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RPGamer's Forum Rules

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*Note that most of these same rules apply to the comment sections of our news, reviews, and feature articles on our main page


-- Obey and respect all moderators and RPGamer staff members. If a staff member or moderator warns you or requests something of you formally, do it. If you have an issue with the moderator, contact the board administrator; currently, this is Strawberry Eggs. The administrator reserves the right to immediately skip any and all warning levels.

-- All posts must abide by the rules stated here as well as any rules created within the individual forums. These rules may be created without any warning of any kind.

-- If there are any posts you find that are not following forum guidelines, you are encouraged to make use of the 'Report a Post' feature or private message a moderator, staff member, or administrator to alert them of the problem. At no time should you take it upon yourself to publicly address the offending post; that is the duty of the moderation staff.

-- Send all media and RPG news links to This is critical in our news team being able to react as fast as possible to important news without constantly checking all of the forum threads. If you are unsure if it is news, send it to them anyway. Threads will be locked when the news and/or media update is posted by RPGamer staff.

--For all forum discussion, the only RPG definition that matters is "Do we cover it?" Posts which attempt to justify certain games as/not RPGs will be either mocked or deleted at the moderators' discretion. No derailing threads into what is/not an RPG, or asking why we cover Zelda and not God of War. Requests for game coverage should be sent to

-- No linking or requesting illegal items. This includes warez, mp3s, emulated roms of games, etc. These can cause legal problems for RPGamer. Don't do it. Ever. Do not offer to do so or in any fashion utilize the boards to communicate a willingness to distribute illegal material; this includes via PM. Discussion concerning these subjects is fair game, however.

--Zero "spamming". Our definition of spamming is being excessively and disruptively off-topic and/or rapidly posting numerous posts across the boards. No trolling. This is not to say that negative comments or heated debate are not allowed, but there is a line that should not be crossed that is defined by the community. No flaming. Remember that saying what's on your mind can easily cross the line from opinionated to offensive.

--No website advertising in posts. Here at RPGamer we allow you to advertise your web address in your signature. No petitions, NO EXCEPTIONS. No sales, ebay ads, etc. Anything utilizing RPGamer forums for commercial sales will fall under this.

-- Keep your language PG-13. No f-bombs, which includes changing the "u" to a "v," or to an asterisk, or to some other character(s), thinking it makes you cool and edgy. Gay is for homosexuals, Nazi is for World War II, and are to be considered off-limits for anything other then these uses.

-- Please try to avoid spoilers with current games; major plot points should be placed under a spoiler tag at all times. This includes older games that are slated for re-release and in sequel discussion threads. When in doubt, please try to err on the side of caution by using the spoiler tags, in order to avoid ruining interesting information for games.

-- Do not resurrect old threads without good reason; I agree/me too/+1 posts are not contributing to the discussion. Unnecessary thread necromancy may result in topic locks and warnings, at the discretion of the moderator team.

Avatars, Signatures, and Images
--Embedded images placed within a post should be no larger than 300 KB; anything larger should be remotely hosted and linked. Please choose a trusted service like flickr, tinypic, Imgur etc; hotlinking directly from a private site has led to some interesting file replacements in the past (and hey, it's rude).

The following guide is for signatures, which should have a width of no more then 500 pixels:
Three text lines (including blank lines) and no graphics
Two text lines ... graphics no taller than 70 pixels
One text line ... graphics no taller than 100 pixels
No text ... graphics no taller than 150 pixels

In all cases of dispute, that rule shall provide the final guidelines. Avatars cannot exceed 150x150 in dimension or be over 150 KB in file size. All signatures/avatars must abide by our forum signature and avatar rules; if they do not at any time you may receive a request it be removed, or it will be erased. If repeated problems arise concerning your signature or avatar, administrators will remove avatar/signature options for your account.

--It is never appropriate or acceptable to discuss any discipline measures in public. This includes making subtle or direct references to being warned; posting verbatim warning messages; continuing to repeat the same problem that landed you with a slap in the first place.

--When a rule is broken, the user's warn level will increase, dependent on the severity of the violation. Generally 1-5, at 10 the user will see reduced privileges. Warn levels will decrease automatically.

--At any time the administrator may choose to remove a user, and they will be temporarily banned for a period of time determined by the administrator based on past contribution or lack thereof to the community.

--Secondary accounts are never, ever acceptable. Don't make a second account to (dis)agree with you, to avoid being a Special Snowflake, or for any reason. If you wish to change your account's name or abandon it for some reason, contact the Administrator. If banned, users are not permitted to create a second account to read and/or participate. If you cannot log in, please email the Admin at

-- While a user is in the Restricted Member Group, the board administrator will likely: change the user's avatar, changing the user's title to "Special Friend of the Administrator," delete the user's signature and replace it with an amusing yet insulting graphic, etc.

--It is the individual responsibility of all posters to follow up with the administrator if a warning or suspension is not removed in a timely fashion. Do not PM the moderators to perform this service.

-- All material found on this website and forum is copyright their respective companies and the forums take no responsibility for any image edited for use by any users herein. RPGamer staff disclaim all responsibility for any posted content.
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