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Medabot DS blog, for the lol(whoops)

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I found this one in BookOff for 500 yen, then discovered that it was on extra discount, so I only paid 200 yen (about 2 bucks). I figured, why not?


The opening credits give a basic history of the Medals, from their discovery in 1938 (whooo, mysterious!) to the present day of 2038, where they are pretty much ubiquitous. Except in Azuma's house, because his dad really doesn't like Medabots for some reason.

As the game opens, it really looks like Pokemon. Azuma's house is nigh-identical in floorplan to the hero's home in most Pokemon games, but that's mostly because the generic Japanese family house often looks like that, I guess. After fielding a phone call for his dad from an anonymous dude ("M Project is go" -click-), Azuma is off to the park to meet with his friends, and his cute little pet chihuahua, Marron, tags along for walkies.

All is not good at the park, though, because some bullies from a rival school show up and try to force claim on the playground for themselves. Azuma's friends not only get their butts kicked in Ro-Battle! but they also lose parts, because the bullies are very insistent on playing by traditional rules (as long as it's in their favor).

Azuma doesn't have a Medabot, and everyone knows it. He does have a chihuahua though, and the little rat-dog's possibly smarter than the rest of the cast so far. Marron runs home, forcing Azuma to follow, and once there the pup gets him to open the door to Dad's study. There is a Medal right there on the ground, despite Dad's open dislike of Medabots. Azuma's not going to let the opportunity pass him by, though, so he grabs the Medal, then his piggy bank, and runs off to the convenience store to see what he can afford. Due to Ikki the store clerk's somewhat suspicious generosity, he is barely able to purchase a Metabee body parts set.

If you've seen the anime, you can probably guess how the first battle goes. Metabee stubbornly refuses to listen to Azuma, though he does react when the boy yells at the bullies about how Medabots should be friends with their masters. What really gets Metabee going is the bullies' taunts about him being a rusty old relic. Yeah, they get curbstomped.

Right now I'm trolling the elementary school for fights, both for experience and for parts. Medabots can gain levels in multiple areas, all of which gets added together to determine their total level. Metabee gains levels in shooting, aiming, and support, for example.

After facing down three guardian characters -- Saburou, Shirou, and Ichirou -- to make it up the stairs to the roof, Azuma gets a face full of photo flashes. Ace Camera Lady Arika, sometime reporter for the local paper, has mistaken him for a kid named Kohaku who apparently took on the Robo-Robo Gang sometime in the past (prev. game reference?). In the next bit of conversation, Azuma admits that he's just borrowing Metabee from his dad (who doesn't know it yet), and Arika takes pity on him by giving him her old Sailor Multi model.


  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    So Azuma's got it into his head that if he can find and beat the local Robo-Robo Gang, his dad might let him keep Metabee. Kids, right? After canvassing the school and town, he gets emails from his friends pointing him to an abandoned factory on the edge of town.

    I can't remember much from the anime, but did the Robo-Robo guys all have food- or snack-themed names? Surume (dried squid), Salami (the sausage), Shiokara (salted fish), and Sakekasu (wine dregs, used in various foods)... These all sound like things you'd order at a pub in Japan.

    Azuma takes out Salami (mini dude with a pacifier) first, and then has a run-in with Shiokara (big dude). After beating Shio, he steals the guy's uniform, leaving him with only a pair of boxers and a really curly mop of blond hair. Then he continues on to where some other Robo-Robo guys are standing guard and informs them that there's some weirdo running around the lower levels in his underwear.

    Then he runs into Surume. Her Medabot's equipped with some new illegal parts, and Metabee gets torched in a cut scene. Azuma frantically races back to the Medal Research Lab to get help, and while Metabee is getting fixed up, he heads right back to the factory to punish Surume for hurting his friend. Of course, he can't do much against a Medabot by himself, as Metabee points out in his grand re-entrance soon after. Apparently the transport system for Medabots fixes them up almost instantaneously (which is why all battles start with full HP), but the researchers didn't tell Azuma that for reasons that might or might not have been a prank. In any case, as a way of saying sorry, they gifted him with a third Medabot medal: the Knight. Together with some parts on loan from Ikki, Azuma is able to field a Knight Armor who can defend against Surume's fire attacks.

