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Disgaea 3 Reincarnation Screenshot Comparison

Phillip WillisPhillip Willis Certified PolygameistRPGamer Staff
edited November 2013 in Role Playing Games
On one of the recent Backtracks, I spoke about the benefits of reincarnation. Below are two screen shots I took showing a priest reincarnated to the next thing up (a bishop or something). In each one, she is wearing the exact same items. So, she gets the benefit of +2 to nearly every base stat, the bonus points (I think I did 8 bonus points) as well as slightly better item stat inheritance.

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As you can see, the difference is across all stats and certainly noticeable. The high level you get, the bigger the gap, of course. And once you move onto your 3rd or 4th reincarnation, the difference is REALLY big.

It does take a little time to level back up. Usually just doing a few levels of item world with tower attack gets me up to half the group level in no time flat. From there, just having that person doing a lot of killing blows or clearing out some levels by themselves takes care of it lickity split.

I must say, I'm enjoying the hell out of this game. My group is now Lv 85ish...and I've reincarnated everyone 2-3 times. Today, I found some VERY powerful weapons that I later go into item world to make even MORE powerful. My fighter was doing 2-3k pts of damage with his special move which could take most enemies his level to about half or less of their HPs. I found this kick arse axe which took that to 5k, and then I did a dozen floors of so of its item world to raise it to over 10k. It's ridiculous. With that kind of firepower, I reincarnated him to the latest fighter class (the one that unlocks when you hit level 80 in the class before it) and within an hour, I had him back up to 80+ again has he single handidly clears out entire levels with one shot kills.

Leveling happens so fast too...nearly every kill levels someone up because I'm taking enemies 20+ levels higher than me without much problem. That has enabled me to find or buy better equipment which, in turn, enables me to level even faster. It's sick! Someone, take this morphine away from me!!
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  • kazrikokazriko Member Full Members
    edited November 2013
    Haha. I used to slow-burn these games, but starting with Disgaea 4, and then applying to Disgaea 3 for the Vita, I really started to exploit the system to powerlevel my characters. There's usually several maps at different areas where if you focus on getting a couple of your characters really powered up, then you put other characters into groups with them, you can gain dozens, or thousands of levels at a time. In both games, I've had level 9999 characters that have reincarnated 3-4 times each, and my main focus characters that actually do the work of leveling the others, they've often been reincarnated a dozen times. I think I had several level 500 characters by the time I finished the game, then when you get into the Ordeals 4 maps (in both games) you can just throw sanity out the window.

    When you reincarnate your character, look at where you add more stats to them. The base position of those bars will keep getting longer before you add any new points. Those are essentially your stat increases from the banked levels showing right on the reincarnation screen. Your stats increase from there as a percentage of the base stats IIRC, so those can really ramp up on the reincarnated characters.

    I haven't even started D2 yet myself. I'm saving it for after playing Xillia...

    One thing to remember is that Disgaea has this odd leveling dropoff after lvl 99 on the enemies. a lvl 99 enemy will give you more experience than a lvl 100 enemy. I think it picks back up somewhere around 250 or 300. You can adjust the enemies in your leveling maps up through the senate/homeroom so that they're exactly level 99 and get the maximum amount of exp, or if the map is high enough, crank it up to lvl 300-500 and get even more EXP.
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