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Best/most fun tabletop experience

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The "best" game I ever played in terms of adhering to character was in a homemade version of the PC game Arcanium. The gm allowed me to create a kleptomaniac character and for all the yelling and hate he would sent my way over the years: he said that I saw scary good playing that character. The "most fun" I ever had would be a 3 way tie between seeing a bone fairy rocket out of a hole because of consecutive 20s, having a novice player that didn't know anything about how an rpg should work having and unnaturaly good 90 min session of rolling 20s (like 12 or 13 in that session including on the bad end of a few 1 rolls), all relating to "Handle animal" that nobody ever used with that gm, making and using a Gatling gun of arrows in Exalted. I have a ton more but I can always add them in later. :) Of course this was a few years ago while I was still in college. :P

What are some of the best/most fun moments you have had while playing table top RPGs?
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