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Dragon Quest Builders Was Great! (But it's not an RPG.)

TheLegendaryZoltanTheLegendaryZoltan Releaser of Heavy MetalFull Members
Have you played it? I really enjoyed it. I got the platinum Trophy. I love how it's like Minecraft but it specializes in buildings, so no matter what kind of building you make, it will look good. I could enjoy the super basic Ys/Minecraft/most action RPGs combat system where you just whack dudes. The writing is EXCELLENT. My god! I just wish it was all connected. Each level is it's own separate save file. I wish you could build up the first town and then make a very long and difficult journey to the next town to build that one up and keep what you can bring with you. At the very least, after an area has been restored to the light, I wish they'd let you build bridges to the other islands. I also wish it was actually an RPG. You don't level up but your base does. That sounds fine but leveling up your base doesn't do anything. I would like to see your character increase in stats and abilities as your base levels up. Most of the rooms you make affect your residents more than they affect you. For example, if you build an inn, your residents get +10%HP BUT NOT YOU! All-in-all, it feels really good to build stuff and explore. I'm hopeful for a sequel.

The Legendary Zoltan
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