Shock Front would end up hurting himself if he went too loud so I'll give it to Redwood. Redwood's the man.

    Kudzu Form: Shock Front stands a better chance. All he has to do is keep away and wear down the stuck-in-place Redwood. Even if Redwood manages to catch him with a vine, Shock Front could screech a shock wave at the plant to knock it off (maybe?). I'll give this one to Shock Front. Good for you, Shock Front.

    Poison Ivy: This fight would be closer than the last two. Shock Front has to once again keep his distance if he wants to win, whereas Redwood's gotta get up in his face. Shock Front can't go too loud or he'll seriously injure himself and Redwood. The poison ivy might be enough to stop the loud guy, but Shock Front would not make it easy. Tie.


    Shock Front's past indicates no training or experience with combat. He's a bank teller who has not had the formal training that Redwood has. Gotta say Redwood.


    Shock Front's powers are seemingly suicidal. At his top decibel frequency he would kill himself and anyone too close by. He has a lot of potential to ruin his foes, but it's generally at the cost of his own well being. Redwood holds more advantages thanks to these reasons. Plus old reliable Oak form is just so reliable. Anyways, 70:30 Redwood's favor.
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    It seems I need to clarify Mach's powers. My intent was that if Mach were running at his top speed, it would feel to Mach like running at a normal top speed would for a normal person. Thus, if you imagine running as hard as you can into a wall, you will have a decent estimate of what Mach would feel if he were to hit, say, Dr. Iron Hide. However, the victim of such a charge would still feel like something ran into him or her at 300 MPH. That is the extent of Mach's toughness.

    As for his reflexes, Mach's nervous system is not enhanced by his powers, nor is his vision. He does not see things in slow motion, so he could not react to things that normal people could not react to. However, his muscles are sped up by his power. This means that if his brain sends signals to his various body parts, they will respond more quickly than Average Joe's (note, that is not an actual character, yet). Theoretically, if he saw that Onoma was in front of him (not to his side if he was zooming past) and writing an explosive word, he might be able to stop or change his direction in time to avoid getting injured.

    Finally, something I had planned to mention, but then forgot about. Charging around at 300 MPH is a serious drain on Mach's energy. He can't keep up his speed indefinitely without refueling through consumption. Without taking a break, Mach can only go full-blast for a few minutes.

    With these points in mind, does anyone feel that Mach is too much, or that Redwood is overgrown? I'm open to suggestions on scaling these guys' powers.
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    . . . Well, that's my 24-hour time limit. I'll add some detail to Mach's power, and I might be tweaking Redwood. For whoever's doing the next write-ups, be sure to look for changes. Now we have Dynamic and Miss Fortune, from InsaneWhisper. Nobody has told me they'll review either character yet, so they're both open. If nobody does one in the next couple days, I'll do one. FIGHT!
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    Name: Josephine Johnson

    Nickname: Average Joe

    Declared Allegiance: no affiliation

    Gender: Female

    Age: 40. July 2, 1972.

    Birthplace: Topeka, Kansas

    Appearance: 5'5". 140 lbs, bland brown hair and uninteresting brown eyes. She is completely unassuming in every way, shape, and form.

    Costume: none

    Civilian clothes: Josephine wears bland clothes most of the time, and solid color pants to go along with them. She sometimes wears a jacket when it gets cold, and when she is doing something for a fancy party, she wears a solid black, uninteresting dress. This is because she was recently compelled to destroy all of her extravagant clothes as well as her very ugly ones.

    Superpowers: Genericism. When Josephine was struck by the chemical, she lost all extravagant features about her body. Her once raven black hair was transformed to a tawdry brown, and her eyes; once a striking blue, turned to a dull brown as well. She was once 5'10" and was suddenly shrunken by 5 inches. Her weight was also altered to go to the overall average for women of her age at 140 lbs. She was suddenly bereaved of all talents that she was once able to display prominently. She now only possessed them at a very average level. However, certain abilities have been granted to her. For example, the ability to swim, something she did not possess before, she could now do.. at a very average level. She cannot improve her talents beyond a certain point, but she cannot lose them either.

    Other skills: She has a myriad of talents, but can only perform any of them averagely.

    Personality: Despite her growing genericism, Josephine has not lost her former personality. She is a very opinionated and sharp-tongued individual, and has an opinion on most news items of the day. She is also very quick to bemoan the loss of her extravagant traits.

    Ambitions: To somehow rid herself of her averageness

    Background: Josephine was a prominent local talent for her amazing singing voice and great looks. She moved from Topeka Kansas to Washington DC to pursue a career in fashion and possibly singing, but was only able to secure minor gigs before her age started kicking in. She eventually found another passion in politics, not participating, but simply reading about them. She owns several newsstands and works in each from time to time, commenting on various news stories with her opinions.

    Job(s): Newsstand owner

    Relationships: Married to a man named Simon

    Preferences: reading the newspaper, talking with people

    Notes: a background character

    Name: Shelton Dreyfur

    Declared Allegiance: none

    Gender: Male

    Age: 35. April 12, 1977.

    Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts

    Appearance: 6'1". Handsome appearance, though nothing too overly extravagant. Short black hair, hazel eyes and a constant bristle on his face from his fast-growing facial hair.

    Civilian clothes: Whatever his job demands of him, usually. Though on his off days he tends to wear a t-shirt and shorts.

