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Better Late Than Never - Level Grinding

InstaTrentInstaTrent Opinion GuyRPGamer Staff
April's Level Grinding comes a bit late, but is full of heart. Heart and depressing news.

Level Grinding

If I could ask you readers some questions this week, they would be:

-What do you think is going on at Konami right now?
-Will you play Episode Duscae after it's been patched?
-Are you an Ouya owner? If so, do you still use it?
-Do you see paid mods returning in the future?
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  • smacdsmacd Full Members
    edited April 2018
  • flamethrowerflamethrower Member Full Members
    Regarding paid mods, I would say yes.
    There has to be a right way do it. Valve just has to find it. There's millions of dollars to be made for Valve and thousands to be made for would-be mod developers. That's my reasoning. Money = Motive
    So in short, I agree with Trent completely. I'm not sure what the right way is, though.

    Do you really think many RPGamers own an Ouya? I have a gaming class PC and a PS3 for console games. I'm thinking I'll not get consoles anymore until the next generation, because non-Nintendo console games tend to eventually get released on PC these days. Put another way, consoles don't have as many console exclusives anymore.

    I've never worked at a game developer and likely never will. It's hard work to create games and my job is much easier than that. I think it pays a bit less than game development too, but that's OK with me. I also don't work in business development or business management, so I don't have a very good understanding of these topics. We can only see some news and the Konami financial statements. Konami managers must have a better view of what's going on... that we will never get to see.

    I actually have something productive to add to that topic! Developer IREM exited entertainment software development to focus on gambling recently. Does that sound familiar? You can confirm this for yourself on the third paragraph of the Wikipedia article on IREM.

    I don't really care about Duscae or Final Fantasy anymore, don't own the hardware to play it on, etc.... I've nothing to say on the topic.
  • ShayminShaymin The Gratitude Pokemon Halifax, New SealandFull Members
    Konami is in full on salt-the-earth mode right now for console gaming. Their laughable attempt to run a DMCA takedown on a Youtube video explaining what's going on only proves it.

    I don't own a system that can play Episode Duscae, so no on that one.

    I do not own an Ouya, and given that they sold exactly three of them last month in the United States (source) I assume nobody else is either.
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  • ScionScion RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Konami is almost certainly leaving the industry except in the most tertiary of roles. MGS 5 will be the company's last hurrah, not that they really deserve it. Their exit from the industry is about as poorly handled as one could expect.

    I probably won't touch Duscae again, would rather approach XV fresh, but the idea for continual feedback development is a double-edged sword that I don't know if Tabata or SE is ready for.

  • TheAnimeManTheAnimeMan Member Full Members
    I said the Ouya was gonig to bomb .... and it is doing so very well *tips my glass in salute*

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  • InstaTrentInstaTrent Opinion Guy RPGamer Staff
    Shaymin wrote: »
    Konami is in full on salt-the-earth mode right now for console gaming.

    This. This is the best way anyone could have described konami's actions.

    "To tell you the truth, I like drinking tea and eating fresh vegetables, but that doesn't fit with my super-cool attitude. I guess I have to accept this about myself."
  • smacdsmacd Full Members
    edited April 2018
  • LordGolbezLordGolbez Member Full Members
    If Konami is abandoning their console game series it would be nice if they would sell off their IP. I'm sure many others would like to take a crack at some of their beloved series. But no, I'm sure they'll want to retain rights so they can make pale imitation free to play knockoffs sharing nothing but the names.
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  • Ryan RadcliffRyan Radcliff Caballero The WoodRPGamer Staff
    edited May 2015
    Man I hope Konami sells the rights for Suikoden to someone.
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  • Scott WachterScott Wachter Dread News Editor RPGamer Staff
    but think of the glorious suikoden pachinko machines.
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff

    Yes, think of them...

    (to be fair, I don't know if this one is based on the Konami series, or on the Chinese novels that inspired it, but...)
  • NyxNyx Staff Girly Girl RPGamer Staff
    Gaijin, those are the pirates and hero from Suikoden IV, so yes it's the Konami series. The characters are Hervey, Hero IV, Kika and Sigurd!
  • LordGolbezLordGolbez Member Full Members
    Well, at least they chose characters from the worst Suikoden game, so they're not ruining too much. That looks terrible though.
    The Tea and Biscuits Brigade offers you tea and biscuits.
  • OcelotOcelot is not declawed Full Members
    edited May 2015
    Ha ha, that Suikoden pachinko machine... ::sobs::

    -What do you think is going on at Konami right now?

    I think your analysis is pretty accurate, though add a healthy heaping of mobile FTP games into the mix. I'd argue that those are often gambling games themselves, considering the popularity of gacha.

    -Will you play Episode Duscae after it's been patched?

    Nah, I got what I wanted to out of it already. I think the game will be fun. I'm less optimistic about the gamer feedback part of things, though. It's true that Tabata so far seems to be taking good things from player feedback, but with the FF XIII series, Squeenix showed an uncanny ability to take player feedback and use it to seriously mangle some games.

    It's also going to be a difficult job to balance the needs of Japanese gamers vs. global gamers. This slide says some interesting things. Although all regions had feedback from the demo, a healthy chunk of Japanese gamers stopped playing because they didn't understand the goals or thought the demo was too difficult. That wasn't a problem for NA or Euro gamers. Adding difficulty levels can help with the second issue, but the first is much trickier. In general, Japanese gamers enjoy more linear, directed gameplay than we do.

    I really liked the limited open world concept from the demo. I enjoyed having some optional quests that you could just stumble upon if you could explore. I really liked the random stuff that happened, like the ships with tracking drones that would land and attack sometimes. I feel like it would be a shame if that stuff was watered down or compromised because of JP gamer preferences. On the other hand, I know there are JP gamers who are pissed because of the Westernization they see in the demo. So what should Squeenix do?

    -Are you an Ouya owner? If so, do you still use it?

    Never got it. I'm not a huge retro gamer, and I have more indie games than I could possibly find time to complete via Steam. It always felt to me like a box for homebrewers, and I'm not a homebrewer.

    -Do you see paid mods returning in the future?

    I think it'd be cool for mod creators to get paid. I'm a strong believer that people deserve to be paid for their labour, but that it's a very tricky situation due to the nature of modding. Only the very top tier of mods are a) fully functional, b) complete, c) supported post-release. Of that small percentage of mods, nearly all of them use (with permission) code from other mods. And that's looking at Skyrim, a game that officially supports modding. Now look at Dragon Age: Inquisition. Nearly all DAI mods require a modder-created manager to run properly. Or Pillars of Eternity, where there's one big mod (IEmod) that dominates and many others use or require it. Having a paid marketplace would completely devastate the mod community for both these games.

    Paid mods are a problem in all these ecosystems. If you've paid money for a mod, you want it to work fully and be supported after every patch. If there's a mod marketplace, somebody needs to curate it for abandoned or non-functional mods. Valve's usual laissez-faire attitude isn't going to cut it (and honestly isn't even cutting it for curating Steam Early Access). Modders themselves are going to have to figure out how to properly recompense each other for all the borrowing and sharing of code that currently happens and in fact is currently required for a nicely-running mod ecosystem. That particular issue is going to be a big fat mess unless a mod marketplace allows modders to sell the right to use their code in other mods.

    In short, yes, there should be a better way for the best modders to make money. BUT I don't think Valve is the proper curator for such a system. Valve hasn't shown that it wants to put in the massive effort that a successful mod marketplace will require.
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