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As for the the Qs - Active Topical Banter

Scott WachterScott Wachter Dread News EditorRPGamer Staff
No year-end navel gazing here. Just coasting the through the season on some user-submitted content.

does what you want it to, after a few tries

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Talking Points:
-I want to know what game genres, or even game/game series, you like outside of RPG genres. -flamethrower
-Are mobas rpgs? -budai
-What is the most complex jrpg battle system you have played? -budai
-Other than Joe Abercrombie that Sam mentioned, which book or book series would be your personal choice to become a video game. -budai
-How will we handle not just 1, but 2 Yakuza games released in the same year? -jscarpe
-Modern Tokyo and generic fantasy have been done to death, so whats a setting for a game you would like to see someone try? -jscarpe
-What game are you most annoyed about not playing/finishing and slipping into the backlog this year? -jscarpe
-Are there any RPG sub-genres not being served at this point, and if not is that a sign of a bubble in the industry that's going to burst? -jscape
-What game had the most "Sod off, 2016" moment of the year? -Donald Mick

Next time: something about the future in relation to prior trends.


  • Winter9Winter9 NorwayFull Members
    Hi guys.

    Sorry for the silence except for twitter the last months. Still as avid a listener, still listening to every episode at least three times since they are just that entertaining lol.

    I missed the question episode :( I still haven't gotten Sam to tell me which Atelier game (available on Vita) is the best starting point (not midtrilogy). So just in case my twitter question hasn't been seen I wish Sam would go on a rant why I should play Atelier and what game I should start with since I'm completely lost. After all you guys got me into Persona and my beloved Vita. It's only fair and square to get me into Atelier too ;)

    I wish you guys a happy new year full of great gaming and reading experiences!

    I myself is soon wrapping up my first book and playing FFIV on my Vita. I'm looking forward to FFXV (yes, that game), The Last Guardian, getting more into Persona. Hopefully play my first Trails and Atelier game. And continue beating down my backlog. (Even though it is only growing ).

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