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RPGamer's 2017 Holiday Gift Guide

NekobasuNekobasu RPGamer StaffRPGamer Staff
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Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, RPGamer Wednesday. Yeah, that sounds about right! Pile aboard the gift train to Present Town for the team's holiday gift tips and tricks.

Two tickets to Present Town, please!


  • ShayminShaymin The Gratitude Pokemon Halifax, New SealandFull Members
    If you're just looking for the music (or are fiendishly cheap), I believe every Pokemon game OST between Ruby/Sapphire and Sun/Moon is on iTunes for $9.99.

    But maybe that's just my bias showing due to being required to move with the swiftness in recent years.
    "The flowers all over its body burst into bloom if it is lovingly hugged and senses gratitude."
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