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Ni no Kuni II Tours Goldpaw

Alex FullerAlex Fuller Managing EditorRPGamer Staff
Ni no Kuni II introduces the city of Goldpaw, where dice-rolling determines everything. In addition to a brief tour trailer, the PlayStation Underground show spent a significant amount of time there.

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  • Adriaan den OudenAdriaan den Ouden Δ Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground RPGamer Staff
    The first Ni No Kuni had its issues, but I am ridiculously stoked for this sequel.

    Look at the detail in this art. First video, around 30 seconds, look at the stained glass windows on the right and the way the light passes through. You can see the mottling, you can see the shapes of whatever's inside, it's incredible.
    Maybe I'll log out and check my e-mail or something...
  • SlayerSlayer Member Full Members
    3 words for you:
    Ding. Dong. Dell.
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