    Superpowers: Shelton has the power of hyper-competence at his occupation. In order for the ability to work, he needs to be in the complete mindset of his job, and fully accept himself as whatever position it is that he is holding. Once he does this, he is able to perform that job perfectly. For example, if he accepts himself as a clerk at a store, he will be the best clerk that store has ever had and will most likely ever have. If he does not accept himself as that position, however, then he will only be average. He cannot do anything completely out of his capabilities. For example, even if his job were "man who can fly", and he fully believed he could fly, he would not be able to simply because it is impossible for him to fly. However, any job that he fully dedicates his mind to and is within his current capabilities he can perform flawlessly. Another example of the current capabilities being a necessity would be if he wanted to become a rock star. He could only do singing, as he doesn't know how to play an instrument at all, his body is completely unaware of how to do it. If he were to begin to learn an instrument, however, and accept himself as a musician, he would pick the skill up very quickly and retain it even after he has moved on to another job.

    Other skills: He is an exceptional gardener, and a savvy stock market player.

    Personality: Shelton is a likable man with a penchant for trying new things. He is an average person, though he also has high aspirations.

    Ambitions: to grow a garden that will somehow bring about world peace

    Background: There isn't much to say regarding Shelton. He is a normal man with high ambitions and a penchant from gardening who grew up in Boston and after some years in law school which left him wanting something less cut-throat, he now works as a landscape designer.

    Job(s): Landscape designer/gardener

    Relationships: A woman he met in law school who he is currently dating, Sylvia Monroe

    Preferences: flowers, reality television, popcorn movies

    Notes: another background character.
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    Chibi of Trixie thanks to my awesome friend Sharyn! Heart you girlie!

  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    I wrote the review of Miss Fortune, which is a fitting follow for that picture of her . . . I can't look at that for very long. The eyes are judging me. Anyway, there are a couple of these fights that I struggled with. I expect some input from other players.

    Vs. Psy-KO

    Physical: This is close to a split. On one hand, Trixie has conditioned her body to be agile and flexible, and she has had self-defense classes. On the other, Anne has been on the streets for a decade, and I imagine that isn't exactly a happy-go-lucky time. She's lean and she's tough. However, when you factor in Anne's baseball bat, the balance is tipped in her favor. I wouldn't say that Psy-KO knocks this category out of the park, because that's kind of a lousy joke, but she does win.

    Powers: Expect to see this next part quite often: this is a tough call. The villains seem to have the stranger powers, and Miss Fortune is no exception. Bad luck is hard to quantify. If Psy-KO gets within the right range, a number of bad things could happen to her. Her powers could fail. She could get hit by a bus. She could have a heart attack from all those fatty foods she doesn't eat. The one thing saving her is the time it takes for one of these things to happen, since it might not hit her until the twelfth minute. Given this variable time frame, Psy-KO would probably be able to dish out some damage of her own. Trixie's 30 extra feet of range don't mean much here, Since her powers get weaker the farther away her target is. Give this one to Psy-KO, though only tentatively.

    Tactical: Trixie is sane. Anne's schizophrenia is a strike against her (okay, we get it, she likes baseball). If Psy-KO isn't sure what's really going on, she could mess this up.

    Verdict: It's a pretty close match, but I'd say Psy-KO wins a little more often, 60:40.

    Vs. Mach

    (Mach hasn't changed much, so I'm using Dei's review.)

    Physical: While Trixie is trained in some self-defense, and is fit from her cheer-leading, I would say that in a straight-up fight where the goal is not to escape, but to win, Mach would come out on top. Trixie is flexible and probably quicker, but I feel that if Mach were successful in getting a single hit, he’d win due to his greater strength. I also think that Mach, being very muscular, could take hits from Trixie much easier than she could take hits from him.

    Powers: In a fully populated city intersection, I would have to give this to Trixie. There are simply too many things that could happen that will happen when Mach gets within close range of her. However, if Mach were to catch Trixie unaware, he could easily rush in and deal with her before she has time to react. Given that this is most likely not going to be the case, though. I am going to give this to Trixie, since Mach’s power requires he be at close range.

    Tactical: While neither of them are what I’d call particularly smart, I would have to say that Trixie probably has the more diabolical mind, and therefore is more likely to come up with a plan of attack, whereas I imagine Mach would simply rush in.

    Verdict: Given that Mach relies so much on getting close to his enemy to attack them, I would say Trixie would win this given that her powers are functioning at all times and Mach cannot get close to her. (Khan adds: if Mach doesn't finish the fight quick, he loses. 65:35 in favor of Miss Fortune.)

    Vs. Ms. Filibuster

    Physical: Claire is a former model, which I think means she's skinnier than she is muscled. If it came down to hand-to-hand, Trixie would win. However, Claire's got a gun, so she would probably win a non-powered confrontation. Filibuster wins.

    Powers: Another tricky match-up. If the combatants start far away, Trixie has the advantage. While her powers are minor inconveniences at their greatest extent, I doubt Claire can scream her head off long enough to close the gap, though I could be wrong. Can Filibuster move if she hears her own voice? Would Trixie's meditation skills help her clear her mind of Filibuster's influence? At what range might Trixie's bad luck start to short-out superpowers? If Trixie is held captive by the stream of speech, does her bad luck backfire without her guidance? Hell if I know. Depending on some of the answers to these questions, the fight could end with Fortune getting a bullet in the gut, or with Fillibuster falling through an open manhole and breaking her legs. Too vague to say.

