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Fan-titlement - Active Topical Banter

Scott WachterScott Wachter Dread News EditorRPGamer Staff
The Banter panel unpacks special pleading, ignorance and self-centred behaviour in the fandom. All while hoping for a brighter future for comment sections.

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Talking Points from the Episode
-Dichotomy of what gets fans upset and the increasing anti-consumer behaviour of Publisher Controlled devs.
-Failure to understand business practice
-Understanding it’s okay for something to exist that doesn’t appeal to them
-Special pleading
-Consumer as custodian
-This isn’t a thing yet, but here’s my online petition to make it better
-Fluid material
-Op rainfall/moonfall/hotblood
-Things i like a perfect and successful and myopic ideas
-Shouting at the Press

Next Time: Mainstreaming the JRPG


  • TexTex Member Full Members
    Hopefully it's cool to reply here rather than the outtakes thread! If not, sincerest apologies.

    I've noticed the entitlement thing, as well, especially in regards to people not understanding business practice and making wildly inaccurate claims about businesses. I've noticed this on Kickstarter, too; I'm a little torn as to how much entitlement is okay with Kickstarter, however, which I don't recall y'all touching on a lot. (I'm commenting a few days late, so I may have memory lapses.)

    On the one hand, people have a clearer monetary link that gives them an interest in the project. On the other, there is often an attitude that the developers owe backers absolute transparency and involvement in decisions; this is, suffice to say, not a realistic relationship between consumers and producers (or, if it were the case, investors and producers). I'm not sure where the line falls here; there is more obligation than potential consumers making petitions on, but it certainly isn't at a Kickstarter level.

    Also, I feel like the internet and the world would be a happier place if other people could accept some things don't appeal to everyone, but it's good it's there. I liked when y'all touched on that point.

    Finally: when I had a friend visiting me earlier in the year, there was an Amiibo release. He woke up at ungodly o'clock on Sunday and shuffled to a Target in a strange city, and came back with one. I asked him: "Is that one of your favorite characters or something?"

    In a super sleepy, been up way too long voice, he tells me: "Nah, man, I never played this one's game. They're just... rare, you know? Gotta get it while you can."

    You're not alone, Mac.
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