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Fresh Start - Level Grinding

InstaTrentInstaTrent Opinion GuyRPGamer Staff
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Level Grinding

This month's questions:

- Does the Warcraft movie look good or bad?
- Does Valve owe anything to its Steam users after its Christmas nightmare?
- How do seasonal in-game events impact your time with a game?
- Is Xenoblade Chronicles X all that you expected it to be? Do you have any problems with it?
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  • Alex FullerAlex Fuller Managing Editor RPGamer Staff
    The Steam issue: Not for every user, no. Those who had their details visible, yes, but don't think there's any substantial reason of offer others anything other than doing what it can to prevent similar things happening.

    I quite like how FFXIV handles its limited-time event stuff, it gives me something to distract me from anything that might help with actual progress and you never get much important stuff from it, usually just some vanity items. There's usually no urgency about returning just for an event, but it sometimes helps make people like Mac and 7th log in very now and then :P

    Xenoblade Chronicles X seems very much like Fallout 4 in that people can notice very similar things about it but have entirely different overall opinions, I can see both games running the full range from 3-5 depending on who is playing it.
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  • TheAnimeManTheAnimeMan Member Full Members
    Not sure of the movie, willing to watch but may not be a movie theatre experience

    That's pretty bad happening, don't know if I was affected as I almost never log into steam

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE ingame seasonl events. WoW always has them and each year has added more to it. My garrison on paprika looks like some one slapped me in the face with Winter Veil.

    Haven't started Xenoblade X yet as having a broken gamepad will be giving it a try soon

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  • OcelotOcelot is not declawed Full Members
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    - I suspect the Warcraft Movie will be in the same category as the Dungeons & Dragons movie. Maybe you and your buddies rented/streamed it one night whilst drunk, but are you going to admit that to anybody?

    - If anybody lost anything from their info being exposed on Steam, it's going to be tricky to unravel. Random strangers potentially accessed about as much personal info as they could get by digging a detailed sales receipt out of somebody's garbage. Perhaps a few people got really unlucky and their info was exposed to actual practiced identity thieves who knew what to do with it. Anybody else, well... you couldn't even sell that stuff to others. People looking to buy that kind of info are looking for huge lists, not a single name. If anybody sits on somebody else's information and uses it later, how could you prove they got your info from Steam and not from one of the many other ways your info could be compromised these days?

    That said, Valve *does* owe it to its users to communicate swiftly in cases like this, and the company really dropped the ball on this one. Valve needs to give its customer service a huge shot in the arm in general, but the company seems to have no interest in doing so, choosing instead to throw technology at the issue, like with the new refund system.

    - I like seasonal in-game events, but just the fun parts. A lot of online games think it's fun to ask people to perform grindy tasks in a short time span in order to get the "good stuff" from holiday events. That's lame. Just throw a party, give out some Santa hats, put out a silly quest that everybody can do, and don't ask people to waste time collecting 37 rare drop holly boughs for a reindeer pet.

    - Xenoblade Chronicles X is largely what I expected it to be because I was watching it closely before release. I like it more in the way that I loved the gridders I grew up on - the main characters aren't your party members, but the world and the creatures it plays host to. It really is that dungeon-crawler tradition married with MMO and open-world game design. I think there's plenty of room for this kind of game in the big ol' RPG family, though it's a little weird coming as a follow-up to Shulk's more character-driven adventure. My biggest problems with the game are the lack of tutorials and the many ways the game could have given you helpful information but refuses to (it has a HEX MAP, but does not number the HEXES, for Mira's sake!). I love it anyway.
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  • smacdsmacd Full Members
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  • ultranessultraness Member Full Members
    Xenoblade X is exactly what I thought it would be. A game that's brilliant in the areas it excels at but is weighted down by some major flaws. The only part of it that disappoints me is the music. The soundtrack is generally all right, but it's weaker than the first game's OST, and all of my least favourite tracks seem to play with the highest frequency. It's been a testament to how excellent the exploration and combat are that I've still really liked the game in spite of my annoyances with the game.
  • RealityCheckedRealityChecked Member Full Members
    Wanted to jump in to support the format, although I don't have much to contribute this time around. The closest would be the 'seasonal' question, although my slant would be more around winter/spring/summer/fall. As with added decor, it really adds to the immersion factor. Ideally, this would be the same area/town, where the colors of the leaves change, or the precipitation changes from rain to snow (the obligatory 'snow' and 'desert' areas don't count).
  • MyopicMirrorMyopicMirror Full Members
    - Does the Warcraft movie look good or bad?
    Trailer makes me cringe, as someone that's been playing WoW for almost 6 years straight, I wish they'd just stick with the story they've crafted over the past 20 years. I understand movies are different from games, but as a fan of the games, I have zero intention of watching the re-written story I already know. That said, my dad called me when he saw the trailer and is planning on watching it, so I guess it succeeded in appealing to the general audience?

    - How do seasonal in-game events impact your time with a game?
    Speaking of WoW, I believe the only month that doesn't have a seasonal event on the calendar is March and I absolutely love them. They break up the monotony of looking at the same pixels all the time and make the world feel alive. I'm not sure how I feel about them in Single player games, since it's a very different experience.

    - Is Xenoblade Chronicles X all that you expected it to be? Do you have any problems with it?
    Not quite what I hoped, only managed to clock in about 95 hours before becoming absolutely exhausted with it, I'd been looking forward to assembling an Ares 90 but by the time I could start to get serious about farming items, I just didn't care anymore. I wish the story and the post game content felt different from each other, instead of feeling like more of the same grind I'd already been doing for the whole game. Compared to the first game, it was one step forward, two steps back. The graphics and the world are beautiful and a real treat to explore from your Skell, but the overall experience was hollow and didn't hold my attention the way the first did.
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