    Tactical: This category goes to Claire. She has a mind for politics and strategizing, and she knows how to use her powers well. Trixie isn't incompetent, she just seems less competent than her competitor.

    Verdict: This fight still needs some discussion. I don't quite know how the powers would clash. That said, I'm going to give it a 60:40 in Filibuster's favor, mostly because she's got a gun.

    Vs. Bookworm

    Physical: Lye has only a couple inches on Trixie, and they probably weigh similar amounts. If they were just going to slam into each other, it'd be pretty even. But they're not. Trixie's self-defense classes give her a little lead here. Then Lye's gun destroys that lead. Bookworm wins.

    Powers: Miss Fortune takes this part, too. Bookworm's power has multiple uses, but combat isn't its strongest point. Additionally, her body-language-reading won't help much against Miss Fortune's Voodoo hexes. By the time Bookworm gets close enough to do something with her pistol, the gun jams, she gets a disease, and a wayward wrecking ball smashes her through a wall.

    Tactical: The one place where Bookworm prevails. She reads a lot of books, so she's probably picked something up on strategy. Also, one of her skills is “analytical skills,” so that would help.

    Verdict: 70:30 Miss Fortune. Bookworm would have to come up with a pretty clever plan to survive.

    Vs. Mnemonic

    Physical: Tim has height and weight on Trixie, and he's got a gun as well. Mnemonic takes it.

    Powers: This is dependent on a few factors. What is the range of Mnemonic's power? If it's on par with Miss Fortune's distance he's in contention, but if he needs contact to induce amnesia he's boned. Then, how is his power currently affecting him? Has he forgotten his middle name, or how to use his power, or the fact that shooting a little girl in the face is usually considered evil? This could have a serious impact on his capability. Finally, what does he make Miss Fortune forget? If she can't remember that she's in a fight, Mnemonic will probably win.

    Tactical: Mnemonic wins. He's older and more experienced, and he could totally psyche Miss Fortune out.

    Verdict: This boils down to how much range Mnemonic's got, and even then it's still variable based on what he can remember. This fight has the potential for a lot of outcomes, but if Mnemonic has range he wins more often, 60:40. If not, the odds are inverted.

    Vs. Onoma

    Physical: Split. Cali's a little bigger, but Trixie has some training under her belt. Could go either way.

    Powers: Miss Fortune's range gives her an edge here. Bad things start happening to Onoma before she gets close enough for a “snap,” “crackle,” or “pop.” She could maybe send some damage via a paper airplane, but it's unlikely. A more feasible scenario is one of her own words exploding in her face, exactly the kind of bad luck Trixie summons. Miss Fortune wins.

    Tactical: Another split. Neither “meditation” nor “manipulating them boys” helps the combatants out much in this scuffle.

    Verdict: Miss Fortune comes out on top more often, 70:30.

    Vs. Dr. Iron Hide

    Physical: Dr. Iron Hide wins. He's metal.

    Powers: I'd say Iron Hide gets this one too. He's tough enough to take most unfortunate occurrences and keep on ticking. The one thing I can see flooring him would be a frayed telephone line snapping, then shocking him. Unlikely, but unlikely is kinda Miss Fortune's thing. Any other scenario and the metal man gives her a big, bone-crushing hug.

    Tactical: Again, Dr. Iron Hide. He's older, smarter, yadda, yadda. Bertrand wins, unless he starts seeing Trixie as a substitute for his distant daughter . . .

    Verdict: This goes to the good doctor (no, not Damien) most of the time, 90:10.

    Vs. Zookeeper

    Physical: Trixie's a little older, a little bigger (I assume, since “short” and “cute” aren't terribly descriptive), and a little better trained. She wins this one.

    Powers: Depends on the setup. At a range, Miss Fortune channels her power, and Zookeeper ends up as roadkill. However, I can definitely see Zookeeper ambushing Miss Fortune. Theoretically, she could turn into a mouse or a bat, get in closer (either from above or below) without getting cursed, then jump out as a doberman. In that case, Trixie's going to lose.

    Tactical: Zookeeper. Cassie's apparently “cunning and does everything with self-preservation in mind.” That helps.

    Verdict: 50:50 split. Again, I'd need to have more details on the setting of the fight to call it.

    Vs. Mister Spectacular

    Physical: Difficult. Terry's got a pot belly, but he must have some strength and endurance left over from being a farmer. Trixie's self-defense could counter that, though. Not going to say one way or another.

    Powers: Dang you people and your open-ended powers. Could Spectacular make a luck-nullifying machine? Would it work? Would he bring it with him? Could bad luck nullify a luck nullifier? How many nuns could a nun-chuck chuck if a nun-chuck could chuck nuns? Given the number of potential gadgets Spectacular could bring to the table, and considering the chances of said gadgets not working (whether due to super-special bad luck or regular-old bad luck), I can't call this definitely in either person's favor. However, the more inventions Spectacular is relying on for each fight, the more likely it is that at least one will fail.

    Tactical: This seems more in the Mister's favor. He's nutty, but his harebrained schemes are so crazy that they just might work.

    Verdict: I'll say 50:50, but how should I know? This is another match-up that I hope to see someone else comment on.

    Vs. Frostbite

    Physical: I can only guess Trixie for this one. She has self-defense classes, so I think she could win a fight with Catherine. I suppose Catherine could be a method actress developing herself for a role as a really buff lady, but I doubt it. Miss Fortune.