    For the showdown with Sakekasu, Mr. Referee makes another appearance. The annoying thing on this battle was that Sakekasu's second Medabot has nothing but repair techniques.

    Ikki is nice enough to let him keep the Knight Armor equipment afterwards, as a reward for a job well done.
  • NyxNyx Staff Girly Girl RPGamer Staff
    This game sounds delightful. MEDABOTS, READY?!
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Another chapter more-or-less complete!

    So Azuma had a little heart-to-heart with his dad the next day. He wasn't sure exactly how to bring it up, but since his dad reads the local paper (and Azuma's face was on the front page) it just sort of happened. Dad seems to accept that Metabee is willing to have Azuma as a friend, at least. That message about the M Project got a reaction, though.

    The city's got a problem, as Azuma discovers soon after. Most of the citizens received an email from MedaCorp that morning, and it contained a crippling computer virus that locked up their phones, including the Medabot apps needed to access their robotic partners. Azuma is one of the few left unaffected, because his phone is simply too old to be compatible with the virus.

    There are protesters over at MedaCorp, so Azuma et Co. head over to the Medabot Research Center to see if there's been any progress in fixing it. The MRC is under lockdown, but with a bit of distraction Azuma is able to get inside and disguise himself as a lab assistant. I picked up a Sky Medal while I was there, but didn't have an extra frame to put it in. The head of the R&D department mistook Azuma for an intern, and had him battle some of the new model types as a test run. Metabee managed to smash them all, much to the R&D guy's dismay. So Azuma had to run while this guy was screaming "Robo-Robo Gang!" at the top of his lungs.

    As it turns out, there WAS a Gang member at the MRC -- Sakekasu again -- and he got away with a bag full of Medals and cell phones. Azuma and his friends followed him to the MedaLand theme park, and even the two bullies from the beginning decided to help out (or rather, to compete to see who could catch the bad guy first).

    Azuma had Sakekasu cornered in the Horror House, only he had hostages (the bully duo). Then Kohaku (the rumored hero who fought the Robo-Robo Gang in another city) showed up to do some damage. Sakekasu was okay with losing, oddly enough.

    This was because while everyone was focused on the Robo-Robo takeover of the theme park, the rest of the gang had hijacked the MedaCorp offices. Azuma managed to clear each floor of gang members, recovered the Dog and Monkey Medals, and even rescued the company president. But then he had a showdown with Sakekasu and his boss Comfit (named for a sugar candy), which ended quickly with Metabee blown to bits. Sakekasu grabbed the parts and ran, but dropped the Metal Beetle Medal without noticing. On the roof, Sakekasu and his boss escaped by UFO.

    Azuma is crushed by the loss of his friend, but as it's pointed out, the Medals are actually the "souls" of the Medabots, so all he needs is a new frame and parts set. The MRC is happy to donate one of the upgraded models that Metabee thrashed so thoroughly earlier on, and Prof. Medalman is really looking forward to seeing what the new incarnation of Metabee, now calling himself Gun-Nose or Gun for short, is capable of.
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    "Squid Guts" is actually a rough translation of a Japanese snack food, now that I think of it. And yes, they all use "robo" as a sentence ending grammar particle.

    Oh, found the GBA remakes of Medabots 2 at a used game store (or at least place-markers for them; out of stock). The Kabuto edition was quoted at 9800 yen, while Kuwagata was at 12600 yen. Q_Q That's ridiculous. Mother 3 is only 5000 yen!
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    Some late-cycle GBA titles were really limited in their release numbers, and then managed a cult following on top of that. I know quite a few that still command 4000 yen or higher on the resale market.
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    OK, time to play catch-up!


    First things first, the Medal Professor wanted Azuma and the newly re-christened (and refurbished) Gun to come in for some checks. This mainly involved battling the prof three times straight with increasingly difficult opponents. There's a complete save file on my cart with a battle history of a few hundred wins and one loss, and I'm pretty sure it was the third prof battle that caused that blemish on the record.

