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Ever Oasis - Review

Mike MoehnkeMike Moehnke Code: KirinAdministrators
In a world where Chaos strives to overcome all life, a plucky water spirit and a wind champion nurture a fragile oasis. This setting might seem an improbable place for toy enthusiasts, but one is nevertheless here.
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  • OtterFaceOtterFace Loserface Loserface Loserface sockpuppet theatreFull Members
    I'll probably give this one a skip, despite the decent average score. If combat sucks, nothing else really matters.
  • Cassandra RamosCassandra Ramos Eternal Kyoshi Administrators
    edited August 2017
    The combat didn't give me much in the way of trouble. The camera could have been better, sure, but I thought the battle system, was still decent.

    Even so, my thoughts echo Jumes' and I would give Ever Oasis a similar score.
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  • AeramisAeramis Behind You!!!Full Members
    I still think this is a terrible title. Instead of Ever Oasis it should be called Eternal Oasis. Sounds better. I swear, Japanese titles are just being thrown together without thought.
  • Anna Marie PrivitereAnna Marie Privitere Purr RPGamer Staff
    I really enjoyed Ever Oasis, but I found myself nodding along to nearly every praise and criticism. It's definitely not a bad game by any stretch, but your enjoyment will definitely hinge on whether you loathe, tolerate, or love the combat (I actually found it fun personally). I'd recommend it, but YMMV.
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