    Powers: It comes down to whose power hits first. Miss Fortune has decent range, but Frostbite's is on sight. As soon as she sees the pwetty pwincess, she can start turning her into a pwetty popsicle. Meanwhile, Miss Fortune's abilities are weaker at such distance, and they take time to really kick in. Unless her opponent can hold out for twelve mintues, Frostbite wins.

    Tactical: I see this section coming down to personality. While Catherine is “gentle” and “caring” at heart, Trixie is a “spoiled b****.” She seems more likely to sink to cheap tactics to win, just because she wants it more. Miss Fortune.

    Verdict: Miss Fortune gets frostbitten more often than not, 65:35.
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    edited power section in an attempt to make it more clear
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    Important announcement. Khan will be very busy this week. If you have any questions that you want to PM us, send me your message.
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
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    Dynamic Match-Ups


    PHYSICAL: The two are virtually the same height, however Tornado has roughly 20 pounds on Dynamic. This however is nullified by the fact that Ian has had much more training than Tornado and actually uses a weapon.

    POWERS: This portion could go either way. While Ian’s projectiles do pack a heavy punch, it really all depends on if Tornado has built up his wind speed yet. In a fully generated tornado, Dynamic’s marbles would likely get tossed around wildly, or worse, back towards himself. Because of his ability to nullify Dynamic’s main offensive force, I’m giving this to Tornado, although if Ian does get close enough to attack before Tornado gets going then he’ll win hands down.

    Tactics: Dynamic is likely the more intelligent of the two given his education background although neither of them could likely be considered brilliant tacticians. I’m giving this portion to Ian.

    VERDICT: Dynamic took 2/3 categories so I’m inclined to give the fight to him. However this fight really all hangs on the question of whether or not Tornado builds up his wind in time. For that reason, I’m only giving Dynamic a 30% chance in this fight.


    PHYSICAL: Not much of a contest. Dynamic is taller, fitter, and better trained than Redwood. He takes this section by default.


    Oak: In this form Dynamic is severely outmatched. Redwood’s ability to lift 1000 pounds, coupled with his increased physical powers make it almost impossible for Dynamic to hurt him.

    Kudzu: The opposite of the Oak form in terms of its effectiveness against Dynamic. Dynamic’s power can likely cut through Redwood’s vines, thus nullifying this form’s effectiveness.

    Poison Ivy: Slightly more useful than the Kudzu form though still somewhat ineffective in this fight. Dynamic’s ranged attacks would likely allow him to simply stay away from Redwood long enough to bring him down from a distance where Redwood’s chemicals wouldn’t affect him.

    Ian wins the powers section.

    TACTICS: Redwood, as a college professor, is likely the more intelligent of the two, though again neither are gifted in combat tactics. Regardless, in this situation I have to give the advantage to Redwood.

    VERDICT: If Redwood is smart and sticks to his Oak form, Dynamic’s chances in this fight are actually pretty shoddy. In any other situation however, Dynamic will most likely take the fight. Because of this, I’m giving them both a 50/50 chance here.

    Stealth Command:

    PHYSICAL: Stealth Command kills Dynamic…….with his own stick…….and a napkin.

    POWERS: Dynamic has the more offensive of the two so I’m inclined to give this portion to him. Stealth Command’s abilities could be useful for escaping but in a head to head fight where escaping isn’t the goal, I have to say Dynamic is the victor here.

    TACTICS: Stealth Command. I’m not going to bother explaining why.

    VERDICT: Given that Stealth Command’s skill is…….stealth; it’s safe to assume there’s a chance he could end the fight with Dynamic before it even began. If however the fight were to start with both fighter’s aware of the other’s location, it’s likely that Dynamic, with the more offensively based power, would come out the victor. 60:40 in favor of Dynamic.


    PHYSICAL: Once again Ian is the better trained and more physical fit of the two combatants. So he takes this portion.

    POWERS: From what I can gather, Relocation’s teleportation skill is fairly complex and difficult for him to use. That said, he does have the ability to end the fight in one blow since he could easily just teleport Dynamic across the country. On the flip side though, Relocation might find it difficult to land this particular hit before Dynamic KO’s him with overcharged marbles. Given the fact that it takes a bit of time for Relocation’s teleportation to be used, I’m going to give this section to Ian.

    Tactical: Both are fairly well educated, however Relocation has actual training in this area, thus I’m giving this portion to him.

    VERDICT: Given the that Ian has again taken 2/3’s of the categories I’m giving him the advantage in this fight. 80:20 in favor of Dynamic.


    PHYSICAL: Even with his training, Dynamic is pretty outmatched here. Prosperity is almost half a foot taller than Dynamic just over 60 pounds on him. This coupled with Prosperity’s muscular figure gives him a pretty clear advantage in this portion.

    POWERS: Prosperity’s power seems to depend entirely on location, location, location. If there’s a gun store in the vicinity, the Prosperity will win most of the time. However, if this fight were to occur somewhere where Prosperity didn’t have access to any obvious weapons then Dynamic will most likely have the advantage. Because his power will always help him regardless of the setting, I’m giving this portion to Dynamic.

    TACTICS: I’m actually going to give this section to Prosperity. Mostly because I suspect that as a Fireman he would be fairly good at reading situations and figuring out the best course of survival.

    VERDICT: I’d say Dynamic has about a 30% chance if Prosperity were in a city setting and roughly a 50:50 chance otherwise.