    Also, sometime in there he gets an email from the MedaCorp thanking him for his good work and rewarding him with a rare head unit that can create a small regeneration effect. Pairing it up with a Medal that stats in Devices (しかける) is a good idea for the bit that's about to follow.

    After all the data was in, Azuma returned home and then got a mail about the Robattle Tournament at the department store that day. Both of his friends (and both of his nemeses) were there, so after two random NPC fights he got to have a friendly battle with Chitose and a not-so-friendly battle with Sakura. Sakura and her buddy Natto are officially not speaking with Azuma after that (but we shall see how long that lasts...)

    For winning the tournament, Azuma gets the Flame Medal and his choice of a male or female Medabot template (most but not all parts in the game are gendered, FYI). I got a male template, but I probably should have gone with female because there's a guy in the park who will sell a male template for a good chunk of spare change. After the reward for the tournament and some spending money from Mom after the next bit of adventure, it's probably affordable.

    Anyhoo, Gun runs his mouth off and pretty much challenges Kohaku and his Kuwagata-type (cannot recall the exact name right now) to a battle sometime in the nearish future. But in order to have the opportunity, Azuma has to go through the online rankings system.

    Back at home, Azuma's friends introduce him to the computer program he needs (Azuma is functionally tech-illiterate; it's a running joke so far). Because he's just now joined the system, he's stuck at Rank 20 and can only challenge the person directly above him. Kohaku is Rank 1, of course. After a few bouts over the net (Ranks 19, 18, and 17 -- GET!), he receives an email from Arika, who wants him to help her with an investigation.

    Across the bay from Morokoshi City is Ninjin-jima, and something weird's going on over there. Neither Arika nor Azuma has a bike, so she gives him the Boat App. This lets him use Medabots with water-based leg parts pull him across the water (effectively the Swim HM). Once they get to Ninjin-jima, things aren't looking good. The people in town are viciously anti-robot, regularly consigning confiscated bots to the junkyard of Jagaimo Mountain. Now a girl's gone missing, and the people are up in arms and ready to go bot-hunting.

    So up the mountain Azuma goes. Along the way he meets up with his friends and frenemies, none of whom can use their Medabots right now because their phones got confiscated at the bridge. Since Arika and Azuma didn't ride in, they were able to keep theirs. He also picked up the Angel, Turtle, and Cat Medals. At the peak, he found the missing girl, Kurumi. She did not want to be found, and her small army of Medabot friends had to be fought off before she would even speak with Azuma.

    Apparently she was being bullied at school (cue Sakura and Natto being very, very hesitant to say anything for a while), and she was on the verge of going full shut-in, refusing to go to school or even to leave the house. Her mom blamed this on Kurumi's Medabot/best friend, and threw the bot away while Kurumi wasn't home. So the girl ran off to be with her bestest pal Monokeros, the WonderHorn Medabot (whom Azuma now had to fight, largely because Gun couldn't keep his big mouth shut). After that, she was FINALLY convinced to come down off the mountain and let everyone know the real reason she was missing.

    A long conversation and some rebuilt metaphorical bridges later, and the people of Ninjin-jima are slightly more accepting of Medabots now. The base of operations for the bot-hunt is going to be rededicated as a center for human-bot relations, and as a reward Azuma gets the Thunder Medal and the Bike App, which turns Gun into a four-wheeler bike. This is after Azuma hesitantly admits he doesn't know how to ride a bike.

    The next day he's in the newspaper again. The paper sends him some cash, and then Mom gives him a bit more (good time to buy that template from the guy in the park!)

    Sakura and Natto show up at his front step, which is weird to say the least. Technically they're still not talking to him, though they are planning ways to get even for beating them so regularly. But they still need to talk to him, much as they don't want to. They just got ripped off by an online store that sells interesting and rare Medabot parts, and they're pretty sure that the store is run by the Robo Robo Gang. In fact, the delivery guy is almost certainly a gang member.

    Azuma has tracked him as far as Serori Town to the north, and it looks like the mountain beyond that is a Robo Robo base. But that's for another time.


