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Sega Announces Shenmue Remasters, New Sakura Wars

Alex FullerAlex Fuller Managing EditorRPGamer Staff
Fans looking to remind themselves of the events of the first Shenmue games will have the ideal opportunity later this year. In addition, a tactical RPG series is being revived and Sega is providing a couple of new ways to play some classic titles, at least in Japan.

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  • Joshua CarpenterJoshua Carpenter RPGamer Staff RPGamer Staff
    Yay Skaura Taisen!!!!! Sega claims this is a proper continuation of the series so I hope that means an actual console game and not low-effort mobile gacha crap. It's such a wonderfully bizarre series, I hope it gets a good chance to succeed in the west this time.
  • DarkRPGMasterDarkRPGMaster A Witness to Destruction Moderators
    These two announcements made me scream like a giddy schoolgirl yesterday. The hype is real, and here's hoping Sakura Wars comes back west again, I loved So Long, My Love.
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  • SlayerSlayer Member Full Members
    I always regretted not playing the PS2 Sakura game.
  • LordGolbezLordGolbez Member Full Members
    Never played these games, so I'm excited about this. To be clear, I mean Shenmue. Not sure I care about Sakura Wars and I'm generally burned out on tactical RPGs after the shear number I just haven't completed.
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