    PHYSICAL: An interesting matchup since both are well trained in some form of martial arts. I’m inclined to give this portion to Dynamic given his larger size and the fact that he uses a weapon.

    POWERS: Like most matches, this one depends on the setting. We can assume that Sketch has already drawn herself a gun, ammo, and perhaps some other form of defense. If that were the case and she had any kind of skill in aiming then the fight could become relatively short lived. However, if Dynamic attacks before Sketch has time to prepare then it simply won’t be a contest. So I’m declaring this portion a 50:50 draw.

    Tactics: Neither are tacticians though Dynamic does seem to be the more confident and level headed of the two so I’ll give this portion to him.

    VERDICT: This fight mostly depends on Sketch’s preparedness. If she already has a weapon or some kind of defense prepared then she could finish off Dynamic fairly easily. However, Dynamic has the advantage of always being ready to fight. For that reason I rate this fight 70:30 in Dynamic’s favor.


    PHYSICAL: Both men are of equal height and similar builds, though Crank does have about 40 pounds on Dynamic. Regardless though this portion boils down to the simple fact that Dynamic uses a stick quite well, and Crank uses guns just as well. Crank takes the “physical” portion.

    POWERS: Duration will likely be what determines the winner of this fight. Crank’s powers take a hefty toll on his body when used for extended durations of time. Due to this fact, if Dynamic can wait him out, his chances of victory will greatly improve. If however Crank is able to get Dynamic in a situation where his power going full tilt to the point where his reflexes, speed, and strength at full power then it’s unlikely Dynamic will be able to pull through. On the flip side even in a situation where Crank’s powers have “depleted” his guns are most likely going to continue to work quite well. For these reasons, this section again goes to Crank.

    TACTICS: Again, no tacticians in this fight, although Ian is clearly the more calm and collected of the two so I’ll give this section to him.

    VERDICT: Guns seem to be Dynamic’s worst enemy and Crank’s best friend. At the end of the day, regardless of where their powers are at, the fact remains that Crank’s gunplay simply out does Dynamic’s marbles. However, given that Dynamic’s powers don’t cause harm to himself like Crank’s do, he does still hold on to a chance of victory. For this fight, I put the odds at 70:30 in Crank’s favor.

    Shock Front:

    PHYSICAL: Didn’t have much to go on for Shock Front so I have to give this section to Dynamic for his training.

    POWERS: Really, really need more description from Zalera to make an accurate stab at this. From what I can see, Shock Front does have the more offensive power when one considers the amount of time it would take Dynamic to charge and throw one of his marbles vs the time it would take Shock Front to clap. I suppose I’m giving this section to Shock Front.

    TACTICS: Nothing in Shock Front’s profile to suggest that he’d be any better or worse than Dynamic in this field so I guess I’m giving this section to Dynamic simply because I have more info on him.

    VERDICT: Both use shockwaves in a sense, but Shock Front’s main advantage is the speed at which he can generate said shock waves. Dynamic could however work around this with his physical abilities so in the end I have to say this fight could go either way. 50:50


    PHYSICAL: Hard to say here. Dynamic is obviously the better fighter but Scar can heal. If it came down to an endurance fight then it's possible Scar could win. However, it's not known if Scar's powers allow him to revive so if Dynamic does manage to land a killing blow or perhaps even just a simple KO the fight could go his way. I'm gonna call this portion a draw.

    POWERS: Here is where Dynamic shines again. Scar's abilities would certainly help him stave off an instant loss but at present he simply doesn't have a way to counter Dynamic's attacks. This section goes to Dynamic.

    Tactics: Scar apparently discovered his powers by turning on a garbage disposal with his hand still inside. That alone makes me question his mental capacity. Dynamic wins.

    Verdict: Dynamic 80:20


    PHYSICAL: Much like the fight with Scar, this section is hard to quantify. Bash actually gets stronger the more you hurt him, which could be a major advantage. Dynamic on the other hand would know how to bring Bash down in one blow which nullify Bash's powers. This section is again a draw.

    POWERS: This really just becomes a more extended version of the physical portion. The more Dynamic hurts Bash, the stronger he gets. But if Dynamic hits him hard enough, Bash gets KO'd either way. I'm going to give Dynamic a slight advantage here, and only because Bash does have a chance of bouncing back if Dynamic doesn't finish him off quickly enough.

    TACTICS: Neither are world class thinkers but their strategies are worlds apart. Dynamic's strategy would involve dishing out as much damage as possible while Bash's is about getting hit as much as he can without losing consciousness. I'm going to award this section to Dynamic though since I think he'd figure out pretty quickly how to best handle Bash.

    VERDICT: This was virtually the same fight as the one with Scar only this time with a character that had the ability to fight back more. 60:40 in favor of Dynamic.
  • GORNGORN Member Full Members
    edited July 2011
    Since InsaneWhisperer's clarification of Trixie's power, I've looked over the match-ups again. Since Ms. Fortune has to project her bad luck beam (or whatever the proper term is), her ability to aim comes into play. Since she hasn't learned how to use a firearm or a bow and arrow, I'm thinking that she might miss her intended target if the distance between them is great enough. Of course, she can move her bad luck extension (that just sounds wrong) once it's projected. However, some characters would have a better chance of evading the ray (or whatever it's called) than others. Dr. Ironhide, for instance, would have more difficulty avoiding it than Mach (because of his speed), Psy-KO (because she can levitate), or Zookeeper (because she can turn into a smaller target). For this reason, I think that a 5-point shift in favor of Trixie's opponents is in order for Mach, Psy-KO, and Zookeeper. Thoughts?
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
  • GORNGORN Member Full Members
    edited July 2011
    Well, we're way past our time limit. Let us move on to Stealth Command and Ms. Filibuster. FIGHT!
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
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    While whoever works on these new fights, we have come up with an additional section to add to the reviews: non-combat applications of powers. If a superhuman is not a very offensive character, but has a lot of potential in other areas, it's more reasonable for that character to lose a few more fights than someone that is purely combat-based. I'm still going to be busy for a couple more days, but I'll be trying to come up with some of these for the characters that have already been reviewed. If you have any ideas for any of them, feel free to add them on.
  • KhanKhan Heh heh Full Members
    edited July 2011
    A few possibilities.