    Odd thing to note, but all the place names in this game are food-themed, too:

    Morokoshi City -- corn on the cob
    Ninjin-jima -- carrots
    Jagaimo Mountain -- potatoes
    Serori Town -- celery
    probably more, too
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Azuma & Co. made their way up the mountain, only to come to a dead-end at the cemetery. Along the way, there was a Medabot trainer working with his bots, and he gave up a Ninja Medal if Azuma could beat him. Strangely enough, the ability balance on that medal does not jive well with the Nin-Ninja robot parts.

    No one can find any Robo Robo activity in the area, and they return home unsatisfied. That night, Azuma accidentally activates the Medabot Transfer System on his phone, and gets the living daylights scared out of him when Gun appears. Realizing that the local stories of a ghost could well be a Medabot, Azuma calls his friends the next day and they check out the cemetery again. This time, he finds a switch that reveals the (really obvious) secret door. Sakura and Natto run ahead, eager to get their money back on those dud parts, but Azuma goes back to town to try and get the guys at Select Security to come help.

    Unfortunately, the only person at the Select base is a first-day recruit who has no idea who the Robo Robo Gang is, and Azuma's explanation fails to mention any of the serious recent events. In the meantime, his friends Chitose and Taruto get themselves kidnapped.

    Rushing into the caves, Azuma gets surprised by an earthquake, but a Robo guy gets spooked out of hiding as well. One fight later, and Azuma has the Tank App, which lets him break rocks. Yay. A short trip through the cave later, and he's at the Robo Base. Chitose and Taruto are locked in a cell up front, but Sakura and Natto are nowhere to be seen. A few fights later, and he's got the jail key, and once Shiokara and Salami are taken care of they even get everyone's phones back (so everyone can robattle). There's also a new template in a closet, so Azuma can field seven different bots now.

    In the back area of the base, Sakura and Natto are waiting. They're still so focused on beating Azuma, despite all that's happened, that they accepted an offer from the Robo Robo Gang as well as some new (and nasty) bot parts.

    Natto's team looks easy to beat at first. Two Totalizers and a Multikolor, all equipped with laser-type weapons, which are notoriously difficult to hit with. At first glance, the only real problem is the Multikolor's head-part ability, which forces the next enemy attack to miss, and even that is easy to bypass with traps. In fact, the Shoot Trap skill rocked on this battle, because trap powers stack the more you use them, and this team had no means of hitting me that did not set the trap off. Rockflower-Z did nothing but set traps the entire battle, and the enemy ended up taking 100-plus damage every time they tried to shoot. And yet Azuma almost didn't make it for one reason: the Ragna 6 left-arm piece, with the Destroy attack. If this hits a Medabot as it's moving back to the command line in battle (i.e., hit from behind), then the targeted part is instantly reduced to 0. If it's aiming for the head, that means a 1HKO.

    Compared to that, Sakura's new parts were easier to deal with. The Queen Vespa weapons only reduce a part's HP by 75% of current, and she didn't even use them that much. The harder part was the pair of Gorem-2 bots with overlapping defensive moves that interdicted missile and laser attacks for much of the battle. All the attacks were melee or throwing, so the trap strategy doesn't work here either.

    Once he's beaten them, Azuma really rips them one verbally, then takes the Ragna 6 and Queen Vespa arms off of them. They turned out to be pretty useful against Surume and Sakekasu, who attacked soon after.

    For a bit of comedic relief, ace camera lady Arika shows up to take pictures of the base, the treacherous teens, and of course the bad guys: "Hey, you! Scowl for the camera! Aw, c'mon! Can't you look more villainous than that?"

    Finally, the big boss Comfit showed up. But... he's a Medabot? Not only that, but he claims to be an old acquaintance of Medabee/Gun, whom he calls Kaskara Sora. Gun has no idea what he's talking about, which only leads to a brief mention of the possibility of memory erasure.

