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Recommendation for a player with carpal tunnel syndrome

yunkel98yunkel98 SelgauntFull Members
Greetings fellow rpg players. After 28 years of faithfully playing rpgs as God commanded me, I got cursed with this condition. Family says I got it because I play too much, I, of course blame my job, because we all know playing games its very healthy .

Anyway, healing will take time and I can no longer use console controllers (xbox/play station), portable consoles and keyboard or hand mouse to play. I say hand mouse because a gamer with my condition must improvise to keep playing, to keep the legacy alive, and to do it, I bought a foot mouse.

You can imagine a mouse controlled with the foot is anything but precise. not to mention comfortable, which severely limits the games I can play ok. For example I can play hearthstone and Duelyst without problems (since you only need to left click and screen does not scroll), I tried playing pillars of eternity but I failed since you need to use alot the keyboard, playing other kind of games (shooters, mobas, etc) its just impossible for me.

Thats why im here asking if you happen to know of a game (rpg or turn-based preffered), fun, easy to play (just using the mouse and maybe just f5/f9 to save/reload) than you can recommend me, it can be free, paid, online or offline.

Thanks in advance.


  • TheAnimeManTheAnimeMan Member RPGamer Staff
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    Have you looked into Surgery or getting Wrist braces to try and help correct it?

    I only ask cause I have a really good friend who is not just a gamer but a Professional Artist (or faking it as he claims and he had carpal tunnel and got Surgery for it and is now back to doing his artwork.

    I don't if that is an option for you.

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