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Which should I buy? (read the post)

EddEdd MemberFull Members
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Hey, I have only enough for one of the above games... here's my dilemma:
I live in the UK so none of these great RPGs like Xenosaga, .hack etc are here/will be here. ?Dragon Warrior wasnt released here but its in computor exchange right now so i could buy it.
I love Metroid but am suspicious of 1st person-ification, not that i dont like FPS's but im not great at em.
Im v interested in the split screen PHantasy star <we're talking gamecube> cos i like the idea of non online multiplayer RPGs but i dunno if it works well, so can sum1 tell me.
Ive heard great things from Dragon Warrior 7, and i like akira toreyama's character design but i dont know other DW's so im unsure, and am not sure im in the mood for a traditional RPG atm anyway, but if i dont buy it now sum1 else will and ill not get a chance for ages.....
its a real problem...


  • WindWind Member Full Members
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    I would go with Metroid Prime which I think is a brilliant game. Phantasy Star Online is good and I personally spend all my spare time playing it ( and my copy of Metroid Prime is being neglected alot because of it) however in order to get the most out it you would have to go Online ( monthly fees ) and you will need to buy a modem to do that and then thiers the keyboard that Datel is releasing latter this week ( you will need a keyboard since the software keyboard is not exactly fun to use ), at the end of the day it does add up and the whole PSO experience becomes expensive. As for the Multiplayer Offline option, although fun be prepared for some loss of graphical quality and some lag/slowdown, it's a decent alternative to Online play but it does not exactly do the job.

    As for Dragon Warrior 7, I did not know this game was coming out over here in Europe, is it or are you buying an import copy? Unfortunatly I have not played thsi game so I can't coment on it however can say that I have heard mixed reviews of it. I would wait untill I got an opinion from someone who has played all 3 of these games untill I make up my mind.
  • EddEdd Member Full Members
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    nah its an import copy, thats why im tempted to get it cos this may be my only chance...
  • MithrandirMithrandir Member Full Members
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    </span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Edd @ Mar. 25 2003,11:19)</td></tr><tr><td class="QUOTE"I love Metroid but am suspicious of 1st person-ification, not that i dont like FPS's but im not great at em.[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
    I think you should go with Metroid Prime. I had a chance to play it for a couple of days when my friend Aaron let me borrow his GC, and it's my favorite of the bunch. I've actually owned copies of both of the other games, but they get old, fast. After you I got to about level 25-30 in PSO (when I had it for Dreamcast) I just got tired of it. The same thing happenned again when my friends bought it for their Gamecubes. Dragon Warrior 7 is not without its charm, but there are much better RPGs out there to buy than that one. I will admit I regret selling DW7, but Metroid Prime was much funner. I'm not so great at FPS games, either, but Metroid has a very good learning curve. Until you get to that stupid plant boss that always killed me. I hate that jerk.

    Well, there's my two cents. Enjoy whichever game you get, they're all good.
  • EddEdd Member Full Members
    edited March 2003
    I dunno, im realy torn; thing is i might be able to borrow metroid off sumone.

    did u play PSO offline with friends? how did that work was it good?

    I could exchange half my PSone collection and get two... but which one do i leave out?! argh! open a door and a window shuts!
  • mogforevermogforever Banned Banned Users
    edited March 2003
    metroid prime is a great game but not an rpg.if you want a real rpg go with dragon warrior 7....
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