    Then Kohaku arrives (Arika called him in) and we get one more surprise. Comfit formerly belonged to Kohaku, but something happened. Kohaku isn't willing to talk about it, and Comfit takes the opportunity to escape. Bummer. Still, they managed to shut down the illegal parts ring and bring some of the Robo Robo Gang to justice, so Go Team!
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    The next day, a strangely contrite Sakura and Natto show up at Azuma's house. Strangely, because despite their words they sure don't act like it. In fact, they've unilaterally named Azuma as the new leader of their gang (no matter how he feels about it) and go out of their way to make sure "their" leader is going places -- and not coincidentally getting them there, too.

    They talk Azuma up into really considering trying for the Medalympics, which will be coming up soon. In order to join, he'll need to be at least in second place on the local Medalink rankings, and they're willing to stand in his room and cheer him on for as long as it takes to get there. Seriously, I had him leave the house and grind for parts and Medal levels for a couple hours to raise up my B-team, and those two never left.

    Once Azuma does get to second place, they push him out of the way and quickly fill out the forms necessary to get him into the Medalympics -- again, without consulting him at all. While he's puzzling this out, they make their leave, suspiciously happy. Then Arika calls to tell him she's got tickets to the Medaball game that afternoon.

    Everyone's invited, in fact. Chitose, Taruto, Sakura, Natto, Arika, Nae and the MedaProf -- but not Gun, because Arika could only get eight tickets. Gun isn't too happy about having to stay in stasis. The reason for all this is because Azuma's self-proclaimed managers -- Sakura and Natto -- are having a field day getting free stuff for "their" future Medalympic champion.

    After some argumentative banter, Azuma gets to prove his Medaball cred by answering some really simple questions from Nae, and a little while later gets drafted to get snacks for everyone. While he's in line, this suspicious looking dude cuts in line. What a mean, petty thing to do... the guy must be a Robo Robo. It's Shiokara, in fact! He's there to steal all the Medals out of the Medaball players, and for a wonder he actually succeeds. Azuma and Gun chase him down and take all the Medals back, though. He also drops a chip containing a new app, the Sky App. Now Azuma can fly between locations!
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    OK, it's been a little while, so I have some catching up to do. Previously, I forgot to mention that thanks to the Break (Tank) App, I was able to retrieve the Hunter Medal in the forest and the Ninja Medal from up on Jagaimo Mountain.

    First off, Shiokara let something slip during his little showdown at the Medaball stadium in Basil City. Or rather, he had one of those moments where the comic relief says something like "And I'm definitely not gonna tell you that my boss is hiding in the nearby Kaiware (Sprouts) Tower." He's smart enough to be really embarrassed soon after.

    The next day, Azuma is late to the party as usual. He and his friends had agreed to meet at Sprouts Tower at 10:30 to confront the Robo-Robo Gang, and he overslept. When he gets there, Sakura and Natto have gone on ahead, again as usual.

    Sprouts Tower is eight floors of stairway maze, with many boxes containing parts, money, runaway medals, and occasionally Robo Robo guys. There's also a hidden staircase on the fourth floor that leads to a secret room on the third, where one can find the King Medal. Also, all four of the Robo Robo leaders get whupped, but that goes without saying.

    At the very top is Comfit, and it's time to fight! He's got nothing but shooting moves, so Shot Traps and the Mirror Shield skill work really well. When that's done, Kohaku rushes in, and we get some backstory.

    Apparently Kohaku's dad worked for CIMA, the Central Intelligence Medabot Agency, and Comfit was dad's Aurora-model Medabot. There was some sort of accident in low-earth orbit, and dad was killed, but Comfit survived. Kohaku's mom wasn't happy to have him around because of all the memories, so when a man came by to take the Medabot off her hands, she was willing to be talked into it. Everything that Comfit remembers about being abandoned and hated is a lie, because this shadowy man reformatted his memory and overwrote a lot of allegiances in the bot's core programming.

    The MedaProf chooses that moment to arrive and expound a bit, saying that he knows who it must have been... and the villain is still in this very room, hiding in the back.

    Laughing, Dr. Armond appears from the shadows.

