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Lessons Learned - Level Grinding

InstaTrentInstaTrent Opinion GuyRPGamer Staff
Level Grinding returns to reflect on boss design, predatory pre-order tactics, Hideo Kojima's writing style, and Notch. With the summer coming to a close, we'd also like to know what you've been playing.


If I could ask you readers some questions this week, they would be:

- How important is boss design?

- What do you make of pre-order tiering?

- Is Kojima really a bad writer?

- What are your thoughts on Notch's tweets?

OH! And please, please, please tell us what you've been playing this summer!
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  • TheAnimeManTheAnimeMan Member Full Members
    edited September 2015
    - How important is boss design?
    I think boss design is quite important, the design has to match the game you are building. Now The complaint of not being able to play Dragon Age's boss if you don't have one tank, 2 DPS, and one healer is a little odd to me as that is how I always build my parties. The only game where I didn't have one healer was FFIX where I went with both healers .... but they both could summon.

    - What do you make of pre-order tiering?
    Bad marketing

    - Is Kojima really a bad writer?
    Never really cared for his games.

    - What are your thoughts on Notch's tweets?
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  • smacdsmacd Full Members
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  • ScionScion RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    edited September 2015
    Had to read your thoughts on Kojima as I am knee deep in The Phantom Pain, but I wouldn't say his writing is good. He's a fantastic director but outside of a few key bits his writing, particularly his dialogue, has always held him back. Even his well written characters, The Boss specifically, talk too much. The hour-long cutscene at the end of MGS4 is indulgent as all hell. He's not a bad writer because he is postmodern and it really isn't postmodernism that makes him a bad writer, though I would agree he is the most prominent game director today who definitely falls under that label.

    He's a bad writer because his dialogue is generally terrible and more often than not he loses his message, whatever it may be, to extraneously long diatribes and meandering technobabble. He is one of the few directors working in games that bothers to develop characters outside of dialogue or character design, but he often undermines this by just having his characters talk too damn much. MGSV is almost the opposite this way, with Keifer Sutherland barely providing any voice over whatsoever, but the other characters talk at him more to make up for lost time. Kojima isn't a subtle man, but he has a knack for detail few others have. It's why I love him so much, but it doesn't serve to make his writing any better.
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