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Greenville, South Caroline D&D: Starting a Group

Longtime gamer. Looking for a group of 30-40 yr old gamers. (26 and under sorry I'm going to say no) Serious players but down with having fun and gaming. Very committed to a organized group where everyone has vested interested and say so. I really want a group of like minded and uplifting fun players. Group needs to be respectful of the DM. DM is a tough job for our fun.

Point is to create a fun new group of people to socialize and play D&D.

We need 1-2 DM's and 3-7 players. (Open for more). I'm not a very good DM. Much better player.

Great attitude.
Couples/Individuals/ and even Orcs welcomed.
Passion for Role Playing.
Open for any world.
Committed, until end of adventure.
Sunday, afternoons from 12pm to 5pm. (Possibly, later)
Twice a month.
Bring your own beverage.
$5 for pizza.
Location will be at my house very close to downtown Greenville. 4 min from main.

House: no pets, no kids, and no smoking indoors.

Send me a message if interested.

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