    Despite having been confronted with the truth, Comfit's programming won't let him not defend Armond, so there's another battle without a chance to save. This was the big sticking point for me here. Comfit's got most of his parts swapped out, and isn't nearly as easy to trap with Shot Trap or Mirror Shield. In fact, the two bots he was with regularly took out my Pretty Prime before she had a chance to use Mirror Shield at all (or just hit her with melee attacks to get around it). On my... eighth (?) try, I'd finally gotten the strategy worked out right, having proven that the support bots will stick to their Napalm side-arms if you set enough Fight Traps, and I managed to intercept two Missile attacks from Comfit with Mirror Shield, which successfully KO'd him. FINALLY.

    Climactic scene time! The power of love prevails, as Kohaku's tears actually short-circuit the overrides in Comfit's Medal circuits, and his memory is partially restored. Dr. Armond does his best Dr. Wily impression, flying off in a rocket chair. Everyone else is safe; Sakura and Natto never made it past the lobby. And as the scene fades to black, Kohaku and Comfit finally work things out and promise to be best friends forever, following Azuma and Gun's example. A little saccharine, but it's shonen manga.

    Of course, things don't end there. This game is pretty much a full season of the anime, equivalently, and there's more to do. We move right on to the Medalympics from here. The first round bouts include Azuma vs. the German competitor Kuchen, and Kohaku vs. the red-haired American bombshell, Apple. Yes, the food names continue. Azuma's next opponent (for the next time I play) is going to be the British meda-prodigy, Scone.
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    At least they don't penalize for not destroying everything in this game, since there are no experience points. The level-up system is almost SaGa-ish in the way it works, as the only things that go up are the skill levels attached to the medal, and those increase with use.

    So if the medal has Defend, Heal, and Shoot as its three skills, then the Medabot levels up by exercising those three skills, and the aggregate is its official level. Defensive skills can level up upon activation, and also for each time they get used during the defensive period.
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Yeah, it looks like they changed a lot with the advent of the DS generation. Now, each part has its own set of stats that help to determine things like dodge and defense rates (and more often than not, it's the base/legs that deflect most of the damage). Shoot and Aim skills will target specific parts, though the target appears to be set based on criteria specific to the part and the medal of the bot using it. Punch and Grapple skills don't show their likely targets, but are more likely to have added effects like flame, acid, freeze, or shock.

    I haven't noticed any real difference in the block/dodge rates for parts as I use them, though it's pretty obvious that laser/beam attacks have much lower accuracy rates. Missile/Napalm attacks have 100% accuracy, unless something else gets in the way (SevenColors' guaranteed evasion skill, for example). On the other hand, the Help skills (specifically Target Radar and Stealth) have a major influence on this sort of thing. Several of the MF skills mess with defenses as well.

    For this game, the first MedaForce skill is unlocked at medal level 20, and then the second comes at 50. Some have been more useful than others, though to be honest I've only got six medals past the 20-level mark right now, and four of those are up to the 50-level mark (one of them very recently).
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    So at the moment I have eight bots. The latest template was gained right before the start of the Medalympics, though I forgot to mention it above. That night, Azuma gets emails from Tart, Sakura, Chitose, and Kurumi (the girl on Ninjin-jima) asking if he can meet them. You have to choose one, as Azuma is too inept at technology to even manage a reply email asking if they could meet him altogether. I went with Kurumi because I think they make a cute couple (though I doubt that sort of thing is even an option in this game). For my troubles, I got another female template and the LegendHorn parts (which are male, so it's not the most helpful of combinations).

    My A-team is usually Gun, Sailor Multi, and either Armor Knight or Stoneflower Z (just the head, with Shot Trap and a freeze attack), depending on if I want to focus on defending or sapping. Stoneflower sometimes gets put together with some of the benchwarmers if I need a strategy based entirely on Shot Traps. My B-team is very counter-oriented, with a Spenag-Menog (just the head, with a flamethrower part and a Fight Trap part), a ShootSpider (Fight Trap head part, plus Stealth and a melee attack), and either a Basstroyer for shooting offense or a Pretty Prime for shooting defense (she also has Donor, and her MF is a healing effect as well). The eighth bot is currently a Pure Mermaid, but that may change.


