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My Year of Gust - June: Atelier Marie, Elie, and Anis

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I'd almost given up on doing this whole thing, after the massive disappointments that were April and May. And as I am currently lacking a working Game Boy Advance, the next game on my list (Atelier GBC) has to go on hold as well. That leaves me with one last possible game before I'm looking at the prospect of swapping out my PS3 and PS2 for six months: Atelier Marie, Elie, & Anis: Soyokaze kara no Dengon (Message on the Breeze), the only Gust game exclusive to the Game Boy Advance. It's not part of the canon games list for the series, mainly because it was produced by Banpresto on Gust's behalf, but it does take a lot of the best elements from Marie and Elie and make them better. It also has the distinction of being the capstone for the entire original series, since no other game, canon or otherwise, fits into its part of the chronology.


Atelier MEA follows a bit from the WonderSwan game (I assume, since I'm not shilling out $100+ for that one and a WSC to play it on) and Atelier Elie's "Marie" ending, with the two heroines teaming up and sharing a workshop in the bustling city of Salburg. The entire kingdom is having a bit of a renaissance, as the recently crowned young king has announced his engagement to the princess of the southern lands, and thus reviving the dream of a united kingdom like in the region's golden age. As a show of camaraderie and cooperation, the Academy of Alchemy in Salburg is putting together the necessary materials to donate a library to the southern capital, so that it too can further itself through the application of mystic science.

Unfortunately for Marie and Elie, they donated a bit too much to the book effort, and find themselves going back to basics because they pawned most of their equipment. On top of that, the Academy mentors, Ingrid and Hermina, are asking them to help compile books of alchemic formulae based on their personal research. To keep the game going, I have to create at least one book's worth of material a year (up to three a year, two for the first).

Time to get cracking!


  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
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    I was almost done with the first year, then I decided to start over again because of things I'd forgotten to unlock early enough. Almost every character from the first two Atelier games is recruitable in this one, but a lot of them don't appear unless a specific heroine (Marie or Elie) shows up at a specific spot. So it's definitely worth my while to send Elie to Port Castanier first instead of Marie, for example. Also, I'd forgotten that if I wanted to complete a second book in the first year, I'd need to send Marie up to Kariel Town to get the oakwood and mistletoe materials (and unlock Schwarbe).

    Every tome the heroines create requires new items of certain types, like Food, Explosives, Perfume, Everyday Items, etc. These items are made through the Imagine Alchemy mechanic, which unlocks new recipes as certain key ingredients are discovered. Oakwood, for example, is necessary to make Magic Paper, which in turn is needed for a lot of Everyday- and Alchemy-class items. Mistletoe is a perfume ingredient, and I got the very first recipe in that line of experimentation not long after Marie sent a large shipment of the stuff home from Kariel.

    As of now, I have the following characters unlocked:

    *keep turning down my offers of employment

    Douglas and Enderk are visible around the palace, but neither of them will be recruitable until a specific point in the game. Also, around mid-August Elie bumped into a foreign girl who was looking for the Academy. The ladies will be seeing more of her in a month or so.
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