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Poll - Winning Completion

Mike MoehnkeMike Moehnke Code: KirinAdministrators
On which of these popular platforms have you beaten the most RPGs?
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  • watcherwatcher Veteran RPGamer Full Members
    PS1/PS2 probably. After that, a lot of them got stupidly long and I had to be an adult, meaning less game time.
  • 7thCircle7thCircle Proofer of the Realm RPGamer Staff
    edited June 2017
    From my viewpoint, this poll is more like:
    Do you play PC games?
    No - 96%
    Yes - 4%

    I know this is primarily a console audience, but I didn't expect it to be that skewed. I'm in the 4%. I've been beating PC RPGs since the '90s, so there's no way one console would have more RPGs I've beaten on it.

    If PC wasn't in the list, I'd have gone with the PS2. There were so many RPGs on that console, especially late in the generation when the Xbox and Gamecube were getting nothing, and the Wii got nothing at the start. This also coincided with when I first had the time and money to play any game I wanted. For the next generation, I preferred the 360 controller to the dualshock and bought games on it when I had a choice, so I was split between two systems. Although I play plenty of handheld titles, I don't think any one system got close to the PS2 for me.
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  • Alex FullerAlex Fuller Managing Editor RPGamer Staff
    I do play PC games but I don't really like playing RPGs on PC, I have completed a fair share on it but most of those are smaller indie ones rather than more traditional cRPGs.

    Part of that might be regional, the games I do like playing on PC (management/strategy/simulation) seem to generally be a lot more popular in Europe than America.
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  • PanzerAzelSaturnPanzerAzelSaturn New Member Full Members
    As a person who has played PC games since the 80's I disagree that that would mean that I completed the most RPG's on PC. I have beaten over 40 RPG's on PS1 alone. Three of my top 10 RPG's are PC games (Betrayal at Krondor, Morrowind (which I actually played on Xbox), and Fallout), but for the most part I don't care for the popular styles of RPG's typically found on PC (Diablo style, Baldur's Gate/real time with pause style, or first person skill based stuff.) I have started quite a few PC games and never finished them because I got bored (BG, Icewind Dale, NWN, Fallout 2, Planescape, Gold Box games, Oblivion, etc.) I have completed and really enjoyed a few newer, independent titles like Undertale, Lords of Xulima, The Banner Saga, and Last Dream just to name a few off the top of my head. Mostly I use my PC to play strategy games like Age of Wonders series and Impressions city builders and such. I would definitely say as far as total time goes I have played PC many times more than any individual console, but RPG's are not my chosen PC genre in general and I often don't complete the games I start because I don't find them as compelling as console games (with exceptions obviously). Counting just my PS2 games, I have 85 RPG's on that system. I haven't played them all, nor do I own all of the PS2 RPG's. With that many available for one console, it's easy to see how a system like PS2 could compete with the lifetime library on PC.
  • Mike MoehnkeMike Moehnke Code: Kirin Administrators
    Time for some ... rather interesting results, actually.

    PS3 605 17.67%
    PS2 572 16.71%
    Vita 562 16.42%
    PS1 556 16.24%
    PSP 331 9.67%
    PS4 318 9.29%
    SNES 295 8.62%
    PC 104 3.04%
    3DS 57 1.67%
    GBA 23 0.67%
    Total Votes 3423
    It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it ... sort of interesting.
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