    On to the Medalympics! Scone is an in-depth researcher, and well before the fight starts, Azuma hears how the kid's been angling for info. According to Arika, his lack of experience is a good thing, because Scone doesn't have a lot of official data to go by. Unfortunately, Sakura and Natto are willing to sell the straight dope on Azuma in exchange for good parts. They DO feel bad about it afterwards, so I guess there's some hope for them...

    Anyhoo, Scone predicts his own victory with the odds 100 to 1 against Azuma. His only reaction is, "Well at least I still stand a chance." I feel pretty good about mopping the floor with the smug Brit after that. The kid was fielding a Baron Castle and two Armor Knights, but the Knights only defense part was their head units, which is generally a bad idea unless you want to sacrifice them. Between Gun's blasts, a heavily layered Shot Trap defense, and Pretty Prime's Mirror Guard, he went down hard.

    The next opponent is from Russia, Vareniki (which is also a sort of pierogi). He's an adult Robattler, and an instructor at the National Academy of Medarobotics. He's also interested in seeing what this young prodigy before him can do, and refers to this semifinal as a test. I will admit that it took me two tries to beat him. He's got two Gigaphants protecting an Attack-Tyranno. Hitting the 'phants with Spenag's Double-Seal attack will keep them from blocking everything, but it leaves them with only a ton of missile attacks as an option.

    For the second attempt, I had Spenag, ShootSpider, and Basstroyer. One use of Stealth was enough to help avoid most of Attack-Tyranno's hits, and I just piled up the Fight Traps while Basstroyer did attacks of opportunity as the 'phants ended their defensive phases. I am not ashamed to say I won this one on points, rather than successfully KOing the leader.

    (Dunno if it was like this in previous games, but this one's got a 90-second timer on battles. They generally take much longer because animations aren't counted, but if the time does run out, then the battle is decided on total damage done.)

    After the semi-finals, the Medalympics ended for the day. The big show will be tomorrow, between Azuma and Kohaku (like it would be anyone else).

    On the news that night, there's a breaking report about a mysterious caped assailant who kidnapped some local students. Cue call from Sakura, asking for Azuma to come help. From the description, he's sure that it's a Robo-Robo guy but... once he gets to the boss room of the factory (the first Robo lair), he finds that it's actually Apple's sister, Raspberry, who is seeking revenge on the Japanese battler who trounced the American competitor so handily. She figured that someone like Kohaku has to be a big deal with the local kids, so she grabbed a few (Sakura and Natto) and demanded that they call their leader to come see her. So they did. She's not too happy to see Azuma until she realizes that he's the one who's going to fight Kohaku tomorrow. This leads to a challenge for the right to be in the Medalympic final round, and Mr. Referee even shows up to confirm the stakes.

    Raspberry's got a Pretty Prime as her leader and two different Ragna6 models, the RF and LF. Both of the Ragna6 have the Assassin melee attack, which ignores defenses and always criticals. The RF also has the Destroy ability. Again, a strategy of Fight Traps worked very well here, plus fielding my own Pretty Prime so that her Mirror Guard could dissuade the other team from trying Destroy too often.
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    The Medalympic finals are done! Kohaku fielded an Aurora (Comfit), a Sanjuro (Kuwagata upgrade), and a Stoneflower Z as the leader. There were some annoying details on this one. Sanjuro's head part ability is Head Trap, which strongly limited my strategy. I still got some use out of Pretty Prime's Mirror Guard, taking out most of Aurora's arsenal, but it resulted in a lot of hurt for her. Spenag's Double-Seal was straight out, and not really useful because none of the enemy had defense skills, but his Fight Traps helped bring Sanjuro down.

    Stoneflower itself had no attack parts, so I couldn't catch it with traps. More annoyingly, it had the leg parts from a Thirteen, and one of the attributes of both multi-leg and tank bottoms seems to be that they can travel backwards to the start point, thus avoiding all attempts to hit them with Destroy. I technically won this battle on points, too, but by the time the clock ran out Kohaku had nothing to attack me with anyway.

    For winning the Medalympics, Azuma gets a 300,000 yen purse and two tickets to the Moon. After various conversations with other characters, it's revealed that he gave the tickets to Kohaku and his mom so the two of them could say goodbye to Kohaku's dad properly.

