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Recruitment - Pathfinder - Reign of Winter

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For a couple of months, my friends and I have been playing Reign of Winter adventure path, and we're looking for a good player or two to help fill the ranks. We just completed the first book, so its an excellent time to jump on board as things start to get serious.

This exciting campaign runs from 9pm-1am EST/ 6pm-10pm PST every Monday night. We play online using Maptools b87 (A Virtual Table Top) and Skype...both free downloads. Perspective players must meet the following requirements. Throughout the week, we enrich our immersion in the world via role-play on a forum using Obsidian Portal. Participation on those forums/website is a required component.

Perspective players would meet the following requirements...

* Mature, experienced players preferred. We want players who already understand the system well so they can focus squarely on the role-playing (and work well with the others). While I do run campaigns where we welcome and train newer players, this is not one of those.
* Players must have a desire to put time in their character and story during the week.
* Combat can be intense! We prefer players who really enjoy the tactical and combat side of Pathfinder as well as the role play.
* Players must be willing to invest in a high quality headset.
* Right now, the need in the party is for a dedicated, full progression arcane caster (Wizard or sorcerer preferred).

If you're interested, and want to learn more before committing further, check out the following links...
Our Obsidian Portal hub
JCS' Houserules

Interested parties should email me at jcservant at cyberlightcomics dot com or hit me up on skype (jcservant7) Please keep in mind I do not check this thread often. Email and skype are the fastest ways to contact me if you're interested.

We have limited slots available. Thank you!
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