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Demon Gaze II Highlights Its Systems

Alex FullerAlex Fuller Managing EditorRPGamer Staff
Demon Gaze II is less than a month away from release. NIS America has a new trailer showing how players can get the most out of the demonic party members.

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  • starmandeluxestarmandeluxe USAFull Members
    Anyone have any idea the level of fan service in this one? I liked the gameplay of the original, but every second not in the dungeon was plain embarrassing.
  • Michael BakerMichael Baker RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Can't speak from personal experience, but...

    While Kadokawa isn't specifically known for fan service, some of its dev teams aren't afraid to use it heavily, and it sounds like Demon Gaze had (in)decent levels of it. That's already a red flag, since such series prefer to pander to pre-existing fan bases.

    Second, it's a Vita title, and that handheld gets the preponderance of fan service titles already. The 3DS has some stand-out counterexamples (including a few shared with the Vita), but it's Sony's handheld that really has the reputation and, again, the fan base to keep that status quo going.

    In Magic 8-Ball terms, the answer is "Outlook not so good."
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