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Do you guys read the Onion?

yazarc420yazarc420 MemberFull Members
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Well? If you aren't familiar, go to

Your April Fools stories look just like one of their weekly issues. Which is definitely not a bad thing!! Good job guys! smile.gif


  • KamikazeKamikaze Member Full Members
    edited April 2003
    I certainly read the Onion. It's distributed in Chicago for free, which makes it all the more easier to obtain my favorite source of satire.
  • agentflitagentflit Member Full Members
    edited April 2003
    Of course. I have one of those "collection" books.

    ..."Bush finances america's minority with generous tip..." biggrin.gif

    *Agentflit wonders to himself if this topic is in the right forum*

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