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Upgrade This - Active Topical Banter

Scott WachterScott Wachter Dread News EditorRPGamer Staff
We stand at the cusp of having to buy new consoles (maybe) to get the most of "core gamer lifestyle." But is that worth anything?

Hear it
Learn it
Get it
Sub it
Feed it
Support it (and get to try a game)

-Fun fact; the super fx chip counts
-Slim vs uber-peripherals
-Consumer advocacy/doomsaying
-Console generations are longer than ever
-A good example - totally the sega cd, totally
-Objection relevance?

Next time: Nintendo has always been doomed


  • Winter9Winter9 NorwayFull Members
    So I'm seriously late to comment apparently, but better almost too late than too late :P

    What I feel for the consoles and home consoles more than for handhelds are there's just too quickly. I don't want a new better Ps4 when I only have three or four games on it yet. I want to enjoy
    It and for good games to come out rather than the new, slim, pro..

    Handhelds though.. my soft spot. .. oh and the colors! *sigh*

    Did my review just get up now?! Itunes.. stupid I can't just write a review that anyone will actually see..

    Thank you Sam! I'm looking forward to when I have the money to buy it and finally playing my first Atelier. Also love following the books you read. You might end up filling my tbr even more ;)

    That's quite a trackrecord for firsts this podcast has made me do.. buying a Vita, playing my first Persona, counting all the FF XIII through over 20 episodes, wanting to play Atelier...

    Love you guys, have fun tonight!:)

    Ps. Trent: I was soooo close (I think) .. and then I died.. seriously I need to beat Setsuna now so I can know how this ends..
  • NyxNyx Staff Girly Girl RPGamer Staff
    You are so welcome! I find it's an interesting series to really sink your teeth into, and I find it to be addictive once I get started. You'll have to let me know how your experience with whichever one you choose goes!

    And I am sorry for all the book porn. I am super glad though to be helping you fill out your TBR and I like seeing what you've been reading as well. You'll have to let me know when you finish All the Light We Cannot See because OMG.

    Thank you for being such a great commenter and listener. We super appreciate it!
  • Winter9Winter9 NorwayFull Members
    I'm always hoping they will go on sale, but so far nope. Right now I can't buy it, but I'm hoping I can at least soon! It seems something you can get addicted to sort of the way it can be with Harvest Moon etc.

    Oh I will!! It's on my green room shelf right now, it's the shelf I use for books that I have begun and need to put on hold. Right now it's #becausedragonsRAT so as soon as that ends and I finish my fantasy kindle read I'm diving in again! I have a personal challenge to read all Pulitzer winners (among a bunch other challenges) and this is one them. It is probably a winner for a reason ^^

    You're welcome and it is my favorite podcast out there so. It's something I can put on and know I will smile and laugh and it makes me exited to play those games so hence the three, four and sometimes much more listens .. (like the Vita episode).

    Exited to hear what you guys feel about Nintendo. Of course I'm on the complete opposite end of the spectrum than you. I love the Nostalgia and except Zelda and Mario I don't need new, I just want all the Virtual Console stuff on a handheld.. Yes, I'm the girl who bought New 3DS for Super Nintendo games.. ^^ and Xenoblade. At the same time I know most don't have that need for old games or they played them all earlier and want new. I grew up wanting the games, but not having them so most of my plays are firsts..
  • Winter9Winter9 NorwayFull Members
    Ps. Would it kill them to give me FFVI on N3DS?
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