    Tornado -- Nothing currently. He doesn't have enough control to fly or throw things.

    Psy-KO -- She can lift herself for flight, she can retrieve and manipulate distant objects. Her telepathy isn't developed enough to have many uses, but she can call out to people if she can't speak for some reason.

    Redwood -- All of his plant forms give him photosynthetic capabilities, meaning he can survive longer without food than most people. The Oak form's super-strength has a few uses outside of combat, and his Kudzu form lets him recover from normally fatal injuries via regrowth.

    Mach -- He can run away from a fight very fast. He can potentially reach hard-to reach areas, via a stunt-ramp or something.

    Dynamic -- Can't think of much outside of fighting. He could throw a ball for some sort of sport, I suppose.

    Miss Fortune -- Conventional prisons can't hold her. Channeling her bad luck through a lock could break it, letting her escape cages, cells, handcuffs, so on. This is a little theoretical, but if a person under her influence is near death, and they'd be worse off by staying alive, she might be able to prevent that person from passing.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
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    Okay, I’m going to clear this out of the way now. Stealth Command likely trumps every hero in a straight up physical fight, no powers or weapons included. The only ones that I imagine could provide some slight competition to him are Dynamic, Crank, and Prosperity in that category. For that reason, I’m going to pretty much give all physical fights to him. However, I don’t think his wiping the floor in the physical section is necessarily a signal that he is broken, as once the powers are factored in, his fights become much less one-sided. In addition, I have to reconsider tactics here. In a straight up fight, I imagine Stealth Command could again just out-strategize people due to combat training. For that reason, I am going to say that the two people in combat have never met, leaving Stealth Command with less of a time to strategize ahead of time.

    Vs. Tornado.

    I imagine this fight would go to Tornado in the end. While Stealth Command does trump Tornado in a straight-up physical fight, Tornado can still summon and control very strong twisters. While Stealth Commands ability could afford him a place to hide while the tornado is going on, I do not think it would be able to hide him well enough for Tornado to simply be unable to summon another tornado to take him out, one potentially powerful enough to destroy his hiding place. In the end, as long as Tornado keeps distance, he has this won, I think.

    Vs. Redwood

    Now, all of Redwood’s forms are more adapted to close range combat, which is where Stealth Command excels. I am going to say this fight will definitely go to stealth command provided Redwood is not in Oak form. In Oak form, the fight becomes a bit harder to judge. While Stealth Command could still win, it depends on his ability to get close to Redwood without Redwood landing a hit. If Redwood lands a single solid hit on Stealth Command, he’d have it won. But if Stealth Command can get close enough to Redwood, he could touch him and hide in the cracks of Redwood’s bark-like skin, waiting out the duration of Oak form. However, since all Redwood needs is one hit, I will say the fight is roughly 57:43 in favor of Stealth Command, who probably does have quite a bit of knowledge of dodging, but would still find doing so a bit difficult simply due to the strangeness of the fight he is going into.

    Vs. Dynamic

    Now here is where Stealth Command’s powers may very well work against him. While yes, the fight will go in Stealth Command’s direction if he can get close enough to Dynamic, Dynamic has a good line of defense which I’d say evens the fight out well enough. First there are Dynamic’s marbles, which, if they hit, could send a debilitating shockwave that can break Stealth Command’s bones. In addition, Dynamic has his stick, which, while normally Stealth Command could simply grab and take, is rendered useless in this matchup. As long as Dynamic touches Stealth Command with the stick and it is charged, he can again send a debilitating shockwave into the green beret. Like Redwood, I think this depends more on the problem of who would strike first. Stealth Command does have the option of hiding in a crack and waiting until Dynamic looks away before re-emerging and attacking. However, if Dynamic sees Stealth Command disappear into the crack, I think he would still have the win, given that he could react and either not remove his eyes from the area, or find a way to send shockwaves through pebbles and into the crack in question. So for this fight, I give Dynamic the win at 70 to Stealth Commands 30.

    Vs. Relocation

    This is purely speculation, since I really don’t know the full extent of Relocation’s abilities, whether the circle needs to be drawn over a particular point and that point is teleported away, whether Relocation needs to be in contact with the teleporting thing in question, or whether the circle just provides a framework and anything visible within the circle can be teleported. However, even going on all the possibilities, the fact remains that for this fight, any attempts made by Relocation to relocate Stealth Command could easily be dodged by the mans ability to hide in cracks. For this reason, I think it would simply be a matter of time before Stealth Command inevitably beat Relocation.

