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Episode 9: E3 Hype Train - Q&A Quest

WheelsWheels RPGamer StaffRPGamer Staff
This year's E3 brought many exciting moments, including a surprise Virtual Console release. That is, of course, unless you're a fan of Dragon Quest.

Episode 9: E3 Hype Train - Q&A Quest
Ask Wheels- This Week's Episode


  • WheelsWheels RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    We kind of had skype issues the whole time. Really not sure what was going on!

    No theme unless you'd like to request one.
    Ask Wheels- This Week's Episode
  • smacdsmacd Full Members
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    Oops, it's been awhile and a few episodes. Work got busy!

    I liked the SaGa episode a lot. It was quite enjoyable. In fact, y'all should do a Dragon Quest episode! That feels like there'd be some material there. Also, thanks for the Wizardry 4 explanation way back when! And now, for the questions!

    First off, what's your favorite Dragon Quest in the little semi-trilogies they have? So your favorite of 1, 2, and 3; of 4, 5, and 6; and I suppose we'll lie to ourselves and pretend 7, 8, and 9 are also a trilogy even though I don't they really are?

    Secondly, do casinos in JRPGs -- looking at you, Dragon Quest, but plenty of others too! -- work, or is it just a frustration only mildly redeemed by the ability to save scum for goodies?

    Third, let's talk music. Is the Chocobo theme or Battle on the Big Bridge the better classic FF song?
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    Casino's in DQ game are just a "bad" as the double or nothing rounds for ToX 2 (that's Tales of Xilla 2) where I can go high/low on sure thing bets and still lose.

    By Sure think bets I mean chose high when the current card for a double or nothing round is a 3 only to have a 2 show up and lose everything or chose low when the current card is a King or Ace only to have a Joker show up.

    In the hi/low double or nothing matches Jokers count as HIGH cards only so if King or Ace is the current card and you go low a Joker being flipped up as the next card means you could lose all your tokens which sucks if the previous rounds of betting added up to OVER 100,000 tokens only to lose the entire bet and end up with zero tokens.

    Slots in DQ 4 to 6 DS version or in DQ 7 and 8 aren't much better for winning (its still too random) to win over 100,000 in 1 pull.

    That's why in DQ 6 and 7 I only bothered with the Casino's PRE job classes being unlocked Post job levelings and I skipped them for the entire game.

    In Symphonia's case (PS2/PS3 version) I simply just converted 125,000 gald into the 250 chips to buy that 1 devils arm (required to fight Abyssion) since NONE of those games slots/poker in Symphonia 1 are worth playing even once.

    Tales of Vesperia/Abyss does have a casino but IMNO all the items bought via it all suck and aren't worth the +100,000 chips OR more to buy those weapons.

    Sora No Kiseki SC (ie Trails in the Sky SC) which STILL isn't out for the PSP via PSN only or on the PC isn't out yet either in english text and yes the game itself does have a worthless casino in it as well.
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