    Afterwards, Azuma and Gun are at the top of Sprout Tower when he gets a phone call. A little while later, Kurumi shows up. Apparently that choice event right before the Medalympics did have some lasting effects on the storyline. They do make a cute couple, at least, though they probably would have preferred that Arika not arrive with cameras flashing right in the middle of their first kiss. (Gun tipped her off, much to Azuma's annoyance).

    And as Azuma chases after Arika, the credits roll.

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    I may have just located a copy of Medabot Navi (GBA) at the same local bookstore, for a significantly higher price than Medabot DS >_>
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    Might as well outline some of the post-game content.

    First, a lot of houses throughout the game are suddenly unlocked (though some remain impossible to enter). There's mostly no reason to go in any of them except to talk with NPCs, but there are a few notable exceptions. In Medal City, there:s a lift that you can take to a lower level storeroom that's been locked so far, but now you can get in and find the Stealth Medal.

    Also, certain levels that got blocked off after completion are now open again, so it's possible to go grab the Doctor Medal from the MedaLand house of horrors (now that you have the Boat App), as well as the Mermaid Medal from the basement of MedaCorp and the Rex Medal from the abandoned factory. I'm not sure if those are actually post-game, or if I just missed them completely the first time...

    One of the now-accessible buildings in Medal City is the dev room, with most of the staff of Rocket Company ready to give the toughest robattles in the game. I've... not done well against them so far, but at least one of them is offering a Medal if I can beat him.

    Taruto is sitting in the park on Ninjin-Jima, and will give you the Bulldozer App if you beat him. The only use I've found for this so far is to push aside a pile of junk in the factory to reveal a button for access to a secret side area.

    At the top of Jagaimo Mountain Azuma can have a robattle with Kurumi's stray bot friends. She's happy to see everyone enjoying their time together, and gives Azuma his first Medallia. These are little gem add-ons to Medals that bequeath various boosts. I have no idea why it took so long to introduce this aspect of the game, but it does explain some oddities with the Dr. Armond battle and some post-game fights, where the enemy is able to use a MedaForce skill right out the gate. Those bots must have had a special Medallia equipped.

    I've found eight of the gems so far, just by walking all over. Azuma picks them up automatically if he comes across one. There's supposed to be an app to help find Medallia and Medal fragments, but I've yet to find it. I did manage to get the Sound App that lets me change the BGM around.

    Lastly, the other Medalympians are hanging around for a while before returning to their home countries. Assuming that everyone on the tournament bracket is still here somewhere, then I've found half of them (not counting Azuma or Kohaku)

    1- Apple, American, at MedaLand with her sister Raspberry. Has the Black Beetle parts. Both sisters have Ragna6 LF/RF.
    2- Ma-chan, Chinese, in Medal City. Has the Moon Dragon parts
    3- Bolen, Dutch, on the beach of Ninjin-jima. Has the remaining Queen Vespa parts
    4- (can't recall), Indian, on the peak of Jagaimo Mountain. Has Gigaphant and the remaining Berserker part
    5- Brulee, French, admiring the flowers in Celery Village. Can't recall if she has anything interesting
    6- Vareniki, Russian, hanging out on the roof of Morokoshi Elementary School. Same team as before
    7- Kuchen, German, admiring the shrine north of Basil City.

    Haven't seen Scone or the other six foreign participants, whoever they might be. Kohaku is interning at MedaCorp right now, though.
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    Since the review is now up, I might as well finish up with this section.

    I located Scone in the Medabot Research Center, when I went back there. Previously, the MRC wasn't open, but apparently there's a flag in there when Kurumi first gives you a Medallia. If you talk to Nae in the MRC, she'll give you the app for locating Medallia and Medal pieces.

    After scouring almost every single screen in the game, I've located the Queen, Rocket, Devil, and Star Medals. All I need are the last bits of those last two, which have to be in the Sprout Tower because I've run out of places to look. I might get back to that eventually.

    Also, the guy in the bear suit in the Dev Room will give a Magician Medal if (IF!) you can beat him.

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