    Vs. Prosperity

    Now, as ever with Prosperity, the fight is dependent on what is around for him to replicate. Given that this is a really big variable, I am going to go with what the man normally has on him, which includes various odds and ends, the most combat appropriate of which are flash-grenades. As ever, this fight really depends on Stealth Command closing the gap between the two of them, since when he does, he will win. However, where that may have been more of a problem to Stealth Command in cases like Dynamic or Redwood, with Prosperity, however, it is much less a problem to get close to the man, since he has no real close range abilities beyond weapons which can save him. Given that any replications of heavier objects to drop on the green beret can be dodged either by his amazing green beret skills or via his power, this presents a problem to Prosperity. Also, even though Prosperity does have an infinite supply of grenades, I imagine Stealth Command, who has most likely been in situations where not only flash grenades, but real grenades have come into use, would not only know how to dodge them, but may know how to keep going even through the blinding effects; something Prosperity does not have experience with. For this reason, I’m giving the fight 80:20 in favor of Stealth Command.

    Vs. Sketch

    Well, this also really depends on what Sketch enters the battle with. I’m not exactly sure how sketch’s powers work, whether she has to draw the pictures right then and there or whether or not she can summon drawings that she has had for some time. Either way, however, I would probably say this would go to Stealth Command given that he is not reliant on any form of supplies upon entering the battle which may take time to summon. I would say if Sketch entered the battle with ammo and a gun she would probably have a better chance, but I’d think only slightly, as she isn’t trained with the gun and S.C. can still dodge via his power. I think unless Sketch had further command of her power beyond a dog, a gun, and bullets, she would lose to Stealth Command, who could close the gap and kill her.

    Vs. Crank

    I would give this one to Crank, actually. Both men are of comparable builds, and as ever, to win the fight, Stealth Command would try to go for a physical fight. Given that Crank is already quite physically adept, but does not match up to S.C’s skills normally. However, given Noah’s ability to enhance his own physical abilities via adrenaline rushes. If Noah activates an adrenaline rush at a point in time where the green beret has little chance to escape, he could win. However, that opening needs to be there, or else Stealth Command can simply escape into a crack and wait the adrenaline burst out before re-emerging and beating the weakened Crank. For this reason, I say that the fight is 50:50, could go either way.

    Vs. Scar

    I’m going to say this one can’t really be won. Stealth Command does have amazing physical abilities, but I would say that none of them are decisive enough to kill Scar, who can regenerate anything apparently. Scar most likely cannot harm Stealth Command in any notable way, though. So the fight is a stalemate.

    Vs. Bash

    Unlike most of the fights with Bash, this fight does not mirror the fight with Stealth. If Stealth Command can get a single killing blow in, which I’m assuming is not much of a chore for him, then he will be able to beat Bash easily. Of course, if he goes into the fight unsure of himself, then the fight may quickly turn against the Green Beret. However, I will say that in the end he probably still has it won, given the many ways to kill a person, and the fact that Stealth Command likely knows something about simply restraining a target.

    Vs. Shock Front

    Here is a fight that I will say Shock Front immediately wins. Even if his power is somewhat limited to the point of not instantly killing everything, sound does not leave any crack alone, and could hit and debilitate Stealth Command even if the man were in his hiding mode. The speed at which Shock Front can produce sound waves easily beats the speed at which Stealth Command can get close to Shock Front.
  • GORNGORN Member Full Members
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    Ms. Filibuster against. . .

    For the physical portion, I’m giving it to Claire. While weight and height differences are negligible, Claire probably has some kind of physical fitness routine built into her schedule (due to her former modeling career). Anne, on the other hand, is most likely in a near-constant state of hunger (due to being homeless.
    For powers, I’m gonna give it to Claire again. Even if Anne got the first strike (most likely with a small object), all Claire needs to do is start speaking and she’s got her under her spell. Even if Anne got an auditory hallucination during the fight, there’s a good chance it wouldn’t be able to free her from Claire’s control.
    As for tactics, it’s close, but I’m gonna give it to Anne. Even though Anne has schizophrenia, that doesn’t mean she’s unable to take care of herself. The fact that she’s homeless means that she’s probably run into a couple of situations that forced her to defend herself. I’m not sure Claire has gotten into many fights before now.
    With two out of three categories won and only losing the last one just barely, Claire wins most of the time.

    Joe has height, weight, and is a stuntman. He wins this section easily.
    I assume that Joe would have to devote a lot of concentration towards running at the speeds he is capable of, reducing Claire’s chances of ensnaring him with her voice. Of course, he has to accelerate first. The more distance between them when they start, the more likely that Joe comes out victorious.
    While Claire might be the smarter of the two, I doubt her knowledge could aid her in battle much. Joe, on the other hand, is a stuntman. Although. . . Hm. I’m not exactly sure how his stuntman training would help him in this fight. I guess it comes down to who has a better understanding of their powers. For that, I’m gonna have to give this section to Claire.
    Joe wins. Claire just can’t keep up with him.

    Ms. Fortune
    Claire has height (not sure about weight), but Trixie has taken self defense classes. Point goes to – Oh, that’s right. Claire has a gun. Claire wins.
    Boy oh boy. It hurts my head thinking about this match-up. Well, I assume it takes some concentration for Trixie to focus her powers, so that’s a point against Claire. Eh, beyond that, there are just so many other factors that just make this battle impossible to analyze. I guess it’s pretty even, but Trixie seems to have a slight advantage.
    Claire wins the tactics section. While Trixie would know how to beat Claire in a physical fight, Claire knows that she can’t win that way, so she would probably avoid such a confrontation.
    Claire has a gun. What? Does your bad luck affect bullets? Oh, it does? Well, too bad, because you’ve already been shot.

