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Heads-Up Notice to Existing Forum Users Regarding the New Site

Alex FullerAlex Fuller Managing EditorRPGamer Staff
Hi all,

As we steadily approach the launch of our new website I wanted to ensure that we give all current RPGamer forumers about the changes that are coming now that we have figured how the new commenting system and single sign-on process works between the new website and the forums. I appreciate that this might not be the ideal solution for many of you, but the way it works means that it is not really feasible for us to try and transfer all of the forum logins to the new site. Please note that certain parts below may be subject to change based on our final testing, if so I will announce any changes in the thread. These instructions will also be posted on the new site when it launches.

With the change to our official site we changing how we go about commenting. We will no longer be creating threads on our official forums and instead encourage our readers to comment directly on the articles, for which you will need to sign up for a subscriber account. However, the forums will remain and we hope become more focused on our reader-driven projects like the Completed Games list and deeper discussions such as about specific games or topics. We have made it so any accounts created on the site will allow users to post in the forums, but this does mean that existing forum users will need to sign up for an account on the main site before they resume posting on the forums. Please note that you will not be able to sign up for an RPGamer account without a valid e-mail address as there is an account activation process before you can login.

If you are an existing forum user and sign up for an RPGamer account with the same e-mail as your forum account it will automatically link the forum account to your new RPGamer account when you next sign into the forums (select the "Sign in with RPGamer" option, please note that all login options on the forums will subsequently redirect to the new RPGamer site login).

If you sign up with the same username as an existing forum account but a different e-mail address, however, then you will either need to enter the existing forum password when you sign into the forums to connect the two accounts, or you will need to select a different username to go by on the forums. In addition to being able to comment on articles and post in the forums, users will be able to curate their own public profiles and bios on the new RPGamer website.

It is quite likely that we will also use the opportunity the clean up the forums a bit (i.e. removing categories that are no longer used/needed) but this will likely come shortly after launch once we have seen if there is any uptick that results from the site launch.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask. We do not have a final date for the new site launch yet, but baring any further issues it is currently expected in early-mid April.

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