    Okay, I’m gonna make this short. Lye may win tactics, but she’s gonna be hard pressed to counter a captivating voice and a gun, especially if she goes into this fight not knowing that Claire has both of these things. Claire wins most of the time.

    Tim wins physical. Sure, they both have guns, but Tim is the only one with a bullet-proof vest.
    Claire needs to speak for her power to work. Tim just needs to look at you for his to work. He’s probably gonna get the drop on Claire most of the time.
    Tim’s a professor. He wins the tactics section.
    Claire loses pretty solidly.

    Um, Claire has range (power-wise), smarts, and has a gun. She wins.

    Dr. Ironhide
    Heh. Heh heh heh. Ha Ha Ha. HA HA HA HA HA! Yeah, Bertrand wins physical.
    Wow. This would be a really drawn out battle. Dr. Iron is slow, which means Claire’s gonna get the first strike every time. However, once she get him with her siren-esque voice, what is she gonna do? Shooting him won’t work. All Bertrand needs to do is wait until Claire makes herself hoarse (like, can’t speak anymore. Not turn into Sarah Jessica Parker. That’d just be ridiculous.) before punching her in the face, or something.
    Bertrand wins tactics because he’s a doctor.
    Claire loses pretty solidly for a second time.

    Yeah, I’m giving this fight to Claire. She beats Cassie in physical and tactics, and since Cassie can understand humans in animal form, Claire beats her in the power section.

    Mr. Spectacular
    Huh. There is a possibility that Steven has some gadget that can best a gun. But, there’s also the possibility that is fails spectacularly (I couldn’t resist). Draw.
    Uh, I think Claire wins the powers section. Any chance Steven had with his gadgets is ruined by the chance of them backfiring.
    Steven wins tactics, at least.
    But Claire wins overall.

    Claire wins physical barely.
    Claire wins powers
    Claire wins tactics.
    Claire wins.

    If anyone disagrees with my evaluations, post your review.
    Wait. Did I spell that right?
  • SukeSuke Sexy Back Full Members
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    I'm surprised no one has asked this already but why is it ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for everyone on the team to be equally matched completely, with everyone. It seems to defeat the purpose of everyone having unique superpowers. I mean, people are supposed to fill specific roles with a team, and if everyone is supposed to be equally match it kind of takes the fun out of having your own powers. That's just my opinion anyway.
    So close...And yet so far...
  • BoltsBolts This made France awesome. Full Members
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    This is testing exactly that, Suke. Especially now that we're judging non-combat roles too. As far as the fighting goes, if someone loses 3, wins 3, and ties 3 then that seems balanced to me which has been the case for a few fights.
  • envydeienvydei Traveler Full Members
    edited August 2011
    I agree with suke to a point. I think the team could maybe have a powerhouse who has plenty of offensive capabilities, but not much else in terms of extra uses for their power, and they shouldn't be changed to accommodate to someone who, while maybe not the most combat effective, has plenty of other uses for their powers, some people just don't want their characters to have super-offensive powers after all, some want support roles.

    I do, however, see the necessity to adjust some powers which may be too potentially broken or too vague in their scope. Not picking on you here, Whisper, your power just provides the best example for this.

    In the comics of the X-men, Gambit, who Dynamic is based on, controls kinetic energy. Now, we've prodded insanewhisper to a point that I'm sure she's sick of, but we've come to I think a point of understanding that makes her power reasonable. Now, I trust that she would play Dynamic fairly in the first place, however, if Dynamic had had Gambit's full powers or something, he could do things like instantly make people into cancerous blobs by speeding up cellular reproduction, defying gravity by continuing the kinetic movement of his jumps, turn himself or others into light beings by making their molecules vibrate at light speeds and keeping them from dispersing, etc. Powers that would be ridiculously broken beyond any fair point of play.

    Now, you may argue that it might be okay to have someone that's got a comparatively broken power. This is okay to a point, as long as its reigned in somewhat to the point where his or her teammates could potentially fend them off. It's a superhero RPG, things like brainwashing and evil twins happen. We wouldn't want some unfettered version of a character to show up and just thrash everyone and go completely unopposed, that's why we need to test to make sure that the powers aren't too overly broken from the get-go. Say there were someone with the power to literally destroy anything, but the argument was that since he's a nice person, it shouldn't be changed since that balances it out; that works, except for when an evil clone is concerned. If an evil clone shows up, or, worse, if the good guy was brainwashed or made evil or something, then we have no way of stopping them and essentially would just be trampled until someone comes up with pretty much a Deus ex machina to save us.

    In addition, the tests help us come up with some numeric values for some of the powers, these give us an easy system of leveling up, we just tweak the numbers. As opposed to a vague system where powers aren't gained at a consistent rate and stronger powers may suddenly appear with no real hinting at it.

    I hope that kinda expressed my opinion: while I do think not everyone should be equal in combat, I think there just needs to be a way to test that makes sure no one is simply too broken to the point that they sweep the floor with everyone and everything. Similarly, though less likely, if someone consistently gets beaten by everyone, we can give that player a chance to enhance their character, though if that was perhaps the players intent to have a weaker character, they can always not change it. However it's less problematic when someone is voluntarily losing than it is when someone is winning all the time and GM'ing their way through the game.
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